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2 0 BUSINESS EXPO 1 3 & Taste of Boyne


From 3-7 p.m. Thursday April 25 1315 Boyne Ave. (former Carter’s building)

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Expo Tips The 2013 Boyne Area Chamber Business Expo & Taste of Boyne Guide was independently produced by The Boyne City Gazette. For more information on our numerous niche publications, call Publisher/Sales Chris Faulknor at 582-2799 or e-mail him at Design & Layout of the guide by Benjamin J. Gohs

The can’t-miss Expo of ‘13 The Fifth Annual Boyne Business Expo & Taste of Boyne is bigger than ever with at least 95 booths featuring the Petoskey Brewing Co. and Mackinaw Trail Boyne Area Cham- Winery in addiber of Commerce tion to assorted businesses from Executive Director throughout the Jim Baumann region. Last year’s event saw well over 1,000 attendees and, with numerous gourmet tasting booths, interactive displays, games, prizes and drawings, organizers expect to well-exceed those numbers yet again. “This is probably one of the best things we do for our member businesses,” said Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Ex-

ecutive Director Jim Baumann. “If you’re in a business locally you don’t have a thousand people walking by your door every day … but this is a way for businesses to show what they can do before a big crowd.” Baumann said large booth spaces offer merchants and service providers to demonstrate their offerings as opposed to simply handing out brochures. “Some people will show what they do with laptops and video or photos of their products,” said Baumann. “Some will give live demonstrations of their products and services. And, they will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with people and answer questions.” Baumann said, while the event is great for local businesses, it is also a lot of fun for visitors. “People can mingle and talk with friends and there is a lot of good food and good information,” Baumann said. “People say EXPO CONTINUED ON PG. 14


Expo Booth Tips 1. Booth layout and design—Create an inviting booth to draw attendees in. Signs, banners, table coverings, floor covering and visual aids will help set your booth apart. Be sure your marketing materials and logo are conspicuously placed as well. 2. Promotional products—Business cards are great. But, you should have samples of your product and swag like magnets, ink pens & coffee cups which bear your logo.

3. Information—Crafting a powerful yet succinct one-page flyer or pamphlet to give to attendees is a cost-effective and productive way to communicate your message. Call Boyne Ink at 582-2799 to ensure materials are ready by the expo. 4. Getting your leads—Generate leads by doing something memorable like offering games for prizes. One booth had baby chicks and one product demonstrations. 5. Staffing—Make sure you have plenty

of people working this several-hour event. Don’t lose business leads or sales because your booth was empty. Never leave your booth unattended! 6. Be prepared—Bring plenty of tape, string, paper, markers, pens and pencils and any other supplies you may need for demonstrations. Practicing setting up a mock-up at your home or office will help prevent gaffs on expo day.


Mainland: (231) 582-6900 • Beaver Island: (231) 448-2026 Administrative Office & Bus Garage 1050 Brockway St. Boyne City Jill Drury, Manager

Boost your home office productivity (BPT)—Let's face it: not everyone has a home office that inspires productivity. But if you work from home at all—the Bureau of Labor Statistics says 24 percent of people employed outside the home do at least some of their work at home—having a comfortable, organized and appealing home office can make your job easier. Home Business Magazine says there are around 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S., and 34.3 million to 36.6 million households with active home offices. Many home offices are less the product of careful planning than something that evolves from a spare bedroom, bonus room or an extra corner in the basement. Even if your home office is more of an after-thought, it's possible to make some simple improvements that will enhance its appeal and your productivity. PRODUCTIVITY CONTINUED ON PG. 13 PAGE 4

Come see us for lunch!

Boyne Area Senior Center 411 East Division St. Boyne City (231) 582-6682

Home Phone Service Keep your same number

The beauty of upcycling (BPT) - Everything old is new again. At least that's a simplistic take on the tenets of upcycling, which translates to giving renewed purpose to something others send to landfills. For consumers with a passion for do-it-yourself projects, and the boards on Pinterest to prove it, upcycling has taken root. Some ideas are as simple as investing in a set of sharpies to transform ordinary cabinetry knobs into one-of-a-kind home accessories. Others require more time, as in creating a working chandelier from white plastic spoons. It's a small step considering that Americans throw out enough disposable dinnerware to circle the equator 300 times, according to The Internet is littered with statistics estimating when our landfills will reach a tipping point. Other stats concentrate on

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Boyne City Radio Shack 108 Water St., Boyne City (231) 582-2900

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Jordan Inn

Come to our Expo Booth for a sample of our excellent soups Let us cater your next lunch, event or reception. Or, come to the Jordan Inn for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

228 Main Street East Jordan (231) 536-9906


Learn to get organized

(BPT)—Just as specific organizational needs vary from person to person, so too do organizational styles. Unsure how to assess what style of organizing works for you? The Post-it Brand offers the Do More Your Way online organizational style quiz to help you classify your organization style. Through a series of questions, the quiz helps users determine which of five organizational styles best suits their personalities and helps to identify organization solutions to fit their needs.

Conductors organize by "leading" information and documents into a cohesive operation, much as a musical conductor does. Implementers attack organization with a specific goal in mind, such as getting organized for a job search. Curators keep everything and need a system that allows them to quickly reference archived material. Improvisers organize outside the box and are constantly looking for new tools to aid in organization or new ways to use familiar tools. Gatherers like to have all their work materials close at hand and put their emphasis on organized filing systems. Once you've identified your organizational style, focus on these key areas where most of us need help at home, in the office and


Bob Mathers Ford




Se 2013

Ford F-150

4-Door pickup 224 Water St. in Boyne City • (231) 582-6543



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Holistic Massage Therapy Enhancing Your Well-Being on All Levels (231) 838-8935

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7 Petals Yoga Private Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Yoga Classes (231) 675-6657

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proach a booth if you are seated. If you are relaxed and disengaged from the action of the expo, why should someone walking by get excited about your product or service?

8. Follow-up—The most important thing you can do after the expo is to follow up with the contacts you made ... otherwise much of your time and effort was wasted.

geekVERB 1. To love, to enjoy, to celebrate, to have an intense passion for.

Make it count! 1. Don’t be shy—Engage people walking by with a smile and a greeting. People are less likely to approach a booth manned by a quiet grump. 2. Treat every attendee as if they were your greatest customer—Just because they’re not buying your service today doesn’t mean they, or someone they know, won’t be needing your service or product later. People remember good and bad customer service. 3. Ask everyone you come in contact with for a business card—Remember, this event is as much a selling opportunity as it is a networking opportunity. Collect business cards so you can sort them into categories. 4. Don’t be stingy with your information— Remember, the guy doesn’t walk on the lot unless he wants to buy. Attendees are looking for information on products and services. 5. Take notes on the discussions you have— Likely many of the conversations you have will result with a potential customer saying they aren’t ready for your service. But, they may be interested down the road. Keeping notes with names and a brief description of the conversation will help you reconnect later date. 6. Avoid unnecessary distractions—Nothing will annoy a customer faster than forcing them to wait while you finish a game of Farmville on your phone. You have only a few seconds to garner and retain the attention of potential customers . 7. Stand!—People are less likely to ap-

2. To express interest in. 3. To possess a large amount of knowledge in. 4. To promote.

Whatever You Geek, The Boyne District Library Supports It All! 201 E. Main St., Boyne City (231) 582-861 •

BUSINESS LUNCH SPECIAL 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. $3 Off Large Menu Price Pizza $2 Off Med. Menus Price Pizza $1 Off 1/2 Grinder Not valid with any other coupons or specials or Express Pizza Special

10:30 am - 9pm Sunday thru Thursday 10:30am - 10pm Friday and Saturday

472 North Lake St. • Boyne City (231) 582-9560 PAGE 7


1. American House 2. Owen’s Soft Water 3. Kecia Freed Designs 4. T Bella Vita 5. Boyne District Library 6. Boyne City Shopping Guide 7. T Jordan Inn 8. Bikefix Cycling Center 9. Harbor House Publishers 10. Huntington Bank 11&17. Presenting Northwestern Bank 12. Northern Comm. Mediation 13. Boyne City Main Street 14. T Green Plate Catering 15. Lounge Area 16. Gordon Lambie 17. Part of double booth! 18. NCMC 19. Bay Winds Federal Credit Union 20. T Spicy Bob's Italian Express 21. Charlevoix Emmet Co. Pink

Ribbon Ride 22. Charlevoix Emmet DHS 23. Gold Cvx Area Hospital 24. Gold Boyne Rehab 25. T Alpine Chocolat Haus 26. Bronze Korthase Flinn Insurance & Financial Services 27. Decka Digital 28. Charlevoix Community Pool 29. Country Now & Then/Up the Lazy River 30. Gold Boyne Area Medical Center 31. Lounge Area 32. T BC Pizza 33. Genesis Church 34. GOLD Coldwell Banker Boyne City 35. Dave Kring ChevroletCadillac 36. Charlevoix Screen Masters 37. Gold Petoskey NewsReview

38. Vintage Woodworks Co. 39. Cvx Area Humane Society 40. Boyne Area Kiwanis 41. T Barrel Back Restaurant 42. Ace Hardware 43 & 50. Gold Pat O'Brien & Associates 44. Gold The Phone Guide 45. American Waste 46. Camp Daggett 47. Charlevoix Country Club 48. Bronze Northwest Michigan Works! 49. Grand Bay Marine 50. Part of double booth! 51. Odawa Casino 52. Freedom Boat 53. N. Mich. Cancer Crusaders 54. Rainbow Seamless Gutters 55. Boyne Area Senior Center 56. T Porter Creek Fish House 57 & 64. Solace Spa 58. Chase Bank 59. Shrink Wrap of Cvx

62. Boyne Parasail 63. T Boyne Mountain Restaurants 65. Charlevoix County Transit 66. Gold 9 & 10 News 67. Found up North LLC 68. Green Horizons Roofing 69. City of Boyne City 70. T Mackinaw Trail Winery 71. Bob Mathers Ford 72. Great Lakes Energy 73. Boyne Valley Catholic Community 74. Fletch’s GMC Audi Buick 75. Boyne City Public Schools 76. BCHS Student Store 77. T BCHS Hospitality Team 78. The Brook Retirement Community 79. Lake Cvx Association 80. ReMax Resort Properties 81. Four Lakes Landscape 82. T Petoskey Brewing Company


83. Leadership Cvx County 84. Mills Financial Services 85. Blarney Castle Oil & Propane 86. Gold A+ Digital DJ's 87. Glen's Pharmacy 88. T Glen’s Market 89. Gold Boyne City Gazette 90. 91. Charlevoix Rental 92. Wi-Fi Sponsor - Cherry Capital Communications 93. Fifth Third Bank 94. Crossroads Industries 95. Harborage Heights 96. Barlett's Home Furnishings 97. BCHS Robotics Team • “T” is Taste of Boyne • “Gold” is Gold Sponsor • “Wi-Fi” is Wi-Fi Sponsor • “Bronze” is Bronze Sponsor

Stop by our Booth #70 and Try our Fine Wine Selections PAGE 8

Boyne Area Chamber Business Expo


Providing access to compassionate, quality health care for all of northern Michigan. 路 800.248.6777 416 Connable Avenue, Petoskey


concerns about the outlook of the economy are still on the minds of many business owners. More than half said they have concerns about the effectiveness of government leaders, commodities prices, health care costs, the recovery of

consumer spending and the strength of the U.S. dollar. Despite those concerns, small business owners are not considering changing career paths. On the contrary, regardless BUSINESS CONTINUED ON PG. 11

Huff Pharmacy SINCE 1896

Small business owners cautious, optimistic over rest of 2013

(BPT)—There's no doubt that small businesses are a driving force in the American economy. And because they feel the shifts in the economy so acutely, the insight of small business owners can provide a real-time picture of what's going well and where potential problems lie. The semi-annual Bank of America Small Business Owner Report explores the concerns, aspirations and perspectives of small business owners across the country; revealing messages of both optimism and caution. Hopes are high among small business owners for a profitable 2013 - more than half of those surveyed said they anticipate their revenue will increase in the next year. And most small business owners also feel they are currently in a good position in regards to capital, with 70 percent saying they have what they need to run their businesses effectively. In addition to revenue, small business owners were optimistic about hiring and staffing in 2013. In a challenging job market, 31 percent of small business owners say they plan to hire within the next year, which is good news for those seeking employment. A mere 3 percent said they had plans to reduce staff numbers. The optimism revealed in those numbers isn't the whole story. Pragmatic PAGE 10


PRESCRIPTIONS • ART • FINE JEWELRY • SNACKS • BATTERIES 121 Water Street, Downtown Boyne City • (231) 582-6514

BUSINESS FROM PG. 10 of the ups and downs of the economy and the challenges inherent to the business world, two-thirds of small business owners say they don't regret their decision to go into business. When it comes to keeping their own fiscal houses in order, many small business owners admit they look for outside guidance - and only 29 percent ranked themselves as "very savvy" when it comes to

managing their finances. To make those critical decisions and plans, they rely on accountants, other small business owners, bankers and financial advisors. "Small business owners are looking for expertise from their bank as well as other sources so they can make the right decisions for their business heading into 2013," says Robb Hilson, small business executive at Bank of America. Not only are small businesses part of the

backbone of America's economy, they're an important indicator of its current state. The optimistic, yet practical outlook many small business owners have indicates that though the economy continues to improve, there's still work to do.- To learn more about the Bank of America Small Business Owner Report and ways that small businesses can meet the challenges of the coming year, visit about.


Expo Tips • Set up early and network with other exhibitors. When networking with other businesses – share leads, they will remember you. Look for relationships with other exhibitors. • Make a good first impression – dress, smile, appearance of booth. Be UP! • You get attention with powerful headlines and photographs. Your company name is not a headline! • What message should you communicate in 5 seconds? • Don’t act hungry. • Don’t expect to get instant business. • Don’t sit behind the table – put the table to the back or the side. Work the aisle. • Bring reinforcements so you can rest, stay fresh, visit other booths. • Bring people in with a giveaway (pens, cups, candy, etc.) However: no free drinks or “real food” Giveaways – our food booths are doing that, and the Chamber is selling soft drinks, beer and wine. • Don’t get drawn into long conversations at your booth.

Come experience laser technology at its finest as it assists in regenerating tissue and improving overall wellness! (231) 582-2844 • 200 Air Industrial Park Dr., Boyne City


ORGANIZE FROM PG. 6 on the go: At home Whether or not your family removes their shoes upon entering the house and leaves miscellaneous keys, mail, loose change and other items by the door, entryways are a primary target for accumulated clutter. Assess the type of clutter in your entryway. Is it made up of items that have a legitimate right to be near the door: your shoes and car keys, for example; are there things that should live in another part of your home, such as mail, loose change and sporting equipment? Decide what belongs and remove and relocate things that do not. Invest in organization and storage solutions such as a key rack that can hang on the wall by the door or a shoe rack where your family can neatly store their shoes upon entering the home to reduce clutter in the foyer.

In the office We live in a digital world, but paper remains a reality for most office settings. Taming paper is a top objective of organizational efforts for many of us. To organize the flow of documents in your office, consider adopting the "one touch" policy. When a piece of paper lands on your desk, touch it just once, long enough to decide its appropriate home, and then put it there immediately. Avoid making stacks of paper that you intend to look at and assess later; that's how clutter evolves. Instead, use an in-box for documents that you haven't yet reviewed and an active box for things you're currently working with. Anything that doesn't fit in either box should get filed immediately with appropriate labeling. On the go For many of us, work life is no longer confined to the office, especially for busy working parents. Whether you are running from meeting to meeting or on the road, make sure you have all the essentials for working efficiently and productively while on-the-move.


Our Mission

We, Northern Michigan Cancer Crusaders, are here to help our local families and friends cope with the impact of cancer. In addition, we are here to help with research and education. May God help us to remember that nothing can

take our hope!

Petoskey, Michigan Phone: (231) 487-3060 or 675-0885 Email:

Boyne Valley

Lions Club

PO BOx 451 BOyne CiTy, Mi 49712 Contact Nels Northup (231) 549-5647 or

The Boyne Valley Lions Club meets TIME: Noon Every Wednesday LOCATION: Boyne District Library Community Room

Lions are a service club who work with sight conservation and provide general service to the communities of Boyne Valley.


PRODUCTIVITY FROM PG. 4 Here are four improvement and design choices that can help make your home office a hub of good business: Begin with the basics Renovating any room should start with the simplest investment that also provides a big payoff: paint. Repainting is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to completely change the look of a room. A fresh coat of paint, no matter what color, imparts a sense of freshness and energy to a room. When choosing a color for your home office, keep in mind that the hue should serve as a backdrop, not a distraction. Invest in storage Clutter in your home can range from simply annoying to downright depressing. In your home office, it can spell disaster - in the form of lost paperwork, missing projects and even lost business. Plenty of storage and an organizational system that makes the most of it are essential for your home office. Whether you opt for open shelving, locking file cabinets, a desk with ample drawers or a combination of storage types, it's important to find solutions that work for you and fit your home office space. Emphasize natural light Of course you're aware of the importance of good lighting in an office setting, but did you know that ample natural lighting can boost your productivity? The mood-

boosting effects of natural light are well documented, with many studies showing that office workers exposed to daylight throughout their work day are happier, healthier and more productive than those who function only under artificial light. In your home office, ample natural light from sources such as a skylight can help reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), eyestrain and stress - all ailments that stand in the way of productivity. Sound it out Noise can be a huge distraction, whether you're on deadline for a major project or on a conference call with a new client. Simple soundproofing steps can help you

reduce noise in your home office. Start with a good quality, thick carpet, which will help dampen sound. Next, add thick drapes and fabric surfaces such as an upholstered chair - fabrics help reduce the movement of sound waves.

Wide range of Tea & Gourmet Coffee

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Parish Office: 1303 Boyne Ave. Boyne City • Office (231) 582-7718 Pastor: Fr. Duane Wachowiak • EXPO FROM PG. 3 they never knew we had this many businesses and this many different things in the community.” Some of this year’s featured Taste of Boyne booths will be manned by the Boyne City High School Hospitality students, the new Barrel Back restaurant opening soon in Walloon Lake, Boyne Mountain restaurants, the newly named Porter Creek Fish House at Sommerset Pointe, Bella Vita, Spicy Bob’s Italian Express, Green Plate Catering, Glen’s Market, BC Pizza, Mackinaw Trail Winery and the Jordan Inn. “The restaurants and caterers are some of the major attractions,” Baumann said. “Admission is $5, and you get to visit all the food booths.” He added, “Solace Spa gives chair massages and the Humane Society brings animals that might be up for adoption; and, many businesses offer drawings for prizes.” Baumann said the entire community is invited to this growing event. “If they’re attending for the first time, people are typically surprised because they’re going into the old Carter’s store, which has been abandoned for a few years. But, we decorate the interior of the building to look like a convention center—it looks very professional,” Baumann said. There is a free shuttle service to and from the parking lots at the Charlevoix County Road Commission and St. Matthew Church. The $5 admission is at the door and there will also be a cash bar. Expo is from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday April 25 at the former Carter’s store 1315 Boyne Ave. M-75 South. More info at (231) 582-6222 PAGE 14

309 South Lake St. in Downtown Boyne City 231-582-0526

116 Water Street • Boyne City • (231) 582-2252 •

UPCYCLING FROM PG. 5 the fact that trash must travel farther to meet its fate, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, individual states continue to consider putting in place stricter regulations for commercial businesses in order to save landfill space. In answer to the call for smarter manufacturing practices, many brands have found ways to reduce their contribution to landfills. For instance, fashion brand H&M recently announced its partnership with I:Collect. H&M customers may donate any article of clothing from any brand to any H&M retailer worldwide in exchange for a store voucher. I:Collect then repurposes the donated clothing. Since The Council of Textile Recycling reports that the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year, this is yet another small dent in keeping usable materials out of landfills. Another example is upcycling pioneer, Nike. Its Reuse-a-Shoe program launched in 1990, with more than 1.5 million pairs of post-consumer shoes now collected annually. Today, the company transforms those recycled shoes into Nike Grind, an ingredient used in making rubber flooring for gyms and weight rooms, along with running tracks and playground surfaces. For some, finding meaning in waste, especially when it comes to manufacturing, may be a new idea. However, many companies have been out in front of this trend long before it became fashionable. For instance, ECORE is North America's largest consumer of recycled scrap-tire rubber, reusing over 80 million pounds of material each year. Rubber is engineered to never degrade, decompose or deteriorate. This is a great quality, except when tires are left to decompose in a landfill. The company partners with Nike and uses Nike Grind as an ingredient in its recycled rubber flooring. Recycling rubber might be too high of a commitment when at home, but there are a few easy steps people can take to keep reusable waste out of landfills:

Separate trash: If you don't already, separate your trash over the course of a week or two. In doing so, you'll gain an understanding for exactly what you throw away. Once you know what you have, find the right recycling centers in your commu-

nity. And when it comes to food, consider composting. Research alternatives: A certain segment of do-it-yourselfers already appreciate that one man's garbage is another man's treasure. Think about all the ways you can use, and reuse, materials in your home. Buy smart: A little consideration in advance can go a long way in making your purchasing decisions. That may mean investing in products that are higher in quality, but enjoy a longer lifespan.

Your friendly neighborhood Glen’s Boyne City Glen’s Market • 430 North Lake St. • Boyne City • (231) 582-6654 PAGE 15

Are you looking for a public school where:

• Fine arts are not on the budget chopping block? • Where everyone knows your name? • Where you can be yourself?

Concord Academy Boyne may be the right place for you Dance, sing, act, paint & create with us in a nurturing yet challenging academic environment!

Concord Academy Boyne 00401 E Dietz, Boyne City, MI 49712 (231) 582-0194 •

2013 Boyne Business Expo Guide  

The guide to the 2013 Boyne Business Expo

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