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Appreciation, a  Cornerstone  to  Success    

Appreciation is  a  real  cornerstone  to  success.  Appreciation  leads  your  thinking  in  a   positive  direction.  Why  is  this  so?  Our  brain  operates  in  a  kind  similar  like  a  computer   search  engine.  For  example:  when  you  put  the  word  “success”  in  the  Google  search   engine  you  will  find  millions  of  pages  about  success.  You  will  find  every  aspect  about   success.     The  same  happens  in  your  brain  when  you  focus  about  appreciation.  One  thought  after   the  other  comes  up  that  is  related  to  appreciation.  You  get  what  you  think  (and  feel)   about.    

Appreciate what  you  have  

Very  often  people  in  Europe  and  North  America  are  more  focused  on  negative  things,   especially  when  it  comes  to  success  and  money.  But  there  are  many  statistics  that  says   that  nearby  all  in  Europe  and  North  America  belong  to  the  5%  richest  of  the  world.   Regardless  of  this  fact,  many  think  we  are  poor.     What  can  you  do  when  you  see  more  the  negative  aspect.  Start  to  see  the  things  in  your   life  you  appreciate.  You  maybe  ask:  “How  should  I  do  that?”  Here  I  have  an  exercise  for   that:     Take  a  notebook,  write  on  the  first  page  in  big  letters  “My  book  of  positive  aspects”.   Then  start  to  write  on  a  daily  basis  at  least  five  to  ten  things  you  are  grateful  about.  This   can  be  small  things  at  the  beginning.  For  example,  that  you  have  enough  to  eat,  that  you   have  a  home  and  so  on.  I  recommend  that  you  start  every  day  with  the  following   formula:     “I  am  so  happy  and  grateful  now  that  I  have/be/do….”     The  best  thing  is,  when  you  can  to  this  every  day  at  the  same  time.  For  some  people   works  it  best  in  the  morning  and  for  others  during  lunch  time  or  in  the  evening.  In  this   way,  you  start  a  new  habit  and  over  time  it’s  normal  for  you  to  do  this  exercise.    


Do  you  see  the  face  or  the  vase?  

What can  happen     The  more  you  do  the  exercise,  the  more  your  focus  change.  You  start  to  see  thing  from  y   new  point  of  view.  This  gives  you  new  options  and  you  see  new  solutions.  On  so  starts  a   new  creative  way  of  thinking.  When  problems  occur,  your  brain  searches  for  new   solutions  instead  of  falling  back  into  a  negative  mud  and  the  see  yourself  as  a  victim.     In  the  future  you  will  go  through  life  with  more  self-­‐esteem  and  this  lead  to  more   success,  because  you’re  looking  more  for  the  solution  than  the  problem.  And  all  this   starts  with  appreciation.  Remember:  Winners  think  in  solutions.     Bruno  Buergi     http://bruno-­     Join  the  Six-­Figure-­Mentors  Here  

Appreciation - A Cornerstone to Success  

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