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Quotes that inspire me.... It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Aristotle Onassis Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale Believe you can and you’re halfway there. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Here at BBW Beauties Magazine we would like to extend our congratulations to the Olympic teams/Olympians you made us all proud! We just wanted to thank everyone who voted for us in the Reader’s choice awards by the Curvy Fashionista. We are so honored to even be chosen as one of the best plus size magazine’s. To even be named that is such an honor because there are so many amazing plus size magazine’s out there that inspired us to do what we do. Congrats to the winners and Nominees you inspire us. We would like to thank all of our readers, contributors,supporters, and the Fabulous Marie Denee of the Curvy Fashionista. http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee. com/2012-tcf-readers-choice/ Paper Clips Beauty Tip... Ran out of hair grips? Use paper clips instead! Spray some hairspray over it to make sure it holds all day long.

This magazine’s entire mission is dedicated to empowering the plus size community with informative articles and new fashion trend’s, that cater to the curvy women. We are devoted to living a positive plus-size lifestyle and living healthy we do not promote an unhealthy lifestyle, we do encourage self love and to love your body and caring for it, starting from the inside out. True beauty starts from within.

Model: Cassandra PTW Greer

Photographer: Marie valencia

Contents Page Page: 22-25 Blogger Spotlight: Bonnielee Cuevas.

Page: 48-70 Domino Dollhouse. Urban Mermaids collection

Page:34-40 Cover Model Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

When a woman w variety of reason cal appearance, i complications, in sure, diabetes and impact fertility, a cer, stroke and ev Model in Puerto issues and feels a Blanco.

She is from Dom Puerto Rico. I de one of my Model cal Curves and at self obese. Zory t like Diabetes and very low and she she didn’t want to in front of a mirr to change your w teem” and she di

She started a rou ing Martial Arts a was time she join never been happi trolled and she ha and I quote “ If I desire and dedica so proud of her. Z tion!

Written by, Marta Rivera

Zory’s Journey to Health

wants to lose weight it may be based on a ns. Excess weight not only impacts physiit also increases the risk of certain health ncluding high cholesterol and blood presd heart disease. Excess weight may also as well as lead to breast or colorectal canven early death. I met a beautiful Plus Size Rico that lost weight because of health and looks incredible, her name is Zory

minican Republic but resides in Manati, ecided to write about her because she was ls in the Fashion Show I produced, Tropit one time in her life she considered hertold me that she had many health issues d high blood pressure, her self-esteem was e was always tired. It got to a point that o go out, she told me. One day she stood ror and told herself “Enough, you have ways because of your health and self -esid it!

utine from Monday through Friday practicand started a healthy diet. When she felt it ned a gym and lost 60 pounds and she has ier, her health problems have been conas gotten back her self-esteem. Zory says I could do it so can you, all you need is the ation to do it”.She looks amazing and I am Zory you have all my respect and admira-


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Blogger Spotlight

Bonnielee Cuevas Bonnielee Cuevas is a Plus Size Model, Fashion Journalist, Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle Expert, Brand Ambassador, Speaker and Vegan. She wants to change women’s lives and empower them to be strong and never give up on any of their dreams. She wants women everywhere to look, think, and feel their absolute best. She has dedicated her life to giving women the life they deserve through great faith, love and nurturing.

What inspired you to start blogging? I have spent many years in the beauty, fashion and fitness industry as an expert and coach and I always Felt like there was something missing. I wanted a bigger platform to inspire and reach out to a community where I could inspire women. I wanted it to be a personal and I wanted to share my stories, my struggles so that women could be inspired and know that they too could overcome anything and achieve great things in life.

What inspires you the most? Women inspire me. I get the most amazing messages some times. Women thanking me and sharing their really amazing stories. I feel blessed that they trust me enough to share those details with me. I believe that women need to support each other so that we can succeed united never divided.

What is your favorite style of clothing? I love clothes that look effortless, classic and timeless. I guess that is why I am inspired by Audrey Hepburn whose look was created by Givenchy.

How would you describe your style? My style is definitely Audrey Hepburn meets Marilyn Monroe.

What blogs/sites do you read every day? Style.Com and Womens Wear Daily

What is your favorite look for this summer? My favorite look for this summer was peplum dresses. So classic and chic.

If you had to leave for a desert island, what three items would you bring with you? I am vegan so honestly nothing! I would be the one using the coconut water for my hair and face. I love natural, Organic as close to the earth as possible. I am a total earth goddess lol! Where are we most likely to find you? At fashion events, New York Fashion Week and Fitness events! What advice can you give our readers, when it comes to shopping for your body type? I think that you must know your assets and your faults. This way you can dress to impress by hiding imperfections and enhancing your best qualities. I believe that no matter what size you are you should dress to impress and know that not every type of clothing is meant for every body type. Find clothes that will last season to season. Go for everlasting style and minimal on trends. But have fun. Don’t always be safe. I was always afraid of color. Now I love it! Above all good style comes from knowing your body and being confident. Have you ever been bullied? If so how did you handle it? Yes, once when I was in high school. Honestly I stood proud and I never fought fire with fire. I was confident in who I was and I knew that I had to be the bigger person. It wasn’t easy. It was out right scary when I had some seriously mean girls following me after school and saying the worst things you could ever hear. But I was a lady, I had faith and I simply kept walking. But I was always prepared. I was prepared to defend myself if I needed to but it was not necessary because in the end I won the battle through faith, through intelligence, confidence and taking a stand by saying no! If I had to report it to the proper authorities I would! I wasn’t afraid. But it takes a good foundation of love from home to be able to stand as confidently as I did. I was raised by Latina women and they are the most beautiful and gracious women I know. They showered me with love, confidence and strength. I think that’s what made the difference.

What advice would you give anyone who is being bullied? I am a mom so I would tell anyone what I would tell my son. Take a stand! Don’t let anyone make you feel less than what you are. You are worthy. Don’t fight fire with fire. Violence is just ugly! Two wrongs don’t make a right. When you take a stand say no! I have had enough. Walk strong, walk tall and walk confidently. If you have to report it to the proper authorities do so! In today’s day and age it’s not a joke. It is a serious offense. Always know your own weaknesses so that you can turn them into strengths. I also believe that people should learn self-defense. Not to use it for bad but if God forbid the time would ever arrive you know how to defend yourself the proper way. But I don’t believe in violence. I believe that your words and your actions are your most powerful tools. Also never let fear get in the way. Someone else’s insecurities are making them behave that way. Take a stand, let someone know and have a support system. Bullies will always lose when you make smart decisions.

Bonnielee’s message to you. “Passion will drive you crazy but is there any other way to live” – Howard Hughes. Do everything in love and with passion. It is what will drive you to success. Also know that you are worthy of everything great and when you love yourself first others will love you right back. Surround yourself with people that uplift you and never ever compare yourself to someone else or their journey. Always have faith and walk strongly knowing that your greater purpose will be served.

Connect with Bonnielee Cuevas

The Tiny Hobo (aka Valerie Doty)

A freelance artist roaming about the mountains, trying her best to spread beautiful things. ♥ Valerie Doty, more commonly known as The Tiny Hobo, is an illustrator living in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. It’s hard to pinpoint what she loves best--there’s so many things to love! ♥ More recently, she has become an advocate for self acceptance and body positivity, with her artwork being featured in VolUp2 magazine. She’s passionate about making a difference with her art and being a positive influence in her community and the world around her. The Tiny Hobo has been working with to create funky, stylish images for tshirts. See The Tiny Hobo’s body of work, from 2010 to present: Facebook Page: t-shirt shop, run by Custom Plus: Her Etsy shop: All Photo’s and information Belongs to Valerie Doty aka The Tiny Hobo

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos The Modern Day Wonder Woman Interviewed by Violet Moya Fashion Editor She is a Mother, wife, model, actress, writer, motivational speaker and so much more! She is a proud Latina and proud of her curves. Meet Olga Gonzalez-Ramos, her mission has been to show society and the media that plus size women, as well as todays curvy youth, are just as talented and beautiful as any other women.

Where are you from? And what do you love about your hometown? I am from Weehawken, New Jersey. I love my town because it wasn’t too small or too big and it was so close to other fun towns like Union City, West New York & North Bergen. Everyone was pretty close knit and growing up was so much fun.

What do you love about your Latin heritage? I love our close relationships with family. We are raised by our ‘Grandmothers’ and have a beautiful culture, from our foods, to our sweet 15’S, our weddings, and my all time favorite our music. I am a Salsa and merengue girl all the way. We work hard for what we want, at all costs and we are amazing parents.

Who is your greatest inspiration? Hmm, I have two now. First is my mother, to her I was always a ‘Star’, I guess she always saw ‘Olgaplusmodel’ in me some place. She has always been a size 2, and 4’11. Yet she always told me my curves were special and part of my heritage, since I am built like my grandmother. She taught me to love me beyond anything else and be the best I can be. And now my daughter brings this feeling to me as well. I swear in her eyes I am bigger and better than ‘ICarly’ & ‘Spongebob’ all at once. She tells me I am beautiful and that she never wants me to change. She is only 7 but she knows being ‘Fat’ or ‘Thick’ is different and looked upon in a negative way. She runs around telling anyone that will listen, my mom is FAT & Beautiful and famous.

How did you g

I started modeli size contest. Bef modeling career an easy one? My plus size model But I love me a has embraced m

You’re a Moth actress. How d look as fabulou

I was born to b breathing for m of vendors and able. If a design should have a m pecially if they size 14 dress on put a BIG girl t

I am not asking so the Bigger c and purchase th ing. If I can hel ing good, I hav credit, he had t compliment. As place in this ind changes in the

What advice c career in the e

Invest in yourse need a 9-5 to be You are your bi to keep my feet Start right, get a blog, and take



get your start in modeling?

ing at the age of 30. My husband enrolled me in a plus fore I knew it I was in Chicago and starting my plus size r.Has your journey being a Latina plus size model been y journey as a Latina has always been easy, now as a and being one of the larger girls has been challenging. challenge. I am proud to say the Hispanic community me and support all I do, big or small.

her, model, motivational speaker, writer and an do you juggle all of these different careers and still us as you do? What is your secret?

be a ‘Mom’ so it comes naturally to me. It is like me. I became a plus size model because I got tired designers saying that a girl my size is not marketner makes clothes up to a size 22, 26, 30 by right he model in that size range to model their designs, esare an ‘Online’ store. How am I going to visualize a n a body size 24. No it is not happening. They better that is my size modeling the brand for me.

g to have bigger models, just put one in each brand clients like myself can make that curvy connection he darn dress. I love inspiring people and motivatlp someone, then I will do just that. Now as for lookve to give my father Carlos Enrique Gonzalez all the the most beautiful skin and thank you for the lovely s for my secret, I believe in me, I have secured my dustry and I will not stop until I see more ‘Positive’ Plus Size Industry.

can you give to someone interested in having a entertainment field?

elf. Do not think that you can live off of this. You e able to save your money and start your career. iggest investment. I have made money but I like firmly on the ground and a 9-5 does this for me. your images, business cards, your web site, start e it from there.

er Aderon Mothersill and Olga

Is there any advice you have for people out there aspiring to be a model or an actress/ actor? Do your research, make a list of the ‘Pros’ & the ‘Cons’ and then go for it. It won’t be easy but it is very rewarding. Find your voice, or inner artist and let it take control. Shoot with the best of them so people will take you seriously early on in the game. And get your skin extra thick, don’t even have one hair of sensitivity in you because ‘Hollywood’, this industry is seriously cold.. What inspired you to become a motivational speaker? People have always come to me for advice, sharing their problems, even as a kid. I have a gift, I get my message across and I am blessed with people opening up to me and giving my words a chance to exist. I did it once and then it became addictive. I enjoy our curvy youth and giving them the support they need, that society just won’t offer.

What do you think about the bullying epidemic that has plagued our youth? Growing up I had friends that were bullied. I never was, I guess they know who to do it to. My son got bullied in school and I told my son to write a ‘Poem’ about the kid bothering him and he did. The principal put it in the office, where everyone could read it. He didn’t mention any names, but he described the kid to the max. The kid now knew he needed to leave me son alone. I told my son to fight for his rights and do not let anyone step on him. I am happy about the ‘Bully’ laws and as parents we need to be very involved with our children’s schools and teachers to make sure we keep the bullying in control. It breaks my heart what some of our youth goes through. What advice can you give someone who is being bullied? (Children, Teenagers and Adults) Document the attacks, you need proof in case you need to take legal action. Tell your family, inform anyone in charge of your location, if it happens at work, inform your boss and report them in Human Resources. Also team up with another friend being bullied find strength in numbers, don’t make it easy for these bullies to attack you. Stay strong and fight back by any means. What advice can you give about self-esteem, self love? Self love is the easiest love to come by. You should be loving yourself since your early years. It is a love that grows daily and that life should never have control of taking away from you. There is only one of you in the billions of people in this world, accept your flaws, laugh at them and be the best YOU, you could ever be. Stay focused when you don’t love yourself or take care of you, people can sense that. They are like sharks in a water, taunting you, circling you until you get weak and they come in for the kill. Walk proud, and tall, even if you are going through a rough patch. We all go through it, it is how we handle ourselves while we are in this turmoil that counts.

Have you ever been bullied? If so how did you handle this issue? I have a mouth on me, most of my pals always told me I should be a comedian. I always gave it right back with a smile, and my confident walk. I would slice them up with words, and sad to say almost all bully’s have insecure issues, so it was easy to label them and turn the tables on them. If you show them fear, they will step on you every time they are bored you will become a hobby for them and I wasn’t born to be anyone’s punching bag.

What advice would you give to young girls out there who are feeling pressured to pursue the unrealistic cover girl body type. Even young men feel this pressure as well any advice for them? Be happy in your skin. Now if you do not like your skin, or how it hangs, then do something about it. Go for walks, start doing Yoga, join a gym. You are the captain of your ship, not me, not your parents or friends. You. Find that peace and balance in all you do. Why would you want to look the same as everyone else. I think if I wasn’t curvy I would have not been so successful in all of my careers. I would of just been an average size 2 model, and not the ‘Curvy’ superstar I have become. Do you know why? Because I am the voice of every silent ‘Fat’ girl in the world and we got tired of staying quiet.

Can you share with our readers some of your new ventures? I am now working on the ‘Just As Beautiful’ Champaign with Just As Beautiful magazine. It is a campaign that will be Global and that shows that Plus Size Women or Men are just as beautiful as anyone else. I am heading to Puerto Rico to start the campaign there. It is also a movement and I will be doing ‘self-love’ seminars called ‘just as beautiful’ seminars. I want to reach our youth and do these seminars in grammar schools, high schools, college and in even in the work place. Curvy women belong in Corporate America in meetings, dressed to kill and confident. I now write for Latina Magazine so keep them in your loop. I also have been chosen to be the ‘FACE’ of a new make -up line and we already started shooting for this. You will see the ads soon. Check out my blog, I doing big things with that. And don’t forget to read my stuff in, last but not least. I will be featured in a series of music videos by DJ Wave & Wave Gang, they are brilliant and so talented. Can you please share some encouraging words with our readers? We all get one visit here on earth. Some of us have long or short visits. Make yours count. Love yourself above anything and anyone. Your family and friends will see this love and respect you and if there is someone in your life that doesn’t love you. Stay away from them. You are worth so much, enjoy who you are, the great things about you or the small imperfections. Embrace it all, and go after your dreams and goals. I am proud of you and together we can do so much. About Lifestyle Editor, Olga Gonzalez-Ramos Olga addresses the significant impact curvy women have on society and each other. In each issue, she celebrates the plus size woman through inspiring stories and compelling content written for AND about women with curves. Beyond writing, Olga is a proud Latina plus model, actress and motivational speaker who hails from New Jersey. In this capacity, her mission has been to show society and the media that plus size women, as well as today’s curvy youth, are just as talented and beautiful as any other women. All Photos in this article was taken by Photographer Aderon Mothersill of One shot Glamour Her Blog:, www.twitter/olgaplusmodel Facebook Page:


Mission Impossible: G Review by Castelar G

his sequel begins with an elaborate escap thy of the Mission Impossible moniker. The fil in reinventing the franchise by adding new cha some truly breathtaking sequences which are s is a darker tone to this new entry as it is pretty secrets and danger lurks beneath the darkness o is a tough life for an agent to endure and it is e ery single character in this film is liable to get threat of nuclear war forces our heroes to take that jeopardize their lives.

Ethan Hunt and his team of rogue agents must mission without the proper backup or equipme semble the villain’s deadly scheme before it is agent Hunt seems to be an enigmatic figure wh this raises many questions as to what he’s been couple of years. Another character that returns portrayed by Simon Pegg. Unlike Hunt, Dunn who has just become a field agent and this time of the action.

There is a great deal of tension in this film bec ence that drives our heroes to do anything in o of the recent spy films that have come out latel year. The action spreads through various differ several unexpected moments in this movie whi seen since it raises the bar pretty high for the fu

Ghost Protocol Film Garcia

pe sequence that is worlm itself takes a bold step aracters, new gadgets and simply marvelous. There clear that a web of lies, of this shadowy world. It even harder to survive. Evhurt at any moment as the some very dangerous risks

descend into a perilous ent so that they can disastoo late. This time around hose past is unclear and n really up to in the last This creates some of the best comedic moments of the entire film as Dunn is the s is Benji Dunn who is nervous and bumbling agent of the team who wants to do a good job, but someis an IMF technical agent times his nervousness gets the better of him. However, in the final act of the film e he is right in the middle this character proves that he can be very effective when things get out of hand. One of the newest members of the team is agent Jane Carter who is a lethal agent that is good in hand to hand combat and she is also really good with weapons too. Paula Patton brings a touch of vulnerability and toughness to this complex character who is struggling with her personal emotions as she is seeking for vengeance since someone who was close to her was recently murdered by an assassin who is a valuable asset on this latest mission. The last part of the team comes in the form of agent William Brandt who is played by the charismatic Jeremy Renner with ease. Brandt is a chief analyst and a former IMF field agent whose is haunted by a recent mission that was a total failure. This new mission gets him back on the field and it reestablishes the confidence that he once had in himself. Several of the members of this team are haunted by their past, but they all find some solace in each other which gives them the strength to face any enemy.

cause the stakes are higher and the scenario of starting another major war looms like an ominous presorder to complete the mission successfully. The recent Mission Impossible sequel is superior to many ly as it has a superb cast, a tremendous plot and some of the best action sequences that I have seen this rent places and this makes the film run at a brisk pace as it never bored me at all. Furthermore, there are ich really caught me by surprise. In general, this film is a stunning and solid blockbuster that must be uture James Bond films that might come in the future.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Film Review by Cas

The beginning of this sequel starts o

trying to decipher what Professor Moriart tric hero who patiently analyzes each adv he faces various threats. Fortunately, this trustful companion Dr. John Watson who detective as he puts himself in harm’s way first half of the film is not as engaging as chemistry that Robert Downey Jr. and Jud their weird and humorous relationships cr that are marvelous. Even though the film pace there are some characters that deligh ample, Stephen Fry portrays Sherlock’s b derful job in portraying this character. Th a quirky gentleman who does whatever he for the well- being of his younger brother McAdams in the role of Irene Adler once character was not given enough screen tim absence was not for the best because she Holmes and Watson which truly deserved

It takes a master in the arts of deceptio cold individual with aspirations of grand Moriarty is a dreadful individual who on tiently waits for his grand scheme to unf demeanor which creates a menacing foe places in order to gain a great amount of as the character of Noomi Rapace. In thi of deception and she is forced to join Ho

In the second act of the film we have a short story known as “The Final Problem elaborate ploy to unmask this fiend. After such a worthy adversary our protagonist c elusiveness is a trait that Holmes has mas way to trap a criminal mastermind is to a a good sequel that manages to be quite en sion.

stelar Garcia

off with Sherlock Holmes still ty is up to. Holmes is an eccenversary that he faces and this time great detective has the aid of his is always there to help the heroic y several times in this film. The the second half, but the onscreen de Law have is simply terrific as reates several amusing moments m takes some time to pick up the ht us with their presence. For exbrother Mycroft and he does a wonhe elder sibling of our main hero is e wants, but he always looks out r. It was wonderful to see Rachel more, but this time around her me. Honestly, I felt that Adler’s had a wonderful story arc with d a better ending.

on and corruption to create a malevolent scheme that can ruin many lives. Professor Moriarty is a stone deur and it is easy for him to sacrifice many lives so that he can become a wealthy and powerful man. n the surface looks to be a harmless scholar, but beneath this false exterior lies an evil genius who pafold. Jared Harris brings this ingenious architect of destruction to life with an air of arrogance and a cold that is a worthy adversary for Sherlock Holmes. This cunning adversary positions himself in very high f political influence to see that his plan doesn’t fail. A lot of people are affected by Moriarty’s plans such is film Rapace portrays a gypsy named Madame Simza Heron who gets involved in this treacherous web olmes and Watson on their quest to stop Moriarty.

thrilling showdown that effectively incorporates several elements from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s m” which elevates the quality of the film. Throughout the second act Sherlock Holmes constructs an r all, Holmes is a man who never stops to find a solution to any problem that presents itself. To trick constantly hides in the shadows and throughout the environment without being detected. The art of stered in spades as he is like a skilled chameleon lying where you least expect him to be. The best anticipate every single move and to constantly remain focused on the task at hand. In the end this is ntertaining especially in the second half as the battle of wits that takes place leads to a stellar conclu-

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unic

Honestly, this is by far one of the bes

seen. It is a delightful piece of cinema tha takes you on an unforgettable roller coaste with the whole family. This film is a mixtu Pirates of the Caribbean as it crafts a thril throughout the globe in an effective mann orable moments that are witty and amusin many intriguing characters, great chases a needs to be solved.

In this film Tintin who is voiced by Jamie Snowy circle the globe in pursuit of a lost exciting adventure that is surely going to Tintin is a brave young man who is smart it comes to solving a mystery. His persona young reporter’s interest to pursue any typ being put on a newspaper.

The rest of the characters in this film are als brave little canine terrier that is loyal to his solve any problem that presents itself during means necessary. This canine wonder dog st the film. The other character that completes of Captain Haddock who is voiced by the ve spends most of the time drunk throughout m ness he remembers many helpful details tha looking for. Throughout the film Haddock b past is the key to unlocking the truth of disc Tintin and his friends embark on an epic jou titular character. These bold adventurers me any sort of hesitation or fear.

The movie is a thrilling spectacle that doe If you have never heard of this character bef capture animation is simply spectacular as i wonder and imagination.

corn Film Review by Castelar Garcia

st films that I’ve recently at captivates your senses and er ride that you can watch ure of Indiana Jones and lling adventure that spreads ner as it contains many memng to watch. The film has and a fascinating mystery that

e Bell and his trusty terrier t treasure in this wild and become a movie classic. t, cunning and resilient when al curiosity is what fuels this pe of story that is worthy of

so charming and amusing in their own way. First of all, we have Tintin’s sidekick Snowy who is a master in the good times and the bad times. This dog is a clever and helpful assistant that helps Tintin g their journey. Snowy protects his master by any teals the spotlight in various scenes throughout the trio of natural born explorers is the character ery talented Andy Serkis. Haddock is a man who most of the film, but during his state of drunkenat help Tintin get closer to the truth of what he is becomes a helpful companion on this quest as his covering where the missing treasure ended up. urney that does justice to the comic books of this eet danger at every turn and they face it without

esn’t disappoint as it shows a series of heroic and mesmerizing moments that are simply magnificent. fore then you are in for a marvelous treat because this is cinema storytelling at its best. The motionits characters are rendered in great detail. Overall, this is an action packed extravaganza that is full of

Photo Credit to: Domino Dollhouse / Models: Rayna Salcido and Alyna Ajere Photography by Shannon Brooke Imagery Make Up by Natasha Marcelina Hair/Styling by Frankie Sin

Model: Amy Behrends

Anita Bellamy

Of Plus Confidence in you

Plus Confidence in you promotes and celebrate women and men of size. They have been Campaigning for several years against body image discrimination and how society treats people of size. They are clear that they are not promoting obesity, they state that We are human and we come in all shapes and sizes and are no longer going to try and be accepted or fit in with how people feel we should look. They agree that Bullying and shaming people into trying to lose weight DOES NOT WORK! Therefore we are here to show that we are active and creative people. We want to bring together fashion designers, shoe designers and a full spectrum of companies to work with us to show that people of size can contribute to society at large.

What is the main goal of Plus Confidence? “Plus confidence in you” aims to create an avenue for all plus size people and to no longer allow being persecuted for our size. To bring together all organizations, businesses in fashion media, magazine, TV etc.

How did you get inspired? I guess I have always stood up for plus size, coming from my childhood years often being teased because of my size. I felt that something needed to be done. When I became a model in 2006, I just felt I was finally doing what I wanted to do and that being loving the skin you’re in.

What is your favorite look for this summer? I love my dresses, I use to really hate them. Funny enough though, now I think they can make you look so sexy.

Pages 56-57,61 Photography By Velvet D’Amour

What is your favorite style of clothing? Well I do love funky styles, like motif t-shirts, mini skirts, dresses with a denim cropped jacket. But I also love my long gowns when I am ready.

What advice can you give our readers, when it comes to shopping for their body type? The thing is I believe you should never limit yourself, I am a apple shape and I always go for my align designs. I try on everything as it may look good. I mean some people say I cant show my arms or I can never wear trousers, well I say try on everything. We all have bits we don’t like, including me but just go for it. Everyday is a new day, get up and look at your self in the mirror and love “you” a little. I have a saying that “You must love the skin you’re in, before change can come.”

Have you ever been bullied? If so how did you handle it? Europe is very discriminative of size and always has been yes I have faced a lot of discrimination and perhaps still do... I remember being in a rush going to college and these guys in a car drove up a long side me and threw a whole milkshake at me and said “here fatty have some milk shake.” I could not believe it, why would someone do that. I was so mad I can’t even begin to tell you. But inside crushed, that they ruined my outfit. Hahaha. Now a days I wont tolerate anything like this. If someone calls me fat, I tell them that there very observant and did they not realize that I new this before I left my house this morning.

What advice would you give anyone who is being bullied. Mmmm... We cannot allow these bullies to take control of our lives simply because they are not in control of theirs. Making someone feel bad about themselves; how they look is all about control. So there is no easy answer other than stand strong we are going to change things, I can assure you that much.

What are you working on right now? I am working on a social media event called GLOBAL UNITED PLUS SIZE DAY... It is where all plus size people around the world can celebrate there size. By sharing their celebration stories and picture on this day. Printing off the logo below and taking a picture of there special day. All I ask is for you to tell your friends and family

Facebook Group: Twitter: FlashMob:

Kellie BBW Model

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.” ~Sophia Loren

Photography Jon Gordon

“Never dull your shine for somebo ― Tyra Banks

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Carita Elfving

Summer Kiss

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Rachel McNamara

Plus Size Model Brooke Ochoa Where are you from? And what do you love about your hometown? I grew up in the small town of Louise, Texas. I love that I could walk to school, store, go play ball, wherever and it was safe, and never a long walk. Tell us about some of your hobbies? I Love playing sports like Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball. I also enjoy doing art. I have been selling my paintings and drawings for five years now. I also do face painting for birthday parties and volunteer events.

When did you start modeling? And what do you like about it? I started modeling last year in 2011. I just love the recognition of being a confident woman. I say that because I know I’ve changed a lot of women’s feelings about their confidence level. Like, “If she can be like that why can’t I?” It’s just very satisfying to know I can put a smile on someone’s face by looking beautiful and make them realize that they are beautiful too; inside and out. Do you have any advice for anyone getting into it? I would truly say to just be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I should have known that not everyone in the world supports plus modeling but it didn’t hit me until I was the objective in the conversation. I have just learned that you really have to be strong, and just sure about who you are, the life you want to live, and the way you want to live it. You can’t let anyone or anything stop you from being you. Once you adapt that attitude, there will be no more stops on the way to the top.


* All Photos in this article were taken by Jaime Noe Lopez.

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I would have to say, my free s just one to go with the flow, an everyone along the way. I lov wholeheartedly and I love peo way. You don’t turn someone cause they live different or think you just love them even more.

What was your favorite photoMy favorite had to have been m doir shoot with Kevin Washingto Antonio, Texas. It was in his stu was wearing nothing but chee stalking and a black sweater tie it’s my favorite because I was about even doing it. So, when t came out that little bit of doubt about myself just left. I know not just because of how I look of what I feel inside, and you c my photos.

What is your Favorite trend? What doe sist of? I love colors! Makeup, clothes, elry, it doesn’t matter; I like to a what I wear with my smile w ing but bright! I have a very 80 pin up kind of style. I like to try like cutting up a shirt or turning headband because I know I w one else have what I have on

Who inspires you? I like to think of modern day Mae West. She w confident and open with her sty ity, and just grace on top of that sassy, but classy, and I think tha who I am today. My favorite is “It’s not the men in my life; it’s my men!” Because it’s not the a breathes we take in a lifetime, it of breathtaking moments we h life.


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Have you ever been bullied? If so how did you deal with it, and what advice can you give to others? Yes, I did not have the best childhood at school. I only had one friend until the fifth grade. I was teased and made fun of so bad for being a bigger girl. I mean when someone actually did give me a compliment I couldn’t even take it because I thought they were making fun of me. It was in the fifth grade that I decided to just embrace myself, my humor, and share it with people instead of hiding from it. Once I did that I had so many friends, and good times that I just knew that I could do anything. There are always going to be people until this day that have a problem with which I am and the way I portray myself, but when you have so many more supporters, and people who love you, their negative comments and acts start to not even phase me. Can you share a Body Positive message with our readers? Best thing I ever heard that changed my life was, “Anyone or anything can be beautiful, as long as it’s loved; and that includes YOURSELF !” --Unknown

I was approached by 2007 Ms. Plus America ner, who saw me perfo at the fair. I got her inf tion and she led me to ticipate in the 2011 Mis America Pageant. I d realize at the time, how this one competition w lead me. I had never peted in any beauty c test before in my life, n had I any type of portf My cousin photograph of my photos for the c petition, and I ended u getting 2nd runner up.

Get to know more about Brooke Ochoa My favorite quote is, “Beauty opens doors, but only virtue can enter.” I think that my biography will definitely prove this to be true. I have always been interested in fashion and beauty since I was younger. However, I grew up in a small town in Texas where being full figured was not really seen as being beautiful. I was told for so long, “Oh, you have a pretty face.” It wasn’t enough for me. I wanted people to see what I felt on the inside; which was a confident, beautiful, curvaceous young woman. I decided to pursue my passion in acting when I auditioned for the Texas Renaissance Festival. I immediately was hired to sell nuts at a booth as a sexy pirate with an English accent. It is a fall job that I hope to keep for years to come.

During that time I was ing as a Special Educa Teacher. I was laid off the end of the semeste from the budget cuts t started happening in T Luckily I still worked wit Scouts full time in the s mer. However, as I los opportunity I gained a er as a hair model wor with Farooq CHI. They me from the pageant and were interested in ing with me. That was amazing opportunity t will never forget.

Once I started modelin Farooq, I was intrigued how much attention a appreciation I receive a Plus Model. I started searching and networ on the internet.

* All Photos in this article were taken by Jaime Noe Lopez.

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I can be found on 411 marketplace, model mayhem, and for modeling bookings. I have done runway shows with Avenue, Dress Barn, Ashanti Nicki Fox, Plus Size P.O.W.E.R., Upstage Beauty Events, and Hollywood Fashions. I was on the cover of Plus Size P.O.W.E.R.’s mini-zine, Silver Slippers Magazine and featured in Scream Magazine, “D” Magazine, LargeInCharge magazine and BBW magazine. Red Skye Comic Books has turned me into a comic book character, which as an artist is a real treat for me. It is also a treat to be one of the few plus size models on their web page. The title on the page reads, “The World’s Hottest Models.” That did wonders for my ego. Honestly, it was a breakthrough for me as a full figured model. I was also an extra in a music video for Zaena, a Houston artist, modeled for Komplex Blends, and Shine Hair Salon in Houston, Texas.

I love to volunteer as much as I can. I have worked with anti-bullying rallies, American Association for Diabetes, and the Association for Hearing and Visual impaired. Since teacher salaries are only getting worse I haven’t gone back to teaching, I work in a factory as a full time job. With God’s grace, I only work Monday through Thursday so I am still booking modeling jobs on the weekend. I look forward to much more success and seeing where the modeling road takes work- me. ation I definitely don’t “expect” anything to happen, but I will always work and fight f at hard for what I believe in, and who I am. It’s all about believing in who you are. er The saying is true...”If you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything.” I that love when I walk into a room, and people actually notice my curves. They look Texas. at me and love me because they see a beautiful woman who loves herself. I th Girl think that my best curve is my smile. I believe a smile can make someone’s day, sumand has the ability to change someone’s life. st one anothrking y saw page n works an that I

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