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BLOGGING UNIVE®SITY University established to enhance your blog

1st Edition

By B B Susheel Kumar Note: Trademarks including "Blogging University", "Blogging Unive®sity" and "Blogging Unive₹sity" are the property of B B Susheel Kumar, all rights reserved.

Š B B Susheel Kumar, 2013

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by means, without permission or credit. Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution. Published 2013 1st Edition

The views and contents of this book are solely of the author and others. This book is prepared on the condition and understanding that its contents are merely for information and reference and that the author nor the publishers are engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional service. The author and others specifically disclaim all any liability for any loss, damage, risk injury, distress, etc. suffered by an person, whether or not a purchase of this book, as a consequence whether direct or indirect, of any action taken or not taken on the basis of the contents of this book. This publisher believes that the contents of this book do not violate any existing copyright/intellectual property of the others in any manner whatsoever. However, in the event the author has been unable to track any source and if any copyright has been inadvertently infringed, please notify the publisher in writing or by email for corrective action.



one sense, this book is a construction manual. It describes all the tools you will need for the development and Search engine optimization of your blog. This book offers blueprints and all the codes that are required to help you build a successful and rewarding blog or website. In a other words, it is a cookbook. It lists the ingredients (codes and tricks) you will need to follow to build a elegant blog and gives you the recipe for using them in the correct positions. But, above all, this is a guidebook which gives a step by step procedure to build a optimized blog with useful widgets. HOW TO READ THIS BOOK? This book will help you to build and optimize a blog and increases and develops the creativity in you and unleashes new ideas in building a blog. Use this as a workbook. It should be read carefully because all the HTML codes contain large number of symbols used frequently. It is recommended not to follow this book without having a backup of you blog because all the codes may not work on all the blogs. Also care must be taken such that you do not place or copy the codes at wrong sections of your blog which may also cause damage to blog. For the benefit of the readers we also provided the links to all the contents (codes, tips, tricks and source) at the end of the respective post in the book from which you can directly copy the codes in order to save time. THIS BOOK IS RECOMMENDED FOR BOTH BASIC AND ADVANCED USERS.

Blogging University 1st Edition Pre-Launch Version  

This book will help you to build and optimize a blog and increases and develops the creativity in you and unleashes new ideas in building a...

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