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This the boy Anne Frank liked.

Front Cover- THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL Author- Anne Frank By Vivit Chetry

The theme of the book the

theme of this book

would probably be informative and she expresses her feelings in her book. This book would be a primary source of a Jewish person view on how Hitler treated them and she shares what kind of adjustments she had to make when she moved into another place and living in the same room with other people. In her diary, she is writing all of her notes to her friend and she wants to give the diary to her friend after the war. The theme of the book also shows how during her hiding she has no fr iends in the beginning and she loves writing in her diary. Here are my five quotes.” I have deserted you for a whole month, but honestly, there is so little news here that I can’t find amusing things to tell you everyday’. “To continue the “Secret Annexe” (This is what they called the franks and daans hiding place) daily timetable I shall share the timetable for every thing we do all day. “ After Hitler took over us Jews could not associate with the Aryans”. “Our hiding place is very small and I don’t know how I could survive here”. “The Van Daans quarrel so much every day. In this book one of the themes in the book would be depression because they get

really sad and sorrow, but they manage to control it. The families in the secret annexe don’t verbally argue it’s like one person makes the other have a cold personality and especially with Anne Frank and her mom.

Author’s purpose- In this book Anne frank’s purpose was informal because it really showed how her life was before and after the hiding and how she had lots of friends before the hiding and then all she had was her diary when she was in hiding until she had really talked with Peter more often. She also informs us on what they talk about and what their daily routines are. She also describes the hate of Hitler and how badly she wanted the allies to invade Germany. Moreover, in every entry she rights to her friend named kitty, she tells her mood during that day, and she does not write in the diary every day. In addition, she really wrote how much her relationship with her family was, because with her father it was good, and with her sister okay and with her mother not okay. In this book diary of a young girl, she is first in an environment where she has many friends and she is very happy in her life. Then all of a sudden, one of the employees in her dads business tells them to go into hiding because the Gestapo (German police) is coming to send them into the concentration camps and so they go into hiding with this other family. She does not like it there very much but she knows she has to stay there. There is a boy named peter and she thinks he is lazy at first but then later on she falls in love and during the story, she is mad because her mother pays to much attention to her sister and it stirs a lot of controversy.

Author page- Was born on June 12 1929 in Frankfort, Germany youngest out of two children. She was very talkative and was very social and smart. She had gone to a Montessori school and after Hitler had taken over Germany, she had switched to a Jewish secondary school before she went into hiding she received a book to write in for her birthday and she started to write in the book after she went into hiding and year after she was in hiding she fell in love with a boy named peter van daan in the hiding. She had a bitter relationship with her mother, but it was not too bad in the end. On Aug 4 1944 her family was separated into different concentration camps where she was forced to do hard manual labor and because of the harsh conditions eventually she died with typhus in 1945. Her father Otto frank then had published her diary into 30 different languages and some people have even criticized that this story isn’t real

Vivit C. IRA Project  

Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl IRA Project

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