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Beating The Bugs At Your BBQ Party It’s great to invite friends to your barbecue party – what’s not so great is when little guests turn up uninvited. The last thing you want at your barbecue party is a swarm of wasps or an army of ants trying to get in on the action. An insect’s party tricks, such as climbing up table legs and flying near faces, will not only annoy your guests, but may even drive them indoors, so here’s how to fight back: The Midgeater The Midgeater is a thorough and efficient way of ridding your garden of pesky midges. Midges are attracted to humans by the carbon dioxide we breathe out – and the Midgeater ingeniously mimics this, giving off a scented bait to lure them close. When the midges are close enough, they are sucked in and held in a disposable bag. Whether commercial or domestic, there are Midgeater models to suit all situations – from your back garden BBQs to the local pub. For more details on the Midgeater range, visit the official Midgeater website. Citronella Lamp Kemper Citronella Lamps are great for lighting your garden and decorating your alfresco dining table, while also keep flies and midges at bay. Citronella oil from a cartridge held inside the base of the lamp is burnt, releasing a fragrance unpleasant to midges and gnats to ensure they keep a safe distance. The smell is perfectly pleasant for humans, making it one of the most attractive insect repellents around. The terracotta lamps are just £25 from the Calor BBQ Shop and can easily be topped up with a new cartridge, for just £5.

Natural Steps Here are some more natural ways to keep your party bug-free: Hold your party away from the most fragrant flowers in your garden. Insects like strong fragrances and are drawn toward them. This includes hairspray and perfumes, so go easy on the aftershave! Use lots of garlic when you’re cooking on barbecues, and decorate with fresh lavender. Insects don’t like these smells so will stay away. Bright clothing attracts the insects. Try toning down your colour scheme if you don’t want to attract the gnats – wasps are particularly fond of the colour yellow. Crazy as it sounds, you may want to try avoiding bananas before you go out to a barbecue party – some pests will be attracted to the nectar through your skin. In late summer, wasps are particularly attracted to sweet things – you can lead them away from the party by placing a dish of jam or beer at the opposite end of the garden away from the BBQ.

Beating The Bugs At Your BBQ Party  
Beating The Bugs At Your BBQ Party  

Beating The Bugs At Your BBQ Party barbecue party turn up uninvited.