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The Rise Of Dictators The Era Of World War II

How did dictators rise to power in Europe and Asia? ďƒ˜ What did the dictatorships that developed after WWI have in common?

Rule by one man or a small group Heavy use of propaganda Limits on personal freedoms Military build-up Goal of world domination

Italy  Problems: Failing economy, unemployment, and inflation Political and class tensions, with growing communist revolts

 Benito Mussolini – Powerful speaker and demagogue – a leader who plays to popular fears and hatreds Blamed problems on Communists, corrupt business leaders, weak politicians Founded the Fascist Party in 1919 Promised to rebuild Italy into great empire “Black Shirts” – broke up rallies and beat political opponents Secret police crushed opponents Imposed censorship and propaganda

Germany  Problems: Economic problems – paying money to Allies; rebuilding cities; inflation Weak democratic government after WWI; public desire for communism or strong leader  Adolf Hitler – National Socialist German Workers’ Party – Nazi Party Blamed others for Germany’s defeat in WWI, angry over surrender In jail wrote Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”) – blamed Communists and Jewish citizens for Germany’s problem Movement to bring new glory and empire to “superior race” of German people Called Der Fuhrer (“the Leader”) Used Nazi gangs to beat up Jews and enemies Policy of Anti-Semitism – prejudice against Jews Rebuilt military; focused on economy, unemployment, pride

Japan  Problems:  Booming population  Lack of resources  Rise of militarism and glorifying of past empires  Desire for territory  Wanted to drive Westerners out of Asia

 Small group of people gained power:  Great Depression encouraged opposition to democratic government  Military leaders murdered leaders  Censored media and demanded obedience  Took over Chinese Manchuria

The Soviet Union  Remember that Russia had withdrawn from WWI due to revolutions within its country  Communist government was formed, and the new Soviet Union began to organize itself into a body of communist states  A great fear of communism in the United States  But worked with Joseph Stalin in trade, to make money  Decision of profits vs. politics  Became allies against rising power in Japan and Europe

The Rise of Dictators  

Before World War II, strong leaders came to power in Europe and Asia.