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No. 125 3, IssueCounty 21 • Seek Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 the- Vol. Truth, the Citizens Serving topics of interest to allVolume of Charlevoix • No. 167 4 - IssueServe 11 • ‘Seek the Truth, Serve the•Citizens’ • Wednesday Nov. 7, 2012

Boyne City Public Schools offers manufacturing classes to teens megan wilson contributing writer

manufacturing jobs,” said Chuck Vondra, former Boyne City Mayor, “We are Precision Edge’s new location and part of their concern in talking to us was whether we could train enough workers to hold these jobs.” According to the sharpest increase in postings for skilled workers—152 percent— has occurred in the last several years. “My role was to get this program started so we can sustain manufacturing. They (Precision Edge) guaranteed that they would hire 10 percent of the graduating class so they can have jobs right away,” said Vondra. photo by cinda shumaker Instructor Todd Shumaker said the class currently has 16 students.

Boyne City Public Schools is bringing new training opportunities for its high school students. The school has partnered with Precision Edge Surgical Instruments, Honeywell, Industrial Magnetics Inc., and Classic Instruments to create a skilled manufacturing jobs program for junior and senior high school students. “I was on the city commission for 12 City years, and we wereLablance, trying #33, defies gravity as he goes up for a Boyne Rambler Keegan to fill a void for training skilled skilled trades cont. 4 shot against Elk Rapids last Tuesday Jan. 10. Elk Rapids beat Boyne City 61-54.

Elks snub Ramblers


Locals compile future goals list Benjamin gohs associate editor

all, with what’s going on with the economy, I think we did fairly well with that.” Citizens, business owners and Cain said a number of new busicommunity leaders gathered on nesses have stayed, with several Thursday Jan. 12, to discuss the more businesses planning to open overall goals they would like to in the near future. see achieved over the next couple The Dilworth Hotel was a top priof years in Boyne City. ority and Cain said a lot of progBoyne City Manager Michael ress has been made, but there is Cain opened the event with a run- much work yet to be done. down of the previous goal-setting The Boyne Beach Club property, session from a couple years ago Cain said, has seen minor progand what type, if any, progress ress and so too has broadband achas been made on those goals. cess. cindarenewed shumaker “I look around with what I see The DDA planphoto has by been as balanced growth – it hasn’t all and extended which, Cain said, Heather Nichols, Paige Hornbeck, Mary Myers, McCune Hicks happened in one sector,” he said helpedRainy set the toneand forKylie positive have an emotional celebration after they won Districts last week. See the full of the highest priority, which was »goaLs, pG. 5 job creation retention. story on Boyne’and s lady Ramblers“Overvolleyball action on page 15.


Grant check Rocketdeals man comesinhome Veterans Day Freebies, & shopping your PJs year’s Earlier checks out This concert honors than the Bird event Concern caused soldiers, by confusionpast over promises food, fun $1,700 grant fee and holiday savings and present Benjamin gohs associate editor

Benjamin gohs associate editor Benjamin Gohs Charlevoix County Commissioners News Editor dubious over a $1,700 check for grant-writPatriotic tunes, the music Elvis ing of services and much more is scheduled identifiedfor durthe sixth annual “America ing theSings” Jan. 11, event. regular board In addition to the Boyne City Highcan meeting School jazz and concert bands rest easy. will be The Sashays, Several Elvis Presof the ley tribute performer commissionJake Slater, the CHERiE BoyneBRoWE City Youth Singers, ers were taken and more, performingaback a salutewhen to America’s current andthey formerdiscovmilitary eredpersonnel. Charlevoix County Clerk Cherie “IBrowe thinkhad it’sbeen verypaid important weher $1,700 for show our support for those who work on securing a nearly $48,000 remonumentation grant in late 2011, concert cont. pg 4 but according to Charlevoix County Surveyor Lawrence Feindt, it was he who allocated the funding to Browe as is allowed under Michigan State law. “There is no question I did that,” he said in a telephone interview on FriCome fordidn’t the pie. day Jan. 13. “She even know what was going on with that particular item.” That may explain Browe’s apparent confusion over why she was paid the money when questioned by commissioners during the meeting. “As far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t usual and so I asked questions about it,” said Charlevoix County Commissioner Shirlene Tripp (R-District 1), following the meeting, who initially questioned the check which was listed in the county agenda packet. “In Northern Michigan it just like we have an awful lot of embezzling going on – the month before, I questioned why so many checks were going to Charter.” She added, “I really didn’t mean to hang her (Browe) out to dry. I have no doubt it will be straightened out.”

Stay for the service.

»check, pG. 4

Member FDIC

Boyne’s own extreme skier Ty Wellman will be back in Northern Michigan for a high-flying competition at the end of this month. Wellman, who has been skiing since early he was 11 years old, is The excited to see bird may his friends, family and competeget at worm, one of the hills wherethe he spent so Earmany hours practicing.but lier than the “We’re excited to be able to see him Bird shopcompete because we’re not able to travel all that much topers watch him,” will said Ty’s dad Jeff Wellman. find treats, Those looking to support Ty willand be swag ablejim to baumann spot him by thesavings pink bandanon as he wears in honor of S ahis t umother rday who has been fighting stage-four Nov. 17 in downtown Boyne City. breast cancer several Begun severalforyears agoyears. as a way “I’ve only competed once to give holiday shoppers ata Gayprelord, but I did train a lot on the halfview of local goods, the event is pipe at the Otsego Club,” Ty said. now in its third year. “I’m feeling a little confident just “It’s a crazy idea getting shopbecause of the home-field advanpers tage.”outdoors in November in

their pajamas, but it’s been a lot of fun,” said Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jim Baumann. “There’s good bargains every year because the merchants have really gotten behind it—last year we had more than 30 stores and restaurants that participated.” Baumann said most shoppers hit the “big box” stores on Black Friday, and Earlier than the Bird gives local shops an opportunity to showcase their unique wares. “We call it ‘Earlier than the Bird’ because it’s before Thanksgiving and what we’re really trying to do is encourage people to shop local,” he said. “Almost all the local participating stores will have breakfast snacks like sweet rolls,

doughnuts and coffee.” Baumann added, “People get a kick out of it—it’s kind of funny seeing people who don’t know what’s going on and wondering why all these people are walking around in their pajamas.” The event is scheduled between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Shoppers are encouraged to first visit the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce office at 28 South Lake St. to pick up a map and list of vendors and, if you are wearing your pajamas, you will get this year’s version of the Earlier than the Bird coffee mug. Sweatpants and workout clothes are not counted as pajamas.

bird cont. pg 4

The 2012 USSA Revolution Tour will be in Gaylord from Jan. 30

Your holiday guide to Boyne Remembering the Generals »wellman, pG. 9 Benjamin Gohs News Editor

Ty Wellman is pictured upside down as he pulls a trick.

Boyne City Gazette Publisher and Boyne Holiday Guide cocreator Chris Faulknor. This years guide

Keeping the kids’ Christmas concert, local church serTHE BOYN E CITY GA vices and community events ZETTE PR ESENTS straight can get hectic—throw Guide 2 012 in a houseful of relatives and an uncle hopped up on holly ‘nog and you’ve got outright chaos. But, don’t get your stockings in a knot just yet—the Boyne Holiday Guide has all the information, special offers and family fun YOUR GU IDE TO • Earlier Tha you need to get through • Thanks n The Bird giv • Smal Bu ing another season with si • Christm ness Saturday as your sanity intact. INSIDE YO U’LL FIND Holiday M “People can expect all emories Christma s C a sorts of events from rols Easy Ho lida Kids’ Act y Recipes Earlier than the Bird ivities & Coloring Twas Th Conte e Ni to Christmas Day in Church S ght Before Chris st ervice & tm Holiday Ev as ents info our free, all-inclusive photo by chris fauLknor guide that reflects the Christopher Fair (right) and Jeffre Kelts show off an old Horton Bay genuniqueness of the holiday erals jersey from their area,” playingsaid days decades ago. features season in the Boyne specials from local busi-

Boyne H

courtesy photo

nesses, holiday recipes, holiday memories, an events calender which lists local church services and school holiday concerts and much much more. megan wilson “Due towriter the overcontriButing whelming success It’s still a ofcouple months Boyne from last year’s spring training, but several locals Holiday Guide we shared theirhave memories of summer expanded the size softball andbytheir time with Hor-a eight pagesthefor ton Bay Generals. 24-page full-color holiFor many the people of dayyears magazine complete Horton Bay those same withharbored children’s activities thoughtsand as the Horton contest Bay Gena coloring for erals began preparation for their ages 2-12 with the winMen’s slow softballcertificates season. ners pitch receiving “The people in Horton BaySpicy just for free pizza from loved Bob’s the team,” said former team Italian Express,” member Henry “Beano” Archey. Faulknor said. “We will be The printing Horton Bay team 5,000Generals guides which was formed in 1976 and managed will be available at dozens of by Jon Hartwell (deceased) until locations throughout Charletheirvoix change of venue in the early County.” 1980s. The center-spread will once “They would have parties at Jon


guide cont. »Generals, 5 4

sEREniTy noW! City, public & Kirtland discuss noise and other complaints at public hearing

Boyne Meets BroadBenjamin gohs way, Nov. 16 & 17 associate editor

Boyne City High School presents its annual “Boyne Meets Broadway” dinner The Boyne City Commission retheatertheonstatus Nov. 16-17 in the BoynereCity viewed of complaints Highto School Performing Arts wood Center, lating the Kirtland Products 1035 Boyne Ave. in Boyne City. pellet manufacturing facility during BoyneTuesday City High Drama the The regular Jan.School 10, meeting. SEE PAGE 4 FOR MORE Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson gave commissioners an overview of the situation before audience members spoke for and against the company. “Since the start of production of Kirtland Products we have had complaints about the operation,” he said. “While most of the complaints we have had in regards to noise there have also been concerns raised about odors and dust. In the Boyne City Zoning Ordinance the performance standards 21.78 addresses noise, odor, dust – similaron types of Plane crashes nuisances. In addition the city also Halloween, no injuries has a noise ordinance which specifiTheaddresses FFA is investigating a plane with cally motors,why fans, dryers, two aboard apprently veered off the runsimilar mechanisms, similar to what way and crashed into a fence at the Boyne Kirtland has at their facility.” City Municipal Runway“It lastdoes Wednesday. McPherson added, seem SEE PAGE FOR MORE pretty clear that they are in3 violation of that ordinance.” McPherson said the city has been in contact with Kirtland to ensure they are aware of the issues. “To their credit they have seemed to be proactive and sincere in their efforts to resolve these issues. However, the impact is ongoing and it is unacceptable at certain levels and it does need to be remedied as soon as possible,” McPherson said. “If they do continue to violate the ordinances the city does have the ability to issueGazette civil infractions or to request Sports Col-enforcement orders.” umnist Kevin Lange Representatives from Kirtland Productstakes were in attendance. a look at the Audience members were instructed Lostheir Angeles to keep commentsLakers to five min“It’s showtime utes or fewer. in Los Angeles!” SEE 15 FOR MORE “We are aware of thePAGE complaints and

»kirtland, pG. 4

Valuable skills

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Page 2 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

Send your letters to • Letters should be no more than 350 words, though longer letters may appear at the editor’s discretion. Letters may be edited for grammar, style, length and legality

The republic survives another day By the time you read this, the election very w e l l m i g h t h a v e passed. I don’t k n o w chris faulknor right now ‘two cents’ whether our president will Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, in fact, I don’t even have a prediction. I’m not entirely sure who will be representing the 5th District of Charlevoix County. Being unsure as I am, I do know one thing, and that is that Boyne City will see it though. Kids will continue going to school. I will still be going to work each morning, and taking pictures of something on most nights. Girls (okay, and some boys) will still watch romantic comedies and weep silently, and the others in the room will still sigh, wondering why they can’t

watch Captain America. Life will go on much as it has. Does that mean the world doesn’t change? Of course not. Things in our country will be changing. Either Mitt Romney will be preparing to take the reins or President Obama, with another 4 years of job security, will continue with what he has had planned. Things are going to change, but not everything has to. Regardless of who is in office, Boyne City will still continue onward. Artists will still gather at the Boyne Arts Collective and the concert will still go on at Freshwater Studio. Lake Street Market will still be putting avocado on sandwiches, and the mail will probably come at right around the same time. If the man you rooted for is going to be our president for the next four years, I’m glad you found the results favorable. If that’s not the case, I’m sorry, but quite literally, it’s not the end of the world.

LETTERS to the editor...LETTERS to the editor...LETTERS to the editor Applauding the commission

Editor: This is in reference to the article and your editorial on fireworks in the Oct. 17 edition of the Boyne City Gazette. I strongly agree with the Boyne City Commission’s decision on the matter of personal fireworks, done only for the enjoyment of the users, who seem to have no regard or consideration for their neighbors and the detrimental effect it has on the rest of the community. This, like loud, noisy motor cycles, is a very rude and inconsiderate activity. Add my name to the list of people who don’t like noisy fireworks at night. I don’t think we need a poll to see who likes fireworks at night and who doesn’t. It just comes down to common sense and common decency to figure this out. I for one applaud the City Commission for its action in restricting fireworks. Robert G. Reed Boyne City Thanks to all

Editor: I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone involved with the Boyne CIty Halloween Parade for their support and participation! Kudos to: Kecia Freed, Hugh Conklin & Mainstreet.Jim Baumann & the Chamber,

The Boyne CIty Gazette, Monica Kroondyk & the Library, The city of Boyne CIty (special thanks to Keith), the Police & Fire Departments and all my traffic controllers; Janell Pawlus, Lucy Hartlove, Diane Bajko, Chris Meyer, Tony WIllliams and Frank Malin. I think the kids had a great time - I know I did! Thank you again one and all! Cindi Malin Boyne City

survivors and their children reside in a shelter or transitional housing program. Locally, the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan (WRCNM) provides support, counseling and safe shelter to survivors at the Safe Home. Last year, 664 survivors and their children utilized WRCNM domestic abuse services; 135 of whom sought safety at the agency’s Safe Home and 68 made use of transitional supportive housing. If homelessness is considered an ignored epidemic, domestic violence is an invisible one. It occurs in intimate relationships behind closed doors, leading us to think of it as a private matter. Domestic violence is not a private matter, it is a crime. It is a serious national problem that affects us all – in every community, work place and school. You can help end domestic abuse! Support, listen to and believe survivors, and speak out against domestic abuse. Volunteer at the WRCNM’s Safe Home. Help others become informed by inviting the WRCNM to speak to your organization, group, school or workplace. Be a role model by practicing respectful, healthy, non-violent relationships. Working together as a community, we can make a positive impact on ending domestic violence and homelessness. Chris Krajewski Domestic Abuse Program Director Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan

Domestic violence and Homelessness Editor: National Homelessness Awareness Week, November 10-18, 2012, is a time to increase awareness about this ongoing crisis affecting more than 636,000 people in the U.S. every day. One way we can reduce our nation’s homelessness is to help end domestic violence. Significant percentages of homeless women report domestic violence was the immediate cause of their homelessness. Many survivors are in highly controlled relationships and lack resources to leave the home they share with an abuser. Without access to money, transportation or a support system, they must choose between staying in an abusive relationship and living on the streets. Homeless shelters are not a safe option for many domestic abuse survivors who are escaping a dangerous relationship. Daily, in the U.S., 37,000 domestic abuse

‘November has arrived with a loud knock’ in Beautiful Boyne lives with a real thud. But I suspect hidden behind its back it has some very welcome gifts for each of us. There’ll be marriages and births to bring laughter and love. Opportunities never envisioned and people to learn to know and appreciate will be found. Just as July has the Fourth; October, Halloween; May, Memorial Day; August, Labor Day and December, Christmas; November brings us Thanksgiving. Complete with the story of the landing of our forefathers, The Pilgrims, and their celebration with the American Indians on our eastern coast the holiday has become a time to gather with one’s family. Although not a part of the original feast the turkey has become part of the tradition along with pumpkin pie. Here in Boyne we find it a wonderful opportunity to head off in all directions to be with those we seldom are able to see as heavy snowfalls are not likely and driving relatively safe. I remember and will always remember the holiday our eldest son and his wife joined the family at our home some twenty five years ago. Between them they walked through the front door with five pies in hand as their gift for the occasion. David had made them all. Another time we were destined to head to northern Ohio to spend the holiday with my brother and his family. Two days before our leaving I took off down the long hill portion of Wildwood Harbor Road just before it joins the north end of Park Street. About half way down a wild turkey suddenly appeared, air born, out of the nearby woods and smashed into the top framework on my windshield. Fortunately no other car was nearby as I automatically swerved to miss the poor bird. Pulling over I climbed out of the car to find it quietly in the road. Its neck had been broken and the bird was a goner yet without a bid of blood. For the first time our family had wild turkey for the big day. It was delicious. This coming Sunday is a special day in November. It is a time for each of us to remember those we have known who have served our country in the military. This year we can go beyond remembrances and prayers by contributing to one of the national organizations which work to improve the lives of those who

return to live as civilians, both those who are well and those who struggle with injuries and

health issues. Veterans Day embraces each of us as we enjoy America freedom.

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PHOTOS ate gohs in Norther end oix Jan. 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Another month has opened its door and in we have walked. Oh, we’ve entered other Novembers, yet because of this we should acknowledge the interior annethurston-brandley of this one will ‘Beautiful boyne’ be unlike any of the others. Oh, most of it will look familiar but in which manner we shouldn’t even try to guess. Each of its thirty parts will be different than the others yet bear a close resemblance. The first day, for years was a special birthday celebration within our family. These no longer can be held. But another appeared for the sixth. In fact they will scatter themselves throughout the month; each a special time in its own way. We all have been made aware of the presidential election due to signs sprinkled about among the fallen leaves in yards, the insistent electronic phone calls and online jibber-jabber plus turn-off TV commercials in the past weeks. November took only six days to turn its head to gaze off into another direction. However October’s horrific storm which even tickled our area on its outer perimeters is destined to wander through November’s days and nights with all of us. Although unaffected personally each of us has felt the devastation within our very beings and will do whatever lays within our reach to those who have had their very lives demolished in a manner we cannot truly understand. We must not let any of November’s days diminish this tragedy despite TV reports of errors made, misjudgments or looting. It is the individual who has suffered loss beyond our imaginations we must focus on. Individually there is little any of us can accomplish because of the intervening miles, yet by merely contacting recognized aid groups our donations, no matter their size will bring comfort to those we would bring into our homes if we could. This was highlighted for me when I apologized that my gift was so small. The reply, “Just think, if every person in our great land gave only a dollar there would be millions of dollars.” I had never looked at the process in this manner before and know from now on I always will. Even though you may not be an active member of one of Boyne’s churches your gift will be accepted and sent on its way if you stop by an office. Many of us have dear friends and family living within the stricken area that are undergoing the storm’s affects if no more than the loss of power. The ramification of this single loss is not only the lack of lights but also in many instances heat, ability to cook and access to electronic equipment. Add to this wind, snow and water damage and the inexperience of most to deal with life in the outdoors the picture is beyond belief. As a month, this November has entered our


CVV Code

Signature Pay securely over the phone with your credit card by calling (231) 582-2799

Boyne City Police Department Incident Report Monday, October 22 8:06am 2 vehicle property damage accident at Water and East Streets 10:18am Report of dead bird in middle of road on Front St near Sunday February 6 Cloudy 27

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the law fL

Pleasant Av 10:58am Report of larceny of jewelry from the 100 block of E Water St 12:50pm Subject arrested on warrant 4:01pm Report of skateboarders in parking lot in the 100 block of Ray St Tuesday, October 23 1:06am Found property turned in from the 100 block of Ray St 6:37am Suspicious vehicle in the 300 block of E Division St 8:19am Unlock vehicle on LacVue 9:46am Report of suspicious subjects at Front and Division Streets 10:05am B&E to greenhouse in the 600 block of E Main St 12:04pm Report of injured deer on North St 1:30pm Credit card fraud reported from the 200 block of E Water St 2:25pm Abandoned bike reported on S Park St 4:20pm Arrested subject on warrant 5:57pm Trespass complaint received from the 300 block of E Division St. Subject arrested on outstanding warrant 7:21pm Report of assault in the 100 block of River St 10:01pm Welfare check in the 400 block of State St Wednesday, October 24 2:37am False alarm on W Water St 3:39am Assist EMS in the 400 block of State St 11:19am Trespass complaint received from the 400 block of Front St 2:38pm Assist to Sheriff Depart-

ment on W Division St 3:02pm 2 vehicle property damage accident in the 300 block of N Lake St 3:25pm Assist to Sheriff Department in the 1000 block of Boyne Av 3:38pm Disturbance at Lake and Lower Lake Streets 4:55pm Driving complaint on vehicle heading into town on M-75 S 5:48pm Assist EMS in the 300 block of W Division St 6:42pm Fireworks complaint on Silver St 11:56pm Suspicious subject in the 800 block of E Main St Thursday, October 25 4:20am Suspicious vehicle on State St near Call St 7:09am Assist motorist at Division and Boyne Av 10:38am Report of 2 suspicious subjects in the 300 block of E Morgan St 11:37am Suspicious situation reported on Reh Ln 11:59am Stalking complaint received from the 600 block of E Main St 12:15pm Assist Fire Dept with arcing and sparking lines at Lewis and Lincoln St 1:38pm Funeral Escort 3:37pm Report of driver running red lights on school bus on State St. Driver was located 4:16pm Report of disturbance in the 1400 block of Pleasant Av 4:31pm Unlock vehicle at Avalanche Mountain 5:50pm Report of deer on the runway at the airport 9:08pm Unlock vehicle in the 400 block of Clark St

9:06pm Road hazard reported at Park and Cedar. Obstruction cleared 10:00pm Found wallet turned in. Was turned into owner. Friday, October 26 9:49am Found trailer plate dropped off at PD. Registered owner contacted 1:42pm Subject reports nearly being hit by vehicle in cross walk at Water and Park St 7:05pm 911 hang up call from Collings St 7:15pm Report of 2 subjects pulling up political signs and throwing them in the road in the 100 block of W Division St 10:58 pm 2 juveniles found walking on Lake and Lower Lake Streets after curfew. Were turned over to parent 11:39pm Report of disturbance in the 300 block of W Division St 11:44pm Suspicious vehicle in the 1300 block of Boyne Av Saturday, October 27 11:05am Citation issued for speed at Vogel and Hannah 12:05pm Citation for no proof of insurance at Pleasant and Ann Streets 2:25pm Citation issued for speed on Charlevoix St at the city limits 2:35pm Hit and run to cemetery fence 2:55pm Abandoned vehicle in the 300 block of E Division St 3:00pm Report of abandoned bicycles at Collings and East St 3:10pm Report of non- aggravated assault in the 500 block of Jefferson 5:22pm Parking complaint in the 400 block of N Lake St

Gazette Staff Chris Faulknor, Publisher Editor-in-Chief Sales Circulation (231) 582-2799

Anne Thurston-Brandley ‘Beautiful Boyne’

Pastor Jeff L Jones ‘Purpose of Grace’

Gaye Amick

Bow Wow Corner

Kevin Lange ‘Game on!’

Weather Wednesday November 7 Cloudy, mid 40s Thursday November 8 Partly sunny, mid 40s Friday November 9 Cloudy, upper 40s Saturday November 10 Few showers, low 50s Sunday November 11 Showers, low 50s Monday November 12 Cloudy, mid 40s Tuesday November 13 Mostly Cloudy, upper 30s

This week’s weather section is proudly sponsored by the Boyne City Rotary Club, which meets at 7 a.m. at Robert’s Restaurant each Monday morning.

Charlevoix County Courts Information Friend of the Court James C. Raber

Office Hours and Contact Information 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Weekdays Phone: (231) 547-7205 Fax: (231) 547-7261 Email:

Charlevoix County Building Second Floor, 301 State St., Charlevoix

What Do We Do? The Friend of the Court works with the Court system to protect the welfare of children and enforces Circuit Court orders involving child support, child custody, visitation and medical care.

Judge Richard Pajtas 547-7243

Bryan Shumaker

Sunday, October 28 1:20am Arrested 2 subjects for MIP alcohol 7:55am Report of subject cleaning fish and leaving mess in the river mouth restrooms 10:22am Citation issued for speed at Division and Grant St 11:07am Citation issued for no proof of insurance at Charlevoix St and Ridge Rd 11:21am Citation issued for speed at Lake and Vogel Streets 3:33pm Report of marijuana found in the 200 block of S Lake St 6:50pm Assist Sheriff Department on an alarm 7:00pm Report of found baseball glove 9:55pm Assist Sheriff Department with property damage accident that occurred on Advance Rd

33rd Circuit Court 7th Probate/Family Court

Joshua Sampson Megan Wilson, Staff Writer Contributing Writer Photography

‘Look Up! What’s in the Night Sky?’

6:49pm Citation issued for speed at lake and North Street 6:58pm Unlock in the 300 block of E Division St

Support Payment Information There is an automated payment detail system available to track recent payment history. Please call this toll-free number 1-877-543-2660 and provide your threedigit Charlevoix County Code 242 followed by your personal identification number when prompted.

Benjamin J. Gohs, News Editor Associate Editor Page Designer Contributing Writer (231) 222-2119


Nov. 7, 2012 • Boyne City Gazette • Page 3

Judge Frederick Mulhauser 547-7214

90th District Court photo by chris faulknor

According to the FAA this P180 Avanti plane with a crew of two, and registered out of Ann Arbor, went off the runway and hit a fence mid-morning on Wednesday Oct. 31 at the Boyne City Municipal Airport. No injuries were reported. The cause of the wreck remains under investigation.

No injuries in BC airport crash On Wednesday Oct. 31, at approximately 9:26 a.m., a twin engine turbo prop plane ran off the runway at the Boyne City Airport. The plane was chartered and arriving at the airport to pick up passengers.

At the time of the crash there were only two subjects on board, the pilot and copilot. Both were uninjured and able to walk away from the accident. Approximately midway down the runway, the plane left the runway and came to a stop when it struck

Judge Richard May 547-7227

Charlevoix County Courts information generously sponsored by Schraw & Associates 116 Water St., Boyne City (231) 582-2252

(231) 582-2252

a fence. Both the plane and fence sustained damage. The FAA was notified and the NTSB is continuing the investigation. Please contact them for any further information regarding this incident.



Assisted Living

The choice you can feel good about 2000 E. Mitchell Road • Petoskey • (231) 348-2600 615 Petoskey Avenue • Charlevoix • (231) 547-2599 Check out our Facebook Page

The cops & courts section of the Boyne City Gazette is sponsored by the Boyne City Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie/Auxiliary #1583. They are located at 106 River St. in Boyne City. The F.O.E. is a non-profit organization that regularly contributes to Boyne community events such as Stroll the Streets, Northern Michigan Cancer Crusaders, The Boyne Area Free Clinic, and the Food Pantry, as well as participating in the Charlevoix County Adopt-A-Road Program.

Page 4 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

skilledtrade From pg.1

“29 kids actually signed up, but this is what we’ve got,” Shumaker said. The local manufacturing community has provided most of the machines for the class—95 percent— which include a lathe, Bridgeport mill and a drill press, as well as another machine that was previously acquired. “Precision Edge sent over an electrician, and he wired all of the machines and the room to make sure everything was installed properly and safely,” said Shumaker. The class lasts the entire school year and students attend during their last hour of school … but this isn’t the first time a manufacturing class has been offered. “This is actually the second time around for this class, the first one was taught 12 years ago,” said Shumaker “It works out to 160 hours in a year,” said Shumaker. “We teach a lot of basic math in this class, too; some of the things these kids are learning they haven’t used since


From pg.1 again be donned with art and the original “Twas the Night Before Christmas” story.


From pg.1 Baumann said the chamber is currently in the process of compiling

broadway From pg.1

Department will present its an-

concert From pg.1

have served and are serving, and for those many young people facing the opportunity of serving in the future,” said event founder Gordon Lambie. According to Lambie, the event is organized and sponsored by the Arts Division of the Boyne City Boosters Club. “This originally started back in 2007 on Veterans Day by the Boyne City Foundation for Educational Excellence,” Lambie said. This free event opens at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 11 at the Boyne

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seventh grade.” Students have a review test every Friday dealing with math skills, and they are tested on converting fractions to decimals and other mathematic operations. “IMI has an average worker age of 44 years old. The problem that they’re running into is that in another 10 years those workers are going to retire,” said Shumaker. “If their replacements aren’t trained, that’s where the labor problem is.” Across the United States there are between 500,000 to 600,000 skilled trades jobs that need to be filled. “We’ve had enough interest from local businesses that are looking for kids that are out of school that are not going to college,” said Shumaker. According to Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Peter Moss, the manufacturing class also gives students credits toward graduation. This program is … for kids who don’t want to go to college and who prefer getting a job right after they are out of school,” he said. “Both IMI and Precision Edge support any of their employees who want

to continue their education.” Upon completion of the course, students will have familiarized themselves with some of the most popular machines used in the manufacturing industry. “When they leave here the students will have run a lathe, run a Bridge-

port, which is our end mills, run the drill press and they can tap,” said Shumaker. “What we’re trying to do is give them some ground-level experience so they can at least get their foot in the door.” After Christmas someone will be coming in to put on a welding sem-

inar for the students. Currently Charlevoix and Boyne City are the only area schools that offer high school level programs like this. For more information, call Boyne City Public Schools at (231) 4398100.

New features in this year’s Boyne Holiday Guide are the two-page caroling section, coloring contest and kid’s holiday puzzle section. “You can pick up the Boyne Holiday Guide knowing that it has the personal touch of someone who has experienced Christmas

and the surrounding holidays for every year of his life,” said Faulknor. The Boyne City Holiday Guide is one of numerous yearly publications produced locally by the Boyne City Gazette. If your business or group would

like to order holiday guides—at no cost—for distribution, call Chris at (231) 582-2799. Coloring Contest: Kids ages 2-12 may color the page in the Boyne Holiday Guide and return it by Dec. 19 to: Boyne City Gazette

5 West Main St., Suite #7 Boyne City, MI 49712 One winner will be drawn from each of three age categories. Be sure to include your name, age, address and phone number on the provided space to be eligible.

its list of participating businesses and their specials. Some stores start off with major discounts and gradually decrease the percentage as the hours go by—all the more reason to get into downtown Boyne City by 7

a.m. “We hope to see a lot of people shopping downtown. And, we’re hoping for decent weather ... which we’ve actually had for the last few years,” Baumann said. This event is co-sponsored by

Boyne City Main Street and the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce. Call 582-6222 for more on this event. Don’t forget to pick up your Boyne Holiday Guide while

you’re at the chamber during Earlier than the Bird. This year’s guide is bigger and better than ever, and includes all the information and holiday fun you need to get you from Turkey Day to Christmas Day.

nual dinner theater variety show, Boyne Meets Broadway, on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17 at the Boyne City High School Performing Arts Center. Enjoy appetizers, dinner and des-

sert catered by the school’s hospitality program while students from the jazz band set the mood in the commons with their smooth sounds. Dinner begins at 6 p.m. sharp.

After dinner, sit back, relax and enjoy as the Drama Department presents this year’s rendition of its well-known fall variety show filled with song and dance inspired by Broadway, the big

screen and more. Tickets are $25 per person and may be purchased from any cast member or at Local Flavor, 125 Water St. Look for the full story in the Nov. 14 edition of the Boyne City Gazette.

City Performing Arts Center; the show begins at 2 p.m. The new Veterans Memorial will be featured at the show. Anyone interested in donating to the Veterans Memorial Fund may do so during the event. The Boyne City High School Concert Band will premier a piece entitled “Exaltation” which was written for and dedicated to the school’s performing arts center’s 10th year anniversary. Lambie said another item of note is that the Boyne City Performing Arts Center turns 10 years old this year. Regardless of your age, Lambie said, there will be something for all to enjoy. “Our World War II veterans are in their 90s, and I’m a veteran of the

Korean conflict and I’m in my 80— Veterans of the Vietnam war are in their 60s and the guys fighting today

in Afghanistan are 19,” Lambie said. Earlier that day the Boyne City American Legion will observe Vet-

erans Day with a ceremony beginning at 11 a.m. in Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Boyne City.

photo by megan wilson

Tara Hufford and Camden MacKenzie are tapping holes with standard hand taps. They are working on a tapping project that requires the students to locate the center points of different size holes, find the proper size of drill bit for the type and size of bolt they are using, and drill and tap the holes.

Retirement Communities

The lifestyle you deserve at a price you can afford.

We not only care for you, we care about you. At The Brook, we take pride in having the highest quality staff at each of our locations. This is reflected in the care given to our residents. You can rest assured The Brook takes care of you like family.

Calling all Turkeys! Boyne City Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run 9 a.m. on Nov. 22 Join us Thanksgiving Day at Veterans Park to raise money for Kiwanis Clubs—All proceeds remain local.

• $15 Early Registration ($20 day of) includes 1 t-shirt • $30 Early Family registration ($35 day of) includes 2 t-shirts

T-shirts guaranteed if you register by Nov. 11 Awards for oldest, farthest traveled, best dressed & youngest turkeys! Bring a canned good to be donated to the local food pantry!

REGISTRATION FORMS AVAILABLE AT: Kilwins, Inspired Living or North Country Cycle in Boyne City Printable forms at More information at

For More Information e-mail or call Ruth Skop (231) 582-3416 or Gayle Harbaugh (231) 582-2505

Cindy Goddard, RN - Manager, Boyne City

The Brook of Boyne City offers Assisted and Independent Living. • 24 hour staff, RN/LPN on site, trained caregivers • Spacious studio, one and two bedroom apartments; small pets allowed • Fun, Fun, Fun! Activities, trips and entertainment including movie theater, billiards, library, beauty shop and much more • Delicious home cooked meals by Good Living Kitchens, Inc. • Veterans Aid and Attendance and Long Term Insurance accepted for qualified individuals

Find out how life just gets better at The Brook of Boyne City. 231-582-4300

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Nov. 7, 2012 • Boyne City Gazette • Page 5

Getting to know ... artist and musician Matt Rasch chris faulknor publisher There's more to Matt Rasch than meets the eye. Some people who know him has heard him strumming away on his guitar at Stroll the matt rasch Streets. Others may have witnessed his artistic ability, usually taking the form of comics. From afar, he might simply be known by his hairstyle, or better put, his hair quantity. Deep within Rasch lies a soul expressed through music and art, and a love for the artistic scene. Rasch was born in 1982 in Petoskey, and grew up in Boyne City. Getting his beginning at Boyne City High School, Rasch did a variety of things, including participating in the school's well-known drama program, playing his guitar, and even a stint in journalism. Rasch graduated in 2000 from Boyne City High School. "I'm not sure what initially got me started cartooning," said Rasch. "I guess since I liked watching them, maybe I'd like making them," he added. Rasch remembers using cartoons as entertainment while bored in class, and would often draw while in school. "It'd be nice to do it full time, that's what I'm pursuing right now." In addition to his cartoons, Rasch also enjoys playing his guitar, and even plays in a band known as "The Vermeers," which has played at Stroll the Streets and is scheduled to play locally at The Thirsty Goat in December. "I tend to lean a little more towards folk-type stuff, but there's not really a whole lot of styles of music I dislike," said Rasch. The Vermeers were established in November of 2006, and have kept it up since. "We've had many members over the years, but pretty much kept an open door policy," said Rasch. "Had a fairly steady line-up of seven for a little over a year now," he added. The Vermeers recorded and released an album last summer, which was

courtesy photo

Pictured with Rasch is his band “The Vermeers” which recorded its eighth albumn in 2011. their eighth collection of music. Above and beyond the music, Rasch says his life philosophy changes as his life does.

"I suppose I follow one until it starts to disagree with me, then switch it up," he said, adding that certain people bring him happiness in life


as well. Overall, Rasch has a wish to see the arts supported more in Boyne City "Go to more shows, buy some art-

Boyne Co-op True Value Buck Pole Contest Nov. 15 & 16

EVERYWHERE! • Get speeds as FAST as 12mbps (Where available)

• Up to 200x Faster than dial-up!

work. It's good for your soul, I think," he said. "Other than that, keep calm and carry on."

When: Register by 5:30 p.m. Nov. 14, Where: Co-op 113 S. Park St., Boyne City Cost: Registration $20 • Over $3,000 in Prizes Judging: 5:30 to 7 p.m. Nov. 15 and 16 Free: Hot dogs & drinks 5-7 p.m., Nov. 15&16


(Where available)

• Starting at $49.99/mo • Available EVERYWHERE!

More info at (231) 582-9971: become a sponsor by donating prizes, advertising, food, beverages or money; Volunteers are needed Nov. 15 & 16



Three shoulder mounts valued at $500 are being donated by Lasting Memories, Northwoods Taxidermy and Ultimate Wildlife Taxidermy.

The Co-op is donating 25% of the proceeds to local charities

Mon - Fri 8am - 11pm • Sat 9am - 8pm • Sun 10am - 6pm EST


FRANK SALISZ TRUST AGREEMENT TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES: Your interest in the estate may be barred or affected by the following: The decedent, FRANK LEON SALISZ, whose last known address was 04514 Denise Road, Boyne Falls, MI 49713, died September 14, 2012. By Trust Indenture dated the 11th day of July, 2002, the decedent established the FRANK SALISZ TRUST AGREEMENT. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the trust estate will be forever barred unless presented to the Successor Trustee, Edward Salisz, 6764 Beachnut Court, Stanwood, MI 49346, within four months of the date of publication of this notice. Notice is further given that the trust estate will be thereafter assigned and distributed to the persons entitled to it. THIS NOTICE IS PUBLISHED ON Wednesday Nov. 7 KEVIN G. KLEVORN (P35531) KLEVORN & KLEVORN Attorney for the Trustee 215 South Lake Street Boyne City, MI 49712 231-582-7911


INTERESTED PERSONS DECEDENT'S ESTATE FILE NO. 12-011848-DE Estate of Paul William Daubenspeck Date of Birth: May 31, 1934 TO ALL CREDITORS AND INTERESTED PERSONS: ON October 29, 2012, the undersigned was appointed Personal Representative of the above captioned estate and is serving without bond. TO ALL CREDITORS AND INTERESTED PERSONS: The decedent, Paul William Daubenspeck, who lived at 526 N. Lake Street, Lot 14, Boyne City, Michigan, died September 17, 2012. Creditors and Interested Persons of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate, or interest in the mater, will be forever barred unless presented to Paula Daubenspeck, named personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice. Roy C Hayes, III (P50042) 1101 Bridge Street Charlevoix, MI 49720 (231) 547-1111 Paula Daubenspeck 420 Trent Street Boyne City, MI 49712


INVITATION TO BID Sealed Bids are now being accepted

by the Charlevoix County Recycling Committee for the following: Two year recycling haulers bids, starting Dec. 1,2012 through November 30, 2014. Please submit sealed bids in writing, plainly marked “Hauling Bid” to: Charlevoix County Recycling, 203 Antrim Street, Charlevoix, Mi. 49720. Bids must be received NO LATER THAN 4:00pm on November 19,2012. To obtain a copy ofthe bid go to www.charlevoixcounty. org or call 231-675-1154 for more information. Bids will be opened November 21,2012 at 1 :30 pm at the Boyne City, City Hall, 319 N. Lake Street, Boyne City, Mi. 49712 during the monthly recycling committee meeting. Charlevoix County reserves the right to accept or reject any and/ or all bids.


WILSON TOWNSHIP ACCEPTING BIDS Wilson Township is now accepting bids for SNOW REMOVAL at the township hall for the 2012 – 2013 Winter Season. The hall is located at 02530 Fall Park Road, Boyne City, 49712. Bids will be opened during the Wilson Township Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, November14, 2012. Eligible bids must be received by Tuesday, November 13, 2012. For questions regarding bid specifications, please contact Todd Sorenson, Township

Supervisor, phone 231-582-7122. Mail bids to the following address: Wilson Township ATTN: SNOW REMOVAL BID P.O. Box 447 Boyne City, MI 49712


CITY OF BOYNE CITY COUNTY OF CHARLEVOIX AMENDMENT TO THE BOYNE CITY CODE OF ORDINANCES The City of Boyne City hereby ordains the following Ordinance Amendments to Article II Lot Reconfigurations or Adjustments of Chapter 58, and amend Article IV Lot Reconfigurations and Adjustments of Chapter 58 to change the approval process for lot divisions and reconfigurations. The amendments are in Section 58 – 123(3) and (4) and Section 58 – 126 as follows: Section 58 – 123(3) After receiving the information required in subsection (1) of this section, the zoning administrator shall review the application according to the standards in section 58-124. An approval or disapproval shall be based on the criteria in section 58-124. Section 58 – 123(4) An approval or disapproval of the application shall be made by the zoning administrator within 45 days of receiving a complete application. If the zoning administrator grants

final approval of an application, the approved application shall be forwarded to the city clerk. The city clerk shall certify the application and submit the certification and attached papers to the county register of deeds. Section 58 – 126 - APPEALS TO THE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS. Any person aggrieved by a decision of the city zoning administrator, may appeal that decision to the zoning board of appeals following the procedures of the city zoning ordinance, as amended, for appeals to the zoning board of appeals. Any such appeal shall be filed within 30 days from the date of approval of the minutes from that meeting. During the appeal, the zoning board of appeals shall conduct a de novo hearing of the matter and to that end shall have all the powers of the zoning administrator. In rendering its decision, the zoning board of appeals shall receive and consider evidence and data relevant to the case and shall issue its decision in writing within 30 days after receiving all evidence and data in the case. The decision of the zoning board of appeals shall then be sent promptly to the person who filed the appeal and to the city zoning administrator. Section 8. Effective Date This Ordinance shall become

effective fifteen (15) days from its enactment. First Reading: August 28, 2012 Second reading: October 23, 2012 Effective date: November 7, 2012


Cellco Partnership and its controlled affiliates doing business as Verizon Wireless (Verizon Wireless) proposes an 80-foot Stealth Structure (monopine) Communications Tower. The Site location is 02002 Wildwood Harbor Road, Boyne City, Charlevoix County, MI 49712,N 45⁰ 14’ 3.3,” and W 84⁰ 59’ 46.5.” The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Antenna Structure Registration (ASR, Form 854) filing number is A0788864. ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS – Interested persons may review the application ( asr/applications) by entering the filing number. Environmental concerns may be raised by filing a Request for Environmental Review ( and online filings are strongly encouraged. The mailing address to file a paper copy is: FCC Requests for Environmental Review, Attn: Ramon Williams, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554.

Page 6 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

Break time

(231) 582-6418

Char-Em Appraisal Service

The BCG Funnies are Brought to you by

Your weekly crossword puzzle is sponsored by the Boyne Valley Lions Club. The Lions believe in serving the local community, can often be seen working at football games, cleaning a stretch of M-75, and donating to many causes locally. The Lions also have a large-scale mission to be the "Knights for the Blind." The Boyne Valley Lions Club meets at noon in the Community Room of the Boyne District Library every Wednesday. For information about the Lions, please call Lion Nels Northup at (231) 549-5647.

Weekly Horoscope by

ARIES - This is a period in which you may exhibit a great deal of confidence. You have an optimistic attitude which helps you convince others to go along with what you are saying. This is a good time to take some risks as your openness encourages positive results. You can act on your highest ideals, feed the poor, save the whales and make your dreams come true. Dreams can be acted upon now and fantasies moved in the direction of reality. Your creative and theatrical skills may be at a very high level. TAURUS - Projects that have been in the planning stages can be successfully implemented or brought forth at this time. Creative and intellectual endeavors are favored now, and you will most likely gain the support and appreciation from important and influential people. New possibilities to link with others on a common goal may occur and would prove quite beneficial and productive now. You have more faith in your intuition and reasoning abilities, which keeps your focus clear and helps you avoid pitfalls. This is an excellent time to display your natural talents or artistic abilities to the public. GEMINI - You know just what you want right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in your way! You are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. Positively, physical energy is high and you could accomplish a great deal. CANCER - Power struggles are likely to occur in your work environment. You may become so determined to accomplish your work objectives that you are apt to arouse negative reactions from individuals in your work place. If you undertake an important project, you will work with dedication, concentration and purpose. Even if you have to deal with coercive or manipulative people, you should strive to cooperate with your co-workers for the benefit of the group or organization. Otherwise, you might have to deal with angry, jealous or spiteful behavior directed toward you. You must also be aware that your own anger may be just below the surface, and it could take just a minor incident or disagreement at work to trigger your temper. On the other hand, compromise may be essential in your personal affairs, and it can be necessary to devote more effort into balancing both career and your primary relationships. LEO - You may feel like rolling up your sleeves and getting some important work accomplished now. In your determination to achieve recognition and self-importance, it is essential that you are not indifferent to the needs and desires of others. If you concentrate wholeheartedly on your own purposes, you may succeed in attaining your goals, but at the expense of alienating yourself from close relationships. Family members and loved ones may feel that you have substituted work or other commitments for times of fun, play and entertainment with them. Disagreements can arise if you try to cover up or make excuses for your behavior. You may seem so intent on your personal fulfillment that you attract difficulties

with co-workers, superiors and authority figures who challenge your work ethics or principles. VIRGO - You may decide to change the decor of your home, or you may attend a musical or artistic event that exposes you to new styles that are different from your customary tastes. Communications with family and friends can be strained at this time, as you try to clear up points of confusion.This is a good time to get a new perspective on your relationships and your life style, but do not force yourself to make important decisions now while you are not completely comfortable with any of the alternatives. LIBRA - This is a favorable period to clear away any imperfections in your work routines and endeavors. You may need a work environment free of distractions and chaos in order to work with more productivity and efficiency. If your creative energy and imagination is given room to flourish, then you will truly feel dedicated to your job responsibilities and duties. You may envision greater possibilities or yearn for idyllic work conditions where your dreams are automatically fulfilled. Since you are highly susceptible to the influence of others, you may be swayed by their ideas and schemes. If the plans and designs of other individuals are based in reality, you can benefit now from their inspirations. However, it is important that you discern between fact and fiction in your dealings with others. SCORPIO - There can be a tense state of affairs in a romantic or marital relationship. Emotional flare-ups may create some discord or arouse jealousy and resentment from a partner. No matter how much you attempt to remain conciliatory and compromising, you may discover it is a challenge to keep peace and harmony in your partnership now. However kindly your motives, you might need to take a long hard look at a special, emotional relationship to determine in which direction it is headed. A strong and committed partnership can override this period’s small difficulties. However, a new love interest or less stable romance may be in need of serious adjustments in order to grow further in commitment and trust. SAGITTARIUS - This can be a rewarding time, when you are aroused with inspiration and a creative flow of energy. If you are an artist, inventor, teacher or in some other creative field, this can signify a period when your accomplishments prove advantageous for you. It is easier to receive assistance from those in authority or your superiors. There may be a male acquaintance who is especially helpful to you

during this period. In a close relationship or marriage, you feel comfortable expressing your aggressive or assertive drives to your partner. Your mate understands your urge to “lead” and responds instinctively to your desires. CAPRICORN - Circumstances may arise where you are called upon to analyze some of your career plans and ambitions. For example, you might be asked to assume a great deal of work that requires commitment and dedication, but without the promise of advancement or recognition for your efforts. On the other hand, you may feel you have “paid your dues” to your organization or society with nothing to show for it and choose to look into other avenues for fulfilling your vocational interests and objectives. Positively, if you work hard with patience and perseverance, you can finish old tasks and assignments which have previously weighed you down. Career directions may take a different turn altogether, and you apply yourself to adapting to a new work climate. Taking the time to reflect upon your past accomplishments may help boost your spirits and enthusiasm at this time. AQUARIUS - Your mental outlook is expectant and growth oriented now, and you may well get some news which raises hopes for the future. It is a good time to gather information, network, make connections, and consider any proposals or opportunities which present themselves. However, concrete decisions or commitments are best postponed; you are apt to get yourself in over your head if you don’t. Legal, financial, or business matters will prove troublesome now. Small delays, bureaucratic ineptitude, or red tape can be expected. PISCES - Small changes in your job routine are likely now. Although you may wish to stick with what has worked in the past, you may have to adhere to a different set of conditions. Try not to allow your ego get the best of you if a co-worker or superior upstages you in some manner or puts a cramp in your style. Keep an eye on someone who may be jealous of your successes or position. Carefully go over plans or work endeavors as they may backfire if you try too hard to make an impression on others. It is best not to force issues or create unnecessary conflict.


HAYRIDES Sat./Sun. Hourly 12 to 4 pm Enjoy our Coveyou Colorfest Hayride... 50 acres, 50 minutes with stop at our scenic pumpkin patch. Hundreds to pick. U-Pick Pumpkin Patch • Mums • Local Produce • Barn Open Daily • Call for Times & Groups

2 mi S of Petoskey on US131


Across 1 So far 4 Crunchy 9 DDE’s predecessor 12 Compass point 13 From this time 14 Flock member 15 Had a snack 16 Not positive 18 Fictional clownfish 20 Biblical songs 21 Fly 23 Molecule part 24 Water plants 26 Under 30 Rebel general 31 Zodiac sign 33 Luau souvenir

34 Underwater weapon 36 Fastened shoestrings 38 Overlook 39 Arrived 40 Music system 43 Dance move 45 South American Country 47 Opposite of pos. 51 __wave 52 Originally called 53 __ Moines, Iowa 54 Range 55 Eden lady

Down 1 Favorable quote 2 CT time zone 3 Adolescent 4 Pal 5 Casino city 6 Business abbr. 7 Royal staff 8 Private 9 Make well 10 Use the pool 11 Perfect gymnastics scores 17 Not wild 19 Period of note 21 Pretzel seasoning 22 Bread spread 23 Monastery head


25 Carbon and gold, e.g. 27 “Scarface” gangster (two words) 28 Be abundant 29 Animal skin 32 Stupid 35 Skin opening 37 High card 40 Hourglass filler 41 Fir or poplar 42 Hen products 43 Finger noise 44 Saga 46 Groom’s response (two words) 48 Clergy member 49 Queen or drone


w e N

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Abstract Stone Statues

Nov. 7, 2012 • Boyne City Gazette • Page 7

Introducing Kepler the planet finder

Hello again, fellow stargazers! Another week has passed and still no clear skies. I know that this is typical of this season, but it sure seems bryan shumaker like a long NASA/JPL Solar time since System Ambassador we had a Look Up! crystal clear photo by bryan shumaker What’s in the night. Above is an artist’s rendering of Kepler, a specialized telescope responnight sky? As you may r e m e m b e r, sible for helping locate nearly a thousand planets. Below is the constelwe talked briefly about the Demon lation Auriga—one of 48 constellations listed by Ptolemy. Star, Algol, which is located in Perseus. An eclipsing binary, it dims quite visibly every few days as the unseen companion star passes in front. Interestingly, our search for other planets around different stars uses this principle to detect planetary bodies many light years away. For those of you that saw the Venus transit this summer, the planet appeared as a tiny dot crawling across the surface of the Sun. Yet it actually dimmed the sunlight by about three percent. A specialized telescope called KeIf you want Better Tomorrows, you have to Change Today! pler (after Johannes Kepler, famous 17th century astronomer) has found close to a thousand new planets in Dr. McMillian has over 25 years of experience the last few years by carefully mea- providing psychological services to people with suring the drop in light as a planet mental health concerns. passes in front of the star. This will only work if the planet PhD Loyola University Chicago 231-582-0553 passes in between the star and our MSW East Carolina University Boyne City, Michigan line of sight. BA (PSY) St. Leo University If the star and its planets are oriented in a different direction, we Dr. McMillian accepts & files BCBSM, Medicare and other major insurances. cannot pick up this slight dimming. The instruments on Kepler are so sensitive they can pick up a moth fluttering around a light bulb located 40 miles away! Still, because of the vast distances to the stars, only the larger planets can be detected. Small, “Earth-size” planets are at the limit of detectabilty at this time. Expect smaller and smaller planets to be discovered in the future as the instrumentation improves. Using basic college physics, astronomers 127 Water St. can estimate the size, orbit, surface Downtown Boyne City temperature, and density of these distant planets. By the way, last quarter moon is Nov. 6, and New Moon is Nov. 13. The famous English astronomer M-Thurs. 8am-11pm, 8am-12am Edmond Halley was born on Nov. Fri.& Sat., 12pm-8pm Sun. 8, 1656. Not only was he able to show that ed & Kristine Brehm the comet that now bears his name OWneRS had been present for numerous prior visits, but he was the first astronomer to predict its return. He knew he would not live to see it return, but very accurately predicted where and when it would show up. If and when the weather ever clears while the moon is minimal, look at "Your Hometown Body Shop" the constellation Auriga, the ChariGary Janz, Owner • (231) 547-1293 oteer. 05463 US-31 South, Charlevoix This is found in the northeast sky • slightly later in the evening, so use your planetarium program to find it. Highlighted by the bright star Capella, the Capella system consists of a bright binary pair of giant stars, orbiting at some distance from a fainter binary pair of red dwarf stars. They are close enough together that even with a telescope they appear as one bright star. Through binoculars or a small telescope, several “knots” of stars appear in Auriga. These are some very lovely open star clusters, well worth visually exploring with a telescope. Again, any questions your might have about the night sky can be answered—just send your inquiry to this paper and I will do my best to address it. Until next week, keep hoping for clear skies! Send your astronomy related questions to Bryan Shumaker at

Tammy Croy McMillian, PhD

(231) 582-2151



Page 8 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

Great news for Beaver Island’s airport

Courtesy of Elaine West/Northern Islander Newspaper Mead and Hunt, consultants for Beaver Island Airport, announced on Oct. 25 that a grant was awarded from the State Department of Aeronautics for $650,000.00 to be used for the construction of a new terminal building on Beaver Island. Planning is to start this year, with construction planned for 2013. Public input will be sought throughout the planning process. This brand new, small grant program from Michigan House Bill 4025, uses aviation fuel sales tax to fund this program, and can only be used for airport construction. Mike Scripps, chair of Beaver Island Airport Commission, said, “This is wonderful news from the State of Michigan. This is the result of many years of hard work, starting with Joe Reed and Don Vyse, and continuing through a difficult recent time period. In a representative from Aeronautics words, ‘The large verdict paid out (during the recent trial) was not due to anything done by the Airport Commission.’” Google and Others to Speak at Charlevoix Chamber Seminar Series

Charlevoix chamber business seminar series

The Charlevoix Area Chamber of Commerce presents the second annual Business Seminar Series on Tuesday, November 13th from 9am to 5pm at the Charlevoix Public Library. The series, sponsored by Northwestern Bank, will be an intensive one day event that will feature seven different speakers covering topics ranging from social and mobile media to investment concepts to staff development.

Participants can sign up for the entire day of classes for a reduced rate or pick two or three single seminars that they are interested in attending. Members of the Charlevoix, Petoskey, Boyne City, East Jordan, Traverse City and Beaver Island Chambers of Commerce can attend the full day for $100 (including lunch)or a single session for $25. Not Yet Members are welcome to attend for $150 for the full day or $35 per session. Speakers include: • Bethany Prykucki, MSU Extension Leadership Developer • John Kelley, Google Lead Manager • Michelle Corteggiano, Founder and Owner of ATI Marketing • Waneta Cook, Owner of Cook Family Farms and Entrepreneur • Robert Laura, President of SYNERGOS and Author of "The Naked Retirement" • Brian Hammer, Plante Moran • Tino Breithaupt, Manager of Michigan Retention and Growth. Community minded business, Northwestern Bank, has stepped up to sponsor the event. Their investment in Northwest Michigan and "I can do that!" slogan shows that they believe in promoting educational events that will help business owners, both large and small, succeed. "We're very excited to be sponsoring the Charlevoix Chamber's Business Seminar Series," said Steve Weber, Vice-President of Northwestern Bank. "We believe in northwestern Michigan and its business potential and this seminar features some of Michigan's brightest minds with regards to responsible, sustainable growth." If you are interested in attending the event please contact Bethany at the Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce by calling 547-2101 or e-mailing Pre-registration is required and more information about the speakers and the schedule can be found at .

County-wide prioritysetting session

Anyone with a stake in the wellbeing of Charlevoix County is invited to participate in two interactive, community-wide priority-setting

sessions. Participants will review data collected in the past 12 months by the Health Committee of the Human Services Coordinating Body of Charlevoix and Emmet Counties. The Charlevoix County meeting takes place on Wednesday, November 7 from 6-9pm at the Charlevoix Public Library. There is no charge to attend either meeting, and light refreshments will be served. All are welcome, but space is limited. Please RSVP at The priority-setting meetings are part of a community health assessment framework the Health Department of Northwest Michigan is facilitating, in partnership with Charlevoix Area Hospital, McLaren Northern Michigan, Northern Health Plan and Otsego Memorial Hospital, across a seven-county region. For additional information, please contact Jane Sundmacher at (231) 347-5041 or

reading. No fasting required. However, if you are fasting an LDL and triglyceride reading can also be obtained. Cost for the service is $12. Participants will also receive a blood pressure log and all test results at the time of the screening. A Registered Nurse will adapt health Consultation and educational materials to individual results. Appointments can be made in advance by calling the office of Community Health Education at Charlevoix Area Hospital: (231) 547-8906 or by email: Walk-ins are always welcome.

Cvx Historical Society JRAC 22nd Annual Holifundraiser dinner The Charlevoix Historical Society is sponsoring day Arts and its fifteenth annual fundraising all-you-can- Craft Fair, Nov. 10

eat spaghetti dinner at Terry Left's Villager Pub, 427 Bridge St., on Wednesday, Nov. 7 from 5 to 9 p..m. This event has helped raise more than $20,000 for the preservation of Charlevoix's history over the last fourteen years! Call (231) 547-0373 for more information.

Wellness Wednesday

Charlevoix Area Hospital’s next “Wellness Wednesday” will be from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 in the Solarium. The Wellness Wednesday Health Screens include: Total Cholesterol, HDL, ratio, and Glucose levels, Body Mass Index (BMI) score, Fat Percentage, and a Blood Pressure

The Jordan River Arts Council is pleased to announce its 22nd Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair. Always led the second Saturday in November. This year the event will be Nov. 10 from 10 am until 4 pm at the East Jordan High School, East Jordan. The Holiday Fair is a juried show with works by over 50 artists and craftspersons. All items are the original work of the artists. One entry ways showcases each of the exhibitors work which includes, photography, paintings, pottery, glass work, jewelry, fiber works such as quilts, coverlets, clothing items and doll

clothes, batiks, basketry, gift baskets. homemade jams and jellies, holiday decorations, wood items, homemade candles and more. The artists booths not only are found in the gymnasium areas, but also in the halls and the cafeteria area. Some of the artists will be demonstrating their works in their booth. All items are for sale. Also on sale will be the JRAC Cook book, “Flavors and Visions” with recipes by member artists accompanied by reproduction of original art works, a few candles with the JRAC symbol of the lady slipper,T shirts designed by Micah Middaugh, tote bags from the Florescence exhibit, and the JRAC writers group recently published book,“Writings.” The Holiday Art Fair has always been know for it’s great gourmet menu featuring soups in a bread bowl, and sandwiches. Also there is the famous holiday salad, and the unbelievable dessert table. Admission is by donation at both High School entrances. The event is a major fund raiser especially for the JRAC scholarship fund. The Jordan River Arts Council is an all volunteer organization, serving as a leader of the East Jordan cultural community by providing a wide range of fine art experiences for persons of all ages often working with other organization and the schools. JRAC received the valued eddi award in 2004 for Arts and Cultural Organizations. For further information including requirements to exhibit, to work, or how to become a member of JRAC please contact Howard Ellis, 231 536 3385 or 231 536 2152 or

You buy from them, they buy from you

America Sings Nov. 11 2 p.m.

Come join us at 2 p.m. on Nov. 11 at the Boyne City Performing Arts Center as we honor all Veterans: Past, Present & Future. Enjoy music, performances and entertainment. FREE ADMISSION Presented by the Boyne City Booster Foundation Arts Division

“Northwestern offers the best


Nov. 7, 2012 • Boyne City Gazette • Page 9

customer service, information and professionalism.” — Mona Holcomb, owner, Flatiron Deli, Petoskey • Member FDIC

Bow Wow Corner By Professional Dog Trainer Gaye Amick CPt, Cpdt

The week in photos

Orpheum Bell (left side) played a concert at Freshwater Studio in Boyne City as part of their concert series. Dick Fish and Mary Schafer (above) spent the evening at Freshwater Studio. Shannon Pearce and Cindy Russell (below) socialized before the concert on Saturday night. PHOTOS BY CHRIS FAULKNOR

Cliff Carey (top left) took his granddaughter Abby trick-ortreating in spite of cold and rain. One family (top center) enjoyed walking around town as a group on Halloween. Pictured from left are BreeAnn & Mitchell Baker, Haleigh Martino, and Roxann Armen. Brice and Landon Ralicki fought crime on Halloween night. Pat O’Brien (left) scares the kids with Beth Anzell at Pat O’Brien & Associates.

This photo section is Generously sponsored by Glen’s Markets of Boyne City

One dog and owner at a time Today I changed three lives. You won’t notice, it was a subtle change. But a change nonetheless. Today I guided a young confused Lab into the world of language of communication. I introduced this young boy to truth, to the right of self determination. I taught him, that he has control over his environment. His mind is awake now. I changed the life of his owners too. For the first time they saw their dog as he is, underneath frantic activity caused by desperation, by absolute confusion, by fear of the unknown future. They saw a calm, relaxed peaceful dog where before had been a ball of undirected and unpredictable activity. Gone was the incessant barking, the non-stop running, frantic pacing and the unfocused gaze. Instead, he was lying at their feet, breathing deep, relaxed and comfortable in his body for the first time in his young life. They had never seen him like this, not even when he sleeping They believe I am a miracle worker—I am not. I simply showed this sweet young boy that his choices had meaning, that my words and my movements had clear and distinct meanings. Further, I taught him that he

could count on those meanings. He learned that humans can make sense after all! We can be consistent. I let him learn that his behavior can produce predictable changes in his environment. Nothing magical, nothing I haven’t done one hundred times before. But sometimes, I forget to see the gifts I give dogs. Sometimes I forget the depth of hope I give dogs. Sometimes, I am just doing my job, and the beauty of what I do disappears under other considerations. But today, I saw it, as if for the first time. Today I remembered that dog training is not a job, it is a calling. I remembered that I serve the dogs first and the clients second. Today, the world is a better place. Because I changed it. I changed it for a dog, for his owners, and for myself. I shouldn’t forget that I am blessed to do what I do. It is right and good, and someone needs to be doing it. I am very lucky; to get to do what I do and the world is a better place for my efforts. Sometimes, I forget that, but not today. Gaye Amick, CPT, CPDT, is a professional dog trainer and owner of Northern Sky Obedience Academy of Charlevoix. She can be reached at (231) 237-9510 or go to http://www.onefinedog. com for more information.

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and ask for 45102AFC Haleigh Looze (far left) moves along in her court jester costume. Ava Steinhof (left) laughs with her friends during the Boyne City Elementary School Halloween parade. Thomas Sommerfeldt (right) shows off his fancy new threads. Sawyer Clute (upper left) takes a break and puts on his best Halloween face. Shyla Green, Grace Dawson, Ella Book and Madeline Schlickau (left) enjoy themselves. And, Quinten Mattoon (upper right) gets ready with some extra help with his make-up.

©2012 OCG |, Inc. 15084

Page 10 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

State & Region

Differing views on the burgeoning Agenda 21 issue Due to increasing interest over whether the United Nations’ 1992 non-binding resolution Agenda 21 is being implemented locally, the Boyne City Gazette has republished two differing opinions on the matter here for your consideration. If you have an opinion on the matter please e-mail it to—we’d love to hear from you. You may use traditional mail or drop off your letter at the Boyne City Gazette, 5 West Main St., Suite #7, Boyne City, MI 49712.

U.N. Agenda 21 The “Plot”Thickens

By Paul Rose Senior Editor of the Northern Michigan Conservation Network, Originally published Oct. 10 at For several months, we have been hearing rumblings that much of the counter-conservation legislation which has been emanating out of the northern Michigan area for the past two years was being driven by those who subscribed to the belief that many of our government officials are operating under an edict defined by a 1992 United Nations publication titled Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save our Planet. We have resisted publicly discussing this topic which at first seemed too incredible to take seriously. Our initial reluctance was based upon the fear that in doing so we would have been demonstrating a level of paranoid thinking that may be similar to those who would be the subject of our post. Additionally, in spite of our differing views on much of this recent legislation it has been our goal to be respectful to those publicly-elected officials who represent the citizens of this state. The “game changer” in this decision came when Michigan House of Representatives member Greg MacMaster (Dist. 105, Kewadin) decided to propose legislation (HB-5785) and go public with the hypothesis that decisions here in Michigan, including those involving natural resource management, are driven by Agenda 21. If the name sounds familiar, Rep. MacMaster was also the author of HB-4684 which about a year ago put millions of dollars in Michigan sportsmen’s funding at risk (see NMCN Post ). Before we immediately be cast as being subscribers to the same comprehensive U.N. plot, we would like to assure all of its proponents that it was actually necessary for us to Google “Agenda 21” when we first heard these rumors.

Again, we mean no disrespect to those who take this hypotheses seriously, but haven’t we seen this type of thinking before? For those of us who are old enough to recall, much of this is eerily reminiscent of a time when some believed that adding fluoride to our municipal water systems was seen as a communist plot to poison Americans, a n d that t h e Apollo moon landing had been staged on a movie lot. Obviously, we cannot say with absolute certainty that a global conspiracy is not taking place right under our noses. However, based upon our personal observations and those of others who regularly attend DNR Forestry Compartment Review meetings and open houses, we have seen no evidence of suspicious attendees wearing U.N.-blue helmets. Since one of our objectives with this site has also been to inject a small amount of humor into these posts, this would appear to be an ideal time to apply those principles in an effort to gain some perspective on what is being alleged. One excerpt contained in the MacMaster message appearing on his website is worth exploring in more detail: “As if the elimination of private property ownership, population control, and education, based on U.N. standards were not enough, Agenda 21 will eventually affect our lives in other ways like the relocation of people from rural areas into cities, limiting the type of vehicles we drive, higher gas prices, changing routes of transportation, banning human access to land, seizure of private property, restrictions on water usage, quotas on harvesting, prohibitions on plowing the soil, limitations on raising animals for meat, regulations on what we eat and drink, control of home energy usage, increased taxation, and even forced community involvement.” Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to quip or readily discount these theories. After reviewing some of the predictions contained in the Representative’s preceding forecast, it is uncanny how many appear to be on the

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brink of coming to fruition. For example: • People moving from rural areas to cities ... check. We didn’t see that one coming since it’s only been occurring for several hundred years. • We can no longer drive whatever we like on our public roads … Doublecheck. Who are they to say that m y personal a r mored vehicle is not road-worthy? • Changing routes of transportation … Spot on again. I can no longer take the car ferry across the Straits of Mackinac. • Banning human access to lands … Now that you mention it, on our last trip to Yellowstone we were banned from geyser wading! • Restrictions on water usage … I knew the U.N. was behind those lawn watering bans! • Prohibitions on plowing the soil … Ah, the Dust Bowl days. Now that was freedom. • Regulations on what we eat and drink… Damn that Louis Pasture! Plus, I think he was French! Perhaps someone should ask Rep. MacMaster, a former television weatherman, if perhaps his prior use of dual-Doppler radar wasn’t really part of a U.N. initiative and, as such, an unauthorized intrusion into our personal air space? You get the idea. Unfortunately, this is not a joke. Since we have already seen the potential damage which can be caused to traditional natural resource management policy by the Agenda 21 world-view, we should probably dispense with the parody and close this with more serious comment. Besides being reminiscent of McCarthy-era tactics, providing a public forum for ideas which seeks to capitalize on the fears of the “global unknown,” this message speaks to a portion of the brain which does not lend itself well to rational debate. If these Agenda-21er’s believe that wise use of our natural resources is part of a United Nations takeover then there are a large number of us who are in on the conspiracy. The suggestion that it is somehow un-American to manage our land on a sustainable basis runs counter to our sporting traditions. The concept of having abundant public land which is open to a variety of uses and users, and also offers diverse hunting and access options was a uniquely American value long before Agenda 21 was even in draft form. We are also comfortable in saying that the voluntary enrollment of family-owned land and farms in conservation programs is not another step in a global takeover of property rights, but instead provides many of those tools necessary to assist families in the protection of their legacies. We would respectfully urge other State Legislators on both sides of the aisle to make every effort to question these allegations which have the potential of becoming an embarrassment for the people of this state as well as their legislative institution. We recognize that these are scary times, especially for some who, through no fault of their own, are very receptive to such theories. To remain silent, however, allows for the further exploitation of these fears through the use of what had been an obscure 20-year old document whose portion relating to conservation issues does little more than restate several values which have their roots in our national conservation movement.

Agenda 21: the road map to global governance

By Rep. Greg MacMaster (RKewadin) Originally published Sept. 28 In July, I introduced House Bill 5785 to prohibit any Michigan governmental entity from adopting, or implementing policy recommendations originating greg macmaster in, or traceable to, the United Nations’ “Agenda 21” or any other international laws that would infringe or restrict, private property rights without due process. The legislation also prohibits certain transactions with certain entities that assist in implementing Agenda 21. Many people in Michigan are familiar with the concepts of “Sustainable Development” and “Social Justice” but are unaware of their connections with the United Nation plan, known as Agenda 21. Agenda 21 took root as a result of concerns regarding environmental conservation and improving the health of the global environment. This movement is commonly known as “Environmentalism.” As a meteorologist and past president of the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve, I am acutely aware of the importance of responsible stewardship over our environment and preserving it for generations to come. However, Agenda 21 calls for policies that I believe will adversely affect the very foundation America was founded upon. As a result, our “inalienable rights” to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are in jeopardy. The U.N. policy on private property dates back to the 1976 Conference on Human Settlement. Their ‘Report of Habitat’ states, “Land because of its unique nature, and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals, and subject to the pressures and influences of the market. Private ownership is also a principle instrument of the accumulation and concentration of wealth, and therefore contributes to Social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes.” A U.N. publication from 1992 titled ‘Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save our Planet” best describes its intent. It states, “Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by every person on earth, and calls for specific changes in the activities of all people. It continues by saying, “Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced.” This worldwide movement was signed on to by President George H.W. Bush and 178 other world leaders. In 1993, President Bill Clinton issued an Executive Order which created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) for the purpose of translating the recommendations of Agenda 21 and implementing them into public policy administrated by the federal government. The 1998 PCSD publication, ‘Sustainable America’ advocates population control with the following statement, “We must move toward stabilization of the U.S. population, and a reduced rate of population growth in the United States, and the world.” This publication also supports Agenda 21’s view on education for sustainable development which says, “We must expand

the number of curricula, materials and training opportunities that teach the principles of sustainable development,” and in 2009, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared the years 2005 - 2015 “The Decade for Education for Sustainable Development,” which encompasses all forty-chapters of Agenda 21. As a way of enforcing sustainable development, the training of state and federal employees as educators, facilitators, and motivators is also promoted. Ultimately, these trained governmental employees may actually go into private homes to help people develop their own personalized sustainability action plans. A 1996 U.N. publication, ‘Global Biodiversity Assessment,’ states that “Property rights are not absolute, and unchanging, but rather a complex, dynamic and shifting relationship, between two or more parties over space and time.” As if the elimination of private property ownership, population control, and education, based on U.N. standards were not enough, Agenda 21 will eventually affect our lives in other ways like the relocation of people from rural areas into cities, limiting the type of vehicles we drive, higher gas prices, changing routes of transportation, banning human access to land, seizure of private property, restrictions on water usage, quotas on harvesting, prohibitions on plowing the soil, limitations on raising animals for meat, regulations on what we eat and drink, control of home energy usage, increased taxation, and even forced community involvement. At the state and county level, efforts to “save the planet,” have resulted in affiliates of the U.N. proliferating, through programs known as Local Agenda 21. The main organization that local governments join is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiative (ICLEI). ICLEI was founded in 1990 at the United Nations for the purpose of facilitating the implementation of worldwide Sustainable Development policies on local government levels. ICLEI offers technical consulting, training, and information services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local government in the implementation of sustainable development. Other Visioning plans and unelected councils, controlled by non-governmental organizations connected to the U.N., are also at work in our local governments, promoting the Agenda 21 policy of Sustainable Development by replacing local guidelines with international rules, codes, and regulations -- often repeatedly changing their names, in an effort to remain undetected. ICLEI itself is now known as ‘Local Governments for Sustainability.’ The Michigan cities of Dearborn, Ann Arbor, Ferndale, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City are among over 500 communities nationwide, listed as members on the website. When asked about rights Americans derive from the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights clashing with Agenda 21, Harvey Rubin, vice chair of ICLEI’s Executive Board, is on record as stating, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” I believe Agenda 21 policies must be stopped, and ask for your support of House Bill 5785.

Find out in next week’s Gazette!

Faith & memorial


Nov. 7, 2012 • Boyne City Gazette • Page 11

Ask yourself: What is in Your Testimony? Brien Vuylukson Growing Together

Church of the nativity Nativity Episcopal Church will have a Eucharist service, celebrated by Reverend Peggy Nattrmann at 10 a.m. on Sunday, November 11. Coffee hour will be held in the church basement. Please call 582-5045 for more information. Nativity is located at 209 Main Street, Boyne City. Ej Community Church On Thursday, November 8, Celebrate Recovery will meet at 7 PM at the Walloon Campus. This is a Christ-centered recovery program. On Saturday, November 10, there will be a Men’s Ministry Breakfast at 8 AM at the Walloon Campus. On Sunday, November 11, the sermon title will be “Lies that Wreck Relationships: Singles Need to Meet Someone” from 1 Corinthians 7:32-38 given by Pastor Jason Richey. Service starts at 9:30 AM. New members will be presented at the 9:30 AM service. Currently from 10-11 AM, Channel 106.3 is broadcasting our series on Esther. Tune in to hear the service. At 11:15 AM, there will be Kid Connection, Youth Groups, Young Adult Community Small Group, and Adult Community Small Groups. Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes are due today. on Tuesday, November 13, the Ladies Morning Bible Study will start at 9:15 AM in the Discipleship House at the Walloon Campus. The Food Pantry will be open from 5:00 to 6:30 PM at the Walloon Campus. In Home Adult Bible Study will begin at 6:30 PM at the Holland House. This study will be “Love and Respect” facilitated by Pastor Jason & Kelly Richey. On Wednesday, November 14, there will be a Men’s Prayer Group at Darlene’s Restaurant starting at 7 AM. There will also be a Ladies Koffee Klutch at the East Jordan Campus starting at 6 PM. There will be a family meal from 5:30 to 6:15 PM at the Walloon Campus. This meal is for families attending classes. Classes will start at 6:30 PM. at the Walloon Campus. For questions concerning the East Jordan Campus, please call 536-2299 or the Walloon Campus at 535-2288. United Methodist The Boyne Falls United Methodist Church and Pastor Wayne McKenney welcomes you every Sunday morning for worship at 9:15 am. The church is located at 3057 Mill St. Children’s programming is held during the service for pre-school through 5th grade. Pastor Wayne McKenney. Office hours are Tues.-Thurs. from 8 am to 3 pm. Phone 231-582-9776. Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors. Presbyterian The congregation of First Presbyterian Church at 401 S. Park St., Boyne City invites you to share worship with them at 11:00 each Sunday. Rev. Elizabeth Broschart will be leading worship. First Sundays include communion. For more information call (231) 582-7983. Walloon Lake Church On Thursday, November 8, the Cozy Quilters will meet at 9 AM in room 101. Celebrate Recovery will meet at 7 PM in the multi-purpose room. On Saturday, November 10, there will be a Men’s Ministry Breakfast starting at 8 AM. All men are invited. On Sunday, November 11, sermon title will be “Mission’s Jesus Style” from John 17:13-19 given by Pastor Jeff Ellis. Service times are 9 and 10:45 AM. Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes are due at the church today. Infant and toddler nurseries are available during both services. Children 3 years old through 4th grade can attend children classes during both services. Fifth grade through eleventh grade classes meet during the 10:45 service only. Young adult class is held at 10:45 AM in the Discipleship House. Adult classes and Community Small Groups are available. Currently from 10-11 AM, Channel 106.3 is broadcasting our series on Esther. Tune in to hear the service. There will be a Youth Leadership Training meeting starting at 12:15 PM. On Tuesday, November 13, the Ladies Morning Bible Study will meet at 9:15 AM in the Discipleship House. The Food Pantry will be open from 5:00 to 6:30 PM. On Wednesday, November 14, there will be a family meal at 5:30 to 6:15 PM with classes beginning at 6:30 PM. This meal is for families attending classes. The church office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Wednesday, and Friday. On Thursday, it is open from 9 to noon. If you have any questions, please call 535-2288 or check the church website at Jewel Heart Buddhist Center For more information, email northernmi@ Genesis Church Boyne Genesis Church meets in the Boyne Elementary school cafeteria every Sunday from 11a.m.noon. They have a quality staffed nursery along with Kids Clubhouse ministry for ages 4-4th grade. There is coffee and breakfast treats followed by modern song worship and a practical “talk” that relates the Bible to our everyday life. The core values of Genesis Church are Jesus and his Word, sincere relationships, and serving others. You can check out Genesis Church at B.C. United Methodist The Boyne City United Methodist Church and Pastor Wayne McKenney welcomes you every Sunday morning for worship at 11 am. The church is located at 324 S. Park Street. Children’s programming is held during the service for ages 4 through 5th grade. Office hours are Tues.-Thurs. from 8 am to 3 pm. Phone 231582-9776. Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors. First Baptist of Boyne City 875 State St. (231) 582-9561. Sunday Services - Sunday School (for all ages) 10 a.m.; Morning Worship 11 a.m.; Junior Church Hour for children 3 years of age up to the 5th grade ~11:00 a.m.; Evening Worship ~6:00 p.m.; Mid-Week Services; Wednesday Nights - Discovery Club~ 6:30 p.m., Teens Meeting~ 7:00 p.m., Adult Prayer & Bible Study~ 7 p.m., Nursery Provided for all Services

“What’s in your testimony?” Have you ever heard someone say this? “I can’t go to church. I have to get my life on track and get right with God first!” Really?! Or how about this: “I can’t step into a church, I’m way too sinful, my shoes will burst into flames!” What?! Where do people get these ideas? I’ll tell you. They get it from us, the church, the Body of Christ. Now before you take the “Matters of Faith” page and line the bottom of the birdcage with it, hear me out. What do people envision when they hear the word “Christian?” When I talk with an unbeliever, their idea of “church-goers” is usually one of these two: #1: A perfect person with a perfect family, perfect marriage, perfect kids, perfect job, perfect health, perfect house, perfect car, no problems, no worries, no body odor... well, you get the idea. OR #2: A person who pretends that the above mentioned characteristics apply to them: “I’m not really a Christian, but I play one at church.” In other words, a flaming hypocrite. You and I both know that not all church goers... um.. I mean Christians fit into one of these two categories. We all like to believe that our love for God and others is authentic, and that we are lving in the flow of God’s power and grace. I believe most all of us are pretty sincere in our desire to honor God and bring Him glory. We all were once lost in sin and needed to be saved, some of us more than once, as we’ve fallen or stumbled on the journey. All this being said, the misconception that “non-Christians” have about what “church” is about still exists. They are afraid to come visit because they think they don’t measure up. Or they think it’s phoney bologna. Henry Ward Beecher once wrote, “The church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of the imperfect ones.” The church should be called “The Society for the Forgiven and the Forgiving.” Our church (the people, not the building) should be a well-trained group of comforters, healers, counselors, and encouragers. No one should ever be turned away (or politely avoided) because they don’t quite measure up to our standards, or (heaven forbid) they are too sinful to let in the door. No matter how deep our sins are, the grace of God always reaches deeper. We, the people of God, need to let our communities see us with arms wide open. But more importantly they need to know that those of us who see the stained-glass windows from the inside are real people with real problems and real failures and real hearts. How? By sharing our testimony. By sharing with unbelievers, through casual conversation, what God has accomplished in us. “You mean tell someone about how selfish and sinful I used to be?! Tell them how God took away my addictions and sinful habits?! Let them know I haven’t always been this perfect?!” Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. How can we offer hope to the lost if we don’t tell them what God has saved us from? In his book “Become a Better You,” Joel Osteen writes, “You can’t have great victories without having difficult battles. You’ll never have a great testimony without going through a few tests.” It’s these victories that we share with others. They can identify us with our struggles. They start to see a benefit in following Jesus. They visit our church. We meet them there, greet them warmly, and introduce them to our church family. We show them love, acceptance, and

grace. For many, it’s the first time they’ve ever experienced these blessings. Another soul is saved and becomes a part of God’s kingdom forever. And there’s one more (or perhaps the first) shiny little jewel in your crown. (Don’t let your halo get too tight, it’ll mess up your hair!) Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t even know how to share my testimony. That’s a lot to ask. Way too scary!” Tell that to every martyr who has lost their life for proclaiming their love for Jesus. Sorry, “love must be touch,” right? Really, it’s not all that difficult or time consuming. It doesn’t have to be a detailed synopsis of your every sin and struggle. Just a 5-minute written (yes, written) overview about how God has changed your heart and your life. Still too scared? Can’t think about what to write? How about I go first? Will that help? Okay, I’m not afraid, but be prepared for some ugly stuff! I was once a horrible and vile sinner. I was lost in my own world of selfishness, sexual immorality, perversion, manipulation, control, bitterness, and rebellion. Unfortunately I was able to hide it very well, and had the world around me convinced that I was a faithful, honorable, and godly man. I was a true hypocrite. To the world around me, I was a wonderful husband, father, and fellow Christian. But my private life was filled with iniquity and unthinkable perversion. I was destined for hell, no doubt. Then, one day, God finally allowed the consequences of my sins to fall, and every seed of sin I had sown reaped a bountiful harvest of destruction in my life. Everything was suddenly stripped away. My wife, my children, my home, my

friends, my church family, my community, my career, my false-honor, pride, trust, and every worldly possession. I even lost my freedom for a while. It had finally come to the end of myself I could no longer hide behind my mask of deception. I had to get real with myself and with God. I had come to the place of sincere repentance, and begged God for his mercy and forgiveness. And praise God, he gave me both. Over the following years I immersed myself in God’s word and prayer (and lots of counseling) and he began to change my heart a little each day. Together, he and I put the “old me” to death, and I’ve been resurrected in Christ Jesus as a true and authentic son of God. The old sins and the old ways of thinking are gone - the Lord took it all away. I am now a man of honor and worthy to be trusted. I love the man that I’ve become, and that, only by the grace and love of God. My life still bears the consequences of my sins, but I praise God every day that the has washed them all away and has given me another chance at life. God is so very good. Relationships are being restored. Every need is being met with abundance. And my story (my testimony), and my ministry are drawing others who were without home into the family of God.

Now my life belongs to Him forever. Well, I warned you it was ugly stuff, but it’s honest, and that’s what people need to hear. Pastor Rick Warren, in his book “The Purpose Driven Life,” writes, “Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. The things you’re most embarassed about, most ashamed of, and most reluctant to share are the very tools God can use most powerfully to heal others.” Zig Ziglar said, “Love is giving people home.” That’s what our testimony can do for someone: it can help them see that there is home for the lost sinner if they’ll turn to God and repent. If we spend our time on our “holy huddle” and don’t share our stories of redemption, the misconceptions will continue. Share your story. Love someone enough to humble yourself. Let them see that church can be a start to a life-changing encounter with our loving, merciful, and gentle God. If you are somone who feels lost and you’re hurting, please take a step in faith today. The God of heaven and earth truly loves you and cares about your life. There are several churches listed on this page, please call one near you today. They will be glad to hear from you and happy to help you find your way. God loves you, and so do I. God bless you all, and God bless Boyne.

I’ve got an oil for that!

Help with Depression We have had an exhilarating autumn in northern Michigan. The leaves are gone now and the trees stand as skeletons against the gray sky. The beauty is still it’s own but for many of us these gray days with the lack of sun wreck havoc on our emotions. But, I have an oil for that! I have been writing weekly now about how Young Living TheraGrade Essential Oils are loaded It’peutic s coldwonderful and flu season. Are you with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral constituents, suffering from organic the issues that can but they are more than that. Pure esplague us during these months? sential oils, unadulterated essential oils, Young Living Essential Oils have I’ve got an oil for that! Visit Sozo mood altering properties. I have several who come to see Touch whereclients Raindrop Technique me regularly when they are feeling Specialist Barbara Borgeld can blue due to environmental or physical Arthritis. depression. The oils work ona several show you how to apply Young organs and glands in the brain and the aromasTherapeutic touch our emotions in ways Living Grade Essential that clear receptor sites and lift the Oil forMany wonderful These spirit. of theserelief. oils were usedare repeatedly in both the old and new testhe finest Essential Oils on the taments. Come down to Sozo Touch market. Keyhappy chemical constituents where I am to show you how these lovely oils work on our emotions. and medical properties are natural Located in the Water Street Center 5 West Mainfrom Streetseed Boyne and organic to City seal. M/T/W 8:30a-2:30p • Th 12:00p-2:30p Thisandweek’ s focus• Fri is8:30a-5:00p on Sinus 6:00p-8:00p Also available appointment. Infection. You canby find Barb in her C.A.R.E. Raindrop Technique Specialist quiet space inside the Water Street between Sun for the Soul and (231) 582-7818

Barbara Borgeld

Sunset Grill.

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Dental Care, P.C. “A smile is a valuable resource” 112 East Main St. Boyne City (231) 582-6944

Danielle J. Swartz, D.D.S. Dennis E. Kirkby, D.D.S.


Page 12 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

There is still time to set up owner-only 401(k) for 2012 Edward Jones MAKING SENSE OF INVESTING

Ruth A. Skop AAMSŠ

Financial Advisor

101 S. Lake St. P.O. Box 423 Boyne City, MI 49712 Bus. (231) 582-3416 Fax (877) 408-3474 If you’re a small-business owner, with no full-time employees (ex-

Fiscal Fitness Workshop Dec. 5 in Traverse City

The Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center (MI-SBTDC) will present a financial tools workshop Wednesday,

cept possibly your spouse or business partner), you’re probably used to taking care of just about everything on your own. So, if you’re thinking of establishing a retirement plan — and you should — you might also be attracted to “going solo� with an “Owner-only� 401(k). An Owner-only 401(k), sometimes known as an Individual 401(k), has been around for a few years now, and has proven quite popular — and with good reason. This plan is easy to establish, easy to administer and, most importantly, gives you many of the same benefits enjoyed by employees of a company that offers a traditional 401(k) plan. These benefits include the following: Tax deferred earnings — Your earnings aren’t taxed as they accumulate. Tax deductible contributions — An Owner-only 401(k) consists of two components — salary deferral and profit sharing contributions, both of which are generally 100 percent tax deductible. If you choose to make Roth salary deferrals to your

Owner-only 401(k), your contributions aren’t deductible, but you won’t pay taxes on your earnings, provided you don’t take withdrawals until you’re 59-1/2 and it’s been five years since your first year of Roth deferral. Variety of investment choices — You can choose to fund your Owner-only 401(k) with a wide range of investments. And you can construct an investment mix that’s appropriate for your risk tolerance and long-term goals. Furthermore, an Owner-only 401(k) can potentially allow you to make greater contributions, at an identical income level, than other small-business retirement plans,

such as a SEP IRA. In 2012, you can defer up to $17,000, or $22,500 if you’re 50 or older (as long as you don’t exceed 100 percent of your income). Then, in addition, you can make a profit-sharing contribution equal to 25 percent of your income (slightly less if you are unincorporated). So, by combining the salary deferral and profit-sharing components, you can potentially contribute up to $50,000 to your Owner-only 401(k) in 2012, or $55,000 if you’re 50 or older. And these figures are doubled if your spouse also contributes to the Owner-only 401(k). However, you’re not obligated to contribute anything to your plan. So, if your business is slow one year, you might scale back your contributions, or put in nothing at all. Then, when business picks up again, you can get back toward contributing whatever you can afford, up to the maximum. Clearly, the Owner-only 401(k) can offer you some key advantages in building resources for retirement. But it’s not the only small-business retirement plan on the market, so,

December 5 in Traverse City. “5 Keys to Achieving Fiscal Fitness,� a seminar to help the nonfinancial manager business owner achieve fiscal fitness, is a state-wide training program designed to strengthen financial literacy and improve the ability to access capital businesses need to grow. The program will be held at Cambria Suites, 255 Munson Ave. in Traverse City. Registration and breakfast start at 7:30 a.m. and the workshop is from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. This workshop provides the business owner an in-depth look at the essentials of using financial information to make effective decisions about improving their business performance.

The program is targeted to CEOs of small businesses who want to have a better understanding of how financial statements can inform their business decisions. Topics to be discussed include: • Identifying problems using your balance sheet and income statement • Providing ways to increase your company’s cash flow • Using breakeven analysis to improve decision making • Planning the working capital to support your growth • How to keep your banker on your side “I have been to numerous seminars that tell you what you should do to improve your business but very rarely have I attended one that actu-

ally gave you the tools and told you how to go about it,� said Kathie Fuce-Hobohm, SPACE, Inc. “This seminar is a must for all small business owners.� “5 Keys to Achieving Fiscal Fitness� will cost $45 per participant, which includes breakfast and materials. Pre-registration is required at For more information call 231-922-3780. The MI-SBTDC is a statewide business assistance program that provides one-on-one counseling, training and research support for Michigan small businesses. The Northwest Michigan Regional office is hosted by the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments.

Dave Says


dave ramsey ‘dave says’ all toll-free: 1-888-347-6032

months, but recently I received two job offers. One is a state job that would pay $50,000 a year. The other is a one-year contract for a position in Afghanistan that pays $200,000. I know I’d like both jobs, so which would be the smartest choice? Nick

decisions or bailing out the other. But if you guys are on the same page—if your relationship is healthy and you’re in agreement about moving forward with shared Michigan Association dreamsPress and goals—then I’d say Dear Nick, 827 N.write Washington the check todayAvenue and knock If it were me, I’d take the state job. out that debt! Lansing, MI 48906 I know that any kind of situation —Dave 517-372-2424 - with six figures attached to it looks and sounds wonderful, but in my Which job? mind we’re talking about a career Dear Dave, choice versus risk. Plus, I’m a firm I’ve been unemployed for three

Now, you are one For Your Medications?


Dear Dave,

fill your prescriptions armacy. I got married in May, and my wife

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Dear Ernest, Absolutely, you should view it as 347-6032 “ourâ€? debt. It came with the terriled substances andwhen a valid you two walked down tory ption medication orders. the aisle. A lot of people don’t use the old347-6032 fashioned marriage vows anymore, butThe Book of Common Prayer reads, â€œâ€Ś for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, and unto thee I pledge my worldly goods.â€? Basically, that means you’re saying, “I’m ready to take a bullet for you. I’m going to do DIJHBO whatever it takes to serve you, and vice versa.â€? You’re joining your separate lives into one. In addition to all this, you guys $BMM  need to be in agreement on how you’re going to handle money. In other words, it all gets worked out together with both of you sitting down and planning your financial future as one. Thisover is called a budoffers several advantages LikeMetastases. everything else, you work or treating get. Brain cer, ask your for more on itdoctor together. It’s not a situation where one of you is making all the GAMMA.





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Call toll-free: 1-888-347-6032



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noticed over the years is when wealthy people assess a financial opportunity, they almost always think in five-, 10- and 20-year blocks of time. We’re talking long term here. There’s not a whiff of living paycheck to paycheck Michigan or Michigan Association Press Association Michigan PressPress Association “Thank God, it’s Friday. Oh, God, it’s 827 N. Washington AvenueAvenue 827 N. Washington Avenue 827 N. Washington Monday!� on them. Lansing, Lansing, MI 48906 MI 48906 Take the state job and fashion a Lansing, MI 48906 517-372-2424 - 517-372-2424 - jim@michiganp - jim@michiganpress.o good, long-lasting career for your- 517-372-2424 self. Don’t go chasing money on the short term! —Dave

believer in the idea that people make better decisions when they think in terms of 10 years from now rather than 10 or 12 months down the road. In addition to the risk factor, the biggest problem with the offer in Afghanistan is that once it’s over, it’s over. Then you’re right back where you are now. You may have money in your bank account, but you’re unemployed all over again. You know, one of the things I’ve

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Real Estate Auction Nominal Opening Bid: $500 45 N Addis Rd, Boyne City 3BR 2BA 1,122sf+/- mobile/mnftd home. Bidding starts November 23 800.801.8003 Williams & Williams MI Broker: Robert Bridges Re Lic 6502363369; Williams & Williams Re Lic 6505363368 Buyer’s Premium may apply for this property.

Piano for sale Carole Hague's piano for sale. 1960 Mahogany Gulbransen spinet piano with bench, excellent condition. Must pick up. $450 Contact Kathy Bartlett at (231) 459-4555

Grass-Fed Beef Ground beef or by the side. Reasonable prices. Also calves, bulls, and cows for sale. Irish Dexter Jersey Crosses. (231) 675-4769

ej home

Lakeview Village

2400 Square Foot East Jordan home. Just inside the East Jordan city limits, view of Lake Charlevoix, along with shared access for guaranteed summer fun. Four bedrooms, three baths, a full finished lower level with cozy family room and plenty of room for a pool table! The upstairs is bright and open, with a wood-burning fireplace, and practical U-shaped kitchen. The finished two-car garage is heated, and there is a large deck for summer relaxation - plus a covered patio with hot tub for all year long!`

Here it is, the one everyone has been waiting for, lot #106 of Lakeview Village. This mobile is perched to take advantage of the expansive open space that the park offers. It feels like you have a fabulous couple acre parcel overlooking beautiful Lake Charlevoix all to yourself. The mobile is in very nice shape, and has the much sought after second bath included. The covered porch, patio, shed, and fire pit area are all just huge bonuses to this incredible setting. Hurry, it won’t last long! Home Only; No Real Estate.

pleasant valley farmhouse

The Reserve at Boyne Mountain has beautiful lots available starting at just $17,900. With the purchase of any Reserve lot you'll get discounts on ski passes and golf at Boyne Mountain. You'll also become an owner of the exclusive Kitz Cabin, with ski in / ski out access to the slopes. Avoid the crowds at the base area by parking in your own private parking lot. Grab your skis out of your deluxe locker in the Kitz Cabin and go. When the kids need a break, stop back and grab a hot chocolate or soup from your crock pot. Call now in time to get a discount on our 2012 season passes. (616) 606-5263

ideal for outdoorsman

Boyne City Charming farmhouse just outside of Boyne City on two green acres. Ideally located near town, but a quick trip from Boyne Mountain, Lake Charlevoix, and Deer Lake fishing. Well-designed home - the main floor family room has a wood-burning fireplace, and kitchen, living and dining rooms heated by a centrally located woodstove. The beautiful 2-acre lot is defined by mature perennial gardens and trees. Two upstairs bedrooms & a craft room. Don't let the "Michigan" basement deter you, it's clean, dry and usable.


Home, land & a view Gorgeous views of Lake Charlevoix! Beautiful 5 bedroom, 5 bath home on 10 acres. 3+ car attached garage, stone fireplace, large deck and more! For more information, call 231-439-1595.

$2500 SIGN-ON BONUS! Super Service is hiring solo and team drivers. Great Benefits Package. CDL-A required. Students with CDL-A welcome. Call 888-471-7081 or apply online at


*Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 877-895-1828

THE BROOK RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES offer Premier Independent and Assisted Living services at seven locations in Northern Michigan. We are looking for the following professionals to join our progressive and dedicated team! Cook: Part and Full Time Nurse Aid: Part and Full Time If you are experienced and Enjoy working with the senior population, we are interested in meeting you. Please send a resume to The Brook, 2375 S. I-75 Business Loop, Ste. 4, Grayling MI 49738, or download our application at

hiring in Boyne City TEAM MEMBERS Responsible store team members needed for thriving downtown businesses. Must be energetic, have a dynamic/outgoing personality and 18 years or older. Nights and weekends required. Apply in person at the Alpine Chocolat Haus located in downtown Boyne City.

NIce newer car for sale


AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-891-2281.

PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS Free Estimates-Licensed and insured-2x6 Trusses-45 Year Warranty Galvalume Steel-19 Colors-Since 1976-#1 in Michigan-Call Today 1-800-292-0679.

SAWMILLS FROM ONLY $3997 MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info/DVD: 1-800-578-1363 Ext. 300N. SUPER SUNDAY AUTOMOTIVE SWAP MEET. All Makes & Models – All Indoor – 800 spaced. November 25th, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN 8am-3pm, Info 708-563-4300 www.

MEDICAL ALERT FOR SENIORS 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month. CALL Medical GuardianToday. 888-420-5043.

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OWN/OPER. TRACTOR PROGRAM $1.70 All miles. Call Today for Details 800-8318737 Truckload & Expedite Tractors needed immediately!!

DEDICATED DRIVERS SOUTHERN MICHIGAN! Exceptional Pay ($60$70K annually) and benefit package. Run regionally, be home weekly! New Trucks! Call Today 888409-6033 or visit online

GORDON TRUCKING, CDL-A DRIVERS NEEDED! $1,000 Sign On Bonus! Regional & OTR positions, Full Benefits, 401K, EOE, No East Coast, Call 7 days/wk! 866-950-4382.


Great location for the outdoorsman Includes 1200+ sq. ft. of living space, 2-car garage, 24 x 32 workshop, 10 x 10 protected shooting range enclosure plus a covered outside shooting bench, additional shed, 3 picturesque acres that have been meticulously cared for, an enclosed outside wood-burner, short drive to town, and all for under $100,000! You won’t find a more complete package that has been so well taken care of, or a better deal! Also includes a new handicap accessible ramp. Good ole country living

Nice starter home for a family with plenty of room to grow. This home features a family room in addition to a separate living room. This home was used as a Day Care for several years, nice fenced in back yard, quiet street but close to schools and downtown. Lot of house for the price. Call today for your personal tour.

Boyne City Boyne Mountain - Spectacular Sunsets over Deer Lake! This immaculate 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home is located in the prestigious Mountain Club community at Boyne Mountain Resort. The spacious rooms convey an elegant flare, yet maintain the warmth and true lodge feel of a Rocky Mountain full log home. Fantastic views of Deer Lake from the expansive deck, beautifully landscaped yard, wood and ceramic floors, 2 story stone fireplace and a 2 car attached garage complete this phenomenal package!

Nice starter home with 3 bedrooms, front deck and deck/patio in the back. Also has 2 additional storage buildings - one 8’ x 8’ and the second being 12’x 16’. Large back yard to enjoy your privacy.

lake home

very nice ranch

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. WIN or Pay Nothing! Start your application in under 60 Seconds. CallToday! Contact Disability Group, Inc. Licensed Attorneys & BBB Accredited.  Call 888-676-9509.

SAVE ON CABLE TV Internet-Digital Phone. Packages start at only $89.99/mo (for 12 months.) Options from ALL major service providers. Call Acceller today to learn more! Call 1-888-710-4374

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Boyne City The views of Lake Charlevoix and Boyne City from this 3 bedroom (including the sleeping loft), 3 full bath condo are unmatched. Wonderful open floor plan. The sleeping loft has a full bathroom, closet space and an office. Nicely tucked into the trees, this condo has the best of both worlds - privacy and proximity to Boyne and all of Charlevoix County's bounty. Excellent place to watch the famous BC fireworks, with plenty of room for entertaining friends. Good price on a lovely unit in a well-managed condo.

2372 US 31 N. Hwy Petoskey

(231) 439-9150 2003 Dodge Dakota

Gold paint job with just over 100,000 miles - club cab style body with 4WD! Ask about our $1000 push, pull, or drag minimum trade

2005 Pontiac Grand Am

Very nice 3 BR, 2 Bath home on 2 city lots. Home has entertainer’s kitchen open to living room. Short distance to town and Lake Charlevoix public access. New windows, laminate flooring, some new tile in kitchen and bath, along with a large deck with connections in place for a hot tub. Great value for the price.

Sedan body with a red exterior nobody can resist. 12 months/18,000 miles limited power train warranty!

1999 Oldsmobile Alero

Under 75,000 miles! 4 speed automatic transmission, ready for the next journey!

'03 Chevy Trailblazer Charming turn of the century home. Within two blocks of Downtown. Wood floors and unique flow add to the character of this home. With a corner lot this is a great retreat for a family or the empty nesters. Upstairs bedroom features a separate room for a nursery or an office. Large living room offers plenty of space for a split design with reading area by the large windows and additional room for entertaining. Lots of property surrounds this almost 1,000 sq. ft. home in the process of being redone. You get 4 large city lots, the home, as well as a garage, all within two blocks of the public access to beautiful Lake Charlevoix. Situated at the edge of town and amongst nice homes with large yards, and lots of Mother Nature to spend your day with.

Very nice 3 bedroom ranch, on a full basement. The home has been well kept and cared for, and offers hardwood floors, and a nice floor plan. The oversized lot offers a lot of options for your dream landscape opportunities, or to add a garage. Close to the ever popular Avalanche preserve, as well as the bike path in town. Hurry on your chance to view this lovely home. Hard to find a better deal under the $80,000 mark!

4WD to get you through almost anything! The price is right, stop in and see us!

2001 Ford Escape XLT

Bright red SUV with 127,782 miles. V6 engine along with power windows, tilt steering wheel, and ABS brakes.


38 Acres with Mobile Home Very well maintained 1997 Redman mobile home on 38 +/- acres with frontage on a year-around maintained road. Mobile is situated in a secluded position just a short way off the main road. Mobile is a 16’ x 80’ with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The bath in master bedroom includes a garden tube. Front deck measures 8’ x 16’ while deck on the back side measures 12’ x 16’. Also includes a 24’ x 32’ pole building plus a smaller utility shed. Property is approximately 75% wooded with assorted hardwoods.

Maroon exterior with cruise control, power windows, and a full-size spare tire. 141,758 miles and a fair price.

1999 Chrysler Sedan Gold-colored sedan ready for comfort and function. Includes CD player and radio, leather seates, and even a heated drivers seat. 111,199 miles.

2004 Chevrolet Impala

Home to be Moved HOUSE MUST BE MOVED! Husband wants to build man cave garage, wife is wanting to rent the home out! 3 Bedroom, 2 bath 1152 sq. ft. steel frame manufactured home - must be removed from current location. Contact Realtor for details regarding home.

Close to Downtown Boyne

PROFLOWERS SEND FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION! Anniversary, Birthday, Just Because. Starting at just $19.99. Go to to receive an extra 20 percent off any order over $29.99 or Call 1-888-431-5214.

on 2 city lots

Boyne City Starter Home

Large back yard

auto swap meet

SSI benefits help

Pontiac Vibe 2009 AWD Dark metallic gray, 46,900 miles, Sunroof, Very clean inside and out, $14,999.00, call (231) 675-6997.

mountain Home

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is located just 2 to 3 blocks from the amenities of Boyne City including public marina, downtown business district, boat launch, and trails and parks. Great opportunity for the week-end resident or for the growing family. Yard has been nicely landscaped and plenty of plants and flowers add charm and character. There is a quaint covered porch, or large deck to kick back and relax in rain or shine. Large living room with extra windows offers plenty of natural light throughout.

charming near downtown

nice starter home Boyne City On a sunny hill north of Boyne City, this 3-bedroom, 3-bath ranch on 4.5 acres has sunset views of Lake Charlevoix. A large sloping yard has a good-sized pole barn with storage and workshop. Paved drive and wrap-around deck for ease of living. The kitchen, dining and living rooms open to each other and are flooded with light from south and west-facing windows, with a private office off the living room. Downstairs there is a large family room, sauna, and impressive woodshop, with two walk-out exits. Nice!

Nov. 7, 2012 • Boyne City Gazette • Page 13

Simple Auto

Pat O’Brien & Associates Real Estate 128 Water St., Boyne City (231) 582-1700



close to amenities


live where you golf & ski



Very nice 3 BR, 2 Bath home on 2 city lots. Home has entertainer’s kitchen open to living room. Short distance to town and Lake Charlevoix public access. New windows, laminate flooring, some new tile in kitchen and bath, along with a large deck with connections in place for a hot tub. Great value for the price!

Subscribe to the Gazette by calling (231) 582-2799

136,722 miles. Bright blue exterior, daytime running lights, traction control, and even a tire pressure monitor.

2004 Ford Freestar

Silver van just waiting to take the kids to school! Keyless entry, power windows, and a rear defogger make this van a cinch to operate. 105,028 miles, and waiting for you!

Send your classified ads to


Page 14 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

Place your order by Nov. 8 Boyne Valley Garden Club Wreaths The Boyne Valley Garden Club is getting ready for its largest fund-raiser, the Christmas Wreath Sale. The event has been held for almost 20 years and started very small. It is now the club’s major fund-raiser. Proceeds from the sale will be used to buy flower to beautify more than 15 gardens around Boyne City. As the demand has grown, so has the cost - the club now spends more than $5,000 on flowers, both annuals and perennials. Pick up an order form at the Boyne Chamber office. All orders must be placed by Nov. 8, and orders are to be picked up at the Eagles Hall from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Nov. 20. Business deliveries will be made on the morning of Nov. 20. now through Nov. 10 DENTISTS OFFER CASH FOR CANDY Trick-or-treaters can bring their excess candy to Progressive Dental Care in Boyne City and receive $1 per pound. In cooperation with the Boyne City

This session starts Wednesday October 17 and lasts through December 12, 2012 For more information call Meg McClorey (248) 635-5851 or 582-7689 or e-mail Now – Nov. 9 city-wide leaf pickup Mondays and Fridays only The City will pick up leaves during the above scheduled dates only. After the scheduled date, citizens will be responsible for their own leaves. Please set bagged leaves curbside anytime after the first day of pick up, in clearly marked biodegradable paper bags. City crews will pick up bags as time allows. If your bags have been out for an extended period of time and have not been collected, please notify city hall at 582-6597. Biodegradable paper bags are available at Boyne City Ace Hardware and Boyne Co-op or can be purchased from any other source. Please put only leaves in bags as they are not strong enough to hold sticks, sand, or stones, and will tear upon lifting. Brush will not be picked up, however, residents may take their brush and leaves, either bagged in biodegradable bags or un-bagged, up to the North Boyne Compost Site at the end of Robinson Street, which is open seven days a week for your convenience. Commercial businesses may also utilize the compost area with their city issued permit. City Ordinance prohibits depositing leaves or other yard waste in the street. Nov. 15 & 16 Buck Pole Contest Buck Pole Contest is Nov. 15-16 at Boyne Co-op Boyne Co-op True Value will be holding its second annual Buck Pole Contest Nov. 15 and 16. Register by 5:30 p.m. Nov. 14, at the Co-op, 113 S. Park St., Boyne City. The registration fee is $20, and there will be more than $3,000 in prizes for the top scores for men, women, youth and overall score. Three should mounts valued at $500 are being donated by Lasting Memories, Northwoods Taxidermy and Ultimate Wildlife Taxidermy. Judging will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Nov. 15 and 16. The Co-op is donating 25% of the proceeds to local charities. Free hot dogs and beverages will be served from 5 to 7 p.m. on Nov. 15 and 16. Call (231) 582-9971 for more information or to become a sponsor by donating prizes, advertising, food, beverages or monetary donations. They are also looking for volunteers to assist on Nov. 15 and 16.

American Legion Post, candy will be shipped overseas to soldiers serving in the Middle East. Dates for the candy collection are Nov. 1-10. The candy must be unopened. Drop-off at 112 E. Main St. in Boyne City, phone 231-582-6944. Nov. 9 Baked Potato Luncheon St Matthew Church, 1303 Boyne Ave on Nov. 9 at 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. there will be a fundraiser luncheon which includes baked potato with all the fixings, hot dogs, chili, dessert and beverage. Take-outs are available. Cost is by donation. Proceeds go to the St. Matthew guild funeral fund. Now through Dec. 12 Fall 2012 Tai Chi classes Classes at the Boyne District Library. Boyne District Library Community Room - Wednesdays through December 12 (no class Nov. 21) Morning Tai Chi classes will continue to meet on Wednesdays at The Boyne District Library in Boyne City. Classes are held in the downstairs Community Room. Classes are $5 each class, open to everyone.

Zonta of Petoskey presents 40th Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Join us for an elegant lunch, entertainment, a silent auction & gift basket raffle See the latest fall & winter fashions from more than 28 Petoskey area retailers Attendees entered in a drawing for $2,500 Diamond Jewelry Proceeds support our efforts to advance the status of women and girls • Saturday Nov. 10 • 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. • Ovation Room, Odawa Casino Resort • Tickets are $40; tables for 8 & 10

Reserveats your sey! earl

Call (231) 487-1188 or e-mail

Massage Therapist Wanted

Sun for the Soul is seeking a massage therapist to service clients at their location.

Boyne Meets Broadway The Boyne City High School Drama Department will present its annual dinner theater variety show, Boyne Meets Broadway, on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17 at the Boyne City High School Performing Arts Center. Enjoy appetizers, dinner and dessert catered by the school’s hospitality program while students from the jazz band set the mood in the commons with their smooth sounds. Dinner begins at 6 p.m. sharp. After dinner, sit back, relax and enjoy as the Drama Department presents this year’s rendition of its well-known fall variety show filled with song and dance inspired by Broadway, the big screen and more. Tickets are $25 per person and may be purchased from any cast member or at Local Flavor, 125 Water St. ONGOING EVENTS SENIOR CENTER LUNCHES Boyne Area Senior Center has finished a highly successful summer program of evening meals instead of lunches on Wednesdays - but next week it’s back to lunches at noon Monday through Friday. Suggested donation for lunch is $3 for those 60 and older and $6 for those under 60. For more information call coordinator Terri Powers at (231) 582-6682

Student of the Week Boyne City Public Schools

Bradley Fouchia “Bradley is an example of what BCHS teachers ask of our students: he participates in class discussion, he takes responsibility for his work, and he behaves politely and appropriately. He is becoming an excellent student.” (Mr. Fritzsche, English Teacher)


Nov. 16 & 17

The ideal candidate is experienced, caring, and shares a love of natural healing through holistic health and care, and will be comfortable working as an independent contractor in a positive environment with the freedom to do their work to promote good health.

If interested, please contact Donna Prevost, Owner at (231)582-0410 881-0476 (231)

Money spent locally stays local!

For all your printing needs! Enjoy

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Boyne City Gazette FRONT PAGE Late winter means $100K saved By Benjamin Gohs The snow finally arrived last week and its preceding two-month reprieve has put the Charlevoix County Road Commission in very good stead. According to Charlevoix County Road Commission Manager Pat Harmon, the cold weather drought has saved taxpayers nearly $100,000 that would nor-

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Nov. 7, 2012 • Boyne City Gazette • Page 15

A look at Ramblers defeat Rayders the Lakers in volleyball districts

Let me get this off my chest, first and foremost. Aside from being a loyal fan of my Detroit basketball team—who, I hate to say, have not a chance of contending for the title— and looking at this from a money-scrapping gambler’s standpoint, I’m here to say that I’d want to put kevin lange my money ‘Game on!’ on the Los Angeles Lakers to run away with the NBA championship this year. I could be here all day, giving you the eye-popping statistics accumulated between the Lakers’ core starting group, but I’m not here to bore you. That being said, new Lakers acquisition Dwight Howard, owner to six NBA All-Star game appearances (five of which consecutively started and counting) can help me sum up what needs to be said about the numbers he can put up, whether they’re coming from a snatched rebound, a baby-hook shot, or sending a shot into the fifth row. The past half of the decade, Howard has been regarded as, inevitably, the best center in the game. Ironically, Dwight has followed the tenured and much-traveled path to Hollywood, taken by three of the best centers to ever pick up a basketball, that being Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain himself. As much as other teams’ fanatics wished their team was the big target, they (or we, I should say) have had to just shrug and say, “It’s the Los Angeles Lakers, for crying out loud. That’s just how it is.” Possibly the idea of just starting fresh again could be a reasonable factor in wanting to move. After all, he did turn himself into perhaps the most hated person in Florida after mid-season rumors broke out about him demanding that, at the time, head coach Stan Van Gundy be fired, as well as continuous rumors of him wanting to be traded to either Brooklyn or Los Angeles. Not to mention, this is all on top of a technical foulrich season from Howard, as he complained his way up to nine technical fouls; ninth most in the NBA. After L.A. became highlighted as his main target several months following the end of the season, a colossal 4-team trade was soon proposed, and the Dwight Howard rants from Florida were soon underway. Notable moves that make this relevant include the Lakers’ all-star center, Andrew Bynum, being flown out to Philadelphia meet his new team and Dwight Howard (a.k.a. Superman) flying himself out to Hollywood, full steam ahead. Did you think being hated in one state was bad enough for the Lakers to be labeled as the “villains?” I bet you forgot about their starting small forward, none other than Metta World Peace, most recently known for the brutal elbow to James Harden’s skull in last spring’s Western Conference Finals. Ouch, is that replay rough to watch. The comical (yet almost scary) thing of it all is that this picture isn’t fresh paint, folks. World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, has had more technical fouls in his career than James Harden has beard whiskers. You want to look at the “villains” this season? Just look at the Los Angeles Lakers’team all together; all led by arguably the most arrogant (yet most loved) player in Kobe Bryant, who actually tied Dwight Howard (ranked ninth) in technical fouls last season, also recording a total of nine. The Lakers, led by Kobe Bryant. The dark side, led by Darth Vader. The Nazis, led by Hitler (too far? You get the point.). Not to forget, they are, in a sense, the new-look villains of the league. The 2010-11 season’s Miami Heat “bad guy” reputation may very well could have been put to rest this year, thanks to the collective effort of the temper and arrogance of Dwight Howard, thanks to the temper and arrogance of Kobe Bryant, thanks to the temper and ... just plain nuttiness of Metta World Peace, thanks to the temperamental fighter-mentality from key reserve Matt Barnes, who, by the way, was 17th in the league last year with seven technical fouls, and thanks to—Steve Nash, who no one can get mad at. I guess if I had to say something bad about him, it’d just be the fact that he joined the bad guys. But all of this self-implemented, dark reputation casts a shadow on the NBA and its fans, and it’s pretty apparent; the Lakers just, in a way, come off as the villainous opposition. Having said all of this, a part of me wants to put this out there for everyone, with or against me: Despite everything that makes these newlook Lakers what they are, something about you, every basketball fan, and I, deep down inside (and you can’t deny it!), wants to see Steve Nash throw a perfect alley-oop lob to Dwight Howard so he can spike it through the hoop, backboard rattling, and announcers shouting, “It’s show-time in Los Angeles!”... as we see Dwight Howard get a technical foul for taunting on the celebration.

chris faulknor publisher After a rough start, the Ramblers emerged triumphant in the girls’ volleyball district finals against the Charlevoix Rayders. “It was the first time any of the players on our team has one a district title for anything,” said Kylie Hicks. The Ramblers won the first game with a score of 25-16 on their home court, but found that their struggle continued into the second game. “We struggled again with serve receive the first and second game,” said Head Coach Casie Parker. “I was unsure if we would be able to come back mentally.” “We had to refocus and concentrate on our strengths again,” she added. After losing the second game 24-26, the Ramblers pulled things together. “We could have done better the first two games, but we rocked it the last three,” said Junior Erin Baker, 2012 Libero for the Ramblers. “We got the momentum at the end of the second game and seemed to keep it from there on out,” added Parker.

“We started playing smarter and doing things we planned to do.” The final three games were won by the Ramblers with scores of 25-23, 25-13, and 15-10 respectively. “I felt like we realized that we have worked too hard to lose at this point,” said Rainy McCune, one of the four leading scorers. McCune finished with 15 digs and 8 kills. While the game brought a district win and put another plaque on the wall, the memories of these games may last just as long. “I loved the one play when I bumped the ball up but it didn’t go right to the setter so Paige (Hornbeck) took it instead but shanked it to the bleachers and I dove/slid into the crowd to get it over the net winning the point,” said Baker “My favorite play would have to be when I chased after a ball going towers the back wall and free balled it over and it hit on the back line and everyone thought it was out and of course the last point that Paige Hornbeck scored, that such an awesome moment I will never forget it,” added McCune. The Ramblers show an overall re-

Volleyball victory

Sports Section Sponsors

Lynda's Real Estate Service Ralph W. Gillett, CPA Gordon, Joyce and Lily Lambie Boyne city hardware Boyne district library North country cycle sport Boyne trading company Upsy daisy floral If you would like to help sponsor the Boyne City Gazette Sports Section, Call Chris Faulknor at (231) 582-2799. Opportunities start as low as $25!

cord of 33-13-5 and a conference record of 11-3. Heather Nichols headed up the team in setter assists, coming in with a final 38 and 5 ace serves. Kylie Hicks shows 22 digs, 24 kills, and 6 blocks. “Kylie was a big factor for us tonight,” added Parker. “She hit very well all night.” Erin Baker led the team in digs with a grand total of 28. “Erin Baker played great defense tonight and stepped it up the last three games,” added Parker. Even beyond the nights triumphs, the value these girls place on their time in volleyball goes beyond winning and losing. “I am more confident talking to oth-

photos by chris faulknor

The Boyne City Ramblers girls’ varsity volleyball team is pictured with their district trophy. Pictured (bottom, from left) Beca Wiser, Mary Myers, Dani Matthew, Courtney Weldon and Abby Hills; and (top, from left) Ali Johnson, Mallory Karaszewski, Kylie Hicks, Emilee Evans, Paige Hornbeck, Erin Baker, Rainy McCune, Allie Wandrie and Heather Nichols.

“We love our bank!” Our customers love banking with us. We think you will too.

Member FDIC

Come for the pie, stay for the service! Open a new Northwestern Bank checking account or take out a loan, and we’ll give you a free pie. Boyne City Loan Center, 104 S. Lake St., 459-4305 • 1425 Bridge St., 547-6561, Charlevoix • Offer ends November 10

er people besided my really close friends,” said Baker. “I’m more of a leader now.” Baker isn’t alone in these thoughts. “Being on the volleyball team has really given me the opportunity to be a leader by example,” added McCune. “I’m not the loudest on the team and I’m not the best on the team but I try my hardest and give it my all.” “Being on this volleyball team has given me an opportunity to become a better leader. I am more confident in myself and talking more to other when I am on the court,” said Heather Nichols. The Ramblers have also appreciated the support from their fellow students. “Just being on the court and listening to the student sections and all the fans was my favorite along with all of the celebration afterwards,” added Hicks The Ramblers will now compete in Regionals which will begin at Traverse City St. Francis on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Boyne falls public schools sports Schedule Boys Basketball - 6 p.m. December 4 Johannesburg Home 11 Bellaire Away 13 Alba Home 18 Central Lake Away January 8 Wolverine Away 10 Mackinaw City Home 15 Ellsworth Away 17 Alanson Away 21 Harbor Light Home 28 East Jordan Home 30 Alba Away February 1 Wolver.: Homecoming Home 4 Atlanta Away 6 Mackinaw City Away 11 Gaylord St. Mary Away 15 Ellsworth Home 18 TC Christian Away 20 Atlanta Home 22 Alanson Home 26 Harbor Light Away Middle School Basketball - 5 p.m. October 10 Alanson Away 15 Alba Away Football St. Mary’s-Boyne Falls-7 p.m. October 12 Johannesburg Away 19 Atlanta Girls Basketball - 6 p.m. November 28 Atlanta Home 30 Mancelona Away December 5 Alanson Away 7 Harbor Light Home 14 Alba Away January 9 Wolverine Home 11 Mackinaw City Away 14 Atlanta Away 16 Ellsworth Home 22 Alanson Home 24 Harbor Light Away February 5 Alba Home 7 Wolverine Away 12 Mackinaw City Home 14 Ellsworth Away 21 Johannesburg Away

Page 16 • Boyne City Gazette • Nov. 7, 2012

Rural leadership consortium formed for Jewish women

A newly formed leadership consortium will give Jewish women from small congregations in lower Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula an opportunity to network and leverage resources to enhance leadership in their synagogues and the broader community. Women leaders from six congregations including Ahavat Shalom and Beth El in Traverse City, B'nai Israel in Petoskey, Beth Jacob, in Sault Ste. Marie, CA, Temple Beth Shalom, in Marquette-Ishpeming, and Temple Jacob in Houghton-Hancock met recently in St.Ignace for an overnight retreat to plan the focus and direction of a sustainable regional consortium that would nurture and support leadership development in small rural congregations, by creating a network

Volunteer Connections

Bikes for Kids Coordinator Do you like to cycle? Would you like to help kids have that opportunity? Volunteer to help coordinate United Way’s annual Bikes for Kids project. You’ll recruit bike shops to spend the winter refurbishing used, donated bikes (Revolution Bike in Charlevoix is already doing this) and identify youth-serving agencies to distribute the bikes in the spring.

for women. "Women are often the driving force in both our family and Jewish communal life," explains Carol Krugel Ellstein, Ph.D and member of B'nai Israel's Board of Director's. "Not coincidentally, each of our six congregations currently have women presidents!" "We all wear many hats when we belong to a small congregation," adds Susan Burack, President of Temple Jacob in Hancock, MI in the UP. "And we have to exist with very limited resources and without other Jewish institutions that you find in larger communities, close by." "We believe in the solidarity of Jewish women," says Helen Katz, Director of the Jewish Women's Foundation of Detroit (JWF). The JWF has provided the fledging group seed money to fund the development of a sustainable infrastructure to get this visionary project off the ground. The purpose of the retreat was to bring together key women leaders from each of the six congregations to network with each other and to receive training and facilitation to help form strategies and approaches for longterm programs and activities. The training was led by Rich Male of Richard Male and As-

sociates (RMA), a leading nonprofit management consulting firm based in Denver, CO. Pamela Ovshinsky was the conference organizer along with Ellstein and Sally Cannon, President of Temple B'nai Israel, Petoskey, which is also the lead congregation for the grant project. Ovshinsky, a seasoned organizational and community development professional and member of B'nai Israel is the Project Coordinator for the consortium. "The fact that the women were able to develop a vision and mission statement so quickly, reflects their hunger for greater connection and empowerment." Ovshinsky will work with the newly appointed core leadership team to build on the outcomes accomplished at the retreat and to seek continued support for the consortium's vision and mission. Earlier this fall, the Traverse City congregations co-sponsored the acclaimed documentary Ahead of Time, featuring Jewish centurion Ruth Gruber, the youngest PhD in the world before going on to have a career in international affairs and journalism that spanned seven decades. The newly formed network is called L'Dor v'Dor Northern Michigan Jewish Women's Ru-

You’ll work from home or your office, on your own schedule, coordinating with United Way staff. Very rewarding! Contact: Lisa Luebke, 487-1006.

plan in advance and quit smoking that day. The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) Tobacco Quitline, (800) 7848669, provides free telephone coaching for the uninsured and those with Medicaid and Medicare, and free nicotine replacement medications for those who qualify. is a free, interactive Web site that shows smokers how to re-learn life without cigarettes. The American Cancer Society has tools available at (800) 227-2345 or In addition, the Health Department will be offering a FREE Smoking Quit Kit, available for pick-up at its locations in Mancelona,

Great American Smokeout Nov. 15

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan will join the American Cancer Society to mark the 37th Great American Smokeout on Nov. 15. Smokers are encouraged to use it as the date to quit, or to

November Pizza of the Month

The New Yorker


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472 North Lake St. • Boyne City (231) 582-9560

ral Leadership Consortium. It follows in the Jewish tradition of life-long Jewish learning and passing down the reins of Jewish leadership to the next generation to insure the future of healthy Jewish identity and congregational leadership. The consortium will also create an avenue for its members to present a unified voice to promote the needs of women and girls living in small Jewish communities. In addition, the organizers received technical assistance from the Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) which advances support for the educational, spiritual and leadership needs of women and girls in the Jewish Reform Movement. For further information about the

retreat or the consortium, contact Ovshinsky at or core team member Carol Krugel Ellstein at cgellstein@gmail. com.

Bellaire, Petoskey/Harbor Springs, Gaylord and Charlevoix.

a Girl’s Best Friend,” will highlight the latest fall and winter fashions from 30 retailers in the Petoskey area, and include an elegant lunch, entertainment, a silent auction and a gift basket raffle. Most importantly, all attendees will be entered into a drawing for a $3,500 diamond necklace. Tickets are $40 each; call Kathy Bardins at (231) 487-1188 or e-mail her at kbardins@

Reservations For 40Th Zonta Fashion Show

The Petoskey chapter of Zonta International is still accepting reservations to the 40th annual Fashion Show, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 10 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Ovation Room at Odawa Casino Resort. The Fashion Show, themed “Diamonds are


Saturday Nov. 24 It’s Coming!

SOS closed the day after Veterans Day

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson reminds residents that all branch offices will be closed on Monday, Nov. 12.

The Boyne City Gazette  

The November 7th issue of The Boyne City Gazette

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