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The intention is to showcase professional MMA talent and bring more awareness of the sport to the region. A world champion fighter himself with numerous wins under his belt including two times French champion of fullcontact kickboxing, two times Hong Kong champion in Koshiki karate, a Pan-Asian BJJ gold medal, a bronze medal at the World Kickboxing Championships and a world championship at semi-contact, Roche personally handpicked the competitors based on their compatibility and potential for an interesting fight. The factors he considered when matching fighters include weight, size, style and level. He is looking for an “explosive fight” and is keen to minimize stagnant moments of extensive stalling or floor time. For this reason he decided to use the standard UFC rules with two notable exceptions, for a more “intense” fight: There will be two 5 minutes rounds (as opposed to the standard three rounds). And a A 30second rule will be introduced to force fighters to stand up if inaction or stalling is perceived for 30 seconds or longer. In true MMA spirit, the event will be a cage, rather than a ring, fight. Roche feels that the cage is a novel concept for the region and adds more “spice” to the event. It also creates a different, more enclosed atmosphere for the fighters. He also stresses, for those more apprehensive in the audiences, that MMA is no more violent than any other full-contact sport and is, in fact, less so than boxing, for example. There is a reason for MMA’s growing popularity, so, if you haven’t yet, why not check it out? It couldn’t hurt… well, not too much anyway. FURY-1: Clash of The Titans: 8pm, 21 May, Grand Hyatt Macau; Tickets: $1880, $1580, $1280 (inc food, champagne, unlimited house wine) from or call 2525 2400

May 8 & 9 -Los Mundos de Fingerman Peruvians Inés Pasic and Gabriela Bermúdez focus their body language on only a few small but important parts of the human anatomy. In Los Mundos de Fingerman (The World of Fingerman), a being of fingers is born on earth and goes through a baptism of the four elements – earth, fire, water and air – to discover that we are all made of the same matter as the worlds we travel through. The only sounds allowed in Pasic and Bermudez’s astounding non-verbal finger puppetry are the musical rhythms that highlight Fingerman’s journey of discovery. Join the digital discovery on May 8 and 9 at 3 and 5pm, or at 11am on May 9, Macau Conservatory; Tickets MOP$30.

May 15 & 16 - Visual Poems

Songs and a guitar only heighten the sense of strange revelation, ‘I’ is not just the 9th letter in the alphabet, it is a boy. The dog he is playing with is ‘E’ and his friend is ‘T’, the trampoline artist. Meanwhile ‘Y’ joins ‘U’ to make a dancer. This is the world of Spain’s Companyia Jordi Bertran’s Visual Poems in which foam rubber letters take on lives of their own filled with character, action, drama and humour – in other words, poetry. Enjoy the poetry in the Macau Conservatory on May 15-16 at 11am, 3pm, 5pm. Tickets MOP$30.

May 15 - Ennio Morricone

The term Spaghetti Westerns may well have you thinking of Clint Eastwood challenging someone who needs a shave to “make his day”. And that is probably what the Spaghetti Western Orchestra will do for most of their audience. This very unconventional bunch of Australians have lots of fun making noise with bottles, corn flakes (yes, they crush them), coat hangers, apples, squeaky toys, rubber gloves, bicycle pumps, nail clippers and other household bits and pieces they may find lying around. But it is not just cacophony – these are comedians who make the kind of music Eastwood would be proud of. Sort of. Think laugh-aloud takes on tunes from movies like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, For a Few Dollars More, Once Upon a Time in the West and a host of other Ennio Morricone melodies. Only five ockers make up this orchestra but between them they play 100 “instruments” to recreate the punch-ups, gunshots, jangling spurs and grunts that define the gun-slinging West. The Spaghetti Western Orchestra plays the music of Ennio Morricone in the Clementina Leitão Ho Brito Theatre from 8pm, May 15. Tickets MOP$50.


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bc magazine 6 May 2010 - pg 47 or call 2525 2400 FURY-1: Clash of The Titans: 8pm, 21 May, Grand food, champagne, unlimited house wine) from cont...

bc magazine 6 May 2010 - pg 47 or call 2525 2400 FURY-1: Clash of The Titans: 8pm, 21 May, Grand food, champagne, unlimited house wine) from cont...