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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Research up in rankings

By Michael Caprio News Editor

Th e Na t i o n a l R e s e a rc h Council (NRC) has included Boston College’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GA&S) and the Connell School of Nursing’s (CSON) PhD program in its assessment of national doctoral programs. The NRC reviews 5,000 doctoral programs at 222 of the nation’s research institutions each decade. This decade’s findings were released Tuesday. Data from the NRC showcased the University’s excellence in doctoral education not only in BC’s programs in theology and philosophy, but also in psychology, economics, English, chemistry, and physics, said Candace Hetzner, associate dean of academic affairs for GA&S, in a statement. “The NRC results indicate that Boston College is reap-

ing the dividends of its sound investment in doctoral education over the past two decades,” she said. “The University’s investments in the mid-1990s in strategic funds for theology and the Institute for Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, as well as economics and philosophy, contributed to high ratings on various dimensions of the new NRC report, especially with regard to faculty’s scholarly output and student GRE scores.” CSON experienced similar success in its doctoral program, said Patricia Tabloski, assistant dean for graduate programs, in a statement. “We are pleased with the success of the Connell School among the 52 nursing PhD programs included in the NRC analysis, and especially in the area of support for our doctoral students,” she said. She said that since the data-

gathering period, the school has undergone continuous growth and has hired an internationally regarded nurse researcher and educator, Susan Gennaro, as dean. She also said the school has recruited several new faculty, formed collaborative relationships with the Harvard Catalyst Consortium, enhanced research opportunities for faculty and PhD students, and increased the number of electives in its PhD program to enhance scholarship opportunities for students. This year’s NRC study differs from its 1982 and 1993 additions. This year, the NRC chose not to rank institutions based on institutional reputation. The ranking measured institution’s strength by analyzing the numbers of faculty publications and awards, doctoral student funding, time to degree, and diversity of student population. n

Kevin Hou / Photo Editor

Allston-Brighton Crime Reports 9/21/10 – 9/23/10

Police investigate suspicious advertisement On Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010 Boston Police investigated a suspicious Craigslist advertisement for “Eastern European Bodywork – Top Quality Massage – 4 Hands” on Mapleton Street, Allston. After arriving on the scene, police found three males: one, age 49, naked and receiving a massage from two women, and two other males, aged 24, sitting on a mattress watching a laptop screen. The police found two females, aged 20 and 21, and one male, aged 24, running the establishment. These three were written up for operating an unlicensed massage business and keeping a disorderly house. Also, the police found condoms and “green vegetative matter.”

Intoxicated man causes a scene Near midnight on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010, Boston Police arrived at McDonald’s in Brighton. A 26year-old male demanded a McChicken from the drive-thru window and, when he was told they were not serving McChicken’s anymore, decided to climb through the drive-thru window and demand the sandwich from inside the store. The man was intoxicated and walked away with a warning.

Suspect in burglary case arrested Boston Police responded to a call at 3:20 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010, regarding a suspected burglary in process. A witness across the street noticed, then video recorded, a suspect cutting open an apartment window screen. When police arrived, they found the suspect to have taken six pieces of jewelry, a guitar, a violin, CD’s, and sunglasses. The suspect was arrested. The suspect’s girlfriend was allegedly an accomplice and was also arrested. - Courtesy of the Boston Police Department, District 14

Kevin Hou / Photo Editor

The National Research Committee included BC in its recent assessment of doctoral research programs.

Drug arrest in Cheverus By Adriana Mariella

The police were notified after the all-male second floor had begun to smell of marijuana. Boston College Police DeOfficers searched the stupartment (BCPD) officers re- dent’s room, which was the orisponded to a call gin of the smell. on the night of Upon the discovSept. 16 and arery of the subrested a resident Boston College Police stance and idenof Cheverus Hall Department officers tifying its owner, after the discovpolice arrested ery of a substance were notified after the the student for bel ieved to be all-male second floor possession of a marijuana. D substance [of Cheverus Hall] class This was the w i t h i n te n t to first reported ar- had begun to smell of distribute. rest of a student In Massachumarijuana. for substance setts, being conpossession on victed of possesscampus this year. Only five stu- ing over an ounce of marijuana dents were arrested last year for can result in imprisonment. possession on campus. Sources close to the student, For The Heights

who wished to remain nameless, maintain that he was not involved in selling, but rather intended to keep the substance for personal use. “I had no idea that this was going on in Cheverus,” another student said in reference to the arrested student’s activities. “I never really go on the second f loor, and so I hadn’t noticed the smell.” In 2008, only five drug-law related arrests were made in BC dormitories. “I would have thought that the number would be much larger,” said one student. “I thought it was much more prevalent. And, since it’s not very common, I can’t believe it happened in Cheverus.” n

BC, Tufts start program B y M ichael C aprio News Editor

Th e Un ive rs i ty h a s a n n o u n c e d a j o i n t p rog ra m between the Boston College Law School and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University that matches students’ law degrees with a degree in urban and environmental policy and planning. The degree program, which will begin this fall, offers a Master of Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning and Juris Doctor degree, obtainable in four years. Five years are normally required to obtain such a degree. Administrators said the degree plays on the strengths of the two institutions. Tufts’ Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers a program in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, but does not have a law school. BC offers no Master’s program in environmental science and policy planning. “We’re very excited to be able to offer this new dual degree,” said Zyg Plater, a professor at BC Law, in a statement. “It teams up two highly-

ranked programs in these two ments, social and environfields. No other graduate pro- mental justice, corporate regram in New England offers an sponsibility, and land use. All opportunity like this.” of these issues are guided by The proposal for the pro- constitutional, equitable, and gram was written by Jonathan pragmatic principles.” Witten, a professor at BC Law Students applying to the and a Tufts faculty member. programs will apply to both “Planning and policy analy- schools independently, and sis guide future development will then take first year courspatterns, while es exclusively at the law frames one of the two t h e m e c h a - “[The program] teams s c h o o l s . T h e y nisms, capabili- up two highly-ranked will split their ties, and limits courses between programs in these the two schools of governmental roles in this two fields. No other i n s u b s e q u e n t process,” said years. J u l i a n A g y e - graduate program in Courses in man, professor New England offers the program inand chair of the environan opportunity like clude UEP departmental justice, this.” ment at Tufts, urban planning in a statement. and design, and “There’s an water resources —Zyg Plater, important relap o l i c y. O t h e r tionship here, Professor at the Boston courses offered and we hope to through the law College Law School g i ve s t u d e n t s program are adwho enroll in the dual degree ministrative agency process, p rog ra m a m o re c o m p l e te environmental law, and real u n d e rs ta n d i n g o f t h e e n - estate finance. tire process,” Agyeman said. A committee of advisers “Planning and law immerse drawn from both schools will students in broad debates and ensure that students receive critical thinking about the proper mentoring in their proenvironment, human settle- gram course work. n

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