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The French, English, And Dutch Plant Colonies

The Challenge To Spain

I. The Value Of Colonies a.

Spain is wealthy through control of Mexico, S. America, & Caribbean


Other nations want to share wealth

I. Value Of Colonies (cont.) Mercantilism



Theory that a nation can increase wealth and power by controlling trade with other nations

I. Value Of Colonies (cont.) Balance of trade



Difference between value of goods sold to other nations and goods bought from other nations

I. Value Of Colonies (cont.) Spanish created an empire



Produced tobacco, cocoa, and sugar ii. Produced gold and silver iii. One-fifth (20%) of treasure belonged to King Philip II

Review: 

What made colonies in the New World valuable? •

3 ways a country gains wealth: 1. Gain new goods to trade 2. Gain goods normally would have bought from other nations 3. Gain a new market (customers) for goods

Reason #3 is the most profitable, and the most cause of unrest among colonies

Does not create loyalty or stability

II. The Crusade of Philip II a. b.

Used wealth from colonies to strengthen army Crusaders fighting for religion i. Catholics v. Protestants ii. Spain v. England

Spain = Catholic England = Protestant

III. Spain’s Empire Under Attack a.


France = Catholic

i. Protestant Huguenots settled on coast of Florida (in 1564) ii. Seek a refuge (a safe place) to practice religion iii. Also a base to attack Spain, but destroyed one year later

III. Spain’s Empire Under Attack b.


The Netherlands = Protestant


Rebelled from Spanish rule and created new Protestant country


Privateers (privately owned warships sailing with gov. permission) raided Spanish ports and ships

III. Spain’s Empire Under Attack c.

English i. Sea raiders in Caribbean: Sir Francis Drake ii. Queen Elizabeth aided Dutch rebels in stealing Spanish gold

IV. Sir Francis Drake a. b. c.

Gained treasure from S. America and Calif. Second person to sail around world Knighted by Elizabeth, instead of hanged as Philip II wanted

V. The Spanish Armada


Spain’s desire to conquer England i. Religion ii. Aid to Dutch iii. Attacks on ships

V. The Spanish Armada Spent two years building enormous invading force: the Spanish Armada



In 1588, 130 ships, 30,000 soldiers

V. The Spanish Armada c.

Failed to conquer England


Smaller English ships


Set ships of gunpowder on fire


Destroyed by storm on retreat

Maps Of The Battles

Question: ď ś Why

were the French, Dutch, and English more eager to establish colonies after the destruction of the Spanish Armada?

The Challenge To Spain  

European countries competed over wealth, religion, and land in the Americas.

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