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Ben Buddig T206 Creep For my midterm project I decided to use the song ‘Creep’ by the band Radiohead. The song tells a story of a guy who thinks that this girl is absolutely beautiful, yet he is way to much of a creepy and lonely person to ever have a chance with her. The song gives off a feeling of isolation and being alienated from society. I wanted to capture that same feeling in my photos but I still needed an asthenic to portray those feelings thought. I decided to use the asthenic of a dark and dramatic high school film, such as America Beauty or Teenage Dirtbag. Drawing cues form the asthenic and the feeling of the song I got to work on the actual photos. With the first photo I wanted to show that my subject in the song was an isolated and dark figure in contrast to a world of brightness. I showed this by having my subject staring out the window from a darken room. The contrast of light shows that he is almost a hermit and that he is separate of the outside world. The second shot is an over-the-shoulder of the subject as he stares at his object of affection down below. The major theme in both the song and the asthenic deal untold love so I knew I would have to illustrated theme. I was again placed my subject close to the widow, this time with the blinds down, and have him bend the blinds to watch over the girl he was this unspoken crush on. Once again the lightly place a key affect as the girl is outside on a bright day and the subject is inside the dark room, showing that he lives in the shadows of society. For the third shot I placed the subject and the object of affection outside. I had the girl sit on a park bench next to a male figure. Both are wearing bright colors for two reasons; 1. So they would pop out in the background of the shot and 2. So that they would look bright and cheery, nearly care-free. In contrast I had my main subject in dark hooded sweater and a dead pan look on his face, making him seem bland and dull, as if you wouldn't notice him. I framed the shot so that the lonely subject extremely up close and to the right third and the couple are further back and in the left portion of the shot, making seems as thought anywhere the subject goes the object of affection is still on his mind. Trying to use the aesthetic of high school movies I thought that it would be appropriate to take a shot that looked like it was in a high school hallway. This froth photo combines elements of the previous three. Like the first two it was high contrast of light, showing the subject in shadows and his female crush in the light. Similar to the third shot it is a close shot of the subject with the couple off in the distance. With the lockers in the left third of the frame it gives the feeling of being in a high school hallway. I had the subject tilt his head towards the couple as if he were spying on them, with his classes on it is almost as if you can see through his glasses lens and see the world thought his perspective. The last picture is much different from the others in that it is the only one where the subject is seen with no hood and in full light, he is in the left third of the frame and his holding a girls necklace. I did that to show that the subject is breaking into the society that he doesn't belong to, but the only reason he’s doing that is so he can go through the girls backpack and steal her necklace

Lyrics Creep by Radiohead When you were here before Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel Your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish I was special You're so fucking special But I'm a creep I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here Asthenic: Dark high school movies, i.e. Donnie Darko, Teenage Dirtbag, Brick, American Beauty

Creep Midterm  

T206 Midterm

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