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CAKE AND CUPCAKE FLAVORS: • Vanilla • Chocolate • Red Velvet • Strawberry • Lemon • Carrot Pumpkin Spice • Chocolate Banana • Coffee • Orange • Pineapple • Marble

“I am a perfectionist at what I do, and making a few cakes over the weekend is perfect, because I can focus my details on them.” Sneha Verma, Bake Box owner

salted caramel, ganache both white and milk chocolates. The combinations are endless at Baked Box and are all made from scratch. One cake order gradually turned into over 300 custom cake orders over the course of three years. Verma had discovered her culinary niche and turned it into a profitable home-based business. The aroma of freshly baked cakes fill her home each weekend, when most of her orders takes place. Verma said that she budgets her baked goods which allows for approximately four orders, not too many at a time, so that she can give each the personal detail it deserves. Many of the cakes she delivers brings tears to her clients eyes, with repeat orders on the horizon. “I am a perfectionist at what I do, and making a few cakes over the weekend is

perfect, because I can focus my details on them,” said Verma. Bake Box custom confections are all unique to order, like edible sculptures. Verma has studied the art of cake and cupcake baking extensively, allowing her to offer an abundant of ideas for her customers to choose from. Cakes with vibrant fondant garnishes like handcrafted flowers. Her business has grown popularity substantially on social media. Bake Box has 23,000 followers on their Facebook page. The former marketer said that it is important to utilize social media to self promote, but to also learn from. She said that she’s learned some valuable tips as well as provided them to other bakers via social media. Verma added that she always gives artist credit when mimicking another designers cake. Verma traveled directly to Roseville from India where she married her husband. The baker instantly fell in love with the city and it’s residents where she now calls home. She is optimistic on opening a storefront.

BAKING MASTERPIECES: Sneha Verma puts the finishing touches on a custom cake for a client.

FROSTINGS AND FILLINGS: • Vanilla • Chocolate • Strawberry • Raspberry • Lemon • Blueberry • Hazelnut • Coffee • Mango (seasonal) • Irish Cremé (extract used) • Orange • Coconut • Maple • Bubble Gum • Salted Caramel • Carmel • Chocolate Ganache • White Chocolate Ganache SAUCES AND PRESERVES • Salted Caramel Sauce • Caramel Sauce • Strawberry Preserve • Raspberry Preserve • Blueberry Preserve • Peach Preserve • Apricot Preserve INFO: or bakeboxus/

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2016 06 june roseville magazine  

2016 06 june roseville magazine