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2011 – 2012 annual report

Anyone who has spent time with a child knows that they often ask the most candid questions. Where do I come from? Why is the sky blue? Why can’t I do that? They are also upfront about their wants, needs and feelings. It’s mine. I want to walk. Carry me. It hurts.


n 2011, 81,429 children from across BC and the Yukon passed through the doors of BC Children’s Hospital. Each of them had their own questions that they wanted answered. We hear questions from the simple “Will it hurt?” to the more profound “Why me?” It is our duty and honour to serve these children, and to do everything we can to give them the answers they seek.

Why are we able to do what we do? It’s because of the generosity of people like you.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Every day our caregivers and scientists direct their energies toward understanding the diseases that affect our children, and finding ways to better treat or cure them. With the support of 150,406 donors last year, we are well-positioned to give BC’s children the care they need today and in the future.


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2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

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hildren are known for being honest and direct in their statements. Sometimes, though, it is up to us – the grown-ups – to speak for them. Although they often find ways to let us know they want something, children are not necessarily the best advocates for their own needs. That’s where you come in.

In BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 2011-12 fiscal year, we received donations from 150,406 people like you. These expressions of support – for the hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI) – give voice to children and youth who rely on us to advocate for them. With your support, and your advocacy, you are shaping the future of pediatric care in BC. Your generous donations to the hospital, Sunny Hill and CFRI address the current and future health needs of children and youth in BC and the Yukon. Many of our donors have made gifts to the Campaign for BC Children, our capital campaign in support of the construction of a new BC Children’s Hospital and of Child Health BC, which is improving access to specialized care closer to home for children around the province. This sort of forward thinking – making gifts that will have an impact on children who are today very young or not yet born – is shaping the future of pediatric care. Your active support of the campaign shows you believe that children deserve the best care and every opportunity for good health. When you advocate for children in this manner, people take notice, change happens and lives are transformed.

Teri Nicholas, president & ceo, bc children’s hospital foundation

In the past fiscal year, we provided just over $50 million to BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill, including over $9 million to support research at CFRI. This funding, provided on an annual basis, has a significant impact on clinical care, research and education. For example, in June, we celebrated the opening of a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facility at the hospital. The new device, a three-tesla (or 3T) MRI has twice the power of the hospital’s current MRI. While this was funded primarily with federal and provincial dollars, our foundation – thanks to support from BC’s mining community – was able to provide the last piece of funding, over $1 million, to make this possible. The information gained through research in this facility has significant implications for our understanding of neonatal brain development and for the care of premature babies.

Just as donations made in previous years touched the lives of 81,429 individual patients who made 212,507 visits to BC Children’s Hospital in 2011 alone, the money raised in 2011-12 will touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in the years ahead. Each of the donations made to the hospital and Sunny Hill in the past year has an impact on care today and on our ability to deliver even better care tomorrow. It is clear that a ventilator purchased with money raised in 2011-12 has

Kevin Bent, board chair, bc children’s hospital foundation

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

In June 2011, we celebrated our annual Miracle Weekend with yet another record fundraising total of $17.9 million. This total reflects the widespread support we receive from individuals across BC and the Yukon and from a full range of industry sectors, from retail/wholesale and hospitality and restaurants, to real estate and banking.


an immediate impact on the health of children treated at the hospital. It is perhaps less clear, but no less true, that gifts to our capital campaign in support of the construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital, which will open in 2018, are also having an immediate effect. The promise of the new hospital is enabling the hospital to recruit highly sought-after pediatric subspecialists from around the world. Your gifts make these changes possible. Your gifts allow us to meet the present and future critical health needs of children and youth in BC and the Yukon. Your gifts give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. But year after year, when children do learn to speak and when they come to understand what you – our donors – have done for them, we hear them say thank you. Thank you for your support.

Teri Nicholas, msw, rsw president & ceo

Kevin Bent chair, board of directors



he first signs of the transformation that is taking place on the BC Children’s Hospital site are now evident. In September the doors will open to the new Clinical Support Building – which already has the moniker, CSB. Construction of the CSB represents an important step as we prepare for the demolition of most of the old Shaughnessy Hospital to make way for our new, state-of-the-art, Children’s Hospital. Medical and administrative staff and hospital clinics currently housed in the 72-year-old Shaughnessy building must be relocated on and off the site, so completion of the CSB, which will house staff who must remain on site, will be a milestone worth celebrating.

There is a growing sense of excitement among our board members, staff and donors as plans for the new hospital progress. Earlier this year I visited a warehouse in a quiet corner of Burnaby where you’d never guess amazing things have been happening – this is where the new BC Children’s Hospital has been, quite literally, taking shape. For two years, hospital staff and planners have been applying the principles of LEAN, aimed at improving efficiency and reducing waste, to ensure we design and build the best hospital possible – one that puts children and families first while ensuring medical staff can do their best work. This has led us to the 13,500-square-metre warehouse where entire floors of the new hospital are being assembled with cardboard walls. It’s fascinating to walk these cardboard corridors with parents, doctors and caregivers as they test and discuss various patient-care scenarios and the issues that arise: Does the floor plan we’re testing permit the isolation of hospital areas and patients in the event of a disease outbreak? Where can siblings play while a brother or sister is undergoing treatment? If we place children in the same area before and after surgery, will those recovering from surgery upset those preparing for it? The questions are countless and vital.

Don Lindsay, chair, the campaign for bc children

The value lies in our ability to test these scenarios before construction gets underway. Planners are able to make changes before a shovel has broken the ground, rather than being forced to make modifications during the construction process or to renovate to compensate for oversights shortly after the doors open. Medical staff whose expertise lies in caring for patients rather than in the study of architectural drawings can gain a sense first-hand of what their area will look like in the new hospital and allow planners to benefit from the insights they bring to the process. And, parents who have spent hundreds of hours in the hospital bring perhaps the most important perspective – how will the new design work for them and their children. Walking through these mocked-up floors has given me even greater confidence – as a donor and as chair of the Campaign for BC Children – that when the doors to the new BC Children’s Hospital open we will be able to feel proud of what we have accomplished. As of June 2012, 67,543 donors had contributed $142.5 million to the Campaign for BC Children. With every passing day we can see with ever greater clarity how – through Child Health BC (page 16) and the construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital – those gifts are having, and will continue to have, an impact on the lives of countless children from BC and the Yukon. Thank you for supporting the Campaign for BC Children.

Don Lindsay chair, the campaign for bc children

Complaints of a sore tummy were the first signs that something was wrong with Oscar. An ultrasound revealed that the lump on Oscar’s stomach was actually an aggressive tumour in his right kidney. At BC Children’s, doctors performed an emergency operation on the youngster to remove the affected kidney. In the months following the surgery Oscar endured multiple radiation and chemotherapy treatments to stop the growth of remaining cancer cells. Oscar was in remission for a brief period before doctors found that his cancer had returned. The four-year-old now faces further treatment. Despite the hardships, Oscar always has a smile on his face, and caregivers at Children’s Hospital have come to know and adore his energy and lively personality.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Oscar Dorval



BC Children’s Hospital belongs to everyone. Any child – among the close to one million children living in BC and the Yukon – who is seriously ill or injured is referred to Children’s Hospital and is either treated at the hospital in Vancouver or, in consultation with Children’s specialists, in their home community.


ast year, 81,429 children from across the province and territory made 212,507 visits to BC Children’s Hospital. Initially built to accommodate 35,000 annual visits, the hospital has been operating beyond its capacity for years. We want to give today’s children, and future generations, a hospital they can be proud of. We’re doing this through the Campaign for BC Children. Launched in 2008, the $200-million Campaign for BC Children has three objectives: To support the construction of a new BC Children’s Hospital;


To support the expansion of Child Health BC, a Children’s Hospital initiative, so that children have access to a consistent and high standard of specialized care, no matter where in the province they live;


To relocate child development and rehabilitation services currently housed at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children in East Vancouver to the hospital’s main site.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is raising $150 million toward the construction of the new hospital and $50 million for Child Health BC. The cost of construction of the new hospital is $682 million. When the new BC Children’s Hospital opens in 2018, it will be a facility that every child will be proud to call their own.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report



Capstone Mining Corp. With operations across BC and the Yukon, as well as in Mexico and Chile, Capstone Mining Corp. is dedicated to giving back to the communities in which its employees live and work. This makes supporting BC Children’s Hospital, a facility that serves children and families in every corner of the province and territory, a natural fit and a top priority for the BC-based company. Since 2007, Capstone has given generously – not only financially, but also of its employees’ time. Key members of Capstone’s team have served on the Mining for Miracles committee, the mining industry’s annual fundraising campaign for BC Children’s. In 2010, Capstone took its support to new heights with a $3-million commitment to the Oncology Outpatient Clinic in the new hospital. At any given time, close to 1,000 children are in active cancer treatment at BC Children’s Hospital; Capstone’s gift will have an impact on each of these children and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Darren Pylot, president, ceo & director capstone mining corp.


Since the launch of the Campaign for BC Children – the largest healthcare fundraising initiative the province has ever seen – 67,543 generous individuals, corporations and organizations have opened their hearts and wallets in support of this initiative that promises to bring fundamental changes to the way children receive health care in the years to come.


onstruction hasn’t yet started for the new BC Children’s Hospital, but the Clinical Support Building, located on the hospital site and a part of Phase 1 of the redevelopment project, is expected to be complete in September 2012. This $14-million, 2,400-squaremetre building will house staff who will have vacated their workspaces in the Shaughnessy building, parts of which will be demolished to make way for the new hospital.

In January 2012, planning entered the Integrated Facility Design (IFD) phase, during which the “flows” of medicine are tested in a full-scale model of hospital floors. The scale and magnitude of this design process is the largest undertaken in North America and many aspects of it will serve as a framework for the development of other hospitals. In a 13,500-square-metre warehouse in Burnaby, medical and non-medical staff, parents and hospital supporters have been touring through mazes of cardboard walls that replicate initial design concepts of each floor of the new Children’s Hospital. Giving caregivers and families the opportunity to walk through the spaces, rather than just see them on paper, has given them a greater understanding of how the spaces work and, importantly, has allowed them and hospital planners to identify and address any inadequacies in the design.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Meanwhile, activities surrounding the planning and design of the new hospital continued with fervour.


In a 13,500-square-metre warehouse in Burnaby, full-size mock-ups of each floor in the new BC Children’s Hospital are put together using cardboard walls – one floor at a time. During each session those who are closest to the hospital – caregivers, researchers, administrators, donors and parents – move through the model to test the flows of medicine using day-to-day patient care scenarios.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report


In the new facility, patients will not have to move throughout the system as a convenience to the hospital; rather, the new hospital will be built around meeting children’s and families’ needs. Relevant services will be brought closer together so that when a child with cancer requires anesthesia, for example, the patient does not have to leave the oncology floor and can have the procedure done in the same area, enhancing comfort and safety. Input from families has been invaluable throughout the IFD process. A clear consensus is that patient rooms should be larger, with a private bathroom and a bed for parents in every room. Many parents have stressed the importance of having spacious patient rooms, which will enable them to spend more time with their child, better support their child emotionally, and allow them to enjoy simple comforts like having a meal together. The IFD process reduces waste and costs, ensures all space is used effectively, and enhances care for patients and families. Furthermore, it will ensure that the design criteria provided to the team selected to undertake the final design and construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital reflects the best thinking of BC Children’s medical staff, administrators, parents and planners. Teck Resources Limited committed to a $25-million gift to support the construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital – the largest gift in the hospital’s history.


Four-year-old Jonathan Dean is one of many BC children benefiting from Child Health BC. He has a genetic condition called CHARGE syndrome, is deaf and blind, and requires specialized care in speech therapy, audiology, respirology and ophthalmology, among others. He has a tracheotomy to breathe and a feeding tube. Prior to the opening of the Pediatric Ambulatory Health Clinic at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital in 2009, Jonathan and his family travelled regularly from their home in Nanaimo to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. Although Jonathan still goes to BC Children’s at least once a year for checkups, most of his care is now managed by caregivers in Nanaimo.

Child Health BC undertook an extensive review of the Pediatric Ambulatory Health Clinic in Nanaimo, which was made possible by $1.9 million in funding from Child Health BC as well as two years of bridge operational funding. Before the clinic was built, more than 2,000 patients and families from central and northern Vancouver Island were making 6,500 trips to BC Children’s Hospital annually for specialized care. The clinic’s opening has allowed many of these families to receive care closer to home; between April 2009 and March 2011, approximately 1,200 families made over 3,000 visits to the child-friendly clinic. As a result, many families on the Island are spared the stress and expense of commuting to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, and many medical and nursing students in the area have received valuable training in pediatrics at the clinic.

The early focus of this collaborative service planning is the development of provincial plans for the delivery of pediatric cancer services, palliative care, and emergency and surgical services. In conjunction with this initiative, Child Health BC is supporting the development of provincial standards and continues to hold workshops, attended by health professionals from across the province, to share knowledge and build pediatric care capacity in the regions. Topics discussed at the workshops include cystic fibrosis, social pediatrics, weight management and the monitoring of hip health for children with cerebral palsy. Overwaitea Food Group is Child Health BC’s lead benefactor with a pledge of $20 million.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

In 2011 Child Health BC took on a new strategic direction to facilitate the development of a single provincial health services plan for children and youth. A uniform service plan, created in collaboration with provincial partners, is of paramount importance if we are to ensure the province has the ability to provide high-quality services in a way that meets children’s and families’ needs, and that the provision of these services is cost-effective and feasible from a human resource perspective.



BC Children’s Hospital Foundation continued to receive strong support for the campaign, including a $1-million gift from Brian and Andrea Hill and a $3-million commitment from the South Asian community – through the A Night of Miracles gala – for an interventional radiology room in the new Children’s Hospital. These donations, along with contributions from tens of thousands of other individuals and corporations, have helped us raise $142.5 million of our $200-million campaign goal.


BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is honoured to acknowledge the following donors who have generously contributed $1 million or more to the Campaign for BC Children (as of June 2012): $20,000,000+

$1,000,000 to $2,999,999

Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Estate of Karel and Edith Alston PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods, The Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital Urban Fare & Bulkley Valley Wholesale BMO Financial Group Teck Resources Limited Jack and Doris Brown Foundation The Patrick and Beryl Campbell $5,000,000 to $19,999,999 Charitable Trust Chinese-Canadian Community Stephanie A. Carlson Ledcor Group of Companies, CIBC and CIBC Employees Dave Lede Family Charitable Finning Foundation Douglas C. Gordon TELUS Team Members and Retirees Brian and Andrea Hill Anonymous Family Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation Jake and Judy Kerr $3,000,000 to $4,999,999 Donald R. Lindsay A Night of Miracles Peterson Group Canucks for Kids Fund RBC Foundation Capstone Mining Corp. Colonel Harland Sanders Charities Golden Girls Group Scotiabank and its Employees The Lee Family Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Families Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation Silver Wheaton Anonymous (3)

Addison McArthur As reporters with Global BC, Aaron McArthur and Elaine Yong have covered many stories at BC Children’s Hospital. Never would they have imagined that one day, their child would be the subject of one of these stories. Three weeks after Addison McArthur was born her heart began to fail, rapidly. Her condition was so serious that doctors at BC Children’s determined that her only chance of survival was a heart transplant. In May 2011 Addison became the first infant to receive a heart transplant at BC Children’s. She recently celebrated her first birthday and Aaron and Elaine could not be happier with the way their baby is progressing. They are grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the hospital through Global BC’s support of Miracle Weekend; they now report the hospital’s stories with an extra sense of personal conviction and gratitude.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report 19

Dr. Djavad Mowafaghian Growing up in a modest household in Iran, Dr. Djavad Mowafaghian learned from his mother that it was his duty to be kind and generous to others, and to consider the well-being of future generations. Since he made BC his home in 1987, Dr. Mowafaghian has demonstrated a deep desire and passion for helping children, contributing more than $10 million to BC Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mowafaghian’s philanthropy has transformed the environment in which children receive care at the hospital; his gift to the Campaign for BC Children is also ensuring the new BC Children’s is well-positioned to care for children and families in the years to come. Through his generosity, Dr. Mowafaghian is inspiring young people to follow his lead and giving them every opportunity to pursue their dreams.


Children don’t like to wait in line. That’s why caregivers in the Department of Surgery have strived to alleviate the wait-lists for surgery through improvements in operational efficiency and additional operating room resources.


n 2011, our specialists performed 8,579 operations and clocked 13,502 surgical hours. Thanks to extra funding from the Provincial Health Services Authority for additional operating room hours, the number of hip surgeries performed increased from 55 to 99 and the number of spine surgeries went up from 123 to 187 compared with the year before. As a result, children requiring hip and spine operations are receiving more timely care.

Research activities continue to improve care and treatments for children. One of the hospital’s newest recruits, Dr. Neil Chadha, a pediatric otolaryngology surgeon and director of pediatric otolaryngology research, is supervising a number of clinical research studies to help children with ear, nose and throat diseases.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Under the leadership of cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi, the cardiac surgery team at BC Children’s has all but eliminated its surgical wait-list. They have also reduced the use of blood transfusions and cut the length of stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for patients following open-heart surgery by more than half. Last year, Children’s cardiac team performed 360 operations. This included 228 open-heart operations, over half of which were performed on patients under a year old, and many on newborn babies. Dr. Gandhi’s contributions were recognized by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. His team received the prestigious 2012 Leadership in Quality award for leading health-care initiatives that helped to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.


Recently, Dr. Chadha completed the first randomized controlled trial to determine if using a nose spray prior to inserting a flexible camera into a child’s nose can reduce the amount of discomfort felt during an endoscopy. His findings showed that a decongestant spray was more effective than using either saline or a local anesthetic. As a result, the way in which nose endoscopies are performed has changed for the better, with children experiencing less pain and discomfort during the procedure. Dr. Chadha’s team is also looking into the use of medication to treat obstructive sleep apnea versus performing surgery, studying the sinus-related quality of life in children with cystic fibrosis, improving voice outcomes for children with different types of voice box surgery, and understanding the role of acid reflux in noisy breathing in newborn babies. Through these and other innovative and patient-centred research activities, BC’s children and families can be assured they will have access to timely and the best possible surgical care.

Within the span of a week, Kent and Kelly McIvor learned that both of their daughters – Katrina and Kiarra – have cystic fibrosis (CF). CF is a life-limiting disease for which there is currently no cure. To maintain their health the sisters must follow a strict routine, which includes physical therapy to clear the lung airways, and take up to 60 pills a day between the two of them. Over the past two decades, the life expectancy of individuals with CF has increased from 14 years to 35. Kent and Kelly are hopeful that research will continue to bring good news for CF patients, and that Katrina and Kiarra will look forward to a bright future.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Katrina and Kiarra McIvor


Lee Family The Lee family believes firmly that the ability to give is a gift in itself. “The more you give, the more you receive” is the mantra of every generation of this family. Having seen and experienced the health-care systems of other countries, the Lee family knows how fortunate British Columbians are. They feel blessed to be in Canada and to have the opportunity to contribute to the building of the new BC Children’s Hospital. The Lees were compelled to give to the Campaign for BC Children for many reasons, including the impact it will have on the hospital’s ability to retain and attract the world’s best caregivers, and the fact that the warm and healing-conducive environment will help children return home to their loved ones sooner. The knowledge that their gift will help children and families in times of great need gives this family a deep sense of fulfilment. They also hope that their support will serve as an inspiration to others in the community.

Four generations of philanthropy: baby Alexandra with her great-grandmother, Jane Chang.


More than 200 investigators at the Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI) share the goal of giving children every opportunity to grow into healthy adults. Located on the site of BC Children’s Hospital, CFRI is dedicated to excellence in children’s and women’s health research, and is a top institute of its kind in North America.


aving a leading-edge research centre on the hospital campus brings enormous benefits to BC’s children: new knowledge about childhood diseases comes out of the institute almost daily, and our children are among the first in the world to be treated with the latest therapies as soon as they are developed and approved.

BC Children’s Hospital and CFRI are known internationally for their contributions to childhood cancer care. A team comprising Drs. Sandra Dunn, Catherine Pallen and Abbas Fotovati found that removing an overactive protein from some types of brain tumours stops the growth of cancer cells. Their discovery was reported in the August 2011 issue of Cancer Research, the most frequently cited cancer journal in the world.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

In July 2011, a team of CFRI researchers, including Drs. Bruce Verchere, Loraine Bischoff, Joel Montane and Rusung Tan, found that increasing levels of a specific protein in areas of the pancreas that produce insulin blocks the immune attack that causes type 1 diabetes. Today, there are about 200,000 British Columbians living with diabetes, including about one in 400 children and adolescents. To survive, children with type 1 diabetes must take insulin injections several times a day for their entire lives. Our researchers’ findings have the potential to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living with diabetes in BC and globally.


Research teams are also studying infant brain development. A research study led by Drs. Ruth Grunau and Steven Miller has found that preterm babies who have had more skin-breaking medical procedures – such as needles, IVs and feeding tubes – have slower brain development. This study used advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques to safely measure the relationship of painful procedures to infant brain development. The next step in this study is to understand how these brain changes affect children’s thinking, motor control and language development. Drs. Dina Panagiotopoulos and Angela Devlin have found that a genetic variation increases the risk to children who are taking second-generation antipsychotic medications, of developing metabolic syndrome – a cluster of conditions that are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Second-generation antipsychotics are prescribed to approximately 5,500 children and youth in British Columbia for a variety of mental disorders including psychotic, autism spectrum, mood, attention deficit hyperactivity, and anxiety disorders, and substance abuse. Reducing these risks in childhood is a priority because adults with mental illness have a 19 per cent higher mortality rate than normal, largely due to cardiovascular disease.

Kaitlyn Morovic Concern for an infant’s survival shouldn’t be the first emotion a new parent experiences, but when Heather Morovic’s daughter, Kaitlyn, was born with mosaic Down syndrome and two holes in her heart, fear for her newborn daughter’s life overrode everything else. Kaitlyn, now two years old, spent the first six weeks of her life at BC Children’s Hospital and that experience left a lasting impression on Heather and her husband, Nenad. Today, they can’t say enough about the caregivers at BC Children’s. From the surgeon who performed Kaitlyn’s intestinal surgery at 11:30 pm just so “it was done sooner rather than later,” to the nurses who made their hospital stays “magical,” the Morovics are grateful to everyone they’ve met during Kaitlyn’s treatment. The hospital will continue to be a big part of the family’s lives as doctors keep a close eye on Kaitlyn’s health as she grows.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report 27

Grace te Boekhorst At just seven years old, Grace te Boekhorst might seem a little young to start fundraising. On the other hand, her experience at BC Children’s Hospital likely gave her all the motivation she needed. Grace had to visit four times a week for hemodialysis to combat the effects of the rare disease she was born with and, at the age of five, she underwent a life-saving kidney transplant. These experiences inspired her to raise money to buy a new plasmapheresis machine so that other children like her can receive the best care. On her seventh birthday – one of her first birthdays not spent in treatment – Grace proudly came to BC Children’s with a cheque for $87,500. To reach this total, Grace saved money from birthday and holiday gifts, and collected over 800 donations from friends, relatives and companies – including a gift of more than $20,000 from BMO Financial Group and its staff. Grace’s experience has inspired others as well. Her grandparents, Barb and Gord Izatt, know that if it weren’t for the caregivers at BC Children’s their granddaughter would not be with them today. Barb and Gord are proud to contribute monthly to a fund set up in honour of Grace to help ensure the best of care is available for other children like Grace.


Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, a sister facility to and part of BC Children’s Hospital, helps children and youth with developmental and rehabilitation needs reach their full potential. In 2011, 6,614 children born with conditions that affect their learning or development, like cerebral palsy and epilepsy, or who have been injured in accidents, came to Sunny Hill for specialized care. Each child has their unique set of questions and needs, and caregivers provide the answers and support they need to help these children and youth achieve the highest quality of life possible.


C Children’s Hospital Foundation raised $1.2 million in 2011-12 for Sunny Hill’s one-of-a-kind programs, equipment needs and training.

The “I Can Talk Too” program continued to provide children with communication challenges with talking computers, writing aids and other specialized computer software so that they can communicate and interact with those around them. Ninety-one children benefited from this unique program last year.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

A total of $338,000 went toward the purchase of specialized equipment such as power wheelchairs, giving children with mobility issues the freedom to move around easily on their own. Sunny Hill’s inpatient dining room and family place were also refurbished, and children and families now have access to a more pleasant environment that enhances healing.


Research is key to improving care. A total of $429,000 went to support research projects that developed measures to monitor the quality of services children and youth with special needs receive, as well as innovative approaches that ensure the continuity and coordination of care for children with complex chronic health conditions. These research initiatives are key to ensuring the needs of children requiring rehabilitation and developmental support are being adequately addressed. Specialists who are trained in pediatrics are highly sought-after in the province. Funding of $118,000 supported fellowships that provided training opportunities to two trainees last year. These positions are essential if we are to train psychologists with hopes of them staying in the field. The funding also gave staff the opportunity to learn at conferences and education sessions, share their research with others and, importantly, bring new knowledge back to Sunny Hill to benefit BC’s kids.

Aidan Chin

Aidan has acute lymphoblastic leukemia and, although he receives some of his chemotherapy treatments at home, he will remain a monthly visitor to BC Children’s Hospital until the end of his treatment in June 2014. Cancer can have a profound impact on a child’s life in many ways. The fact that Aidan, once a shy child, recently spoke about his experience in front of a large crowd shows that the illness has done more than influence his artwork, it has also made him stronger.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Aidan has a creative mind and the 13-year-old’s art reveals how much his world has changed since his cancer diagnosis in February 2011. One of his drawings shows children with IV poles, which Aidan portrays as the children’s “buddies” – friendly entities that help them out.


Costco Wholesale For 20 years, Costco and BC Children’s Hospital have worked together to keep children healthy. In its first year of participation in the hospital’s Miracle Weekend telethon, Costco raised $10,000; two decades later, Costco’s cumulative support for the hospital has grown to more than $10 million. This past June, Costco and its employees celebrated their greatest achievement yet - $1.6 million raised for BC Children’s Hospital in a single year.

Representing the Costco team (from left to right): Randy Whyte, Michael Thompson, Mark Tyszka, John Glassford, Russ Miller, Steve Foster and Mark Johnston.

A culture of giving is embraced by everyone involved with Costco – from its dedicated employees who work tirelessly to raise funds, to its generous members who purchase Miracle Balloon icons at Costco warehouses. The people behind Costco are proud to contribute to the health and well-being of BC’s kids, and look forward to continuing to create a healthier community for today’s children and future generations.


Donations to the Excellence in Child Health Fund safeguard the level of care provided at BC Children’s Hospital by supporting the people who strive to meet our children’s most urgent health needs and giving them the tools they need to do their jobs. Thousands of individuals, organizations and corporations contribute to the fund through their support of Miracle Weekend – a yearlong fundraising campaign that is celebrated on the first weekend of June every year.


Another $2.1 million went to the purchase and upgrading of medical equipment, giving caregivers at BC Children’s and Sunny Hill the tools they need to continue to provide the best possible care to children in BC and the Yukon. Some of the equipment purchased thanks to your generosity includes: „„ A video bronchoscope in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit – making it easier for our respiratory therapists to see inside children’s airways and examine problems such as bleeding, foreign objects, tumours and inflammation;

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

n 2011-12, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation transferred $13 million to BC Children’s Hospital from the Excellence in Child Health Fund, the majority of which – $9.3 million – was directed to child-specific research. Our world-class investigators at the Child & Family Research Institute seek to identify and understand the basis of children’s health problems; through their work, they discover new and improved approaches to diagnosing and treating childhood diseases. Our scientists’ projects range from the micro – such as identifying a genetic alteration or malfunctioning molecule and understanding how this gives rise to childhood cancer or diabetes – to the macro – for example, how a child’s interaction with the environment (in the womb, with viruses, or through diet or accidents) impacts health.


„„ A videofluoroscopy chair at Sunny Hill – so that assessments of children’s swallowing ability are safer and easier to conduct; and „„

Syringe feeding pumps – replacing ones that are nearing the end of their lifespan and ensuring nourishment is given to patients with greater precision than is the case with older pumps.

Donor funds also supported educational and training opportunities for medical staff and researchers. Funding of $178,000 for simulation training and support is enabling our caregivers to practise medical procedures in a safe and controlled environment so that when reallife emergencies occur, they are well prepared to respond and save children’s lives. A total of $640,000 in clinical fellowships supported training for physicians in neurosurgery, orthopedics, radiology, psychology, child life, plastic surgery, respirology, nephrology, cardiology, immunization and infectious diseases, and gastroenterology. These fellowships support the next generation of medical professionals and ensure our children of today and tomorrow are cared for by caregivers with outstanding skills and knowledge.


People in British Columbia and the Yukon stepped up to support BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute in record numbers in the 2011-12 fiscal year. This widespread support gave the foundation its second consecutive year with revenues of above $80 million. Total consolidated revenues, including lotteries and investments, were $83 million in 2011-12.


Miracle Weekend revenue continues to grow, reaching $17.9 million in 2011-12. Foundation events including ChildRun, Jeans Day™ and the Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend each raised over $1 million, while Mining for Miracles and the Banks Division each raised in excess of $2 million and the Retail & Wholesale Division brought in over $5 million. Both of our lotteries – the Choices Lottery and the Dream Lottery – sold out in 2011-12, contributing just under $5 million to support research at BC Children’s Hospital.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

lthough fundraising revenue for the year increased by close to $5 million, continued low returns in the investment market led to a year-to-year decrease in investment income and held consolidated revenue to slightly less than the prior year. The $200-million Campaign for BC Children continued to attract donations of all sizes to support the construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital and Child Health BC. At March 31, 2012, the campaign total had reached $140 million against the $200-million goal.


We remain focused on completing the Campaign for BC Children in the next year while continuing to raise the dollars required to meet the annual needs of BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute. If you would like more information about the foundation’s fiscal activity or to view our audited financial statements, please contact the foundation at 604 875 2444 or visit us at

Geoff Parkin chair, finance committee

Knut Nordlie, cfre vice-president & chief operating officer



10% 14% 1%






The foundation receives funds from a number of special events each year, including Crystal Ball, For Children We Care, Festival of Trees and golf tournaments, as well as independent community events put on by individuals and groups across BC.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation accepts donations from individuals’ gifts in estate plans, gifts in their will, and gifts of life insurance or from a charitable trust. Tribute gifts are an expression of friendship, love or sympathy and provide a channel for donors to create a lasting remembrance of someone. Gifts may be designated to a particular area of interest. Undesignated gifts are used to meet the hospital’s most urgent needs.

Each year, British Columbians contribute to the United Way and designate Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill as the funding recipients. In addition, granting agencies may designate funds to a specific program through the foundation.

Donations from individuals, corporations and community groups make up a large percentage of funds received by the foundation. Donors can choose to support a specific area of need at Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill or the Child & Family Research Institute, or allow the foundation to designate funds where they are needed most.


The annual Miracle Weekend is one of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s most visible community fundraising

campaigns. This two-day broadcast is the culmination of a year of fundraising activities by employee groups, service organizations, schools and community groups, and members of the public. The Miracle Weekend includes the A World of Smiles South Asian telethon on Shaw Multicultural Channel, the Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend telethon on Fairchild TV and radiothons on CHMB AM1320 and Fairchild Radio AM1470, and BC Children’s Hospital Miracle Weekend on Global BC.


Every year, generous individuals respond to mailed correspondence, television promotions, telephone requests, and door-to-door solicitation conducted by representatives of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Many of these donors belong to the Sunshine Club – a monthly donation program that provides a stable and cost-efficient source of funding for the foundation.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report






4% 44%

3% 22%


ƒƒ Construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital ƒƒ Child Health BC ƒƒ Clinical Support Building


ƒƒ Childhood cancer and blood research ƒƒ Diabetes, nutrition and metabolism ƒƒ Developmental neurosciences and child health ƒƒ Genetics and health ƒƒ Immunity in health and disease ƒƒ Innovations in acute care and technologies ƒƒ Reproduction and healthy pregnancy ƒƒ The Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics ƒƒ Research institute infrastructure and equipment ƒƒ Research investigator recruitment


ƒƒ Equipment and capital needs ƒƒ Leadership amd health system transformation ƒƒ “I Can Talk Too” program ƒƒ Child Development & Rehabilitation Evidence Centre ƒƒ Fellowships and education ƒƒ Research and clinical improvements


ƒƒ Child Health Quality Resource Centre ƒƒ Simulation training and support ƒƒ Leadership recruitment ƒƒ Centre for International Child Health ƒƒ Clinical fellowships ƒƒ Other special projects including music therapy

4% SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT ƒƒ Clinical equipment in the acute pediatric inpatient and cardiac programs ƒƒ Operating room lights, scope sets and operating room beds ƒƒ A broad range of other childspecific medical equipment


ƒƒ Genetic research endowments ƒƒ Pediatric oncology endowments ƒƒ Diabetes research at the hospital and the research institute ƒƒ A broad range of other areas of donor interest, including cardiac sciences, nephrology, mental health and orthopedics, to name a few

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report



BC Children’s Hospital depends on corporations, their employees, foundations and community groups for their dedication and generosity. We thank our Legends, Champions and Heroes who contributed $25,000 or more between January 1 and December 31, 2011, for helping to make miracles happen. Corporate and Community Legends – $1 million or more

The Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital  BMO Financial Group  Canucks for Kids Fund  Capstone Mining Corp.  CIBC and CIBC Employees  Colonel Harland Sanders Charities  Costco Wholesale, Employees and Members Michael Cuccione Foundation Finning  Golden Girls Group 

Ledcor Group of Companies, Dave Lede Family Charitable Foundation  RBC Foundation  Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods, Urban Fare & Bulkley Valley Wholesale  Scotiabank and its Employees  Silver Wheaton  Teck Resources Limited & Employees  TELUS Team Members and Retirees 

Corporate and Community Champions – $100,000 to $999,999 Abbott Nutrition Balding for Dollars Blake, Cassels and Graydon LLP  BMO Employee Charitable Foundation  Building For Kids Charity Golf Classic Canamera Refrigerated Transport  Mary & Gordon Christopher Foundation Dairy Queen Canada Inc. Goldcorp Inc. Grind For Kids Hooked on Miracles Mining For Miracles Charity Fishing Tournament HSBC Bank Canada Employees & Clients  International Taoist Church of Canada

Kirmac Collision Services RBC - Employees and Clients  RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998) Inc. SMS Equipment Inc. & Employees  Summits of Hope  TD Bank Group  Tim Hortons Donors designating through the United Way of the Lower Mainland  University of British Columbia  Vancouver Foundation  The Vancouver Sun & The Province  Walmart Canada & Associates West Coast Fishing Club’s Fishing for Kids Tournament Anonymous (2)

Corporate and Community Heroes – $25,000 to $99,999 Air Canada Foundation Army, Navy & Airforce Veterans in Canada  B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association  Bats for a Cause BC Hydro Power Pioneers  BC Safety Authority & Employees BC Scrapbooking Crop for Kids BMX Canada ABA Association The Bublé Family Superhero Suite Canada Safeway Limited & Employees Canadian Pacific Railway  Canadian Sunshine Kids Foundation Coast Capital Savings Credit Union  Commonwealth Insurance Company  Cowichan Charity Classic Cystic Fibrosis Canada David Oppenheimer & Associates  DePuy Spine (Johnson & Johnson Medical Products) Dr. Knox Middle School E.B. Horsman & Son Elm Foundation  Endeavour Silver Corp. Envision Financial Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer Fraternal Order of Eagles Genzyme Canada Hannah’s Heroes Foundation Lotte & John Hecht Memorial Foundation Highland Valley Copper and Employees The Hopkins Family’s Campaign for Hope

Huckleberry Mines Ltd. and Employees Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Imperial Metals Corporation Imperial Oil Ltd. KPMG  Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary  London Drugs Limited MarketPlace IGA Marriott Hotels of Canada Millennium Pacific Greenhouses  Mindham Fine Jewellery Mining Suppliers Association of BC New Gold Inc. Newman’s Own Foundation  North Shore Credit Union Procter & Gamble Inc. Prospera Credit Union  Provincial Employees Community Services Fund RE/MAX All Points Realty Group RE/MAX Camosun RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) RE/MAX Kelowna RE/MAX Nyda Realty RE/MAX of Nanaimo Rogers Communications The Royal Canadian Legion Setting Scoliosis Straight (Harms Study Group Foundation) Taseko Mines Ltd. Wigs for Kids

 Campaign supporter © Hospital Family member (current or past employee)

* Deceased


The Children’s Circle of Care honours individuals, family foundations and privately held corporations who contribute gifts of $10,000 or more. It is our honour to recognize these dedicated donors for their support of child health between January 1 and December 31, 2011. The Royal Circle recognizes donors whose cumulative contributions to BC Children’s Hospital have reached or exceeded $1 million since the inception of the Children’s Circle of Care program in 1995. 2011 Members The Abercrombie Foundation  Fareed and Sharon Ahamed  Christine Alvarez and Sean Keenan © James P. Angus  Mark and Kathy Ansermino © Aqueduct Foundation The Nighthawk Fund  Francesco and Tali’ah Aquilini  The Arneja Family © Gurpreet Arneja and Vineet Taneja David and Christina Auyoung  Noreen Ayles  Paul Balfour  Arthur and Elle* Bargen Collin Barker © Michael Barker© Greg and Linda Barnes Ronald and Marilyn Barr © Richard and Dorothy Beauchamp © Ryan and Cindy Beedie  Stephen and Kathy Bellringer Deepak Binning Foundation Geoffrey and Catherine Blair © Peter and Leslie Blake  Cornelius Boerkoel and Francine Boerkoel-Weststrate ©

JP Collet and Jun Chen © Robert L. Conconi Foundation Mary B. Connolly and Louis D. Wadsworth © Lance and Diane Conway Linda Conzatti Bradford Cooke Randy Cooke  Dave J. Copeland  W.E. and Y.V. Couling  Douglas J. Courtemanche © Maureen Crockett Rob and Jackie Cummins Graeme and Cheryl Currie  Dayhu Group of Companies  Rossano De Cotiis  Kevin and Gordy Dhaliwal Charles and Isabelle Diamond  Craig and Carrie Diamond  Gordon and Marion Dixon  David H. Doig and Emma J. Stevens  Sherry Doman  Rui Qin Dong  David and Angela Dueck  Walter and Heather Duncan © Carol Dyck Edith G. Dyck Larry and Jo Elliott Donald Fitzpatrick © Thomas Flanagan Ray Fortier  Fuma Enterprises Canada Ltd.  Martin and Ashley Gaetz Danny and Shirley Gaw  Roozbeh Ghaffari and Sara Khodadad B. Ming Gin Nancy Girling and Family Patrick Glazier and Lisa Graham  The Gooding Family The R K Grant Family Foundation  Great Century Foundation 

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

The Royal Circle Jack and Doris Brown Foundation   The Patrick and Beryl Campbell Charitable Trust  Canadian Chinese Help Care Society Stephanie A. Carlson  Caleb and Nancy* Chan Tom and Bonita Chan Wen and Sylvia Chen  Dan and Jill Devlin Fu Tak Iam Foundation Ltd. Douglas C. Gordon  The Hudson Family  Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation  Asa and Kashmir Johal and Family  Jake and Judy Kerr  Dave Lede Family Charitable Foundation  The Lee Family  Donald R. Lindsay  Djavad Mowafaghian  Peterson Group  The Rix Family Foundation  William L.* and Marjorie-Anne Sauder Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Families  Allan and Elsa Yap  ZeShan Foundation Anonymous (2)

Richard and Valerie Bradshaw Patti and Bruce Bried  Sean Bristol and Lisa Cheung © Michael Broderick Brian and Jackie Brownridge  Malcolm Bruce  The Thomas Alan Budd Foundation at The Calgary Foundation Suzanne Burgess and Graham Robins Jr. Kevin Bush and Helga Grau © Sonia and Mike Butterworth © Terence Byrne  David Cabral and Lori Tucker © The Campbell Family Andrew I. Campbell © Linda C. Campbell  Hector and Vivian Cantas  The Carriere Foundation  Chris and Althea Carty  Barry and Laurie Cavanaugh  Anson and Lena Chan  Richard C. Chan Tin Lum and Suet Yee Chan  David and Sophia Chang  Jean-Pierre Chanoine and Ariane Alimenti © Mickey Cheang  Shuk Ying Chiu  Steve and Bonnie Chiu  Chun Choi and Juliana Cho  Chuen-Chung and On Chau Chow  Mary and Gordon Christopher Foundation Alice and David Chung  Winnie W. Y. and Donald K.Y. Chung  John Clarke The Clayton Family Allan and Victoria Cloke Doug and Barbara Cochrane ©



Keyvan Hadad © Donald* and Daphne Hales  Del and Miranda Halladay Poul and Judith Hansen  David and Margaret* Hardwick © Michael and Sandra Hayden © Mark and Joan Hill © Lawrence and Sharen Ho Diane Hodgins Tim and Kerry Horsman Martin C. K. Hosking © J. Geoffrey and Marie-Claire Howard Tim Howard Lori Hoy  Denise Hui and Aaron Hui © Hilary and Patsy Hui  Terry Hui  Juliette Hukin and Peter Hoffman © Lorne Hulley and Cindy Kistner  Derek Human and Family © James and Linda Intihar David and Yael Israel © Kevan and Rikki Jacobson © James E. and Dee Jan © Douglas Johnston © Scott Jones Colin Joudrie and Dawn Russell  Norman B. Keevil The Keller Family Brian and Tammi Kerzner and Family  Bruce and Denise* Knight  Hans and Linda Kohler The Koo Family  Frederick K. Kozak and Lorna E. Hruby © Chad Kroeger The Kronier Family  John and Adrienne Kutzschan Jason Lai  Charles and Frances Larson © Alex W. K. Lau 

Gillian Lauder © Pascal Lavoie and Isabelle Fontaine © Cliff Lede Family Charitable Foundation  Brian and Dyane Legge Malcolm Leitch  Sonny and Florence Leong  Bernard Leroux Chik-Fun Leung* and Kan Wai-Man Leung*  The Lewis Family  Ken and Snow Liang  Kenneth and Michelle Lim © Ann Y. C. Lin Scott and Lana Lindsay Emily Ling © Audrey Livland  Calvin Lo Bruno Locher  Angelina Y.C. Loo © Jeffrey and Barbara Ludemann © Harald and Sharlene Ludwig  Ross Lumb* The Lutsky Families Mai Thieu Ly Rebecca and John Mackay Stuart MacLeod and Nancy McCullough © Andrew MacNeily © David and June Madill Neil Magee Stephan Malherbe © Juanita Manning  The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation Cliff and Mary McCracken Frank & Yvonne McCracken Foundation  Dean McDonald  Deborah McFadden and Ken Berean © Anthony McGill  Arlene G. McGinnis  Ian McIntosh Ken McIntosh  Gary and Anne McPhail 

MEG Consulting Limited Rick Schreiber and Cheryl Brownstein © Derek M. Melville Richard D. Scott John D. and Joyce Mitchell Michael and Diane Seear © Rolly Montgomery Joseph and Rosalie Segal  Rebecca E. Morley © Suki and Desha Sekhon  Lenny and Jehane Moy and Family Dave and Janneen Sharples Kishore Mulpuri and Hima Bindu Yarlagadda © Baldev and Harminder Shokar Alexander and Gene Nam The Shull Family  Joachim and Susan Neumann  Sinclair Dental Co. Ltd. Shue-Chiu Ng* and Family  Parminder Singh* and Narinder Chauhan © Teri L. and Lee Nicholas © Erik and Rory North  Heather Skarsgard © John and Diane Norton  Reg Skelton Mark and Victoria O’Dea  Allan and Clarice Skidmore Paul Oei and Loretta Lai  - Jessoma Foundation  Glenn and Wynne Olnick Thomas and Lorraine Jim O’Rourke Skidmore Peter O’Sullivan Ian Smith  Ernest and Shawn Ouellet  Peter C. Smith  Millan and Dawn Patel © Sandy So and Ron Benoit  Brian Penny  Paul and Edie Steinbok © Lynda Perry* and Robert Sylvia Stockler-Ipsiroglu © Edwards  The Kim Stolberg Blair and Mairi Claire Pigeon Foundation Shafique and Sally Pirani © Conrad and Lucie Swanson David and Janice Podmore Debora Sweeney and Stephen Crombie © Dana H. Prince and Elana Sigal - Zach Prince Daryl Swetlishoff and Foundation Catherine Lanyon Quail Rock Foundation  Thomas and Ida Tait  Chris and Leslie Reilly © Tang Kwan Ho Fung  Eleanor Reimer © Ian Telfer and Family  Paul and Corina Reynolds Vijay and Shamini Tharmarajah Richberry Group of Companies Isaac and Judy Thau Patrick Robinson and The Thiessen Family  Leigh Sauder and Family John and Lindae Thomas  Stewart and Darlene David and Gail Thompson Robinson Elisabeth Thompson  Kevin Ronning Norman and Randi Jim and Noreen Rustad  Thompson  Ross and Shauna Rustad  Scott M. Tindle Matt and Sharon Sauder Transworld William and Alana Sauder Management Ltd.  Louis and Jacqueline Michael Traynor © Scheepers © The Tuer Family Doug and Marie Schick

 Campaign supporter © Hospital Family member (current or past employee)

* Deceased


The smaller the patient, the greater the need for specialized medical care and support. We thank these individuals, family foundations and privately held corporations for their support of $1,000 to $9,999 between January 1 and December 31, 2011, and welcome them to the Children’s Circle of Courage.

1 & 2 Electric Ltd. 1833 Renfrew Street Project 512111 B.C. Ltd. 652339 B.C. Ltd.  A.J. Forsyth & Co. Ltd. AA Wayne’s Towing Limited Julia Abji  Ace Architectural Millwork Rodney and Edith Adam George Adrian  Aegis Mortgage Services Ltd.  Affinity Sheet Metal Ltd. William Stephen Affleck* Michael and Jane Agg Agropur  Ajanda Endeavours Ltd. All Seasons Mushrooms Inc.  All Tech Transport Ltd. Michael J. and Gloria Allan Rob Allen Alliance Corp. Altus Group Vancouver Real Estate Advisory Services Inc. Henri and Karen Alvarez AM/PM Service Ltd.  Ambius Ali Amiri Katrina Amurao Anastasia Anbrook Industries Ltd. Mark Andersen Anderson Daymon Worldwide Inc. Anderson Watts  E. Edvard and Mary-Louise Anderson  John Anderson Steven Anderson and Brenda Redman  Yolande Anderson  Dale Andres

Aquaventures Swim Centre Jason and Andrea Armstrong  Rick and Sharon Arnish  Susan Arnold Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corporation Atlantia Holdings Incorporated Sham Singh Atwal  James Austin Yik Fung and Kam Duen Au-Yeung  Avison Young Commercial Real Estate Ltd. AWM-Alliance Real Estate Group Ltd. B.C. Masonry Ltd. Bacci’s Design Ltd.  Bai Jung  Russ Bailie Paramvir Bains  Shirvan E. Bakhtiyari  Ian and Helen Ballam Dave Balneaves Arno and Nirmal Bangert © Jay Banks and Brenda Kinnear  Doug L. Barclay The Bard & Banker Pub Co. William and Linda Barker Jim Barkman Gerry Barregar F. Bartram  Rajinder Bath Bayside Furniture Ltd. Beachcomber Hot Tubs Marjorie Beale Betty Beamish  Malcolm and Marion Beaton  John Beaven Fred Beck Vernon C. Bedell

Kanwalnain Bedi  John and Roberta Belancic Jason Belisle Darren, Ariane, Dylan and Hunter Bell Robert Bell Neil Bellosillo Armaan Benipal Kevin Bent and Connie Spear  Curt Bernardi Maggie Bernet Berris Mangan Chartered Accountants Brian Berry Maureen E. Berry Brian and Bev Bertoia  Doug and Jane Beulah Edward Beutler BFF Foam Corp.  Y. Bhullar Laura W. Bicknell Kim Bihari Garry Biles Lisa Birke David and Lou Bishop Alessandro and Nicole Bitelli Black Gold ProjectsInspection  Gisele Black  Jennifer Black Sharon Black and Associates RE/MAX Kelowna Hermione P. Blain Josh Blair and Andrea Martin Blair  Robert Blair Joyce and Frank Blandford Kathleen Blaney Blue Continent Transportation Ltd. Blue Ruby J. Gordon Blumenauer

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

The Vaale and MacDonald Family  John and Cathy Vandervelde  Cynthia and Bruce Verchere © Anonymous Fund The Victoria Foundation  Amir and Yasmin Virani  Brooke N. Wade Charitable Foundation  Godfrey Walton  Jun Wang and Matthew Zhang  Eric Webber and Farah Valimohamed © Alphonse Welchering David and Janis Wensley and Family © Mark Wenzel  Peeter and Mary Wesik Brian Westerberg and Danuta Skowronski © Sandra Whitehouse © Helen A. Williams  Chip and Shannon Wilson Windsor Plywood Foundation  Lavonne B. Wirtanen  The Wolrige Foundation Allen and Karen Wong  Daphne Wu  Zhenming Xi  Bryan Yan and Jessica Kwong  David and Grace Yao  Soon Sit and Atchara Yeap and Family  Dan Young  Colin and Katherine Yu  Zalkow Family Foundation  Peter and Diane Zell  Hendrik Zessel  Anonymous (24)



Li Bo  Boboli Holdings Inc.  Oliver Bock and Shirin Bock Boffo Construction Group Inc. William Boland Craig Bonbernard  Stuart Bonner  Bonny’s Taxi  Allen Booth Margaret Borer Bosa Construction Inc. Bosa Development Corporation Bosa Properties Inc.  Allan Bott Rania Botts Joan Bourke John Bowles Boyal Enterprises Ltd. Percy A. and Mae Boyd  Sandy and Molly Boyd Andrew Bracewell Ron and Ellen Bradshaw  Richard Braeder Maurice Brager Mary-Jo Braid Pamela Brammall Dalip K. Brar  John Bremner Tom and Monica Brennan Howard Breslaw Albert and Barbara A. Brett Douglas and Valerie Brett  Alison Brewin Rita Briansky  Tom Brickenden Bridge Electric Corp. Robert Britch British Hydraulics Ltd. British Pacific Properties Limited C.E. Broderick Peter and Teresa Broerken Lena Brommeland Brookside Foods Ltd. Gordon Broughton Dorothy Brown

Megan Brown  Lois E. Browne Léo Bruneau  Vaughan S. Bruneau Robert and Fatima Bruno  Terry Brunt Michael Bryden BTY Group  Margaret Buchanan  Arthur and B. Lynn Bucholtz Buckley Bay Beachcomber Ltd. James Buckley Janet Budai Bull Housser Greg Bullock Burke and Associates Charlotte Burley Geoff Burns Steve Busby C. A. S. Forest Care Ltd. C.T. Control Temp Ltd.  CAC Industrial Equipment Ltd. Howard Cadinha Don and Jean Calder  Ehyan Caldwell Calrudd (1999) Construction Company Ltd. Cam Clark Ford Lincoln Ltd. Natalie, Jessey and Madelyn Camara John D. Cameron Bradley Campbell Bruce and Jacquie Campbell Gordon and Jean D. Campbell Canadian Industrial Mill Services Ltd. Canadian Maple Leaf Investment Co. Canex Building Supplies Ltd.  CanTech Telecom Inc. Cantex Mining Services Ltd. Colette Carey Dan and Vanessa Carolan Carrier Lumber Ltd.  Rene G. Carrier

Robert and Dianne Carson Steve Carter Centaur Products Inc. Century Plaza Hotel  Debra Cerny Leo and Gwen Chabot Anne J. Chalmers Chambers Electric Sheri Chambers Bob Chan  Bobbie Chan  Carlos K. and May Y. Chan  Christina Chan  Christina Chan Cindy Chan  Lai Lai Chan and Sui Cheung Poon  Stella Chan  Sze-Fung Chan  Tommy Chan  William Chan  Isabella X. Chang  Jeanny Chang  Pei Lun Chang  Sunny Chang and Lee See Chan  Karl Chapman Jeff and Bettina Charpentier Joanna Chase  Robert and Barbara Chase  Nasira Chatur Chamkaur Cheema  Jimmy and Marie Chen  We Xing Chen  Xiao Ling Chen  Zhihua Chen  John Cheng Yung-Han Cheng  Amanda Wen-Wei Cherry  Elaine Cheung Hung Man Cheung  Cheung Lai Ping  Mee Yuk Cheung  Patricia and John Cheung Steve Cheung Vicky Cheung Winnie Cheung  Amy Chin

Stephen Chiu  Lawrence Cheng  Anthony Chow  C. Chow  Ham Li Chow  Lawson Chow Mien-Ju Chow  Michelle Chow Sharon Chow Wilbur Chow Mabel Choy Raymond Choy  Barbara Christian Alex N. Christopher Neil Chrystal and Andrea Hamilton Robert R. and Linda S. Chrystal Andy Chu  Jessie Chu Tony Chu Chooi Chua John Chua Alice Chui  Agatha Chung  James and Nancy Church Sue Churchill Michael G. Ciacci Citimark Projects Corporation Civil Construction Co. Ltd.  J. Arthur and Catherine Clark Laurene Clark Murray Clark  Hugh Clarke Judith Clarke Clean Energy Consulting Jonathan E. and Wendy Clegg  Valerie A. Clouston CMW Insurance Services Ltd. Coca Cola Bottling Company Cochrane & Associates, CGA Bob, Jeannette and Emma Cockram  Jack Cockwell Richard Coglon Marlene Cohen-Wexler

 Campaign supporter © Hospital Family member (current or past employee)

* Deceased Chris Cyca Frank Czank George Czank D+H Dakralda Properties Ltd. Harvey Dales Gurmeet Darred Marshell Dass Andres Dasso Chopitea Christine Datchkoff Darcy and Fiona Daubaras Kellie Davidson Gary Davies Beatrice Davis John R. Davis Bob Dawe Douglas E. and Margaret Daws  Laurel Dawson  Natasha Dawson Gordon Day Beatrix De Groot  Gerry de Klerk and Irene Nelson Beverley M. and George C.E. de Lure Dean Mason & Company Inc.  Thomas and Lianne Dean Alceo and Gina DeAnna W. John Decooman Jr. David Deisley Cynthia Dekker Daniel Dekkers Del Monte Canada Giuseppe Del Vicario Elinore Delf © Richard Dempster Rui Xiang Deng  DenMar Electric Ltd. Glenn Dennis Gurmail S. Deol Manjinder and Kanwal Deol Mona Catherine Des Roche  Mathew Dettling John Devita  Barry Devlin Devonshire Properties Inc.

Dexter Associates Realty Baljinder Dhaliwal  Gurpreet and Tarpinder Dhaliwal Gurteerth Dhillon Robin and Rena Dhir Nancy Di Castri Rick Diamond Darryl and Sandi Diardichuk Jorge Dias  John DiBernardo Robert Dickinson Dan Dickson Al Dietrich Sandra Dilworth Yinghong Ding Joanne Dionne Don Dixon DLC Distributors Inc. Larry Dodd Mark Doherty Carlos Dominques Perri Domm Teresa Dommisse Aldo and Colleen Doratti Catherine Dorazio  Jim and Oriette Dorsey and Family Leo Douillard Jeff and Muriel Dowle  Thomas Doyle Dr. J. Smillie Inc. Dr. Jane Gardiner Inc. © Cody Dreger Dressew Supply Ltd. Driving Force Decks Int’l Donald Drysdale Dunbar Lumber Supply Bessie M. Duncan  Barb Dunfield  Duso’s Enterprises Ltd.  James Dyck Dynamic Chocolates ULC Erik and Louise Dysthe Nikola Dzeletovic E.D. Smith & Sons Ltd.  Jesse East Howard W. Eckman 

Eclipse Intelligent Solutions Brian Edgar Edgewater Casino Inc. Marion Edmondson  Justus Edmundson Bryan Edwards Charles Edwards Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP EECOL Electric The Eggertson Family David and Wendie Elliott Diane Elliott  Lorraine Elliott Mario Emond Emperor Specialty Foods Ltd.  Dan Yuen and Wai You Eng Robert and Marianne Eng English Bay Batter (Vancouver) Inc. Allan and Tick Oai Entote  EPscan Industries Ltd. Darrell Ert Eryx Properties Ltd. Vahid Eshghi Rheta Eskea* David Etchells Jason Evans RE/MAX Nyda Realty Evora Family The Executive Hotel & Conference Centre Burnaby Executive Inn Inc.  Robert Fairbank Frederick Fairey  Bruce Fan Fantastic-T Knitters Inc. John C. Farmer Masoud Farshad  Fast-Track Floors Ltd. Favorite Foods Ltd.  Irma Feke Diana Felber Klaus Fellenz  Yonggo Feng Ruth Ferlow Cristina Fernances Mark Ferrier

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Brian Colban Trevor Cole Edward A. Colin  Colliers International Ronald Collingwood Collins and Cullen Jon A. and Kay Collins Shannon Collins Roxana Colquhoun Comprehensive Payment Recovery Service Concord Premium Meats  Concord Sales Ltd.  Daryl and Gordon Cook Edward Coombes Andrea Coop Leslee Cooper Gary A. and Marilyn A. Corbett Corix Infrastructure Inc. Balbinder Corra Patrick Corrado Costless Express Tim Cotey and Erin Vipond  Barry Coughlan David Couling Curtis and Lindsay Cousins Ken Cowie Joanne Craft David Craig Michael Crean Richard and Susan Crosson CRS Group Krisztina Csorba CT-1 Construction Ltd. Han Ming Cui  Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. Tanya Cummins Mark Cunningham Cameron and Wendy Currie and Family  Dain Currie Ralph Currie Margaret Curtis Custom Cooling Solutions Ltd. T. Bruce Cuthbert Cyba-Stevens Management Group 



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Gagel Properties Ltd. James Gallagher Robert Gallagher Brad Gamble Manjinder Garcha  David Gardiner Jane A. Gardiner © Shari Gardiner Joanne Gassman and Bruce Chutka Bill and Lisa Geddes Jerry Geen General Paint Ltd. Corsare Gentile Shawn S. and Leslie George Maya Gerick Leon and Lelia Getz Helen Geyer GFS Canada Brian Gibbard Geoffrey Gibbard George* and Frankie Gibbins  Colin Gibson Troy Gibson Henry and Marty Giesbrecht Dennis Giesler  Elizabeth Gilbert Charnpal Gill Darcy Gill Lauren Gill Michael and Diane Gillis  Laurence and Michelle Gilman  Karen Gilmore and Rob Van Nus  Bert Gisborne Giusti Group Lionel Gjerde  Martin and Christine Gleis Glen Koenig Divers Ltd. Patricia Glen Global Mortgage Roy and Niki Gloet  Frances Glover GML Mechanical Ltd. GMS Industries Inc. Brian Godfrey

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2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

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Frederic Town Dean and Kitty Toye  Art and Judy Trojan  True Blue Wire Products Inc. Tsu Young Tsai Francoise Tsakok Cameron Tsoi-A-Sue Linda M. Turner Delores Tymos Barry Tyrer Unilever Canada Limited Lee Unrau Rachel and Jim Vallance Valley Fuel Injection Ltd. John and Crystal Vamplew William Van Beek Reginald van Gaalen Vicky van Herwaarden Bryan Van Hoepen Bert and Anne Van Hove  Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange Ltd.  Larissa VanDam Barbara Vanderburgh Arnold Vandervelden Mark Vanry Varshney Capital Corp. Peeyush and Poonam Varshney Praveen and Anuja Varshney  Terry Vato VDS Steel Ltd. Ted Veenstra Henry Venema Barbara Vengshoel  Ventana Construction Corporation Lorene Vernon  Vertec Communications Nicole Victor Viking Refrigeration Ltd. Doug Vincent  Prem Vinning  Visocchi Enterprises Ltd. Patrick Visser Aleksander and Theresa Vitali Rembrandt Vlasblom

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2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

John C. and Constance M. Southcott Alan and Margaret Souther Greg Southgate, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.  David S. Spalti Ken Spencer and Judy Gale Tom Spencer  The Spitz Family Bruce and Janet Sprague  Trude Spring  Squirrel Systems Indermeet S. Sra Kevin St. George  Jeff and Tracy Stacer The Stan Clark Financial Team CIBC Wood Gundy Standard Building Supplies Ltd.  Doris Standly* Gentilina Staniscia Harry Stathis* Jeff and Tanya Stathopulos Tom and Monique Ste Marie Keith and Norma Steeves  Bruce Steinbrunner Lorna Stevens Chris Stewart Don Stewart Inez Stewart  Irwin Stewart Rosemary Stewart Dean Stinson Linda Stirling  Friso Stock Elaine Stoll Garth A. Stoll Storck Canada Inc. Daryl Storey  Onne and Frances Storteboom Bill, Kelly, Jeremy and Kristy Strang  Dan Strickland Joan E. Stringer  James Stringfellow Dermot Strong John and Mavis Struk Donald J. and Barbara Stuart



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Wai Kwan Wu  Xu Hua  Xypex Chemical Corporation Emad Yacoub and Shannon Bosa Yacoub Adam Shun Long Yang  Yang Li  Xin Yang Chrystal Yanoshewski Yassin Family Raymond L. M. and Diana Y. C. Yau  Phillip Yee Tony Yeung  Cheng Hsiung and Whei Bee Yew Ben and Candy Yim  Danley Yip Eugene Yordanov Les York Wayne Yoshizawa Dan Young Derrick Young Hugh Young 

Jones Young  Shun Hui Yu  Tong Yu Wen Guo Yuan  Steven Yue  Bob Yuen Davis Yung Donna Lee and Jack Zaleski Ezio Zanatta Conrad Zarowny  Zavida Coffee Company Roger Zen Jian Hua Zhang  Xiaohua Zhong  Yan Hua Zhu  Zinetti Food Products Ltd. Natalie Zinetti Richard and Karen Zizzo Kyle Zubek Jacobus P. and Hillegonda Zwaan Anonymous (52)


When a legacy gift to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is made, a legacy of hope is created for BC’s kids. The Caring for the Future Society honours those who have generously made provisions for a future gift through their will, life insurance or trust arrangement as of December 31, 2011. We thank these generous individuals for their support.

Debbie Alcadinho Barbara M. Alexander Lorianne Amadeo Joel B. Anderson Yolande Anderson  Dorothy L. Applegath Jose I. Arbetman Robert Armstrong and Nicole Fraser-Armstrong © Josh and Talia Bender © Ronald W. Bickford Harry* and Anneliese Bloch Herb and Ria Boone

John and Judy Bowles Marcia E. Bradley Jerry and Patricia Bried  Jason and Monica Brinham Dave Broadfoot Margo Brown Yvonne Michels and David L. Bruce Sara Hope Bryson Stephen John Budnik Rik* and Nancy Campbell Bill Cann Judith L. Carlson

Stephanie A. Carlson  Stephen and Gayle Carlson Bill Carr  Sue Carruthers © Bettina and Jeff Charpentier Chun Choi and Juliana Cho  John Clarke Heidi Clarkson J. Paul Cloutier Daphne Cole Kenneth Crump  Margaret Curtis I. Jean (Saiko) Davenport

Beatrix De Groot  Wally Dennison  Rolly DeRoover and Dianne De Gagne The Devine Family Ann E. Doherty  Alanna Donahue © Colin A.R. Doylend Mary “Johnnie” Duffus Ann Duncan  Erik and Louise Dysthe  Patricia Edinborough Bryan Edwards Nancy L. Ellison Paul and Claudia Estlin Bill* and Brenda Ethell  Krishna Fagan Inge Fein and Paul Luke  Connie Forbes

 Campaign supporter © Hospital Family member (current or past employee) CARING FOR THE FUTURE SOCIETY (CONT’D)

Harjit and Helen Jutla John and Dianne Kelly  Richard Kelynack Henry King Gerhard and Rita Krause  Grant Marvin Krueger and Sue Ann Martin* Anita A. Kumar Eva Landrick  Valerie A. Lang Robert Latawiec Jacques LeBlanc and Susan Bockhold © Iris Lees  C.K. Li Ludia M.Y. Li  Dennis Lillico John and Evelyn Long  Hollie Lorentz Phyllis Lowdell* Jeffrey and Barbara Ludemann © Mary Sai-Ying Luk  Hugh Lundy Simpson and Nora Ma  Susanna Ma  Veronica Ma Marlene and Kenneth MacKenzie David and June Madill Christopher and Suzie Mah Juanita Manning  Betty Marlor  Bill and Lisa Marsh Denis* and Kathleen McAuliffe Willie McDonald Angela and Colin McKenzie © Evelyn McKenzie* Iris McKibbin © Tom and Sue McLean Christine and JP McLeod Linda M. Meinhardt Patricia Memess Bruno* and Frieda Meyer Deborah A. Mikkelsen Betty Miller Carol Miller

Ron and Britta Miller Lyle* and Christine Mills © Tom and Joan Milton  Sandeep and Sneh Minocha Noah and Erin Morantz © Paul and Elizabeth Moxham © Karen Mulhern  Roberta A. Mulholland Joyce Muscroft* Ron Neal  Sara Neely and Kenneth Crook* © Donald E. and Mary E. Newman © Bert and Karen Northrup June A. Page*  Bimal C. Parmeshwar John and Angela Paterson Reginald Petersen Robert Philip Marilyn and Jack Pomfret Gerald and Barbara Pope William and Geertruida H. Portengen Philipp Postrehovsky Cristina Poulette Lucy Prentice  Albert and Rose Rampone Peter and Kathleen Ramshaw Elisabeth Riley Dudley and Shirley Ritchie Graeme and Tanya Robertson  Art and Ruth Robinson Grace Ruscoe  Dan and Tracy Ryper  Jeff Salton Dan Sargent  Charles and Celeste Sawkill Julie Schmitt  Geoffrey E. Scott Susan Seabrook Jane JK Shin Reg Skelton Chris Skilton John Smiley Derek and Barbara Smith Ken and Gladys Smith

M. Joan Smith Shirley F. Smith Sandy So  Joan* and Louise Solinger Daniel, Helen and Charissa Sortwell Derek Squires Gus Stassinopoulos Charlene Steen Roger and Darla Steers Irene and Court Stevens Ann Sturrock Michael and Patricia Sutcliffe Richard Sutherland Debora Sweeney and Stephen Crombie © Mary Tam and Robert Lachapelle Robert Taylor Alicia Then Janet Thom Phyllis Thom  Michael and Shirley Thompson Peter and Arlene Thygesen Candice Y.F. Tsang © Menno Tulp* Lorne Valensky and Cindi Coleman © Arie and Jean Van Halst Larry and Bev Van Hatten Gerald Van Riemsdyk Angelo and Rosa Venetsanos F.G. and H. Wade  Faye Wightman © Charles and Mary Wilkins Janice Williams © Gail Wilson John and Nancy Wise Allen and Karen Wong  Tiger Wong (Yan Foo) Norman Wrigglesworth David W. Yeomans and Katherine G. Yeomans Ryan and Susan Yip Ryan Wei-Yi Yo Selina Yuen and May Yuen Antonietta D. Zanatta Anonymous (244)

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Margaret J. Ford* Art and Ramona Fors Anne Forsyth-Sheardown Lyle David Foster Terrie and Anne* Garscadden Danny and Shirley Gaw  Cary Gaymond © Davinder Ghtaura B. Ming Gin Bob and Lisa Ginn Eliza Gordon Katherine* and Morris Gordon Russ and Karen Grant Barbara Grantham © Judy Gray and Carl Scott  Gordon and Drina Green B. Greenwood Christine and Eric Greenwood Doreen and Keith Gregson Charles and Marie Hanson Betty Harris Mace* and Irene Harrison Michael Haywood Colin and Lois Hicks Lotus E. Hills Lory Hinz Patricia Hodgson John Alden Hodson Derek Holme Verna Hooker Jeff and Stephanie Huehn © Aaron Hui © Denise Hui Patsy Hui  Ninette Hunziker Shirley Hutchinson Robert W. Ironside © Alvin Ivey Linda Jacobsen Sandra Jarvis Jon and Pamela Johnson Brian Jones Russell and Margaret Jones Victor and Muriel Jones © Anne Junker ©

* Deceased



A tribute gift honours a remarkable person who has touched your life. It also honours other remarkable people—all the kids in BC whose lives you are helping to improve every day. These remarkable individuals have had gifts of $1,000 or more made in their honour between January 1 and December 31, 2011.

Gifts Received in Honour of… Yik Fung Au-Yeung Ruby Bains Cameron Bargen Armaan Benipal Nolan Bennett Ethan and Andrew Blackmore Cayden and Peyton Botts Jessica Braun Andrew Brodoway Michael Bublé Katrina Cameron Molly Campbell Laelia Momoka Chan Nicholas Chan Patrick Chen John and Cynthia Cheng Kyle Chernenkoff Tony Chu Edythe Culling D. Dix © Cecilia Duffy Erin Faber Klaus Fellenz Miranda Fetterly Ella R. Frazao Matt Gallant Sarah Haliniak and Christopher Hamilton Kurt Hall and Bronwyn Pedersen Elizabeth Harbaruk Anne Heavenor Paul J. Helpard Gordon Henderson Jordan Hopkins Chase Hromyk

Kai Hromyk Zia Janmohamed Anderson Johnson Gwendolyn Joinson Jaye Kerr Taiyo Kikuya Aryan and Olivia Kochhar Maia Kovalyova-Pretorius Serenity Laszynskyj Sophie Lau Spencer R. Laycraft Lyall A. Levy Ludia M.Y. Li Josh Mah Rory McFadden Hayley McFie Gord Mitchell Firoz Miyanji © Jamie Mok Mackenzie A. Murray Jaden C. Nakamoto Diane Norton Zhong Jun Pang Ajay Pathak Aiden G. Penner Lillee-Jean Putt Talia, Kalen and Tindi Rayat Bryson James Rizzardo Graham Robins Grace Ruscoe Taylor Schoffenburg Peter Schuurman Hz. Muhammaed Sallahu Aleyhi Sellam Priya and Dayan Sidhu Doug Smith Andrea Soo Kiera Spear

Grace Teboekhorst Angela Terrillon Tournament for Emily Phylis Underwood Aya M. Walcot Millie Weinstein Brendan Kevin Williams George Yen Sue Yen Danielle Yu Gifts Received in Memory of… Jeanne M. Albert Robert Angel Phillip G. Ashmore Cora Bannon Irene Beaton Anne Bengough George R. Bengough Herry Berg Caleb Christopher Bertolucci Yvonne and Blinge Bhargava Kai Christopher Blouin Sharon Borgstad Judi Bowden Lorelle A. Brett Cassidy Briggs Jack Bryden Gordon R. Buchanan Farrah M. Chan Lawrence Chuah Saleem Coutney James F. Darvell Noah Albert Phillip Daubaras Erv Doerksen Gabrielle Dorsey Nicole Eidsvik Konrad C. Giesbrecht Isabelle Kayla Gloet Morgan E. Gregorig Teresa L. Guenther Delbert “Rex” Halladay Margaret Harris Gordon Heppler Alan Hewitt

Karen Louise Hicks Harold Holroyd D. Rex Hundleby Emily Deanne Inglis David Jackson James W. Johnston Damien Kaweski Marielle E. Kindopp Alf King Jaida L. Kooy Wa Kon Kwan Randy Lambert Ying-Ng Lau Kenneth C. Lee Jessica Liggatt Dorothy Lin Olive M. Lionel Charlie G. MacEwan Robert Madill Arni May Duncan F. May Calvin Z. Mayer Cameron McInroy Graedon W. McNally Megan S. McNeil Robert Morrison Danny Mosher Teresa Murphy Jonathan Neitsch Sydney T.S. Or Jack Oyhenart Faith Parks Andrew Patrick Sarah Mae Peterson India Phillips Robert A. Pollock Margaret Pondelicek Krista Diane Postmus Zach Prince John Christopher Racich Teresa Rego Helena E. Reynolds Tim Richardson Frank and Wilda Robins Olive M. Rokosh Margaret and Keith Rutledge

 Campaign supporter © Hospital Family member (current or past employee)

* Deceased


Jason R. Sall Noah M. Shabbits Chonmay Sharma David Shillington Parminder Singh © August C. Staschke

Meredith Steers Sharon Steinbrunner Owen A. Strom Finn Sullivan Bobbie R. Sutton Liam Taylor

Emma Jane Tuer Jacob W. Twyford Elizabeth Hayley Vamplew Tom and Gail Watchorn Roberta Watson Neil Weckwert

Angie Williams Lawrence T. Wong Hannah D. Ziehr-Schuil Jesstin K. Zulinik

John Victor Glasspool Daniel Alexander Gordichuk Victor William Griffin  Ada Irene Hamilton Geraldine Annie Hansen Morley Ewart Harman Nora Head George Ronald Hibberd Charles Delmar Hill Charlotte McKillops Hoffman Annie Edith Hughes Marjorie Jean Jack Margaret Johnson Ralph Leslie Johnston John Richard Jones Elmar Kippasto Nicol Kohut William Kwas Agnes Grace Lakeman Elizabeth Jessica Larkin Ruth Alice Leach Hon Hung Leung and Shiu Chun Leung Dorothy Jean Lindsay Diana Mary Lodge Patrick Logan Patricia Marley Mary Elizabeth Marriott Helen Nettie and Harold Matthews Esther Mary Mavrovich Jeanette Margaret McHugh Alice Joyce Middleton James Shearer Motherwell Sohan Singh Muckay Magdalene Gertrud Paula Neumann

George Stewart Noble Allan Herbert and Alfred William Palmer Marion Elizabeth Peck Valerie Faye Pocha Walter Rolls Jean Doris Ross Harry Martin Schultz Maurice Harry Shaw Yuk Man Anita Siu William Lestrange Spiers Phyllis Gwendoline Stirling Frances Harrigan Stride Jack Marshall Svendsen Emma Anna Taylor Frank Henry Thompson Ira Gladstone Trask Eileen Ita Vig Johanna Maria Ingeborg Von Nabell Helen Martha Wallen James Milton McRobb Watt Rose Kate Zucht


A gift in a will is an expression of what is most dear to you. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is fortunate to be a beneficiary of the estates of many people who believed passionately in improving the health of children and youth in British Columbia. We are honoured to recognize the gifts received from the estates of the following individuals between January 1 and December 31, 2011.

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Ruby Louise Abernethy Natalie Androsow George Hubert Armson Mary Adelaide Armson Fern J. Armstrong Thelma Henrietta Christine Atkinson Nathanial Rial Bailey Joanne Theresa Belle Pauline Blain Alexandria Peggy Bowden Florence Marjorie Bown Beatrice Brown Olga Aileen Brownlow Kathryn Margaret Campbell Edith Ida Chambers Dawn Cloghesy Grace Audrey Ruth Cook Nellie Corra Sonia Curlett John Dow Syska Dykema Signy Erickson Leana Fisher Steve and Eva Floris Ronald Ewen Foster Florence Catherine Gilchrist Donald Ian Edward Gillespie




I. Jean (Saiko) Davenport Those who establish and contribute to endowments are the true visionaries of Endowment for Excellence our community. They understand that their investments provide a strong financial in Child Health foundation to improve the health of children both now and forever. BC Children’s Edna & Eugene Delorme Equipment Endowment Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following endowment funds Dent-Tech Ceramic Studios that provide support in perpetuity for programs and initiatives throughout Endowment for Genetic BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Research Family Research Institute. This list recognizes endowment funds established by Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine December 31, 2011, with a minimum donation of $25,000.


Adolescent Medicine Endowment Karel & Edith Alston Memorial Endowment for Head of Developmental Pediatrics Yolande Anderson Family Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Andracki Equipment Endowment AstraZeneca Ripples of Hope Endowment for Mental Health Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital Endowment for Education


Sarah B. Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Bailey Family Endowment for Genetic Research BC Hydro Power Pioneers Ed Turner Memorial Endowment for Medical Genetics Bioethics Endowment Judi Bowden Memorial Endowment for Pediatric Asthma Research Jack & Doris Brown Fellowship Endowment for Genetic Research Louise Argyle Brown Endowment for Genetic Research Bryant Family Endowment for Genetic Research Dennis & Connie Burdett Endowment for Oncology Research Burn Unit Endowment


Patrick & Beryl Campbell Endocrinology Fellowship Endowment Cardiac Sciences Endowment Stephanie A. Carlson Endowment for Genetic Research Centre for International Child Health Endowment Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics Endowment CH.I.L.D. Foundation Endowment for Pediatric Gastroenterology Research Chan Sisters Foundation Endowment for International Child Health Harry Chan & Family Endowment for Head of Department of Pediatrics Chanoine-Alimenti Endowment for Childhood Obesity Robert Chau Memorial Endowment for Oncology The Sylvia, Angela, Alan and Prof. Wen Chen Endowment Fund^ Cheung Family Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Alex C.L. Cheung Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Child Protection Endowment Childhood Infections Endowment Childhood Injury Prevention and Health Promotion Endowment

Childhood Nutrition Endowment Cho Family Endowment for Genetic Research Billy Yau Hei Choi Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research CK Choi Foundation Endowment for Child Health Advocacy David Chow Memorial Endowment for Immunology Research CIBC & CIBC Employees Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Clinical Genetics Endowment Community Child Health Endowment Commonwealth Insurance Company Oncology Endowment Concord Pacific Group Inc. Endowment for Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics Research The Connor Clark & Lunn Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Julia & Richard Couch Endowment for Oncology Critical Care Academic Endowment Michael Cuccione Endowment for Oncology Research Michael Cuccione Oncology Research Fellowship Endowment Cystic Fibrosis Endowment

The Isabelle & Charles Diamond Family Endowment for Oncology Gordon & Marion Dixon Endowment for Genetic Research (CMMT)


ECLS Program Endowment (Ecmo) Endowment for Newborn’s and Children’s Well-Being Excellence in Child Health Endowment


Ricky, Angelo & Marina Fabris Endowment for Oncology Bill Fish Memorial Endowment for Developmental Pediatrics Fitzpatrick Education Endowment Steve & Eva Floris Memorial Endowment for Excellence in Child Health Carol Ford Endowment for Research Technician Education Four Seasons Hotel Endowment for Genetic Research Stanley Fromm Endowment for Cardiac Sciences


Gastroenterology Endowment Megan Gates & Family Endowment for Sunny Hill Brain Injury


B. Ming Gin Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Andreas Goedicke Memorial Endowment for Infant Transport Team Education Paul & Mary Goh Endowment for International Child Health Paul & Mary Goh Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Gooding Family Endowment for Neurosciences Lisa Gravell Endowment for Genetic Research


Milan & Maureen Ilich Endowment for Genetic Research Immunology Research Endowment International Child Health Trainee Award Endowment


Ken & Su Jang Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research William Jacques Equipment Endowment Jessoma Endowment for Nephrology Guru Nanak Dev Ji Endowment for BC Children’s Hospital Excellence in Child Health Asa & Kashmir Johal & Family Chair in Pediatric Oncology Asa & Kashmir Johal Family Endowment for Genetic Research Jessica Jones Memorial Endowment for Oncology Research


Keller Family Endowment for Oncology Research Brian & Tammi Kerzner & Family Endowment for Oncology Research Killy Fellowship Endowment King Family Endowment for Excellence in Child Health Samuel & Spencer Koltai Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research Koo Family Endowment for Oncology Research Adella Krall Endowment for Oncology Research


David & Dorothy Lam Endowment for Oncology Research David & Dorothy Lam Foundation Endowment for International Child Health

Cameron Lau Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research Cameron Lau Memorial Endowment for Haematology Research The Jonathan Lawson Endowment for Spina Bifida The Jonathan Lawson Fellowship in Neurosurgery The Jonathan Lawson Head of Section of Surgery Endowment Dave Lede Family Charitable Foundation Endowment for Genetic Research Robert H. & Lily Lee Endowment for Research Ralph Lewis Equipment Endowment Ling Family Endowment for Neonatology Iris Lorntzsen Brain Mapping Endowment


Gordon & Barbara MacDougall Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Professor Robert Christopher Madill Endowment for Genetic Research Jon & Dina Markoulis Family Endowment for Otolaryngology Andrew McCormick Endowment for an Ophthamology Fellowship James & Annabel McCreary Chair in Pediatrics Endowment McCurdy Family Endowment for Oncology Research Wendy McDonald Endowment for Gastroenterology Research Wendy McDonald Endowment for Nephrology Wendy McDonald Endowment for Oncology William S. McQuaid Endowment for Pediatric Oncology

MDS Inc. & Dr. D.B. Rix Endowment for Huntington Research Medical Genetics Fellowship Endowment Metabolic Disorders/Cystic Fibrosis Endowment Ted & Penny Metcalfe Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research Mining for Miracles Research Fellowship Endowment Rolly Montgomery Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Morantz Family Endowment for Genetic Research


Sara Neely & Kenneth Crook Endowment for Oncology Research Nephrology Endowment Neuromuscular Endowment Neurosciences Endowment Neurosurgery Endowment Newborn Health Endowment Dr. Donald E. Newman Pediatric Radiology Endowment Choi-Kiu & Ming Ng Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Nitikman Chan Family Endowment for Excellence in Child Health


Oncology Program Endowment Oncology Research Endowment Opthalmology Endowment Orthopedics Endowment Otolaryngology Fellowship Endowment

2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

The David Hardwick Reading Room Endowment Malcolm & Cathy Hasman Family Endowment for Oncology Research Head-Developmental Pediatrics - Working Wonders Together Endowment Head of Section of Surgery Endowment Helena & Jessica Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Research Marnie Henderson Memorial Endowment for Vaccine Evaluation Karen L. Hicks RN Memorial Endowment for Oncology The Don & Elizabeth Hillman Lecture Endowment in Global Child Health B.M. Hoffmeister Endowment for a Research Fellowship Robert John Homewood Endowment for Genetic Research Derek & Lisa Hopkins Endowment for Oncology Research Hilary & Patsy Hui Endowment for Genetic Research Arthur Hullah & Dorothy Cleveland Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research





Pfizer Ripples of Hope Endowment for Rare Diseases Research Fellowship Pfizer Ripples of Hope Endowment for Mental Health Fellowship Conrad & Dorli Pinette Endowment for Speech Language Pathology Research Piwek Family Endowment for Oncology Research David & Janice Podmore Endowment for International Child Health Jack & Darlene Poole Endowment for Oncology Research President’s Child Health Initiatives Endowment Zach Prince Foundation for Excellence in Oncology Care, an Endowment of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Professorship in Pediatric Dentistry Endowment Psychiatric Disorders Endowment


Georgina Jane “Ina” Raeside Endowment for Oncology Research Zahra, Karima & Salima Rasul Endowment for Neurosciences Realtors Care Endowment for Genetic Research Realtors Care Endowment for Oncology Research Respiratory Medicine Academic Endowment Riley-Fish Endowment for the Head of Department of Pediatrics Rix Family Endowment for Professional Clinical Services Staff Education and Training Graham Robins Jr. Endowment for Oncology Research in Memory of Wilda & Frank Robins

Geoffrey Robinson Award for Pediatrics Endowment Pat Ross Memorial Education Endowment Royal Pacific Realtors Care Endowment for Medical Genetics


David & Alissa Sacks Endowment for Nursing Education Marjorie-Anne Sauder Endowment for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutic Research Sauder-Interfor Head of Research Endowment David & Manjy Sidoo Family Endowment for Ophthalmology Manjy & David Sidoo Family Endowment for Orthopedics Bhagwant K. Singh and Sant Singh Endowment for Excellence in Child Health Dr. Parminder Singh Endowment Award of Distinction for Pediatrics Reginald William Skelton Surgical Fellowship Endowment Derryck Smith Endowment for Mental Health Michael Foster Smith Memorial Endowment for Pediatric Anesthesia Sandy So & Ron Benoit Endowment for Childhood Cancer Research The Sandy So Family Endowment Fund^ Solid Organ Transplant Jean MacMillan Southam Fellowship Spina Bifida Endowment Summits of Hope Endowment for Oncology Sun Life Financial Endowment for International Child Health Sunny Hill Endowment for Adaptive Seating and Mobility

Grant & Dee Sutherland Endowment for Orthopedics Andy Sylvester Endowment for Excellence in Child Health


Tai Family Endowment for Pediatric Genetic Research (CMMT) Norman & Randi Thompson Endowment for Urology Aubrey Tingle Endowment for Clinician Scientists Program Toohey Family Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Marjorie Tsang Endowment for Genetic Research Michael C.H. Tsang Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Paul & Candice Tsang Endowment for Oncology Research Ted & Deanna Turton Endowment for Oncology Nursing Education


Vaccine Evaluation Centre Endowment Varshney Family Endowment for Genetic Research


Isobel & Madeline Wade Endowment for Head of Department of Pediatrics Karim P. Webber Endowment for Family Support in Oncology Faye Wightman Endowment for Oncology Nursing Education Women & Family HIV Endowment Stephen Wong & Family Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Dr. Betty J. Wood Memorial Endowment for Radiology Education Danny Wyder Memorial Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives


Peggy & Y.P. Yang Endowment for Brain Mapping Research Allan Yap & Family Endowment for Oncology Research Selina Yuen & May Yuen Endowment for Excellence in Child Health

^ Donor advised funds established with the Sunshine Fund for Kids and Causes


There are many ways to make a gift to benefit BC’s kids. Bequest in Your Will

A bequest is a direction in your will that a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of the estate is to be given to British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation (our legal name). A bequest made to the foundation generates a tax credit that offsets the tax otherwise payable on up to 100 per cent of your net income in the year of death. Unused credits can be carried back one year. These credits may result in significant income tax savings and increase your net estate.

Life Insurance

Giving life insurance is a way of making a gift without depleting your estate or depriving your loved ones of other assets. At the end of your lifetime, the gift of the policy proceeds will be paid by the insurance company directly to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Depending on how the policy is structured, you may receive a tax benefit during your lifetime or your estate will receive the benefit.

Publicly Traded Securities


Our pledge program offers you a convenient method of making contributions. The program allows you to spread your contribution over three to five years, usually commencing the year the pledge is made. You will receive full recognition for the value of your contribution as soon as the commitment is made.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is a registered Canadian charity and issues tax receipts for all donations. Tax credits generated by donations can offset tax otherwise payable on up to 75 per cent of your net income in the year of the gift. Any unused tax credits may be carried forward and used to offset taxes over the following five years. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation 938 West 28th Avenue Vancouver BC V5Z 4H4 604 875 2444 1 888 663 3033 our legal name British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation charitable business no. 11885 2433 RR0001 2011-2012 bc children’s hospital foundation annual report

Donating securities is the most effective way to give. If you own publicly traded securities that have increased in value and you decide to sell them, 50 per cent of the capital gain is taxable. However, if you donate these securities “in kind” to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, no tax is payable on the capital gain. The resulting tax credit from the donation of the securities will reduce taxes payable on other income. Making a gift of publicly traded securities to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is easy to do. Please contact us for a transfer form to facilitate the process.


You can name BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as the direct beneficiary of the proceeds of the RRSP or RRIF or you can make a gift to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in your will. The resulting tax credit may be used to offset the tax payable on the redemption of the proceeds of the retirement plan.


BC CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION DONOR BILL OF RIGHTS The Board of Directors of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is in place to ensure that donors:

1) are informed of our mission, of the way we intend to use donated resources, and of our capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes; 2) are informed of the identity of those serving on our governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities; 3) have access to our most recent financial statements; 4) are assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they are given; 5) receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition; 6) are assured that information about their donations is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law; 7) can expect that all relationships with individuals representing our organization will be professional in nature; 8) are informed whether those seeking donations from our organization are volunteers, employees of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, or hired solicitors; 9) can expect that BC Children’s Hospital Foundation will not share or sell a mailing list that includes the donor’s name; 10) feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

(for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012)

Mr. Kevin Bent, chair Mr. Christopher Carty Mr. David Doig Mr. Larry Gold Mr. Doug Gordon Mr. Peter Green Mrs. Lisa Hudson Mrs. Tammi Kerzner

Mr. Donald Lindsay Mr. Graham MacLachlan Mr. Geoff Parkin Mr. David Podmore Dr. Ralph Rothstein Ms. Andrea Southcott Ms. Sandy So Mrs. Diane Zell

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Governors

Mrs. Tali’ah Aquilini Mr. Rick Arnish Dr. Donald Brooks Ms. Gail Brown Dr. Caleb Chan Ms. Laura Chen Mrs. Sylvia Chen Mr. Peter S.H. Chieng Mrs. Lynda Cranston Mr. Robin Dhir Mrs. Isabelle Diamond Mrs. Marion Dixon Ms. Sherry Doman Mr. Jeff Dowle Dr. Jan Friedman Mr. Adrian Fu Ms. Joanne Gassman Ms. Lisa Graham Mrs. Karen Grant

Mr. Russ Grant Mr. Poul Hansen Dr. David Hardwick Dr. Lawrence Ho Mr. Michael Lam Mr. Harald Ludwig Mr. Brett Manlove Mr. Bjorn Moller Dr. Djavad Mowafaghian Mr. Ron Neal Mrs. Diane Norton Dr. Martha Piper Mr. John Ridley Mrs. Marjorie-Anne Sauder Mr. Garry Skidmore Ms. Dee Sutherland Mr. Malik Talib Mrs. Sharon Toohey Mr. Allan Yap

Sunny Hill Foundation for Children Board of Directors

Teri Nicholas, msw, rsw

Mr. David Doig, chair Mr. Kevin Bent Mr. Ron Edwards Mr. Doug Horswill Dr. Nancy Lanphear Ms. Pam Mitchell Mr. John Smiley

Foundation Executives

president & ceo

Linda Muller, mba vice-president & chief philanthropy officer Knut Nordlie, cfre vice-president & chief operating officer Debora Sweeney, cfre vice-president & chief strategy officer

Privacy Policy BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of its donors, volunteers and other stakeholders, and their personal information. We value the trust of those we deal with, and of the public, and recognize that maintaining this trust requires transparency and accountability in our treatment of the information you choose to share with us. For further information, please refer to our complete privacy policy on our website at

Photography Brian Hawkes, Hubert Kang, James LaBounty, Rob Lyons (C&W Media Production and Service)

2011-2012 BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Annual Report  
2011-2012 BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Annual Report  

Thanks to the support of our donors, hundreds of thousands of children and youth in BC and the Yukon have a lifetime ahead of them to seek a...