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4  Boyne City GAZETTE  July 28, 2010

Briefs Sheriff W.D. Schneider advises on July 24, 2010 at approximately 16:35 hrs., a two vehicle accident occurred on M-66 near Castle Farms causing minor injuries to two individuals in one of the vehicles. A couple from Ferndale, Michigan, Sandra Spaulding, 52 year old and Woodrow Spaulding, 59 year old, were traveling from Charlevoix to East Jordan with their 33 year old cousin, Anthony Allen from Virginia when they struck the back of a yellow passenger car riving by Charlevoix resident, Ariel Ramsey, 19 year old and Andrew Ennis, 21 year old. Ariel and Andrew were turning into Castle Farms on M-66 in Marion Township when they were struck from behind by Sandra Spaulding who was distracted by the events going on at Castle Farms.

Reconnecting with lost love » ROSE,

FROM PAGE 3 effected you deeply. It is hard to believe that people will stand by and not interfere when witnessing a violent act and yet there are reports of this happening over and over. To find out if there is a cognitive reason for it psychologists have studied the phenomenon by re-enacting certain situations in the laboratory: a person having a seizure; a bunch of smoke just flowing into a room. And the reactions of those witnessing the event varied by the number of people present. Data shows over and over again that if there was one person in the room, the likelihood of helping is around 75 percent. But as the number of people goes up, the number who jump up to help drops to as little as 10 percent. Psychologists call this diffusion of responsibility. It doesn’t make

it right, but to avoid it individuals need to be extra careful and recognize it for what it is when it is happening and act anyway. Imagine it is your mother, sister, father, brother or best friend. You’ll do the right thing. Rose Dear Rose: I dated this guy for about 6 years and ended our relationship a little more than 2 years ago. Recently we have reconnected and I have realized that the feelings I had for him are still there. Our relationship was best described as a roller coaster ride – up and down, up and down. He was never emotionally available for me unless it was convenient for him. I never knew what mood he would be in everyday – it was like walking on egg shells with him. One day he would act as though he wanted a future with me and the next he would act as though I was nothing but

his roommate. He always had goals and dreams for his life but no motivation to achieve them. Also we wanted different things out of life – I wanted to get married eventually and have kids and he had no idea if that was what he wanted as well. After 6 years, I had had enough and broke things off with him. I think that he has reevaluated his life and has made some major changes for himself but I’m not sure if it is enough. We share the same interests and have a lot of the same goals for the future but I don’t want to try if it will just end in heartbreak again. How should I proceed? Signed: Once bitten… Dear Once Bitten, Do you like roller coasters? From your note and the fact that you are considering reconnecting with this guy I think you must. Basic personality traits don’t change, if he was emotionally unavailable

for you for six years running, then the two years off only means, as you put it, that it is now once again convenient for him. If he’d had some incredible epiphany after you broke it off and decided he couldn’t live without you and wanted you in his life he would have agreed to go to counseling with you. I assume you suggested it at some point. My advice is run the other way. The feelings you have for him are real, but they are memories of what you’d like to have happen, not what actually happens when you are with him. There are plenty of guys out there who’ll share your interests, future goals AND be emotionally available for you. Hold out for Mr. Right, not Mr. Me. Take time to really write down what you want and need in a partner, then do the things you love and keep your eyes open. The right man will appear. Keep your feet on the ground -Rose

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Sandra Spaulding and her husband Woodrow Spaulding were taken to Charlevoix Area Hospital by a friend who was traveling with them; Sandra and Woodrow were

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» BRIEFS, pg. 5

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Lost Boys: The Beulah Home Tragedy Local author recounts a famous Michigan court case involving orphans, cast out youth Author Jack Hobey discovered hints of the Beulah Land Farm for Boys story while conducting research for a previous book. As he uncovered the scandalous, courageous and fascinating elements of a story that has been hidden for 100 years, he determined to make the history of the Beulah Home the focus of his next work. “Lost Boys: The Beulah Home Tragedy” recounts the case of The People vs. Herman Swift, a story which ran on front pages of newspapers throughout Michigan for three years in the early 20th century. It is one of the most sensational cases to ever go to the Michigan Supreme Court and was reviewed on appeal by famous Michigan governors Chase Osborn and Nathaniel Ferris. The story revolves around the complex, tragic figure of Herman Swift, his efforts to provide a home and guidance to orphaned and cast out boys, and a resulting scandal which gripped Michigan for years. The story is touched by numerous notable historical figures, including: Dwight Moody, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Ill.; Joseph Hudson, J.L. Hudson Company, Detroit, Mich.; Leonard

Field, Field’s Department Store, Jackson, Mich.; John M. Hall, Bay View Association, Bay View, Mich.; William H. White, White Lumber Company, Boyne City, Mich.; Justice Joseph Steere, Michigan Supreme Court and Floyd Starr, Starr Commonwealth School for underprivileged children, Albion, Mich. “Lost Boys: The Beulah Home Tragedy” deals with the treatment of orphans and street boys during the late 1800s and early 1900s. It tracks Swift from his upbringing in Eaton Rapids, Mich. through his controversial management of boys homes in Buffalo, N.Y., Chicago, Ill., Jackson County, Mich. and Boyne City, Mich. to his death in Detroit, Mich. A number of boys who lived in homes managed by Swift are identified in the 264-page book, with attempts to show when they came to the home, how they lived while they were there and where they went later in life. Most importantly, this book is about these boys and their courage. Hobey grew up in Midland, Mich. He is a University of Michigan and Harvard Business School graduate. Since his retirement from a career managing manufacturing companies, Hobey has been researching and writing books dealing with Michigan history, which include a level of

intrigue. His first book, “Wish You Were Here … The Edward Beebe Story,” details the life and career of photo postcard photographer Edward Beebe who worked in northern Michigan at the turn of the 20th century.

Help the troops by supplying contact info to Am Legion and the Red Cross We Need Your Help!! The American Legion Post of Boyne City and The Northern Lower Michigan chapter of the American Red Cross are joining forces to gather as many names and addresses as possible. Local Military families need to know that the Red Cross and the American Legion are vital parts of a support chain that is available to Military Personnel. We want all of our Soldiers

to know that we at home are thinking of them. Recently the Edward Jones Organization donated several thousand dollars of merchandise and non-perishable food items to the American Legion Post in Boyne City. These items were graciously given to the Post with the expressed intent that they are shipped out to Military personnel that are deployed.

The Post is preparing numerous boxes for shipment. What we need are the names and addresses of any deployed or active duty personnel. Due to Homeland Security directives and the Privacy Act, we are not able to acquire this information. Our only source of information is from the friends and families of our local Soldiers.

If you have a member on Active duty around the Nation or deployed Overseas, please take the time to send their name and address to The American Legion in Boyne City or the American Red Cross as soon as possible. We would like to send them a box from home showing them that the community is grateful for all they do. All correspondence should be addressed to “Home-

town Soldiers Information.” Information may be phoned in, emailed or send a letter to: The American Legion 302 S Lake St Boyne City, MI 49712 The American Red Cross 2350 Mitchell Park Drive P.O. Box 2478 Petoskey, MI 49770

Boyne City Gazette  

The July 28, 2010 issue shows a donation from Former Sheriff George T. Lasater to the Boyne Falls Veterans Memoral, the Boyne Falls Polish F...

Boyne City Gazette  

The July 28, 2010 issue shows a donation from Former Sheriff George T. Lasater to the Boyne Falls Veterans Memoral, the Boyne Falls Polish F...