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Boyne Meets Gaylord on the Court

Issue 20, Volume 1

Seek the Truth, Serve the Citizens

Jan. 13, 2010

Jack Laurent named Chamber Board president for 2010 Jack Laurent at SweetGrass Framing The Boyne Area Chamber Board has elected Jack Laurent, owner of SweetGrass Custom Framing and Gallery, as board president for 2010. Laurent acknowledges that the current economic climate has been hard on the Boyne area business community, “but the good side of this is that the economy is making us all smarter. We have been forced to be careful, creative, and hard-working just to survive. Boyne is actually faring better than most communities. When things do come back, I think we

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Boyne Eats PAGE 4

T. Rachelle goes to the Thai Orchid

» New Year’s, pg. 11

Members of the public are invited to share their vision of Boyne City ’s future on Tuesday January 19 at 6PM in St. Matthews Church

Can You See The Future?

Are you interested in what the future holds for our City? Are you interested in shaping the future of Boyne City? Join community leaders and city staff at a City-wide Goal

Setting Session.

(M-75 S.)

The City of Boyne City will hold a Citywide goal setting session on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall at St. Matthews Catholic Church, 1303 Boyne City Rd.

This goal setting session is a great opportunity to share suggestions, ask questions, hear what your fellow citizens are thinking, and receive updates on the status on previously

established goals. Input received at this meeting will assist the City Commission and other City Boards and Commissions in determining the short term and long

Boyne Arts PAGE 5

Dawn Caine Featured

» Future, pg. 11

Come join us!

EBLI Literacy Presentation Tuesday, January 19, 3:30 pm Concord Academy Boyne Auditorium Teachers and parents from ALL schools are encouraged and welcome to attend! ••• Have you heard of EBLI? (Evidence Based Literacy Instruction)•••

We at Concord Academy Boyne are having great success with the program.

Est. 1995

Tuesday, January 19th at 3:30 pm, Nora Chahbazi, the founder of EBLI will be at Concord Academy Boyne to present the program to parents who can themselves be trained to help their own children. We invite teachers and parents from ALL schools to join us in learning how they too can increase the reading and decoding success of their students.

Host a party or buy items Call 231-675-5665 Kim Ruge

History PAGE 2

Life in Boyne in WWII

2  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

Opinions Welcome The Editor’s TWO CENTS Twenty Newspapers. I look in my garage, and see stacks totaling twenty different newspapers arranged in every available space. Starting with a cutout of a football player and a picture of a well-done flower garden in Boyne City, the papers continue. From local balloon artist Twister Joe we continue to kids having their faced painted, wrestlers, old buildings, and even a picture of Santa Claus. Looking back, I see myself twenty weeks ago. Walking around with a spiral-bound preview of what would soon be The Boyne City Gazette, I shook hands, memorized faces (or tried to) and walked up and down the streets of Boyne. A week later, I made that same walk, this time with stacks of newspapers to be given, sold, and spread throughout the area. Looking back, it is hard to believe that it has been this long, but it has been worth every moment. It has been my goal to bring the news of Boyne City to the people in a way that only a local paper can do. With that, it is also my goal to help the locals out. I have been more and more amazed as the weeks have gone on to see local businesses working together and helping each other out. From swapping business ideas to forming Team Boyne, a group dedicated to keeping Boyne City excited about what is going on, this area has jumped up and made its strength known. In my eyes, I see it as my duty and privilege to help where I can. I try to do this by keeping everyone aware of what is going on, both

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good and bad. I also do my best to help businesses by keeping rates affordable, and making sure any Call (231) 645-1970 business – big or small – e-mail can afford to get word out there about what they are doing. This week, I offer a special to all of you businesses out there. As my way of saying Thank with Ed May III You for 20 weeks of good business, I offer 20% off any ads purchased between 2/13 and 2/20. These can be scheduled to run next week, or even a date up to a year in the future, 20% off. I ask all of you businesses – allow me to be a part of helping you succeed, and give me the honor of getting the word out on your behalf. Call me. The structure shown on top of the Dilworth As an additional note, I re(Wolverine) Hotel in ceived many calls over the Boyne City is an Airpast week about my editocraft Spotters Shack!! rials and the vacation pictures. I am humbled that In the period just prior the citizens of Boyne City and during the Second Birds Nets? A chicken Coop? What is it? enjoy hearing about what World War and imgoes on behind the scenes mediately following the position of wings rela- ment, color scheme or in the life of the Editor, there was a civil air spottive to the fuselage and special equipment that and am thankful every day ters division operating in the degree to which they changes the silhouette of for a group of caring read- Boyne City. are swept rearwards. Are the plane. Taken together ers. I will continue in the This was in relationship the wings above the futhese clues will enable the usual fashion to bare my with the Civil Air Patrol, selage, below it, or fixed identification of a plane. soul to be seen by Boyne which was in affiliation at midpoint, perhaps it’s City and beyond. With They would log and report with the US Air Force. a biplane or triplane. The that, I am always up for a all this information along position of the tail relative cup of coffee with anyone, We had aircraft spotters with the direction of travel to the fin(s) and the shape feel free to call. Getting to working from the top of and estimated height of of the fin are also clues to know you all has been the the Dilworth Hotel durflight. (i.e., single engine, its type. If it is an antique highlight of this job, and ing and after the Second twin engine, or multior light aircraft it might something I would like to World War. engine.) have a tail wheel. Some continue to do. A conWhen spotting planes, aircraft types have a fixed Spotters were supplied versation between one of observers notice the key undercarriage while others with a set of cards which my readers, myself, and a attributes of an aircraft. showed the various planes have retractable wheels. cup of coffee (extra cream They may notice a distinc- Reproduction of a Sopwith used by the American, and sugar) would mean tive noise from its engine British, German and JapaCamel biplane flown by the world to me. I wish or the number of vapor nese Air Forces to aid in Lt. ... Luftwaffe Junkers you all another fun-filled, trails it is leaving. They Ju 87s, with fixed conven- the proper recognition and wonderful week with The will assess the size of the reporting of any and all tional landing gear. ... Boyne City Gazette! plane and the number, aircraft spotted. Other features include type and position of its the speed, cockpit place» Boyne History, pg. 3 » Two Cents, pg. 17 engines. Another clue is

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A Bit of Boyne History

Boyne City

Gazette Editor..........Chris Faulknor Staff Writer.......T. Rachelle

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Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  3

Court Reporter BCPD Incident Report

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

6:15am Car deer accident on N Park St near Collings St. 11:31am Female brought in an NSF check complaint from the 200 block of N Park St. 12:41pm Report of kids riding snowmobiles in Rotary Park. Were gone on officer ’s arrival. 7:17pm Report of snowmobiles at the High School. Were gone on arrival 10:53pm Report of intoxicated female walking down road. Was located and transported to family member.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 10:43am Report of male subject dumping trash in dumpster in the 100 block of River St. Officer unable to locate suspect vehicle. 11:58am Male reported snowmobilers on the sidewalk on E Division St. Will be doing extra patrol in the area. 12:01pm Male reporting landlord/tenant dispute in the 300

block of E Cedar St.


12:55pm unlocked vehicle in the 300 block of E Division St

12:18am Report of intoxicated male walking down street on Park St near River St. Was located on River St, and was able to get a ride home.

3:26pm Male calling reference a landlord/tenant dispute in the 400 block of Boyne Av. 5:27pm 2 vehicle Property Damage Accident on S Park St

Thursday, December 31, 2009 10:00am Request to unlock vehicle in the 500 block of N Lake St 10:30am 2 vehicle private property accident in the 400 block of N Lake St 10:45am Report of water leak in the 400 block of Elm St. Water Department contacted. 11:26am 2 vehicle private property accident in the 400 block of N Lake St. Male driver arrested for Driving While License Suspended. 6:50pm Male causing disturbance at business in the 100 block of E Water St. Was gone on arrival.

Friday, January 1,

12:15pm Report of male and female having a verbal dispute in the 300 block of E Division St. 1:10pm Request for an unlock in the 800 block of S Park St 1:35pm Report of damage to lawn ornament in the 500 block of S Lake St 10:58pm Gasoline drive off from the 1100 block of Boyne Av.

From our readers My $5 Day I’m not sure what to do today. I am unemployed. My check is $382 a week and my gas bill just came in the mail. I need $215 for gas and $140 for electric. Don’t panic. I go to the thermostat and turn it down to 60 degrees. At night it goes down to 55. Yet it is -13 this Saturday morning and the house is cold. Time to put on another layer of clothes. If I cut back on the hot baths at night

Saturday, January 2, 2010 1:58am Unlocked vehicle in the 100 block of S Lake St 1:57pm Larceny from vehicle and damage to the vehicle in the 700 block of S Park St 6:51pm Two parking citations issued on Park St near Water St 6:52pm Assisted male subject with security check on Front St

» Unemployed, pg. 15

“Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...”

what were Conditions at home during W.w. II? » Boyne History, FROM PAGE 2

See two pictures showing training cards. (As a youngster, 19461952, I assisted in spotting during my summer vacation after the war along the East Coast, Long Island Sound, in New York Sate.) We need to remember that we were not far from the European war theater if you rationalize the flight past over the northern arctic fly route. The German infiltrated men on the East Coast and the Japanese attacked and held American soil in the Aleutian Islands. Also during this period all of Michigan, the United States and even Boyne City war under the government mandated “War

Rationing” of materials. At the beginning of World War II, a rationing system was begun in the United States. Tires were the first item to be rationed in January 1942 because supplies of natural rubber were interrupted. Soon afterward, passenger

automobiles, typewriters, sugar, gasoline, bicycles, footwear, fuel oil, coffee, tea, stoves, shoes, meat, lard, shortening and oils, cheese, butter, margarine, processed foods (canned, bottled and frozen), dried fruits, canned milk, firewood and coal, jams, jel-

lies and fruit butter, were rationed by November 1943. Mandatory speed limits were established when driving to conserve fuel. Air raid wardens traveled in coastal towns to enforce the no lights showing at night which might guide the enemy to land or bomb the US. Do you remember as a child breaking a small bead of dark color material in a plastic type bag and kneading this to make the margarine contained therein into a yellow color as a substitute for butter? To get a classification and a book of rationing stamps, one had to appear before a local rationing board. Each person in a household received a ration book, including babies and small children. When purchasing fuel, a

driver had to present a gas card along with a ration book and cash. Ration stamps were valid only for a set period to forestall hoarding. (They were also frequently used a black market currency) Many towns in the US held drives to collect old jewelry and other items to contribute to the “War Effort.” The cash value of scrap steel and other metals skyrocketed. Churches and other women groups gathered to sew together the felt boot liners used by our troops to the winter in European Theater. Paper drives and other collection efforts were common. Respectfully submitted to remind you of the Second World War conditions here at home.

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4  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

Boyne Eats

Have a favorite flavor in the Boyne City area or beyond? Send us a tip at editor@

T. Rachelle visits the thai orchid By T. Rachelle Staff Writer Recently, my husband and I celebrated an anniversary. For dinner he treated me to

the rest of our plans for the night. When we got there we were seated immediately. There were other people there but still some open tables.

never had. We ordered the Todd Mun for and appetizer, Hubby ordered the Gang Keaw Warn with chicken, while I got the Ped Yang, or Bar-B-Q Duck. The Todd Mun is a friedchicken patty with curry pasted, sliced green beans, and kafir lime leaves. It is served with a delightful cucumber sauce. Four patties come in the order. The sauce is very sweet and I enjoyed it. The chicken patties were nothing like anything I had had. They were wonderful. Hubby loved his Gang Keaw Warn.

one of my favorite restaurants, The Thai Orchid. I fell in love with the restaurant the first time we ate there. We decided to go early so that we would have time for

Before we had arrived I had made up my mind what I wanted but I still looked at the menu. Everything I have ever had there has been wonderful. However, or tonight we chose an appetizer we had

He loves spicy and this was right up his alley. The sauce was creamy; it was made with coconut milk. Green curry, bell peppers, eggplant, peas, bamboo shoots, and basil were also in the dish.

My Ped Yang was delicious, just as good as the first time I had ever ordered the duck.

green tea ice cream and I would recommend that to top off your dinner.

It was juicy and had just enough barbeque sauce without being overpowering.

It was a wonderful evening.

The duck comes with a sweet chili sauce, the flavor is wonderful but it was a little too spicy for me. We were so full there was no room for dessert, however my husband and I love

I had no complaints about our anniversary dinner. I love the Thai Orchid and I try to go there as often as I can. If you would like more information their number is (231) 487-9900.

Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  5

Something creative happening in the world of art? Drop us a line at

Boyne Arts Dawn Caine She has fallen in love with painting on tissue paper or rice paper with oils. It gives the painting more texture, which gives it more depth. However, she has started to use watercolors and is taking instruction from June Storm. Dawn says that she does her best work when she gets lost in her painting. She lets everything else fade away and she is immersed in her work. That is when she is the most satisfied with the finished piece of art. Dawn likes to give her paintings as gifts. While she might consider selling some of her art, she is not driven by that motivation. She didn’t even show her work anywhere until recently.

By T. Rachelle Staff Writer Dawn Caine and her husband bought their home in Boyne City four years ago. However, it was just recently that the move here was made year round this February. Dawn’s parents were from this area originally but they moved to Lansing where they raised their children. Dawn has always wanted to live here. She fell in love with Boyne City during her childhood visits. Dawn started to paint in 1993. She had been working for GM and was starting to take college courses. She realized she was taking classes that did not interest her and that she wasn’t having any fun with her courses. She had an epiphany. Dawn wanted to paint. Specifically, she wanted to paint using oils. That is all she needed to get started. She began taking classes with Carol Basso in Grand Lodge, MI. Dawn

sees the world differently now that she paints. She notices minor details and notices color more.

Dawn discovered the Boyne Arts Collective and wholly supports its mission. The BAC hopes to not only promote

local artists but also to aide the community. While Dawn shows some of her work at the BAC, she does not hope to self promote Dawn but to help to progress this mission. She wants to promote other artists and feels that there are so many talented people in this area that it is an easy thing to do. As for her own work, she feels if she sells a painting it shows her that she captured something worthwhile, something that made a connection with the person. It’s not about the money; it’s about the enjoyment that someone can get out of the painting. Even though Dawn is a modest person, she is a wonderful artist. She doesn’t paint in one style. Her paintings are incredibly different and one might not realize that the same artist did them all. She may feel humbled by other artists but she has an impressive talent. If you wish to see her work she has some showing at the Boyne Arts Collective.

6  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

United Way Helps With

Tell that special someone how you feel this Valentine’s Day!!!

Food & Shelter Charlevoix County has been awarded $29,952 and Emmet County has been awarded $40,781 in Federal funds under the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program. These funds will be distributed by a Local Board and are used to supplement emergency food and shelter programs in these counties. The funding period is October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010. The award was made by a National Board that is chaired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and consists of representatives from the Salvation Army; American Red Cross; United Jewish Communities; Catholic Charities, USA; National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA; and, United Way of America. The Local Board was charged to distribute funds appropriated by Congress to help expand the capacity of food and shelter programs in highneed areas around the

country. The Local Board is chaired by United Way and includes representatives from the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Temple B'Nai Israel, Catholic Human Services, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians, both County Commissions, the Department of Human Services, both Community Foundations, and the Nehemiah House. This board will determine how the funds are will be distributed among the emergency food and shelter programs run by local service agencies in Charlevoix and Emmet Counties. Under the terms of the grant from the National Board, local agencies chosen to receive funds must: 1) be private voluntary non-profits or units of government, 2) have an accounting system, 3) practice nondiscrimination, 4) have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food and/or

shelter programs, and 5) if they are a private voluntary organization, they must have a voluntary board. Qualifying agencies are urged to apply. Emergency Food and Shelter funds were awarded to the following agencies last year: the Women’s Resource Center, the Salvation Army, the Manna Project, St. Francis Church, Brother Dan’s Food Pantry, East Jordan Care and Share, SDA Community Services Center, Harbor Springs Community Food Pantry, and Good Samaritan Family Services. Public or private voluntary agencies interested in applying for Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds must contact Martha Lancaster, Char-Em United Way, P.O. Box 1701, Petoskey MI 49770; phone 231-487-1006; email for an application. The deadline for applications to be received is 5 p.m. Wednesday, February 3, 2010.

For $10 you will have your special romantic message included in a colorful collection of Valentine’s Day messages. Order yours today by phone at 231.645.1970 Or send a check or money order and message form below to 124 E. Crozier Rd. Boyne City Michigan 49712 or email it to Complete this form, clip & mail in Message to: Message: (50 word max)

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Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  7

Women’s Health & Fitness Stay Ahead of the Curve with Smart Workouts By Julie Swanson Fitness Writer I would like to introduce myself, I am Julie Swanson and I Manage Curves for Women in Boyne City. I am very excited to be adding to our Boyne City Gazette a Women’s Health and Fitness article. Women’s health is so

very important and often overlooked. Well ladies, it’s a New Year, are you wanting a new YOU? Are you interested in losing weight, firming and toning or just staying healthy? If you answered yes to even one of those, we would like to invite you into Curves!

Ladies, imagine having the world’s most advanced fitness coach at your disposal. This coach will customize your workout based on your body structure and endurance and it adjusts each exercise machine’s intensity based on your recent progression. It monitors your energy level and range of motion continuously to ensure you are achieving your personal potential. Then the coach automatically computes your workout data to produce a progress

Be informed Subscribe today!!! Return this card to

124 East Crozier Road Boyne City MI 49712

most advanced fitness training system. We expect our members to be thrilled with how this amazing workout will help them achieve their goals even faster.”

report, including the number of calories you burned and 3-D anatomical diagrams to show which muscles you’ve worked and how successfully.

Curves of Boyne City is taking appointments to get started on the CurvesSmart workout. For more information, please call 582-0699. Mention this article and recieve 50% off sign-up fee and 30 days free! We are looking forward to having you workout with us.

This is exactly the role of the CurvesSmart™ personal coaching system, a new technology pioneered by Curves and powered by MyTrak that offers a custom, individually tailored workout, moment to moment feedback and progress reports to keep members motivated while they work out.

About Curves Curves works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio and stretching in every 30 minute workout. And now there’s an online diet and fitness solution based on founder Gary Heavin’s New York Times bestselling book Curves, Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting and the results of an ongoing university study.

Curves of Boyne City is pleased to offer its members this revolutionary equipment upgrade. After a member’s personalized profile is determined by a Curves staff member, the member is issued a CurvesSmart ID Tag.

Heavin and his wife Diane are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon that has made exercise available to more than four million women worldwide. With more than 10,000 locations in dozens of countries, Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise. For more information, please visit: or www.

The tag is electronically recognized by the monitor at each station, automatically retrieving the member’s profile to determine the specifications for her workout. The monitor indicates: whether her heart rate is in the target range; whether the member is achieving her target intensity level; the range of motion for each repetition; and the number of repetitions. If the woman is exercising correctly, all indicators on the monitor will be green. Members are enthusiastically encouraged to “Go for Green!”

Following the workout, the system produces a

progress report which allows the member to see, instantly and in quantifiable terms, her strengths and weaknesses. “The CurvesSmart technology offers women the benefits of a highly skilled personal trainer without the expense,” said Liz Kroondyk, owner of Curves of Boyne City, located at 500 N. Lake St. #F. “It’s the world’s

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Boyne City


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8  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

Chamber News Welcome to the Boyne Business News, produced by the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce and the Boyne City Main Street Program and proudly brought to you each week by the Boyne City Gazette. Call the Chamber at (231) 582-6222 or Main Street at 582-9009. Boyne Chamber Meeting Chamber’s Annual Meeting is Jan. 21 at Boyne Mountain Korthase Flinn - Presenting SponsorIt’s the “can’t miss” business event of the year. Nearly 200 business and civic leaders are expected to attend the Boyne Area Chamber’s annual meeting, presented by KorthaseFlinn Insurance and Financial Services, at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21, at Boyne Mountain. The Annual Meeting is a celebration of the past year’s accomplishments of the Chamber and the Boyne business community. It begins with a social hour at 5:30 p.m. and features heavy hors d’oeuvres, business awards, introduction of the 2010 board

while it has grown substantially, KorthaseFlinn continue to carry on the legacy of client trust and superior personal service that the company was founded on. Today they operate three offices and service more than 10,000 clients throughout the Midwest. The full-service agency delivers impeccable expertise in business Insurance, personal Insurance, group and individual health programs, and corporate and individual financial services. Merchants invited to hear about upcoming promotions Boyne City business owners and managers are invited to a meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 18 to discuss upcoming shopping promotions. The meeting will be in the back room of Red Mesa Grill, and is organized by the Promo-

* Popular thematic food items: champagne, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cookies, and, of course, chocolate * Restaurants: a special dish or drink featuring chocolate * Demonstrations and tastings involving the above * Chocolate fountain, with dipping foods such as fruits or marshmallows * Special Valentine-themed gifts, gift certificates * “Personal” indulgences such as pedicures, facials, massages, etc./ gift certificates * Books and movies related to theme of chocolate or romance Organizer Linn Williams is hoping to add new ideas this year, and would be happy to discuss any other thoughts you may have. If you wish to participate, contact Linn at 582-6858, or email with your suggestions. As the time draws closer, she will be in contact with those who choose to poarticipate in this fun event. Avalanche #1

members, live and silent auctions, and a VIP audience of 200 business and civic leaders. If you would like to promote your business by donating an auction item or becoming a sponsor, please reply to this email or call 582-6222. Admission is $20 per person and reservations are required. News story about last year’s event. To RSVP, call the Chamber at 582-6222, reply to this email or return this annual meeting invitation. Thanks Thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, KorthaseFlinn Insurance and Financial Services, and Gold Sponsors: Boyne Area Medical Center, Huntington Bank and Catt Development/Kidd & Leavy Real Estate. KorthaseFlinn is one of Northern Michigan’s largest independent insurance and financial services firms. The company began as a familyowned business in the 1930s and

tions Committee of the Boyne City Main Street Program. The next shopping promotion will be Winterfest and Chocolate-Covered Boyne, which will be held President’s Day Weekend, Feb. 12-13. After that will be a new event called “Let’s Wine About Winter,” a wine-tasting and shopping event on Saturday, March 6. Chocolate-Covered Boyne Chocolate-Covered Boyne is sponsored by the Main Street Program and the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce, we hope this year’s third annual event, will be sweeter and livelier than ever. The Promotions Committee is inviting businesses to participate on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 12 and 13. Give some thought to the sort of activity or event that would easily fit into your daily business. It should involve either a Valentine’s Day theme or chocolate in some way. Some of last year’s events and activities:

Avalanche picked as #1 sledding hill in the state Michigan Blue magazine has picked Boyne City’s Avalanche Mountain as the top sledding hill in the state. Travel writer Jim DuFresne wrote in the magazine’s Winter issue: “In the 1950s Avalanche Peak was a downhill ski area complete with a chairlift. Today it’s our choice as the number one sledding hill in the state. The observation deck at the top is reached by a climb of 462 steps, but we’ve yet to see anybody begin from there. Most kids haul their sled only halfway to the peak and still have trouble making it down right-side up.” DONATE YOUR OLD SLED The City of Boyne City is starting a sled loaner program for Avalanche. They are asking area

residents who may have unused plastic sleds to donate them for use at the sledding hill. While the City has been offering the loaner skates for many years, the idea of offering the sleds is new this year. The idea came up after city staff heard many comments from visitors who would like to sled at Avalanche but did not have room in their vehicles to pack sleds, or from families who were not aware of the Avalanche sledding hill until arriving in the area. The sleds would be distributed on a first come - first served basis and would not be taken off property. Sled donations may be dropped off at City Hall, 319 N. Lake St. Sleds must be plastic and in good condition; no toboggans or runner sleds, please. HOURS for the Avalanche warming house are Monday through Friday from 4 to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Holidays when kids are not in school will follow the weekend schedule. The sledding hill and skating rink may be used outside of these hours; however, the warming house is not open. For additional information you may call the warming house at 582-3641 or City Hall 582-6597. M-75 Vision Sessions Public input sought on vision for M-75 corridor The public is invited to participate in a community-wide discussion on the Highway M-75 corridor involving Boyne Valley Township, Wilson Township, and the City of Boyne City. The three municipalities are working together in an attempt to create a unified vision for the corridor that is welcoming, attractive, and functional. Public input is needed to make this project successful. The initial discussion will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 13, in the Vienna Room in the Grand Mountain Lodge at Boyne Moun-

BINGO! Saturday Bingo Game - Boyne City American Legion - 302 South Lake Street 582-7811 - Come join your friends and neighbors for an inexpensive, and maybe profitable, evening of fun, entertainment and relaxation. - Play 39 games with 51 bingos - Traditional Pick your own hard cards – Paper specials + Michigan Progressive Jackpot - Open 3pm – Early birds at 5pm – Finish about 9pm - Smoke-

free and smoking rooms – Concessions -

Ensure your activity is listed in Boyne & Beyond Email them to

January S































tain at 6 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together community leaders and local property owners to learn more about the M-75 corridor visioning process and to share ideas. This effort is made possible through a grant to Boyne Valley Township, Wilson Township and the City of Boyne City received under the Partnerships for Change Sustainable Communities program. The program was developed by the Land Information Access Association (LIAA), Michigan Municipal League and the Michigan Townships Association with support from the Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Association of Planning. The program is administered by LIAA and is designed to help jurisdictions work together for the preservation of cultural and natural resources.

Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  9

Chamber News within the downtown is eligible to receive the no-cost design services that include a schematic drawing of the proposed façade improvement, preliminary cost estimate, and paint samples. The design services are provided by the State Historic Preservation Office in the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. Any property owner interested in receiving the services must first attend a “Main Street Building Basics” presentation. An application, available at the Main Street office, can then be submitted to the Design Committee for review and approval. To learn more about the presentation and design services, contact the Boyne City Main Street Program at 5829009. The deadline to register is Jan. 22. Raven Hill Science Series

Raven Hill starts Second Saturday Science Series Jan. 9 It’s a family affair at Raven Hill Discovery Center on the second Saturday of each month from noon to 4 p.m. Thanks to a grant awarded by the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, the Center will offer free admisBuilding Basics sion and special science activities on the second Saturday of each Main Street hosts Building Bamonth, starting Jan. 9. There sics presentation Jan. 26 will be fun problem-solving Boyne City Main StreetThe demos and activities to fit variBoyne City Main Street / Downous ages, abilities and interests town Development Authority will every month. Family groups can be hosting a “Main Street Buildstrengthen creative and critical ing Basics” presentation on Tuesthinking skills by trying a difday, Jan. 26, from 8:30 to 10 a.m. ferent science challenge each at the Boyne District Library month, plus enjoy the museum, Conference Room. The public, animals and outdoor exhibits. especially downtown property Raven Hill Discovery Center is owners and individuals interested the only place in northern Lower in historic preservation, are inMichigan where children and vited to attend. The presentation adults can link science, history will be a webinar conducted by and the arts with hands-on acKelly Larson, Main Street architivities and explorations both tect for the State Historic Preserindoors and outdoors. Raven vation Office. The presentation Hill Discovery Center is located is a kick-off point for the Boyne between East Jordan and Boyne City Main Street Design ComCity, just off C-48 at Pearsall mittee to select downtown buildRoad. For more information call ings to receive design services 536-3369. to rehabilitation of a building’s facade. Any building located

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Snowshoe nature hikes Young State Park is offering a series of Snowshoe Hikes at 1 p.m. on Saturdays, Jan. 16 and 30, Feb. 6 and 13. Interpreter Maureen Stein will be leading snowshoers on a one-hour hike through the forest. The hikes will include children’s activities, animal and habitat discussions, park history, identifying flora and fauna, and investigation into what changes winter brings to the environment. Enjoy hot chocolate compliments of the park staff. A limited supply of snowshoes are available for use at no charge. Admission is free, but a state park motor vehicle permit is required; $6 for a daily permit or $24 for an annual permit. For more information contact the park at 582-7523. Young State Park website.

NEWS BRIEFS EXPANDED SEATING - Sammich ‘N’ Sudz deli took some time over the holidays to expand its indoor seating capacity, owners Jay Higdon and Lora Muethel report. Stop by 202 S. Lake Street and check it out. MISE EN PLACE RESTAURANT, operated by the Boyne City High School Hospitality Program and located in the Early Childhood Building, will be taking reservations, for lunch Thursday Jan. 14. They will be serving from 11 to 12:45. Place your reservation today at 439-8153 or by e-mailing Take out items will be available. IRISH MUSIC - Musicians and music lovers are invited to join the fun as Gail Gerrie and Master fiddler John Richey host the Boyne Sunday Session featuring Celtic and folk tunes and Songs at Local Flavor bookstore at 125 Water Street. from 1 to 3 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 17. Musicians are asked to bring their own stools or chairs. The session is held the first and third Sunday of every month. There is no charge for this family-friendly musical event

that features some of our region’s finest Irish, folk, bluegrass and oldtime musicians. Details. ICE POLE ON FACEBOOK Become a fan of the Boyne City ice pole. Click here. TALENT SHOW - Boyne City Middle School students are planning a Talent Show at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Performing Arts Center, located at Boyne City High School. The show will include “loads of great talent: all types of dance, gymnastic routines, singing, coronet playing, and more, plus a hilarious performance by some of our most talented teachers.” A dessert bar and silent auction will also be held. Admission is free, donations will be accepted. Proceeds benefit the school Media Center. WINTER FUN - The Chamber website lists our Top 15 Fun Things To Do This Winter, including downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, ice skating, bowling, shopping, splashing, dining, emailing, reading, exploring and more. Details. ROCK THE SLOPES with Real Rock 105.1 every Friday at Boyne Mountain. From 4 to 9 p.m., lift tickets are $10.50, equipment rentals are $10.50 and you can get wings and a pitcher of pop or beer for $10.50. You can also register to win great prizes including a Burton “Bullet” Snowboard and a 2011 Season Gold Pass. CHAMBER ON FACEBOOK Add us as a friend - boynechamber. CHAMBER ON YOUTUBE Local videos - boynechamber JOIN THE CHAMBER - Click here for an application. SPREAD THE WORD! - The Boyne Business News is free to everyone. To subscribe or unsubscribe, call 582-6222 or email The newsletter is produced by the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce, 28 S. Lake St., Boyne City MI 49712 and the Boyne City Main Street Program. Recent newsletters.


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10  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

Boyne Area Interests

Free computer classes Free computer classes every Friday 10:00am at The Boyne District Library in January and February. Classes available to all levels of learning. For more information call Boyne District Library 582-7861 or Ron Grunch 582-6974.

Boyne City Calendar of Events

Bet You Didn’t Know November 25, 1883, the Boyne 391, F & A. M. Lodge room and all its contents, including her Grand Lodge dispensation, her Masonic Lodge papers, and membership records, are destroyed by fire.

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2010 calendar shows another eventful year The Boyne Area Chamber has compiled the 2010 Boyne Area Community Calendar with nearly 50 major events and festivals. Below are the events through mid-May. Click here

for the full-year online calendar or print this calendar: Jan. 21 - Chamber Annual Meeting, Boyne Mountain, 5:30 p.m. Feb. 13 - Winterfest including a 1 p.m. snowshoe hike at Young State Park, fun and games and chili cook-off on

Goldson Sextet Tribute to Benny Goodman, Performing Arts Center, 7:30 p.m. April 29 - Boyne Area Chamber Business Expo, location tbd, 3 to 7 p.m. May 1 - Buff Up Boyne spring cleanup. May 1 - Farmers Market, every Wednesday & Saturday, May through October, Veterans Park May 13-16 - 50th Annual Mushroom Festival, Veterans Park (morel hunting contest, guided tours, mushroom pole, wine & dine dinner, tastings, live music, carnival, craft show). Events and dates are subject to change. For details and updates, check the online calendar or call (231) 582-6222

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Water Street from 4 to 7 p.m. and Family Feud night at 7:30 at the Performing Arts Center. Feb. 12-13 - Chocolate-Covered Boyne, sweet treats at downtown stores and restaurants Feb. 18 - Business After Hours, Edward Jones, 101 S. Lake

St., 5:30 to 7:30 Feb. 20 - Northern Michigan Entertainers, Boyne City Performing Arts Center, 7:30 p.m. March 13-14-19-20 - Boyne City High School Spring Musical “Oklahoma,” Performing Arts Center, 7:30 p.m. except March 14 at 2 p.m. March 6 - “Let’s Wine About Winter” wine-tasting and shopping event March 14 - Boyne City Irish Festival dinner, location tba, 5 p.m. March 16 - Business After Hours, Pat O’Brien Real Estate (celebrate St. Pat’s day early!), 5:30 p.m. March 19-21 - Carnival Weekend, Boyne Mountain April 4 - Easter Egg Hunt, Veterans Park, 2 p.m. April 24 - Harry

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Boyne Falls EZ Mart The Lure Party & Bait Store Boyne Country Provisions The Local Flavor Glen’s Markets Boyne Marathon (both) BP Gas Huff’s Pharmacy Walloon Lake General Store Mountainside Grille All American Tattoo Co.

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Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  11


Laurent Holds Eternal Optimism » Laurent FROM 1

will see a lot of healthier businesses. I’m an eternal optimist - there are better days ahead.” Laurent feels the Chamber needs to keep in close contact with

its members to determine what kind of help they may need.

He also feels that the Chamber’s advocacy efforts are important.

“Marketing and education seem to come up the most often,” he said, noting that the Chamber will be continuing its business breakfasts in the New Year. He wants the Chamber to continue to collaborate and partner with the Main Street Program.

“We want to continue to ask our members their opinions on community issues and take appropriate action. I think we have had a big impact, especially with our endorsement of the road millage in 2008.” Laurent moved to Boyne

City in the summer of 2002 and opened his framing shop and gallery in February of 2003. He grew up in Massachusetts and holds a history degree from Furman University in South Carolina. In addition to running his Boyne City shop, Laurent serves as the grocery manager for the Grain Train Natural Foods Market in Petoskey.

Boyne city goal setting session planned term goals for our community. These goals will give the City Commission and staff direction on the community’s priorities, and where to focus the City’s resources. Whether you have suggestions you want to share or are just interested in hearing what other citizens have to say, you are encouraged to attend. If you are not able to attend you may still submit suggestions to: City of Boyne City, 319 North Lake St., Boyne City, MI 49712 or by emailing by January 15th. For additional information or if you have questions, contact City Hall 231-582-6597.

INCIDENT REPORT from Pg 3 8:44pm Male received traffic citation for speed. Was also given a written warning for Careless Driving.

10:00am Assist State Trooper with residential alarm on Boyne City Rd. All was secure

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3:00pm Female lost purse in the 400 block of N Lake St. Did later find it

12:13am Report of barking dog on Pleasant Av. Dog was taken inside prior to officer ’s arrival. 8:15am Male at PD in violation of his probation during daily breathalyzer test. Turned over to Probation Officer.

Monday, January 4, 2010 1:54am Female reports her family is being harassed by male subject over the phone.

4:05pm Report of shoplifter in the 400 block of N Lake St

12:31pm Male calling reference landlord/tenant dispute in the 400 block of Boyne Av.

4:51pm Someone disposed of hot ashes at North Boyne catching discarded Christmas trees on fire.

3:10pm Female had her purse stolen in the 400 block of N Lake St

Grant Deadline Approaches Community Foundations Welcome Grant Requests Once again, it’s time to put local charitable dollars to work on behalf of the community. The PetoskeyHarbor Springs Area Community Foundation and the Charlevoix County Community Foundation are inviting nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and municipalities who are in need of funding to submit grant requests in support of their projects. During the next couple of months, the community foundations and their Youth Advisory Committees (YACs) will review grant proposals to help fund health initiatives, community development projects, education, the arts and cultural events, environmental efforts, and human service programs. The YACs, which are made up of teens from throughout Charlevoix and Emmet counties, will award grants to programs that serve youth and families. Programs chosen for funding must serve residents of Emmet County or Charlevoix County, meet an urgent

need, or enrich life for local residents in some way. The deadline for grant requests is March 1, 2010. Grant applications are available by calling the appropriate community foundation office. All applicants must call and discuss their proposals in advance. Foundation staff is available to offer advice and

assistance to organizations interested in applying for funds. Both community foundations are grassroots charitable organizations made up of various funds – all of them established by local donors. Some funds are earmarked for specific causes, and others are open-ended to meet changing needs. The funds

are held in permanent endowment, so they can continue to grow and generate income to enhance the quality of life in Charlevoix and Emmet Counties, now and for generations to come. For more information about the local community foundations grant-making process, establishing a fund or mak-

ing a gift, please contact the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation at 616 Petoskey Street, Petoskey, MI, 49770, by phone at (231) 348-5820, website, or the Charlevoix County Community Foundation at P.O. Box 718, East Jordan, MI, 49727, by phone at (231) 536-2440, website


12  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010



1985 Dodge Prospector for sale, 96,000 miles, 318 V8 auto. Runs Great!. $1,100 or best. Call Rick at 6752629.

Rentals Available, two bedroom apartments. Walking distance to everything. Available now! East Jordan area. Lease required. Rent discounts. Close to beach. Applications available. 231-5352007 or 231-330-2814. ejrentals@sbcglobal. net

RVS & CAMPERS 37’ Nomad 1997 camper. Sleeps 10, 2 bedrooms, 1 queen bed, 2 sets of bunks, sleeper sofa, slider opens from the back. Very clean. Call 231544-2607. Used very little. $8,500 or make an offer!

SERVICES Maid Service – deep cleans, bathrooms, kitchens. References available. 989-2549256 All Paws n’ More Pet Service. For all of your pet service needs – pet sitting, walking, feeding, cleaning and more. Visit our website, send an e-mail, or give us a ring to find out how we can help you and keep your pet happy. Natashia, Lisa & Allison., all. paws.n.more@gmail. com. 231-330-3514 or 231-547-2765. Servicing Charlevoix, Boyne City, East Jordan, Ellsworth, and surrounding areas. Dick & Jane’s Day Care, 1009 Sunset Street, East Jordan, Michigan, (231) 5369886. Open 24 hours Monday – Friday. Preschool program. FIA child care payments accepted. Meals and Snacks provided. Local Auto Repair, licensed, five years experience, give me a call and I’ll give you a fair price. Transmissions, brakes, fluid changes, tune ups, repairs & more. Senior discounts offered. Flexible hours. Located in East Jordan. Vehicle pick up available in town. Call 231-2222645, 231-838-2643 or 231-536-7115. Daycare – located in town East Jordan. Summer and year round placements. Available immediately. Licensed, dependable, flexible, food program participant, FIA payments welcome, fenced play area, flat, hourly and family rates offered, parent provider contracts, open Monday – Friday. Call 5367115 or 675-5507 for interview. Discounts offered for any new enrollments.

For Rent: 2 bedroom apt. units. Near downtown East Jordan. Nice country lot. Immediate occupancy. Appliances included. Call Jim for appointment. 459-8011 or 547-4840. House for rent, $700 a month. East Jordan, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 5 acres. Close to town. Pets allowed. Smoking allowed outside home. Security deposit negotiable. For more info call 231620-3345.

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FIREWOOD Seasoned Firewood – mostly maple, some beech & oak. Top quality wood. $60 per cord. Cut, split & delivered within 10 miles of East Jordan. Call Mark 231-564-1020 or 231-564-1151 Firewood For Sale, 4 ½ cords $200. 231536-2087, ask for Ray.

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MISC. FOR SALE Boxing equipment, brand new! 1 heavy bag, 1 speed bag, 1 hardware, 2 speed bag gloves, 1 jump rope, 1 14oz gloves, 1 12 oz gloves. $225.00 or best offer. 231-8811383. Propane fireplace, a must sell! Moving soon. Sale, $300.00. Call 487-0946. Mink Cape, Good Condition - $60 – 231357-7333 Toro Pro weed trimmer - $100 – 231-9466259 Klingmans Love Seats – flower print $150 231-947-0504 Meyer 6 ½ foot snowplow - $300 – call 231-228-6723 Burton Uninc Snowboard - $300 – 231633-7980 Cello – includes hard and soft case, 2 bows, and stand - $300 call 231-362-3620 Figure Skates – Jackson Classique size 7 ½, Mark IV blade - $50 231-938-9112 Boys Spyder Coat – Size 12 - $35 231-9329321 Artificial Christmas Tree – Good Shape $75 231-267-9803 Computer Desk – basic design, good condition - $30 231938-0774 Gamecube – includes 2 controllers, used $25 231-883-6458 Desa Gas Fireplace – brand new - $245 586-295-8582 6 Person Hot Tub, barely used - $1,200 586-295-8582 Chuck Norris Total Gym - $200 231-5362526 1940 Ford Pickup for sale – 231-348-7066 Hi-Lo Fork Truck – 989-742-4219

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Box 1028, Indian River, MI. NMH Foundation seeks database manager. Would be in charge of foundation database, content, training. Minimum five years experience in database management using Raiser’s Edge or similar program, bachelor’s degree in computer science, business or philanthropy preferred. Contact sgillett@ northernhealth. org or apply online Construction oriented marketing & sales. 231-347-4722. Medical Transcription instructors needed. Send your resume to Dr. Robert Marsh, or NCMC, 1515 Howard Street Petoskey, MI 49770. Prosthetics, home healthcare & orthotics customer service individual needed for Wright & Filippis. Computer, people, phone skills required. Apply online at Front desk at a dentist’s office. Perfect for a dental hygienist, assistant, or receptionist. Possible clinical participation in this full-time position. Call 231347-2100 or email petoskeydental@ Dental Hygienist wanted for a parttime position with flexible days and hours. Send your resume to Charlevoix Family Dentistry, 205 Ferry Avenue, Charlevoix, MI, 49720.

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in helping winte r s n ows p o r t s p ro gra ms fo r people with spec i a l n e e d s. Th e vo l u nte e r o r i e nt a t i o n w i l l i n c l u de Ch a l l e n g e M o u n t a i n o r i e nt at i o n a n d s p e c i a l i ze d t ra i n i n g fo r di ffe re nt vo l u nte e r p o s i t i o n s. Yo u do n o t n e e d to k n ow h ow to s k i to b e a gre at vo l u nte e r exp e r i e n ce ! Le a r n h ow to te a c h s k i i n g o r s n ow b o a rd i n g o r a da p t i ve, dr i ve a s n ow m o b i l e, s e t s n ow b o a rd b i n di n g s o r s k i b i n di n g s, f i t h e l m e t s, wo r k a s a gre e te r o r m u c h m o re. O r i e nt at i o n s t a r t s at n o o n a n d r u n s u nt i l 3 p m. L i g ht re fre s h me nt s w i l l b e o ffe re d. Or i e n t at i o n w i l l b e h e l d at 2 2 0 5 Sp r i n g b ro o k R d. , B oy n e Fa l l s, M I 4 9 7 1 3 . Fo r mo re i n fo r ma t i o n o r re gi s t ra tion, please call Su e at 2 3 1 - 5 3 5 2141.

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Beautiful AKC lab pups. 1 black female, 4 yellow females, 4 yellow males, call for more information. 231-587-5640, 231881-4401.

Winter Snowsports Volunteers Sought Challenge Mountain will be offering a volunteer orientation for people who are interested

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Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  13

Veteran of the Month Ernest G. Stallard The “Veteran of the Month” for January 2010 is Ernest G. Stallard. Born on Nov. 6th, 1924 on the family farm, near East Jordan, Mich., Stallard graduated from East Jordan High School in the spring of 1943.

went to work for General Motors at the Lansing Oldsmobile Plant until 1958 when he returned to East Jordan to help his ailing father operate his business, The Shadowain Nursery. On Feb. 13th, 1960 Stallard married Suebel E. Shepard in Bath, Mich. and bought a partnership in The Jordan Valley Greenhouse Incorporated where he worked until retirement in November of 1993.

On July 1st, 1943 he was inducted into the Army and assigned to inactive service in the Enlisted Reserve Corp entering into active duty on July 15th, 1943 in Detroit, Mich.

Stallard enjoyed being active in local veterans organizations, traveling, visiting casinos in Michigan and Las Vegas, watching sports, attending sporting events, especially when his son played ball and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Following basic training Stallard was assigned to The Guard Detachment, 1879th Service Command Unit, Camp Livingston, Louisiana and was transferred Temporary Duty to Headquarters, 3857th Service Unit, Army Specialized Training Program, Baylor University, Waco, Texas for a fivemonth specialty course in Basic Engineering. On Sept. 29th, 1944 he departed the USA arriving in the European Theater of Operations on Oct. 10th, 1944 where he participated in Battles and Campaigns in The Ardennes, The Rhineland and Central Europe serving as a Squad Leader. On Aug. 1st, 1944 Stallard was awarded The Expert Infantryman Badge and on Dec. 26th, 1944 was awarded The Combat Infantryman

Badge. On July 12th, 1945 Stallard departed the European Theater of Operations arriving in the USA on July 19th, 1945 and was assigned to Camp Claiborne, Louisiana where he qualified with the M1 Grande Rifle receiving the Sharpshooter Badge on Sept. 19th, 1945. On Dec. 14th, 1945 Stallard

received an Honorable Discharge having attained the rank of Sergeant and was awarded the following decorations and citations: The American Theater Medal, The European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Medal with three Bronze Battle Stars, The World War II Victory Medal and The Good Conduct Medal. Returning to Michigan Stallard

On Aug. 4th, 2003 Stallard answered the final call and is being honored by his wife Sue and family. To honor a veteran, call the program chairman at (231) 536-2447 or on Saturdays call (231) 5827811 between 3-8 p.m. The ceremony may be witnessed on the first Thursday of each month in front of The American Legion Post located on the corner of Lake and Main in Boyne City, Mich. at 6:15 p.m.

3 Left Feet Dance Instruction

• Next Class at Concord Academy Boyne on January 14th from 3:30-5 PM for the community. This month’s dance is Swing! • Classes cost $8 for walk-ins and $6 in advance. • Classes are for anyone age 10+, no partner necessary. Call 231-645-1970 for information or find us on Facebook!

14  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010


School News? Send it to editor@

It Positive

on The streets of Boyne Random thoughts as I Stroll the Streets of Boyne... I was anxious today as I began my stroll. I wondered what adventure lay ahead of me..the sights and sounds around town. What were the thoughts that would come to me? I was as giddy as a child going to Disneyland. Not too long into my journey, the thoughts began. First this one and then that one.

By the many tracks that I see all over town, Boyne City is taken over by a vast deer population! I like putting on a turtleneck and a sweater. I like the sound and feel of walking on the snow. The softness and the crunch with each footstep. I like meeting and making new friends like the ones that I happened onto today.

I didn’t want my stroll to be burdened down with negative thoughts so I began to have a conversation with my inner self.

They seemed to be perfectly matched.

That inner voice said, ‘Keep it positive.

With a meal or by itself while sitting by the fire.

There’s enough negative in the world. Use this time for pleasant thoughts.’ Upon taking my own advice, my thought pattern changed quickly.

It’s true what I’ve read on some T-shirts...Life is Good!

Divine intervention? Perhaps. How would I remember them all when I couldn’t even recall what I had for dinner last night? I do recall thinking that when the lights are turned

s T U D E N T OF THE W E E k

I like the winter time.

She was lovely.

Things started coming to mind faster than the snow flakes falling from the sky.

boyne city high school

off and we are all warm and toasty in our beds, Boyne City is no longer ours.

I quickly realized that there was a theme developing and it was all negative.

He was friendly and cordial.

I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then.Red wine mostly.

I appreciate shopkeepers that make an extra effort to keep the sidewalks in front of their businesses clear of snow and ice. I know that I had many many more thoughts than this but, as previously alluded to...I just don’t have the memory that I used to. More thoughts will come to me next time .... as I Stroll the Streets of Boyne. Submitted by Anonymous

Long lost love? Did something terrible? Can’t bear to keep it a secret any longer? Send us an anonymous postcard, e-mail or letter with your message and we’ll print it in our new Postcards from Boyne monthly feature! 124 E. Crozier Rd. Boyne City MI 49712

The Next Generation

NAME: Halle Poole PARENTS’ NAMES: Julie Poole GRADE: 10th SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Big’s & Little’s HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Skiing FUTURE PLANS: I want to go to college and major in something with zoology

Do you know someone who has a unique story to tell? Contact editor Chris Faulknor at or call him at 231.645.1970. --Share stories with the rest of the community about your life, accomplishments, adventures, trials, joyful occurrences & more!

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Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  15

Thankful for What I Have » Unemployed, FROM PAGE 3

my electric bill should be less next month. I have $27 left and a full day ahead of me. I allocate $5 to splurge for the day. I head over towards Boyne City. I decide to treat myself to a hot fudge sundae at McDonald’s. I spend $1.00 + tax. I get to say hi to my sister who works there. Then I decide to go to Challenge Mountain. I walk in and head towards the book room. I have $3.94 left and I am going to enjoy it. I see a book titled “90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper. I heard it was on the bestseller list. Wow, it’s only a buck. But then I see another book that is pink, by Sarah Jan Breathnach called “Simple Abundance.”

“Thriller” for 50 cents, I am so excited to find a copy of his music since I am still grieving his death from the summer of 2009.

I race to the counter because I can’t wait to pop the cassette tape into my tape player in my car. I hand the cashier $2.50 + .14 cents tax. Awesome I still have $1.30 left. I leave Challenge Mountain and my car steers towards Avalanche Mountain. I am blaring Michael Jackson’s Thriller tape and he is singing “Beat It”, “Beat It,”. I decide to sing along. My adrenaline is increasing. I am so pumped up that I climb to the top of Avalanche Mountain. As I sit on top of this mountain, I can see all of Boyne City. Lake Charlevoix is starting to freeze over.

I am so grateful to experience this view. I decide to head home I’m trying to decide which book I should They are both $1. OK. I read first. I’m starting to feel have $3.94 in my pocket. On hungry from my sugar rush my way out of the bookroom from the hot fudge sundae. I notice the used cassette I pull some green beans out tapes for sale. Some are of my freezer that I froze marked 25 cents or 50 cents. from my garden this sumWhat a deal. Then I notice mer. I noticed some frozen a Michael Jackson tape, tomatoes that I preserved. I

open up a 3 lb. bag of rice that I purchased at Sav-a-lot for $1.19. I cook the green beans, tomatoes, and rice.

I was so hungry and my legs were to beginning to ache from climbing all those stairs at Avalanche. I should really start exercising with all the “free” time I have since I am unemployed. I share the green beans with my dog Newman. He needs to go outside after we eat. As I walk through the garage I notice a box of returnable empty cans left behind from my New Year’s Eve party. Jackpot! There has to be at least $5 worth of returnables. I am too excited to go to bed. I want to daydream about what I can do with that $5 from the returnables. I am feeling rich because I still have $1.30 left in my pocket from my compulsive shopping spree at Challenge Mountain. Afterall, I started my day with $5 bucks. I open the newspaper to read the “help wanted” section of the paper. There are no “jobs” that really catch my fancy. I decide to start writing my adventures down to share with


I’ll keep you posted on how I spent the $5 bucks worth of returnable. I began reading my new book, “Simple Abundance” and I am grateful to be alive and have a roof over my head. I have plenty of food stored from my garden and my husband was able to get a good healthy buck during deer season. He processed all the meat

and the heart and liver works well in a stew. I can’t wait til spring to get my garden planted. I am going to stock up and can even more food. Life is good. I thank God for another blessed day and I know that the sparrows do not worry about their next meal because God will provide. Written by: The Gal from the Village of Boyne Falls

Back Porch Coffee House Events We have a very special Coffeehouse evening planned for Saturday, January 17th at 7:00 pm. The evening begins with Gordon Howie. Gordon plays guitar and a variety of ukeleles- including one he crafted himself. You are sure to enjoy his vocal renditions of old favorites, as well as find some “new favorites” - he is a wonderful “collector of songs”. Gordon was the featured artist just last week at the Charlevoix Library. The evening continues with “Just Now”- an eclectic and talented group of area musicians featuring Dwain Martin and Gregg Trudeau on guitars, Dave Runyan on bass and Robin Luce on harmonicas.

This is a group that is fun to listen to having fun playing some great tunes together. This will be a great evening of music for all ages... sure to warm up the January night. We will be sure to save some time for “open mike”- songs and poems from other talented area folks. As always, light refreshments will be available at no additional charge. Suggested donations at the door are $5/ person, $10 /family- proceeds to the scheduled performers. Contact: Luce Family at 231544-2305. The Back Porch Coffeehouse is located at the Front Porch Cafe, Ellsworth, Michigan.

Mountainside Grille 16oz T-Bone $8.99 w/fries or baked potato tues & wed

Senior Specials on Wednesdays Seniors get lunch or dinnner for $4.99 off senior menu

Friday Night Allyou-caneat fresh perch or whitefish

At the corner of US 131 S. & M75 in Boyne Falls Breakfast served Monday thru Saturday 7am - Noon -- Sunday 7am - 1pm -- Dinner served after 4PM -- Takeout 231-549-2757

$4.99 Breakfast 2 eggs, meat & toast

Mon - Fri Only with this Coupon

Custom Wood Furniture Knotty By Nature

231-330-9058 OR

Inquire at Mountainside Grille

16  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

Boyne Area Worship What does Christian mean?

Schedules of Faith & Fellowship Episcopal Church Please call 582-5045 to obtain information about Nativity. The church is located at 209 Main Street, Boyne City. BVCC BVCC still has many continuing programs to enrich your faith. There is Little Rock Scripture Study on Mondays at 12:00 noon at St. Augustine, Boyne Falls and Book Club on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM at St. Matthew, Boyne City. There are a varity of Faith Formation programs for the whole community from toddler to senior. Please call the office for information 5827718.

By Jamie Woodall Contributing Writer What does the word Christian mean? What do you think of when you first hear the word “Christian”? Do you think of “good Christian people”? Do you think of those “bible-thumping born-againers”? What kind of response does that word invoke? Let’s be honest with one another. There’s a wide spectrum: Anger? Confusion? Yuck? Respect? Adoration? What does the word “Christian” mean? Does it mean narrow-minded? Does it mean intolerant or unloving? Does it mean boring or restrictive? Does it mean arrogant? Or maybe in the more positive sense for some it might mean “a good person”? We can go on… Does it mean assenting to a particular belief-system? Does it mean consenting to a prescribed morality pattern? Does it mean changing and improving one’s behavior? Does it mean joining a church organization? Does it mean practicing regular rituals of worship? Even those who call themselves “Christians” seem to have much difficulty articulating and verbalizing what it means to be a Christian. Ambiguous explanations often convey an amalgamated “mish-mash” of the more positive above-mentioned meanings.

If you would like your church or event placed in this section free of charge, send the information, pictures, comments or questions to

Boyne City Church of the Nazarene Weekly Events Wednesday  Family Style Potluck Dinner 6 - 7pm Books of the Bible Study: 7 8pm Currently featuring the book of Romans. Teen Bible Quiz Practice: 7 - 8pm   Join our teen bible quizing team who placed 3rd at our recent district quiz match. Come enjoy a cup of coffee with the men of our church wednesdays at noon, or join them for men’s swim at noon on fridays.  Sunday Our Sunday school currently offers two classes. One for beginner Christians and one for the seasoned Christians. Children’s ministries also available. 10-10:45am, Morning Worship & Service: 10:45 - Noon,  Who’s God? Come study with us: 6 - 7pm, Teen bible games & music: 6 7pm, End your Sabbath day with a season of prayer: 7 8pm.  Future Focus Future Focus for Teens is a motivational/directional program developed to guide teenagers during a time where many are more concerned with surviving than with succeeding, and where they struggle with feeling confident in a world that seems out of control. 

Future Focus for Teens’ “Social Jam Sessions” provide tools needed to utilize life circumstances in a posiOne big reason for the contive way, where teens learn to fusion is that words change break down the choices they have made into a plan for » Christian, pg. 17 their future.

Each session is formatted to encourage self-directed thinking, learning to create an environment of self control and positive direction while defining one’s strengths and talents. Four main ideas are the focus:  1.  Circle of Support: Identify the positive people in your life.  2.  Accountability: Take responsibility for the choices you make.  3.  Identification:  Distinguish what is in your control and what is not.  4.  Objective/Strategy: Use your circumstances to create a plan toward something positive. 

Tuesday night of each month from 7 – 9 p.m. is set aside for Intercessory Prayer/Worship. The format is informal and yet focused on praying strategically for our national, state, and local leadership and community concerns. 

church also. Check our website for Order/Delivery times & dates. Feel free to give us a call! or www.angelfoodministries. com

Although a new church plant, Reign of Grace is blessed to have a solid core of committed leadership and people who have a love for the community of Boyne.

Join us in preserving precious memories. Check our website or call for more info.

Reign of Grace desires to reach individuals and families at the point of their need, develop authentic relationships For more information call the where mentoring and discichurch at 231-459-8373 or pleship happen, and impact Ms. Dunlop at 231-675-8917. the community in practical ways while sharing the love, grace, and gospel of Jesus Reign of Grace Christ. Reign of Grace Ministries of For more information, please Boyne City is hosting a spephone the church at 231-459cial New Year’s Eve night of 8373 or visit www.reignofpraise, worship, prayer, and fellowship with guest praise/ worship teams from Charlevoix, Petoskey and Boyne St. Augustine City. Service begins at 8 p.m. Refreshments will be served, Little Rock Scripture Study however there is no child care and Book Club groups continue to meet. The Scripture or nursery. study group meets at noon on The church is located at 1107 Mondays at St. Augustine in Boyne Ave (M-75) next to Boyne Falls, while the book McDonald’s across from club meets at 10:00 am on the Boyne City High School Tuesdays at St. Matthews in campus. For more informaBoyne City. tion, please phone Pastor Ryp The RCIA inquiry sessions Hankins at 459-8373 or visit continue on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm at St. Matthews. Reign of Grace Ministries invites you to their Sunday morning Worship & the Word service Sundays 10 a.m.  Reign of Grace is a new Assemblies of God church plant in Boyne City, located at 1100 “A” Boyne Ave, next to McDonald’s and across from the public school campus.  Praise and worship is contemporary and prophetic. Communion is served weekly. Nursery and Children’s ministries are available Sunday’s and nursery is available on Wednesday’s.  

If you have any interest in learning more about the Catholic faith, please come join our other inquires on this wonderful journey. If you have any questions or want more information about any of our programs please call the office at 582-7718.

Angel Food High quality food at a price you can afford. Help lower your food budget and/or buy a “box” for somebody else. EBT accepted.

Order online or at our church. Youth Group meets at 7 p.m. Delivery & pick up at our on Wednesday’s for junior high, senior high, and college/ career with Youth leaders Zach and 121 Water Street in Boyne City Sarah Ward while the Adult Small Group meets with Pastor Ryp.



Come see us! Let’s serve God and help our community together! 225 W. Morgan St. Boyne City, MI 49712 (231)582-9611 Don’t miss the Candle Light Service of Lessons and Carols, 7:00 p.m., Christmas Eve. Walloon Lake On Wednesday, January 13, the family meal will start at 5:30 with classes starting at 6:30 PM. On Thursday, January 14, the Men’s Fraternity will meet at the Discipleship House starting at 6:00 AM. The Cozy Quilters will meet at 9:00 AM. Celebrate Recovery will meet from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. For more information, on Celebrate Recovery, please call Russ at 582-0441. For more information, please call the church office at 231-535-2288 or go on line at www.walloonchurch. com. The weekly sermons are available to listen to or download online.

First Presbyterian “The Wisdom of Naming” is the message at First Presbyterian Church, 10:00 a.m., Sunday, January 17th, 401 S. Park St., Boyne City. Pastor Jonathan Mays and congregation find hope in new names as we read Isaiah 62:1-5; Psalm 36:5; 1 Corinthians 12:1-11; and John 2:1-11. Call (231) 582-7983 for nursery, Sunday school, youth group, bible study, and prayer schedules. Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 9a-3:30p, and Friday, 9a-12:30p. Congregational meeting, 11:15 a.m., January 17th.

The only SinceHUFFS 1896 pharmacy PHARMACY


The first Statewide news source updated hourly around the clock Politics • Government• Business • Finances • Arts • Education & more Seen by all 50 states & 38 countries 20,000 visits last month

in downtown Boyne City!

Call ahead for free in-town delivery in Boyne City CALL 231-582-6514

You won’t have to wait for service!

We carry a full line of over the counter & prescription medications, art, fine jewelry, gifts, greeting cards & other essentials. Open 6 days a week

Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  17

Boyne Area Worship “I am the way and the truth and the life” » Christian,

FROM PAGE 16 meaning over time. I remember a time when you heard a statement like “That’s sick!”, and you might be observing someone who’s eating a booger (sorry). But now when you hear “That’s sick!” it might be made by someone under 30 while they’re checking out an incredibly powerful engine under the hood of a nostalgic Dodge Charger. So what did the term “Christian” first mean? There are only three places in the Bible where the term Christian was used: 1.)The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch (Acts 11:26). 2.)Then Agrippa said to Paul, “Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?” (Acts 26:28-29). 3.)However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name. (I Peter 4:16)

In the first instance Christians were most likely labeled by non Christians. In the second, a Roman King recognizes Paul as a “Christian” and basically says that he will not be persuaded to become one. In the final example, Peter says that it’s a good thing to suffer “as a Christian”. These were labeled people who held to an identical creed, code, and customs. The New Testament of the Bible was written in Greek. The Greek term for Christian is christianos from christos meaning “Christ” or “anointed one”. Christian literally means “little Christ.” A Christian was labeled based on she or he believed about Jesus. Jesus claimed that he was the coming “anointed one” or the “Christ/Messiah” who would save the nation of Israel and ultimately all who would receive him. However the Jews of the day fully expected one who would come with thundering authority and in a very kingly way over throw the Roman government and establish his rule. Jesus didn’t do this. His next stop was to suffer and die on the cross not to save them politically, but to

In Memory of those who passed Obituary placement is always free.

Send your information and pictures to Harold was the oldest child, born to Lenwood Price and Gladys (Billington) Price. Siblings include Robert, who survives and wife JoAnne, deceased. Brother William deceased and wife Laura who survives, and sister Patricia and Louis Malec, both deceased. He married Lucille (Bradley) Price on August 10, 1946 she survives and currently resides in Charlevoix. Harold grew up during tough years, but let everyone know it was to him, still a glorious time to be alive. He was farmed-out to his Uncle Frank Behling, a cattleman, and was put to work in the summer assisting on the farm. Harold recalled driving a team of horses and load of hay across the Ironton Ferry working for a blind, elderly farmer in the Advance area. He also told the story of being sent out at daybreak to fetch any coal that may have fallen off between Boyne Falls and Boyne City, coming to the realization that someone had been out earlier than them and had already collected it. His childhood was rich, with the Boyne River and Coon’s Bridge area holding much allure. He also grew up an

save them spiritually. Many Jews in that time thought Jesus was an imposter, a fake, or a phony who was guilty of the highest blasphemy-- claiming he was God. That’s why they wanted him hung on a cross. However the Book of Acts in the Bible records the growing movement of people who did believe that Jesus was the “Christ” or the “anointed one” who came to save them from sin. Sin will be another whole defining article sometime, but for now I’ll define it simply as “rebellion against God in how we act, speak, and even think.” These people were labeled “Christians” rightly so because they believed the message of Jesus being God who died in their place to save them from sin. These were people who wanted to turn from their own ways of living and thinking to follow the ways of Jesus and his teachings. They were called “little Christ’s” or Christians. I’ve been through an extreme set of circumstances that led me to believe that which used to seem unbelievable to me. I’ve come to believe in

a narrow-minded verse that says, “Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” After nights in jail, numerous car accidents, a drug overdose, and hurting several people I surrendered my life into the hands of Jesus. He has become my forgiver and leader. Eighteen years ago I made this decision and chose to begin following him. However, I now struggle with the idea of being labeled a Christian at times. It’s not because of the richness of the term and how it originated. I love that part. It’s because of the modern day confusion. Maybe it’s the big-haired televangelists selling specially “blessed” Bibles for only ninety-nine dollars. I think the term Christian can be associated with some who badly misrepresent Jesus Christ and his mission. The category Christian for today can be easily misrepresented by others or completely misunderstood. So that brings up the question: Should we throw the term out or work hard to define it


for others? I suppose, for me personally, I prefer the longer phrase “follower-of-Jesus.” I still bear the name of Jesus, and it accurately describes what I try to do in life. This doesn’t mean I won’t still be one who makes a mess of it some-times. Seriously, Jesus is perfect, and I’m just another dude trying to get past myself! I want to be sincere like Jesus. I strive to care for others like Jesus. I want to keep my life pure like Jesus. I want to teach others about him by the way I live and the words I use. I have put my faith in him alone to “save” me from sin. He is my example in everything. It’s a journey. If others call me a Christian, that’s okay; I just hope they might have this very same meaning in mind: A person who has put their faith in Jesus Christ to rescue her or him from sin and self and wants to follow Jesus’ ways as explained in the Bible. Please email, or call 231923-9501 with questions or comments.

Harold L. Price 5/18/22 - 01/07/10 East Main Street boy which in itself, connoted adventure. Harold was athletic and participated in the major sports: Football, Basketball and Baseball. He had good individual and team success in all. He especially treasured Coach Earl Brotherston. Upon graduating, Harold sailed the Great Lakes working his way quickly up the responsibility and pay grade ladders. However, after a few short seasons, Uncle Sam and World War II called. Harold entered the U.S. Army on 18 November, 1942. He was assigned to the famed 2nd Armored Division (Hell on Wheels) and spent training in the Mojave Desert under General George Patton. His assignment was with the 195th AAA (Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons) of the 2nd Armored. His unit landed on Omaha Beach at D-Day plus three and served in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. During the run-up to the Battle of the Bulge, his unit was responsible for the destruction of two crack German Divisions: the 2nd SS Panzer, and the Adolf Hitler. From the end of the war in May to 16 November, 1945

Harold drove VIP’s on Jeep Tours throughout Berlin, visiting Hitler’s Bunkers and other sites. He boated from Europe arriving in the U.S. on 4 December, 1945 and separated from the Army at Camp Atterburg, IN on 12 January, 1946. His decorations included: the Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal, American Theater, and European Theater Medal with Five Bronze Stars. Harold and Lucille enjoyed many 2nd Armored Reunions through-

out the United States in the succeeding years. Harold was able to retrace his steps when he traveled back to Europe for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. After marrying Lucille Edith Bradley, his family was begun. Harold gathered three sons and a daughter, all of whom survive. Hal, Bradley-wife Barbara Kalchik, Penny-

husband Mark Petrusky, and Brian-wife Pam Kenyon also grandchildren Ryan Petruskywife Allison, Tyler, Trevor, Ajax and Rory Price. Harold supported his family with a variety of jobs, which supplied him a wealth of experience and knowledge on a wide range of topics. His favorite job was certainly his twenty years spent working at Medusa Cement Plant in Charlevoix. He was a repairman and respected his fellow workers as they did him. He was an avid union man and lifelong Democrat. Many of these friends knew him as “POPS”, kept in touch and helped as needed which Harold and family certainly treasured. Harold was always eager to get up and work, no matter the condition, attesting to a great work ethic. His response at work when asked, “How are you doing?” Fosnosterous laddie, simply fosnosterous.” Being a Boyne Rambler at heart, he was thrilled when his children and grandchildren would take part in sports. If you look closely you will probably still see him there on the sidelines as his grandchildren’s biggest fan! He took his

turns coaching and umping to help out as well. After retirement, Harold could be found at many Rambler games supporting even after his family no longer participated. Harold was a member of the American Legion and Smeltania Post of the V.F.W. He proudly recalled how as Post Commander he led the Honor Guard to dedicate and open the Mackinaw Bridge. Harold was adept and proud of his ability to grow a wide variety of plants and vegetables. He also enjoyed ice-fishing, seldom in a shanty. Harold and Lucille enjoyed winters in Florida and California when possible. Harold faced many challenges throughout life, but was able to survive and ultimately thrive. Always giving of himself generously, he will be greatly missed by those lucky enough to have known him. Harold’s special companion “Sarge” survives. The family would like to thank the kind, caring staff at Boulder Park Terrace in Charlevoix. Cremation has taken place, no services or ceremonies are scheduled. Donations may be made to the Salvation Army or Hospice of Charlevoix County. Remembrances and messages to the family can be emailed to baseballmom6@


18  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

Concorde academy boyne hockey

Battle for the cup January 5, 2010 The battle for the Cup began today in the Superior Flight, under typical grey skies, cold icy temperatures, and a hard-pack slippery surface. Regrettably, early enthusiasm was dampened by the first injury of the tournament, as Zoey Holley took a Whitey laser shot off the upper lip resulting in 3

Send Boyne Area sports-related stories and pictures to or mail them to 124 East Crozier Road, Boyne City, MI 49712


Boyne City VS Gaylord Dillon Ferguson dribbles the ball down the court during action against Gaylord at right. Below Evan Orban goes up for a layup.

Boyne City Wrestling

Ramblers Take Cheboygan 32-30

In the Tri-Meet at home with Cheboygan & Traverse City St. Francis on Thurs 1/7/10 Boyne City won with 32 to Cheboygan’s 30.

Boyne City wins were picked up by: Zach Bush (135) with an 11-8 decision over Guy Herro Jon Calo (152) with a 20-4 major decision over Robert Lazano Drew Nohel (171) with a :37 pin of Josh Groce Bryan Wonski (189) with a :55 pin of Brandon Orr Joakim Brander (215) won by void

stitches before we dropped the first puck. On the North Court, White Ice squared off against Ice & Cheese in a see-saw slugfest which was still tied until mid-way through the final stanza. Both teams played short-

» Hockey, pg. 19

Dylan Nelson (285) won by void Zach Bush wrestled his best match yet, and that was the difference in the meet.  Jon Calo also did a nice job.  “Cheboygan beat us earlier in the year, so coming back and taking this meet shows good improvement by our team,” says the Boyne City Wrestling Coach.

Jan. 13, 2010  BOYNE CITY GAZETTE  19

Concorde academy boyne hockey

Final Score 9-5

ramblers meet the rayders

Boyne City loses on the Court Against Charlevoix

» Hockey,

FROM PAGE 18 handed, as Josh was at an orthodontist appointment [Where are his priorities?] and Zoey was getting stitched.

Clayton made a host of great saves on Andy at pointblank range, but eventually White Ice’s firepower was just too much. Andy scored first when Clayton was out of goal trying to clear a loose puck. Then, Juice shot, saved by Shooter, rebound, put back by Cheesesteak. Then Homey gave Ice & Cheese the lead on a nice feed from Cheesesteak, before Shooter tied it up 2-2 as the first half drew to a close. Homey opened the second half bouncing one past Whitey, and Andy tied it up with a shot deflected by Homey past Clayton. Andy then scored two more of his game-high 6 goals to give his team a 5-3 lead. It was gut-check time for Ice & Cheese and they responded with two goals by Homey to tie it up at 5 apiece. Andy scored two more after that and Shooter added a couple insurance goals to make the final score, 9-5. On the South Court, the Ice Panthers roared past N’Ice with some pretty balanced scoring – 2 goals by Gram Cracker, 2 by Evan, and a hat-trick for Carlson. Forbes and Nathan Priest alternated goal-tending duties, and both made some great saves. However, the Panthers attack was relentless and eventually the puck started finding the net. Shane Brennan earned the shutout in goal for the Panthers, his first in Cup history. Zimmergirl played well but just couldn’t buy a goal. Round Robin continues tomorrow, as Ice Kings will begin play and N’Ice will rest. See you at the arena!

#30 Kolbi Schumaker takes a shot against the Red Rayders at top. Dalton Looze fights for the ball against a Charlevoix Defender at right.

Wrestling TCSF

48 - BC 18

Boyne City wins were picked up by:

Jacob Looze (215) won by void

Drew Nohel (171) pinned Hayden Wilson in 4:43

Dylan Nelson (285) won by void “Drew wore down his opponent and

pinned him in the third period, picking up his second win of the night.” Says Boyne City’s Wrestling Coach.

Full Tri Meet Wrestling Results BC vs. Cheboygan

171    Drew Nohel(B)pinned Josh Groce(C) in :37

135    Jack Jamison(T) pinned Zach Bush(B) in 1:36

112    Double void

189    Bryan Wonski(B) pinned Brandon Orr(C) in :55

140    Seth Kellicut(T) won by void

119    George Nguyen(C) pinned Zach LaDere(B) 1:24

215    Joakim Brander(B)won by void

145    Luke Mingee(T) won by void

125    Nick Perhai(C) won by void

285    Dylan Nelson(B) won by void

152    Alex Picardat(T) pinned Jon Calo(B) in 1:34

160    Double void

103    Double void

130    Double void 135    Zach Bush(B) decisioned Guy Herro (C) 11-8


140    Derrek Tennant(C) won by void

103    Tricia Martin(T) won by void

145    Devin Woiderski(C) won by void

112    Double void

152    Jon Calo(B) major decisioned Robert Lazano(C) 20-4 160    Jacob Bourgeois(C) won by void

119    Jake Dalson(T) pinned Zach LaDere(B) in 2:38 125    Isaiah Schaub(T) won by void 130    Double void

171    Drew Nohel(B) pinned Hayden Wilson(T) in 4:43 189    Paul Britten(T) pinned Bryan Wonski(B) in 3:40 215    Jacob Looze(B) won by void 285    Dylan Nelson (B) won by void   

20  Boyne City GAZETTE  Jan. 13, 2010

ww t o br i e n. c o m

128 Water Street Boyne City, MI 49712 Phone 231.582.1700 Fax 231.582.1714

Chris Dorman Heartfelt Folk Come join us at Freshwater Studio on January 23rd, 2010 at 8PM. Tickets are available at Freshwater Studio 217 S. Lake St. and are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Tickets may be reserved by phone 231-582-2588

MLS 424477 02911 Boyne City Rd., Boyne City Property Details Price $ 325,000 Living Area (Sq Ft) 1,800 Living Area (Sq Ft) 1,800 Acreage 4.5 Contact Pat O’Brien Broker/Owner About This Property 231.582.1767 Direct 231.675.6677 Cell Email

“If there is an ounce of hesitation in the heart, a small part of the self stored away in the heart’s drawers and closets, as is the case with most of us, the textured combination of Dorman’s breathy, piercing vocals and the music on To Begin Again will coax it out and onward.

Quaint, old-world bistro meets the best of American cuisine in this upscale dining establishment a few miles out of Boyne City. A favorite of locals - always a good recommendation - Monte Bianco is famous for its excellent fish and pasta, as well as an affordable and friendly dining experience. Called a contemporary, San Francisco-style Italian restaurant, this place has a well-established clientele base to build on. 1200SF apartment above, 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Very nice.

--Tim Lane, Director, (SCENE) Metrospace

“Purveyors of Fine Wet Goods” A Full-Service “Up North” Party Store 127 Water St. Downtown Boyne City 231-582-2151

Open Monday through Thursday 8am to 11pm Friday and Saturday 8am to midnight Sunday Noon to 8pm

Over 500 Liquor choices Wines for All Tastes & Budgets Cold Champagne/Sparkling 150+ Types of Beer Soups & Deli Sandwiches M-F Featuring Michigan Made Specialty Food & Drink Products 10% OFF any 3 bottles of our HandPicked Wine Offer expires February 13th, 2010

Boyne City Gazette  

The January 13, 2010 issue gives highlights on the new President of the Chamber of Commerce Board, as well as new improvements to Concord Ac...

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