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This is a New Year that means a New start and a fresh new look to BBW beauties magazine! More articles and more ways you can contrubite to the magazine and make your voice be heard. There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a Dream. ~Author Unknown

Lets start the New Year with a positive attitude about ourselves there is alone one of you and you are gem and should starting seeing yourself as such. The definition of Self-love is the strong sense of respect for and confidence in oneself. And this is were at times we may fall short because of some negative remarks that were made at us or just how we may feel at times. Let this New Year be your time when you finally get out of your own way and stop hoping and waiting for something to change and make it happen make the change. Here are some tips: 1. Find Strength Within Yourself 2.Create The Life You Want 3.Release Regrets 4.Have An Awesome Life by pursuing your dreams 5.Take Positive Steps 6.Eliminate Self Criticism 7.Acknowledge Your Effort’s 8.Fall in love with yourself 9.Let Go Of Worry 10.Make Positive Affirmations Everyday Make this year your year!

Heart-Healthy Salmon Not only is Salmon Tasty its good for you, Its high in Omega-3 Fatty acid’s its also shown to help prevent Heart Disease. Not to forget it helps with the Brain,Eyes,Muscles and so much more!

This magazine’s entire mission is dedicated to empowering the plus size community with informative articles and new fashion trend’s, that cater to the cuvy women. We are devoted to living a positive plus-size lifestyle and living healthy we do not promote an unhealthy lifestlye, we do encourage self love and to love your body and caring for it, starting from the inside out. True beauty starts from within.

The Charismatic Mauricio Kellie Waller on life,love and loving yourself Herrera Millie Banchs Makeup Artist to the stars

The Sizzling spotlight

5Ways to feel sexier in the skin you are in! And so much more!

Model Credit: Felix Marlucia

Model Credit: Vanessa MsVee Wright

BBW of theAnissa Magazine Anderson

Ever since I was young I was mesmerized with the world of motion pictures. Such films like Back to the Future, The Monster Squad, The Thing, Cocoon, Footloose, Fright Night and An Officer and a Gentleman are among my favorites. I believe that it is good to have a dream, but it is great to let your voice be heard.

Kung Fu Panda 2


he last time we saw Po he had completed his training to become the Dragon Warrior while conquering a deadly foe which threatened to destroy everything that he loved. However, the serenity and tranquility of the Valley of Peace is about to be shattered. In this sequel Po assumes the responsibility of being a guardian who protects the innocent while facing a new threat which brings chaos and destruction. This enemy is a malicious peacock named Lord Shen who possesses a dark heart that is consumed by the thirst for power. This evil peacock is hell-bent on using his power to conquer the entire land and he will kill anyone who gets in his way. Po and the Furious Five decide to face this evil tyrant who poses a great threat to everyone. Also, this film explores the origins of our protagonist who is embarking on a journey of self discovery which leads him to a path where he learns how to obtain inner peace while accepting his fate instead of feeling bitter and angry.

On the other hand, Lord Shen refuses to forgive and forget his past as it scarred his mind with thoughts of vengeance and hatred. It is because of this that Shen is blinded by an immeasurable rage to punish others for his own mistakes. In other words, it is Shen’s dark heart which leads him to his downfall as he is too proud to admit that his desires will not benefit others. Po realizes that Shen can cause great harm to others and he sees just how malevolent this new foe can be when he discovers what he did in the past. Both of them walk through different paths, but their destiny unites them as they are meant to face off in order for one of them to prevail over the other with the lessons that they have obtained in their respective lives.

Captain America: The First Avenger


his year there were many comic book movies which came to theaters and caused an immediate impact upon moviegoers. One such film was Captain America: The First Avenger. This movie contains a dazzling combination of vivid action and extraordinary storytelling. In other words, this film is a stunning, explosive and breathtaking spectacle that is truly phenomenal. Both Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving give riveting performances throughout the film. Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers who is a physical weakling that wants to enlist to serve his country as a soldier during World War II, but he is constantly rejected for military duty due to his physical inability. Rogers is a brave man that is willing to sacrifice his life for his country even though many of his comrades d not think that he should become a soldier.

On the other hand, Hugo Weaving portrays a Nazi officer named Johann Schmidt who is also known as the Red Skull. This vile human being is the commander of the terrorist organization known as HYDRA which posses an advanced technology that is a threat to any country. This terrorist group wants to take over the world by eliminating all of its enemies. The United States government decides to create a Super Soldier and its lead scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine chooses Steve Rogers to become this Super Soldier because he realizes that Steve isn’t a man who would take these abilities for granted. Erskine knows that Rogers is a noble and heroic human being that will use his powers to protect those people who cannot protect themselves. It becomes Steve’s duty to defend his country against its enemies at all costs even though it is an arduous task. This film shows us that there is an unparalleled power and tenaciousness inside the human spirit which makes some people truly special.

Friends with Benefits


his movie explores the modern day conceptions of human relationships in an amusing manner. Justin Timberlake portrays Dylan Harper who is a workaholic and a guy who hasn’t found that special someone who understands him. Similarly, Mila Kunis portrays Jamie who is a charming young lady that hasn’t had any luck in love. Jamie is constantly looking for prince charming, but she believes that there is something wrong with her because all of her relationships end up in a catastrophic manner. The film starts off with both of our protagonists as they are being simultaneously dumped by their respected couples on the same night. Afterwards, both of them meet in an awkward manner, but they form a special bond of friendship that is charming to watch.

Both of our leads have a good chemistry between them as their relationship doesn’t feel fake at any point during the film. They decide to have a relationship based on sex without any emotional involvement, but things get complicated as they start to care for each other. I was also surprised with the struggle that Dylan’s sister Annie has to endure as she takes care of their father who has a terrible illness which can rear its ugly head at any time. This particular situation shows a difficult dilemma which many people have to deal with in real life and it adds a touch of reality that brings a humane and affectionate tone to the rest of the film. Furthermore, there are also many great roles by other actors such as Woody Harrelson who plays a frisky gay man known as Tommy who works for Dylan and Patricia Clarkson delightfully portrays Jamie’s mother Lorna who is a free spirit that likes to travel and have a good time.

Rise of the Planet of the

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this film since the last entry in this particular franchise entitled Planet of the Apes was a complete fiasco. Fortunately, the filmmakers of this particular project have created a solid story with interesting characters which in my view is a step in the right direction to revive this ailing science fiction franchise. Obviously, this movie shows us how humans are tampering with primates through science as they are using chimpanzees as test subjects for an experimental drug which is going to be used to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

e Apes , Film Review The human protagonist of the film is a scientist named Will Rodman who is excellently portrayed by James Franco as an optimistic and generous human being who wants to find a cure to Alzheimer’s disease because his father named Charles Rodman which is portrayed marvelously by John Lithgow suffers from this malevolent illness. Both James Franco and John Lithgow convey a wonderful relationship as a father and son duo who struggle with this disease which is taking a toll on their lives. The theme of friendship is also explored in this film when Will brings home a baby chimpanzee whose mother was a test subject for the drug that Will created. Obviously, the positive effects of this drug were passed on to this young chimpanzee which Will names Caesar and it is evident that Caesar has an astounding intellect. Caesar becomes a member of the family who cars for Will and his father Charles as he doesn’t want any harm to come to any of his human friends. However, when Caesar tries to defend Will’s father by attacking another person he is immediately taken to a primate shelter.

In that place Caesar is constantly abused and mistreated by an obnoxious employee from that facility. Seeing how all of the primates are unjustly treated in that place Caesar decides to take manners into his own hands by making all of the primates smarter in order for all of them to successfully escape from the jaws of captivity. Certainly, this creates an astonishing finale which has an intriguing conclusion. In other words, this is how you make a good sequel as there is an intelligent and emotional story which makes you care about its characters and it creates a fascinating science fiction film which will satisfy the fans from the previous films while adding new fans along the way.

Crazy, Stupid, Love Movie Review

There is a fine line between

love and hate just as there is a fine line between confusion and understanding. Love can be a confusing emotion and it can bring some unexpected consequences in our lives which may lead us to act in an irrational manner. This film introduces some bitter and playful characters whose lives are about to get more complicated. For example, Cal Weaver who is portrayed by Steve Carell is a common man who is successful in his job and he thinks that he has a perfect family, but all of that is about to change.

His wife Emily Weaver who is portrayed by Julianne Moore wants a divorce and she also confesses to Cal that she had an affair. Emily feels that they have grown apart for some time now and she doesn’t want to be with Cal anymore. This takes Cal by surprise and he sinks into a personal depression in which he is trying to figure out what to do next. In his personal depression he meets a young man named Jacob Palmer who is portrayed marvelously by Ryan Gosling. This young man is a womanizer that is constantly seducing every woman at the bar where Cal spends his time to drown his sorrows.

Jacob decides to help Cal by showing him how to be a sexy stud like himself in order for him to get over his wife. At first, Cal is able to seduce many women, but he wants to reunite with his wife and he is willing to work things out. Meanwhile, Jacob means a charming young woman named Hannah who is smart, sweet and sensitive. Hannah makes Jacob feel at ease with himself since she sincerely understands him as a bond of trust and mutual affection is established between them since they really care about each other.

Suddenly, Jacob is asking Cal for advice on what to do because he has never felt this way before in his life and Cal is glad that Jacob is finally becoming a mature person. Life is an unexpected journey which is full of many unpredictable moments. Each moment that passes links us to other people who may teach us some very interesting things along the way. This movie shows us how many people get to know each other through some very awkward circumstances and they may make some terrible mistakes, but in the end all of them will learn from their personal errors. Each person can learn how to cherish those people who are around them while finding the right path which will lead them to true happiness.

Stake Land Movie Review Recently, vampires have

swept the imagination of millions of people who are fascinated by these fictitious creatures and various vampire projects have been successful on television and movies. Stake Land shows us a vicious breed of vampires who have swept the land and turned the world into a landscape of carnage and mayhem. This is a place where terrible things happen to good people as many repugnant acts of violence constantly occur in a tumultuous environment.

In this film humans are feeble creatures who are consumed by bloodthirsty vampires who bring a sense of dread upon their prey. This is a new world where it is easy to powerless and vulnerable as the land is cursed by these fearless predators that kill without, pity, remorse or mercy. The film also explores the loss of innocence as a young man named Martin has to adapt in order to survive the sinister clutches of the night. . Martin’s family was murdered by a vampire, but he was rescued by a mysterious man named Mister who teaches him how to survive and kill any vampire that wants to harm him.

Mister is a quiet and lethal vampire hunter who seems fearless while facing these demonic creatures, but deep down he is looking for a place that is free from suffering, chaos and death. In other words he is looking for a place worth living in without having to worry if you’re going to die at the hands of vampires or any other vile threat that wants to harm other people. Every survivor in this film has a tragic story and each one has to adapt in order to survive this hellish new world which is full of death and despair. All of them must accommodate in this perilous circumstances where humans are being hunted and mutilated as if they were cattle.

There is also a deceitful cult which promises salvation to those who hear them over the radio, but they are in fact devious and conniving soldiers which bring misery and pain to others who will not join them. This is a place where every moment that passes by can end the lives of our protagonists because this is a cursed land that is full of deceit, murder and turmoil.

The charismatic Mauricio Herrera From America’s Got Talent

The First time I Saw Mauricio on AGT I knew that he would win America’s and the world’s heart over. With his magnificent voice and performance. I’m so excited that we were able to interview him. You cant help but fall in love with his Charisma and charm!

Has it been hard for you to peruse your singing career?

Did your family support your dreams?

YES. A musical career starts with a Huge DREAM. It is very hard to pursue and fullfill a dream in these days. Specially when so many people are thought that they can become what ever they want if they put their minds into it! The reality is completely different. You can work as hard as you and never give up to become a successful performer but in end all that matters is if you stick to people. If they remember you, if you touched their lives in a positive way, you got what it takes. Some people call it having the “angel”, by trying to say you leave a mark on people´s life when ever you “touch” them.

YES. My father was my biggest supporter from day 1. He paid for my first recording session and followed my career since then. He traveled with me to the USA and unfortunately he passed away 6 years ago due to Pancreatic Cancer. My Mom still lives and although she supported me at the beginning of my days in Music, she preferred me to stay in School and get a normal Job. I know that she is proud of me.

Have you ever had training? YES. Training and preparation is the Key to Succeed in a Musical Career. You have to be ready to go anytime you get the chance. I´ve had Vocal training, Piano Lessons, Acting lessons, Physical training and Dance preparation as well. The true secret always relies on Excecution. I perform every week and that alone helps stay in shape for what ever artistic situation comes up!

“Howie kept staring at them like saying, you see I told he´s talented!”

Share with our readers your most funnest moment as a singer?

Ooohhh! There have been many funny momments in my career. I can go back to when I was 16 and got hired for my first TV Appearence on Miss Costa Rica Juvenil “Teenager”. I was so confident that I still had about 1 hour before getting my call for Stage and didn´t realize that it was Live TV and time flys! I´m outside the Conference Center (Talking to a friend), maybe about a 100 yards away from the back door when all of the sudden I hear the announcer say: “Right now I´d like to introduce to you a New STAR in Costa Rica”, when I heard that I started slowly running and then running like hell! LOL I could hear the people already clapping and the music of “Strangers in the Night” already began and I was just about making it to the back door, ran into the stage grabbed the Mic and sang “Strangers in the Night” then brieth heavily throught out the first minute of the song! It was just like a comedy flick! How was your experience on Americ How did you know you loved music? Since I remember music´s always been part of my life! I started performing since I was 5 Years old. Then moved on to perform together with my brother and sister during the weekends for my parents.I recorded my first song at the age of 12. What advice can you give someone in the same field? Preparation is the Key. If you want to pursue a career in Showbiz you have to be ready to go in what ever area of art you are! NEVER GIVE UP! Certainly no career is made for Quiters but Music is led by emotions, passion and most of us love it, so when quiting comes to mind we remember all the good things that through Music we´ve lived. On my personal experience I can name 3 Great Things that come to my mind right now. 1. Being the Front Cover of TV GUide Twice. 2. Singing for the President of Costa Rica (Nobel peace price Winner Dr. Oscar Arias Sánchez) hired by him. 3. Making it to the Finals on America´s Got Talent and being watched by Millions of people over the 7 times that they aired my episodes.

It was wonderful. Howie became my he was the only one that got a certai He always stood up for me and I will forever. Mrs. Osbourne was a little sc and then kinda got it. Piers was in co day 1. While in Vegas, My goal was Sharon and I did. Unfortunately they laughing out loud like he was. To me accomplished! Howie kept starring a you see I told he´s talented.

What words of wisdom would you lik

My father shared with me a beautiful He said “Mauri, the world belongs to never give anything as a “Done Thin you have to do to accomplish the go sometimes to help, sometimes to osb who is who and when he or she can power! Have faith in people but have sacrifice. If somthing doesn´t work ou if you didn´t give your 220%.

cas got Talent and the judges?

y guardian Angel. Perhaps in part of my talent. l treasure that ckeptical at first omplete deniel since to crack Piers and y didn´t show Piers e, it was Mission at them like saying,

What is next for you? Lot´s of things. I´ve been nominated for the ALL INDIE MUSICA AWARDS top be held in Hollywood for one of my original songs “Me muero por ti” which by the way I wrote and recorded on my first Original work that can be found at and iTunes. Next, there are 3 Concerts I have to perform at in Costa Rica during May. They so important because I will be performing with the Philharmonic Orchestra (75 Musicians) and it will make a complete difference in my career as a Singer. There´s another Tour I will do in Costa Rica and we are working on that as well. Here in the US I have several things I will be doing and promply I will let you know about them, but the include Touring the US, cast on Feature Films, TV Sitcoms, Commercials and helping out with my talent Charity Organizations. In other words, Making the Difference.

We at BBW Beauties Magazine stand strongly against bullying, how do you feel about bullies and what advice would you give to kids who maybe in this situation? As a parent I have great communication with my 12 year old son and tell him, never stay quite if bullying is part of your live in School. Communication is a strong weapon against Bullies. In fact, many of their parents don´t even know that their kid is one. So when you bring it out to light, everyone gets involved, the teacher, parents, Bully and students. When everyone gets involved you might find a better solution for the situation and help stop the problem from the root! Kids...SPEAK OUT..!

ke to leave with our readers?

l thought that comes to my mind every day. o Audicious People”. By meaninig you should ng” when you depend on someone else. Do what oals that you set for yourself. People are there btruct,but an audacious person will recognize be helpful or not. Put your trust in a higger e even more faith in your own work, effort and ut as you thought it would, Never blame anyone

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Plus Model Felix Marlucia


y name is Marlucia, I am Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro, I am 32 years old, working as a social worker and as a plus size model since March 2011. In October 2011 I received the title of Miss Congeniality Plus Size Carioca and I’ve done some work in the catalogs to stores Dorcas Plus Size, Brunette Ana Rebello and Pepper, all of Rio de Janeiro. I love what I do. I have availability to travel in Brazil and abroad. My height is 1.65 m, weight: 94kg, mannequin 48 (in Brazil). Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I hope to represent my country well.

Kellie Waller On Life,Love and Loving yourself


ver since secondary school I had struggled with my weight, never being happy with my body and always comparing myself to the other girls in my year. I went through fad diets trying to lose weight and used ‘miracle’ creams to try and sculpt my body but nothing worked. At the age of about 19 I had a bad break up from a bad relationship which left me even more out of confidence to the point where I started to self harm regularly. Believing that no one could love me anyway, the adrenaline from the harm would give me a boost for a couple of minutes but soon enough I would be back in my cupboard of self-pity. I lived like this for about a year until I met a new man who constantly told me how beautiful I was soon enough I stopped self harming and started believing in myself a little. One night whilst sitting with a friend, having a few drinks we started talking about runway models and how its a shame that society states that you should look anorexic to get anywhere in the fashion world, to which she suggested that I start modeling. At first I laughed off the idea remembering how at school I had struggled to be thin like the other girls. One evening I went online to look into plus size modeling and was shocked to see how many groups on Facebook alone were dedicated to bigger women. The men that love them and the beautiful women that are, this was such a boost to me that at that moment and time I thought ‘YES i am going to give this a try’ I joined a few sites and met a few photographers and soon enough I had a brilliant portfolio building right in front of me, I decided to make my own facebook page and now have a large fan base. I also have my own website and have been put on an agency’s books. I am now a professional model and the most confident I have ever been, and if I can make just 1 woman think differently about the way she looks and put a smile on her face from doing this then my mission is complete. I want every woman to know they are not worthless no matter what size they are.

Written by, Marta Rivera


Puerto Rico we have great makeup artists. Today I am going to talk about the queen of makeup in Puerto Rico , her name is Millie Banchs, the makeup artist to the stars. I had the honor of meeting her a couple of months ago. I went to one of her make-up classes, I sat there for two hours and I could have been there all day. I felt like I was talking to a friend I had known forever! This lady had so many interesting stories to tell, she told me stories about Ricky Martin, my idol, very good things about his charity work. Millie told me about her humble beginnings, she was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and comes from a very large close- knit family, that have been there for each other in good times and bad times, she has traveled all over the world with artists like Celia Cruz, she is so humble and that surprised me. What I liked most about her is that she always has a kind word to say about everyone. She recently lost her sister Edda to a brain tumor and she took care of her with such love and care until the end. God bless you Millie, the world is a better place with people like you in it!

5 Ways to Feel Sexier in the Skin yo

Model Credit: Tammy Breau

ou are in!

“Whether you’re a man or woman, it feels good to feel sexy. It doesn’t matter who you are, feeling attractive boosts confidence and happiness. While many of these may be aimed towards women, I hope you can find a few creative and fun ways to feel sexy! “

1: Smile and Laugh. Who was the last crankybutt you thought was sexy? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now, you can rock the “bitchy sexy,” but that takes a lot more practice and the right crowd. Stick with fun and sexy – more peo-

2: Dress Up. After you take a hot and steamy shower, get dressed. Hair, make-up, cute clothes – the whole shebang. The more you put into your appearance, the sexier you will feel!

3: Connect to your body. Feeling sexy means that you have complete control over your body and you feel great about what you look like, feel like, and what you are capable of doing with your body. If you haven’t gotten “in touch” with yourself in a while (or ever, eek!) – go for it. Knowing and understanding your 4: Say it. “I am sexy.” body is essential to being a strong and sexy individual. It also comes in How many different ways can you say it? handy when you want to be intimate Try it out loud. I AM with another individual – you know what you like and need and can sexy. i am SEXY. I AM sexy. I AM SEXY. have healthy communication about it. I am sexy. Keep going it. When you 5: Get your beauty sleep! need a boost, see It’s hard to feel sexy and how many different energetic when you feel ways you can phrase like your face is dragging it (and remember to on the floor. Be sure to do it outloud for best get enough rest! results!)

Model Credit:Tashira m

Model Credit: Tonya M Garcia

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Jennifer Jonassen The Plus size Sensation

Award-winning actress Jennifer Jonassen Writer, Dancer, and activist!

“Jennifer Jonassen was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where she has played many roles Off, Off-Off and Way-The-Hell-Off Broadway. She has moved to the west coast where she is working steadily on the indie scene.�


here are you from? And what do you love about your hometown? I am Brooklyn born & raised! I live in L.A. now and miss NYC a lot. One of the best parts about growing up in Brooklyn was the exposure to the arts. I loved going to Broadway shows, ballet & opera and I really miss Greenwich Village. Also I miss the pizza! What motivated you to become an actress? From a very early age I wanted to perform. My parents say it all started when I saw Lucille Ball in the movie Mame�. LOL! Have you always been involved in the performing arts? Yes. As long as I can remember.

What do you love most about yourself?

Who is your greatest inspiration? Tough question!

I love that I can say I’m a dancer! And a go-go dancer too! At one of the top-ten night clubs in Los Angeles might I brag! ( I have been dancing for about four years now. I belong to & perform regularly with two dance troupes in Los Angeles: R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) & IDC (Improv Dance Co.) I was always discouraged and told I was too fat to be a dancer as a little girl. Then in my late thirties my path in life took a terrific twist! Pun intended!

I admire so many people for so many different reasons. But someone who pops into my mind right now is the singer Candye Kane. When I first heard her songs about size acceptance it was like a whole world opened up for me. It was the first time I allowed myself to think I could be beautiful & sexy as a larger woman. This was a revelation to me! Years later I met her and we remain friends to this day and I can tell you she is a force of nature. She really is (like the title of one of her songs) “The Toughest Girl Alive” and a true inspiration on many levels: artistic, spiritual, big-hearted and a survivor in every sense of the word.


Do what you love & what makes you happy. Dancing always helps me because it is such an expression of joy that the entire body experiences


What Advice would you give to anyone who is trying to break into acting? Don’t limit yourself and don’t feel pressured to take a role you don’t want to play.Try everything. Shakespeare, musicals, dramas, comedy. Take a clown class! Seriously take a clown class. Clown has been a fascinating journey for me. It is perhaps more challenging then any acting class I ever took. Also extremely fun!

Did anyone try to divert your dreams (you know dream crushers) if so how did you handle it? Yes it’s happened to me and it’s painful. But ultimately I feel I don’t have a choice. I pursue the performing arts because something in me has to do it. Sometimes I think dream crushers are a test or lesson. I’ve learned that though I’ve been discouraged by some people I was strong enough to keep going. Having those experiences has taught me how much I wanted to perform. Also, when I moved to Hollywood four years ago I told myself that I was going to try my best, keep growing and keep going. I also gave myself permission to make mistakes and that can be liberating. It frees you to take risks.

What advice would you give about Self Esteem, Self Love and a positive body image? I think it’s an ever evolving process. Our relationship to our bodies changes because our bodies change and age. Be as gentle with yourself as possible and treat yourself as you would a precious child. It’s often hard to treat ourselves with the same tenderness we would another human being. As far as I’ve come I still struggle with it. Do what you love & what makes you happy. Dancing always helps me because it is such an expression of joy that the entire body experiences. We heard that you auditioned for Cirque du Soleil, how was that experience?? The audition was an extraordinary experience for me. It changed the artistic path that I was on. Before the audition I had only been involved in traditional plays and projects. I had always been in love with Cirque du Soleil and when I saw a casting notice auditioned more or less on a whim. I realized at that audition I really want to do that kind of artistic work so I began taking clown classes and dancing a lot. I really enjoy physical acting and using my body creatively. Now it is my ultimate dream & goal to work for Cirque du Soleil .

Do you have any hobbies? This past summer I took my first aerial arts lesson! It was amazing!

Being a Plus size performer have you ever received any negative feedback? if so how do you deal with this? Any advice for others?

What’s next for you?

Cannot predict now lol! But I will continue to dance and act Everyone is a critic these days thanks to the anonymity of and develop myself as a cirthe internet comments can get nasty! My advice is not to cus performer. And if you’re in seek out reviews or read comments online about yourself. L.A. come see me dance evEasier said than done I know! Also I have had to learn to ery first Saturday of the month develop a thick skin. Negative feedback can be hard. I’ve with R.A.I.D. (Random Acts had my share. But you know what? Ultimately it does make of Irreverent Dance) at Bootie you stronger and it does get easier and you learn which LA.http://www.raiddancers. criticism to listen to and which to let go of completely. com/ How do you break the stereotype people have of plus size people? It is very hard! The roles in Hollywood are few and far between for larger actors. I turn down a lot of things because they are usually so offensive. Even the mainstream projects I do accept are often borderline stereotypical and offensive.But! I have found an incredible creative opportunity through dancing and discovering circus arts. In these performance venues I can often create any character I want that the commercial world does not offer. I get to be sexy, silly, and anything my imagination can come up with! Last Christmas I was a dancing dreidel lol! I was also a Barbie!

Also here at BBW Beauties we have a heart for all the people who are getting bullied, suicide rates are on a all time high because of teens or adults getting bullied by others. out there who feel like they have no hope and just want an easy way out? what do you think we as a society can do to stop We want know how do you feel about bullying? where you ever bullied? What advice do you have for People this epidemic? Yes I was bullied quite a lot as a child and teenager. Not just by other kids either but I vividly remember being ridiculed by adults as well- and one of my friend’s parents even. There were many times I contemplated suicide but now I am so glad that I didn’t do it. My journey to accepting my size was long and painful but ultimately joyous and rewarding. I wish I had a solution. I will never really understand why kindness is so elusive & difficult for our culture. We really struggle with that as a society. To someone who is dealing with being bullied right now I would tell them to surround themselves with as many positive people in their lives as possible. Reach out! I also recommend therapy if you have access to it which has helped me tremendously throughout the years. I know that when you are going through childhood it can be really difficult to see that as an adult your life can be different. Childhood is long and slow and it can be very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But what I know for sure is that it does get better. For anyone suffering through this right now I say hold on tight! Life can change on a dime! It holds a lot of wonderful surprises for everyone. The trick is waiting for them to happen. I never in a million years thought I would be a dancer but turns out I am! Find little ways everyday to love yourself and hold onto to your dreams because someday they will manifest. Also there is a great campaign that I’m honored to be a part of called Stand4Kids which the inspiring activist Marilyn Wann recently created. There are so many positive images and messages there. They are so affirmative and inspiring for people of all ages: The gallery there to remind us that we are glorious and that you are not alone- the world is full of people who choose to be loving instead of hate.

If you would like to Connect with Jennifer Jonassen Click on the link below!

“Never Change who you are,because someone has a problem with it�

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8 Beauty Routines that you should live by!

Having a good beauty routine is one way of streamlining your daily beauty habits. A good beauty routine can also have a great impact on your personal health. 1:Cleanse and Moisturize If you haven’t already, get into the habit of cleansing and moisturizing your skin morning and night. Cleansers help remove makeup, oil, and dead skin cells. The purpose of a moisturizer is to prevent and treat dry skin. There are a range of cleansers and moisturizes available to suit all skin types.

2:Remember to Clean your Makeup tootls! Your makeup brushes and tools can be the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. To ensure that your makeup weapons of choice are always in prime condition, get into the beauty routine of cleaning them regularly. Clean your makeup brushes on a weekly basis using a mild detergent.

3:Throw out expired Makeup

4:Remove all your makeup

I know, its so hard to just throw it away but you have to do it. Makeup has an expiration date, so it’s important to regularly go through your collection and throw out any expired items. From the date you open them, powders and shadows generally last for about two years, foundation and lipsticks for about a year, and mascara and eyeliners for a couple of months.

It’s very important to wipe away all your makeup. It helps your skin breathe. Make sure before bed to completely remove all of your makeup. Trust me your Skin will thank you and your bed sheets also.

5: Pamper yourself Take the time out to pamper yourself once a week or once every few weeks whenever you have time. Its imporant to take care of youself, and treat yourself.

6: Wear Suncreen It’s very important that you follow this daily. Make sure to apply it also on your face. Anywhere you think the sun may hit.

7: Eating More Heahtly The key to looking and feeling good is to start from the inside. Your body needs certain dietary requirements, and if these are not met then you’ll just be feeling and looking worse for it. Eating a healthy diet and excercising regularly is a seriously important part of any beauty routine.

8: Sleep!!! Sleep is very important, Try getting into a routine of going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday. 7-9 hours a day is perfect!

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Healthy Foods to keep your Eye on! CRANBERRIES

Cranberries and especially cranberry juice should also find a place on your grocery list because they will make sure you and your bladder live happily ever after!It does sound funny but once you start reading about all those bad microorganisms that could multiply there and damages they could do to your reproductive organs, you’ll see there’s nothing funny or fairy-tale like about it. But, I don’t mean to scare you now, I just want to point out that one healthy, refreshing drink such as 100% natural cranberry juice really can help!


Both lemons and limes are very rich in Vitamin C as well as two other components called Limonene and Furocoumarins, all of which have shown some amazing results in the prevention of cancer. The coolest thing is probably the fact that one wedge has only 2 calories and, of course, zero fat so, if you’re wondering which lowcalorie, healthy foods to eat today, I suggest adding lemons, limes or both to your meal or salad.


Next on my list of amazingly healthy foods to eat, love and suggest to others would be broccoli, veggie 99% of kids can’t stand. I hated broccoli when I was a kid too but I decided to give it another shot some years later and it really paid off. I suggest you do the same because broccoli can prevent breast cancer! Yes, you heard good, breast cancer, ladies, one of our biggest fears! some info from


Low in fat, low in calories, refreshing and unbelievably healthy – tomatoes are those veggies you’d want to eat every day. You see, ladies, one tomato has only 26 calories, no fat whatsoever and could help you look and feel better both instantly and in long term.


Nuts do contain some amount of fat so you must measure your portions carefully although you should have in mind fats in nuts are actually good fats. If you workout or work long hours, nuts could be a great, re-energizing snack and, if I tell you eating them on regular basis actually means your chances of developing heart disease will drop by 20%.


These tasty rich sources of potassium, iron and magnesium could sure bring new, interesting, Mediterranean flavors into your kitchen! I swear could eat rice or pasta with clams and tomato sauce everyday! Clams are rich in nutrients and will not only feed your body but your mind too and the only thing you must have in mind is the fact that some clams increase existing allergic reactions so you should avoid them in case you have mosquito bites, a rash, sun allergy or something like that.


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