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The King of the Energy Shot - 8 Hour Energy Shot or 5 Hour Shot? During the recession, Americans will drive the extra mile if it means they'll spend less on gas, there's a flourishing new type of energy drink that sells for twenty times more than Coca-Cola the energy shot. More and more people are turning away from $3 coffee, and instead purchasing $3 2 ounce shots of solid caffeine - and most of them taste horrible. The energy shot market is expected to double this year, to $700 million in sales - and Living Essentials will likely be responsible for over 80% of those sales, as they created the original product - the 5 Hour Energy shot. Other companies have sprung up, in an attempt to capture some of this new energy drink market - energy shots such as 6 Hour Power, Fuel 7 Hour, and 8 Hour Energy are all attempting to tap into this new industry. The Mr. Energy 8 Hour Energy Shot, though it sounds similar, has raised the bar for the industry. Aside from caffeine, it includes Acai, Gogi, and Tahitian Noni - three berries known for their natural energizing and dietary properties. Usually, these berries can only be attained by purchasing a $40 bottle of juice. On top of everything, 8 Hour Energy has zero carbs or calories, and it tastes good! "I've seen the 5 Hour ads plastered all over the media. But if people read the labels before they buy, I think they'll go for 8 Hour Energy. It's just a better quality product," says Darin Steen, one of the top 10 health and fitness trainers in the world. In a blind test conducted at the University of Florida, 9 out of 10 students preferred the 8 Hour shot over 5 Hour Energy. Other groups were given samples of the Mr Energy 8 Hour Energy shot, and returned with overwhelmingly positive reviews. "Wow... after taking the 8 Hour Energy, not only was I able to stay up to study for finals, I picked up a basketball game after! Without it, I probably wouldn't have managed to do either," laughed Troy Smith, a senior majoring in Finance. "The 8 Hour Energy shot is amazing. I stayed energized and focused, and totally aced my final. It's like time in a bottle," said Stephanie Wilcox - a student at the UF College of Dentistry. Despite the massive 60 million dollar advertising budget of 5 Hour Energy, Bhelliom Enterprises, 8 Hour Energy's developer, believes their superior product needs only word-of-mouth to prevail. "The ingredients speak for themselves," says CEO of Bhelliom Enterprises, Casey McCarthy.

The King of the Energy Shot - 8 Hour Energy Shot or 5 Hour Shot?