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2013 Scorecard

Mission: to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield celebrated a great year in 2013. It is with excitement that I am pleased to share with you the many accomplishments of our team, which is deeply committed to the mission and focus of The First Tee. This annual review outlines our philosophy, programs, young people, and your contributions; it also serves as a “scorecard� for 2013. Utilizing the game of golf as our platform, The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield continues to serve as an effective youth development program that teaches core values and life skills resulting in positive developmental outcomes in young people. The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield continues to extend its reach. We expanded the National School Program to 21 elementary schools, and we continue to conduct The First Tee Life Skills programs at our two facilities: The First Tee of Chesterfield and The First Tee of Richmond. We also reach the children of other youth development organizations through our many partnerships in Central Virginia. In all, in 2013, The First Tee Richmond & Chesterfield impacted over 13,000 young people. With your support, we will continue to expand our reach and move FOREward to impact the lives of more young people. Thank you for investing in our young people and supporting the mission of The First Tee. I invite you to take a look at this annual review which is a testament to the commitment and achievements of The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield. Sincerely,

Brent Schneider Executive Director

Our Philosophy F O R E w a r d The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield believes in young people. We are a youth development organization that uses golf as the platform to teach life skills and healthy habits.

“ It is always our goal at The First Tee to continue to improve the quality of our programs and the consistency of the participants’ experiences, thus leading to a greater impact on the lives of our participants.” -emily Weinstein, Director of Programs & Community Outreach

2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield


Our Philosophy F O R E w a r d What does the First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield do? Youth development. It’s what we do. We believe it is essential in unlocking a young person’s potential to become a productive, responsible adult. What is youth development? Youth development is a means of providing young people with a supportive environment, caring adult mentors, and life skills to prepare them to meet life’s challenges. Which young people need positive youth development? All young people benefit regardless of economic circumstance. Isn’t The First Tee simply golf instruction? We use golf as the platform to deliver positive youth development.

“Youth Development is based on the foundational principal that just because a young person is free of problems, [that] does not mean they are prepared for the future.” Dr. Albert Petitpas Professor of Psychology at Springfield College and Consultant to The First Tee

The CarMax Foundation supports The First Tee’s mission through grant funding and volunteerism.


Our Programs F O R E w a r d The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield delivers youth development golf programs in three areas.





1. Life Skills Experience certification classes: At The First Tee of Richmond t C oSkill and The First Tee of Chesterfield, participants advance through R e s p e c Life nfi de p levels in a certification process with five general requirements: core lesson i exposure, life skills application, golf skills application, life skills knowledge, and golf knowledge. Participants seeking to move to a higher level will demonstrate their understanding of the core golf and life skills and demonstrate their ability to apply the lessons learned both on and off the golf course.









2. National School Program: In partnership with local elementary schools, The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield trains physical educators, supplies equipment, and provides lesson plans which enables The First Tee program to be delivered to students in grades K through 6. y






n me

rse v






y a




Nine Healthy Habits









e H






Com m



t ni





e gm


ers e




Nine Core Values














3. Collaborative community partnerships: United by a shared vision of building healthy, productive adults, we partner with other youth development organizations to instill hope and opportunity in young people. The First Tee delivers core values and healthy habits through instructional classes that support the youth development work of each community partner.

2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield








Our Programs F O R E w a r d


We reach students through the National School Program at 21 elementary schools in the greater Richmond area.


We reach young people through collaborative community partnerships with area non-profits.





young people





1,051 12,13 580 1

We reach young people through certification classes at our facilities: The First Tee of Richmond and The First Tee of Chesterfield

Participants and their parents report that the Life Skills Experience certification classes have a positive influence on their lives. “The First Tee program has been a positive influence on my child’s life for over the past two years. Before the program, my child lacked confidence academically and socially and in sports. Receiving guidance from her Coach has shaped her tremendously. Now she believes she can conquer any challenge!”


Parent of a participant, The First Tee of Richmond

P.E. teachers are trained to deliver the National School Program to elementary school students using developmentally appropriate equipment and curriculum provided by The First Tee.

Our collaborative community partners embrace The First Tee’s life skills, core values, and healthy habits which steer at-risk youths in the right direction.

2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield


Collaborative Community Partner Spotlight

Our Programs F O R E w a r d Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC) is the oldest continually operating community center in Richmond’s East End. Each week, PPDC drives its middle schoolers to The First Tee of Richmond to take part in Life Skills Experience certification classes with Coach Brent Thompson. These boys and girls receive The First Tee programming which focuses on introducing basic golf fundamentals through game-based activities and structured practice while incorporating The First Tee’s Nine Core Values. 6

Coach Brent Thompson with young people from Peter Paul Development Center

“ I think the sentiments expressed by Jonathan Armstrong, one of our Program Assistants say it best: ‘Peter Paul kids have had the oppor tunity to participate in and grow to love a sport to which they wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed. Beyond sport, the coaches at The First Tee have always complemented teach ing golf skills with life skills, which illustrates their commitment to creat ing successful people, not just golfers.’ The Peter Paul Development Center is extremely proud to partner with The First Tee in our collective efforts to positively influence the development of our young people. Education can take place anywhere. Here’s to green classrooms.” Damon Jiggetts, Executive Director, Peter Paul Development Center

Our Young People FOREward Independent research confirms that youth development programs delivered through The

Of parents surveyed in the Spring of 2013 at The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield, 96% said The First Tee

First Tee’s chapters instill life skills and core

positively influenced their child’s life.

values in participants.

Of these parents, 50% reported a positive change in their child’s communication skills or ability to relate to others. Of these parents, 100% said that their child’s golf game had improved.

“When you meet one of our participants, the life skills that are taught at The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield are easy to identify. A firm handshake and a look in the eye speak volumes to the confidence, integrity and courtesy that young people are taught at our facilities.” Paul Sargent, Director of Golf, The First Tee of Chesterfield

2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield


“ My son’s overall confidence level has improved since he joined The First Tee program. He’s more sociable, outgoing, and his attention to detail has greatly improved. Enrolling my son in The First Tee program was one of the best decisions I’ve made for him, and I hope to see my son excel in the future. Even if he doesn’t choose golf as his sport, it may become a hobby…something that will help him in life.” – Parent of a participant, The First Tee of Chesterfield

Our Young People FOREward

In 2014, it is the goal of The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield to move FOREward by increasing the number of participants in its certification classes as well as growing its collaborative community partnerships and National School Program. Projected




Total Life Skills Experience certification participants

Pr oj ect ed

Total youth from collaborative community partnerships and students from the National School Program 2012




9,645 12,717


Chapter Highlights 2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield In addition to learning skills to carry them through life, participants have also learned a thing or two about golf. We would like to introduce you to some of 2013’s stand-out participants: Addie Parker (The First Tee of Richmond) is currently a freshman at Monacan High School and plays on the golf team. She espouses The First Tee’s mission by volunteering her time helping Coach Brent Thompson with the Little Legends certification classes as well as assisting with outreach programming.

James Melton teeing-off at The Redmond Cup

James Melton (The First Tee of Richmond) graduated from Goochland High School and attended the Life Skills & Leadership Academy in San Diego, as well as the Hank Haney Academy in Hilton Head during the summer of 2013. Ryan Farrell-Ellis (The First Tee of Richmond) was accepted to the Robins Junior Golf Program through a scholarship program offered to The First Tee in the summer of 2013.

Participants from The First Tee of Richmond and The First Tee of Chesterfield competed against each other in the “Chapter Challenge” at Independence Golf Club.

Lauren Clark (The First Tee of Chesterfield) qualified for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Drive, Chip & Putt Competition. Lauren won gold medals for “driving”, “putting”, and “overall” for girls ages 10-11. She was the only girl in her age group to hit a drive over 200 yards, and she made 2 of her 3 putts. Afterwards, she was interviewed by the Golf Channel and highlighted on Morning Drive. She will compete in the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship in Augusta on April 6, 2014 along with 10 other girls in her age group from around the country.

Lauren Clark 2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield


Chapter Highlights

An Interview with Brittany Woo and Abby Portyrata Stand-Out Players from The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield 1. What were your top achievements in 2013? Brittany: Selected as one of the eight national semi-finalists for “The First Tee Most Outstanding Participant Award”; Attended The First Tee Network Meeting in Nashville, presented a speech, and met The First Tee Honorary Chair, President George W. Bush; Attended the PLAYer Advanced Academy at the University of Richmond and received the “David Cohen Play Through Determination Award”; and Attended the Auntie Anne’s Leaders & Entrepreneurs Forum at the Walt Disney World Resort. Abby: Competed in 3 national championships; Competed in two international competitions (Scotland and China); Finished 4th individually at USGA’s State Team Matches in Kettering, Ohio; and Won sectional qualifier for USGA’s Women’s Amateur in Neshanic Station, New Jersey with a score of 69. 2. What is the best life lesson that you have learned from The First Tee?

Brittany Woo • Senior at Monacan High School, ranked 2nd in class. • Brittany has been accepted to several colleges but has not yet chosen one.

Brittany: Thanks to The First Tee, I have learned to always stay true to myself. No matter what is going on in society, the most important thing I need to remember is that my life has value and a purpose. The best way to always stay true to myself is through perseverance and integrity. If I stick to my morals and the beliefs that The First Tee has instilled in me, life will work itself out along the way. Abby: My favorite life lesson is STAR. It is an acronym that represents Stop Think Anticipate Respond. This tool outlines what you should do in a moment of intense stress. I don’t think of it solely as something to use on the golf course but more of a tool in the real world. It gives me a way to remind myself to take a second, think about what is going on, and respond accordingly. 3. What is your life goal? Brittany: Career wise, my goal is to become a pediatric physical therapist or work for The First Tee home office! However, no matter what I do, my ultimate goal is to stay positive with every situation and task I take on. No matter how big or small, I want to live a life full of positivity and hope.

Abby Portyrata Senior at Clover Hill High School. • Abby will be attending the University of Texas San Antonio on a full golf scholarship. •


Abby: Basically the same as my golf goal; I plan on working on my self-discipline and belief in order to advance my life.

Your Contributions FOREward THANK YOU. We are the grateful recipients of your gifts. Whether you contribute financially to our mission, volunteer to coach and mentor young people, or serve The First Tee through executive leadership, you enable this organization to THRIVE. Donations come from: Individuals 55% Foundations 22% Corporations 20% Government 3%

Donations are directed into The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield’s Annual Fund.

$ THANK YOU. Each young person is imparted with The First Tee’s core values and healthy habits, a foundation for productive adults and a better world. Now that’s something to jump about!


FOREw ard Your contributions allow The First Tee to grow its programs and focus on positive youth development.

✔ ✔ ✔

Money is allocated for financial assistance, Life Skills Experience certification classes, National School Program, collaborative community partnerships, and facilities maintenance.

2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield


Corporate Highlight Through a partnership made possible by generous support from Altria, The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield and Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond endeavor to reach young people already identified as those in need of support. The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield implements the Life Skills Experience certification classes within select Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond. Through this partnership, middle-school aged youths receive weekly life skills, healthy habit, and golf training at the Boys & Girls Clubs facilities as well as routine “green grass” application at The First Tee of Richmond facility. As shown in the 6-week Winter Program syllabus below, classes at The First Tee are designed to incorporate the lessons behind the game. First Tee Golf Skill & Core Value

Primary Golf Skill Game

Developmental Asset

The First Tee Healthy Habit

Putting with Perseverance

Target 21 putting to targets

Positive Values


Chipping with Judgment

Golf Soccer

Social Competencies


Pitching with Responsibility

Golf Hockey

Positive Values


Putting with Respect

Golf Tic Tac Toe

Social Competencies


Chipping with Courtesy

Golf Tennis

Positive Identity


Pitching with Sportsmanship

Target 21 focused on distance

Positive Identity

Family control

“ Middle school is a challenging time for kids. They are at increased risk for experimenting with risky behaviors and doing poorly or losing interest in school. Altria’s Success360° initiative is based on a belief that keeping middle school kids on a positive path requires added support and that schools, community organizations and parents need to work together to make sure that kids have all of the support they need. The collaboration between The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond is a great example of what can happen when two organizations work together for the benefit of kids.” Andrea Archer, Senior Manager Corporate Contributions & Community Relations


In June 2013, The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield held the First Annual Eastern Speedgolf Open which raised over $130,000. All proceeds went to benefit The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield. Amateurs and professionals competed in the tournament as well as 10 qualifying The First Tee participants from around the country. The First Tee’s core programming and Nine Healthy Habits curriculum promotes healthy, active lifestyles for young people, a natural collaboration with Speedgolf. What is speedgolf? Speedgolf is golf played at a fast pace. Competitors play 18 holes while running between shots. Scores are calculated by adding the time taken (in minutes) to complete the round to the total number of strokes taken.

The First Tee participants, above, from around the country competed in the First Annual eastern Speedgolf Open. Jon Hottinger, pictured at right, is an active supporter of The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield and a member of its Leadership Advisory Board. The First Annual eastern Speedgolf Open marked his first speedgolf tournament. In October 2013, he and other players from The First Tee’s Leadership Advisory Board and Board of Directors traveled to Bandon Dunes, Oregon to participate in the Speedgolf International World Championship. Jon secured first place in the amateur division with a score of 137 (he shot 77 and ran in 60 minutes). 2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield


Corporations, Foundations, & Organizations

Fred Tattersall President Matt Goodwin Vice President Scott Rinaldi Treasurer Susan Armstrong, Esq. Secretary

1607 Capital Partners Altria Altria Companies Employee Community Fund Associated Distributors AXA Foundation Blue Heron Capital, LLC Bon Secours Health Systems, Inc. Brown Rose Fund, The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia C & F Bank C. Allen Construction, Inc. Capital One Capital One Auto Finance CapTech Ventures, Inc. Carmax Foundation Chesterfield County Coca-Cola Commonwealth Foundations D & B Plumbing Dallan Construction Delta Temp Inc. DRH Data Services Inc. Evolve Architecture Executive Systems, Inc. GE Foundation Gray Holdings, LLC Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc. Insurance Services Office, Inc. Kanawha Capital Management Lingerfelt Development LivePerson, Inc. Markel Corporation Meadows, Urquhart, Acree & Cook, LLP MeadWestvaco Corporation Memorial Foundation For Children Metropolitan Richmond Sports Backers Monumental Consulting, LLC Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia Pfizer Foundation PNC Foundation Ray Olson LLC Richmond Women’s Golf Association Riley & Company Salisbury Country Club Specified Tile Spider Management St. Christopher’s School Stonehenge Senior Men’s Golf Association The Arenstein Foundation The Community Foundation The Knockers, Country Club of Virginia The Martin Agency The Steven & Katherine Markel Foundation University of Richmond Virginia Beverage Association Virginia Commonwealth University Williams Mullen Clark & Dobbins Williams Mullen Foundation World Golf Foundation, Inc.

Jason Bass Jeffrey Bourne Giff Breed Michael Crowley Mike Hott Gail Letts Dick Lyons Todd McFarlane Tucker McNeil James Stegmaier Kirk Tattersall Craig Truitt Robert Ukrop Mike Walton Bill Goodwin, Emeritus John Luke, Emeritus Brent Schneider Executive Director

Leadership Advisory Board Brian Alas Sean Beard Steve Clarke Jason Cohan Greg Creswell Byron Daub Carlos Domenech Thomas Garner Muscoe Garnett John Hallett Jon Hottinger Ted Kral Thayer Montague Carli Nelson Bryan Norfleet Michael Palmore Tripp Perrin Joe Pryor Davis Rennolds Hunter Ross Alexander Schaaf LaRee Sugg Drew Tester Rob Ukrop Paul Van Buren Michael Warwick Joe Wilson Brady Wolfe


Leadership 2014

Board of Directors

Lin Campbell Sarah and Paul Capozello Betty and Charlie Caravati Dana and Marshall Acuff Alison Carlton Antoinette Adams Susan Carminucci Darryl and Stan Adams Karen and John Carpentieri John Adams Nancy and Jerry Carr Farhad Aghdami Margaret and Jim Carreras Brian Alas Lisa and Newton Carroll Charles Allen John Catlett, Jr. Cynthia and Eric Allred Nichele Carver Betty Ann and Buck Ames Christina Casciello Craig Anderson Laura Cathers Ron Arena Margaret and Bates Chappell Susan Armstrong Derek Charania Tuggie and Mike Armstrong David Charnes Martin Artos Nancy and Tom Chewning Lee and Jim Atkinson Laurie Chicklo Carol and Gene Autry Jennifer and Tod Childress Ervin Baldwin Jr. William Chlebowski T.J. Ball Richard Ciferno Mary and Bob Baltimore Boyd Clarke Susan and Peter Bance Patricia and Steve Clarke Brenda and Steve Baril Debbie and Billy Coby Christine Barlage Joseph Cockriel Denise and Ryan Barnes Marilyn and Allen Cole John Barr Karen Coleman Kay and David Barrett Orion Colfer Louise and Malvern Barrow Jennifer Colina Andrew Basham Carl Colos Gina and Jason Bass Donna Conyers Sean Beard Monty Conyers Debulon Bell Mary Jane and Eugene Cooke Nancy and Scott Belleman Beatrice and Greg Cope Tom Benedetti Yunique Copling Susan and Tom Bernhardt Jim Covington Peggy and Charlie Bice Laura Cowperthwait Jodi and Paul Bischoff Michele Cox Don Black Martha and Barry Crawford Bob Black Christian and Greg Creswell Mary Bliley Arlea Crowe Ralph Bolling Peggy and Mike Crowley Charles Booth Jane and Cliff Cutchins Henry Bottoms Christopher Daly Bo Bowles Selma Dandridge Jean and Greg Bowman Joan Darden Curtis Boyd Jean and Huntley Davenport Doris and Doug Bradham Mary Meade and Claude Mark Brannock Davenport Joanna and John Brennan Martha and Chas Davidson Courtney Britt Charles Davis Ann and Tom Brizzolara Jane and Austin Brockenbrough III Susan and Art Davis Helen and Robert Davison Tootie and Vic Bubas George and Rex Deal Evans Budu Michael Dean Dwayne Bundick Tricia and Al Dean John Bunnigan Erin Decker Esther and Rudy Bunzl Linda and Gene Desvernine Donna Burgess Robye Dewitt Michael Burnette Laura Dho Jennifer Burns Mario Diamantopulos Mary and Tom Burton Ray Dingledine Chena and Don Butler Carlos Domenech Frank Butts Bernie Donnelly Christopher Caesar Jennifer and James Doran Ken Cahill Tshudy Douglas Mark Cairns Ryland Dowdy Kenneth Campbell 2013

Mechelle Dozier Adam and Kylie Draucker Genevieve Dybing Troy Dye Rob Eastep Tajuana Eddleton Debbie and Paul Edmunds Letitia Edwards Windy Edwards Kristin Elam Darlene and George Emerson Mike Eovino Sally and Dick Erickson Sarah and Wink Ewing Shannon Fake Alicia Fanz Charlotte and Gary Farrar Anne Garland and Tom Farrell Chris Fauerbach Brad Fellows Chris Fines Bill Fischer Murray Fisher Wilson Flohr, Jr. Robert Flowers Mary Follis Helene and Donald Ford Larry Foster Tony Fowler Terry Frank Karen and Michael Franks Larry French Jeff Funderburk Joanna Gable Renee and Steve Gaeth Movita Gardner Christy and Thomas Garner Helen and Muscoe Garnett Roberta Garnett Algin Garrett Rick Gary



Fred Tattersall, President of The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield.

The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield



Katie Gaskins Nicole Gaucher John Gentry Kevin Georgerian Ron Gholson Vinny Giles Sarah Gill Laura Glover Yvonne and Charles Gold Greg Goodrich Kirsti and Matthew Goodwin Alice and Bill Goodwin Allen Goolsby Curtis Goss Connie and Bill Gottwald Arron Green Faith and Tom Greenwood Michelle and George Halasz Vickie and Bob Hale Susan and John Hallett Mara and Stuart Hallett Gale Hamilton Louise and Andrew Hane Jean and Henry Harrell Pam and Gib Harris Tracy and Dave Hart Kathy and Doug Harvey Ed Hayes Lynne Heath Sarah and Grady Hebert Susan and Arnold Heller Louisa Heller Fennon Henderson Kelcey Henderson Steve Henderson Anne Sydney and David Hetherington Ritchie and Lee Hilbert Tanja Hodge David Hodges Steve Holeman Deedle and Bob Holsten Julia and Tom Hoof Lucy and Gary Hooper

Forrest Hoover Conde and Ron Hopkins Mike Hott Katy and Jon Hottinger Mark Hourigan Ann and Jon Hubbard Bev and Mac Hudgins Phyllis and Jim Huffman Bryan Huntley Vern Inge Kirsten Inocencio George Ivey Angela and Steven Jackson Kay and Al Jarrell Keith Jarrell Leslie Jefferson Latisha Jenkins Gene Johnson J. D. Johnson Martee and Charles Johnson Ben Jones J. Exum Jordan June and Rannie Joyce Cassandra Julien Kristen Kaplan Wes Kaufman Beverly and Ray Kee Ashley Keen Melvin Kenney Latasha King Billy King Iam Kitchison Joanne and Bob Kitusky Travis Klein Diane and Rich Knarr David Kopsick Vicki Kosak Ted Kral Cindy Kubat Karl Kuester Bill Kuhn Patricia and Earl Ladlee Ashley Lambert Nancy and Stan Lambert

The First Tee participants and members of the Leadership Advisory Board and the Board of Directors receive instructions for a game-based activity that incorporates The First Tee’s life skills and healthy habits.


Chris Lansing Stuart and Pepper Laughon Kathy and Jay Lawler Alison and Danny Lawrence Summer Layton Joy and Dave Ledford Bill Lee Caroline Leith Todd LePage Gail Letts Jay Levine Shelby Levinson Betty Lewis Margaret and Richard Lewis Cathy and Shep Lewis Turner Lewis Karen and Danny Lippin Butch Lipscomb Margaret Ann and Andy Little Tripp Longest Perry Lovelace Lin Low John Luke Dick Lyons Jane Mack Angela and Chris Mackay Jacqueleen MacLaughlin Donnie and George Macon Gray and Chip Maher Jim Mallory John Mann Matt Mansell Kathie and Steve Markel Don Marshall Jim Martin Sid Martin Steve Martin William Massey Heather Mazeika Kim and J. Scott McCall Steven McCarther Tim McCoy Kimberly and Richard McCullough

Christy McCurdy Sorrel and Jack McElroy Todd McFarlane Betts McGurn Thomas McKnight Wendy and Tom McNeil Tucker McNeil Ginger McTernan Trudi and Austin Mehrhof Linda Melvin Jason Menocal Danny Meyer Charles Miller Gary Miller John Miller Lori-Ann Miller Kim and Martin Miller Charlotte and Gil Minor Suzanne and Bill Mistr Glen Mitchell Roy Mitchell Carol and Lou Moelchert Brenda and Doug Monk Thayer Montague Angela and Fortune Monte Lois Moore Richard Moore Russell Moore Timothea Moore Dennis Moseley Alyson Mugford Jennifer Mullarkey Cakki Namorato James Narron Candace and Ray Nasser Carli and Garrett Nelson Charlotte and Ryan Nelson Ingrid Nelson Dan Nemr Chandi Nieves William Noel Margaret and Bryan Norfleet Ricky Norton Susan Nowell

Hunter Ross David Runner Sean Ryan Semi Ryu Joseph Sabatini Chris Sadler Thanh and Paul Sargent Kate Savage Laura Leigh and Jake Savage Wynne and Doug Sbertoli Anne Taylor and Alexander Schaaf Frances and Edward Schaaf Anna Lou and Bob Schaberg Barbara and Tom Schneider Tracy and Brent Schneider Harriett and James Schnell Ed Scholl Gail and Reed Schweickert Clayton Scott Scotti Scott Nancy and Jim Searle Judy Secor Georgia and Scott Seely Shirley and John Seibert Deborah Seitz Kelli Sexton Sonia Shah-Pandya and Paras Pandya Paul Sheehy John Sherman Nannette and Nathan Shor Kendal and Trey Sibley Mary Lucy and Johnny Siewers Sterling Simmons Lenny Skelton Diana Smith Edward Smith Frederick Smith Jim Smith Stephanie Smith Zack Smith Sarah Snider Kristen and Joshua Spain Caitlin Spencer Evariste St. Clair Margaret St. Clair Rachael and Chris Staab Fred Stafford Susan and Gerald Stanewick Elizabeth Stefanko Allison Stefany Margot and Jay Stegmaier Kelly and Mark Steiner Nancy Stelling Betsy and James Stevenson Sandy Stoddart Rodney Stofflet Mollie and Scott Storey Cheryl and Chris Stringer Tenita Stuart LaRee Sugg Michael Surma Michael Swope Rita and Larry Sykes

A participant from The First Tee of Chesterfield

Frank Talbott Peggy and Armistead Talman Roddy and Fred Tattersall Kirk and Kelly Tattersall Damian Thayer Brent Thompson Leslie and Jason Thompson Nancy and Matthew Thompson Richard Thompson Alice and Richard Tilghman Annhorner and Craig Truitt Joanne and Tom Turner Betsy and Bill Tyson Nicole and Jeff Ukrop Bobby and Jayne Ukrop Shannon and Rob Ukrop Ben Ussery Stephanie and Paul Van Buren Warren Van Der Waag Mark Vaughn John Waite Janet and Mark Walker Suzanne Wallis Laura and Mike Walton Zita and Lee Walton Nathan Ward Carmen and Mike Warfield Michael Warwick Jane Watkins Stuart Watson Veronica and Jerry Wauford Katie and Gene Webb Emily and Todd Weinstein Scott Whirley Catey and Scott White Ellen and Howard Whitehead


Johanna Obeck Pat Obrien Darcy Oman and Gerry Dzura Joseph Orlando Melissa and Pat O’Toole Vickie and John Overstreet Aubrey Owens Matthew Padgett Jinn Pak Alicia and Michael Palmore Edward Pancia Mel Parker Ray Parker Mary and Terry Parsley Chuck Patton Annie Paul Elizabeth and Robby Peay Mary and Jack Pellock Mark Pendelton Sharon and Ned Peple Dawn and Tripp Perrin Cathy Plotkin Kimberly Plummer Nikki and Scott Pomeroy Morgan Porter Abby Portyrata Frannie and Bryce Powell Anton Price Carson and Ashby Price Carol and Ted Price Kristie Price Amy and Lee Purcell Adam Radin Tracey and Duane Ragsdale Jennifer Ramachandran Tiffany Ramsey Emily and Malcolm Randolph Elizabeth and Brandon Ream Jennifer Reams Nancy and Tom Reams Davis Rennolds Everett Reveley Mike Reynold Kristi and Lance Reynolds Bruce Richardson Angela and Chris Richardson Don Richardson Katherine Richardson Gary Riddle Dolores Rinaldi Malia and Scott Rinaldi Randy Rinehart Christopher Roberts C. B. Robertson Elizabeth and Greg Robertson Michelle Robinson Lisa and Leon Roday Jordon Rodericks Becky and Todd Rogers Carol and Jim Rogerson Guy Rohling Mike Rose Gil Rosenthal Patricia and Craig Ross Joanne and Dale Ross

Lawson and Romesh Wijesooriya Brad Wilhelm Pam and Claude Wilkinson Andrea and James Wilkinson Susan and George Willets Betty and Charles Williams Charlotte and Dan Williams J. Neel Williams Jeff Williams Joi Williams Kevin Williams Adam Wilson Kristi and Joe Wilson Andrea and T.C. Wilson Sarah Windham Renda Winston Richard Wintsch James Wise Tom Witt Brian Witthoefft Brady Wolfe Charlie Wood Craig Wood Alethea Woodworth Sarah and Madison Wootton Lindsay and Coley Wortham Kathy and Robert Wrenn Betty and Buster Wright Deborah and Charles Wright Kristen Wright Larry Wyland Mary and Stuart Yarbrough Sandy Yarbrough Cindy Young Nicai Zollar

2013 The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield



7501 Boulders View Drive, Suite 120 Richmond, Virginia 23225 (804) 378-2188


The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield Administrative Office

The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield 2013 Annual Review  

Annual Review

The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield 2013 Annual Review  

Annual Review