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TABLE OF CONTENTS PERSONAL ENRICHMENT ARTS...............................................................................................2 MUSIC............................................................................................2 LANGUAGE...................................................................................2 ESL.................................................................................................3 CULINARY......................................................................................3 HEALTH & WELLNESS...................................................................3 HISTORY & SPECIAL INTEREST....................................................4 WRITING & LITERATURE...............................................................5 TEST PREP......................................................................................5

BUSINESS, CAREER & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT............................................................6 NOTARY.........................................................................................6 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT...........................................................7 LOCOMOTIVE...............................................................................7 NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM.............8 FLORAL DESIGN...........................................................................9 ONLINE LEARNING....................................................................10 U GOT CLASS – LERN.................................................................11 ED2GO.........................................................................................13 MICROSOFT, ADOBE, + MORE..................................................14 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY .................................................14 HEALTH SCIENCES......................................................................15

For complete details, polices, procedures, and registration for all of our Continuing Education course offerings, call 215-968-8409 or go to: For Continuing Education Policies and Procedures, please visit: Bucks County Community College is committed to providing equal educational and employment opportunities and does not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, student or applicant for admission because of race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, an individual’s actual or perceived disability, genetic information or veteran status. The college provides reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Please call the Campus Coordinator for Equal Employment Opportunity in advance to request or clarify accommodations or to address issues concerning equal opportunities at 215-968-8090. The EEO Office is located in Room 130, Tyler Hall.

ARTS Getting the Perfect Shot

Take an in-depth look at camera operations, basic photographic technique, image composition and postprocessing, to help you elevate your photographs from ordinary to extraordinary. Tom DeLorenzo Newtown Campus $179/RFNRT 2585 C01 7 Thu, 6/13-8/1 (no class 7/4), 6-9pm

Watercolor – Basics & Beyond

Whether a beginner or advanced watercolor artist, this course will help you achieve sparkling highlights and luscious wet washes in this transparent, luminous medium. Gail Bracegirdle, B.F.A. Newtown Campus/$159/RFNRT 2530 C01 6 Tu, 6/4-7/9, 6-9pm Pennswood Village/$159/RFNRT 2530 CPV1 6 Fri, 7/12-8/16, 9am-12pm

MUSIC Guitar for the Adult Beginner

The less experienced you are the better! Learn to play chords and simple strumming patterns as well as easy blues scales and get started playing the guitar. No experience reading music necessary! Must provide own guitar. Don Leffler, B.M. Newtown Campus/$120/RMUSC 1168 C01 8 Mon, 6/3-7/22, 6:30-7:30pm

Introduction to Hand Drumming – 1 Day Workshop

The Djembe drum is the very popular goblet shaped handdrum from West Africa. This class will start with the basics of hand drumming stressing technique and clarity of notes. Drums are also available for purchase and the rental fee can be applied. Jim Davidson Newtown Campus/$99 (There is a one-time drum rental fee of $10, payable to instructor, waived if you bring your own full size djembe – (11” head minimum) RMUSC 1199 C01 Sat, 7/20, 10am-5pm (Senior discount does not apply)


Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are offered by special arrangement with Continuing Education’s professional instructors. For registration and/or information, please call 215-968-8409. Lessons are available for the following instruments: • Banjo • Piano • Clarinet • Saxophone • Flute • Percussion • Guitar • Voice • Oboe • Trombone/Euphonium Newtown Campus Fees: • Six half-hour lessons $175 • Six one-hour lessons $350 • Twelve half-hour lessons $350 • Twelve one hour lessons $700


Newtown Campus/$170 (plus $25 book fee; $32 CD optional; same book for all levels) Greg Tang, M.S. Course I: RLANG 0568 C01 6 Wed, 5/29-7/3, 6:30-9pm Course II: RLANG 0569 C01 6 Wed, 7/24-8/28, 6:30-9pm

Italian I

Newtown Campus/$234 (plus $20 book fee, same book for all levels) David Arcangeli, B.A.A. Course I: RLANG 0209 C01 5 Tu & 5 Thu, 7/2-8/6 (no class 7/4), 7-9:30pm



Our growing ESL program offers us the amazing opportunity to open the doors of our country to many who find themselves in a world much different than their own. By unleashing the mysteries of English pronunciations, spelling, and the written word our talented teachers also embrace their opportunity to instill confidence and a sense of belonging in each student in their classroom. Frequently on the last day of ESL classes, many students celebrate their special “graduation day” with a small class party to celebrate their accomplishment and the bonds they have formed with each other.

A 4-course typical Italian summer lunch for summer weather and days of eating alfresco. Learn to cook with seasonal farm fresh ingredients to create a traditional Italian summer meal. Get tips on growing your own fresh tomatoes and kitchen herbs. Maria Liberati

ESL provides beginning, intermediate and advanced instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. Students are grouped according to their current ability after Placement Night assessment.


Summer 2019 ESL Placement Meeting (New Students) Monday, May 13, 2019 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Charles Rollins Center on our Newtown Campus (near the cafeteria). No registration needed, just come! • Register early! Get $20 off each class you register for by Friday, May 17, 2019. • Spots are limited! Students are registered on a “first come, first serve” basis. • Registration Deadline: Friday, May 24, 2019 • Registrations will not be accepted after the third class • To register, call 215-968-8409 • Classes begin May 29 • For ESL information, call 215-968-8413 or send an email to or go to

Course II: RLANG 0214 C01 5 Tu & 5 Thu, 8/13-9/12, 7-9:30pm Lower Bucks Campus/Patricia Tritt Course I: RLANG 0209 C50 5 Tu & 5 Thu, 8/13-9/12, 7-9:30pm

Newtown Campus/$59 (plus $10 material fee) RCULI 4196 C01 Sat, 6/8, 10am-12pm

Tai-Chi Chuan

Tai-Chi is a beautiful way to relieve your stress and is proven to promote a healthy mind and body. You will learn the first 20 movements of the Yang Short Form, along with warm up exercises that can be practiced anytime, anywhere. David Briggs, A.A. Newtown Campus/$79/RFTNS 0512 C01 8 Tu, 6/4-7/23, 7-8pm

Reiki Level I

Relieve stress, revitalize your body and energize your life with the ancient art of Reiki. A non-invasive, powerful tool for natural healing, Reiki energy transfer can help eliminate fatigue, tension, and pain, accelerate healing, promote tranquility, and increase awareness. Glenda R. Smith, Certified Reiki Master Teacher Newtown Campus/$115 (includes manual) RHEAL 0100 C01 3 Thu, 5/16-5/30, 6:30-9:30pm

Reiki Level II

Take a “Quantum Leap” in Reiki power in Level II. Students will learn how to transmit energy over any distance and time, penetrating the time-space barrier, apply Reiki to ideas and situations, send Reiki to loved ones, address unwanted habits and enhance your talents. Glenda R. Smith, Certified Reiki Master Teacher


Newtown Campus/$195 (plus $30 book fee same book for all levels) Carmen Violeta Vicente Course I: RLANG 0405 C01 8 Tu, 6/11-7/30, 6-8:30pm

Newtown Campus/$115 (includes manual) RHEAL 0154 C01 4 Thu, 8/1-8/22, 6:30-9:30pm

Course II: RLANG 0406 C01 8 Wed, 6/19-8/7, 6-8:30pm


Italian Summer: Farm to Table, Eating Alfresco



HISTORY & SPECIAL INTEREST “We Dig History”: Reconstructing the Past

How did the Woolly Mammoth go extinct? Were humans always on top of the food chain? This fun and informative class is an examination of the methods used by scientists to recreate past environments. It uses fossils and artifacts to take students on a journey back in time to explore Earth’s history. Matthew Bielecki, B.S., B.A. Newtown Campus/$109/RCEGN 8128 C01 6 Thu, 7/11-8/15, 6:30-8:30pm

The Six Worst Decisions of the Supreme Court

The course will examine and analyze in depth six decisions of the United State Supreme Court which have been recognized as among the worst decisions ever made by the Court. These decisions are: Dred Scott v. Sandford (1856); Lochner v. New York (1905); Korematsu v. United States (1944); San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodgriguez (1973); Bush v. Gore (2000); and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010). With respect to each decision, particular emphasis will be placed upon the reasoning set forth by the Court in support of its majority opinion as compared to the reasoning set forth in the dissenting opinions, as well as the reasons why the case is considered to be among the worst decisions in Supreme Court History. Dr. Frank Schwartz Pennswood Village/$99/RCEGN 8133 CPV1 6 Wed, 6/26-7/31, 10am-12pm

World War II in History, Myth and Memory

This is an introductory level history course on World War II, with an emphasis on critical turning points and myths that have developed about some of the events of the war. Learn about important historical controversies surrounding key elements of the war as well as most of the myths and conspiracy theories surrounding key events of the war. Thomas English Pennswood Village/$99/RCEGN 6330 CPV1 6 Tu, 6/18-7/23, 10am-12pm

American Sign Language and the Deaf Community This dual purpose course will offer students the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) and an introduction to the deaf community and their demographics through sensitivity education. Kerry Patterson

DIY Workshop Series with HIP Chicks Beth Allen, Licensed Contractor, Interior Designer Window Treatments 101 – A DIY Guide to Dressing Your Window Beautifully and Affordably

We will tackle an essential layer in decorating any room in your home – your windows! Window treatments are important for function and desgn but do YOU know which one goes where? Valances verses cornices, panel vs drapes, shades vs seers. You will learn about using hard and soft treatments for privacy, light control and beauty. Measure and install basic hardware for common treatments. Newtown Campus/$49/RCEGN 8137 C01 Tu, 6/4, 7-9pm

Cents-Able Decorating – DIY Tips for a Gorgeous Home on a Budget

Do you dream of a gorgeous new look at home, but the budget is tight? Cent-Able Decorating is what you need! Learn staples of easy, affordable, and smart design. We will tackle ideas for lightening, furniture, flooring, accessories, fabric and more. You will learn where to shop for the best deals (thrift stores included) and how to do clever DIY hacks for designer looks. Newtown Campus/$49/RCEGN 8136 C01 Tu, 6/11, 7-9pm

Advanced DIY Plumbing Class

This class is focused on the next level of DIY. You will learn how to tackle more advanced plumbing projects including: change a basic sink/faucet set up including valves and supply lines, understanding how to plan and shop for a new vanity, faucet, sink bowl; how to select, remove and install a new toilet as well as repair the tank parts. We will have a sink bowl and toilet present for hands on learning. Newtown Campus/$49/RCEGN 8135 C01 Tu, 6/18, 7-9pm

Sewing I

You will learn the fundamentals of sewing which includes hand and machine sewing, how to select fabrics based on style and fabric. Sew a pin cushion and a pillowcase. Sewing machine required. Those who have taken Sewing I already, are welcome to attend and bring in incomplete projects to learn new skills and techniques. Paula Molino

Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your Voice

Ever been told you have a great voice? From audio books and cartoons to documentaries, commercials, and more, this class will introduce you to the growing field of voice over. Learn what the pros look for, how to prepare, and where to find work in your area! We’ll discuss industry pros and cons, play samples from working voice professionals and provide an opportunity for students to record a short professional script under the direction of the instructor. For a more detailed class description: Newtown Campus/$55/RSBEN 0004 C01 Wed, 8/7, 6:30-9pm

WRITING & LITERATURE The Charms of Travel Writing

Whether you are thinking of preparing a travel narrative for publication or you just want to preserve your travel memories creatively, this workshop is for you! Travel experiences don’t happen linear, so why try to record them that way? Compelling travel narratives contain anecdotes, personal remembrances, encounters with culture, and conversations. In this workshop, we will consider some examples of fine literary travel writing and then try our hands at creating our own narratives. Bring a favorite travel photo along (on our phone is easiest) for one of our prompts, and a good pen or pencil. Margaret Montet, M.M. Newtown/$39/RCEGN 6976 C01 Tu, 8/6, 6:30-8:30pm

Introduction to Poetry

You will be introduced to a sampling of poems that span from the Shakespearean sonnet to contemporary works. You will join a small group of curious readers to foster an appreciation for this art form by learning the sound devices and use of language that make for a moving poem. You will also learn about the masters of the form, particularly the poets who represent the major poetic movements. Additionally, there is a workshop component of this course for anyone who interested in composing their own poetry. Juleigh McDonald

TEST PREP SAT Prep – English Only

This course will prepare you for Reading, Writing & Language. Throughout the course, you will practice numerous actual SAT questions independently or in small groups. Newtown Campus/$169 (does not include book) ATEST 1562 C01 C01/4 Thurs, 9/12-10/3, 6-8:30pm

SAT Prep - Math & English – Upper Bucks Campus

This course will prepare you for all sections of the SAT: Reading, Writing & Language, Essay writing and Math (with and without a calculator). Throughout the course, you will practice numerous actual SAT questions interdependently or in small groups Upper Bucks Campus/$289 (does not include book) ATEST 1501 C70 8 Tu, 8/6-9/24, 6-8:30pm

Pennsylvania Real Estate Pre-Licensing Exam Prep Course

This course will provide you with tips for preparing and taking the Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing Exam. Students will learn exam strategies for taking both the Pennsylvania state and national exam. Students will practice taking sample exams (two state and two national), develop test taking skills, and understand question wording and common exam mistakes, as well as reviewing frequently tested topics and areas of exam questions. Sample exams will be provided with this course. Ronald A. Long, Esq. Real Estate Professor, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Attorney and Certified Real Estate Instructor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Any questions about the course, please contact Ronald A. Long at 215-794 -7534 Newtown Campus/$89/ATEST 3003 C02 Sat, 8/24, 8:30am-2:30pm

Newtown/$159 (books included)/RCEGN 4208 C01 6 Wed, 6/5-7/10, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Newtown Campus/$159/RCEGN 8819 C01 4 Wed, 6/5-6/26, 6:30-9:30pm

Newtown Campus /$129 (plus $13 book fee)/ RCEGN 8812 C01 8 Mon, 6/3-7/22, 6-8pm

Courses at Pennswood Village are not limited to Pennswood Village residents







In partnership with the Project Management Institute-Delaware Valley Chapter (PMI-DVC), we offer the following courses to prepare for certification in project management. These certifications recognize your project management knowledge, skills and abilities and demonstrate your project management expertise and professional experience.

Notary Training

Members of PMI-Delaware Valley Chapter receive an exclusive discount on the course fees and all classroom materials are provided. To join, please visit

FALL 2019 PMP Foundations in Project Management

This course provides an in-depth review of project management principles and aligns with the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge - Fifth Edition (PMBOK®). It is designed specifically for managers new to, or just starting in, the project management area. This course brings you up-to-speed in current principles and practices of project management. Length: 28 hours Newtown Campus/WSMCE 5491 C01 Cost: $949/PMI Members: $849 (text included) 4 Sat 9/14-10/5, 8:30am-4:30pm

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep

This intense preparation course is intended for those who are experienced in project management, or who have already taken project management courses. This course is aligned with the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK® Guide and concentrates solely on preparation for the PMP credential examination. Length: 14 hours

Learn the powers, duties and obligations of a Notary, how to become a Notary in Pennsylvania, how to identify clients and keep accurate records. This basic 3-hour course satisfies the requirement for new applicants and renewals. Ronald Long, Esq. Approved Hours: 3 (Notary Public) Newtown Campus/$89/WSBEN 0130 C01-C02 C01/ Mon, 6/3, 6:30-9:30pm C02/ Mon, 7/8, 6:30-9:30pm

Notary Signing Agent Training

Notary Signing Agents are currently-commissioned Notaries Public with specialized training to assist in the closing of real estate transactions. Learn how the loan and escrow processes work, what lenders and borrowers expect from a signing agent, and the step-by-step procedures for executing loan documents. Ronald Long, Esq. Prerequisite: You must already be a Notary. Newtown Campus/$159/WSBEN 0131 C01-C02 C01/ Wed, 6/26, 6-10pm C02/ Sat, 7/13, 9am-1pm

Notary Training and Notary Signing Agent are eligible for PA CLE.

Bucks County Community College is ranked 3rd in exam success among all educational state approved providers in the Commonwealth of PA as of 2018.

Enrolled Agent

An Enrolled Agent is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels – examination, collection, and appeals – of the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to taxpayer representation, enrolled agents often provide tax consultation services and prepare a wide range of federal and state tax returns. Unlike CPAs and tax attorneys, enrolled agents are tested directly by the IRS, and focus exclusively on tax accounting. There are no prior educational or professional experience prerequisites for this course. The course has been designed to help participants learn about various aspects of the Internal Revenue Code, tax preparation/representation and prepare for the Enrolled Agent Exam. Part II – Businesses (10 weeks) Newtown Campus/$1,169 (includes all text and materials) ATEST 1560 C01 Natasha Johnson, EA 10 Wed, 5/22-7/31 (no class 7/3), 6-9pm Topics Covered: Business Entities, Partnerships, Corporations, S Corporations, Business Financial Information, Sales, Credits, and SE Tax, Specialized Returns for Businesses Part III – Representation (4 weeks) Newtown Campus/$599 (includes all text and materials) ATEST 1561 C01 Natasha Johnson, EA 4 Wed, 8/7-8/28, 6-9pm Topics Covered: Practice and Procedures, Representation before the IRS, Specific Types of Representation, Completion of the Filing Process Register for all 3 parts at the same time and pay a total discounted tuition of $2,179 (all texts and materials included). A savings of over $350. Fall Dates Coming Soon Part I – Individuals (8 weeks) Newtown Campus/$779 (includes all text and materials) ATEST 1559 C01 Natasha Johnson, EA Topics Covered:

Newtown Campus/WSMCE 5492 C01 Cost: $849 PMI Members $749 2 Sat, 10/19-10/26, 8:30am-4:30pm

Preliminary Work and Filing Requirements, Income and Assets, Deductions and Credits, Taxation and Advice, Specialized Returns for Individuals

PMP and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Please see website for detailed description:


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Job Hunting in the 21st Century – Using Technology to Your Advantage

The impact of technology has significantly changed the way organizations identify and hire candidates today. Successful job seekers understand that the rules have changed and have adapted accordingly. This class can help you better understand these changes and how you can utilize technology to your advantage to find a new job or position, whatever kind it may be, that will best match your interests and needs. Anthony Roig Newtown Campus/$59 WSMCE 8024 C01-C02 C01/Thu, 6/13, 6:30-8:30pm C02/Thu, 6/27, 6:30-8:30pm

Giving Effective Presentations

Delivering an effective presentation requires confidence which comes from having command of a certain subject. But delivering an informative, impactful, inspiring and entertaining presentation also requires strategy, planning, preparation, creativity and practice. This course will cover step by step what it takes to deliver an effective presentation. Antonio Dagnery Newtown Campus/$79/WSMCE 8025 C01 2 Tu, 6/11-6/18, 6:30-8:30pm

LOCOMOTIVE FALL 2019 Career Tracks in the Railroad Industry Bucks is proud to announce a partnership with NJ Transit. The railroad industry of the 21st century is a growing, fast-paced, technologically advanced industry. Careers in this industry include engineers, conductors, dispatchers, track workers, signal maintainers, ticket agents, technology experts and others. FREE information session will be offered in Fall 2019 at the Lower Bucks Campus. Locomotive Engineer & Conductor Basic Training Course will be returning in Fall 2019.

Please contact or go to for additional information.




CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS Certificate in Non Profit Management

The Best in Nonprofit Professional Development is now in Bucks County. Bucks is partnering with The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business. This enables Bucks County residents interested in serving nonprofit organizations, as staff or board members, to earn a Certificate in Nonprofit Management. This program offers individuals convenient access to 10 of the most popular and practical classes for current and future nonprofit leaders. The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business has the largest offering of programs for nonprofit organizations seeking to become stronger and more sustainable. Working with nonprofits of virtually every size and mission, it provides professional development, leadership advancement for board and staff, consulting services, on-site group education, jobs website, executive transition services, interim executives, peer support, and an information and referral network. Founded in 1981, The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business has educated more than 30,000 staff and board members and completed nearly 2,000 capacity-building consulting projects.

Check out our Workforce Development Programs and Offerings

Bucks has been approved as an Educational Partner of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). Currently, we are the only college in PA offering this program. Floral design students now have a chance to become a Certified Floral Designer by completing the comprehensive curriculum. STEP 1: Successfully complete your Bucks Floral Design Certificate Program STEP 2: Pass the final evaluation STEP 3: Complete the AIFD online test ($124) and receive an 80% or better within two weeks of receiving access to the online test. Visit for industry certification requirements.

FALL 2019 & BEYOND • Nonprofit Management 101 – 9/18/2019 WSMCE 9001 C01 • Fundamentals of Finance – 10/17/2019 WSMCE 9002 C01 • What Makes a Superior Leader? Creating & Mastering a Successful Leadership Style – 11/13/2019 WSMCE 9003 C01 • Keys to Successful Strategic Planning – 12/11/2019 WSMCE 9004 C01 • Fundamentals of Human Resources – 1/15/2020 WSMCE 9005 C01 • Effective Nonprofit Governance: How Boards Should Work – 2/12/2020 WSMCE 9007 C01 • Building a Successful Marketing Program – 3/4/2020 WSMCE 9006 C01 • Fundamentals of Successful Fundraising – 4/1/2020 WSMCE 9008 C01 • Learn to Love Program Evaluation – 4/29/2020 WSMCE 9010 C01 • Effective Communications to Build Relationships, Engagement & Understanding – 6/3/2020 WSMCE 9009 C01 Completion of this non-credit series of classes will result in a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from La Salle’s Nonprofit Center, a valuable credential for any nonprofit professional. Each of the classes can also be taken individually. You must complete all 10 classes to receive a certificate. All classes are 9am-4pm. Individual classes are $159 or to receive the certificate $1,590. Classes are held at the Newtown Campus. For description of courses and additional information about the Nonprofit Management Certificate, please visit, or call Donna Kirn at 215-497-8729.




Large Scale Design “Bigger is Better” (Elective)

We will look at different large scale designs, the mechanics involved and how to create them. This will be done as a group with demonstration and limited hands-on participation. Everyone in attendance will leave with a better understanding on how to create large scale designs, how to deliver large scale designs, and how to ensure that your designs will remain in one piece. Go big or go home! Ron Mulray, AIFD, CFD

Basic Floral Design (Core)

Floral Jewelry (Elective)

Learn the fundamentals of fresh floral design, and how to condition and care for fresh flowers. Create beautiful arrangements in many styles. Darcie Garcia, AIFD, CFD

Flowers aren’t just great to look at – they’re fun to wear! Join us in learning the mechanics and techniques of creating floral jewelry that can be worn around town or for a special occasion. Renee Tucci, AIFD, CFD

Newtown Campus/$495 (includes: $225 in materials and $45 textbook, The AIFD Guide to Floral Design) FLORA 1000 C01 5 Tu, 7/16-8/13, 6:30-9:30pm

Newtown Campus/$310 (Includes: $150 material) FLORA 1010 C01 4 Tu, 8/13-9/3, 6:30-8:30pm

Prerequisite: Basic Floral Design Newtown Campus/$450 (Includes: $225 material) FLORA 1001 C01 5 Wed, 7/17-8/14, 6:30-9:30pm

for more information

Newtown Campus/$310 (Includes: $160 material) FLORA 1018 C01 Sat, 7/20, 9am-6pm – Please bring a brown bag lunch

Newtown Campus/$299 (Includes: $150 material) FLORA 1019 C01 Sat, 8/17, 9am-6pm – Please bring a brown bag lunch

Students will be able to advance their knowledge and skills in floral design with this intermediate course. They will have opportunities to design larger arrangements using more complex techniques. They will learn to use some of the most common design techniques including: mille de fleur, Biedermeier, phoenix, and waterfall designs. Ron Mulray, AIFD, CFD

We will explore five different techniques of hand-tied bouquets, from European spiral to using an Armature, creating a cascade. Hand-tied presentation bouquets and a faux hand-tied bouquet are all fit to be tied. You will expand your knowledge and confidence on hand-tied bouquets for weddings, proms, or even just a beautiful arrangement. Ron Mulray, AIFD, CFD

Only one absence permitted in each class in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Intermediate Floral Design (Core)

Go to

Fit To Be Tied (Elective)

Holidays of Design (Elective)

In this class we will take the ordinary holiday designs and add style. You will learn how to accessorize and enhance an arrangement in any season. We will focus on design and how to think outside of the box, kicking up traditional designs and adding embellishments and mechanics. We will visit spring with textures and style, fall with unexpected colors, Christmas and a Valentines Day with a modern twist and design we will all fall in love with. This class will turn ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!! Darcie Garcia, AIFD, CFD Newtown Campus/$310 (Includes: $160 material) FLORA 1012 C01 4 Tu, 9/10-10/1, 6:30-8:30pm

Advanced Floral Design (Core)

European Style Floral Structure (Elective)

Prerequisite: Basic & Intermediate Floral Design Newtown Campus/$450 (includes $225 in materials) FLORA 1002 C01 5 Thu, 7/25-8/22, 6-9pm

Newtown Campus/$310 (Includes: $160 material) FLORA 1013 C01 4 Wed, 8/21-9/11, 6:30-8:30pm

Students will utilize innovative techniques to create advanced floral designs. Designs created in this class will demonstrate applied knowledge of the elements and principles. They will learn critical thinking skills and how to edit design applications. Shannon Toal, AIFD, CFD


You will examine armatures and European style floral structures. You will identify construction mechanics, both botanical and non-traditional elements that will be suitable for a floral structure, and determine the best options for a water source. You will construct an armature suitable for floral competitions, exhibitions and certification testing. Ron Mulray, AIFD, CFD



Construction Expert Courses

MindEdge Professional Certificates

Introduction to Construction Estimating - Start Anytime ETMCO 1500 C30/$540 (includes text)

• The right certificate can mean 5%-10% increase to starting salaries.

• Earn an initial certification and keep yours current with CEU, CPE, HCI, SHRM, CFRE, and PDU credits. • MindEdge courses deliver high levels of learner engagement resulting in learning that lasts. • MindEdge courses are effective, meet learning objectives, and easy to use. MindEdge Courses • Human Resource Management • Sustainability Management • Creativity and Innovation • International Trade • Marketing

Summer Session Dates: June 24 – August 25


Construction Blueprint Reading ETMCO 1502 C30/$540 (includes text)

For information and course descriptions, go to To register for LERN classes, call 215-968-8409. All LERN classes are held online. Register for all three courses at the same time to get the bundled price.

Estimating and Bidding 1 ETMCO 1503 C30/$540 (includes text)

Certificate in Data Analysis

Essential Construction Math - Start Anytime ETMCO 1501 C30/$540 (includes text)

Estimating and Bidding 2 ETMCO 1504 C30/$540 (includes text) Construction Materials and Processes ETMCO 1505 C30/$540 (includes text) Construction Equipment and Methods ETMCO 1506 C30/$540 (includes text) Estimating Civil and Sitework Construction ETMCO 1508 C30/$540 (includes text) Oral and Written Communications ETMCO 2002 C30/$440 (plus $156 for text)

For more information email/call Elena Lydon at or 215-968-8411

Contract Documents and Construction Law ETMCO 2004 C30/$440 (plus $156 for text)

Construction Certificates

Planning and Scheduling ETMCO 2005 C30/$440 (plus $156 for text) Building Green Buildings ETMCO 3003 C30/$540 (includes text)

$195 each/take all three for $495. Must take all three courses for certificate. Introduction to Data Analysis Online/$195/ESMCE 0226 C30/6/3-6/28 Intermediate Data Analysis Online/$195/ESMCE 0227 C30/7/1-7/26 Advanced Data Analysis Online/195/ESMCE 0228 C30/8/5-8/30

Certificate in Customer Service

Available separately or as a certificate. $145 per course or $245 for certificate. Keys to Customer Service Online/$145/ESMCE 4312 C30/6/3-6/28 Extraordinary Customer Service Online/$145/ESMCE 4321 C30/7/1-7/26

Digital Marketing Certificate For complete descriptions and updates to certificate requirements, visit

$195 each/take all three for $495*. Must take all three courses for certificate.

Bucks, in partnership with Construction Experts, Inc., offers several online construction certificates:

Improving Email Promotions Online/ESMCE 4303 C30/6/3-6/28

• • • • • •

Boosting Your Web Site Traffic Online/ESMCE 4304 C30/7/1-7/26

Construction Estimating Construction Practices Construction Project Management Construction Supervision Emphasis in Building Construction Supervision Emphasis in Civil Site work Civil Site work Construction

Online Advertising Online/ESMCE 4305 C30/8/5-8/30

Social Media for Business Certificate

$195 each/ take all three for $495*. Must take all three courses for certificate. Introduction to Social Media Online/ESMCE 4300 C30/6/3-6/28 Marketing Using Social Media Online/ESMCE 4301C30/7/1-7/26 Integrating Social Media in Your Organization Online/ESMCE 4302 C30/8/5-8/30

Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Every successful person in the workplace utilizes financial information to aid effective decision making. The Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers explains the financial concepts and accounting processes used in most businesses and will provide practical techniques that will increase your effectiveness and career. $195 each/take all three for $495. Must take all three courses for certificate. Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers Online/$195/ESBEN 0225 C30/ 6/3-6/28 Cash is King Online/$195/ESBEN 0224 C30/ 7/1-7/26 Financial Analysis & Planning Online/$195/ESBEN 0226 C30/ 8/5-8/30

Entrepreneurship Certificate

$195 each/take all three for $495. Must take all three courses for certificate.. Entrepreneur Boot Camp Online course/$195/ESBEN 0210 C30 6/3-6/28 The Business Plan Online course/$195/ESBEN 0219 C30 7/1-7/26 Entrepreneurial Marketing Online course/$195/ESBEN 0222 C30 8/5-8/30

Workplace Benefits • Be better prepared to succeed at your profession • Learn from experts in various fields of construction • Advance within your current trade or transition into a new career No entrance exams are required. Course times are scheduled year-round to be compatible with your work commitments. Each course meets online for 10 weeks. Discussions using an online bulletin board afford the opportunity to examine everyday construction challenges shared by others in the construction industry. All certificates should be completed within two years of starting the program.






Business Coaching Certificate

Workplace Conflict Solutions Certificate

This is your invitation to teach others in-person and join in one of the more important functions in life passing on knowledge and skills to others.

Certificate in Sales

$195 each/take all three for $495

$495 for all three courses Conflict Management - $245 ESMCE 4328 C30/6/3-6/28 Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace - $245 ESMCE 4368 C30/7/1-7/26 Stress Management in the Workplace - $145 ESMCE 4375 C30/8/5-8/30

$295/ECPED 1505 C30/9/3-10/25

Strategic Selling with Social Media ESMCE 4346 C30/6/3-6/28

Spanish for Medical Professionals

Certificate in Online Teaching

Getting Started in Sales ESMCE 4347 C30/7/1-7/26

Certificate in Teaching Adults

$195 each, or $495 for all 3 courses (certificate), or $795 to become a Certified Online Instructor (COI).* Advanced Teaching Online ECPED 1500 C30/6/3-6/28

Only available as a certificate. $395/ESMCE 4335 Mentoring and Coaching in the Workplace Level 1 & 2 C30/6/3-7/26

Power Selling ESMCE 4348 C30/8/5-8/30

Designing Online Instruction ECPED 1501 C30/7/1-7/26

Certificate in Leadership Development

Fostering Online Discussion ECPED 1503 C30/8/5-8/30

Leadership Principles ESMCE 0514 C30/6/3-6/28

*Online Instructor (COI) requires the registrant to take a 50 question exam. The registrant will have their students evaluate one of their online courses, and the Chair of the LERN Faculty Advisory Board will critique one of the registrant’s online courses.

Developing Your Leadership Skills ESMCE 0515 C30/7/1– 7/26

Management Certificate

Take all three one-month, online courses for $595. Must complete all three classes for certificate. Management Boot Camp $295/ESMCE 4333 C30/6/3-6/28 Collaborative Management $195/ESMCE 4363 C30/7/1-7/26 Managing Generations in the Workplace $175/ESMCE 4306 C30/8/5-8/30

Certificate in Workplace Communication

$145 each/take all three for $395

Developing Your Professional Career ESMCE 0516 C30/8/5-8/30

Certificate in Learning Styles $145 each/take all three for $395 Students with ASD ESMCE 4354 C30/6/3-6/28 Gender in the Classroom ESMCE 4355 C30/6/3-6/28 Generational Learning Styles ESMCE 4356 C30/7/1-7/26

Certificate in Project Management $195 each/take all three for $495

Three one-month online courses. Take all three courses for $595. Must complete all three classes for certificate.

Introduction to Project Management ESMCE 4365 C30/6/3-6/28

Conflict Management $245/ESMCE 4328 C30/6/3-6/28

Project Management Processes ESMCE 4366 C30/7/1-7/26

Negotiation: Get What You Want $195/ESMCE 4329 C30/7/1-7/26

Project Management Knowledge Areas ESMCE 4367 C30/8/5-8/30

Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance $295/ESMCE 4332 C30/8/5-8/30

Managing Social Media Platforms Certificate

Register for all three courses at the same time to get the bundled price.

$290/ELANG 0451 C30/6/3 – 7/26

ED2GO For more information on how to register and a complete list of ed2go classes, visit Classes are 6 weeks long. A new section begins each month: • May 15 • August 14 • June 12 • September 11 • July 17 The categories include, but are not limited to: • Accounting & Finance • Business • College Readiness • Computer Applications • Design & Composition • Healthcare & Medical • Language & Arts • Law & Legal • Personal Development • Teaching & Education • Technology • Writing & Publishing

$195 each/take all three for $495 Twitter ESBEN 0215 C30/6/3-6/28 Facebook for Business ESBEN 0213 C30/7/1-7/26 LinkedIn for Business ESBEN 0208 C30/8/5-8/30








Basic Computer Skills

Adobe Illustrator CC Level 1

Certified End of Life Specialist Online Course (30 hrs.)

$149/WCOSY 0036 Newtown Campus/C01/TBD

Microsoft Excel Basics

$225/WCOAP 1580 Newtown Campus/C01/Mon, 6/3-6/24, 6-9pm Lower Bucks Campus/C50/Wed, 6/5-6/26, 6-9pm Upper Bucks Campus/C70/Thu, 6/6-6/27, 6-9pm Doylestown/CA1/Tu, 6/4-6/25, 6-9pm

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Level

$225/WCOAP 1581 Newtown Campus/C01/Mon, 7/8-7/29, 6-9pm Lower Bucks Campus/C50/Wed, 7/10-7/31, 6-9pm Upper Bucks Campus/C70/Thu, 7/11-8/1, 6-9pm Doylestown/CA1/Tu, 7/9-7/30, 6-9pm

$220 (includes text)/WCOAP 6038 Newtown Campus/C01/Tu, 6/4-6/18, 6-9pm

Adobe Illustrator CC Level 2

$220 (includes text)/WCOAP 6039 Newtown Campus/C01/Tu, 7/9-7/23, 6-9pm

Adobe Photoshop CC Level 1

$220 (includes text)/WCOAP 6042 Newtown Campus/C01/Thu, 6/6-6/20, 6-9pm

Adobe Photoshop CC Level 2

$220 (includes text)/WCOAP 6043 Newtown Campus/C01/Thu, 6/27-7/18, 6-9pm (no class 7/4)

Adobe InDesign CC Level 1 Microsoft Excel Advanced Level

$225/WCOAP 1582 Newtown Campus/C01/Mon, 8/5-8/26, 6-9pm Lower Bucks Campus/C50/Wed, 8/7-8/28, 6-9pm Upper Bucks Campus/C70/Thu, 8/8-8/29, 6-9pm Doylestown/CA1/Tu, 8/6-8/27, 6-9pm

Data Analysis using Excel Pivot Tables

$95/WCOAP 1596 Newtown Campus/C01/Tu, 8/27, 5:30-9:30pm Lower Bucks Campus/C50/Thu, 8/29, 5:30-9:30pm Upper Bucks Campus/C70/Tu, 9/3, 5:30-9:30pm Doylestown/CA1/Wed, 8/28, 5:30-9:30pm


$495/WCOAP 6064 Newtown Campus/C01/Tu, 6/4-8/6, 5:30-9:30pm (no class 7/2) Upper Bucks Campus/C50/Wed, 6/5-8/7, 5:30-9:30pm (no class 7/3)

$220 (includes text)/WCOAP 6536 Newtown Campus/C01/Thu, 7/25-8/8, 6-9pm

Adobe InDesign CC Level 2

$220 (includes text)/WCOAP 6537 Newtown Campus/C01/Thu, 8/15-8/29, 6-9pm For Adobe online training, visit

QUICKBOOKS Intuit QuickBooks

$220 (includes text)/WCOAP 1615 Newtown Campus/C01/Tu, 6/18-8/13, 6-9pm (no class 7/2) Lower Bucks Campus/C50/Mon,6/3-7/29, 6-9pm (no class 7/1) Upper Bucks Campus/C70/ Wed, 6/19-8/14, 6-9pm (no class 7/3)

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Cisco CCNA Network Training Module 1 of 4

Newtwon Campus/$995/WITAC 1051 C01 Tu & Thu, 6/11-8/15, 5:30-9:30pm, no class 7/2, 7/4



This immersive online course offers an opportunity to reframe the experience of death from one of fear and sadness, to meaning and connection. Students will learn to cultivate a high level of compassion and empathy, and to eliminate factors that may obstruct the delivery of high quality care and companionship to whomever they serve. Suitable for personal caregivers, and those seeking to work in healthcare or senior markets in any capacity.

Online/$497/WHPAH 0074 W20 Register from May 17 to Aug 30. Course MUST be completed by Aug 30. For more information on course and modules, visit

Physical Therapy Aide Hybrid Program (50 hrs.)

This program enables you to master all the skills you need to begin a career as a physical therapy aide. You will learn what physical therapy entails, identify the responsibilities of a PT aide, and develop a working knowledge of applied anatomy, pathology, biomechanics and medical terminology. You will learn about range of motion, exercise, stretching, posture, transfers, modalities and vital signs. Special topics include total hip replacement, supporting amputees, traumatic brain injury and stroke. Newtown Campus/WHPAH 0278 W20 /$1,405 (plus textbook) Classroom: 7 Mon, 6/3, 6/10, 6/24, 7/15, 7/22, 8/5, 8/19 5-9pm – All other class work completed online.

Pharmacy Technician Program (75 hrs.)

This program prepares students to enter the pharmacy field in hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, and community pharmacies, working under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. Upon successful completion you will be prepared to take the national certification exam by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). The exam fee is not included in this course. For more information, visit Newtown Campus/WHPAH 0273 WB1 $2,205 (plus textbooks) 13 Tu & 12 Thu, 6/4 to 8/29, 6:30-9:30pm (no class on 7/4)


EKG Technician Hybrid Program (73 hrs.)

This program prepares you to function as an EKG Technician in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to take the National Health Career Association Exam for EKG Technicians. This course will include important practice and background information on anatomy of the heart and physiology, medical disease processes, medical terminology, medical ethics, legal aspects of patient contact, laboratory assisting, electrocardiography, and echocardiography. Newtown Campus/WHPAH 0247 W20/$1,499 (plus textbooks and NHA exam) 12 Mon, 6/3 to 8/26, 6-9pm, NHA exam TBA (no class on 7/8) All other class work completed online

American Heart Association CPR & First Aid Training 2-year Certification Courses

CPR & First Aid courses can be set up on-site at your company location, or at one of Bucks’ campuses. To register or for more information, contact Janet Baker at 215-968-8324 or

CPR for Healthcare Providers & Community Certification

This course includes adult, child, infant CPR and AED training. It is intended for all Healthcare professionals, indluding nurses, doctors, dentists, therapists, chiropractors, paramedics, EMTs and lifeguards. Newtown Campus/$95 (includes book and eCard) PHPAH 0003 WB1-WB5 WB1/ Sat. 6/1, 9am-3:30pm WB2/ (2) Thu, 6/6 & 6/13, 6-9pm WB3/ Sat, 6/22, 9am-3:30pm WB4/ (2) Mon, 7/8 & 7/15, 6-9pm WB5/ (2) Tu, 8/6-8/13, 6-9pm

CPR Recertification for Healthcare Providers & Community

This course includes adult, child, infant CPR and AED training. It is a recertification class for healthcare professionals and community members that are current within their two year certification cards. Newtown Campus/$75 (includes eCard) PHPAH 0004 WB1-WB5 WB1/ Tu, 6/4, 6-10pm WB2/ Wed, 6/19, 6-10pm WB3/ Mon, 6/24, 6-10pm WB4/ Thu, 7/11 , 6-10pm WB5/Mon, 7/22, 6-10pm WB6/Thu, 8/8, 6-10pm


Heartsaver CPR/AED and First Aid

Nurse Aide Training Program at Bucks

This course is intended for anyone wanting to learn CPR and First Aid or any professional who may be required to be certified for schools or the workplace. This course includes CPR/AED and First Aid training. Newtown Campus, $95 (includes book and eCard) PHPAH 0002 WB1/Sat, 6/15, 9am-3:30pm

Heartsaver Pediatric CPR & First Aid

This course is intended for parents, grandparents, teachers, day care workers, nannies, and babysitters. This course includes CPR/AED and First Aid training specifically for children and infants. Newtown Campus, $95 (includes book & eCard) PHPAH 0014 WB1 Sat, 6/29, 9am-3:30pm

FALL 2019 The following courses will be offered in the Fall 2019 • Nursing Review & Re-entry into Practice (88 hrs.)

Class Starts July 1

• Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse (3 hrs.) • Dental Assisting Program (100 hrs.) • Fundamentals of Safety for a Successful Life: Guarding your Body and Mind Women’s Training Course (20 hrs.) • Introduction to the Art and Science of Botanical Medicine

For more information regarding these and any of the other noncredit healthcare certificate programs, contact, 215-968-8324, or visit


Become a Nurse Aide in as little as 5, 8 or 12 weeks! Registration deadline is June 24 Seating is limited register today! For upcoming course offerings and registration requirements, please visit our website at or call 215-968-8353.


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Summer 2019 Continuing Education Brochure  

Explore the wide variety of classes and certificate programs offered by our Continuing Education, Workforce Development, Health Sciences and...

Summer 2019 Continuing Education Brochure  

Explore the wide variety of classes and certificate programs offered by our Continuing Education, Workforce Development, Health Sciences and...