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BCIT Student Association Monday, January 22, 2007 AGENDA


Meeting called to order - 5:45

10.2. -

Acceptance of the Agenda -Moved by Carlo, seconded by such -27,0,0


Acceptance of the Minutes 10.3.1. Council, January 8, 2006 - moved to next meeting


Guest Speakers: - None


General Reports: - None


Progress Reports: Executive - Jason- 2 more clubs have agreed to the SA bank account - Jen- brought up research and ethics committee and offered up observation positions, vote every 2 months, volunteers need to take an ethics class, sit and offer input. If interested in getting involved, contact Jen.


Question Period - Julia updated council on the status of smoking cessation week. Will be the week of February 12th, 2006. -Ron- Clothing drive, please bring clothing to U-Connect - Bryson brings up issue with the pub manager - Todd explains the issue with the 15% auto gratuity and the process being taken to resolve this issue. - Jason asks about the business committee’s involvement with the auto gratuity. - Todd talks about the meeting with Michael (Pub Manager) and his reasoning behind enforcing this policy. - Brenda and Thomas talk about the bad service they received at the pub -Todd talks about the stress of serving large groups - Jason brings up the fluidity of tables


Unfinished Business 10.8.1. 10.8.2.



New Business

10.9.1. Business Committee -“Be it resolved that the business committee be formed, with Todd Embley and Matt Chong as Co-Chairs, and Brenda Corbett, Marlina Kinnersley and Jeanette Leung as members.” - Moved by Todd and seconded by Julia -Todd explains the purpose of business committee. -Motion passes – 28,0,0 10.9.2. Eco Fair – Brainstorming Ron- explains the purpose of Eco Fair and to contact himself or ian morton for more info. -Put out a call for vendors for this Eco-Fair 10.9.3. * Addition- Residence Bryson- issue of the executives Intersection of Goard Way and Willingdon o Wondering if this issue is in the interest of council o Wondering if a solution should be taken up with a specific exec Amanda- Question about what action Bryson wants to pursue Bryson- A res advisor wants ICBC to come survey the area. Jason- need more info Todd- Brings up the issue of pedestrians, wants to see a walkway built Rick- In kamloops they post that an intersection is high danger Julia – Asked if these accidents occur in a certain time range. Nick and Sukh- generally he thinks that nothing can be done, address the issue of the median. Bryson- solution mentioned was to make it an advanced green light Amanda- thinks that changing the light would be too expensive for ICBC to do anything about it. Bryson- wants to sign a petition and send it to BCIT admin Jen- Suggests will work with residence, Jason and Bryson to find more information on this issue and report back to council. Roland- Witnessed a pedestrian getting hit after 6 and the lighting wasn’t very good.

10.10. Next Meeting – February 5, 2007


10.10. Meeting adjourned Moved by Ron, Seconded by Amanda

10 Minutes Executive - January 22 2007  

10.5. General Reports: - None BCIT Student Association Monday, January 22, 2007 AGENDA 10.6. Progress Reports: Executive - Jason- 2 more clu...

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