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The Body Project

The project that showcases all body types

It all started with an Idea, 13 models, 3 photographers and 2 make-up artists.... How did this project come about? This project came about when dreaming up photo shoot ideas. I mentioned to Cheri Bomb that we should do a size comparison shoot and through that it grew and grew into this wonderful project with loads of girls of all shapes and sizes :) Why did you decide to do this? I decided to do this after struggling with my own body image for years, i have finally found and embraced who i am mean to be and i want to help others do the same.

How many people did it take to make this happen? 13 models, 3 photographers and 2 make-up artists :) How do you think this project will affect others? hopefully they can look at the photos see how happy and healthy the girls are at every size and apply that to their own lives, none of my girls are photo shopped they are just raw beauty :) Whats your main goal with this project? I have seen far to many news stories in my short life time about girls that have died starving themselves trying to look like super models, it’s just so un realistic and people need to see that! and also there’s the fat/skinny comparison, you get a lot of fat girls wishing to be skinny and 9 times out of 10 you get that skinny girl that wants more meat on her bones, purely because the media says you should be skinny but the general public are voicing that skinny girls are unhealthy/ ill ... everyone just needs to stop for a minute and think, what IS unhealthy is obsessing over someone else’s weight. i want to spread a vast amount of self-love!

Have you had any negative feedback? If so how did you handle it. I have only had 1 piece of negative feedback so far from a gentleman with a very closed mind just generally spouting off about how unhealthy is to be fat :/ Also do you have any encouraging words for girls or even guys out there who don’t love their bodies? Look down, that body is yours for life, you may as well embrace it, learning to love your body will make you happier than any diet ever will. I promise!

From left to right: Evelyn Moon, Stefanie Howell, Zoe Martyn, Hollie Gevaux, Faye Potter, Sophie Cook, Holly Photographers: Andy Wilson, Floyd Caird, Dom Regan.

Sked, Amy Harrison, Hannah Ellis, Charlotte Fox, Cheri Bomb, Kellie Waller, Emma Robson. Make-up Artists: Sophie Louise Bridal, Cheri Bomb.

Cheri Bomb

Exclusive Issue:The Body Project