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Brittany Davis

THERE! I am Britt, fueled by creative innovation and driven by the opportunity to use design as a tool to inspire.

Name: Brittany C. Davis

Currently, I am an honors graduate student at Savannah College of Art And Design pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I received my undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Industrial Design and Minor in Graphic Design. Through both my graduate and undergraduate programs I have encountered projects that focused on identity, branding, innovative product design, illustration, research and print. The projects included production for concerts, sporting events, consulting with inventors and marketing for events and guest lecturers.

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC Current: Charlotte, NC When not designing: reading about design, thinking about design, volunteering.

I love what I do and have had the opportunity to meet some amazingly creative innovators – even some who have influenced my work. I love learning about how people create and listening to how they find inspiration, but more than that I love sharing knowledge and experiences.

Dreams: creative director, design educator, wearing sneakers to work everyday.

I hope you enjoying taking a peek at my creative journey thus far. Thank you,




Brittany Davis

Design Student Survival Kit | SCAD This was the final project for my Methodological Practice Studio. We were to select a fairy tale or children’s story and extract a message to develop a project. I chose the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. The moral is “Prepare today for the needs you will have tomorrow” so I thought it would be neat to design a mini prep survival kit for design students to keep as a reference to guide them from student to professional.


Brittany Davis


Gold Rush 5K 2014 | UNC Charlotte This was an identity update project for UNCC’s annual scholarship on campus race. The previous logo had been use for 3 years and participants wanted a new design for the shirt they receive during registration. My initial inspiration came from the pavement and colors of the paint used on the road.

Brittany Davis

PrismaColor Marker portrait exploration

Wacom Tablet + Photoshop exploration


The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation presents

Brittany Davis

October 12 - 14, 2012

Crescent City Blues and BBQ Concepts

The project was a contest entry for an annual food and music festival in New Orleans which combines 2 of my favorite things outside of design - food and music. The colors were pulled from different hues of bbq and the “blues� were inspired by the character of the music.


Brittany Davis

UNC Charlotte Homecoming 2013 Creative direction and design for the first football homecoming at UNC Charlotte. In addition to design I developed the marketing plan, publicity schedule, social media, themes and promotional items given to students.


Brittany Davis

UNC Charlotte Homecoming 2013 Creative direction and design for the last basketball homecoming at UNC Charlotte as football would replace basketball as the featured sport


Brittany Davis

Norm the Niner Mascot Illustration | UNCC As part of homecoming I collaborated with UNC Charlotte’s Athletics to develop an illustrated version of the mascot. I was able to incorporate my love for sneakers into the illustration along with athletic’s uniform designs.


Brittany Davis

Material Culture Experience Book | NCSU The book design and copy is an account of my personal experience with different types of shoes as part of the study of material culture. The accounts range from my first collection as a toddler to private school to learning how to walk in high heels.


Brittany Davis

Material Culture Study | Class Studio For this project we had to create a series of posters to promote an exhibit of our assigned object. My object was the Shoe. After conducting research into the history and material culture of sneakers, I decided to highlight the 100th Anniversary of Converse’s classic Chuck Taylor’s with and exhibit called “100 Years of Sole”.


Brittany Davis

Main logo, sub-brands and icons for beer-based apps. Knowing very little about craft beer and its culture I enjoyed exploring the terms, styles and tastes I encountered during my research. BreweryDB and BreweryMap Available on iTunes.


Brittany Davis

Design Production Collaboration | Woodville


I have had the pleasure of collaborating with a custom wood jewelry group based in Durham, NC founded by my former studio mates. I develop all the graphics in Illustrator and they use a laser cutter to create the pieces. Designs include pieces for Travie McCoy, CyHi Da Prince and Rapsody.(

Brittany Davis

Know Your History | Awareness Campaign


This was a self-driven project that started as a Facebook profile image for Black History Month. The first image received such a great responses I continued to make 1 for each day, plus a few extra. It grew into a blog, screen printed shirts and prints. The prints have also been featured as part of Black History Month displays for several programs.

Brittany Davis

Various T-shirt Projects


Brittany Davis

Various logo designs


Brittany Davis

Various Print Designs


Work Samples  
Work Samples  

Collection of design work samples used for summer 2014 internships application process.