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Meet eight-year-old Grace Teboekhorst, our 2013-14 Champion Child as part of the Champions presented by Walmart Canada program. This Children’s Miracle Network program honours remarkable children who have triumphed despite severe medical challenges. Grace exemplifies the true meaning of a champion. She suffers from a rare condition that affects her kidneys and weakens her immune system. When she was five, she had a kidney transplant at BC Children’s Hospital, with her father Dennis as her organ donor. Thank you Kirmac Collision Services for giving children like Grace their best chance of a healthy future. To learn more about Grace’s remarkable story visit www.bcchf.ca/ grace.

With your efforts, the 2014 Miracle Weekend raised an amazing $18,036,788! Kirmac Collision Services and your employees’ outstanding contribution of $213,371 is helping to ensure BC’s children and families receive the best possible care every day.

Acknowledgement in The Province Miracle Weekend Thank You ad. (print circulation: 866,600)

Acknowledgement in the summer 2014 issue of Speaking of Children magazine. http://www.bcchf.ca/about-us/our-magazine/ ((print circulation: 61,200, online circulation: 8,646)

Recognition listing in the 2013-14 Annual Report to the Community. http://www.bcchf.ca/about-us/annual-reports/ (print circulation: 16,500)

Kirmac Collision Behind the Stethoscope Event on April 10, 2014

Photo and quote of Ian McIntosh profiled in BCCHF 2013/2014 Annual Report..

Company name listed on BCCHF website. From June 1, 2013 - June 2, 2014, www.bcchf.ca received 1,430,919 page views and the Miracle Weekend homepage received 11,784 page views

Recognition of cumulative giving on the Millennium Wall at the hospital.

Opportunity to utilize BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s “in support of ” logo to promote Kirmac Collision Services’s partnership with BCCHF the hospital.

Employees were treated to a night of learning about the hospital through the Kirmac Collision Behind the Stethoscope Event on March 10, 2014.

Kirmac Collision was featured in a BCCHF blog post on March 11, 2014.

Kirmac Collision BTS has a photo album on the BC Children’s Hospital Flickr account.

Each year the majority of money raised through Miracle Weekend is directed to where it will have the greatest impact – the Excellence in Child Health Fund. This fund is vital to enabling the hospital to continue to provide care for children and families that is second-to-none.


Live cheque presentation and interview.

BC Children’s Hospital is the only place in the province with the critical mass of child-health expertise needed to serve all of BC’s kids. Our specialists go through years of specialized training to learn how to care for children’s unique needs. Your support allows them to continually update their skills and participate in international studies to ensure BC’s children benefit from the latest treatments. Our physicians and other caregivers also regularly travel across the province to see children in or near their home communities. This helps to ensure a greater number of children receive the proper care they need, without making a trip to the hospital.

Last year, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the drug imatinib for the treatment of children newly diagnosed with a form of highrisk leukemia. The clinical trial was led by BC Children’s pediatric cancer researcher Dr. Kirk Schultz, who found that the drug improves the three-year survival rate of children with that type of leukemia from 20 per cent to 75 per cent, with no additional side effects. Life-saving discoveries like these are what you’re making possible through your support.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is fortunate to receive donations from many individuals and organizations across the province. Miracle Weekend dollars make up a significant portion of funds provided to the hospital each year, ensuring the hospital runs at peak capacity to meet the needs of children and families. Undesignated donations to Miracle Weekend are used to meet the hospital’s annual needs as part of the Excellence in Child Health Fund. Some of the donations recognized during the Miracle Weekend broadcast are designated to specific programs or activities that are not part of the hospital’s annual request. Other sources of revenue – lotteries, investment income, estate and planned gifts, direct response marketing and major gifts – make up the remainder of funds provided to the hospital.

Undesignated donations - like Miracle Weekend gifts - are directed to the Excellence in Child Health Fund to buy specialized equipment, support health promotion and education, and fund other activities at Children’s Hospital, the Child & Family Research Institute and Sunny Hill. Other gifts go to specific areas within the three facilities where donors have designated their support, as well as the Campaign for BC Children, the $200-million fundraising initiative completed in November 2013 to help build the new BC Children’s Hospital and expand access to care province-wide through Child Health BC. Construction for the new hospital has begun and the new facility is expected to open in 2017. The foundation’s cost of fundraising is roughly 20 per cent, meaning over $0.80 of the undesignated dollar donated is used to support the activities of the hospital, research institute and Sunny Hill.

BC Children’s Hospital is renowned across Canada and internationally for its innovative and pioneering research programs. Many of our researchers are also clinicians at the hospital, meaning the discoveries that they make in the labs can be quickly translated into new treatments for children. More than half of the children seen at BC Children’s have a genetically linked health condition. Research holds the key to understanding the causes of these and other conditions, and finding new medicines to treat, and even cure them. An investment in research is an investment in the health of today’s and tomorrow’s children. Last year, the $12 million for research donated by the community, including Miracle Weekend dollars, enabled our researchers to leverage an additional $58 million from external agencies – an incredible payoff that benefits children in BC and around the world.

Last year, with Miracle Weekend dollars, more than 55 pieces of equipment were that can be used by our patients - big or small - who require life support An inpatient video monitoring system that alerts caregivers of changes in critically ill children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.


, a portable tool that helps Sunny Hill caregivers to find the best cushion positioning for wheelchairs and beds to maximize comfort for immobile children.

An that allows audiologists to better determine the functioning of children’s hearing aids.

purchased or upgraded. They include:

Unlike other hospitals, we require a wide range of equipment that must be sized appropriately for use with our diverse patients – from tiny babies who are the length of an adult’s palm to full-grown teenagers.


A leading institute that ranks among the world’s best for childhood disease research.

13% The latest medical

technologies and procedures enabled by


The who are at the forefront of their fields and are trained on the most up-to-date therapies for children through education and fellowships, as well as health promotion.

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Mw2014 stewardshipreportkirmaccollisionservices  

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