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Instead, it is about expanding the total pool of economic and social value. As such it has the potential to do more to drive the global social agenda than any government, global agency or coalition. CSV consists of three main areas, namely products and services, value chains and clusters. Innovative products and services should be developed which advance the social agenda as they create consumer demand. Companies must increase productivity by creating economies of scale which also value the responsible use of natural resources, good working conditions, and health/safety controls. Finally, the development of industry clusters involves creating local capacities in non-competitive eco-systems surrounding the main product or service. These clusters could consist of support services such as transportation, education or clean water. These ecosystem clusters could also involve complementary and non-competitive

products or services such as smartphone applications, which reduce battery power expenditures during times of non-peak usage. Research findings indicated that leadership would have a significant impact on driving shared value creation in Thai organisations. Furthermore, stepwise regression analysis uncovered the top three leadership behaviours which had the biggest positive impact on driving shared value creation in Thai organisations, namely vision, inspiration and inclusive leadership. Conversely, stepwise regression analysis also uncovered the three leadership behaviours which had the biggest negative impact on driving shared value creation in organisations: autocracy, formality and low confidence. The decision to drive shared value creation in organisations is truly the authentic leadership work of the visionary, transformational leaders of south

east Asia. It is their decision to fulfill their destiny, legacy and gift to the next generation of global leaders. It is their decision to provide the necessary guidance so the next generation of leaders will develop the critical skills necessary to lead in any part of the world where their careers take them and their global society needs them to be. As always, leadership begins with a decision.

Amanda Boyd, MBA, is Global HR Advisor for Unilever, UK. Dennis J. Garritan, PhD, CFA, SPHR is Associate Dean at The Mountbatten Institute and Adjunct Professor of Management, Harvard Business School.

Management Development Group Mission: The Group’s mission is to present a series of training classes, events and workshops to support the Management Development needs of BCCT member companies.

Chamber member companies such as HSBC, Tesco, Standard Chartered and PCS as well as some local training companies. Prices have been from THB 2,500 nett for a half-day workshop to THB 3,900 nett for a full-day workshop.

Key objectives: • To provide management development for member company employees, particularly the SME’s • To focus the training programmes on soft skills development, based upon an established list of core competencies, such as Time Management, Change Management and Planning & Goal Setting • To offer a range of panel or keynote speaker presentations on various topics related to management development Training Programmes: Training programmes are separated into two-tiers, for senior management and middle management, with a series of half-day and full-day workshops.

Richard Greaves

English language classes: senior management focused training is conducted in English and is carried out by training companies that are Chamber members. Class sizes are up to 24 participants and held in a hotel location. Prices have been around THB 3,750 nett for a half-day session. Thai language classes: middle management classes are conducted in Thai and are generously supported by the training departments of large multi-national

The BCCT Management Development Group has linked with the BCCT Human Resources Group to form one new group. The group proposes to take on Khun Picharn Sukparangsee, Siam City Law Offices and Simon Matthews from the previous HR group. Our HR focus should be on legal updates and HR development/support for SMEs. Group members are Richard Greaves (Chairman) - Hyatt Erawan Hotel; Ian Thornhill (Vice Chairman) - KPMG; Bubphawadee Owararinth - Standard Chartered Bank; Sukhavichai Dhanasundara - Honorary Advisor, BCCT; Joe Barker-Bennett - JMBB Consulting; and Christina Dodd - ATA LifeCoach.

The Brief

Issue 2/2012


The Brief, Issue 2/2012  
The Brief, Issue 2/2012  

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