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Back To Their Roots Sitting on its original five acres in the coveted Oakville District along Highway 29, Napa Cellars is reconnecting with its roots and celebrating over 40 years of world-class winemaking with a special series of wines available for tasting starting this February. Founded in 1976 by Charlie Woods, the geodesic dome has been an iconic landmark of the valley with each vintage telling the story of Napa’s history and heritage. From its inception, Napa Cellars chose to forge its own path by concentrating on classic expressions of the region’s unique terroir--reflecting its vineyards and their soils in their varietal and blended bottlings, and defining the now-quintessential flavors of Napa Valley. Winemaker Joe Shirley has been at the helm since 2007 and his decidedly minimalist approach to his craft is evident in every bottle. With the winery’s continued commitment to hosting a warm and welcoming tasting experience for the novice to the aficionado, coupled with their renewed focus on vineyard-centric winemaking, guests to the tasting room can explore all of the winery’s offerings through wine and food pairings with local cheeses or decadent chocolate truffles. Their Classic Series wines are available to sip on by-the-glass on the patio or with guest-provided snacks in the dog-friendly picnic area. “In its purest form, wine is a reflection of our relationship to the natural world. We craft Napa Cellars wines to illuminate what is unmatched anywhere in the world, what is indisputably Napa Valley in its tone and tenor” – Joe Shirley, Winemaker Napa Cellars

Winemaker Series – New! Featuring four of the winery’s highly limited-release wines available only at the winery, the Winemaker Series for $25/person offers guests a glimpse into the magic happening out in the vineyards. “I don’t try to put a big “winemaker” signature on my wines”, says Winemaker Joe Shirley. “The terroir of the land here is so distinct, so extraordinary; I simply guide the wine towards the purest interpretation of the land.” The all-reds tasting includes their Dyer Vineyard Syrah and


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