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Handbags 2012

By Bridget Carter

The History of handbags Handbags have been around for as long as mid ninetieth century since people needed away to carry valuables. Even in history handbags have been designed to be tasteful , early African woman designed hand bags from beads. As away to represent their culture, and their style. A handbag has always been assumed as a woman secrete piece, mainly because most woman over time has used the purse as a way to carry and conceal their prize possessions. But purses in ancient history were not only carried by woman , many men have been noted to carry purses and coin bags.

House hold names like Louise Vuitton got his start as early as 1834, and still to this day is a bag to carry . In 1843 when people began traveling by train and the way of the horse and buggy was over, this brought on a new revolution for era of Handbags. Now woman were beginning to posses careers and for the first time beginning to be noticed and accepted in the working society. On the shoulder of every working woman was her cloak of social status her handbag. This was only the beginning for the fashion statement that handbags would make all over the world. From the time little girls are rocking their plastic high heels their and there talc filled play makeup , on the shoulder of every little girl is her purse. If you ask her to dump it out and let you see what’s concealed by the plastic shell. You will normally find the same things play make up, a toy cell phone, pencil and notepad, and some type of plastic jewelry. It never fails these are the woman of the future, and even at a young age thy are being molded into social beings. Social beings that know one of the greatest things a bout becoming an woman is a handbag.

The packers Handbags have changed quite a bit from long ago, they now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made by hundreds of different companies and vendors trying to meet the demanding needs of a world full of woman. They range from all different prices u can easily spend any where from 49.99 to 2,000 on a handbag. It all depends on the material and the designer. Of course if you handbag was designed by a top notch designer than you are going to pay top dollar for you luxurious new side kick. I think I have always referred to my handbag as my life piece, Why my life piece? Because I keep most things important to me tucked away in my purse. Like my identity, my handbag shelters my identity on any given day. I think that is the same for most woman out there , our purses are kind of like our holy grail. We have our extra earrings incase we loose one , or favorite lip glosses and our cell phones, palm piles, black books and any thing else we may need to keep our lives running smoothly. For a woman if she looses her purse or someone steals it, than they might as well just have taken her too. Because from this moment on she is lost. It takes a woman anywhere Another great thing that has started to be a trend over the last few years. Is for new mothers to choose larger handbags so double as a diaper bags for those little ones that have a lot of special needs. This is kind of cool because it allows new mommies to keep their own personal style and identities. They don’t have to be consumed by the fashion-less diaper bags that mothers have been toting around for years.


Bridget Carter's e-paper on handbags

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