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Denver Metro Area September 21, 2009

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Now that the canicular heat is coming to an end, Tidbits turns our gaze to the breezy days ahead. Not sure what canicular means? Then stay tuned readers, Tidbits is getting ready to tell you a bit about the adjective canicular and the autumn days ahead.

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Sprinkler Blow-Outs

by Sarah Bates

• The word canicular is an adjective and refers to either one of two things - either a dog itself or to the almost beastly hot days of summer from July to early September. The word, with a root of canine, refers particularly to those dog days of summer you’ve a l w a y s heard so much about - or experienced first hand! If you don’t live in the deep South, they might not have affected you as badly as others, but no matter where you are, you’re probably looking forward to the cooler days ahead!

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• New England is well known for its tourists in autumn. Some of the best times to visit the northeast depend on the state you are planning to visit. Maine’s best foliage can be seen from mid-September to mid-October. But don’t think the pretty scenery is limited to the north, even states like Alabama have fall foliage tourism. Visitors to Elkmont, Alabama can walk or ride a ten mile trail and enjoy the scenery. The Elkmont “Rails to Trails Color Walk or Ride” event takes place on October 24th and 25th this year. • The autumn equinox takes place on September 22nd this year. An equinox occurs when both poles are equal distance from the sun, whereas a solstice takes place when one pole is as close to the sun as it can get. The autumnal equinox actually marks the middle of autumn in such Asian countries as China, Japan and Korea.

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Page 2 HERE COMES FALL! (continued) • Why do leaves change colors anyway? Leaves are green because of the chlorophyll inside of them. As the days get shorter, trees begin to prepare for winter. The trees begin to close up shop for winter and in the process begin to lose their green chlorophyll, revealing colors like orange and yellow. Continued chlorophyll making in the autumn is what turns some leaves red, and brown is the left over waste inside of a leaf. Cool autumn nights in combination with the glucose inside them cause some leaves, like maple leaves, to turn purple. • The Chinese, and several other East Asian cultures, divide their years into twenty-four solar terms rather than four seasons. Each term is marked by the degree at which the earth is tilted. MidAutumn is marked by the Earth being titled at 180º and is celebrated with the mid-autumn festival known as Zhongqiu Jie. Along with New Year, it is one of the most important festivals of the year for the Chinese. The festival is particularly marked by moon themed activities since the harvest moon is believed to be the fullest, roundest moon of the year. Moon worship is also an ancient custom, dating back thousands of years, making the harvest moon a particularly celebratory thing. Families and friends gather to admire the moon, visit with loved ones, light lanterns or attend lantern shows and eat moon cakes during this festival. This year, the festival will take place on October 3, 2009. The festival generally occurs anywhere between mid-September and early October. • Did you know that there was a period of time in France where the new year began in autumn and not in January? After the French revolution and during the days of the French First Republic at the turn of the 18th century, the French Republican calendar was used. The calendar was divided into twelve months, the same as modern calendars. However, the months were all thirty days long and were divided into three decades, unlike our four week months. Each decade was divided into ten days, which was divided into ten hours, which was divided into 100 minutes and so on. The important part so far as autumn is concerned is that the calendar began in the month of Vendémiaire and on the autumnul equinox on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th of September. The entire calendar was very precise but was abolished by Napoléon in 1806, giving the calendar


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just over twelve years of use. • The word autumn came originally from Old French, where it was written autompne. However, the Old French word came from the Latin word autumnus. Before the use of autumn in modern English language, the most commonly accepted term was harvest, which came from the Old English hærfest. • While maple syrup is more traditionally thought of in the winter, the maple trees which produce the syrup are some of the most brilliantly colored trees during fall. Did you know that Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S.? Likewise, Canada is the producer of a majority of maple syrup in the world and Quebec is the largest producer in Canada. Maple trees, known for their bright red color in the fall, can be seen throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The changing of the maple leaves is called momijigari in Japan.

September 21, 2009

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in, cornu means horn and copia means plenty, making cornucopia literally mean “horn of plenty.” Greek mythology says that while Zeus was playing as a child, the horn of his pet goat Amalthea broke off. The broken off horn had great power and thereafter became a symbol for plenty, as whoever was in possession of the horn would be granted whatever he or she desired. In history and today, the horn is depicted as hollow and filled with a bounty of fruits and vegetables and has come to symbolize the bounty of the fall harvest.

• While we tend to think of the Mayflower only during the month of November, it’s good to remember when the Mayflower left • Did you know that America has its own England as well! Stonehenge? America’s Stonehenge The Pilgrims left claims an accurate astronomical calenEngland on September 16 and sailed for dar made up of the structures on site and sixty-six days to reach Plymouth, Massacelebrates yearly astronomical events, chusetts. They started out in Southampincluding the autumnul equinox. Located ton, England, which is a coastal town in in Salem, New Hampshire, this archaesouth England. Did you know that Southological site is made up of large strucampton is also famous for being the port tures made of stone. There are many in which the Titanic departed in 1912? theories about the origins of America’s Stonehenge, although carbon dating has • Another traditional sign of autumn is the placed some of the charcoal pits over two cornucopia, or the Horn of Plenty. While thousand years ago. The site is open year we also tend to associate this with the round from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and offers a Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, the symbolvariety of entertainment for its visitors to ism behind the horn actually dates to the enjoy, including alpacas! Greeks and the 5th century B.C.E. In Lat-

September 21, 2009

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er L

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• On Sept. 26, 1957, “West Side Story,” composed by Leonard Bernstein, opens on Broadway. The play was a reinterpretation of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” transposed onto New York’s West Side. It tells the tale of a love affair between Tony, who is Polish American, and Maria, a Puerto Rican, set against an urban background of interracial warfare. • On Sept. 25, 1978, a Pacific Southwest Airlines jet collides in mid-air with a small Cessna over San Diego, killing 153 people. The fuel in the jet burst into a massive fireball upon impact, and a witness on the ground reported that she saw her “apples and oranges bake on the trees.” • On Sept. 27, 1989, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor storms out of a courtroom in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she stood accused of slapping Officer Paul Kramer during a traffic stop and having an open container and expired license. Gabor violated a court-imposed gag order by calling a prosecution witness “a little punk with a hairdo like a girl.” • On Sept. 24, 1996, bestselling author Stephen King releases two new novels at once. The first, “Desperation,” was released under King’s name, while the second, “The Regulators,” was published under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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• On Sept. 23, 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt defends the honor of his small dog, Fala, who had recently been the subject of a political attack. Critics had circulated a story claiming that Roosevelt had accidentally left Fala behind while visiting the Aleutian Islands, and that the president sent a Navy destroyer, at a taxpayer expense of up to $20 million, to go back and pick up the dog.

1550 S Parker Rd.


• On Sept. 22, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issues a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which sets a date for the freedom of more than 3 million black slaves in the United States and recasts the Civil War as a fight against slavery.


Colorado Blvd.

• On Sept. 21, 1780, American General Benedict Arnold commits treason when he meets with British Major John Andre to discuss handing over West Point to the British. In return, Arnold was promised a large sum of money and a high position in the British army.

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1. MUSIC: Who played the drums in the ‘60s pop music band “The Monkees”? 2. MEDICAL TERMS: What does it mean to suffer from “dysorexia”? 3. AD SLOGANS: Which airline asked customers in its advertising to “fly the friendly skies”? 4. PSYCHOLOGY: If someone had lachanophobia, what would he or she be afraid of? 5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: How many teeth does an adult pig have? 6. HISTORY: Which war of the 20th century was the first in which poison gas was used? 7. FAMOUS QUOTES: Which comedian once said, “I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury”? 8. GEOGRAPHY: What country’s basic monetary unit is the rand? 9. LITERATURE: Who wrote the first American dictionary? 10. ENTERTAINERS: What was Gene Wilder’s birth name? Answers 1. Mickey Dolenz 2. Reduced appetite 3. United Airlines 4. Fear of vegetables 5. 44 6. World War I (1915) 7. Groucho Marx 8. South Africa 9. Noah Webster 10. Jerome Silberman (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) An offer to help with a stalled project should reassure you that you have a workable plan in spite of the problems in getting it up and running. The week’s end brings more positive news. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) A past problem about a workplace situation re-emerges early in the week. Talking things out helps ease tensions by midweek, but some hurt feelings could linger a few more days. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Optimistic aspects dominate your efforts. However, expect to confront some criticism, some of which might be valid, so keep an open mind. But overall, it’s your views that will count. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Social interaction with new people, especially on the job, could be a bit strained in the early part of the week. But the awkwardness passes as you get to know each other better. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Expect news about a follow-up to a workplace change that could make a difference in your career path. Meanwhile, new friends widen the circle for all you Social Lions who love to party. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Enjoy your well-earned plaudits for a job well done. But be aware that some people might not share your colleagues’ admiration, and you might have to work harder to win them over. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) It’s a good week to recheck your probably already overlong “to do” list and decide what to keep and what to discard. Lose the clutter and focus your energy on what’s really important. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) This is a good time to take a new perspective on what you’ve been offered. Expanding your view could help to uncover any plusses or minuses that weren’t apparent at first. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Applying the usual methods to this week’s unique challenges might not work too well. Instead, use your creativity to find a way to resolve any impasse that develops. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) So what if fate throws some obstacles in your path this week? Just keep in mind that the sure-footed and resolute Goat can get past any barrier by focusing on the goals up ahead. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) This week calls for better communication with people in both your private life and the workplace. Start by asking questions, and then pay close attention to the answers. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Potentially beneficial workplace changes could be closer than you realize. Make sure you know what’s going on so that you’re not left high and dry when the good things happen. BORN THIS WEEK: You’re not timid about pushing to have your aims realized once you’ve set your mind to accomplishing your goals. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Bus Tour of the Golden Triangle Art/ Museum District: First Friday of every month 5 - 9 pm. Ballet Arts Theatre, 816 Acoma St, Denver 303-825-7570 Children’s Museum: First Tuesday evening of the month, 4 - 8pm. 2121 Children’s Museum Drive Colorado Railroad Museum: Check the web site for free days. 17155 W. 44th Avenue, Golden 303-279-4591. CU In Broomfield World Music Series: Free concerts 2nd Wed of every month, 7pm Broomfield Auditorium, 3 Community Park Rd, 303-469-3301 x7999 Denver Art Museum: First Sat of every month free to CO residents, 10am5pm 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway Denver Botanic Gardens: Free days Oct 23; 9am 5pm.1005 York St, 720-865-3500 Denver Museum of Nature & Science: 2009 Free days: Sun Oct 4, Mon Nov 2, Sun Nov 22. 2001 Colorado Boulevard, 303-322-7009 Firehouse Tales For Tots: Denver Firefighters Museum 1356 Tremont Pl, (303) 892-1436. First Wednesday of each month 10:00 am - 10:30 am. Ages 2-6 Museum of Contemporary Art: First Saturday of every month admission = 1 penny. 1275 19th St in Denver. 303-298-7554 U.S. Mint: Mon - Fri; 8am - 3pm; reservations encouraged 320 West Colfax Ave. 303-405-4761

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Colorado Rockies - MLB • Rockies host Padres: Tue Sep 22, 6:40, Wed Sep 23, 6:40, Thu Sep 24, 6:40 • Rockies host Cardinals: Fri Sep 25, 6:10, Sat Sep 26, 6:10, Sun Sep 27, 1:10 • Rockies host Brewers: Tues Sep 29, 6:40, Wed Sep 30, 6:40, Thu Oct 1, 1:10 Colorado Rapids - Major League Soccer • Rapids host San Jose: Wed Sep 23, 7:30 pm • Kansas City hosts Rapids: Sat Sep 26, 6:30 pm • Rapids host New England: Sat Oct 3, 7:00 pm Colorado Avalanche - NHL • Avalanche host Sharks: Thus Oct 1, 7:30 pm TICKETS ON SALE NOW Denver Broncos - NFL • Oakland hosts Broncos: Sun Sep 27, 1:15 pm • Broncos host Dallas: Sun Oct 4, 2:15 pm Colorado Mammoth - NLL PRESEASON Mammoth hosts Minnesota: Fri Dec 18, 7:00pm Colorado Rapids - MLS • Colorado hosts San Jose: Wed Sep 23, 7:30 pm • Kansas City hosts Rapids: Sat Sep 26, 6:30 pm

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September 21, 2009

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is a process where compressed air is blown through your sprinkler pipes at a specific psi to clear them of water. Each station on your system is subjected to this process including your drip zones.

Smitty’s Sprinklers “It’s that time again!” has become a well-known saying to our regular customers when September rolls around each year. They know it is time to schedule an appointment to have their lawn sprinkler systems winterized to protect this important and expensive household asset from freezing during Colorado’s cold fall and winter.

While some homes in Colorado have in-ground shut offs for the sprinkler system, most homes have shut-offs located in either the basement, a crawl space or the garage. For these homes, it is very important during the shutdown process to drain the system back to the shut off point. This removes water from the pipes leading into your home. Most The staff at Smitty’s is often asked the shut off ball valves have a drain on them question, “Why do I need to winterize to support this process. my sprinkler system?” When the Smitty’s Sprinklers also suggests temperature drops below freezing, water wrapping up your Backflow Unit of course will turn to ice, which expands (Pressure Vacuum Breaker) once the the contained area causing exposed fall arrives even if you haven’t yet blown areas of plastic and metal to burst. You out our system for the season. There will not often see the damage until the are special insulation packs that can temperature starts to rise again, melting be purchased to protect this expensive the ice a little and allowing the water to device however, one of the easiest and flow through the damaged area. This most convenient ways is to cover it in process can occur at any time during the Colorado style by “dressing it in layers”. wintry weather with the many and varied Towels, a folded blanket, or padded temperature fluctuations in our state. materials can be used to cover the PVB. Another common question we are asked You can then secure them in place with is “So, what does it mean to blow out a personal favorite … duct tape! or winterize my sprinkler system?” This After being in business for nearly 30

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September 21, 2009


Question: How many members of the U.S.S. Enterprise does it take to change a light bulb? By Samantha Weaver • It was Chinese philosopher Confucius who made the following sage observation: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” • In 1875, a locust plague of epic proportions descended upon the Great Plains. Observers say it was 110 miles wide, and, at 1,800 miles long, stretched from Canada all the way down to Texas. • If you ever travel to China, keep in mind that the menu item known colorfully as phoenix talons are actually just chicken feet. • Farming is against the law in Washington, D.C. • When business magnate Bill Gates was a student at Harvard, he probably wasn’t taken very seriously when he told his professors that he would be a millionaire by the time he was 30 years old. Imagine their surprise when, by the time he turned 31, he was a billionaire. • Before entrepreneur Eddie Bauer founded his eponymous clothing line, he sold tennis and badminton equipment. • In ancient Rome, an augur was someone who devoted his time to predicting the future based on the behavior of birds. Yep, birds. • In honor of National Pizza Month (which is October, in case you didn’t know), here’s an interesting tidbit: The average American eats 23 pounds, or 46 slices of pizza each year. • When “Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith” was released in 2005, hardcore fans went to great lengths to be among the first to see the film. One man spent 139 days camping out in front of a theater to ensure his spot, remaining connected to work via his cell phone and laptop. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

Thought for the Day: “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” -- Albert Einstein

Answer: 7. Scotty will report to Captain Kirk that the light bulb in the Engineering Section is burnt out, to which Kirk will send Bones to pronounce the bulb dead. Scotty, after checking around, notices that they have no more new light bulbs, and complains that he can’t see in the dark to tend to his engines. Kirk must make an emergency stop at the next uncharted planet, Alpha Regula IV, to procure a light bulb from the natives. Kirk, Spock, Bones, Sulu, and 3 red shirt security officers beam down. The 3 security officers are promptly killed by the natives, and the rest of the landing party is captured. Meanwhile, back in orbit, Scotty notices a Klingon ship approaching and must warp out of orbit to escape detection. Bones cures the native king who is suffering from the flu, and as a reward the landing party is set free and given all of the light bulbs they can carry. Scotty cripples the Klingon ship and warps back to the planet just in time to beam up Kirk et. al. The new bulb is inserted, and the Enterprise continues with its five year mission.

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• All Colors of Cement! • Reasonable Prices • No job too large or too small CALL TODAY! (303) 234-5150 Claud Cement Company get the barman to put it in a teacup for you, then no one will ever know.” The Nun reluctantly agrees, so John goes inside to the bar. “Another pint for me, and a triple vodka on the rocks”, then he lowers his voice and says to the barman “and could you put the vodka in a teacup?” “Oh no! It’s not that Nun again is it?” Driving to work, a gentleman had to swerve to avoid a box that fell out of a truck in front of him. Seconds later, a policeman pulled him over for reckless driving. Fortunately, another officer had seen the carton in the road. The policemen stopped traffic and recovered the box. It was found to contain large upholstery tacks. “I’m sorry sir,” the first trooper told the driver, “but I am still going to have to write you a ticket.” Amazed, the driver asked for what. The trooper replied, “Tacks evasion.”

For the first time in many years, an old man traveled from his rural town to the city to attend a movie. After buying his ticket, he stopped at the concession stand to purchase some popcorn. Handing the attendant $3.50, he couldn’t help but comment, “The last time I came to the movies, popcorn was only 15 cents.” “Well, sir,” the attendant replied with a grin, “You’re really going to enjoy yourself. We have sound now.” A golf club walks into a local bar and John was sitting outside his local pub asks the barman for a pint of beer. The barone day, enjoying a quiet pint and general- man refuses to serve him. “Why not,” asks ly feeling good about him self, when a nun the golf club. “You’ll be driving later,” replies suddenly appears at his table and starts the bartender. decrying the evils of drink. “You should be ashamed of yourself young man! Drinking is a Sin! Alcohol is the blood of the devil!” 2009 Rocky Mountain Civil War Symposium Now John gets pretty annoyed about this, and goes on the offensive. “How do you know this, Sister?” “My Mother Superior Distinguished Civil War told me so.” “But have you ever had a drink Scholars Discuss yourself? How can you be sure that what Antietam & you are saying is right?” “Don’t be ridicuGettysburg lous--of course I have never taken alcohol October 3, 2009 myself” “Then let me buy you a drink - if you 8:00am to 5:00pm Community College of still believe afterwards that it is evil I will Aurora give up drink for life” “How could I, a Nun, Tickets & Information sit outside this public house drinking?!” “I’ll (303) 249-4336

Lee Invades the North


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Cat Of The Week

Angel - a 3 year old, spayed female, white doemstic long hair mix. ID #A0484424

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Laugh Lines!

You Know You’re Having a Bad Day When...

• The worst player on the golf course wants to play you for money. • You get to work and find a “60 Minutes” news team waiting in your office. • Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles. • You turn on the evening news and they are showing emergency routes out of the city. • Your 4-year-old tells you that it’s almost impossible to flush a grapefruit down the toilet. • You wake up to the soothing sound of running water...and remember that you just bought a waterbed. • Everyone avoids you the morning after the company office party. • The bird singing outside your window is a vulture. • You call your answering service and they tell you it’s none of your business. • Your blind date turns out to be your exwife. • Your income tax refund check bounces. • You put both contact lenses in the same eye. • You need one bathroom scale for each foot. • You compliment the boss’ wife on her unusual perfume and she isn’t wearing any. • You go on your honeymoon to a

Tidbits® - Denver Metro Area

September 21, 2009

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Tidbits - Denver Metro Area - Issue #1105  

Issue #1105 - Weekly issue of Tidbits - Denver Metro Area. The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read

Tidbits - Denver Metro Area - Issue #1105  

Issue #1105 - Weekly issue of Tidbits - Denver Metro Area. The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read