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December 2011

Editor-in-Chief Brazilia Moda Happy New Year to all of our readers! Also Happy One year Anniversary BBW Beauties We are so exicted that its our one year anniversary! We would be nothing without our readers and we appercaite all of you! This has been a very exicting year! We have been growing and learning so much. We are so happy to annouce that we will be launching a new website, and be introcuding new projects. We are so thankful for all the the people who have been and who are contrubing to the magazine. Including all of the members and supporters!

Depuff Your ‘Do in a Flash

This is a New Year that means a New start and a fresh new look to BBW beauties magazine! More articles and more ways you can contrubite to the magazine and make your voice be heard.

If you Live or visit a hot state this tip We wish all of the members a Wonderful Happy New is for you! To flatten frizz, dampen your hands with water and a drop of year may all your hearst desires come true! hand lotion, then gently pull your hair back into a French twist. Wait 10 minutes; take your strands down. Voilà -fuzz free! Blueberries are an Antioxidant Superfood Not only can they lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also anti-inflammatory.


This magazine’s entire mission is dedicated to empowering the plus size community with informative articles and new fashion trend’s, that cater to the cuvy women. We are devoted to living a positive plus-size lifestyle and living healthy we do not promote an unhealthy lifestlye, we do encourage self love and to love your body and caring for it, starting from the inside out. True beauty starts from within

Contents Cover Model Nina Taylor the Face of FFFW Happy One Year BBW Beauties Magazine...

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7ways to Look Flawless

7ways to stop drinking soda

WInter Style Being a More Confident you!

Model Credit: Aleya Ladha

Happy One year anniversary BBW Beauties Magazine..

Its been an amazing year! We thank you all for supporting us. We Look Forward on making more and more magazines for years to come. Happy New year to all of the readers and supporters, and contributors. you keep us doing what we are doing.

7 Reasons why to stop Drinking Soda. I know, i know you love soda! So do i! im the biggest soda junkie. That sugary sweetness is my vice. But not anymore, I found out its just a bunch of empty calories and is really not so good for you. So here are ways to stop drinking soda it will be hard but i believe you can do it!

Stop Buying It This is one of the hardest tips on how to stop drinking soda. It’s easy to say. But its harder to actually do. Try to pass the soda aisle dont just pass it run past it! haha Even if you just say you’re going to do it for one week, it’s a first step.

Drink Water or Try Juice You drink soda when you’re thirsty. The thing is, all that sugar and those artificial sweeteners mean you aren’t really quenching your thirst. Drink water when you get thirsty. Also if you feel like you need something sweet try some Juice as natural as possible for a healthier option

Instead of Soda try Fight the Cravings you stop drinking soda, you will have some coffee or tea. When cravings. I know it seems like an exaggeraMany soda brands have caffeine, and that’s one of the reason people love soda so much. One solution is to find a caffeine fix elsewhere. Try to drink coffee or tea, whether it’s hot or cold. Believe me, finding alternative choices is really important.

tion, but you’ll even go through withdrawal. That will make it really hard to stay off the fizzy stuff. Fight through it, though. Distract yourself however you can. So now you are on your way to a healthier life. Good Luck!

Stay Fresh and Focused ........throughout the day.......... You should always start your day feeling refreshed, alert and focused. It is critical to your daily performance and mental health but it doesn’t always come naturally and some times it’s harder than at others. If you have trouble focusing during the day or feel worn out easily, it might be because you did not start the day on the right foot. So i made a list that can help you wake up feeling refreshed!

Eat Breakfast It is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip out on breakfast, you’ll feel worn out because the last meal you had was probably last night’s dinner. Start the day with a healthy breakfast that energizes you and prevents you from snacking until lunchtime.

Kirsten Walton


Avoid caffeine

It can be as easy as a few stretches or a light jog on the spot in your bedroom. Or if you’re into more strenuous exercise, a good several mile run will definitely boost your serotonin levels. Start the day getting your body moving; it pumps the blood, activates your metabolism and uplifts your mind.

This may be hard, especially if you’ve been relying on your morning coffee to kick start the day. However, coffee is a diuretic, meaning you’ll encourage your body to lose fluids. Similarly to how you need food after a night’s sleep, your body needs to be rehydrated. Drinking water, fresh orange or grapefruit juice will be a better. Also, hot water with honey, lemon and ginger helps circulation and is a great immunity booster as well.

Foods under 100 Calories Watermelon Watermelon will keep you energized and hydrated so feel free to reach for it this summer and don’t worry because you can eat whole two cups of this juicy fruit and still look amazing. Sounds unbelievable? Not really as this portion contains only 90 calories!

Foods Under 100 Calories aren’t boring and they certainly don’t taste awful which means you can have your snack and enjoy it too. In fact, you can have your much needed snack every day and still lose weight all thanks to it. Here is a couple of foods that are healthy and under 100 calories! Enjoy!

Blueberries Blueberries,contain only 85 calories per serving (cup) and they are very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals...

Eggs With just 70 to 80 calories per piece eggs certainly deserve to be mentioned in my list of foods under 100 calories. And, ladies, I’m not talking about those tiny eggs that can’t do more than just tickle your stomach! A nice, big, tasty egg is what I have in mind! Boil it to keep your calorie intake under 100 and enjoy!

Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are a great snack and if you Well, I don’t know about you but I love, are one of those lucky people who know love, love radishes and once I tell you half how to pick the best ones then you’ve hit of a cup of these babies contains only 14 the jackpot! Why? Because one small baked calories, I’m sure you’ll want to include sweet potato has only 55 calories and since them in your diet as well! But radishes are you’ll be baking it “as it is” meaning no oil much more than just a refreshing snack – and stuff, you don’t have to worry about acthey are actually a great source of vitamins.. cidentally breaking the calorie limit. to be quite satisfying.

7 tips for Flawless

Model Credit:Tonya Garcia

I’ve compiled a list of 7 super easy tips on how to get flawess skin. youll be amazed at how smooth your foundation looks. So keep reading!

1. Wash Up Many tips on how to apply foundation start before you even think about applying makeup. Before putting on your foundation, you need to have a clean base, so wash your face! That way, you’ll have smooth skin, which makes it much easier to apply your foundation smoothly. 2. Moisturize Your skin needs to be moisturized as well. It’s best if you use a lotion that isn’t greasy. Otherwise, your foundation will make your face look oily. Rub it in as best you can, and then blot off any excess moisturizer. Make sure you wait a couple minutes before you start in with your foundation. 3. Choosing the Right Foundation One of the most important steps in learning how to apply foundation is to make sure you have the right kind. Liquid foundation might work best for you. If you have dry skin, choose something with a moisturizer. You might fare better with a cream or whipped foundation, or you might simply need powder. 4. Apply It Right Applying foundation is easy when you know how to do it. You can use a sponge, a brush, or your fingers. Dot your forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks with your foundation of choice, then blend it into your skin.

5. Watch for Lines Blending is incredibly important when learning how to apply foundation properly. Keep in mind, lines can show up along your hairline as well as on your neck or under your jaw. Check and double check for obvious delineations between your skin and the makeup your using.

6. Use Concealer Rather than packing on the foundation, you can take care of troubling areas after your initial application. Just use some concealer – but, again, make sure you blend it in properly! I’ve already tried this, and whereas I used to put on concealer first, I’ve found that this technique works better in covering up blemishes.

7. Set It Finally, you’re ready to turn to your powder of choice. Brushing on loose powder helps set your foundation, making it one of the most important tips on how to apply foundation properly. Loose powder is better, and I personally like mineral powder best, but you can use anything that works best for you! Knowing how to apply foundation is so helpful. It makes the rest of your makeup look even better. For that matter, when you learn how to apply foundation properly, you can easily get away with some clear lip gloss, a little blush, and maybe some mascara. Then, bam, you’re out the door! I hope this helped you learn how to apply foundation, too.

Extra Tip: To a add a bit more color add some Blush to the apples of your cheeks and a bit of bronzer under it. Apply the bronzer by puckering your face like a fish i know weird but it works! then apply under the apples of your cheeks!

7 NEW AND HOT MAKEUP TRENDS TO FOLLOW New Makeup Trends come around, all the time! The great news is that you already have a lot of these new items. Remember you can always vamp up your older style with new trends! Makeup is like fashion It always changes and comes out with new things every season. Enjoy the list we made for our fav trends! 1. Go Nude! Not in that way! haha i mean if you want to hahaha so Nude make up is one of the hottest makeup trends right now. It’s fast, easy and natural. To get this look stay away from heavy foundations and blush. All you need is a light foundation to even out your tone, along with neutral eye shadow and a good mascara. 2 Full Eyebrows Gone are the days of pencil thin eyebrows. The newest makeup trends include thick, full eyebrows. So let those babies grown out. Just be sure to keep them well tamed and looking nice. I said full, not wild. 3. Colored Smokey Eye We all know the smokey eye isn’t a new makeup trend, but what about trying a smokey eye in a different color. The fashion runways have been using purples, reds, and greens to create a beautiful new look with this old classic. The use of color makes the technique easier to manage, too!

Tammy Breau

Some tips inspried

4. Eyeliner New makeup trends for eyeliner are all over place. You can wear a thin winged line or thick line that covers most of your eyelid. For a more dramatic look pull your eyeliner out much further than your actual eye. Play around and see what works best for you. 5.Orange Orange is such a warm autumn tone and currently a hot makeup trend. Use oranges in your shadow, on your lips, or even your nails. Tone it down with a little pink or go all out with bright oranges. Don’t worry, there are ways to work slowly into this trend. Orange isn’t everyone’s bag, but give it a try with some neutral shades! 6. Blue Shades of blue are actually one of the hottest new makeup trends of the moment. Use it the same way you would the orange. Wear blue toned eye shadow and even mascara. You don’t want to wear blue lip color, though. Blue nail polish is also a great idea. You can even try some different eyeliner looks with blue liner. 7. Vampire Lips Vampires are quite the rage as the Twilight Saga continues in the theaters and True Blood airs on HBO. Try this makeup trend by using a bright matte lip color. Anything from blood red, deep plums, or even orange tones are hot. Jessica Alba was recently spotted with her own perfect vampy lips.


Ellise Cremer

Fashion Tips for winter are something every girl needs to know! I think dressing for winter can be boring and simple here are some tips to spice it up a bit! Look stylish and feel comfortable for winter!

1. The Art Of Layering One of the most important fashion tips for dressing for winter is to master the art of layering. Layering gives you a fashionable look yet keeps you warm. The goal is to look slim, so you don’t want to layer bulky items with other bulky items. Think, a camisole and shirt with a cardigan over skinny jeans, or a cable sweater over leggings and cute shorts. Scarves are another thing to throw into the mix! 2. If The Boot Fits Boots are one of the most important things ever to have in your winter wardrobe. I probably own about 10 pairs, but of course, where I live it stay cold about 6 months out of the year! You should have at least three boots-a brown pair, a black pair, and a pair with heels for dressier affairs. I’d also suggest a comfy soft pair like uggs for lazy days if the budget allows.

3. Makeup Matters

7. Be Touchable

Here’s a great tip from the fashion tips for winter jar. Be touchable! By touchable, I mean with your fabrics. In the coldest winter months, stay warm and avoid looking bulky by opting for fabrics like cashmere, fur and velvet. These types of materials 4. Hats, Headbands and Earmuffs, Oh My! are glamourous, add personOne of my favorite things about dressing for winter are all of ality and texture, plus they the cute hats and headbands you can wear! Since almost 90% keep you super warm withof the body’s heat escapes through the head, it’s a good idea out needing several layers. to keep it covered if you want to stay warm. Cute winter hats, 8. Colorful and Crazy headbands, and earmuffs are a few of the ways to do that. One of the fashion tips for winter that I cannot stress enough is that your makeup matters! Even on a day that you just throw on skinny jeans and a sweater, if your makeup is done, you will still look great. A nice pretty lip color and blush will do so much for your face on a bland winter day!

I love this tip for dressing in the winter time. Go crazy and colorful! Who wants 5. Long Leggings to wear a black coat, black pants and a black shirt ALL Here’s one of my top fashion tips for dressing for winter: Stock up on legging and tights! They will be your best friend winter long? Wear something in the winter! On slightly less chilly days, and early in the fall bright and unexpected-a hot you can wear leggings under longer tops or dresses. When it pink lipstick, bright orange flats, an electric blue scarf starts getting colder, you can layer up thick tights and legor anything colorful that gings to wear under skirts, dresses, and shorts. Paired with screams you! You will feel boots and a cardigan or sweater, you will look very cute! cheerful all day long! 6. Accessorize excessively When you feel like your outfit is lacking something, or is a little blah, reach for the accessories! Use the winter time to go a little bolder with your accessories. Choose big bangles, dangly earrings, a big chunky necklace, or an oversize bag. Just don’t do all those things at once! Limit yourself to one or two statement pieces and keep the rest low-key.

some tips From

9. Coats Since you need to wear a coat every day during the winter time, one of my fashion tips for winter is to make sure you have several different styles, colors and length to keep it from getting old.

Start the New Year with a new

Model Credit: Jasmine Noelle

CONFIDENT you! By VioletChairty How to Be More Confident is something everyone wants to know. Everyone has insecurities, Learning how to be more confident sounds difficult, but its easy. You just have to be open to the fact to love yourself completely. I have delt with Self Esteem issues and i would be lying if i say i am complelty over them. But i have learned to love myself for who i am. Thier is only one me and only one life to live. Why waste it disliking myself and hiding away? I have made a list of up of ways you can learn to love yourself and be more conifdent in yourself!

Smile More Yes Smile more! I’m sure you’ve heard that it takes way more muscles to frown than to smile, right? It’s also true that when you smile, it boosts your confidence. And you never know when your smile may brighten someone elses day! Knowing that you have made someones day 10times better just from your smiles is a bigger confidence boost!

Spend Time with Positive people... Another way to teach yourself how to be more confident is to spend time around positive people, the people who love you for you. Hang out with your family members. Go out with your friends. These people love you, they see all the good in you, and I bet it shows. As you spend more time with you, it will become easier to see yourself through their eyes.

Focus on the Good things about yourself Every person has talents,strengths etc Like one person may be an awesome singer, or a fantastic writer Or a great decorator what ever your talents or strengths may be. Focus on that not on your faults. Write down all the things you do so well and see the list grow bigger and bigger everyday. Embrace your talents embrace yourself be more confidant!

Be Creative One of the best ways to learn how to be more confident is to be creative. Start a new project or an endeavor that encourages creativity. It can be something simple, like learning how to sew, or something really big, like painting a mural or writing a book. When you complete it successfully, it will fill you with confidence. You’ll feel accomplished, because you started something really big and finished it.

Do things for others One of the best ways to learn how to be more confident is to do nice things for other people. Volunteering your time will enrich your life. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital, or homeless shelter, organize a charitable or philanthropic event, or even help people you know who may be down on your luck in some way. Doing good for others will help you see what a great person you are.

Model Credit: Po

Be Active Exercise can actually help you learn how to be more confident, as well. I have found a brisk walk everyday has given me more energy. Which has given me more confidence because I feel good on the inside so it makes me feel better on the outside. Also eat better and dont feed your body junk food it will slump your mood.

orsche Whiters

Accept compliments gracefully. Don’t roll your eyes and say, “Yeah, right,” or shrug it off. Take it to heart and respond positively......And i am not going to lie but i am the number one offender when it comes to people giving me a compliment i just look behind me to make sure they are speaking to me. haha Just say thank you so much and smile that works pretty well :)

Celebrate your individuality. If you know you’ve got something special or different, then embrace it—don’t hide it! That’s diversity! You may wish that you were taller, or shorter, skinnier, stronger, whatever the case may be. But you need to realize that if you were like everyone else, then you wouldn’t be who you are. “What am I?” you ask; the answer’s easy: You’re a unique individual who is capable of growing and learning.

Embrace your Body Love your body, embrace every lil thing about it. If your curvy or if your thin. Love every flaw you have its what makes you unique. Look at your body in the mirror everyday and name one thing you love about yourself. Sooner or later your going to see a huge list of what you love about yourself. I’ll start I love my height I’m 5’3 ! I use to dislike my height but I think I’m a fabulous person put into a smaller package. As I always say I’m Not short I’m Funsized!

The Number one thing is to Be determined to change.. If you’re not, you will probably just return to your old, shy ways. You must want to be confident.!

Nina Taylor The Face of Full Figured Fashion Week 2011

We want to know more about you and What do you like to do besides Modeling? Any Hobbies? I love to write, play paintball, cook and throwing parties for my family and friends. I am also a big fan of live music and discovering new amazing underground bands. There is a lot of talent in my area and I am always amazed. Where are you from? What do you love about your hometown? I am from Washington DC, I love that it is extremely diverse and rich in culture. It’s not as fast pace as New York, but it’s certainly not slow either. How did you into Modeling and was it difficult? I was working behind the scenes as a make up artist and a photographer suggested that I try it right then and there. I fell in love with modeling instantly. Did anyone try to divert your dreams (you know dream crushers) if so how did you handle it? There are dream crushers, haters, and nay sayers everywhere. I used the negativity to motivate me to be nothing short of amazing. I live every day proving them wrong and it feels great.

What do you love most about modeling? There are 2 things I absolutely love.. 1 is the fan.. Oh my goodness I love some great hair blowing in the wind pictures. LOL The second is that I have been able to connect with women all over the world. Their stories inspire me to continue my path.

Who is your style inspiration? What is your style? I love anything glam, sparkle, sequins and color. I also draw a lot of inspiration from old black and white movies. The women were effortlessly beautiful.

What is your Beauty routine? do you have any fav products you use and would like to recommend? I don’t have a routine per se, but I do make sure I remove all make up every day with Aveeno face scrub. I keep my eyebrows threaded, and I moisturize with Udderly Smooth’s product line daily.

What made you decide to compete for the title of the Face Of Full Figured Fashion Week? How was the whole experience? Timing, I knew it was a very big responsibility if I was chosen to represent the brand. I was up against some very beautiful women so the experience was nerve wrecking. I just had faith in my skills, the people that supported me and myself. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. FFFweek was all a blur to me, I am looking forward to 2012 where I am not so much in the spotlight but can enjoy being around the fashion and all my new fabulous fashion friends.

Who are some of your inspirations in the plus size community? I love me some Gwen DeVoe, she is an amazing woman and a pioneer in the plus community. Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing photographers, plus designers, models, TV personalities, boutique owners, bloggers, etc. These women are all amazing and inspire and motivate me daily.

What advice do you have for the Teenagers or Women out there who want to pursue modeling as a career but are too afraid because of how brutal the fashion industry is. Begin with researching what type of model you want to be. The industry is constantly growing and the best thing you can do is start out with a plan of what you want to do. Get to know who the major players are and really get into the industry beyond just wanting pretty pictures. The industry is brutal and there are a lot of let down moments but if it is a true passion then the negatives will never outweigh the positives.

What advice would you give about Self Esteem, Self Love and a positive body image? One of the greatest relationships in your life, is the relationship you have with yourself. You have to wake up every morning loving yourself for exactly who you are because you are perfectly made. There are so many instances in life where we are told we aren’t the standard, or beautiful..but it’s up to you to accept that or change the perception of beauty by living beautifully.

Also here at BBW Beauties we have a heart for all the people who are getting bullied, suicide rates are on a all time high because of teens or adults getting bullied by others. We want know how do you feel bullying? where you ever bullied? What advice do you have for People out there who feel like they have no hope and just want an easy way out? what do you think we as a society can do to stop this epidemic? I think bullying has always been an issue in our culture. I believe it is bred from insensitivity and insecurity. Growing up, I did have quite a few bullies. I was always plus size and during my teenage years I didn’t have great self esteem. However I wasn’t a push over and I refused to be a victim. So I confronted each one of my bullies. I think it is important for teens to remember that for 1 person that bullies them, or is mean to them, there are 10 other people that love them and supports them. If I knew as a teen the woman that I was going to grow up to be, I wouldn’t have stressed the small stuff so much. Just know that one day your bully will be begging for your autograph. When you are busy looking towards the future, nothing else matters. As a society I believe we can start by educating kids on the ramifications of bullying and start teaching acceptance for all. I think it is also important to teach coping mechanisms for teens today, helpful ways they can deal with stress and how to communicate their feelings.

Connect with Nina

Website: plusmodelnina. com Credits... Picture on page 22-23 Photog and Retouching: Maria Model: Nina Designer: Monif C Accessories: Lane Bryant Picture on page: 24 MRG Photography Picture on page 26 Model: Nina Taylor Photographer: James Anthony AKA AJ website: http://www.jamesanthonyphotos. com/ Retouch: MRG Studio: Catwalk Studios Make Up: Chaneese Martin Stylist: Apuje Kalu Outfit: Avid, LB, Dorthy Perkins Obi Belt and Necklace: Laila Rowe Shoes: Kenneth Cole

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