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8 Home Hair Treatments for Split Ends that Work 100% …

Home Hair Treatments for Split Ends can be a great help, because they don’t cost you an arm and a leg. More often than not, in fact, you’ll find that you have the ingredients in your pantry or cabinets right now! I’m rather vain about my hair so I always turn to home hair treatments for split ends – not only to save some cash, but also because I don’t want my stylist to stand there tut-tutting over the status of my hair. No thanks! If you want to take care of your lovely locks yourself as well, just try some of these awesome home hair treatments for split ends that work 100%!

1.Egg Shampoos One home hair treatment for split ends is a simple egg shampoo. For this treatment, all you need is an ounce of rosemary, preferably fresh, a pint of hot water, and one egg. What you want to do is steep your rosemary in the hot water for about 20 minutes, then let it cool. Once it’s cooled down, beat your egg into it, then massage the mix into your hair and rinse, just as you would with a regular shampoo.

2. Papaya Hair Pack For this pack, obviously, you need a papaya, a very ripe one. You’ll only be using half of it, so pick one that’s sizable enough for your hair. For instance, if your hair is really long or really thick, you’ll need a larger fruit. Once it’s halved, get rid of the skin and the seeds, then blend it until it’s pulpy. At that point, add in half a cup of plain yogurt and mix again. That’s all you need to do! Once it’s mixed, massage it into your hair, parting it carefully, and let it stay on for 30 minutes or so, then rinse it out.

3. Castor Oil Conditioning Castor oil is extremely helpful in a number of ways, but when you use it in a home hair treatment for split ends, at least you don’t have to drink the vile stuff! Rather, just mix an equal amount of castor oil, mustard oil, and olive oil – again, the amount you mix depends on the length and thickness of your hair. All you have to do is apply the mix into your hair, then wrap it up in a towel and let it set for thirty minutes. You definitely want to shampoo when you wash it out!

4. Cream Tonic You do this treatment after you’ve shampooed, at which point you mix a tablespoon of heavy cream into half a cup of milk. Beat it thoroughly, then massage it into your hair, especially the ends. You only need to leave it for about 15 minutes, and then rinse it out!

5. The Honey Trick Honey is great as a home hair treatment for split ends, especially when you mix it with curd. All you need is a half cup of curd and a tablespoon of money, which you mix together well. Massage it into your hair, paying particular attention to the ends, and let it remain there for 20 minutes. When you rinse, just use water. This method will give your hair a gorgeous sheen!

6. Beer Rinse Beer is actually really good for your hair, and this particular treatment is simplicity itself! All you need to do is massage some beer into your hair, then give it time to soak in thoroughly. After that, simply rinse! The only bad thing is the lingering scent of beer, but hey, that’s what spritzes are for, right?

7. Avocado If you eat a lot of avocado, you may have noticed that your hair and skin gets extremely soft. The oil in avocado makes it an ideal hair and skin treatment – but right now, we’re focusing on the former! All you have to do is mash up an avocado and, after getting your hair a bit damp, massage the fruit into your hair. Make sure you get your split ends coated. Let it set for anywhere between 15 minutes and half an hour, then rinse it out. You can add a tablespoon of olive oil for some extra sheen, if you like.

8. Olive Oil Last but most definitely not least, olive oil makes an effective home hair treatment for split ends all by itself! All you do is warm enough olive oil to cover your hair, then massage it into those pretty but dry tresses. Wrap your hair in a towel or cover it with a shower cap, and find something to do for half an hour – then shampoo! There are a lot of home hair treatments for split ends you can do, and they’ll all keep your hair incredibly healthy. If you spend a lot of time coloring it or styling it with a lot of heat, this is a great way to make sure your hair stays in good shape, right from the comfort of your own home. Most of these home hair treatments for split ends work with any kind hair type, although if your hair is extremely thin, thick, oily, or dry, you can find something just right for that type. Tell me, do you know of any other home hair treatments for split ends that work?

7 Things You Need To Make Smoky Eyes …


exy black, natural, earthy brown or cool colorful or metallic effect- playing with different smoky eye techniques can be a lot of fun! Practice makes it perfect, of course, but before you start practicing, you’ll need to get all the things needed to make smoky eyes. So, let me start by listing the tools and makeup you’ll need for the basic, grayish black, party smoky eye look:

1: Beauty In A Box Smoky Eye Palette Price: $25.00 at If the world of makeup is still relatively new and unexplored territory for you, you might want to start by getting an eyeshadow palette designed to make the process of creating smoky eyes much easier. I’ve chosen this one because it has everything you’ll need, plus a detailed instruction you might find very useful.

2. Eyeshadow Brush Price: $15.50 at Good eyeshadow brush is also one of the things needed to make smoky eyes so pick the size you feel comfortable with and start creating that sexy party makeup look! I’ve chosen this shape because it’s really easy to work with and it helps me to work the eyeshadow into the crease easily. Most smoky eye sets come with a sponge applicator or a brush that’s really hard to work with so do yourself a favor and get one that has a rounded tip designed to glide down the crease like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

3. DoubleEnded Smoky Eye Brush

Price: $18.00 at A truly irreplaceable tool so, if you’re interested in this brush, listen to my advice and go to H&M where you’ll find an IDENTICAL one for a price significantly lower than $18! Dome-like part is perfect for blending and smudging while the slanted brush on the other side remains my irreplaceable touch-up tool. This last one will help you apply a thin, clean line of eyeshadow right under your lower lash-line and it can be used to fill in and darken the eyebrows too.

4. Line Softener

Price: $10.50 at Sponge applicators might not be the best tool for applying eyeshadow but they sure are one of those things needed to make smoky eyes. So use your applicators like a pro and use them for something they do best- line softening! Now, I don’t need to tell you why soft, smoky lines are must for this look– do I?

5.Buxom Waterproof Smoky Price: $18.00 at If glam, dramatic look is what you’re hoping to achieve, add this useful thingy to your list of things needed to make smoky eyes! Rub it against the back of your hand a few times to soften it up and then apply on both the upper and lower lid. Smudge the lines using your line softener or sponge applicator and voila!

6.NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara Price: $25.00 at Larger than life? Well, that’s one phrase I like to hear, especially when it comes to eyelashes! The rule is pretty simple here girls – sexy dark eyes simply require those jet black, rich eyelashes so get a good volumizing mascara and finish the look by applying two coats of it.

7. Benefit Brow Zings

Price: $30.00 at My brows are pretty thin and weird so I prefer to add a bit of color and definition. It’s optional, though, so you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to or don’t need to. I’m suggesting it because sexy, perfectly arched brows look really amazing with smoky eyes, so, once you do your eyes, try “fixing” the brows a bit too to see how you like it. My sister loves it now and it took me almost a year and a lot of nerves to get her to at least try it.

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Day Makeup


e've already discussed the ceremony, but wouldn't you like to know exactly how makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic created Kim Kardashian's gorgeous, glowing makeup for her big day? Perhaps taking inspiration from Kate Middleton's royal wedding, Kim went for a natural, classic look as she walked down the aisle, playing up her eyes and keeping her cheeks flushed with a rosy pink blush. Here are the products that Dedivanovic used to create Kim's look:

Dedivanovic kept Kim's makeup simple on the big day, using only a handful of products. He began with the spotlight on Kim's favorite feature—her eyes—by creating a soft, muted smoky eye with Lancôme's Color Design 5 Pan Eye Shadow Palette in Golden Frenzy. He then added some fake lashes and Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara in So Black. After all, would it be a Kardashian wedding without those signature smoky eyes?

For Kim's rosy glow, Dedivanovic swept on Blush Subtil in Rose Romantique to emphasize the cheekbones and give her a soft and pretty complexion. To achieve Kim's natural, glossy pout, Dedivanovic applied L'Absolu Nu Lipstick in Coral Sand and topped it off with La Laque Fever Lip Gloss in Ravishing Coral.

Anti-Aging Foods A nutritious diet and regular exercise help you stay healthy, from a fit body and quick mind to glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails. But did you know that some foods can slow the signs of aging? Eating foods with more concentrated amounts of certain vitamins can help make your skin more radiant, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fight off cancer, and keep you more active, which in turn leads to a healthier lifestyle!


Blueberries contain a high amount of water, which is great for your skin. They also help improve your memory and contain lots of antioxidants to fight against free radicals. "Because of their dark skin,", "blueberries contain higher amounts of antioxidants than a lot of other foods."



"Kale is another super food," . "Its high fiber content allows your body to flush out toxins, which can cause sallow-looking skin. Kale is also much more nutritious than other green vegetables."

Nuts provide plenty of vitamins and minerals, and if you don't eat much fish, they are a great way to get your omega-3s. These essential fatty acids decrease the inflammation that can lead to puffy skin, arthritis, and a host of health problems. we recommends Brazil nuts; they're high in magnesium, which is great for your overall health.



"Avocados are full of good fats, which help to improve your cholesterol level and provide moisture to dry skin," says . They are also a wonderful source of vitamin E, which maintains healthy skin and keeps it looking youthful.

Turmeric's superior antioxidant properties make the spice a great anti-inflammatory. Its antioxidant effects are also vital to the body’s detoxification system, so it can help keep your skin clear, firm, toned, and radiant. "Another benefit is its known ability to penetrate the plaque found in your brain that causes Alzheimer's disease,"

The Fawntastic World of the Recording Artist Fawn The Fawntastic World of Recording Artist Fawn

Interviewed by By B. Carter

Children and Animal advocate, Fawn he has become a vital force in the plus size community, as a shining example of beauty and compassion. Fawn is an award winning ASCAP singer/songwriter and recording artist, who has shared the top of the Billboard Dance Charts with Lady Ga Ga, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. Her song ‘Wish U Love’ on Hades/ Stonedef Records, produced by Chad Jack and Tim Letteer made it to #6 in 2010 on the Billboard charts. The song was #2 only to Madonna, on the dance/house Masterbeat charts the first 2 months of it's release. Her music video of the same song remained in the top 10 for 5 months on MTV’s Logo Channel and charted at #142 for the Top 200 Hit Dance Songs of 2009. "Wish U Love" was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in 2010 and won the JPF Music Award for 'Best Dance Single' in 2009. Fawn also won the JPF Music Award for 'Best Dance Album' for "Body Soul and Mind,' both available on itunes. In 2009 she also won the VH-1 Songwriting award for her soulful song about racism, “Into The Light" and in 2011 won 'Cover Model Of The Year' for Large and In Charge Magazine.

Although Fawn has had a hit song, been in National TV Commercials since the ripe age of 6 months and her voice and songs have been heard on numerous TV shows, CD Compilations, commercials and films such as The Natalee Holloway Story, Ugly Betty, Nip/Tuck, Ford, Mazda, Pontiac, Barbie, Ponds, Target, Guiding Light, Lavazza Coffee, The Young and The Restless, 1-800-Missing with Vivica A. Fox, Dead End Falls, and Witchblade, among others, she remains humble, grateful and surprised.

Currently in the studio finishing up her next electronica album and a piano based compositions album, Fawn proclaims, "I never take for granted every little gift that comes my way, whether it's a song placed in film or a simple smile from a stranger. This life is a gift and we must make the most of it during the short time we are here". Her first song released when she was a teenager and produced by BT, Brian Transeau (Film Composer for Monster/Fast and Furious), ‘Oneday,’ raised a substantial amount of money and awareness for people with HIV/AIDS. All proceeds from the song were donated to the cause. Fawn explains, “At the time, I didn’t know any one with HIV/ AIDS, I just knew that I wanted my first song to be a gift back, as music was given to me as a gift. Now, unfortunately, I know friends with it and 50% of all people under the age of 25 are HIV+. I will always do what I can to help any one in need. I think this is what life is all aboutspreading love and healing.”

When asked about why she fights so passionately for the rights of children and animals, she simply says, "They have no voice - we must be their voice and do what is right. It is our responsibility to protect them and keep them safe from all predators." She goes on to say, “in the case of children, we need to teach them well, teach them goodness and kindness to all living things. And concerning animals and children, the key word here is EDUCATE, because if we know better, we will do better."

Fawn is the kind of person who puts her money where her mouth is. She has been seen in the media protesting the cruelty of animals, spoke at the proposed ban on fur by the West Hollywood city council meeting for West Hollywood to be the first fur-free city in the nation, made a cameo in the documentary, ‘How I Became An Elephant,’ and recently performed for the event ‘Diamonds Not Fur’ with Betty White, James Torme’, Linoel Richie, Ellen Lavinthal and Katie ClearyStern, She is one of the photographic subjects in a Cofee Table Book titled.

‘A Day In My Shoes: Pumps and Pups’ by photographer Amy Martin-Friedman, with the proceeds benefitting Animal Alliance, an animal welfare charity. The photographs captured for this book will also be displayed at a gallery photo exhibit, which opens Saturday, November 5th in Los Angeles.


awn said "I am thrilled to be a part of this beautiful printed tribute to humans and their furry families, we must be a light in the world and do what we can do to help stop suffering all over the world. Once we realize that all living beings are important, then we will know deep down in our souls that we have finally, really and truly evolved." Fawn continued, “As for this amazing book, there will be a Volume II coming out in 2012. Amy will begin shooting for that this Fall for any one who wants to participate to help animals.� For more info or to be included in the book: http://www. For more info or to be included in the book: http://www.martinfriedmanphotography. com

When asked about being faced with situations such as criticism and prejudices in the world, Fawn simply states, "It doesn't matter what some one says about you negatively or positively. Our job is to show up with compassion, be who we are born to be and be a light in the world. What deeply matters to me is what God thinks of me, because with out him, I wouldn't be here or even be a scintilla of who I am" With a gorgeous face and soul to match, it's no wonder Fawn is blazing a trail for all of us to follow

Contact Fawn

Thor Movie Review by Castelar García


his is by far one of the best comic book films that I have seen this year. Chris Hemsworth portrays Thor in such a convincing manner that it was truly astounding to see this character mature throughout the film. Thor is a fearless and proud warrior who hopes to become the future ruler of Asgard. However, his father Odin which is portrayed by Anthony Hopkins notices that Thor isn’t ready to assume that responsibility because his wild and reckless behavior threatens to jeopardize the safety of Asgard. Seeing how his son needs to be taught a lesson Odin banishes him and strips him of his unearthly powers. When that happens Thor is sent to Earth and he is found by a team of scientists led by Jane Foster who is portrayed by Natalie Portman. Jane is an astrophysicist who is studying some anomalies in the sky and by chance she runs into Thor. Together with his human allies Thor comes to realize that in order to be an effective guardian who can protect the innocent one must be able to make the necessary sacrifices to make sure that they are safe. Meanwhile, Thor’s brother Loki has been scheming to be the new ruler of Asgard. Loki wants to become the ruler of Asgard and he is willing to do anything to obtain the power and the recognition that has eluded him all of his life. Furthermore, Loki finds out that he isn’t really Odin’s son and he feels betrayed by his father because he never told him the truth of who he really was. It is up to Thor to stop his evil brother and this creates an epic finale that is truly extraordinary.

Hop Movie Review by Castelar In this film the protagonist is a bunny named E.B. who is the son of the Easter Bunny. E.B. is supposed to take over his father’s duties, but he seems to prefer music over his future responsibilities. On the other hand, Fred O’Hare is an unemployed adult who is kicked out of his house because he doesn’t seem eager to find a job and become a responsible adult. During this time E.B. runs away from home in order to pursue his dream of becoming a drummer. He ends up on Hollywood, California looking to build a new life in the world ofmusic.

Eventually both Fred and E.B. meet by a divine twist of fate which creates many wacky scenarios which are fun and entertaining. These two form an unlikely duo, but they have an uncanny sense for comedy. Meanwhile, Carlos is a small chick who is in charge of the chocolate and candy factory of E.B's father when he's not around. Carlos wants to be in charge and when E.B leaves he realizes that this may be his only chance to take E.B's place. Carlos is a character that is full of envy and bitterness which becomes the main villain of this film. Once Carlos takes control of the factory he becomes a power crazed tyrant and it is up to our heroes to stop him in order to save the day.

Vanishing on 7th Street Movie Review by Castelar GarcĂ­a In this film a new wave of terror has swept the landscape as humans are being taken away to an unknown destination. The darkness targets our species as the shadows consume our entire race while they erase our physical existence. Often, while I was watching this film, I felt that I was watching a classic episode from the Twilight Zone. The film was spooky and full of strong emotions from its lead characters as they were surrounded by a faceless menace that wanted to take away their humanity. This ominous presence is a cunning foe as it can trick our senses in various ways. Overall, this motion picture depicts how the silence of the shadows can be a deadly adversary when the line between reality and the unknown collide to provide a chilling spectacle.

The movie shows a band of survivors who come together to form an unlikely alliance against the sinister forces which plague our realm. The only way to survive is to stay in the light if you have any because if you don't you will become one of them. Hayden Christensen portrays Luke Ryder who is a news reporter who has become one of the last humans to walk the streets as he realizes that this supernatural enemy has taken most of the human population. Thandie Newton portrays Rosemary by giving a convincing performance as a mother who is constantly looking for her baby without losing hope, but she hasn't found him. John Leguizamo is Paul who works at a movie theater when this event takes place and he is found by Luke before he can be taken away by the silent shadows which strike without pity on their prey. Curiously, the origin of this mysterious threat is never explained. The light symbolizes life as it keeps the darkness at bay from stealing our lives and our souls. It is a new world order in which the human race must quickly adapt if it wants to exist.

Kill the Irishman Review by Castelar GarcĂ­a The film depicts the life of Danny Greene who starts off as man that defends the workers who are being exploited and abused by their bosses. He becomes a natural born leader trying to get better work conditions for his comrades. This man is portrayed by Ray Stevenson who gives a charismatic performance of a man who does anything to have a better life. I must admit that this film caught me by surprise because it showed a memorable account of Cleveland's criminal underworld during the late1970's and it had an all star cast. This movie takes us through a journey of a man who used brute force and will to become a threat to the gangsters that ruled the streets. In other words, the Cleveland Mafia has never been the same after what they did to Danny Greene who is portrayed by Ray Stevenson with a calm and ruthless demeanor. This is a man who uses wit and brawn to aggravate his enemies. Greene is a proud man who is always loyal to his friends if they are loyal to him.

. There are several interesting characters in this film such as John Nadi who is a labor racketeer and ally of Greene who wants to move up and become someone important. Nadi is portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio in a sympathetic manner as you can easily tell that he doesn't betray his friends. A life of crime ignites a spark of turmoil that spreads like a disease as it wipes out all your happiness. It is a sure recipe for misery, frustration and disaster. When Greene goes to war with the criminal underworld he finds out that it is a world full of violence and despair. A lot of bad men try to create a better life for themselves, but in the end there is no guarantee that they will all make it out alive when it’s all over. This movie is a hellish ride full of anguish, power, death and sorrow. This type of life is full of many sinister schemes which cripple friendships, marriages and your lifestyle. There is no eternal shelter that can shield your life every day because luck doesn't last forever.

Drinks and Photos: by Justine. Tropical Lifesaver 1 oz of lemon vodka, half oz of malibu black, half oz of midori splash pineapple juice.

Peach Mango Splash Either make the mango nectar as ice cubes, then fill glass. or use 30 to 40 % mango nectar with the peach seltzer.

This diet sun drop with blueberry juice. in any size glass, about 40% juice. also grape juice can be used, also there is diet grape and diet blueberry juices!

This is the red and orange drink it includes strawberry daquiri mix and orange juice. just add a couple splashes.

This is diet ginger ale with blueberry juice! these are so good! also diet grape or diet blueberry juices can be used! add juice to taste! i use around 40%. THESE ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN REGULAR SODA! if you're like me, u gotta watch your sugar intake but love soda!

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