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How to handle a wedding around a holiday While summer and fall are the most popular times of year to get married, couples can tie the knot whenever they choose, including on holidays. Holiday weddings tend to stray from the norm, and that can make for a memorable night for couples and their guests, but planning weddings that take place on a holiday or holiday weekend may require a little extra effort. Research venues before finalizing the date. Couples who have their eyes set on certain venues to host their ceremonies and receptions should research the availability of those venues on holidays or holiday weekends before finalizing their wedding date. Some venues may have preexisting agreements with local community organizations that may prohibit them from hosting weddings or limit their available time slots. Confirm the availability of your ideal venues before making your date official. Allow for a longer engagement. Regardless of which holiday you choose, keep in mind that many people make plans well in advance of a holiday. Holidays tend to be accompanied by long weekends, and your guests may already have plans for that time off from the office. In addition, families often travel to visit relatives during the holiday season at the end of the calendar year. If you plan to wed on a holiday or holiday weekend, allow for a longer engagement so your guests won’t have to cancel existing plans or miss the wedding because they already have travel plans that weekend. Let guests know your holidaywedding intentions as soon as you finalize the date. Start looking for vendors as soon as possible. Vendors, including caterers and photographers, tend to be busy on holiday weekends, so start looking as early as possible. It’s important to comparison shop, but couples who wait too long to sign contracts with vendors might find themselves paying more and/or choosing whoever is available as opposed to their top choices. Plan to pay a little more. As noted, vendors tend to be busy on holidays and during holiday weekends, and their prices may reflect the high demand for their services. Budget-conscious




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couples should anticipate paying more on holidays than they might pay on other weekends. Expect some declined invitations. While an extended holiday weekend may seem like the perfect time to tie the knot, guests may not share that perspective. Many would-be guests likely cherish their existing holiday traditions and may be unwilling to abandon those traditions to attend a wedding. Every couple has at least a few friends or family members decline their wedding invitations, but those numbers may be more substantial for couples hosting holiday weddings.

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Stunning engagement ring alternatives White diamonds have been the traditional engagement ring stones for decades. While shoppers have experimented with gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals for ring bands, the star of the show has long been that twinkling, pristine diamond. Even though diamonds may be a “girl’s best friend,” they may not fit every woman’s style, particularly the bride who likes to buck tradition and think outside the box. According to Money magazine, the average engagement ring costs more than $5,800. In addition to being one of the most expensive gemstones, diamonds have become quite commonplace. Some women even eschew diamonds for moral reasons. Whatever the driving force behind shopping for alternative gems, women who want to set themselves apart from others - and men who want to “wow” their significant others with unique and eye-catching rings - may opt for other dazzling stones. Moissanite: This crystal naturally occurs in meteorites and is nearly as hard, dense and scuff-resistant as a diamond. Some feel moissanite offers more brilliance and fire than diamonds. Moissanite is a white-colored stone, so it can mimic the look of a diamond. And since it can be made in the laboratory at a fraction of the cost of even lab-made diamonds, it’s a frugal option.

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A nearly flawless one-carat moissanite gem can cost less than $1,000. Lemon quartz: This is the trade name for a lemon-yellow stone that is a variety of color-enhanced transparent quartz. Quartz is turned into this sunny hue through an artificial gamma ray irradiation process. Like other quartz gemstones, lemon quartz is considered to be very durable and is therefore suitable for all types of jewelry. Sapphire: Sapphires tend to be blue stones (of varying intensity), but they also come in peach, pink, yellow, green, and white. Sapphire may not sparkle as much as a diamond or even moissanite. However, with the right cut, it can be hard to distinguish any lack of luster. Sapphires are the third hardest mineral, and at about one-third the price of diamonds, they make an ideal diamond substitute. Morganite: According to the blog Bridal Musings, morganite is currently one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. Its pretty pink hue is romantic and feminine. It also sits at around the same hardness as sapphires, ensuring the rings will endure.

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Different roles for the father of the bride Popular movies and televisions shows give the impression that the job of the father of the bride in a wedding is ultimately about making sure the festivities are adequately funded. In the movies, fathers fret about the costs of everything from flowers to photos. But gone are the days when the father of the bride bankrolls his daughter’s entire wedding. The Knot’s “2014 Real Wedding Survey” reported that, on average, the bride’s parents contribute 43 percent of the total cost of a wedding; the bride and groom contribute another 43 percent; the groom’s parents spend 12 percent; the remaining 2 percent of the budget is paid for by family members or friends. That frees up Dad for other roles in wedding planning. With some creativity, couples can find ways to incorporate the father of the bride into the festivities in even more productive ways. Wedding sites: Assign dear old dad the important task of looking at potential

wedding reception sites prior to visiting them yourself. He may have certain connections through work or attended business or leisure occasions at catering halls and other venues. Dad’s connections can pay off. Let him impart his negotiating skills and find the best deals with the ideal backdrop for the festivities. Wardrobe: Let your father assist the best man and other groomsmen in securing their tuxedos or other wardrobe essentials. Dad also can step in and return rented items following the wedding. Beverages: Dad may be fitting to keep tabs on what is occurring at the bar during the reception, ensuring that guests’ needs are being met. He also can keep an eagle eye trained on anyone who may have overindulged and needs to take a break. Speech: Give your father an opportunity to shine by letting him make a speech. Remember, this is a momentous day for Dad as well, as he may be trying to

A wedding is a day . . . A marriage is a lifetime As you embark on one of life’s most wonderful journeys, take a moment to plan your route. We can help you establish your savings and checking accounts and prepare for buying your first home together. We want your financial foundation to be as solid as your marriage.

come to terms with his daughter starting a new life. Father-daughter song: Let Dad pick father-daughter song, and go with his choice even if you had something else in mind. Ceremony: Even if you prefer a less traditional wedding ceremony, let your father walk you down the aisle. This will likely be a moment he’ll remember for years to come.

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In new HampsHIre’s wHIte mountaIns The Town & Country Inn and Resort is the perfect destination for your wedding. We offer personalized, value-priced packages and lodging. We can accommodate gatherings of 50 to 400, and provide a variety of menu choices – prepared by Shelburne, NH 603-466-3315 our award-winning chef.

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Prevent wedding day foot pain

While some couples may get cold feet on their wedding days, there’s no reason for anyone, including brides who don high heels in the name of fashion, to endure foot pain. Foot pain is a common complaint for those unaccustomed to wearing stilettos or formal footwear. Wedding attire is not worn every day, so it’s no surprise that wedding footwear may contribute to some aches and pains. Podiatrists warn that heels between one and two inches in height are the best to maintain foot health. But that heal size does not work for all brides. Brides-to-be, bridesmaids and others can employ these tips to keep their feet pain-free throughout the ceremony and reception. Give your feet a break. Swap out a higher heel with a lower one every couple of hours. Do not wait until you start feeling pain to switch to a lower heel or more comfortable shoe. Choose shoes that fit and leave a little room. Standing and dancing can cause feet to swell, sometimes as much as one halfsize larger. Make sure the shoes you plan to wear to the wedding afford potentially swollen feet a little breathing room. Slip in a pair of insoles. Stores carry a variety of insoles that can add cushioning, distribute weight and prevent rubbing or chafing of the feet. Break in the shoes. It’s not a good idea to wear a brand new pair of shoes when you know you’ll be on your feet most of the day. Instead, purchase wedding shoes several weeks in advance of the event. Wear them around the house with a pair of socks to stretch out straps and enable them to mold to your foot shape. Wearing them in advance also helps identify spots that rub or are likely to cause blisters. Consider wearing stockings. It’s now less of a fashion faux pas to attend formal events with bare legs thank it once was, but it may be in your best interest to wear a pair of stockings to a wedding. The thin material will help alleviate rubbing and hot spots from skin-on-shoe direct contact.

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Weddings are special moments for couples and the guests they invite to share their happiness on their big days. Beautiful weddings require substantial planning, as every last detail must be considered for couples to enjoy the wedding of their dreams. Flowers play a big role in many weddings, and couples can add beauty and ambiance to the event by using floral arrangements in various ways. Modern floral arrangements are stunning, and many couples may not know that herbs, spices and flowers have been used in weddings for centuries. Today, flowers are used to decorate wedding venues, impart sweet fragrances and complement formal attire, but in ancient times they were used differently. Flowers were used to bestow good luck on the couple and keep bad omens away. Brides carried aromatic flowers and spices to keep evil spirits from spoiling the festivities, and some even tucked bulbs of garlic into their bouquets. Wreaths and garlands: Ask the florist to weave small flower buds, berries and vines to a headband, wreath or piece of twine so that the bride and groom can wear these flowers in the way they were worn by ancient Greeks and Romans. When coupled with Grecianstyled wedding gowns, brides can look like beautiful goddesses on their wedding days. Fragrant favors: Tuck dried rose petals and other fragrant flowers into sachets that are embroidered with the

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wedding date and couple’s names. Guests can use these sachets to keep clothings smelling fresh in drawers or as subtle air fresheners around the house. Edible flowers: Ask the caterer to make meals flowerfriendly by including some edible blooms in the salad or as a garnish on meals. Raining petals: In lieu of bubbles or birdseed, guests can shower the newlyweds with rose petals after the ceremony. Memorial: Some couples like to honor departed family members. Floral arrangements with small placards can make for fitting memorials.

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Make proposals special and successful Proposing marriage can be nervewracking. However, if the time seems right and love is in the air, popping the question can be exciting. Regardless of who is proposing marriage, the following strategies can help make proposals memorable and successful. Turn the tides: An old Irish tradition known as “The Lady’s Privilege” was established in the fifth century by a nun named St. Brigid. She decided to create an opportunity for women to propose marriage. This day fell on every leap year, February 29. Centuries later, women can still use this tradition as the impetus to take the marriage reigns into their own hands. But women need not wait for the next leap year to propose. Many women view proposing as an empowering action that is tied to the evolving view of independent women. Couples are negotiating more in the marriage process, and the dissolution of commonly held practices is occurring more often. Choose a sentimental location: Couples will remember the proposal for the rest of their lives. So choose a proposal location that has sentimental connections. Think about where the first “I love you” was uttered or where a first date occurred. These can be prime locations to pop the question. Note her style: Engagement rings play a big role in many couples’ proposals. One person’s style is not necessarily what his partner will like. Bigger isn’t always better. Rather, choose a ring

that reflects your partner’s preferences and personality. Take your partner jewelry shopping and see which types of jewelry he or she is most drawn to. Certain preferences can serve as a jumping off point for ring designs. Ask for the family’s blessing: Men no longer need to ask their girlfriends’ fathers for “permission” to wed their daughters. However, asking your partner’s family for their blessing is a sign of respect and can add a romantic and heartfelt touch to the proposal. Capture the moment: Though we live in an age when every moment of people’s lives is documented with videos and photographs posted to social media, proposals still stand out as extra special moments. Hire a professional photographer to discreetly capture the proposal and your partner’s reaction so it can be cherished for years to come.

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How to build your wedding budget Couples engaged to be married have a lot on their plates as they begin planning their weddings. Whereas tradition once demanded parents of the bride pay for a couple’s wedding, nowadays more and more engaged couples are completely or partially financing their own nuptials. That means prospective brides and grooms must develop wedding budgets that won’t ensure their first act as Mr. and Mrs. is paying down debt. Examine your collective finances. Few couples know the details of each other’s finances before getting engaged. Once couples know what they can contribute, they can then consult their parents to determine if their mothers and fathers are intending to contribute. Develop a preliminary guest list. A preliminary guest list can give couples an idea of how large and expensive their weddings will be. If need be, keep costs down by trimming the guest list so it includes only close family members and friends. Don’t count on gifts. Many couples justify runaway wedding budgets by telling themselves that they will ultimately get the money back via wedding gifts. While many guests will give financial gifts, counting on such windfalls is a recipe for accruing debt. Gather quotes before choosing where to tie the knot. Where couples get married will have a great impact on how

much money they will spend on their weddings. Venues within the same city can vary greatly with regard to pricing and offerings, so couples should give themselves ample time to gather quotes and find an affordable venue they like. Build extra costs into your budget. When determining a budget you can live with, remember to include a little extra for unforeseen costs. Weddings are large undertakings, and it’s reasonable to expect some unforeseen costs to arise.

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Adding a twist to bouquet toss traditions Part of what makes weddings such enjoyable events is the many traditions that are built into the day. Tradition lends familiarity to the proceedings and serves as unwritten cues for guests. Certain traditions invite guest participation, and these can make great memories for both couples and their guests. Just because something is a tradition, however, doesn’t mean couples can’t put their own unique spin on things. The bouquet toss traces its origins to Olde English times. In those days, women used to try to rip pieces of the bride’s dress and flowers in order to obtain some of her good luck. To escape from the crowd, the bride would toss her bouquet and run away. Today, however, some single women are no longer interested in finding matches at a wedding and view the bouquet toss as a somewhat archaic tradition. For couples who want to embrace the traditional bouquet toss while giving it a more modern twist, consider the following suggestions.

Girls-only dance: Invite all of the women out on the floor - not just the single ones - and play a female-centric empowerment song or one that mentions ladies having a good time. Attach a prize to the toss. To encourage people to participate, explain that the bouquet- and garter-toss winners get. Ribbon cutting. Guests hold a piece of ribbon attached to the bouquet and the bride cuts each strand. The last person holding a ribbon receives the bouquet. Wedding anniversary countdown: Invite all of the married couples to the center of the dance floor. The DJ or band can play a beautiful love song and count up the years as the song plays. As each year is mentioned, couples leave the dance floor after their most recent anniversary has passed. The last couple on the dance floor marks the couple who has been married the longest. That couple gets to take home the bouquet. Have a bridal piñata. All guests can take a turn at hitting a bouquet-shaped piñata.

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