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Childhood is a time of tremendous activity – of learning, playing, exploring and growing. Childhood is also the time when we start to connect the dots between life experiences that will create our deeply personal world view. During this time we learn about the importance of friends and family, about giving and sharing, our likes and dislikes, and our interests and aspirations. The pattern that begins to emerge during childhood comes to shape our lives.

As supporters of BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute, you are helping to shape the lives of thousands of young people. In many ways, the care they receive thanks to you will influence who they become. In the pages of this Activity Report, our 2012-13 annual report, we invite you to reflect on the pastimes of your childhood while learning about the wonderful things your generous support has made possible and hearing from a few of the children whose lives you have touched. Through the activities, images and adventures of our patients, caregivers and donors, let us show you how your contributions to BC Children’s Hospital change lives.


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Campaign Milestone Maze Through the Campaign for BC Children, and with the support of thousands of individuals, organizations and our campaign leadership team, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is raising $200 million to support the construction of a new BC Children’s Hospital and ensure all of BC’s children have access to a consistent standard of specialized care. You are helping us navigate the twists and turns on the path to a new BC Children’s Hospital. Thank you for joining us on this journey from milestone to milestone.




The new Clinical Support Building receives its first patients in programs including Social Work, Psychology, Youth Health and Shapedown BC in September.

The $200-million Campaign for BC Children launches in April.

The campaign reaches its halfway mark with $100 million raised in December.

Groundbreaking for a new patient-family accommodation facility at BC Children’s Hospital takes place in June. It is scheduled to open in 2014.

Groundbreaking event for the Djavad Mowafaghian Childcare Centre is held in November. The centre is scheduled to open in 2013. The campaign reaches the three-quarter mark in October with $150 million raised from individuals, companies and organizations across BC.


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report


Three teams are shortlisted in April to create designs for the new BC Children’s Hospital.


Construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital begins.


The new BC Children’s Hospital opens!

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In 2012 your generous donations touched the lives of 81,394 children and youth who made 216,509 visits to BC Children’s Hospital.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation board chair Kevin Bent, president & CEO Teri Nicholas and patient Casey Wright


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Report from the President and Chair Every year individuals and organizations from across BC and the Yukon step forward to support BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI). Our 2012-13 fiscal year was no exception, as 116,126 people made gifts to support the urgent and ongoing needs of these facilities and our $200-million capital campaign, the Campaign for BC Children. Our donors and volunteers have made tremendous contributions since we launched the capital campaign in 2008. The fact is that even as we raise money to support the construction of the new hospital and the delivery of pediatric care to children in communities around the province, we must also meet the needs of those children who require our help today. With your support, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation provided $58.8 million in grants and contributions to the hospital, Sunny Hill and CFRI last year. That’s an increase of $8.5 million over the year prior. Does the extra funding you provide make a difference? You bet it does. Consider that, thanks to just one of the many pieces of equipment you helped purchase, the hospital’s pathology staff can now identify bacteria causing a blood infection in 20 minutes once a sample is

ready. A few months ago this took 36 hours! The greater speed made possible using this leading-edge technology will save lives. Your annual donations have a direct impact on the care children receive at the hospital and at Sunny Hill, where child development and rehabilitation staff work with children to help them reach their full potential. And over $9 million a year goes to the CFRI, ensuring that children treated at the hospital – for conditions ranging from diabetes to cancer to cerebral palsy – benefit from both outstanding clinical care and targeted research programs. Miracle Weekend is our main source of annual funding. In June 2012 we reported Miracle Weekend donations of over $17.9 million, including over $10 million in undesignated donations. These funds are vital to our


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ability to meet the annual needs of children at the hospital. Your donations support research, equipment purchases, and health promotion and education initiatives. A year ago we reported donations to our capital campaign of $142.5 million. Since then individuals and organizations have contributed another $30.6 million to support construction of the new hospital and Child Health BC, steering us down the home stretch. On page 51 of this report we have included a chart that indicates how all money dispensed by the foundation is used. As always, we worked hard in 2012-13 to keep our expenses low and maintained a cost of fundraising of under 20 per cent.

Teri Nicholas, msw, rsw President & CEO


In 2012 your generous donations touched the lives of 81,394 children and youth who made 216,509 visits to BC Children’s Hospital. Your donations, whether to the capital campaign or to help us meet today’s needs, are driving the profound change that is underway at BC Children’s Hospital and in the delivery of pediatric care across the province. Thanks to you, children from across BC and the Yukon are able to experience the many fun and enriching activities that should define any childhood. Thank you for your support.

Kevin Bent Chair, Board of Directors

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Report from the Campaign Chair When we launched the Campaign for BC Children in 2008 we could only imagine the impact this initiative would have on the campus of BC Children’s Hospital and on the lives of children from BC and the Yukon. Today the hospital grounds are alive with construction activity as buildings associated with this immense redevelopment project take shape and site preparation for the construction of the new hospital moves into full swing. Next year we will celebrate the opening of the 49-space Djavad Mowafaghian Childcare Centre and new patient-family housing on site. We will also witness the long-anticipated demolition of a large part of the old Shaughnessy building and the beginning of the construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital. In the spring of 2014, when the team that will build the new hospital is selected, we will see the final plans for a children’s health-care centre unlike any other in Canada. These are the milestones so many people have worked hard to achieve – and that you have made possible with your donations.

The people of British Columbia and the Yukon have demonstrated exceptional generosity in supporting our campaign. As of July 2013 over 79,000 people and organizations had contributed more than $173 million. In the past year several donors have come forward with leadership gifts of $1 million or more, including the Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation, which contributed $5 million, building on a $1-million gift made at the outset of the campaign; The Quail Rock Foundation with a gift of $1,205,100; and Jason and Emily Ko and Family and Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. contributed $1 million, as did the Yu Family and Karen Flavelle, Purdys Chocolatier.


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“Teck is committed to helping build healthy, vibrant communities where our employees live and work. That’s why we’re proud to support BC Children’s Hospital and the expert care it provides to children from across British Columbia.”

– Don Lindsay, President & CEO of Teck Resources Limited

The generosity of these donors, and of the many others who have made gifts of any size, is helping to transform the delivery of specialized care to children in BC. This transformation is already having an impact on those children treated at the hospital and, thanks to the activities of Child Health BC, on many others who are treated in communities across the province. As we look forward to celebrating the conclusion of the Campaign for BC Children and seeing the new hospital materialize, I can’t help but reflect on the thousands of individuals, organizations and communities that have stepped forward to ensure the children of BC and the Yukon will have access to an exceptional standard of care in the decades ahead. It is impossible to think about the commitment and compassion of our donors without also thinking of the many children and families I have met whose lives have been touched by the hospital and the generosity of others. Thank you for supporting the Campaign for BC Children.

Don Lindsay Chair, The Campaign for BC Children


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report




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The New BC Children’s Hospital The new BC Children’s Hospital is being designed with the future in mind – as the health needs of children change and technology evolves, so too must the environment in which children and families find the care they need. The new seven-storey hospital will have an inviting exterior and, at almost 50,000 square metres, will be more than twice the size of our current facility. All patient rooms will be single-occupancy, offering life-saving medical equipment and space for parents to stay comfortably – all at the child’s bedside. In 2006, Teck Resources Limited became the largest donor in the hospital’s history, pledging $25 million to name the Acute Care Centre – the core building of the new Children’s Hospital, which will house services and facilities ranging from cancer care and surgery to emergency and intensive care. Children’s Cancer Centre The Children’s Cancer Centre will be dedicated to treating children with blood disorders and cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma. With 27 inpatient beds, plus an outpatient day program for kids receiving treatment or follow-up care while living at home, the Children’s Cancer Centre will bring programs currently spread across three floors to one location. The 2,300-square-metre floor will provide an environment conducive to family participation in care, with amenities such as kitchens and laundry facilities to enable parents to stay with their child 24 hours a day.


Intensive care neighbourhoods More than 1,000 of BC’s kids came through our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) last year. These children, suffering from the most severe illnesses and injuries, spent an average of 4.3 days in the cramped quarters of BC Children’s PICU. Plans for the new 1,861-square-metre PICU divide it into four “neighbourhoods” that can each be isolated to help reduce hospitalacquired infections, promote healing and provide a quiet refuge for families. One of these neighbourhoods will be a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, staffed with nurses specialized in caring for children with heart conditions. The new PICU will have 28 beds, six more than the current unit, each in a spacious room outfitted with the most advanced technologies for monitoring and life support. Operating room redesign When the current hospital was designed, planners believed that the operating room (OR) of the future would require less space. Today, we see precisely the opposite: equipment and imaging devices play a greater-than-ever role and surgical teams of 10 or more are not

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

uncommon. In the new hospital the smallest OR will be larger than the biggest OR in the current hospital.

and staff time. Children will return home faster and caregivers will be able to spend more time with the children who need them most.

Two of the ORs will have a shared “garage” for a CT scanner that can easily be moved into either OR depending on where it is needed. This unique setup will benefit patients who require multiple procedures and who today must sometimes be wheeled from one part of the hospital to another during or between procedures. These innovative ORs will enable children to remain under the same anesthesia while one or more procedures are performed, potentially shortening the length of time that they have to spend in hospital.

Under construction Construction of the Djavad Mowafaghian Childcare Centre, which will provide childcare services for hospital staff and the surrounding community, is underway. The centre is scheduled to open in 2014. A groundbreaking event for the facility was held on November 22, 2012, to honour Dr. Mowafaghian, who pledged $4 million to the project, bringing his total contributions to BC Children’s Hospital to over $10 million.

New Anesthetic Care Unit The thousands of children who require anesthesia each year are currently seen in two different locations before and after procedures ranging from a simple imaging scan to abdominal surgery. In the new BC Children’s Hospital, three Anesthetic Care Units will allow children and families to be admitted to and discharged from the same area, promoting continuity of care and eliminating the need for families to transfer between two environments. As often as possible, patients will return to the same room to recover, and see the same nurses before and after surgery, enhancing the consistency and quality of care by giving families familiarity with the people as well as the place. Creating a Clinical Decision Unit A newly created Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) in the new hospital will allow Emergency patients to stay up to 24 hours for observation or to wait for test results without having to be admitted. Once admitted, a child must wait to be discharged by a doctor, which usually means an overnight stay. The CDU will help families avoid unnecessary hospital stays for minor injuries and illnesses, freeing bed space

The Clinical Support Building, which houses hospital staff and programs that have moved to make way for demolition of part of the Shaughnessy building and construction of the new hospital, began receiving patients on September 25, 2012. On-site accommodation for out-of-town families is also under construction in the southeast corner of the hospital site; a groundbreaking ceremony for this facility was held on June 7, 2012. It is scheduled to open in the fall of 2013. Blueprints in the making In April 2013 the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) selected three teams – Affinity Partnerships, Oak Street Health Partners and Plenary Health – to present their proposed plans for the new hospital. Comprising award-winning architects, builders, financiers and service providers with extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of children’s hospitals in North America, each team will present their plans to the PHSA in the fall and selection of the winning bid will be announced in 2014. Construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital will begin in 2014 and is scheduled for completion by 2018.


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Maya Ahuja Holding their newborn for the first time is a moment most mothers cherish. Karm Ahuja had only 30 seconds before her daughter, Maya, was hurried to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Months before Maya was born, Karm and her husband Gary learned through an ultrasound that their baby would have a congenital heart defect called tetralogy of Fallot, and a cleft palate. In October 2010, then four-month-old Maya underwent open-heart surgery. Shortly after the operation Maya’s heart stopped beating. Thankfully, after 22 minutes, the hospital’s caregiving team was able to revive her. Six weeks later she returned home. Today Maya still faces challenges. Since her hospital stay she has been diagnosed with a genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a developmental disorder that affects many parts of her body. As she grows she will require another operation on her heart. Gary and Karm say words can’t describe the gratitude they have for the hospital’s doctors and nurses. They are comforted by the fact that no matter what medical challenges lie ahead for Maya they will not have to face them alone.


Stephanie Carlson and Doug Gordon Everybody likes to back a winner. That’s why making a gift to the Campaign for BC Children was a natural decision for Stephanie Carlson and Doug Gordon. Each of them has pledged $1 million to the campaign, fulfilling what they felt was a personal responsibility to give back to a place that has changed the lives of many British Columbians – including their own. BC Children’s has been a part of nearly every phase of Stephanie’s life, from the loss of her daughter, Joanna, to her years of volunteering for the hospital. In fact, Stephanie’s and Doug’s contributions go far beyond their financial commitments; both have been involved with the hospital as volunteers and on BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors for many years. The couple has watched the expansion of the hospital’s programs over time – including its successes in clinical care and the growth of its research activities – and truly understands that these positive results are made possible through philanthropy. As leadership donors, they are proud to help support other parents across the province and ensure families continue to benefit from having a world-class hospital for their children, right here in British Columbia.


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Name the locations of Child Health BC’s regional subspecialty clinics on this map of British Columbia.



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“At the Overwaitea Food Group, we’re committed to the health and wellness of kids and families in BC. We’re grateful for the amazing support of our local communities, team members, customers and supplier partners who have all played a key role in making this fundraising success possible.”

– Darrell Jones, President of Overwaitea Food Group

14 answers 1. Victoria / 2. Nanaimo / 3. Richmond / 4. Abbotsford / 5. Kelowna / 6. Vernon / 7. Trail / 8. Prince George / 9. Terrace / 10. Prince Rupert

Reaching Children Across the Province More than 39 per cent of the province’s one million children live outside of the Lower Mainland. With only one children’s hospital serving our vast province, a collaborative effort from within the health sector and child-serving ministries is essential to building a strong health system for BC’s children. In 2005 BC Children’s Hospital established Child Health BC, a network of the province’s five regional health authorities, the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), health professionals and care facilities, to ensure children have access to a consistent standard of health care, no matter where in the province they live. The donor-funded program took off in 2007 when Overwaitea Food Group pledged $20 million in support. Since then, thousands of BC’s children and families have benefited from Child Health BC’s initiatives. Taking a concussion toolkit across British Columbia In partnership with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit and with support from the Ministry of Health, Child Health BC is ready to launch a new concussion awareness training toolkit (CATT) across BC and nationally. The goal of the web-based toolkit is to standardize the care of children with concussions by providing easily accessible resources for health practitioners and parents. Good concussion management is crucial to decreasing the risk of brain damage. There are many standards and resources on concussions available; however, only CATT has been implemented with a national promotion strategy. Child health framework and service planning tool Child Health BC, with its partners, achieved provincial consensus on a unified framework

and vision for children’s health across the province. This framework uses a “tiers of service” approach that outlines the various levels of pediatric care – from community health promotion right through to the most complex, highly specialized care provided at Children’s Hospital. The “tiers of service” concept lets all health authorities assess themselves using the same mechanism, giving them confidence that their services meet the standard. In 2012, Child Health BC worked with partners to complete the service planning module for pediatric cancer services, palliative care, and emergency care for children. These modules lay the foundation for provincial service planning, which is the next step. BC is on the leading edge of this kind of work in Canada, and BC’s children are the first to benefit. New staffing to keep up with children’s and families’ needs In December 2012 Dr. Maureen O’Donnell, executive director of Child Health BC, and Mary Lou Matthews, in her new role as provincial lead, Network Operations, welcomed two new staff members. Jennifer Scarr is provincial lead, Health Promotion, Prevention and Primary Care, focusing on initiatives that help to keep children healthy at an early age and prevent injuries. Michele Fryer is provincial lead, Regional Specialty and Subspecialty Services. She is helping to expand the reach of subspecialty clinics to communities throughout BC and playing a key role in implementing the “tiers of service” initiative.


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Ensuring standardized care for BC’s children Over 1,000 of BC’s health professionals and care providers have participated in Child Health BC’s standards of care workshops and collaboration meetings. These meetings provide a valuable opportunity for policyand decision-makers from all six health authorities to network, share knowledge and develop best practices in caring for BC’s children. Findings from the workshops are further shared via Child Health BC’s website, with reports available for download by care providers and families. Caring for kids closer to home Through Child Health BC, Children’s Hospital schedules more than 200 regional subspecialty clinic days per year throughout the province. The clinics help to ensure children – especially those who live in rural communities – are not left untreated and that they can receive adequate follow-up care closer to home. This past year, Child Health BC and the Division of Neurology at BC Children’s launched a pilot program for a provincial telehealth follow-up clinic for children and youth with epilepsy. Dr. Mary Connolly and the neurology team from Children’s Hospital have had numerous epilepsy follow-up sessions with patients, their families and care providers in remote locations via video-conferencing, sparing families a trip to the hospital. In 2011, TELUS completed a $5 million pledge to support Child Health BC’s telehealth projects. Child Health BC is working with PHSA telehealth to identify the best ways to integrate this technology to support regional specialty and subspecialty services.


Campaign Leadership Donors BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is honoured to acknowledge the following donors who have generously contributed $1 million or more to the Campaign for BC Children (as of June 2013). These outstanding donors, along with contributions from tens of thousands of other individuals and corporations, have helped us raise over $173 million of our $200-million goal: Lead Benefactors Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods & Urban Fare Benefactors A Night of Miracles Estate of Karel and Edith Alston The Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital BMO Financial Group Jack and Doris Brown Foundation L. C. Campbell The Patrick and Beryl Campbell Charitable Trust Canucks for Kids Fund Capstone Mining Corp. Stephanie A. Carlson Chinese-Canadian Community CIBC and CIBC Employees Colonel Harland Sanders Charities Concert Properties Ltd. & Janice and David Podmore Finning Karen Flavelle, Purdys Chocolatier Golden Girls Group Douglas C. Gordon Brian and Andrea Hill

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Teck Resources Limited

The Hudson Family Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation Jake and Judy Kerr Jason and Emily Ko and Family and Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. Ledcor Group of Companies, Dave Lede Family Foundation The Lee Family Donald R. Lindsay Mining4Life Charity Challenge Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation Peterson Group The Quail Rock Foundation RBC Rix Family Foundation Scotiabank and its Employees Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Families Silver Wheaton TELUS Team Members and Retirees The Yu Family Anonymous (4)

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Debra Vincent Debra Vincent of Vancouver Island understands the importance of supporting a hospital that cares for all of BC’s children. Today, she shares her gratitude by making contributions to the hospital, and hopes other patient families who have the means to pay it forward will do the same. Deb believes that without the exceptional care that her son, Doug Jr., received 30 years ago, he would not be here today. Deb is the proud grandmother of Doug Jr.’s two beautiful daughters and, together, this multigenerational family donates significantly to the hospital that gave Doug Jr. a second chance. Deb still vividly remembers the many days spent away from her home on the Island while Doug Jr. was at Children’s and her husband, Doug Sr., remained at work. One day, without money for food to eat, a hospital volunteer offered her money to buy some food – it was an act of kindness she remembers to this day. By supporting the hospital and nurturing philanthropy within her own family, Deb is giving back to a place that shaped her family’s future, and encouraging others to follow her lead.


Ali Brock Nikki Brock’s daughter, Ali, is the apple of her eye. The 21-monthold loves to blow kisses and give hugs, and playing with Ali is Nikki’s favourite part of the day. But at night, when she has a moment to herself, Nikki can’t help but think about the many challenges that lie ahead for her child. Born with only one vessel to pump blood out of her heart, instead of two, Ali had her first open-heart surgery when she was only five days old. Cardiac surgeons at BC Children’s Hospital attached a donor vessel to her heart to help her survive. She’s had two openheart surgeries since – one of them lasting more than 13 hours. Ali and Nikki travel from Nanaimo to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver every few months for care. Though the trips can be long and tiring Nikki can’t say enough about the hospital’s caregivers, who “are incredible and truly care about children’s well-being.” Because the donor vessel won’t grow as she does, Ali will require surgeries throughout her life to replace her vessel. Nikki hopes that every surgery in the future will go smoothly for Ali and that she will continue to be happy and healthy.


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Caring for Kids The health-care needs of children are changing. Children admitted to the hospital today are much sicker than those typically admitted in the past, and require more complex care, more often. Outpatient care is on the rise, allowing children to return home every day during their treatment or following day surgery. In fact, children across BC and the Yukon made 128,917 visits to BC Children’s outpatient clinics in 2012 alone. The hospital admitted an additional 8,259 inpatients who stayed an average of 7.6 days for specialized treatment and monitoring. The delivery of care must always progress, in practice and philosophy, to keep pace with patients’ changing needs and ensure they continue to receive excellent care. Our specialized medical teams are meeting that challenge and rank among the best in the world, providing innovative and ever-evolving treatments for BC’s children. Stellar anesthesia care The role of anesthesiology in today’s hospital is much different than in the past. Among our medical professionals, the Anesthesia team crosses one of the largest numbers of disciplines. The work of anesthesiologists takes place in and beyond the operating rooms. Their expertise is required to help children cope with pain, remain calm or stay asleep in the PICU, and for simple procedures


like routine dental exams or CT scans during which young or developmentally challenged children cannot sit still. The Department of Pediatric Anesthesia is also leading a renaissance in monitoring capabilities and pain management, gaining new knowledge of how the drugs used in their profession affect children while looking at the social factors that enhance a child’s recovery from medication side effects. Leading the heart to health BC’s children made 8,100 visits to the hospital last year for cardiac care ranging from treatments for the 437 babies born in BC with cardiac conditions to a heart transplant for a pre-teen boy. Last January, 12-year-old Andrew Westerlund became the first patient at BC Children’s Hospital to use a Berlin heart.

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

A Berlin heart is an artificial heart about the size of a small refrigerator that pumps blood for patients while they wait for a transplant. Andrew was hooked up to the Berlin heart for five days before a donor heart was available. He immediately went back into surgery and has since made a remarkable recovery. Andrew’s procedure is one of over 300 heart operations performed by Children’s cardiac surgeons each year, the majority of which are open-heart surgeries. Almost half of all open-heart surgeries at BC Children’s are performed on children under a year old. Outstanding work in orthopedics Our pediatric orthopedic surgeons performed 1,165 operations for children with back, bone and musculoskeletal disorders last year. These include conditions like scoliosis, broken bones and club foot. Among the team’s greatest accomplishments is its ability to manage over 12,000 visits from patients every year – one of the largest numbers of patient visits to a hospital department. Teenagers with severe back deformations have their scoliosis curvatures dramatically reduced through advanced back surgery. Babies with club foot are now treated with Botox injections rather than through painful and invasive surgeries. Over 100 patients a day are assessed and treated – straightened, braced, casted and restored – by the outstanding Department of Orthopedics at BC Children’s.

Constantly improving cancer care The equivalent of six classrooms full of children and adolescents were newly diagnosed with cancer last year. These children were among the 695 babies, children and teenagers admitted for treatment through the hospital’s Oncology/Hematology/Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, and made many of last year’s nearly 10,000 patient visits to our Oncology, Hematology and Hemophilia outpatient clinics. Today, over 80 per cent of these children and youth survive, but not without a cost: the side effects of anti-cancer therapies leave many survivors with health issues associated with their cancer or treatment. Because our childhood cancer specialists are constantly seeking newer treatments that do less harm to young bodies and minds, cure rates for children treated at BC Children’s continually rank among the best in North America. Our cancer and blood disorder treatment programs are leading the international medical community in studies to reduce side effects and improve survival.


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Extreme Makeover ] l edition [ hospita

Today’s patient room


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Spot the Difference! Can you find seven differences between these two hospital rooms? Look for things that will make patient rooms in the new hospital better for children and more comfortable for families, and help caregivers provide the best care.

Tomorrow’s patient room

answers Convertible sofa sleeper for parents / Ceiling-mounted light and monitor / Wall-mounted flat-screen TV / Window with outdoor view / Private bathroom / In-room storage for personal items / Larger room size 23

re ca al ic in cl

Dr. Eleanor Reimer Dr. Eleanor Reimer has a deep-rooted fascination with medicine. As a child, she was hospitalized frequently with a chronic bone infection that required many surgeries. So when she decided to pursue a medical career, she was determined to remember what it was like to be on the “other side.” It was an easy choice for Dr. Reimer to become a pediatric anesthesiologist. After medical school, she knew she wanted to work with children, and to remain in the dynamic environment of the operating rooms and intensive care unit, where she had previously worked as a nurse. Dr. Reimer’s love of children and the OR was put to good use in the planning of the new BC Children’s Hospital. As the former head of the Department of Pediatric Anesthesia at Children’s Hospital, she served on two of the new hospital’s planning teams. She is also a Children’s Circle of Care member, and along with the rest of the Anesthesia team, proudly supports research to ensure anesthesia and pain management continue to improve. For Dr. Reimer, the only thing more satisfying than seeing her donation dollars at work firsthand is working with kids and their families at BC Children’s Hospital. 


Marko Marconato Marko Marconato is a tough kid. An avid athlete, the 13-year-old never complained of pain, even after a rough game of hockey. But when a lump on Marko’s bicep became hard and firm, his mom, Paula, knew it was no ordinary sports injury. In January 2012 Marko was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an extremely rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. He endured many side effects from his anti-cancer drugs: a collapsed lung, open sores inside his mouth and ulcers that required him to be tube-fed, and excruciating burns from the drugs in his bloodstream seeping through the palms of his hands and feet. Doctors first believed amputation was the only option. Then BC Children’s pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ken Brown, offered an alternative: in a 20-hour surgery, he removed Marko’s fibula and part of his hip, and used them to save the boy’s arm. Being an athlete has been a great benefit to Marko in physiotherapy – he knows how to work hard to reach his goals. He still requires checkups at BC Children’s every three months, but Marko’s parents are thankful his chemotherapy is done and the cancer is gone.


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Harnessing Technology Innovation and collaboration are commonplace at BC Children’s Hospital. As leaders in pediatric health care our hospital’s caregiving teams use the latest medical technologies to complement their expertise in research and clinical care – with the goal of providing the least invasive treatments and most timely care for children. Ensuring kids get the right antibiotic quickly In April 2013, thanks to donor funding, our hospital’s pathology lab received an advanced matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) device. The use of MALDI to identify the life-threatening bacteria that affect patients represents the modern standard in pathology. The addition of MALDI has revolutionized the hospital laboratory’s work flow and efficiency, and will enable caregivers to respond faster and prescribe treatment and medication more accurately than ever before. Since the arrival of MALDI our pathologists have been able to reduce the time it takes to identify bacteria from 36 hours to just 20 minutes. This dramatic improvement has life-saving implications: because many of our patients already have an underlying medical condition – like cystic fibrosis or cancer – timely treatment is of the essence in order to protect them from infections that they cannot fight unassisted. Knowing the


exact bacteria causing the infection allows doctors to prescribe the best antibiotic quickly, minimizing the impact of the infection before it takes hold in the body. Children will also have a reduced risk of complications, avoid antibiotics that are inappropriate or less than ideal, and spend less time in the hospital. Minimizing impact through interventional radiology Interventional radiology is another area in which the use of technology has enhanced care for children with medical conditions that may have once required surgery. Interventional radiology involves using medical imaging equipment such as fluoroscopy, ultrasound and CT to perform minimally invasive procedures. These minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures can reduce the child’s recovery time, and, in many cases, make the procedure faster and simpler than traditional surgical options. Interventional radiologists use these imaging tools to navigate needles or catheters (small hollow tubes) into organs, blood vessels, or spaces in the body to treat a variety of conditions and diseases.

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Last year Dr. Manraj Heran, an interventional radiologist at BC Children’s, pioneered the use of intralesional chemotherapy for children. During this procedure, chemotherapy drugs are injected directly into a patient’s cancerous tumour rather than delivered intravenously through the circulatory system. Administering chemotherapy in this way can be easier on the body and enables the patient to leave the hospital on the same day of treatment. Bringing hope to families of children with genetic disease A new technology called chromosomal microarray analysis is giving hope to families in search of a diagnosis for their child. A significant number of children seen at the hospital have conditions with a genetic cause. In many instances, medical geneticists at BC Children’s can diagnose a child by finding changes in genes or chromosomes; this information can help families to understand the implications of the child’s condition or syndrome and point the way to treatment options. Medical geneticists also counsel

families and put them in touch with support services and other families whose children have the same condition. Chromosomal microarray analysis uses specialized chips to detect subtle changes in a patient’s chromosome. Before the technology was available, geneticists examined a patient’s chromosomes under the microscope, and only those chromosomes showing large differences were identifiable. With this new tool geneticists can now detect minute variations in a child’s chromosomes, enabling them to better analyze a child’s chromosomal pattern and potentially diagnose children whose conditions were previously unknown.


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MediMatch Can you match the medical specialty to the part of the body it corresponds to? These are just a few of the pediatric disciplines in which BC Children’s Hospital’s caregivers provide specialized care for children across the province.


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

29 answers Ophthalmology = Eyes / Neurology = Brain / Gastroenterology = Digestive system / Cardiology = Heart / Orthopedics = Bones / Nephrology = Kidney




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y Digestive system



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Nehal Deo Shalini Deo often wonders where her seven-year-old son Nehal gets his boundless energy. Just 10 days after his latest heart surgery he was already asking Shalini when he could return to school. Born with several complex heart defects, Nehal has had four surgeries at BC Children’s. He rebounded remarkably each time, particularly from his most recent procedure in March 2013, which was less invasive than a traditional open-heart surgery but required the use of staff and equipment in two different procedure rooms at Children’s. Cardiac surgeons prepped Nehal in the operating room and, while he was fully sedated, transferred him to the cardiac catheterization lab, where caregivers could use imaging equipment to guide them as they put a stent in Nehal’s lung artery. While the surgery was a success, the fact that he had to be wheeled through the hospital hallways from one procedure room to another added both time and risk to the surgery. In the new BC Children’s Hospital, children undergoing this type of procedure will be able to receive care in one of two large hybrid procedure rooms, reducing risk and paving the way to a speedy recovery.


A Night of Miracles South Asian culture is a vibrant and bold part of British Columbian life. The South Asian community contributes much more than just cultural diversity to our province. For more than 15 years, this community has been safeguarding the health of the province’s children through its support for BC Children’s Hospital. In 2011 business leaders Robin Dhir (right) and Vik Khanna (left) and others set out to raise $3 million through A Night of Miracles – a black-tie gala that has raised over $1 million since it began four years ago – to support the construction of an interventional radiology room in the new BC Children’s Hospital. Thanks to this commitment to the Campaign for BC Children, A Night of Miracles’ cabinet, committee and supporters are ensuring patients in the new Children’s Hospital will be cared for in procedure rooms designed to meet the advanced imaging needs of interventional radiologists and surgeons alike. Members of the South Asian community raise funds for capital campaign initiatives and annual needs at the hospital through individual and corporate gifts.


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Solving Mysteries There is no doubt that research into childhood illnesses has gained incredible momentum on the Children’s Hospital site over the past quarter century. Since its opening in the mid-1980s, the facility now known as the Child & Family Research Institute, or CFRI, has undergone tremendous growth – in size, scope and talent. Research activity has exploded on campus, growing from 145 investigators and trainees in 1987 to well over 200 investigators and more than 300 trainees at the CFRI today. In 25 years the CFRI has expanded from a single building to its current five-structure layout – and the discovery-generating power of its programs attest to the value of the work being undertaken within it. Best treatment when bone marrow fails Our researchers have shown that children with acquired aplastic anemia (AA), a life-threatening illness that causes a person’s bone marrow to stop producing enough new blood cells, can be effectively treated without a bone marrow transplant. Dr. Kirk Schultz and Dr. Rebecca Deyell’s research team reported that a medication-based treatment called immunosuppressive therapy appears as successful as bone marrow transplants in treating AA, helping to reduce the significant potential complications and challenges of finding a compatible donor for the transplant.


Locating the neural roots of dyslexia A CFRI brain imaging study is giving researchers a clearer view of the brain regions involved in dyslexia — a common reading disability that affects about 700,000 Canadian children and teens. The recent study, led by Dr. Deborah Giaschi’s CFRI research group, provides evidence that children with dyslexia, in addition to experiencing challenges with reading, may have difficulty processing complex sounds. Identifying the need for a new meningitis vaccine A CFRI-led study has revealed that a new strain of bacterium that causes meningitis, which can result in life-threatening blood

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

infections and swelling in the brain, is now the leading cause of the illness in Canada. Led by Dr. Julie Bettinger of CFRI’s Vaccine Evaluation Centre, the study tracked the incidence of meningitis over time and found that the new strain accounts for about 60 per cent of the 413 cases seen in children, leading researchers to conclude that a new infant vaccine could prevent meningitis infection. Getting a feel for a patient’s condition Soon anesthesiologists could be using their stomachs and backs to monitor an anesthetized patient’s condition. Pediatric anesthesiology researcher Dr. Mark Ansermino’s team is testing a prototype “vibro-tactile” waist belt that silently provides its wearer with a series of differently paced vibrations at four distinct locations on the waist. Each location communicates changes in one of four key physiologic variables. For example, a slow vibration to the right of the navel indicates a drop in peak airway pressure. The belt lets anesthesiologists monitor a child without distractions from beeping alarms and flashing lights meant to alert other OR staff. With only 30 minutes of preparatory training, anesthesiologists at BC Children’s were able to accurately identify signals from the belt 90 per cent of the time.

Obese children’s hearts show early physical damage Dr. Kevin Harris of the Children’s Heart Centre and his research team have found that the physical predictors of heart disease, particularly, the stiffening of the aorta, are already present in the hearts of obese children. About one-third of Canadian children are overweight or obese, making the research important to understanding the long-term health implications of childhood obesity. Genes and immune system shaped by childhood poverty and stress Led by Dr. Michael Kobor, researchers at the Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics and the CFRI have revealed that childhood poverty is among the experiences that leave an imprint on our genes, and could play a role in immunity. Epigenetics – the study of changes in gene expression – examined a process called DNA methylation, which acts like a dimmer on a light switch, turning genes on or off or setting them somewhere in between. Research showed that methylation patterns were predictive of future immune responses, suggesting that early life experiences could play a role in our response to illness later in life.


ch ar se re

Mining for Miracles Buddy the Miner is all about about teamwork. He represents Mining for Miracles, the mining community’s longstanding fundraising campaign for BC Children’s Hospital. Year after year, individuals and corporations across BC’s mining sector – who sometimes compete in the business world – work together to make miracles happen for BC’s kids. Over the past 25 years Mining for Miracles has raised more than $21 million for children and families who visit the hospital. Through employee and corporate fundraising initiatives, and participation in events like Jeans Day™, Slo-Pitch, the Diamond Draw, the Hooked on Miracles Fishing Tournament and the Teck Celebrity Pie Throw, Mining for Miracles has funded research labs, modernized operating rooms and bought specialized medical equipment to help keep BC’s children healthy. Mining for Miracles is now raising funds to support Canada’s first institutional pediatric biobank, which will store a ready-to-use collection of tissue samples for research at the Child & Family Research Institute at BC Children’s Hospital. Buddy the Miner’s team – Mining for Miracles – is a leading example of how industry members can work together to give BC’s children the world-class health care and services they need and deserve.


Harrison Chong Janet Keall knew that her second son, Harrison, was different from the moment he was born in 2002. As Harrison grew, his anxiety and frustration became more apparent, and Janet knew that he needed help. In January 2011, Janet and eight-year-old Harrison met with Dr. Keith Marriage through the Mental Health Program at BC Children’s Hospital. Janet said that the moment Harrison arrived at the Mental Health Building he was at ease – not worried or anxious – as if he knew instinctively that Children’s would be a place that would give him help and hope. Harrison was diagnosed with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorder and absence seizures. Through therapy and medication, Harrison has changed from being withdrawn and having meltdowns to being able to function in social settings like a typical 10-year-old. Janet is determined to help spread awareness about mental health and developmental disabilities as lifelong challenges and believes that with ongoing care and support from BC Children’s, Harrison will become a successful and happy man.


ch ar se re

2012 Miracle Weekend

Seek & Find

Our researchers and clinicians spend years searching for answers about child health – when they find them, miracles can happen. Your support helps to make this possible.

Can you spot these seven things?


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Maximizing Potential Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children helps children realize their full potential. To do so, Sunny Hill caregivers work with families to better understand and address their child’s needs, and to develop tailored recommendations and services. Whether a child has suffered a traumatic brain injury, has autism or is living with a chronic illness that affects their level of ability, staff at Sunny Hill work with them and their families to help them manage their unique challenges. Last year, thanks to your generosity, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation provided $1,181,000 for child development and rehabilitation programs at Sunny Hill, which serves more than 5,000 children with special needs annually. These funds went toward equipment, research and education, with the lion’s share supporting innovations in care for children from across the province with conditions that affect their growth and development. Safe Feeding Project The Safe Feeding Project aims to foster meaningful communication around safe feeding for families of children with a brain injury. Funds were used to conduct interviews with the families of children staying at Sunny Hill as inpatients, and to use the information gathered to enhance communication and partnership between families and caregivers who must work together to help children learn to eat and swallow as safely as possible.


Custom seating technology Sunny Hill staff have established an innovative process for molding customized seating supports for children who cannot sit up on their own. Using existing technology at Sunny Hill, staff have reduced the time it takes to fabricate these seats while decreasing costs. The new process involves the creation of digital files to help with future seat modifications, measurements and tracking of the child’s physical changes over time – making seating adjustments faster and more convenient for kids. Finding balance with virtual reality The Cube digital floor for virtual reality lets children at Sunny Hill work on their balance, range of movement and strength while interacting with an engaging electronic floor game. The donor-funded device projects over 70 special effects and games onto a two-metre floor display. The Cube’s computer vision system detects and interprets the child’s motions, and its interactive display

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

reacts to movements on the floor. For instance, when children put their feet on an image of a swimming pool, it causes the projection of water to ripple. Children with cerebral palsy, brain injuries or who require lower-limb therapy can easily manipulate the images with their feet as they play. The Cube provides a fun and inviting way to keep kids at Sunny Hill strong and to get them on their feet. Other projects include a learning module focusing on virtual reality interventions for children with special needs that is being completed in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the University of Ottawa. Also, Phase 1 of a virtual tour of Sunny Hill is being developed and finalized, and will allow Sunny Hill’s patients, families, caregivers and the general public to take an online tour of Sunny Hill’s programs, research and innovation.

Child development research In 2012-13 funding supported researchers in their efforts to better understand the unique needs of children with complex and chronic health conditions, and how to better serve them and their families. Recent studies focused on participation among children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities, health among the caregivers of children and youth with chronic health conditions and disabilities, and analyzing information about children with autism and their families. Early intervention for cerebral palsy Dr. Iona Novak, head of the Cerebral Palsy Institute at the University of Notre Dame’s School of Medicine in Australia, and internationally recognized for her research into cerebral palsy, visited Sunny Hill to engage with staff over three days last year. As a result of this visit, Sunny Hill has identified the need to participate in a new initiative to ensure the early diagnosis of children with cerebral palsy in BC, as research now indicates the importance of timely intervention for infants with the condition. 39

ch & ild re d h ev ab e il lo it pm at e io n n t

John Smiley As a Sunny Hill Foundation board member for over 20 years and a financial advisor, John Smiley knows the big impact a planned gift can have on the lives of children. He made a gift of life insurance to Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children years ago when his three sons were young. Doing so has enabled him and his wife, Kathy, to make smaller payments over the years that will lead to a larger gift in the future. Today, a grandfather of seven, he advises others on the importance, and the benefits, of caring for the future. John is truly invested in Sunny Hill – and not just through his gift. He knows that for children with any kind of traumatic injury, Sunny Hill is where “the real work begins.” For the past two decades, John has been instrumental in safeguarding the role of Sunny Hill and its programs in BC’s communities. He is content knowing his gift for the future will continue to serve children who rely on the centre’s diverse developmental and rehabilitation services in the generations that follow him.


Casey Wright Thirteen-year-old Casey Wright’s small stature is deceiving: his personality has always been larger than life. Casey’s positive demeanour has helped him and his family cope with ongoing treatment for a brain tumour that was diagnosed when he was just six months old. Casey endured surgery and chemotherapy as an infant, and again at age three when his cancer returned. At the time, Casey’s tumour was inoperable. But everything changed last January, as Casey’s tumour was pressing on his optic nerve, posing the risk of blindness in the one eye he uses to see. During major brain surgery in February, Casey’s medical team at BC Children’s was finally able to remove the tumour. But this victory was bittersweet as Casey suffered a stroke in the weeks following surgery, paralyzing his right side. He then began the arduous task of rehabilitation at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Casey spent two and a half months at Sunny Hill relearning to speak, walk and swallow. Today, he is back at home and on the road to – his parents hope – a cancer-free recovery. Never at a loss for words, Casey declares he will fill the void left by the tumour with “more personality, because the world can never have enough Casey.”


ch & ild re d h ev ab e il lo it pm at e io n n t


LIBS A quick reminder of what adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs are:

Fill in the blanks and place them in the story on page 43. Don’t peek before you place the words! 1. day of the week: 2. place for kids: 3. family member: 4. medical professional: 5. noun:

An ADJECTIVE describes something or somebody – silly, orange, pretty and kind are adjectives.

6. number:

An ADVERB tells how something is done and usually ends in “ly” – generously, happily, worldly and hurriedly are adverbs.

8. noun:

A NOUN is a person, place or thing – cat, sink, hand and building are nouns. A VERB is an action word – give, walk, clap and love are verbs.

7. period of time:

9. verb: 10. adjective: 11. type of animal: 12. type of toy: 13. adverb: 14. type of doctor (plural): 15. medical device: 16. part of the body: 17. verb: 18. type of medication: 19. type of activity: 20. type of team:


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

My Trip to the Hospital On ____________ I am going to [the] ____________ with 1


[my] ____________. I have a regular appointment with 3

my ____________ in the ____________ clinic, where I visit 4


____________ times every ____________ for a condition 6

called ____________ syndrome.



Each time I ____________ at the clinic, I see my ____________ 9


doctor. Her name is Dr. ____________ and she always gives 11

me [a] ____________. There are lots of ____________ skilled 12


____________ at the clinic and every one of them wears 14

a____________ around their ____________. 15


I used to ____________ a lot when I had to take ____________, 17


but that was before I had ____________. Now, thanks to my 19

____________ team, I’m feeling much better! 20


in ex ch ce il lle d n h c ea e lt h

Building on Excellence Tens of thousands of children come to BC Children’s Hospital year-round for specialized care that is not available anywhere else in the province. Our caregivers are able to meet the urgent needs of these children thanks to the support they receive from the Excellence in Child Health Fund, which supports the areas of greatest need at BC Children’s, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute. Each year the foundation directs approximately $14 million from the fund to these three facilities to support education programs for staff and families, specialized research into childhood disease, and to purchase and upgrade our life-saving medical equipment. Keeping equipment up to date A total of $2.2 million supported equipment purchases and upgrades last year. Serving patients from newborns to teenagers, BC Children’s and Sunny Hill require equipment that is diverse in size and type. Modern equipment enables our caregivers to provide safer, more effective and more precise care. In turn, this reduces the amount of pain a child experiences during a medical procedure, minimizes the risk of complications and improves overall safety by ensuring medical staff have the most accurate and detailed information about each patient.


Last year a $151,000 vitrectomy system was purchased for our Ophthalmology Department. This machine is used in eye surgery and is vital in the treatment of children with eye tumours and other diseases such as glaucoma. The current machine is quite old and this new laser-equipped version will help to decrease operating time for patients. Our anesthesiologists are also better equipped with the addition of an $80,000 SonoSite ultrasound machine, used to help locate a child’s veins to allow central lines to be inserted more quickly. Demand on the current machine is high and the addition of a second unit has significantly improved care.

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

At Sunny Hill a $5,000 EasyStand Evolv stander was purchased, which helps patients with mobility challenges to stand and achieve greater independence while improving bone density. Stimulating research discoveries In 2012-13 $9.3 million went to support activities at the CFRI, where hundreds of North America’s brightest and most promising researchers and scientists work to find better treatments and cures to common and rare childhood diseases. Many of our researchers at the CFRI, located on the hospital site, have a clinical practice at the hospital so their findings are often translated quickly from the lab into treatments and new therapies that benefit our children. Making strides in cystic fibrosis treatment A research study done by Dr. Stuart Turvey, a senior clinician scientist at the CFRI and a pediatric immunologist at BC Children’s Hospital, has identified a new drug with potential for treating cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease. CF is the most common genetic disease in young Canadians, and there is no known cure. Over time, the recurring cycle of lung infections and inflammation common in people with CF damages the lungs, and

can result in a lung transplant being the only treatment option. Dr. Turvey’s discovery is the first step in identifying new medicines to reduce this lung inflammation, decreasing the likelihood that a lung transplant will be required. A wireless eye on kids’ urinary dysfunction CFRI researcher Dr. Kourosh Afshar and his colleagues are pioneering a wireless device that gives an on-the-go view of children’s bladder dysfunction. In a pilot study, participants wore the matchbox-sized device against their skin below their belly buttons, and remained mobile. The researchers found that the wireless device provided a clear view of the difference in bladder blood flow in normal and affected children, indicating the approach has both research and diagnostic value for the 1,500 kids who seek help for urologic function problems at Children’s each year. Your commitment ensures that we meet our patients’ diverse health needs and that BC Children’s Hospital remains a place of health care excellence every day of the year.


in ex ch ce il lle d n h c ea e lt h

Kids Can Help With support from “Can Man,” friends, family, local businesses and the Langley community, Sean Thomas and his peers have raised $40,000 for BC Children’s Hospital since 2009 through Kids Can Help. When 11-year-old Sean first told his mom he wanted to help find a cure for cancer, she gave him a phone number and told him that if he really wanted to make a difference, he would have to do it on his own. He called BC Children’s Hospital and, before long, Kids Can Help began. The program is run by a group of over 30 young volunteers who organize and fundraise for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation through a variety of community events, from their annual talent show and silent auction to almond, bracelet and bake sales. Kids Can Help participants believe there is no limit to what they can accomplish. Twenty-three of these young fundraisers presented an astonishing $20,085 at Miracle Weekend in June 2013, showing the world that kids really can help.


Taylin McGill Kheya McGill celebrated her third birthday at Children’s Hospital – but not because she was sick. Her baby sister, Taylin, was fighting for her life. Taylin survived after months at the hospital battling a bacterial meningitis infection in her brain. She has since endured 17 surgeries, half of them by the age of three. Taylin had her first shunt placed in her brain as a baby; the infection had caused blockages in the flow of her cerebral spinal fluid. She appeared to make a full recovery – until two years later, when a string of rushed visits to Children’s Emergency led to yet another brain surgery. But it was on July 22, 2005, that things took a drastic turn for the worse. When Taylin awoke after three days in a coma she could no longer speak and her left side was paralyzed. She spent two weeks in intensive care before saying her first word: Kheya.   Taylin has long since relearned to walk and talk, and keeps up with friends her age in school. Though she will likely face more brain surgeries, seizures and hospital visits, this 11-year-old has developed a wonderful sense of humour and a love of singing and sports – all of which she joyfully shares with her loving sister.


in ex ch ce il lle d n h c ea e lt h

Cardiac Monitor

Conundrum Can you tell which one is not like the others?

1. The new cardiac monitors are automated and give caregivers a more accurate understanding of a child’s condition, making medication dosing and monitoring safer for kids at Children’s Emergency, in the operating room and on the cardiac unit.


BC Children’s Hospital is constantly upgrading and replacing outdated equipment. From monitors to microscopes, specialized equipment purchases are helping to improve the speed, accuracy and safety of diagnoses and treatments for children. Your support is helping to ensure our caregivers have access to the latest medical tools and giving BC’s kids the highest quality of care available.

2. The older monitor is obsolete, with parts that cannot be replaced or repaired when it breaks down. Staff training is challenging and its use is inefficient when caregivers must switch between different types of monitors.

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

3. The new machines are the standardized monitors that our health-care teams use to care for children. Having the same type of monitor throughout the hospital ensures our specialists are proficient in using the equipment and can deliver the best care to BC’s kids.

Report from the Finance Committee Momentum in our capital campaign and new BC Children’s Hospital and Child Health annual fundraising programs coupled with BC. At March 31, 2013, the campaign total had improved investment performance and reached $166 million. growth in other programs drove total consolidated revenues to new heights in the 2012-13 Miracle Weekend revenue, announced in fiscal year, which ended March 31, 2013. Total June 2012, increased slightly to $17.94 million consolidated revenues, including lotteries in 2012-13. Foundation events including and investments, were $91.9 million in 2012-13, ChildRun, Jeans Day™ and the Chineseup from $83 million in the year prior. Canadian Miracle Weekend each raised over $1 million, while Mining for Miracles and This increase was the result of growth in the Banks Division each raised in excess of all revenue streams including fundraising, $2 million and the Retail & Wholesale which increased by $1.3 million, and investDivision brought in $5.2 million. ment income, with a strong $4.5 million increase over the prior year to $10.7 million. The across-the-board revenue growth we In addition, net revenue from our two experienced in 2012-13 is something we lotteries – the Choices Lottery and the hope to maintain in the year ahead as we Dream Lottery – increased by $540,000 to rapidly approach the conclusion of our $5.3 million due, in part, to the addition of capital campaign and continue to focus on a 50-50 draw. Proceeds from the lotteries providing for the many needs of the children support research programs at BC Children’s who benefit from services provided by BC Hospital. Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill and the Child & Family Research Institute. If you would Between April 1, 2012, and March 31, 2013, like more information about the foundation’s donors contributed $28 million to our fiscal activity or to view our audited financial $200-million Campaign for BC Children, statements, please contact the foundation which is supporting the construction of the at 604 875 2444 or visit us at

Geoff Parkin Chair, Finance Committee

Knut Nordlie, cfre Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer


ee fi re n po an r ce t f co ro m m m it t e th





Source of Fundraising Revenue 9% 10%



BC Children’s Hospital Foundation receives funds from a number of special events each year, including Crystal Ball, For Children We Care, Festival of Trees and golf tournaments, as well as independent community events put on by individuals and groups across BC.

Each year, British Columbians contribute to the United Way and designate Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill as the funding recipients. In addition, granting agencies may designate funds to a specific program through the foundation.

special events


estate & tribute gifts

The foundation accepts donations from individuals’ gifts in estate plans, gifts in their will, and gifts of life insurance or from a charitable trust. Tribute gifts are an expression of friendship, love or sympathy and provide a channel for donors to create a lasting remembrance of someone. Gifts may be designated to a particular area of interest. Undesignated gifts are used to meet the hospital’s most urgent needs.

united way & grants


individual, corporate & community major gifts

Donations from individuals, corporations and community groups make up a large percentage of funds received by the foundation. Donors can choose to support a specific area of need at Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill or the Child & Family Research Institute, or allow the foundation to designate funds where they are needed most.


bc children’s hospital miracle weekend

The annual Miracle Weekend is one of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s most visible community fundraising campaigns.


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

This two-day broadcast is the culmination of a year of fundraising activities by employee groups, service organizations, schools and community groups, and members of the public. Miracle Weekend includes the A World of Smiles telethon on Shaw Multicultural Channel, the Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend telethon on Fairchild TV and radiothons on CHMB AM1320 and Fairchild Radio AM1470, and BC Children’s Hospital Miracle Weekend telethon on Global BC.


direct response marketing

Every year, generous individuals respond to mailed correspondence, television promotions, telephone requests, and door-to-door solicitation conducted by representatives of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Many of these donors belong to the Sunshine Club – a monthly donation program that provides a stable and cost-efficient source of funding for the foundation.

4% 2%

18% 2%


Use of Funds Provided to the Hospital



research into childhood diseases

„„ Childhood cancer and blood research „„ Developmental neurosciences and child health „„ Diabetes, nutrition and metabolism „„ Genetics and health „„ Immunity in health and disease „„ Innovations in acute care and technology „„ Reproduction and healthy pregnancy „„ The Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics „„ Research institute infrastructure and equipment „„ Research investigator recruitment


sunny hill health centre for children

„„ Equipment and capital needs „„ Compassionate care for children „“I „ Can Talk, Too” Program „„ Child Development & Rehabilitation Evidence Centre „„ Fellowships and education „„ Research and clinical improvements



health promotion & education

specific endowments & designations



„„ Clinical equipment in the acute pediatric inpatient and cardiac programs „„ Neurosurgery microscope and ultrasound machines for the operating room „„ Monitors to measure vital signs, oxygen and blood gases „„ A broad range of other child-specific medical equipment

„„ Construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital „„ Child Health BC

„„ Child Health Quality Resource Centre „„ Transition from pediatric to adult care project „„ Leadership recruitment „„ Centre for International Child Health „„ Clinical fellowships „„ Other special projects including web-based innovation tools

specialized equipment

„„ Genetic research endowments „„ Pediatric oncology endowments „„ Diabetes research at the hospital and the research institute „„ A broad range of other areas of donor interest, including cardiac sciences, nephrology, mental health and orthopedics, to name a few

the campaign for bc children


ll ro r ou on h

Thank you to our donors! CORPORATE, COMMUNITY GROUPS & FOUNDATIONS BC Children’s Hospital depends on corporations and their employees, foundations and community groups for their dedication and generosity. We thank our Legends, Champions and Heroes who pledged or contributed $10,000 or more between January 1 and December 31, 2012, for helping to make miracles happen. Corporate and Community Legends – $1 million or more

The Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital  BMO Financial Group  Canucks for Kids Fund  Capstone Mining Corp.  CIBC and CIBC Employees  Costco Wholesale, Employees and Members  Michael Cuccione Foundation Finning  Golden Girls Group  RBC 

Colonel Harland Sanders Charities  Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods, Urban Fare & Bulkley Valley Wholesale  Scotiabank and its Employees  Silver Wheaton  Teck Resources Limited & Employees  TELUS Team Members and Retirees  Anonymous

Corporate and Community Champions – $100,000 to $999,999 Abbott Nutrition HSBC Bank Canada – Employees & Clients  Balding for Dollars Kids Running For Kids BC Rare Disease Foundation Kirmac Collision Services Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP  Ladysmith Health Care Auxiliary  BMO Financial Group Employees Mining4Life Charity Challenge  British Columbia School RBC – Employees and Clients  Superintendents Association RE/MAX of Western Canada Building For Kids Charity Golf (1998) Inc.  Classic Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers  Canadian National Railway Summits of Hope  CH.I.L.D. Foundation TD – Employees & Customers Chemainus Health Care Tim Hortons Auxiliary  Donors designating through Dairy Queen Canada Inc. the United Way of the Lower The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Mainland  Foundation  University of British Columbia  Goldcorp Inc. Vancouver Foundation  Hannah’s Heroes Foundation The Vancouver Sun & Hooked on Miracles – Mining The Province  For Miracles Charity Fishing Walmart Canada & Employees  Tournament Wigs for Kids 


2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Corporate and Community Heroes – $10,000 to $99,999 2nd Annual Margaritaville 99.3 The FOX A Night for Kids – Croatian Community of Vancouver AA Wayne’s Towing Limited Acardia Holding Inc.  Acme Fire and Safety Isabelle Tonolli Legacy Golf Tournament Air Canada Foundation Aldergrove Financial Group AMEC Americas Limited AMPCO Manufacturers & Employees Arrow Transport Systems Inc. Aspen Custom Trailers Avcorp Industries Inc. B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association  Batmobile at BCCH Bats for a Cause BC Children’s Hospital – Employees © BC Children’s Hospital Foundation – Employees © BC Hydro BC Hydro Employees’ Community Services Fund (HYDRECS)  BC Hydro Power Pioneers  BC Safety Authority & Employees 

BC Scrapbooking Crop for Kids BC Wine & Oyster Festival – Liberty Merchant Company  Bearfoot Bistro World Oyster Invitational  BMO Nesbitt Burns BMX Canada ABA Association Bocci Design & Manufacturing Inc. Borden Ladner Gervais LLP  British Columbia Masonic Foundation British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund The Bublé Family Superhero Suite California Giant Inc.  Canada Safeway Employees’ Charity Trust Fund  Canadian Pacific Railway  Canadian Sunshine Kids Foundation Canadian Western Bank Canamera Refrigerated Transport  Canfor Corporation Cayman Islands Department of Tourism The Charitable Gift Fund Canada Foundation Chatters Salons CHEK News

“One person can only do so much, but together we can make a difference.”

– Michael Cuccione

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* Deceased Clean Energy BC C-Lovers Fish and Chips Coast Capital Savings  Colliers International  Canada Toseki Corporation Concert Properties Ltd.  Concord Pacific Foundation  Copper Mountain Mining Corporation Cushman & Wakefield LePage Cystic Fibrosis Canada Denny’s Restaurants  DePuy Spine (Johnson & Johnson Medical Products) Dr. Knox Middle School  E.B. Horsman & Son Eastern Health Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc. Éminence Organic Skin Care Endeavour Silver Corp. Envision Financial & Valley First Evening to Inspire Extra Life (Children’s Miracle Network) Fasken Martineau Festival of Trees at NK’MIP Resort in Ososyoos  Finest at Sea Ocean Products Limited Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer Fraternal Order of Eagles  FS Financial Strategies G&F Financial Group General Mills The Giving Tree Foundation of Canada  Golder Associates Ltd. and Employees Great Canadian Gaming Corporation  Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.  Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Society (P.G.)  H.Y. Louie Co. Limited Highland Valley Copper and Employees Huckleberry Mines Ltd. and Employees Imperial Metals Corporation Imperial Oil Ltd. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia International Longshore and Warehouse Union 502 International Longshore and Warehouse Union 514 The Iranian-Canadian Benevolent Foundation

J. D. Irving Limited Kia Canada Limited Kids’ Health Links Foundation Kitanoya Marketing Corp. Knights of Pythias KPMG  Kraft Canada Inc. Lawson Lundell LLP Ledcor Group of Companies  Lion, Lioness and Leo Clubs of BC  The Little Potato Company  London Drugs Limited Long & McQuade Musical Instruments  lululemon athletica Lush Handmade Cosmetics  Macon Construction Ltd. Marriott Hotels of Canada McMillan LLP Millennium Pacific Greenhouses Partnership  Mining Suppliers Association of BC Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia Mount Cheam Christian School Students  Mt Mulligan Fundraiser National Importers Ltd.  Nestle Canada Inc.  New Gold Inc. Newman’s Own Foundation  Noah’s Ride 4 a Reason Nolan’s Locks for Leukemia  North American Produce Sales  North Shore Credit Union NovaCopper Inc. NovaGold Resources Inc. NWM Private Giving Foundation  Nut Allergy Alliance Nyrstar Odlum Brown Limited One Ocean Expeditions The Oppenheimer Group  Order of the Eastern Star Orica Canada Inc. Oscar a la Mer  Pacific Northwest Children’s Cancer Society – Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program Polygon Homes Ltd.  POM Wonderful LLC  Procter & Gamble Inc. Prospera Credit Union Provincial Employees Community Services Fund

Provincial Health Services Authority  Raymond James Foundation RE/MAX 2000 Realty (Guildford) RE/MAX Advantage Realty RE/MAX All Points Realty Group RE/MAX Alliance (Victoria) RE/MAX Anchor Realty RE/MAX Camosun RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty RE/MAX Crest Realty RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) – South Granville RE/MAX Kelowna RE/MAX Little Oak Realty RE/MAX Mid-Island Realty (Port Alberni) RE/MAX of Nanaimo RE/MAX Nyda Realty RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group RE/MAX Westcoast RHF Hearing Foundation Rogers Communications Royal Canadian Golf Association The Royal Canadian Legion Sears Canada Employee Charitable Fund Shaw Communications Inc.  Solidifi Appraiser Network Spirit of Children Halloween Event – Spirit of Halloween

Steamplant Hockey Club Stewart Minerals North Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation  Summerland Healthcare Auxiliary  Taseko Mines Limited Team 4 Hope Teck Coal Limited Thompson Nicola Cariboo United Way Thrifty Foods  The Times Colonist Toshiba of Canada Limited Tournament of Superheroes  Triple Crown for Heart Bike Ride UBC Bhangra Club UBC REC’s Lace Up for Kids  UCCO-SACC-CSN-Pacific Region United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of Greater Victoria Variety – The Children’s Charity of BC Westrow Food Brokers Inc.  Williams Lake Log Hauler’s Association Yellow Pages Group Young Entrepreneurs Society Victoria Youth Helping Youth ZLC Foundation Anonymous 53

CHILDREN’S CIRCLE OF CARE The Children’s Circle of Care honours individuals, family foundations and privately held corporations who pledge or contribute gifts of $10,000 or more. It is our honour to recognize these dedicated donors for their support of child health between January 1 and December 31, 2012. The Royal Circle recognizes donors whose cumulative contributions to BC Children’s Hospital have reached or exceeded $1 million since the inception of the Children’s Circle of Care program in 1995. The Royal Circle Jack and Doris Brown Foundation  L. C. Campbell  The Patrick and Beryl Campbell Charitable Trust  Canadian Chinese Help Care Society  Stephanie A. Carlson  Caleb and Nancy* Chan Tom and Bonita Chan Sylvia, Wen, Alan, Angela Chen and Family Dan and Jill Devlin Fu Tak Iam Foundation Ltd. Douglas C. Gordon  Brian and Andrea Hill  The Hudson Family  Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation 


Asa and Kashmir Johal and Family  Jake and Judy Kerr  Dave Lede Family Foundation  The Lee Family  Donald R. Lindsay  Djavad Mowafaghian  Peterson Group  Purdys Chocolatier  The Rix Family Foundation  William L.* and Marjorie-Anne Sauder Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Families  Allan and Elsa Yap  Colin and Katherine Yu  ZeShan Foundation Anonymous (3)

2012 Members The Abercrombie Foundation  Ace Architectural Millwork  James P. Angus  Mark and Kathy Ansermino © Aqueduct Foundation – The Nighthawk Fund  Tali'ah Aquilini  The Arneja Family © AWG/All West Glass  Noreen Ayles  Paul Balfour  Arthur and Elle* Bargen Collin and Helen Barker © Michael Barker © The Barnes Family Foundation Alexander Barnetson Ryan and Cindy Beedie  Stephen and Kathy Bellringer Syd Belzberg and Joanna Tymkiw  Deepak Binning Foundation Geoffrey and Catherine Blair © Bosa Properties Inc.  Roberto Bosa Patti and Bruce Bried  Sean Bristol and Lisa Cheung © Michael Broderick Malcolm Bruce  Leo Bruneau  The Thomas Alan Budd Foundation at The Calgary Foundation  Suzanne Burgess and Graham Robins Jr. Kevin Bush and Helga Grau © Terence Byrne  David Cabral and Lori Tucker © The Campbell Family Barry and Laurie Cavanaugh  Chelsea Cavanaugh Richard C. Chan

Stella Chan  Tin Lum and Suet Yee Chan  David and Sophia Chang  Chapman Burner and Heating Service Ltd. Mickey Cheang  On Tak Cheung  Chun Choi and Juliana Cho  Chuen-Chung and On Chau Chow  Neil Chrystal  Winnie W. Y. and Donald K. Y. Chung  John Clarke The Clayton Family Allan and Victoria Cloke Doug and Barbara Cochrane © JP Collet and Jun Chen © Robert L. Conconi Foundation  Mary B. Connolly and Louis D. Wadsworth © Lance and Diane Conway Bradford Cooke Mark A. Corra and Cindy Krins W. E. and Y. V. Couling  Douglas J. Courtemanche © Graeme and Cheryl Currie  Dayhu Group of Companies  Charles and Isabelle Diamond  Craig and Carrie Diamond  Janet Dickson Gordon and Marion Dixon  David H. Doig and Emma J. Stevens  Sherry Doman  Rui Qin Dong  Carol Dyck  Edith G. Dyck Alexander Edler Larry Elliott Elm Foundation  Chao-Yuan Feng 

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* Deceased Ferrero Canada Ltd. Donald G. Fitzpatrick © Fountain Tire Fuma Enterprises Canada Ltd.  Martin and Ashley Gaetz  Danny* and Shirley Gaw  B. Ming Gin The Gooding Family The R K Grant Family Foundation  Great Century Foundation  Keyvan Hadad © Michael and Susan Hagerman Peter and Donna Harco  David and Margaret* Hardwick © Heritage Heights Mark and Joan Hill © Diane Hodgins  Derek and Lisa Hopkins Lori Hoy  Aaron Hui and Leanne Page © Denise Hui  Hilary and Patsy Hui  Intergulf Investment Corporation Jim and Linda Intihar Intracorp Projects Ltd. David and Yael Israel © Kevan and Rikki Jacobson © JayMac Foundation  Douglas Johnston © Kaatza Foundation Ahmet Murat Kadioglu  Raymond Kahwaji and Family The Keller Family Alan Kiss  Bruce and Denise* Knight  Jason and Emily Ko and Family and Viva Pharmaceutical Inc.  Hans and Linda Kohler  The Koo Family  Frederick K. Kozak and Lorna E. Hruby © The Kronier Family  John and Adrienne Kutzschan Kaman Kwok  Jasen and Jennifer Kwong  Sze Nuen Lai  Michael and Annie Lam  Charles and Frances Larson © Pascal Lavoie and Isabelle Fontaine © Cliff Lede Family Charitable Foundation  Robert H. and Lily Lee  Joanna Lehmann

Sonny and Florence Leong  Ken and Snow Liang  Kenneth and Michelle Lim © Ann Y. C. Lin Emily Ling © Marie Lohm  Craig Long Peter and Shari Lutsky and Family Jeffrey and Barbara Ludemann © Harald and Sharlene Ludwig  Mai Thieu Ly  Margaret L. Mackenzie  Graham and Sylvie MacLachlan  Stuart MacLeod and Nancy McCullough © Stephan Malherbe © Juanita Manning  Cliff and Mary McCracken Frank & Yvonne McCracken Foundation  Deborah McFadden and Ken Berean © Arlene G. McGinnis  Ian McIntosh Ken McIntosh The McLean McCuaig Foundation Chris McLeod Gary and Anne McPhail  Kevin and Lisa McPhedrian MEG Consulting Limited Derek M. Melville John D. and Joyce Mitchell John Hardie Mitchell Family Foundation Bjorn and Rochelle Moller  Rolly Montgomery Lenny and Jehane Moy and Family Kishore Mulpuri and Hima Bindu Yarlagadda © Alexander and Gene Nam National Importers Ltd.  Ron Neal  Joachim and Susan Neumann  Sydney and Helen Newhouse Teri L. and Lee Nicholas © Northland Properties Ltd.  John and Diane Norton  Oasis Foundation Mark and Victoria O’Dea  Paul Oei and Loretta Lai  Jim O’Rourke Peter O’Sullivan  Ernest and Shawn Ouellet  Stanley Owerko

June A. Page*  Millan and Dawn Patel © PCI Developments Corp.  Ali and Kirsten Pejman  Blair and Mairi Claire Pigeon Shafique and Sally Pirani © David and Janice Podmore  Polygon Homes Ltd.  Dana Prince and Elana Sigal – Zach Prince Foundation Quail Rock Foundation  Chris and Leslie Reilly © Eleanor Reimer © Patrick Robinson and Leigh Sauder and Family  Stewart and Darlene Robinson Kevin Ronning Jack Ross  Jim and Noreen Rustad  Ross and Shauna Rustad  The Sanatani-Stevens Family © Sandman Hotels  Matt and Sharon Sauder Laura Sauvé and Trevor Hughes © Louis and Jacqueline Scheepers © Richard D. Scott Michael and Diane Seear © Joseph and Rosalie Segal  Suki and Desha Sekhon  Tom and Catherine Seltzer  Senniyo Beauty & Figure International Group  Dave and Janneen Sharples Martin and Ming Shen  Terrance G. Shippam Ash Singhal and Muffy Greenaway © Erik and Heather Skarsgard © Reg Skelton Allan and Clarice Skidmore – Jessoma Foundation  Thomas and Lorraine Skidmore Peter C. Smith  Sandy So and Ron Benoit  William Soo and Vicky Cheung  David P. Speert and Sarah Lawton-Speert © D. Wilson St. John  Stephen Bros. Contracting Ltd. Sylvia Stockler-Ipsiroglu and Osman Ipsiroglu © The Kim Stolberg Foundation  Debora Sweeney and Stephen Crombie © Dickey K.C. Tam and Joeei S.M. Lee 

Hans Tang  John Tapics Vijay and Shamini Tharmarajah David and Gail Thompson The Ticknor Family Scott M. Tindle Chloe Shulei Tong and Danny Deng  Dean and Kitty Toye  Transworld Management Ltd.  Michael Traynor © Pak Hang and Felisberta Tse  The Vaale and MacDonald Family  Judie Anne Nelson* and Bert Vadgama © Hilary Vallance © Nancy Van Laeken © Ron van Steenoven & Associates Ltd. The Allen and Loreen Vandekerkhove Family Foundation John and Cathy Vandervelde  Cynthia and Bruce Verchere © Anonymous Fund – The Victoria Foundation  Brooke N. Wade Charitable Foundation  Godfrey Walton  Jun Wang and Matthew Zhang  WCS Waste Control Services Inc. Eric Webber and Farah Valimohamed © David and Janis Wensley and Family © Wesbild Holdings Ltd.  Peeter and Mary Wesik  Westbank  Helen A. Williams  Chip and Shannon Wilson  Windsor Plywood Foundation  The Wolrige Foundation Allen and Karen Wong  Grace King Man Wong Melissa Wong  Daphne Wu  Ronny Xiong  Minoru Yamaguchi The Yang Family  Zalkow Family Foundation  Peter and Diane Zell  Xiao Fen Zhou  The Zulinick Family  Anonymous (21)


CHILDREN’S CIRCLE OF COURAGE The smaller the patient, the greater need for specialized medical care and support. We thank these individuals, family foundations and privately held corporations for their support of $1,000 to $9,999 between January 1 and December 31, 2012, and welcome them to the Circle of Courage. 072089 BC Ltd. 2060241 Ontario Inc. 451270 BC Ltd. 652339 B.C. Ltd.  Sonbol Abar Helena Abou-Khater  Acorn Plumbing and Heating  Rodney and Edith Adam Chris and Susan Adams ADT Financial Inc. Aegis Mortgage Services Ltd Affleck Hira Burgoyne LLP Michael and Jane Agg Aggressive Transport Ltd.  Ajanda Endeavours Ltd. AJB Software Design Inc.  All Seasons Mushrooms Inc  All Tech Transport Ltd All That Jazz Enterprises Inc. Michael J. and Gloria Allan Arthur H. and Marlene Ann Allison  Noreen Allsopp Allwest Electric Ltd. Altus Group Vancouver Real Estate Advisory Services Inc. Henri and Karen Alvarez Katrina Amurao Anbrook Industries Ltd. Mark Andersen E. Edvard and Mary-Louise Anderson  Gordon P. Anderson John Anderson Lorraine Anderson Yolande Anderson  Dale Andres Angell, Hasman & Associates (Malcolm Hasman) Realty Ltd.  Aquaventures Swim Centre Ernie Archer  Rory and E. Brynn Archibald Shelley Arding Argus Carriers Ltd. Pritam Ark Ken Armstrong


Susan Arnold Navdeep Atkar Michael and Carolyn Atkinson  Russell Aunger James Austin Williams Auyeung  Yik Fung and Kam Duen Au-Yeung  Avison Young Commercial Real Estate Ltd. AWM-Alliance Real Estate Group Ltd. Ken and Anne Aylard B & D Auto Body Ltd. Bacci’s Design Ltd.  Rajinder Singh and Iqbal Badwal Rajinder and Prabha Bagga Russ Bailie Gulwant Bains Mohinder K. Bains Rajpreet Bains Ian and Helen Ballam Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine Ltd. Paolo Barbiero  Jeannette Barna Andrew C. Barnes  Gerry Barregar Glenn E. Barrick  R. Craig Barton F. Bartram  Gurmeet K. Bath Sandra Baynham  Bayside Furniture Ltd. BCD Holdings Ltd. Malcolm and Marion Beaton  John Beaven Deborah C. Beceda Bernard M. Beck Bee Maid Honey Limited John and Roberta Belancic Robert Bell Wai Kwan Bell  Greg M. Belland Neil Bellosillo Jacob and Maartje Benne

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Elaine Benson Erik and Doris Benson  Kenneth P. and Joyce A. Benson Ralph Michael and Lorraine Berezan Maggie Bernet Brian Berry Brian and Bev Bertoia  Andre Besenyo Doug and Jane Beulah Dave and Amber B. Bezahler BGC Engineering Inc. Sushma and Lalit K. Bhagia Sandeep Bhatnagar Laura W. Bicknell Kim Bihari Garry Biles Laurent A. Biron David and Lou Bishop Alessandro and Nicole Bitelli Black Gold Coach Lines Black Gold Projects-Inspection  Black Gold Transit Gisele Black  Jennifer Black Jeremy and Jennifer A. Black Sharon Black & Associates RE/MAX Kelowna Black’s Roofing Robert Blair  Stephen W. Blake  Joyce and Frank Blandford Kathleen Blaney Ryan Blazecka Blitzoo Games Inc. Andrew and Kerry Block  Blue Continent Transportation Ltd. Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd. Boart Longyear Canada

Oliver and Shirin Bock Boffo Construction Group Inc. David Bogle  William Boland Craig Bonbernard  Jim and Janet Bond Stuart Bonner  Tracey Boorman Jeffrey David Booth Margaret Borer Bosa Construction Inc. Dale and Anna Bosa  Allan Bott Cathie Bouillet John Bowles John Boyd Nick Boyd  Percy A. and Mae Boyd  Sandy and Molly Boyd Eric Boyko Andrew Bracewell Pamela Brammall Barry Brandl  Brandt Tractor Ltd.  Mike Brankston Stuart Breen Howard Breslaw Carman Briscoe Robert Britch British Pacific Properties Limited C. E. Broderick Peter and Teresa Broerken Charles Brousson Fred Brown Joyce E. Brown Lois Bruce  Vaughan S. Bruneau Robert and Fatima Bruno  BTY Group 

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* Deceased Terry and Cindy Bubb  Arthur and B. Lynn Bucholtz James Buckley Greg Bullock Wally Buono Stephen Burk Cameron and Sophie Burke  Charlotte Burley Greg M. Burns C.T. Control Temp Ltd.  Cafe Medina Marek Cai  Allan and Cherie Peace Caillet  Ehyan Caldwell Eleanor D. Caldwell  Calrudd (1999) Construction Company Ltd Cambridge Plumbing Systems Ltd. John D. Cameron Shelby J. Cammer Bradley Campbell Dave and Rebekah Campbell  Gordon and Jean D. Campbell James and Shirley Campbell Karen M. Campbell © Robert M. Cann Hector and Vivian Cantas  Cantex Mining Services Ltd. Carats Investments Inc. Marguerite Carlson Carrier Lumber Ltd.  Shawn Casey William J. Cassan CBS Parts Ltd. Damian Cenkowski  Leo and Gwen Chabot Vinod Kumar and Mohini Chalhotra Chambers Electric Robert Gordon and Dorothy Chambers Andrew M. and Ruby Chan © Angel Chan  Carlos K. and May Y. Chan  Grace Chan and Marco Mazzucco Hung Chan  Julian Chan King Foon Chan Norman Chan  Raymond Chan*  Sally Chan  Sam and Hayley Chan  Saree Chan 

Bruce and Doreen Chanakos Jeanny Chang  Chang Li Lisa Chang  William Vai Yung and Jenny Lai Jun Chang  Gina Chapman Karl Chapman Jeff and Bettina Charpentier Allan Chase Robert and Barbara Chase Ngoan Thi Chau Pei Yu Chen  Shou Pang Chen  We Xing Chen  Wen Ying Chen Zhao Zai Chen Edwin Shek Yin Cheng  Nina Po Yee Cheng  Lorne Chernochan Amanda Wen-Wei Cherry  Elaine Cheung  Gordon Ying Kay Cheung Kitty Cheung © Winnie Cheung  Navdeep Chhina Solomon Yun Hin and Alice Hau Yin Chin Wen-Tseng Chou  Anthony Chow  Jack Chow  Michelle Chow Mien-Ju Chow  Wilbur Chow Robert R. and Linda S. Chrystal Jessie Chu Marianna Chu  Sau Ngor Chu  Fabiana E. Chubbs Alice Chui  Yuet Chi Chui  Hsu I. Chun  Donald H. Chunn James and Nancy Church Churchill International Property Corp.  Sue Churchill Citicor Management Group Inc. Citimark Projects Corporation  City Vacuum Civil Construction Co. Ltd.  John Clague J. Arthur and Catherine Clark Murray Clark 

Hugh Clarke Judith Clarke Valerie A. Clouston Randy Clowes  CLR Concepts Bob, Jeannette and Emma Cockram  Mary Coggin Marlene Cohen-Wexler Edward A. Colin  Collins and Cullen, Lawyers Darell Collins  Jon A. and Kay Collins Colonial Countertops Roxana Colquhoun Concord Premium Meats  Convoy Supply Ltd.  Edward Coombes Kathleen Cooper Leslee Cooper Coquitlam Orthodontics Balbinder Corra Costless Express Tim Cotey and Erin Vipond  David Couling Herbert F.* and Ilene Coupe Curtis and Lindsay Cousins  Boyd Cowan Cowboy Enterprises Ltd. Ken Cowie Carole Cowx David Craig Marsha Crawford CREO Stone Inc. Charlene Crombie David Crowe Guy Crozier CRS Construction Ltd. Beverly Csikos CT-1 Construction Ltd. Han Ming Cui  Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. Cullen Machine Inc./Rute Products for Motorcycles Rob and Jackie Cummins Margaret Curtis Cusson Investments Ltd.  Roger W. Cyr Frank Czank  George Czank  William Dahl Jill Yates Dahlgren Edward Dale

Keith Dale Fred Scott Daley Dan & Sam’s Concrete Finishing N.D. Darcy and Fiona Daubaras Beatrice Davis Brent Davis John R. Davis Lawrence Davis  Margaret E. Davis  Bob Dawe Douglas E. and Margaret Daws  Alceo and Gina DeAnna Bill and Julie Deeks John and Gayla Dehart  Cynthia Dekker Irene Dekker Daniel Dekkers Delaney’s OK Tire Store Langley Elinore Delf © Della Optique Optometry and Eyewear Margot Delorme George deLure Arko Demianczuk and Doris Vretenar Tassia Demiris Ken Dempsey Eric B. Dempster Richard Dempster DenMar Electric Ltd. Kerry and Ginny Dennehy  Glenn Dennis Jeff Dennis Manjinder and Kanwaljit Deol Mathew Dettling Barry Devlin Devonshire Properties Inc. Dexter Associates Realty Gurpreet and Tarpinder Dhaliwal Harvey, Anita and Eshaan Dhasi Robin and Rena Dhir Nancy Di Castri Bruno Di Spirito and Family Darryl and Sandi Diardichuk John DiBernardo Robert A. and Carmen Dickinson Daniel Dickson Di-Corp Diversity Technologies Corp. Phong Q. Diep Sandra Dilworth Yinghong Ding Stephanie Dinh


Gavin Dirom Marna Disbrow Don Dixon DLC Distributors Inc. Larry Dodd Mary Patricia Doherty Lotta Marie Donald Elizabeth Done  Aldo and Colleen Doratti Jim and Oriette Dorsey and Family Balwinder Dosanjh Ian C. Dow Jeff and Muriel Dowle  Bernie Doyle Thomas Doyle Cody Dreger DS Cabinet Installations Beverly Duke DuMoulin Black Management Ltd. Dunbar Lumber Supply Duso’s Enterprises Ltd.  Lara Dutton Nikola Dzeletovic Bruce E. Eaket Ivan Eatzheaw Howard W. Eckman  Eclipse Intelligent Solutions Marion Edmondson  Justus Edmundson Jons Edstrand  Bryan Edwards Charles Edwards EECOL Electric Anne B. Ehrenkranz Odd Eidsvik Craig M. Elander Diane Elliott  Jo-Ann Elliott and Mike Tulp Keith Elliott Brenna L. Ellis Harry and Ann Elzinga Emcon Services Inc. Encorp Pacific (Canada)  Dan Yuen and Wai You Eng Jack Lim Eng  Robert and Marianne Eng Lucas Engbrecht Kenneth and Phyllis Enns  Allan and Tick Oai Entote  Richard Eppich  Eternity International Investments Co. Ltd.


Euro-Rite Cabinets Ltd. Donald H. and Beth Evans  Evergreen Mall Evora Family Extreme Glass Ltd. Kenneth and Kristine Fahlman Frederick Fairey  Bruce Fan Kwo-Long Fan and Chang-Mei Pan Yan Jia Fan  John C. Farmer Hassan and Elsa T. Farzadeh Gregory M. Faust  Sam Feldman  James H. and Katherine M. Fenton Ivan and Kimberley Ferenc Ruth Ferlow Alexander C. Fernandes Marisa Ferrara © Brenda Ferris Dave Fettback Leonard and Pamela Fidgett Kenneth J. and Jean C. Finch Mary Fines  Finica Food Specialties Ltd. Gordon Rea Finlay Sean Finn  Aaron Flaig Keith Flannagan  Charles Flavelle  David G. Fleming Robert N. and Brigid A. Flipse  Youcille Flores FMC of Canada John Fogden Raymond Fong and Angelique Leung  Food Should Taste Good Inc. Gordon and Christina Ford Robert and Edith Ford  Fortinet Technologies Inc. Dave Fowler Garth Fowler and Kathleen Rafferty Richard Fowler and Margot Fleming Christopher J. and Stacey Fox  Len Fox Framagraphic Picture Framing & Gallery  Team Sheila Francis Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. 

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Lillian A. Franz Michael Fraser William Fraser Fraserland Farms Friends of Nicole from W. L. Edward and Alice Friesen Ken and Cynthia Friesen Rick and Bev Friesen Frontier Power Products Ltd. Fruiticana Produce Ltd. Joseph Fujisawa Eileen and Richard Fuller Woo Fung  G.W.G. Rentals Ltd. Ben R. Gabriel Gagan Foods International Ltd.  Rakesh Gandha Manjinder Garcha 

David Gardiner Jane A. Gardiner © Shari Gardiner Garrett Log Service  Leona Gasser Joanne Gassman and Bruce Chutka Winston Gaston Megan Gates and Family Gateway Pharmacy Jonathan Gelderman Shawn S. and Leslie George Sahar Georges Lloyd Geransky  Richard and Linda Geransky Maya Gerick Ajmer S. and Kashmir K. Ghag Louis G. Gibbins*

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2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

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2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

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CARING FOR THE FUTURE SOCIETY When a legacy gift to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is

made, a legacy of hope is created for BC’s kids. The Caring for the Future Society honours those who have generously made provisions for a future gift through their will, life insurance or trust arrangement as of December 31, 2012. We thank these generous individuals for their support.

Debbie Alcadinho Barbara M. Alexander Lorianne Amadeo Joel B. Anderson Yolande Anderson  Dorothy L. Applegath Jose I. Arbetman Robert Armstrong and Nicole Fraser-Armstrong © Josh and Talia Bender © Ronald W. Bickford Harry* and Anneliese Bloch John and Judy Bowles Marcia E. Bradley Jerry and Patricia Bried  The Brinham Family Dave Broadfoot Margo Brown Sara Hope Bryson Stephen John Budnik Rik* and Nancy Campbell Bill Cann Judith L. Carlson Stephanie A. Carlson  Stephen and Gayle Carlson


Bill Carr  Sue Carruthers © Bettina and Jeff Charpentier Chun Choi and Juliana Cho  John Clarke Heidi Clarkson J. Paul Cloutier Daphne Cole Leona Colebank Kenneth Crump  Margaret Curtis Barbara Dabrowski I. Jean (Saiko) Davenport Beatrix De Groot  Wally Dennison  Rolly DeRoover and Dianne De Gagne The Devine Family Ann E. Doherty  Alanna Donahue © Colin A. R. Doylend Mary “Johnnie” Duffus Ann Duncan  Pearl Durham Erik and Louise Dysthe 

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Choon and Yen C. Yong Les York Dan Young Derrick Young Hugh Young  Judy Ngan Fong Yu Michelle Yu  Miriam Yu  Shun Hui Yu  Wen Guo Yuan  Ann Louisa C. Yung  Davis Yung Lin Yue and Dabbie Ching Wei Yung  Donna Lee and Jack Zaleski  Paul and Devina Zalesky  Ezio Zanatta

Neil and Lisa Zastre Della Zederayko Kevin Zerr Carlin Zhang Jin Rong Zhang  Xiao Ming Zhang  Xiao Pin Zhu  Natalie Zinetti Sherezad Zinna Kyle Zubek Al and Maureen Zuccolin Jacobus P. and Hillegonda Zwaan Anonymous (43)

Patricia Edinborough Bryan Edwards Nancy L. Ellison Paul and Claudia Estlin Bill* and Brenda Ethell  Krishna Fagan Inge Fein and Paul Luke  Connie Forbes Art and Ramona Fors Anne Forsyth-Sheardown Lyle David Foster Terrie and Anne* Garscadden Danny* and Shirley Gaw  Cary Gaymond © Davinder Ghtaura B. Ming Gin Bob and Lisa Ginn Eliza Gordon Katherine* and Morris Gordon Russ and Karen Grant Barbara Grantham © Judy Gray and Carl Scott  Gordon and Drina Green B. Greenwood Christine and Eric Greenwood Doreen and Keith Gregson Diane Guggisberg  Donald and Jean Gurney  Charles and Marie Hanson Betty Harris Mace* and Irene Harrison Michael Haywood Elizabeth Hengstler Colin and Lois Hicks

Lotus E. Hills Lory Hinz Patricia Hodgson John Alden Hodson Derek Holme Verna Hooker Jeff and Stephanie Huehn © Aaron Hui © Denise Hui Patsy Hui  Ninette Hunziker Shirley Hutchinson Robert W. Ironside © Alvin Ivey* Linda Jacobsen Sandra Jarvis Jon and Pamela Johnson Brian Jones Russell and Margaret Jones Victor and Muriel Jones © Anne Junker © Harjit and Helen Jutla John and Dianne Kelly  Richard Kelynack Henry King Gerhard and Rita Krause  Grant Marvin Krueger and Sue Ann Martin* Anita A. Kumar Eva Landrick  Valerie A. Lang Robert Latawiec Jacques LeBlanc and Susan Bockhold ©

 Campaign supporter © Hospital Family member (current or past employee)

* Deceased Iris Lees  C. K. Li Ludia M. Y. Li  Dennis Lillico John* and Evelyn Long  Hollie Lorentz Imma Rensia Lovell Jeffrey and Barbara Ludemann © Mary Sai-Ying Luk  Hugh Lundy Simpson and Nora Ma  Susanna Ma  Veronica Ma Marlene and Kenneth MacKenzie David and June Madill Christopher and Suzie Mah Juanita Manning  Betty Marlor Bill and Lisa Marsh Denis* and Kathleen McAuliffe Willie McDonald Angela and Colin McKenzie © Iris McKibbin © Tom and Sue McLean Christine and JP McLeod Linda M. Meinhardt Patricia Memess Yvonne Michels and David L. Bruce Deborah A. Mikkelsen Betty Miller

Carol Miller Ron and Britta Miller Lyle* and Christine Mills © Tom and Joan Milton  Sandeep and Sneh Minocha Patricia Moody Noah and Erin Morantz © Jessie Morson Paul and Elizabeth Moxham © Karen Mulhern  Roberta A. Mulholland Ron Neal  Sara Neely and Kenneth Crook* © Donald E. and Mary E. Newman © Bert and Karen Northrup Joseph E. Olson John and Angela Paterson Reginald Petersen Robert Philip Marilyn and Jack Pomfret Gerald and Barbara Pope William and Geertruida H. Portengen Philipp Postrehovsky  Cristina Poulette Lucy Prentice  Albert and Rose Rampone Peter and Kathleen Ramshaw Elisabeth Riley Dudley and Shirley Ritchie

Graeme and Tanya Robertson  Art and Ruth Robinson Grace Ruscoe  Dan and Tracy Ryper  Jeff Salton Dan Sargent  Charles and Celeste Sawkill Julie Schmitt  Geoffrey E. Scott Susan Seabrook Jane JK Shin  Reg Skelton Chris Skilton John Smiley Derek and Barbara Smith Ken and Gladys Smith M. Joan Smith Shirley F. Smith Sandy So  Joan* and Louise Solinger  Daniel, Helen and Charissa Sortwell Derek Squires Gus Stassinopoulos Charlene Steen Roger and Darla Steers Irene and Court Stevens Ann Sturrock Michael and Patricia Sutcliffe Richard Sutherland Debora Sweeney and Stephen Crombie ©

Irma Szabo Mary Tam and Robert Lachapelle Robert Taylor Alicia Then Janet Thom Phyllis Thom  Michael and Shirley Thompson Peter and Arlene Thygesen Candice Y. F. Tsang © Bert Vadgama Lorne Valensky and Cindi Coleman © Arie and Jean Van Halst Larry and Bev Van Hatten Angelo and Rosa Venetsanos F. G. and H. Wade  Faye Wightman © Charles and Mary Wilkins Janice Williams © Gail Wilson John and Nancy Wise Allen and Karen Wong  Tiger Wong (Yan Foo) Norman Wrigglesworth David W. and Katherine G. Yeomans Ryan and Susan Yip Ryan Wei-Yi Yo Selina Yuen and May Yuen Antonietta D. Zanatta Anonymous (235)

“By making a planned gift, I feel proud to give the gift of childhood for future generations of children.”

– Patsy Hui


TRIBUTE GIFTS A tribute gift honours a remarkable person who has touched your life. It also honours other remarkable people – all the kids in BC whose lives you are helping to improve every day. These remarkable individuals have had gifts totaling $1,000 or more made in their honour between January 1 and December 31, 2012. Gifts Received in Honour of… Lucia Anctil Josh Appenheimer Phyllis M. Arbeider Glenn Ayrton Cameron Bargen Syd Belzberg Rick Bohonis Jessica Braun Bruce Bryant Leslie Budden Katrina Cameron Cameron Campbell Molly Campbell Angel Chan Nicholas Chan Eric Charman Kyle Chernenkoff Angela I. Cruz Isabella, John and Bennett Demianczuk Isabelle M. Diamond Oscar Dorval Christina Ermita Erin Faber Michael J. Farmer Charles and Lucile Flavelle Ella R. Frazao Connor Gaucher Nick Geddes Quinn German Peter Gustavson Tae Kameron Serafina Hamilton Sylvia Hoenson Jordan Hopkins Clara Howorth Chase Hromyk Kai Hromyk Stan Hussey Mohammad Rauf Emin Kadioglu Mohtasham Kazem


Usman Khan Aryan and Olivia Kochhar Justin Chun Hong Lau Theodore Lazaridis Madalyn Loewen Lindsey Lourenco Samanjit Loyla Addison McArthur Rory McFadden Taylin McGill Annita McPhee Nathan Mitchell and Grace teBoekhorst Libby Nelson Joshua Ngun Alaina Parr Aiden G. Penner Siena Petersen Anais Poirier Lillee-Jean Putt Bill Rafter Talia, Kalen and Tindi Rayat Callum and Oliver Chatler Graham Robins Gabrielle Ross Ralph Rothstein Daniel Schultz Jacob Schultz Amber Shaurette Azadeh Sheikh-Nabi Ben Sicherman Priya and Dayan Sidhu Ken Strachan Kathleen Taylor Stephen and Sirkka Tredwell © Krystyna Vocadlo Aya M. Walcot Lucas Wan Rio Yassin Teo Yassin Zeo Yassin

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Gifts Received in Memory of… William Stephen Affleck Jaedyn Amann Cora Bannon Hardeep Bath Anne Bengough George R. Bengough Andrew Berg Clark S. Bernard Kai Christopher Blouin Lorelle A. Brett David Brolin Gordon R. Buchanan Eileen D. Casseday Agnes Chamerlain Amy Chang Noah Albert Phillip Daubaras Dawn Delicati Gabrielle Dorsey Ella Dupont Bedassie Jane Edwards Nicole Eidsvik Wyatt and Isabella Fairweather Norman C. Franz Eleanor Friesen Louis G. Gibbins Heather L. Goudzwaard Leighton R. Gow Teresa L. Guenther Lily Hall Monica Hall Marnie Henderson Gordon Heppler Karen Louise Hicks Gordon R. Hill Matt Huang Damien Kaweski Kylie May Keller Cindy Klassen ©

Jaida L. Kooy Patricia J. L’Hirondelle Bruno R. Locher Kara Lunan-Mayers Arya Madahar Safiya Mawani Enrico Mazzucco Megan S. McNeil Tom Middleton Brooklyn Millerson Antonio Minicucci

Bruce R. Mitchell Nigel Moore Robert Morrison Murray S. Munro Jack W. Munsie Teresa Murphy Judie A. Nelson © Chester Olsen Sydney T. S. Or Jack Oyhenart Gertrude M. Parsons Corry Perret Maelle Polinsky Ajit Poonia Ruth Popp Krista Diane Postmus Zach Prince Art Rennison Giovanna Romei Rick Rypien Jason R. Sall Frankie Schreiber David Shillington Stanley Siebert Parminder Singh © Maya K. Sookochoff Seraina K. Sozzi Morgan Sparrow Meredith Steers Moses W. Steinberg Finn Sullivan Cassidy K. Taylor Eli A. Tecklenborg Jannea Tiller Alexander Tourigny Phuong K. Tran Stanley Tsang Menno Tulp Jacob W. Twyford Elizabeth Hayley Vamplew Dave Wakaluk Grace Wallace Sidney Warick Tom and Gail Watchorn Roberta Watson Rick Whysker Elline Wing Siu Fun Wong Helen A. Zesko

 Campaign supporter © Hospital Family member (current or past employee)

* Deceased

ESTATES A gift in a will is an expression of what is most dear to you. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is fortunate to be a beneficiary of the estates of many people who believed passionately in improving the health of children and youth in British Columbia. We are honoured to recognize the gifts received from the estates of the following individuals between January 1 and December 31, 2012. Verna Leonora Abear Ruby Louise Abernethy Olga Christine Ammeter Natalie Androsow Fern J. Armstrong Thelma Henrietta Christine Atkinson Nathanial Rial Bailey Joanne Theresa Belle Metro Chaban Lenore Frances Clarke Dawn Cloghesy Grace Audrey Ruth Cook Gordon Douglas Copp Velda Lucille Dibblee Adele Dorsch Thora Arline Duncan John Freeman Fleming Margaret Jean Ford Mildred Franklin

Florence Catherine Gilchrist Donald Ian Edward Gillespie Katie F. Gillies Hugh Fred Goodwin Donna Marjorie Grey Victor William Griffin  John Frederick Grigg August Clarence Halverson Geraldine Annie Hansen Nora Head Marie Rita Evalina Emerlie Hegstad George Ronald Hibberd Thelma C. Hollingsworth Wai Haan Hui Ralph Leslie Johnston Lucien Justin Adolphe Josien Alexandra Mary Kelley Marie Josephine Kendall Thomas Harvey Kennedy

Elmar Kippasto Alfred Paulden Knowles Nicol Kohut Lydia Ann Kurbis Edith Patricia Leach Ida Emma Leinweber Vilgelms Leskowski Hon Hung Leung and Shiu Chun Leung Karen and Hal Levson Frances Mary Loftus Phyllis Veronica Lowdell Ross Arthur Lumb Donald Ian MacGregor Florence Ann Manson Helen Nettie and Harold Matthews Alexander Gordon McCarthy Malcolm George McEwen Germaine Mary McGlinchy Jean and Douglas McRae  Alice Joyce Middleton Dorothy Miles Gayle Milliken Francis Joseph Namespetra June Alvina Page Edna Isabel Pattenden Colin John David Pearce Thomas St. George Wise Racey

ENDOWMENTS Those who establish and contribute to endowments are the true visionaries of our community. They understand that their investments provide a strong financial foundation to improve the health of children both now and forever. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following endowment funds that provide support in perpetuity for programs and initiatives throughout BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute. This list recognizes endowment funds established by December 31, 2012, with a minimum donation of $25,000.


Adolescent Medicine Endowment Karel & Edith Alston Memorial Endowment for Head of Developmental Pediatrics Yolande Anderson Family Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Andracki Equipment Endowment AstraZeneca Ripples of Hope Endowment for Mental Health Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital Endowment for Education


Sarah B. Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Bailey Family Endowment for Genetic Research BC Hydro Power Pioneers Ed Turner Memorial Endowment for Medical Genetics Bioethics Endowment Judi Bowden Memorial Endowment for Pediatric Asthma Research Jack & Doris Brown Fellowship Endowment for Genetic Research Louise Argyle Brown Endowment for Genetic Research

Bryant Family Endowment for Genetic Research Dennis & Connie Burdett Endowment for Oncology Research Burn Unit Endowment


Patrick & Beryl Campbell Endocrinology Fellowship Endowment Cardiac Sciences Endowment Stephanie A. Carlson Endowment for Genetic Research Centre for International Child Health Endowment

Marguerite Marion Reeves Bessie Bowman Rendell Roger Reed Robinson Jean Doris Ross Muriel M. Sanderson Adalbert Schleser Maureen Catherine Sewell Peter Shabatowsky Edward Victor Shepherd Walter Shistovsky Charles M. Simser Maribeth Jeanne Sinclair Richard Bernie Skinner Lydia Sootzman Phyllis Gwendolyn Stirling Frances Harrigan Stride Henry Swinburne Vera Sinclair Theal Frank Henry Thompson Hugh Bernard Tinney Margaret Tranmer Mary Veres Johanna Maria Ingeborg Von Nabell Ryan Gordon Wallis Ellen Frances Watson Doreen May Wensley Wilma Jane Wilson Anonymous

Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics Endowment CH.I.L.D. Foundation Endowment for Pediatric Gastroenterology Research Chan Sisters Foundation Endowment for International Child Health Harry Chan & Family Endowment for Head of Department of Pediatrics Chanoine-Alimenti Endowment for Childhood Obesity Robert Chau Memorial Endowment for Oncology Sylvia, Angela, Alan, and Prof. Wen Chen Endowment Fund^ Cheung Family Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Alex C.L. Cheung Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Child Protection Endowment Childhood Infections Endowment Childhood Injury Prevention and Health Promotion Endowment Childhood Nutrition Endowment


Cho Family Endowment for Genetic Research Billy Yau Hei Choi Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research CK Choi Foundation Endowment for Child Health Advocacy David Chow Memorial Endowment for Immunology Research CIBC & CIBC Employees Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Clinical Genetics Endowment Community Child Health Endowment Concord Pacific Group Inc. Endowment for Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics Research The Connor Clark & Lunn Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Julia & Richard Couch Endowment for Oncology Critical Care Academic Endowment The Michael Cuccione Fellowship Endowment for Oncology Research Cystic Fibrosis Endowment


I. Jean (Saiko) Davenport Endowment for Excellence in Child Health Edna & Eugene Delorme Equipment Endowment Dent-Tech Ceramic Studios Endowment for Genetic Research Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine The Isabelle & Charles Diamond Family Endowment for Oncology Gordon & Marion Dixon Endowment for Genetic Research (CMMT)


ECLS Program Endowment (Ecmo) Endowment for Newborn’s and Children’s Well-Being Excellence in Child Health Endowment


Ricky, Angelo & Marina Fabris Endowment for Oncology Bill Fish Memorial Endowment for Developmental Pediatrics Fitzpatrick Education Endowment Steve & Eva Floris Memorial Endowment for Excellence in Child Health 68

Carol Ford Endowment for Research Technician Education Four Seasons Hotel Endowment for Genetic Research Stanley Fromm Endowment for Cardiac Sciences


Gastroenterology Endowment Megan Gates & Family Endowment for Sunny Hill Brain Injury B. Ming Gin Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Andreas Goedicke Memorial Endowment for Infant Transport Team Education Paul & Mary Goh Endowment for International Child Health Paul & Mary Goh Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Gooding Family Endowment for Neurosciences Lisa Gravell Endowment for Genetic Research


The David Hardwick Reading Room Endowment Malcolm & Cathy Hasman Family Endowment for Oncology Research Head of Section of Surgery Endowment Head-Developmental Pediatrics – Working Wonders Together Endowment Healing Garden Endowment Helena & Jessica Endowment for Cardiac Sciences Research Marnie Henderson Memorial Endowment for Vaccine Evaluation Karen L. Hicks RN Memorial Endowment for Oncology The Don & Elizabeth Hillman Lecture Endowment in Global Child Health B.M. Hoffmeister Endowment for a Research Fellowship Frederick J. & Goldie M. Holman Endowment for Excellence in Child Health Robert John Homewood Endowment for Genetic Research Derek & Lisa Hopkins Endowment for Oncology Research Hilary & Patsy Hui Endowment for Genetic Research Arthur Hullah & Dorothy Cleveland Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report


Milan & Maureen Ilich Endowment for Genetic Research Immunology Research Endowment International Child Health Trainee Award Endowment


William Jacques Equipment Endowment Ken & Su Jang Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Jessoma Endowment for Nephrology Guru Nanak Dev Ji Endowment for BC Children’s Hospital Excellence in Child Health Asa & Kashmir Johal & Family Chair in Pediatric Oncology Asa & Kashmir Johal Family Endowment for Genetic Research Jessica Jones Memorial Endowment for Oncology Research


Keller Family Endowment for Oncology Research Brian & Tammi Kerzner & Family Endowment for Oncology Research Killy Fellowship Endowment King Family Endowment for Excellence in Child Health Samuel & Spencer Koltai Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research Koo Family Endowment for Oncology Research Adella Krall Endowment for Oncology Research


David & Dorothy Lam Endowment for Oncology Research David & Dorothy Lam Foundation Endowment for International Child Health Cameron Lau Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research Cameron Lau Memorial Endowment for Haematology Research The Jonathan Lawson Endowment for Spina Bifida The Jonathan Lawson Fellowship in Neurosurgery The Jonathan Lawson Head of Section of Surgery Endowment Dave Lede Family Charitable Foundation Endowment for Genetic Research

Robert H. & Lily Lee Endowment for Research Ralph Lewis Equipment Endowment Ling Family Endowment for Neonatology Iris Lorntzsen Brain Mapping Endowment


Gordon & Barbara MacDougall Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Professor Robert Christopher Madill Endowment for Genetic Research Jon & Dina Markoulis Family Endowment for Otolaryngology Andrew McCormick Endowment for an Ophthamology Fellowship James & Annabel McCreary Chair in Pediatrics Endowment McCurdy Family Endowment for Oncology Research Wendy McDonald Endowment for Gastroenterology Research Wendy McDonald Endowment for Nephrology Wendy McDonald Endowment for Oncology William S. McQuaid Endowment for Pediatric Oncology MDS Inc. & Dr. D.B. Rix Endowment for Huntington Research Medical Genetics Fellowship Endowment Metabolic Disorders/Cystic Fibrosis Endowment Ted & Penny Metcalfe Memorial Endowment for Genetic Research Mining for Miracles Research Fellowship Endowment Rolly Montgomery Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Morantz Family Endowment for Genetic Research


Sara Neely & Kenneth Crook Endowment for Oncology Research Judie Anne Nelson and Bert Vadgama Endowment for Laboratory Medicine Nephrology Endowment Neuromuscular Endowment Neurosciences Endowment Neurosurgery Endowment Newborn Health Endowment

Dr. Donald E. Newman Pediatric Radiology Endowment Choi-Kiu & Ming Ng Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Nitikman Chan Family Endowment for Excellence in Child Health


Oncology Program Endowment Oncology Research Endowment Opthalmology Endowment Orthopedics Endowment


Pfizer Ripples of Hope Endowment for Mental Health Fellowship Pfizer Ripples of Hope Endowment for Rare Diseases Research Fellowship Conrad & Dorli Pinette Endowment for Speech Language Pathology Research Piwek Family Endowment for Oncology Research David & Janice Podmore Endowment for International Child Health Jack & Darlene Poole Endowment for Oncology Research President’s Child Health Initiatives Endowment Zach Prince Foundation for Excellence in Oncology Care, an Endowment of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Professorship in Pediatric Dentistry Endowment Psychiatric Disorders Endowment


Georgina Jane “Ina” Raeside Endowment for Oncology Research Zahra, Karima & Salima Rasul Endowment for Neurosciences Realtors Care Endowment for Genetic Research Realtors Care Endowment for Oncology Research Respiratory Medicine Academic Endowment Riley-Fish Endowment for the Head of Department of Pediatrics Rix Family Endowment for Professional Clinical Services Staff Education and Training Graham Robins Jr. Endowment for Oncology Research in

Memory of Wilda & Frank Robins Geoffrey Robinson Award for Pediatrics Endowment Pat Ross Memorial Education Endowment Royal Pacific Realtors Care Endowment for Medical Genetics


David & Alissa Sacks Endowment for Nursing Education Safe & Comfy Kids Endowment for Pediatric Anesthesia Marjorie-Anne Sauder Endowment for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutic Research Sauder-Interfor Head of Research Endowment Shriners’ Motor Performance Unit Endowment David & Manjy Sidoo Family Endowment for Ophthalmology Manjy & David Sidoo Family Endowment for Orthopedics Bhagwant K. Singh and Sant Singh Endowment for Excellence in Child Health Dr. Parminder Singh Endowment Award of Distinction for Pediatrics Reginald William Skelton Surgical Fellowship Endowment Derryck Smith Endowment for Mental Health Michael Foster Smith Memorial Endowment for Pediatric Anesthesia Sandy So & Ron Benoit Endowment for Childhood Cancer Research Sandy So Family Endowment Fund^ Solid Organ Transplant Endowment Jean MacMillan Southam Fellowship Spina Bifida Endowment Summits of Hope Endowment for Oncology Sun Life Financial Endowment for International Child Health Sunny Hill Endowment for Adaptive Seating and Mobility Grant & Dee Sutherland Endowment for Orthopedics Andy Sylvester Endowment for Excellence in Child Health


Tai Family Endowment for Pediatric Genetic Research (CMMT) Norman & Randi Thompson Endowment for Urology Aubrey Tingle Endowment for Clinician Scientists Program Toohey Family Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Marjorie Tsang Endowment for Genetic Research Michael C.H. Tsang Endowment for Pediatric Oncology Research Paul & Candice Tsang Endowment for Oncology Research Ted & Deanna Turton Endowment for Oncology Nursing Education


Vaccine Evaluation Centre Endowment Varshney Family Endowment for Genetic Research


Isobel & Madeline Wade Endowment for Head of Department of Pediatrics Karim P. Webber Endowment for Family Support in Oncology Faye Wightman Endowment for Oncology Nursing Education Women & Family HIV Endowment Stephen Wong & Family Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Dr. Betty J. Wood Memorial Endowment for Radiology Education Danny Wyder Memorial Endowment for President’s Child Health Initiatives Peggy & Y.P. Yang Endowment for Brain Mapping Research


Allan Yap & Family Endowment for Oncology Research Selina Yuen & May Yuen Endowment for Excellence in Child Health ^ Donor advised funds established with the Sunshine Fund for Kids and Causes


WAYS OF GIVING There are many ways to make a gift to benefit BC’s kids.

Bequest in Your Will

A bequest is a direction in your will that a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of the estate is to be given to British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation (our legal name). A bequest made to the foundation generates a tax credit that offsets the tax otherwise payable on up to 100 per cent of your net income in the year of death. Unused credits can be carried back one year. These credits may result in significant income tax savings and increase your net estate.

Life Insurance

Giving life insurance is a way of making a gift without depleting your estate or depriving your loved ones of other assets. At the end of your lifetime, the gift of the policy proceeds will be paid by the insurance company directly to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Depending on how the policy is structured, you may receive a tax benefit during your lifetime or your estate will receive the benefit.

Publicly Traded Securities

Donating securities is an effective way to give. If you own publicly traded securities that have increased in value and you decide to sell them, 50 per cent of the capital gain is taxable. However, if you donate these securities “in kind” to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, no tax is payable on the capital gain. The resulting tax credit from the donation of the securities will reduce taxes payable on other income. Making a gift of publicly traded securities is easy to do. Please contact us for a transfer form to facilitate the process.



You can name BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as the direct beneficiary of the proceeds of your RRSP or RRIF or you can make a gift of the proceeds from your RRSP or RRIF to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in your will. The resulting tax credit may be used to offset the tax payable on the redemption of the proceeds of the retirement plan.


Our pledge program offers you a convenient method of making contributions. The program allows you to spread your contribution over three to five years, usually commencing the year the pledge is made. You will receive full recognition for the value of your contribution as soon as the commitment is made. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is a registered Canadian charity and issues tax receipts for all donations. Tax credits generated by donations can offset tax otherwise payable on up to 75 per cent of your net income in the year of the gift. Any unused tax credits may be carried forward and used to offset taxes over the following five years. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation 938 West 28th Avenue Vancouver BC V5Z 4H4 604.875.2444 1.888.663.3033 our legal name: British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation charitable business number: 11885 2433 RR0001

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

BC CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION DONOR BILL OF RIGHTS The Board of Directors of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is in place to ensure that donors: 1.

are informed of our mission, of the way we intend to use donated resources, and of our capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes;

2. are informed of the identity of those serving on our governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities; 3.

have access to our most recent financial statements;

4. are assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they are given; 5. receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition; 6. are assured that information about their donations is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law; 7.

can expect that all relationships with individuals representing our organization will be professional in nature;

8. are informed whether those seeking donations from our organization are volunteers, employees of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, or hired solicitors; 9. can expect that BC Children’s Hospital Foundation will not share or sell a mailing list that includes the donor’s name; 10. feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

(for the fiscal year ending

March 31, 2013)

Mr. Kevin Bent, chair Mr. David Doig Mr. Larry Gold Mr. Doug Gordon Mrs. Lisa Hudson Mrs. Tammi Kerzner Mr. Don Lindsay Mr. Graham MacLachlan Mr. Bjorn Moller Mr. Geoff Parkin Dr. Erik Skarsgard Ms. Andrea Southcott Ms. Sandy So Mrs. Diane Zell

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Governors

Sunny Hill Foundation for Children Board of Directors

Mrs. Tali'ah Aquilini

Mr. Kevin Bent

Mr. Rick Arnish

Mr. Ron Edwards

Ms. Gail Brown

Mr. Doug Horswill

Ms. Candice Alderson

Ms. Stephanie Carlson

Dr. Nancy Lanphear

Dr. Caleb Chan

Ms. Pamela Mitchell

Ms. Laura Chen

Mr. John Smiley

Mrs. Sylvia Chen Mr. Peter S.H. Chieng Mrs. Lynda Cranston Mr. Robin Dhir Mrs. Marion Dixon Ms. Sherry Doman Dr. Allison Eddy Mr. Adrian Fu Ms. Joanne Gassman

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Society

Mrs. Karen Grant

Mrs. Isabelle Diamond

Dr. David Hardwick

Mr. Terry Bubb Mr. Jeff Dowle Mr. Ming Gin

Ms. Pamela Mitchell Mr. Maurice Mourton

Mr. David Doig, chair

Foundation Executives

Teri Nicholas, msw, rsw president & ceo

Knut Nordlie, cfre vice-president & chief operating officer Debora Sweeney, cfre vice-president & chief strategy officer

Mr. Russ Grant Mr. Poul Hansen Dr. Lawrence Ho Mr. Michael Lam Mr. Raymond Li Mr. Harald Ludwig Mr. Brett Manlove Dr. Djavad Mowafaghian Mr. Ron Neal Mrs. Diane Norton Dr. Martha Piper Mrs. Marjorie-Anne Sauder Mr. Garry Skidmore Ms. Dee Sutherland Mr. Malik Talib Mrs. Sharon Toohey Mr. Allan Yap


u! yo k an th

Kudos Krossword 1

Thank you for helping to colour in, spell out and connect the dots between the impact of your donations and the well-being of today’s children. Your support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation gives every child in BC and the Yukon their best chance of a healthy, active and engaging life. Kudos to you!


3 4




a c t




i 9


r e p o r t y


Slang for children


A gift to charity


Detailed account or statement


365 days


BC Children’s _____________


An action or something to do


The __________ for BC Children


Extraordinary or divine events


Tale or fable

10. “Merci” in English 11.



Young person



answers 1. Kids / 2. Donation / 3. Report / 4. Year / 5. Hospital / 6. Activity / 7. Campaign / 8. Miracles / 9. Story / 10. Thank you / 11. Help / 12. Child 72

2012 /2013 bc children’s hospital foundation activity report

Privacy Policy

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of its donors, volunteers and other stakeholders, and their personal information. We value the trust of those we deal with, and of the public, and recognize that maintaining this trust requires transparency and accountability in our treatment of the information you choose to share with us. For further information, please refer to our complete privacy policy on our website at


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AurĂŠlie Grand

2012-13 Annual Report - BC Children's Hospital Foundation  
2012-13 Annual Report - BC Children's Hospital Foundation