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Tell a Better Story !

An ILLUSTRATED guide to business story telling By Danielle Berg and Blair Caplinger Š 2014, Telling Media Inc., All rights reserved. I

Business is all about selling...

Companies work hard trying to sell their brands, products, services and strategies to their customers, prospects, employees, potential hires, business partners and industry inuencers.

But everyday millions of businesses waste time and money telling stories that don’t sell.

Š 2014, Telling Media Inc., All rights reserved. I

In their zeal to sell and inuence, many companies create confusion by telling stories that communicate too much.


They complicate their message with tons of

industry jargon...

...They create the most complex Powerpoint slides known to man.

And this can turn a killer opportunity into an... OPPORTUNITY KILLER! And that, Gentlemen, is the WaffleTech difference!

...opportunity KILLER!

Then companies wonder... WHY do proposals sit in limbo?

WHY do sales conversations always come back to


WHY don’t employees understand their role in achieving the company’s strategy?

OYEE EMPL T EMEN ENGAG U.S. e in th at rated



% 1 4

ERS ORK US W w what kno mpany co their ds for. stan


US WORKERS don’t know what seperates their company from competitors

WHY do marquis products lose market share to lesser quality competitors?

...and WHY don’t investors understand why they should fund the dream?

Many companies think they are telling a story. But, the stories they’re telling create confusion in the minds of buyers. Buyers like clarity. Confusion makes it hard to sell. © 2014, Telling Media Inc., All rights reserved. I

To create stories that sell… Understand the emotional needs of buyers.

Decision Making

The Limbic System says:





The actual decision making process happens in the emotional center of the brain. People buy on emotion and use facts to justify purchase decisions.

“I’ve gotta have it!”


The Neocortex says:

“And here’s why...”

WOW! *Telling Media X-Ray Specs sold separately

Most B2B companies tell stories that are full of facts and figures because they believe their buyers are rational. But B2B buyers are people,

People want to buy from companies whose products and services satisfy their emotional needs.

not robots.


When a company’s story communicates how their brand, product or service makes the lives of their buyers better...

that’s when STORY magic happens. © 2014, Telling Media Inc., All rights reserved. I

Telling Media helps B2B companies grow through story.

CREATE Our process creates stories that incite engagement and accelerate sales.



The right training & media help organizations tell their stories effectively.

Stories become real when they direct the actions of the business.

Telling Media Services Story Development

We work with clients to develop the brand, product and vision stories for: • • • • •

New business presentations Events & trade shows Industry analyst meetings Investor roadshows Internal change initiatives

Storytelling Training

We train business leaders to tell their stories with passion and conviction.

Story Strategy & Media We create the strategies and media that power the buying process:

Story Orchestration

We envision a framework and action steps to bring your story to life through: • • • •

Brand identity Product development Culture Core business processes

• Content strategies • Presentations, digital collateral • Web sites, videos, demos © 2014, Telling Media Inc., All rights reserved. I

Telling a better story produces real results.

Here are a few of our Success Stories. New Story Takes Rates Off The Table This professional services firm was spending too much time and energy justifying their rate structure. Through customer research we realigned their story to match what really matters to their customers. Today, rates are not a part of their customer discussions.

New Story Boosts Sales By 30% Complex technology and implementation variables made this product line a tough sell. A new product story, clear value proposition and re-organized sales materials now make the buying decision much easier with product revenues up 30% so far this year.

New Product Story Ups Demo Requests by 20%% Smart IT people were taking the rap for poor project performance. This client’s product was designed to help them deliver what their users wanted in half the time, but the client’s story was underperforming. By telling like it really is, a new story increased product demo requests by 20%.

New Story Helps Analysts Fall In Love Key industry analysts didn’t know this global digital services firm even though they were the second largest provider in their space. A compelling narrative put them on the radar screen and got analysts energized about their value proposition. Three months later, they were being included in industry analyst reports. © 2014, Telling Media Inc., All rights reserved. I


business ventrilloquism

Hypnotic Mind Control Today the consumer is in control. Understanding how buyers make decisions and what motivates their purchases is essential to success.

Having the right story is like being a ventrilloquist. Others tell your story and your lips don’t move.

A real Money Maker

Chameleons Don’t be a chameleon. Chameleons are invisible. To succeed, survey the landscape and display the colors that will make you a stand out.

Tell a better story to



There are brands of all sizes that have stories worth telling. You don’t have to be a big brand to have a great story.



Having the right story is the secret to growing revenue, employee retention and customer loyalty.

We help companies define their brand, product, service and vision stories to sell better, and that means more revenue!

X-Ray Specs

Consumers like transperancy. They don’t need X-Ray Specs to see the truth. So make sure you are authentic. Become a story worth telling.

A good story is more deadly than



Defeat competitors with ease. Tell a better story to win respect and new business. -Powerful moves. -Kick your business up a notch.

Could be a puppy, could be a new analytics platform. Nobody buys surprises. Clarity sells.

About Telling Media Danielle Berg and Blair Caplinger have been helping B2B and B2C brands, big and small, tell their stories for over 15 years. As co-founders of Telling Media, Blair and Danielle, are helping companies leverage story as a powerful growth strategy. They consult and lead corporate workshops that teach businesses to be story-driven organizations.

We’d love to help you tell your story.


Danielle Berg

Blair Caplinger

© 2014, Telling Media Inc., All rights reserved. I

If you want to grow revenue...tell a better story!  
If you want to grow revenue...tell a better story!  

An illustrated guide to business story telling