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THEME The theme of Summer Ball is that even if you are small, you can still be good at sports. Danny Walker, a really short 8th Grade point guard, goes away to a basketball camp called Right Way over the summer. His dad is a former pro Basketball player. Danny loves basketball, and his travel team won the travel team championship. Since his dad play college basketball at Syracuse with a man named Josh Cameron, he got Danny into his 5 star basketball camp. When they got put into teams, Danny was put on Coach Ed Powers Team. Coach Power’s is a really mean guy, and only cared about winning. He picked on Danny a lot. Even when Danny won a game for his team running his own play, Coach Power’s was still mad at him. “Next year tell your dad to send you to a camp where the boys get to coach the teams”(Lupica 188). Coach Powers doesn’t feels that Danny is way too short to be a good basketball player. “I just can’t teach you to be as big as you need to be”(Lupica 103). Then Coach Powers tells him to consider to go for soccer which completely destroys Danny. “You’re telling me to . . . to find another sport?”(Lupica 104). It hurt Danny so much that he tried to fake an injury so he could leave the camp. “When I say fine, Dad, it means I was never really hurt. . . I wanted an excuse to get out of here”(Lupica 157). Danny takes what Coach Power’s says and it brings him down a while until his team wins the championship. He gets enough courage to tell his coach “I could play soccer if I wanted, but I’m a basketball player”(Lupica 244).

Author’s Purpose

Author’s Purpose

I felt that the author, Mike Lupica, tried to change people’s opinion that taller people are better at sports than shorter people. I would think that taller people would be better because in basketball if you are a lot taller than the guy guarding you, you can shoot over him, and get more rebounds, and in football if you can catch passer over a shorter corner. He showed that small people are needed in sports, because when Danny’s teams star point guard, Rasheed Hill, pretended to be hurt so that Danny would get to play, the coach didn’t put Danny in and the team didn’t have a good point guard and suffered for a while until the coach put Danny in the game.

TEASE!!!!!!! Summer Ball is about a boy named Danny Walker who is the son of a former NBA player. School has just got out, and Danny is going to a 5 star basketball camp, called Right Way, managed by another former NBA player named Josh Cameron who played college basketball at Syracuse with Danny’s dad. As soon as Danny gets there he sees a guy named Rasheed Hill, who played against Danny’s travel basketball team in the Finals. Rasheed Hill has cornrows, a lot of tattoos, and is often called A.I. When they played in the finals for travel basketball it was a close game, but when Rasheed fouled out with a charge on Danny, his team had no chance of winning. At the camp you get put into teams, and compete for a championship. He gets put on Coach Ed Power’s team called the Celtics. Coach Powers’ is really mean and Danny can’t stand him. He finds a way to make himself stay at the camp, and his team makes it to the championship to face a bully named Lamar’s team, the Lakers.

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Mike Lupica has written many books, even though he is a newspaper columnist. He writes books on different kinds of sports. He is on ESPN every Sunday on a segment called The Sports Reporters, and hosted a show called The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN2. Two of his books Travel Team, and Heat have reached #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List. He co-wrote Bill Parcells, the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins, and Reggie Jackson, a former MLB player, autobiographies. He has written 27 books from 1984 until now. He was born in Oneida, New York but raised in Nashua, New Hampshire. He Graduated from Boston College. His next book called The Batboy is going to be released March 9, 2010. He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife and four kids.

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