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November 2009

Bethel Campus Fellowship Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 4

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After the leadership conference last February, I spoke with Chiso Uko. I was excited to hear about what God had done in her life at the conference. I asked her to write an article then, to share her testimony, and she did. The testimony was written within a month of her encounter with Christ, and I decided not to edit her words. She remains faithful and strong in the Lord nine months later. The second article here is an interview with Mrs. Oboite (Jeff’s mother). Jeff also gave his life to the Lord during the last leadership conference, and has experienced a tremendous growth in the Lord in the past nine months. He ministered at the Marvelous Encounter held at University of Maryland Baltiimore County (UMBC) on October 30th. His mother is participating in the fundraising effort for the upcoming leadership conference. Within a month she has raised $1000, and in this interview, shares tips for fundraising with us All BCF members are encouraged to join this effort as we prepare to meet with the Lord, and with each other February 12-14, 2010. God’s blessings. Chiagozie Ononiwu (Editor)

Chiso’s testimony As written by Chiso Uko

―For as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God – children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God‖ – John 1:12-13 It all began on Friday, February 6th, 2009. I always thought I was a Christian, a TRUE Christian. I never realized there was a difference between being a ―Christian‖ and ―Child of God‖: Christian

     

Knowing ―of‖ God Going to Church Praying Knowing He answers prayers Reading my Bible

Knowing He does miracles Knowing He exists. Child of God

Having that personal relationship with God

Knowing that NO MATTER what happens, there is a God that answereth by fire. On Friday the 6th of February

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2009, my Bible study group hosted a conference in North Carolina. Initially, I was hesitant to go and I was making excuses as to why I would not be able to make it. One of which was that each person had to pay $100.00 and that I had a lot of studying to do. However, a friend of mine Nomso Amuchie, who had the same excuses, was able to raise $250.00 in his Church without even trying so he offered to split the money with me and I finally gave in to the trip. On getting there, I met a lot of young people that were just ON FIRE for God and it was being around them that got me thinking about the value of my life and if I was really living for God. The next day, Minister Karen Richards was brought in to deliver two messages. They were powerful but the worship was even more powerful. It was then that I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time in all my 20 years. It began when I went up for an altar call and Minister Karen pulled me up and placed her hands on me. As soon as she touched me, it felt like a tingling feeling in my body. Then she began praying for me. A few seconds after that, I fell flat on my back with my eyes closed and continued praying. Soon after, I felt Karen’s hands on my tummy and it felt as though she physically put something in me. That was when I became anointed with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. There was just this

Chiso Uko is a senior at University of Maryland Baltimore County. She is a Biology major (premed) sudden warmth that swept through my body, from head to toe. At the time I did not know what it was but it sure felt good. Almost like she had blessed me once but as she tried to walk away, something drew her back to give me more blessings. Rivers of life! From that moment I became born-again; my life did a mega u-turn! I began by getting rid of all my secular music because I realized there is no inbetween with God. You either praise Him or you don’t. He said He detests lukewarm people. He spits them out like vomit. I lost all interest in ―worldly‖ things. It seemed like all I wanted to do was study my Bible and pray. The funny thing was, I had been reading my Bible all my life but never had I experienced as much joy soaking up His word.

How did she do it? To help raise funds for the upcoming Leadership Conference in February, BCF requested the help of 35 brethren. These people committed to raising $1000 each. Within a month, to the glory of God, Mrs. Oboite, one of the volunteers, had already fulfilled her promise. We decided to ask her how she did it… How have you been able to complete your $1000.00 commitment

in less than one month? Truly, It is the grace of God. It's easy. I harass everybody at work. I just tell them, ―Do you know that we have a lot of black boys in jail? Why don't you help me with this worthy cause so we'll keep our young kids out of the club house and out of jail by directing them to Jesus.‖ Nobody wants them in jail. What suggestions do you have for other members of the team trying to raise funds?

When I started, I thought I was only going to ask from people who will give me $500 or $100. I later realized that anything anybody could give me would add up, just like Obama was able to raise funds by having people give even as little as five dollars. Don't be afraid. Just ask. I even asked a Muslim. What can they say? 'Yes' or 'no'. Ask anybody, even if it's someone who'd give you one dollar. Let them see that you have a


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Chiso’s testimony (cont’d) My one month anniversary with Christ was a few days ago and a lot has happened since then. Everyday I wake up with praises on my lips. I have nothing to worry about, no burdens at all. It makes me wonder how people live their lives without Jesus. My heart actually goes out to them. Seriously. He is all I need to survive. MY Father can say to a mountain ―be ye removed‖ and I dare it not to listen. I tell everyone I can about my God because we are called to be ambassadors of Christ and part of that is preaching the Gospel. My heart cries out for all the lost souls. I just feel like there is so

Where do you get your motivation for fund-raising from knowing that any people shy away from it?

-Mrs. Oboite

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much to do and so few workers. Hence we as children of God need to win as many souls for Christ as possible because the Bible says He will come again to rapture His people and we need to get ready. ―Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you‖ – Matthew 6:33 That does NOT say be conformed to the world and all things shall be given to you. It specifically says seek His Kingdom. I realize now that with

God first in my life, above money, cars, friends, boys, music, no exceptions, everything else falls into place. ―I am the Lord that is my name! I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols‖ – Isaiah 42:8 By putting things of this world before God, and still ―claiming‖ to be Christians, we make idols of those things and He simply isn’t going to have it! I am appealing to everyone reading this, no matter what the world might have you believe, it’s not about church; it’s about having a personal relationship with God through Jesus.

How did she do it? (cont’d) smile. It's God's grace.

“We have to pass on what we have received to the next generation to keep the faith alive.“

Volume 1, Issue 4

I love the things of the Lord, and I love anything I can do to help people—if I can only put a smile on anybody's face. Some people can say 'no', but you just move on. Next! BCF as a ministry does not collect tithe but depends on offerings. How can BCF motivate people to give? The motivation is going to be that people know we are collecting it for the ―future tomorrow.‖ We have to pass on what we have

received to the next generation to keep the faith alive. ―Go ye and preach the gospel...‖ My parents passed things unto me, and I would not want to be the one in whose hands things will fall. It is a way of giving back. BCF needs ministry partners or intercessors and financial supporters. Would you be willing to not only become a ministry partner but also mobilize other members of the body Christ to support what God is doing on college campuses across United States and Canada through BCF? I'll have to think about it. As God makes a way. Whatever I do, I want to be committed, and I'm

To our volunteers: Please endeavor to submit the funds you have raised by No-

currently in partnership with a lot of ministries, but as God leads me, it is a possibility in the future.

Here are some of Mrs. Oboite’s suggestions for BCF with regards to fundraising 

Do it all year long

Your event might vary with the season (barbecues in the summer, fish-fry events, cooking international foods and selling (Caribbean, African, etc) )

Bake sales

Joe Corbi Pizza

vember 30, 2009. Don’t forget to keep proper records of your  donors’ contact information.

 Please make all checks payable to BCF Inc. With proper records kept, donations can be: 1. mailed to P.O. Box 537, Columbia, MD 21045-0537. 2. made through our PayPal account - 3. paid directly into BCF Wachovia bank account number 2000026943424.

Dining to donate (Applebee’s) Car-washes

Individuals or fellowships can put the ideas above to work. These are suggestions. Get creative, and contribute to what God is doing in BCF

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To help raise funds for the up- coming Leadership Conference in February, BCF requested the help of 35 brethren. These people commit- ted to...