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BCAM Backtalk June 2012

Volume 1, Issue 6

Advice for Next Year's Juniors 300 Willoughby Ave, 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11205

by A Sampling of The Junior Class

Anagilda Acevedo: Come to school on time. Mylaecha Aska: Stay consistent from the beginning to the end of the year. And you better treat Mr. P right or I'll come back and haunt you. Carmen Barco: Stay focused in class and get really ready for portfolios. Tykeah Baker: Wasting your time is wasting your education. Adriana Beau: Keep your attendance up, and do your work. Patricia Benoit: Make sure you work on your portfolio ahead of time. Namani Bodian: Do your homework. That's almost all of your grade. If you don't do your homework, you might not pass. Dezi Brown: Start out the year good. Don't wait until the last minute. Lance Chadwick: Hard work and dedication. Chanelle Cintron: Do your work on time, relax and don't fight with the teachers because you are going to lose that war. Shatiya Coleman: Don't procrastinate. Do work when you have free time. Use lunch and advisory time. Danielle Davis; Keep a schedule book, and stay organized. Eliezer DeLaCruz: Work hard. Natkwynjai Floyd: Read. Make sure to remember what you learned sophomore year. Worry about your grades. 12th grade is going to be hard. Anniyah Frasier: Stay focused. Dezhanae Gillet: Come in prepared and on your game because this will be a very important year for you. Read a lot and be open to all opportunities that are beneficial to your 11th and 12th grade year. Christopher Gutierrez: Listen to your teachers when they talk about college; it's no joke. Prince Hall: Study. Because the work requires that much. Darkell Howard: Stay focused and stay on task. Oras Howard: Stay on top of your work. Its' your most important priority. 11th grade is the "no play" year. In 12th grade you can settle down a bit, but 11th grade is important. Leighton Lewis: Take junior year seriously because this is the year to start thinking about college. Tyree Lewis: Write about funny things that you

witness. Giavonni Long: Don't slack off. Keep up a steady pace. Vance Martin: Just do it! Kahliek McArthur: Make sure you pass your required regents so you don't have to worry about them senior year. Romario McDonald: Don't come to school late. It really affects you. Catema Moffat: Studying is the key to success in order not to mess up and go off track. Dvaughn Newman: Attendance is everything. Keep consistent. Foster Percival: Stay focused. James Philbert: Be on time, and come every day. Ruby Polius: Read. Delia Rankine: Smile and breathe. Nasharai Raysor: Don't be late to school. Don't wait until the last minute to finish your portfolio. Raymond Rock: Take it seriously because this is a serious year. Lenasia Roper: Be early to school all the time or you'll fail. Asheika Scott: Make sure you pay attention in U.S. History because that is one of the hardest regents to pass. Work hard. Jaquan Seabrook: Get ready for hard work and dedication, and always stay on top of your work. Kelly SIngfield: Keep your head up, and don't let anybody bring you down. Kareem Smith: Have your future goals set already. Plan ahead. Anticipate. Melisa Smith: Complete all of your advisory work on time so you don't have to race during portfolio interviews. Wassup! Stay fresh to death. Yakira Summers: Stay positive and stay focused. Robert Taylor: Stay focused, no matter what happens. Stay independent. Dwayne Torres: Don't mess up. Do your work. Dammon Vasquez: Be yourself and don't be negative. Shakeem Wilson: Homework is important. Do it. That's the truth. Armani Wynter: Make sure you go to all your classes on time.

by Carmen Barco '13

Junior Carmen Barco demonstrates how to give advice.

Advice for Next Year's Sophomores hard, and you'll be okay. by Katelyn Moeser '14

photo by Lamique Joseph '12

Sophomores David Walker and Nahshon Outten demonstrate how to take advice from a wise and wonderful senior.

Where do you see yourself one year from now? page 3

Are you wondering what to expect in your sophomore year? Well, here are some things you should know. Firstly, sophomore year is when you have to take a few of your regents. These regents include Global History, Living Environment and for some, English. As you all know, attending your classes is extremely important. In sophomore year though, it's more crucial. Throughout the year you have to know the material that your teachers teach you because it's essential for you to pass your regents. Without the

regents you won't be able to graduate, and nobody wants that. Another thing is that if you think missing a few days of school is no big deal than you're wrong. In your classes your grades can easily go from an A to a C. That's why you must stay focused and keep track of your school work. You don't want to end up in credit recovery now. Also during sophomore year you're able to take elective classes. Some choices are mural painting, fine arts, hip hop production, song writing and dance. Electives allow students to do

What's one thing you regret? What's one thing you're proud of? page 2

something they enjoy or have a new experience twice a week. Sophomore year isn't too exciting. You feel the pressure more than the year before. People are concerned about passing the regrets, passing classes of course, and getting better grades. It can be stressful but the sophomore teachers make things easier and help students whenever they can, like Ms. Bello and Mr. Diallo who both have saturday regents prep classes. Although sophomore year is more intense, you quickly get used to it.

Advice for all students from the newspaper staff page 4

Freshman Reflections

Page 2

June 2012

The first year of high school is often full of rude awakenings, frustration, excitement, joy, and pain. You get to make new friends, you lose some old friends, and you really start on your path towards becoming an adult. Take a look at the reflections of this year's freshman class. Perhaps it will bring back some memories. Perhaps -- for those of you who aren't seniors this year -- it will help remind you of how you can help out next year's freshmen. In the picture to the right, freshmen Zakiyah Francis and Erika Davis mime what it's like to get advice from a friend.

What do I regret about this year? What am I proud of about this year? by A Sampling of The Freshman Class

Maria Almonte: I don't have anything to regret. What's done is done. I'm proud I was never late or absent. Asha Ballard: I regret my lateness. It started to affect my grades. I'm proud of getting silver honor roll all three quarters. Jewell Barrow: I regret not taking anything seriously. I'm proud of only getting A's and one B this whole year. Anthony Bonny: I regret being a freshman. I'm proud of somewhat showing people how smart I am. Tanesha Bryan: I wished I would have done my homework. I'm proud of my global essays. Jamar Callender: I wish I'd done more extracurricular activities. I'm proud of getting good grades. Ananda Carmichael: I wished I would have received awards all marking periods and I'm proud of making 90s. Tamir Carter: One thing I

regret is how many times I got in trouble this year. I'm proud of all my achievements this year.

Alfred Jean: I regret I didn't speak English very well. I'm proud that I'm doing my best in every class.

Kenneth Champion: I wished I would have come to school more. I'm proud of getting my grades up.

Anastasia Kitt: One thing I regret is coming to a small school, but I really don't care that the school is small and more people know each other. Then also, you shouldn't do anything that gets you in trouble. One thing I'm proud of is that I'm getting good grades and I might go to 10th grade.

Oneisha Conway: I regret not having extra classes to take for colleges to see. I'm proud that I became a better student, poet and artist. Richard Correa: I regret not being well-rounded. I'm proud of getting good grades for all four marking periods. Duani Cruz: I regret that I didn't come to school on time. I'm proud I picked up my grades. Zakiyah Francis: I regret not getting involved in extracurricular activities. I'm proud that I stayed out of trouble and out of the drama. Jossilyn Gordon: I wished I would have turned in all my homework. I'm proud of my drawing. Sean Jackson: I'm proud that I'm passing all my classes.

Kyle Lawrence: I wished I would have built a better relationship with my teachers. KerriAnn Lewis: I'm proud I earned a bestest science grade.


Shakira Nelson: I regret nothing! I'm proud of not being so lazy.

classes. I'm proud of being able to answer questions in classes.

Roshanna Paul: I'm regret I didn't come to school on time. I'm proud I'm passing all my classes.

Erika Vega: One thing I regret about my freshman year is just not staying here. I wanted to go to a different school. One thing I'm proud of is getting good grades.

Isabel Perez: I wished that I was never late for first period and got awards for every marking period. I'm proud of receiving an award for gym.

Khari Velez: I wished I would have focused more on my classwork in the beginning of school. I'm proud of my "B" in art.

Willie Saunders: I wish I would have tried out for varsity basketball, but I'm proud of making the J.V. team.

Alexus Vining: I wished I would have paid more attention in my classes. I'm proud of my improvement with my attitude.

Alicesa Miller: I regret nothing! I'm proud of doing the play!

Jessica Seymore: I don't regret anything my freshman year. I'm proud of my poems and performing at the New York Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Demie Morris: I wished I would have done more homework on time. I'm proud of my art projects.

Shelise Taylor: I regret not being 100% into the work. I'm proud of everything and just doing my best.

Nadar Nari: The freshman year was so easy if yo did your work. Everyone should complete the work for all the classes so it can be easy for every freshman. I'm proud of learning more English this

Brianna Thomas: I wished I would have studied more. I'm proud that I passed all my classes. Dashaun Thorne: I wished I would have focused more in

Lavincia Watson: I regret nothing. I'm proud of doing better in my classes than last year. Dejon Williams: I'm proud of passing all my classes the first marking period. Calvin Williams: I regret that my work ethic was kind of lazy and I procrastinated a lot. I'm proud of passing all my classes.

Seniors Looking Ahead

June 2012

Page 3

Where do I see myself one year from now? What do I see myself doing? Zuri Agbaje: Studying at Johnson Steve Smith University.

Sharonda Gardner: Traveling around the world.

Brandon Armstrong: In college at Virginia State

Janae Gooden: Being enrolled at Medgar Evers College, making new friends and spending time with my boyfriend.

Dominique Arzu: At college studying culinary arts. Pamela Baez: Out of high school, signing up for college.

Leon Godard: In college.

Darnell Boomer: In college at Kingsborough Community College.

Sabrina Hannah: Hopefully attending college in Pennsylvania at Northampton County Community College, having new experiences.

Jalan Barber: I see myself in college, working and focusing on my dreams.

Tyrell Sutton: Queenborough College.

Chris Bartlett : In college, working, drinking, playing ball. I will probably have a baby. I want to have a son who will be just like me.

Darien Hunter: I see myself working a full-time job.

Taylor Bell: Getting money and being an artist and 'just macking.'

Brandon Jones: I'll be at City Tech College.

Tyreake Bell: Hopefully not at BCAM.

I'll be at Community

Earthell Jackson: In college.

Lamique Joseph: In college.


Gevaughn Laird: In college at City Tech, living in my own place with a job.

Kendell Brackett: Working a good job.

Shaquan Lazen: I don’t know. Tomorrow is not promised.

Alex Casado: With a job and in college.

Aaron Lewis: At City Tech, majoring in engineering. That is my job.

Linnae upstate.



Davonn Caveness: At Queensborough Community College. Xian Carrington: In my first year of college. I’ll probably have a job. Celina Ceasar: In college at Laguardia Community College. Dwayne Chance: Working. Finessa Creese: At Kingsborough Community College. Niasia DeFreitas: In college, trying to choose between two majors. Also, I’ll be booking a flight to Paris. I already have my bags packed. Khadijah Dickson: In college while still working. Autumn Edwards: At college in Morrisville Zakeira Edwards: I’ll be at College of Staten Island, working on my bachelor’s degree. My career goal is to be a surgeon.

Photos by Leandra Ramkissoon '12. PIctured are Celina Caesar '12, Samantha Richards '12, Anthony Turner '12, Sharon Vega '12, and Jose Santos '12.

Randa-Gay Lindo: Finishing my first year at LaGuardia Community College. Jeremy Matthews: I'll be relaxing. Ricquan McCloud: Working, going to college, making money. Daijonae Moses: In college at Wilberforce University. Tamara Mouzon: In

college at Long Island University.


Adilene Neri: I see myself in college, hopefully Borough of Manhattan Community College, majoring in photography.

Damany Smith: Playing basketball at Lehman College.

Anthony Parris: In college, either at John Jay or Mercy. I don’t know which one I’m going to, still living at home with my pops. Kassandra Perez: I see myself in college with no kids, a couple of tattoos , and living in a dorm. Also, I want to have a fish as a pet in my dorm. Amber Phinazee: At Borough of Manhattan Community College, having a job, saving up to travel wherever I want to go. Leandra Ramkissoon: I'll be continuing my 2nd year at City Tech and moving out into my own place. Christopher Queensborough College.

Reese: At Community

Genesis Reyes: Studying in college at LaGuardia Community College. Samantha Richards: Moving to Georgia, living life. Logan Rodriguez: In college. Jose Santos: Working with computers. Kimberly Scott: At Borough of Manhattan Community College, majoring in law enforcement to become a police officer. Daniel Simpson: Moving out of my parents’ house and going to college. Joanna Sledge: In the School of Visual Arts, getting a job and having new

Shatiqua Smith: I’ll be finishing my first year at Hostos Community College, with a job and a car, also looking for apartments to get out of my mom’s house. Davian Swaby: Working and going to college. Kurtis Taylor: I will be a famous hip-hop artist. Tyshani Thomas: Studying at Buffalo State, doing pre-med. Kayann Thompson: I will be at LaGuardia Community College and moving out of my parents’ house. Anthony Turner: Working part time, living on my own, and going to college. Sharon Vega: In college and working. Reneisha Vernon: In the Navy. Brittany Williams: I see myself at my college, SUNY Onandaga, pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and taking my police exam. Taniqua Williams: In college, probably with a job. Amyr Wynder: In college and living it up.

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Advice from Newspaper Staff

June 2012

photo by Alex Casado '12

Don't ignore what you learn in health class. Protect yourself and your partner.

by Joanna Sledge '12

Go to gym and participate. It counts. If you don't have enough gym credits, you won't graduate on time.

photo by smerikal through creative commons license

Don't be rude to teachers. They work hard for us, and you will need them to write recs for college and jobs.

public doman picture from pixabay

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your teachers are here to help you. No student is an island.

Congratulations to Joanna Sledge, Tamara Mouzon, and Samantha Richards for their acceptance into Quill and Scroll, the High School Journalism National Honor Society!

Further congratulations to Lamique Joseph, Logan Rodriguez, Kayann Thompson, Katelyn Moeser and Amber Phinazee for distinguished work on the newspaper this year.

All of Your voices will be sorely missed!

by Joanna Sledge '12

Chasing after boys or chasing after girls is not going to get you the good grades; studying will. Be smart.

Join the BCAM Backtalk next year, and you, too could be winning an award or being inducted into the Quill and Scroll National Honor Society.

by Joanna Sledge '12

If you want good grades, get to classes and to school on time. Every minute of your education is necessary to survive in this tough world.

photo by Tamara Mouzon '12

Ms. Morris, BCAM Backtalk Adviser

photo provided by Ms. Feehan

Ms. Feehan, BCAM Backtalk Adviser

June Issue of Backtalk: Reflections  

This is the final Issue for the year. Students share their reflections on the year and give advice to next year's students.

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