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July 28, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  3

BCPD Incident Report Tuesday, July 13 2010 1:00am Citizen in the 500 block of Hannah St receiving prank phone calls. Several vehicles, signs and houses toilet papered in the 500 block area of N Park St 9:00am Bad Check complaint from the 400 block of N Lake St 9:43am Request for welfare check on young subject at the river mouth 10:13am Barking dog complaint from the 300 block of North St 11:20am Citizen calling from 300 block of Vogel about a raccoon in her garage 12:12pm Report of unauthorized use of debit card in the 100 block of River St 1:12pm Assisted with traffic control for line down S Lake St 2:45pm Subject in to drop off wallet he found. Owner located. 3:00pm 2 vehicle private property accident in the 600 block of E Main St 5:30pm Parking citation issued in the 200 block of E Water St 7:53pm Report of subjects arguing at Peninsula Beach 8:28pm Report from Jefferson St about kids shooting pellet gun 10:24pm Prowler complaint from the 400 block of Harris St 10:56pm Suspicious situation in the 200 block of S Lake St 11:30pm Responded to civil complaint 400 block of Harris St Wednesday, July 14, 2010 4:59am Assisted Sheriff Department with animal complaint on Pleasant Valley Rd 10:16am Assisted with funeral escort 10:56am Report of dogs locked in cars in the 400 block of N Lake St. Both vehicles gone on arrival. 12:07pm Attempt to locate subject in the 300 block of E Division St. 12:52pm Report of disturbance in

the 1000 block of S Lake St 1:07pm Report of missing purse from S lake St. Was later located. 1:26pm Citizen dropped off pair of glasses he found in the park 2:57pm Report of child in traffic on E Main St. Contact made with mother and child 3:44pm Motorist assist at Lake and Water Streets 4:37pm Private property accident in the 400 block of N Lake St 5:23pm Report of jewelry stolen from the 100 block of N East St 8:08pm Assist Sheriff Department with domestic dispute on M-75 S Thursday, July 15, 2010 6:08pmUnlocked vehicle in the 800 block of S Park St 8:16pm Vehicle unlock in the 100 block of E Division 10:39pm Report of kids playing outside and being loud in the 400 block of Harris St Friday, July 16, 2010 2:20am Subject reported being threatened at the river mouth 8:47am Citizen in to drop off pair of glasses he found in flower box downtown 3:07pm Checked on vehicle parked on Balsam Dr 4:06pm Report of possible larceny from the 300 block of E Division St 4:46pm Unlocked vehicle in the 200 block of S Lake St 8:49pm Citizen reports being harassed downtown 9:05pm Citation issued speed. 9:19pm Report of possible child abuse in the 1300 block of Boyne Av. Subjects located. Unfounded. 10:04pm Assisted Sheriff Department with reported assault in Boyne Falls. 10:33pm Report of kids skateboarding in road in the 200 block of E Water St. Unable to locate.

11:27pm Citizen reports receiving harassing text messages. 11:28pm Citation issued for no trailer plate and no trailer lights Saturday, July 17, 2010 5:10am Arrested subject for OWI 8:48am Responded to natural death in the 800 block of First St 1:43pm Report of strange message on machine in the 200 block of N Lake St 1:55pm 2 vehicle property damage accident at East and North Streets 2:13pm Unlock on Cozy Nook Ln 3:33pm Citizen receiving suspicious phone calls in the 200 block of N East St 4:06pm Citation issued for speed 4:17pm Responded to civil complaint in the 300 block of Bailey St 10:15pm Report of 2 subjects downtown trying to get people to buy them alcohol. Unable to locate. 10:41pm Report of dog running loose in the 500 block of S Park St. Owner located. 11:52pm Arrested subject for OWI 11:52pm Report of injured subject on lake St. Refused ambulance Sunday, July 18 2010 12:18am Report of found property in the 300 block of Silver St. 1:48am Report of disturbance in the 200 block of S Lake St. 12:59pm Gasoline drive off from the 1300 block of Boyne Av 9:30pm Arrested subject for MIP tobacco in the 200 block of N Lake St 9:40pm Report of 2 suspicious trucks on S Park St Monday, July 19, 2010 1:10am Report of possible prowler in the 600 block of Boyne Av 10:03am Report of political sign

headline On an early July drive out into the countryside beyond Boyne City’s boundaries to a favorite spot I was intent on searchBEAUTIFUL BOYNE ing for a BY ANNE THURSTON h a n d f u l of wild red raspberries. Not the plump version one purchases year round in the grocery, these were simply of their ancestral lineage. A brighter red, each berry was tiny in comparison to its present day cultivated offspring – about a quarter of the size, but oh, the flavor! Every drop of its juices was a concentrate of what we have come to recognize as the flavor of the red raspberry. There, in the early hot July sunshine I slowly relished one small plump berry after another. Why talk about red raspberries now in early August? Because nature does not stop with July’s red raspberries but follows them with the blackberry and the elderberry. All can be found off the beaten path in abundance in the lands that surround our town. Having worked some eleven years for the area rural electric cooperative as the cartographer I became knowledgeable in the location of the cross country transmission lines. They crisscross our backcountry,

wilderness swamps and forestlands like jet trails in our skies. Each line is built on a narrow right-of-way owned or leased by the power company. For many years my husband traveled Michigan to purchase all such property. Yes, he acquired and the strange thing was that I mapped it – a team effort although no one ever really looked at it that way, we were simply employees of two different companies, one transmission and the other, distribution in the world of electricity. It wasn’t in our offices that we exchanged our interesting and often humorous stories, but rather at home. This knowledge allows me to search out transmission lines these warm summer days to find the wild berries that abound off the beaten path, away from man’s cultivation and development areas. The right-of-ways are often sandy two tracks; their borders are ideal locations for berry bushes to flourish between the infrequently accessed and traveled roadway and the forest land the lines are routed through. This year’s was a bumper crop. Our unusually warm summer with its often enough rain allowed the bushes to flourish. The black berries, of course, were much larger than their red cousins – long and plump but shiny black. In appearance very much like the bears that gorge themselves on them. And yes, Michigan does have their bears and they do love its berries. So be certain when out on some

remote and isolated right-of-way helping yourself to berries that you look about you –neither you nor the bear would enjoy being surprised at the other’s unexpected presence! Chances are the bear will detect you long before you are aware if its whereabouts – we humans are noisier than we realize. A bear’s sense of hearing is excellent. I usually tote along a metal bucket for my berry collecting – Not that I beat it with a stick but because even in the act of carrying it, sitting it down or dropping berries in it ‘bear’audible sounds ensue. Actually the thorns on the blackberries bushes are much more intimidating than any bear that might be peering at you from some distant vantage point. Long, needle sharp and rigid they can be brutal. Wearing long sleeved shirts and cutting the finger tips out of an old pair of cotton gloves can help. Red raspberries do not guard themselves in a like manner as their thorns are small and softer. At one time we had a Labrador named Bear who ate blackberries. His name had nothing to do with his love of the juicy black things. Rather, at birth he was such a bushy, chubby little tyke that he actually resembled a bear cub – thus his name. We lived in the country just outside of Boyne City in Evangeline Township. Our house set back far enough from the road that the road end of our ‘front yard’ was

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stolen from residence in the 1200 block of Lakeshore Dr 10:15am 2 vehicle property damage accident at Lake and Division Streets 6:37pm Responded to natural death in the 300 block of E Division St 6:56pm Verbal dispute in the 400 block of N Lake St 9:38pm Citation issued for No Proof of Insurance 11:31pm Report of suspicious activity in the 600 block of Adams St

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Dear Rose

Dear Tick-Tick-Tick, Good men are out there, but then so are a lot of losers. The trick is finding someone right for YOU and to do that, you have to know who YOU are. What one women calls a good man is another women’s loser! The trick to finding a man that’s right for you is to find one doing the things you enjoy. Are you a bookworm? Go to the library or join a book club. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Find a group of like minded people and simply go enjoy yourself,

Dear RoseI heard about a young girl who was recently beat by her boyfriend at a party held in our quaint little town. The thing I’m struggling to comprehend is that there were numerous people watching this beating and no one stepped in or called the police. Why would such a thing happen? Signed: Disgusted Dear Disgusted, It sounds as if this incident

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