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Welcome to our premier issue of BBP Magazine. It’s full of inspiratio who we would like to take a moment to appreciate. Since May is the m who just had her first child, Angel Morris who has 8 children, and a s Highlights from this issue include interviews with Miss EOC Megan stand points on pageants that we think you will find very interesting.

We are also introducing our first set of 2012 BBP Models. From aspir will take your breath away.

There are several other topics that are included in this issue and inste enjoy them!

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on and loads of love specifically from mothers month of Mother’s day we featured Tayler Davis surrogate story that will bring tears to your eyes. Johnson & Miss Choctaw Madison Black. Two .

ring nurses to fashion marketers, our BBP Models

ead of listing everything we’re just going let you

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I’m a 22 year old who lives every minute to it’s fullest whether it’s laughing at a random joke or having coffee with my wife. Hi, I’m Brandon. I was born in California and stayed until I was 16 years old when we decided to move to Oklahoma. At the age of 16 I was able to start over, I was able to recreate the track I was on. As much as I felt like I had to be a part of some type of sport, it never caught my interest. For me, my sport was theatre & photography. These two things have always been a huge passion of mine and I’m so glad I’m blessed to have the opportunity of incorporating both into my career. I love that I get to photograph the genuine moments between individuals (as cheesy as that may sound it’s truly my main passion). Teaming with my wife has been such a great journey and I’m so thrilled to now have the opportunity of sharing our adventures with our readers.

I’m Kate! I’m 20 years old, married, and am currently attending the University of Central Oklahoma to attain my degree in Theatre Education and Communication. I hope to teach high school competitive drama and debate. Theatre has been my passion ever since I was a little girl, and has consumed my life for a while now (which I’m totally okay with). I was born and raised in good ole’ Oklahoma City, with the exception of when I was 3 and my mom wanted to do something “spontaneous”, so of course we moved to New York for 3 years. I’m married to the most talented man I know, and I’m living an amazing, fun-filled life with him. We both have many hopes and dreams that we plan on fulfilling together and I can’t wait to share a little bit of our life with our readers.

Ask For Chelsea


2. Tayler Davis discusses the addition to her family Angel and the joy of having eight some finger paint. 33.children plus96. A surrogate story that will melt 46.your heart Why do you enjoy being a mom? 52. God’s Little Helpers 59.In-Home Daycare Local senior is Dartmouth Bound 62. Welcome

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2. Welcome 10. Meet Morgan 21. Taylor Davis talks about being a first time mom. 32. Angel discusses having 8 children and what Mother’s day is all about 40. Mother’s Day gift ideas 42. Why do you enjoy being a mom? 50. “A belly for me and a baby for you” 62. God’s Little Helpers 64. Dartmouth Bound 68. Kate’s Nook 74. Cake Smashing 78. Summer Vacation Ideas

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70. Summer Vacation Ideas 64. 62. ip By Morgan 76. Beauty Tip By Morgan hnson talks about her Miss. EOC 86. Megan Johnson e in Miss Oklahoma Dog treats make for puts down the raddles up the dog bones. 90. good smiles Black wins Miss 106. londe” The Musical 108. time it’s okay to find nd your ear. 116.

Vacation Ideas

80. Fashion for Summer photos 82. The Importance of photography 84. Morgan Black’s make up tip 94. Top camera phone apps 96. Miss EOC Megan Johnson 110. Pup Love 114. K-9 Photography 116. Miss Choctaw Madison Black 124. Danielle Stephens plays Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde” the Musical 128. Claudia Fain portrays Margot 150. How to become a BBP Model 152. Brandon Burton Photography heads to California

Morgan Black is a fierce, inspiring make up & hair artist here in Oklahoma City. She specializes in making everyone look and feel absolutely beautiful. Her main events include but are not limited to prom, weddings, fashion & any special event in your life. Morgan officially put herself on the map almost over a year ago when she created her freelance business titled “Face On Face Off Make Up by Morgan.” She is no stranger to BBP Magazine, and in fact, you can find some of her work throughout the magazine. When Morgan isn’t doing hair or make up you can catch her working at Fourth & White Oak, a clothing boutique in Midwest City. Or you can find Morgan stuyding to finish her Associate’s degree in History. Something you would never guess coming from a make up artist is that she has problems

with certain textures. For example Mor can’t color with crayons because she ha they feel. Also, she doesn’t like to eat or because the pulp grosses her out.

We caught up with Morgan to see what prefers to wear on a night out on the to this was her reply: “It really depends on mood. Some days I will just wear some bronze-y eyeshadows with some masca chapstick (golds are good for blue eyes, way). But some days I go all out with a eye and false eyelashes!”

It’s Morgan’s artistic eye and crazy imag that makes the amazing and talented m artist she is. You can find more about M Black on Facebook or you may contact Believe me, you’re worth it!

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Not only is this our premier issue, bu month. We wanted to dedicate a pa there. What better way to grasp mo just had a baby and another mom th er moms why they enjoy being a mo that are reading and have yet to fig we’ve also inclu Thank you moms

ut we are also celebrating Mom’s day this art of the magazine to all the moms out otherhood than intervieing a mom that hat has 8 kids? We also asked several othom and what it means to them. For those gure out what you’re getting your mom, uded a few gift ideas. for all your hard work!

A Mom’s First Mother’s Day


Photo By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton


“My life forever changed and everything became real.” For Mother’s day we wanted to get a fresh insight into becoming a mom for the first time. I had the privilege of not only capturing photos of the beautiful pregnancy but I also had the joy of capturing Brystol at 7 days old. We set aside some time to find out what Tayler did during the process and to see how she’s doing with the new addition to her family.

What was one major thing you did in preparation for your first child?

“I would have to say preparing the nursery was a major project. We used our spare bedroom for storing all of my clothes and all of our “random” things. The only question in my mind was, “How am I going to fit a baby in here?” We had to clean and re-organize the entire house to find new spaces for all of our things. After clearing the whole room out, the bedroom was painted, trimmed, received new closet and bedroom doors, and was completely transformed into an adorable, cowboy nursery!”

Was there anything that came unexpectedly that you were not prepared for during the pregnancy?

non Davis, Brystol McKen ces, 6 pounds 5 oun 19 inches long. . 2012 at 5:10 P.M , 3 l ri p A n o rn Bo

Describe a memory from your baby shower?

“My baby shower was amazing. We had it at Pinkitzel Cupcakes in Bricktown. All of my family and friends came. We had cupcakes, candy, tea, played baby shower bingo, and I got A TON of gifts. I loved having a baby shower, it was so much fun!”

“All of the restrictions! I never realized how much stuff you cannot do while you are pregnant. My normal, everyday tasks at work, I was now “not allowed” to do. Being pregnant was so frustrating, I couldn’t even tie my own shoes! I also had some troubles during the pregnancy which kept me feeling miserable, I never expected that pregnancy was so hard on your body.”

What was your most random craving during pregnancy?

“Squash! I hate the taste of squash but for some reason I craved it constantly. I would have to order it and pour a ton of salt on it just to be able to swallow it. Now that the pregnancy is over, squash is one food I will never be eating again!”

“He was proud to show off that he was a boy.” Describe you and your husband’s new sleeping schedule since the baby has been born?

“Our new sleeping schedule consists of being up most of the night! My husband and I take turns getting up to do feedings but when the baby wakes up we have a lot of trouble getting him back to sleep. The phrase “Up all night, sleep all day” would perfectly describe Brystol’s schedule!”

How was your hospital experience?

“The Renaissance was a really great facility. I would definitely recommend having a baby in a birthing center rather than a hospital. The atmosphere was calm, the nurses were so friendly, and the baby was always kept in the room with me to where I could take care of him myself. Another positive thing about the Renaissance is that, since it is a small facility, the anesthesiologist was always close by and I hardly felt any kind of pain with my labor!”

With the baby being over 7 days old now, describe little man’s personality?

“Brystol has the best personality! He is such a calm baby, rarely ever does he cry. He smiles a lot and is really great in public. When he is awake, he is very curious, he keeps his eyes wide open and is alert to everything around him. Every day it seems that he has more personality and I can’t wait to see how his personality continues to develop as he gets older.”

What was the most memorable part of being pregnant?

“To me, the most memorable part of being pregnant was going to our first ultrasound appointment. We made an appointment with Storkvision when I was 17 weeks along so that we could find out the gender. We got to see our baby in 3D images and he was proud to show off that he was a boy! The 3D images allowed us to see his facial features and gave me such happiness to be able to get an idea of what our little man would actually look like! That experience was definitely the most profound part of being pregnant. My life forever changed after that moment and everything became real.”

In regard to all of the baby electronics and gadgets, which one could you not live without?

“I would say that our best purchase was the swing. Anytime Brystol is fussy I will put him in there and he calms down automatically. Brystol loves to be rocked, but when there are things around the house that I need to take care of, the swing temporarily replaces me. The swing also helps put him to sleep. I’ve even been guilty of letting him sleep in it during the night! The swing helps us get things done, and I recommend that every parent should have one!”

What advice would you give to future or current new mommies?

“Work on your patience by allowing time for yourself, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Listen to your iPod, nap when the baby naps, do something to calm down and breathe. Having a newborn is stressful and requires a lot of patience (I have NO patience at all) so moms really need to give time to themselves so that they don’t feel so overwhelmed.”

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton



I could not be more thrilled to hav section. I met Angel & her family love and appreciation they all had kids were super tiny. When doing was the first one on our list because radiating love this family gives off to know how it was having eight

’s Note

ve Angel be a part of our Mother’s Day a few years ago and instantly saw the for each other, even when most of the g prep work for these columns, Angel e I wanted to share a small piece of the when you’re around them. We wanted t kids and this is what she had to say.

Tell us about the ages of the kids. Elizabeth 16 Asher 15 Abigail 13 Gideon 11 Noah 9 Lydia7 Anna 5 Eli 2

Photos By: Brandon Burton fe

“Be flexible, relaxed & enjoy the ride.” What does your daily routine consist of?

Daily Routine. HA! No such thing in the Morris house. Wake up, chores, and then it changes everyday. Homeschool band, Speech Therapy, Piano Lessons, Soccer, Church Youth Band, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Working out, Golf, that’s just the weekly stuff. The only thing we do for sure every day is some time on the computers doing school and family chill time watching tv before bed.

What has been the most difficult part of raising 8 children?

Juggling schedules and trying not to forget a kid. It happens, but not to often, thankfully.

How do you find time for yourself and your husband? In that time, what do you like to do together?

We have 3 teenagers in the house and a great Nana, so someone is always available to watch the little ones so finding time alone is pretty easy and happens fairly often now. When we go out, we go to dinner, a movie, watch a Thunder game or go dancing.

How was raising your oldest child different than raising your youngest? What parenting techniques have you kept/ thrown away?

We were strict with the first kids and now we are very relaxed parents. When Elizabeth was 3 months old my Grandma tried to feed her a spoon of ice cream. I just about flipped! I was so angry. I think back to that day

now and am so embarrassed that I reacted like that. She wasn’t go to die by one spoon of ice cream. I haven’t thrown out a lot of my parenting techniques, I’m just less stressed about it. I have kept trying to maintain first time obedience. If they are asked to do something, they are in theory, supposed to do it immediately without arguing. It’s a constant training for them and me. By far as a parent, I have to make sure I don’t ask them to do something I am not willing to make them follow through on, so I have to be sure I really care if they pick up their room. This gets harder with a 16 year old who has a lot of school work. I have to pick and choose what I ask from her very carefully. Sometimes, I am not very good at the following through. I don’t really enjoy being the mother/ bad guy / teacher / person who says no all the time.

What’s the best part about being a mommy?

Being loved and giving love. These 8 people are going to be with me until the day I die. Thier love for me and my love for them is unconditional.

What has been the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve received?

One year, we were busy and my husband didn’t have a gift for me the morning of Mother’s Day, so one of the kids gave me all of thier change. It was so sweet. I still have the change.

In 3 words, describe your family. Fun. Crazy. The best.

Tell us briefly about a moment where your motherly instincts kicked in.

could see her. Or when a little girl at White Water called my daughter fat, and I gave her a little talking to about how she should treat others. Mother’s instincts are as common to me now as breathing and walking, and I thank God for them!

Throughout your experience, what advice One moment out of 16 years and 8 kids, how about you tell me about one bite of food in your would you give to mommies life? The moment when I freaked out and almost out there?

had a panic attack was when they took my first Be flexible, relaxed and enjoy the ride. Children born, tiny baby girl to the nursery to be checked are ever-changing. When it gets hard, hold on. It’s by the doctor. My wonderful husband took his going to get easier and when it’s fun, hold on to crying wife to the window of the nursery so I those memories. They make life worth living.

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton

1. Photos

How long has it been since you’ve had family pictures taken? 7 years? That’s what I thought. Pictures are the perfect gift to give mom for Mother’s Day, whether you take them before and give them to her as a gift, or give her a simple card that says you got her a photo shoot… with Brandon Burton Photography!

3. Handmade Foot Stool.

This is such a cute idea, and if I had kids I’d love to receive this! So easy, and such a fun project for little ones.


Cupcakes from CuppieKateEnough Said :)



4. Personalized Gifts is one of my all-time favorite websites to hit up for last minute gifts! I know personalized gifts can sometimes be cheesy, but this website has some really great, classy gifts for very reasonable prices.

5. Handmade Gift My mom always told me that handmade gifts were way better than storebought gifts like flowers and chocolate, so get creative for mom! Paint her flowers instead of buying them, or even make her a card. She’ll love it!


6. Balloons

A bouquet of balloons that has a note written on each of them- Whether it’s reasons why you love her, or personal notes on each balloon, a personalized balloon bouquet is a great gift for the mother in your life.

May 13th

8. Breakfast In Bed Breakfast in bed is always a winner on Mother’s Day. Let mom take a load off and have a day free from cooking and cleaning! She will be so relieved and relaxed to wake up and know her day won’t consist of any responsibilities!

7. Triple Ring

All of the Pinterest moms are raving about this ring that you can have your kid’s names stamped on. It’s a bit expensive but it would definitely be a memorable gift for Mother’s Day. Here’s the link to purchase : http://www.

9. Coupon Book

Coupon books can be tacky, but if your mom will use it I highly suggest one of these! And if you make it yourself it’s twice as good! You know your mom would love seeing a coupon that says “How about we cook for you tonight?”

10. A Massage

All the mothers I’ve talked to always love getting a massage for Mother’s Day. And sites like Groupon and LivingSocial constantly have deals on massages and spa days so keep an eye out!

Why Do You En “I love being a mom because he completes me. I am a super hero through the eyes of my son and I am able to accomplish anything. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without having the title of “Mom”. It’s pretty much the best title in the world!” -Stacy “Being a mother lets you experience what unconditional love actually means. While we all hear the term, we can’t truly understand the meaning until we have children of our own. The love we experience as mothers is the most pure, life altering, game changing, do anything type of love that one will ever know. In a world that is too often filled of hatred, greed, sensationalism, and vanity, it’s nice to know and experience the true love and peace as only the word “Mama” can bring.” -Vanessa “What is being a Mom? Well, it’s not being your child’s best friend, but it’s even better!! You have no idea how much you can love someone until you have your own baby. And with years of loving them, listening to them, disciplining them and holding them now have young individuals that become a contributing part of society and someone you can laugh and have fun with. Being a mom is the best job ever!!” -Lori

We wanted to end our Mother’s day segment w being a mom?” The tear jerking and heart melt Thank you to all the moms that took the time to up in the “I enjoy seeing my kids grow day by day acting just like their momma. I enjoy laughing and being silly with each other. My childeren complete my life.” -Amber

“I love being a mom because I feel like I’m loved unconditionally & can love then unconditionally. I love cuddle time. My kids are my life & without each of them I am not complete. My purpose in life was to be a mommy.” -Lachelle

“I love being a mom because when you hear the words “momma” it makes a bad day become a good day. Everyday is a new thing and you get to see this amazing little baby grow up to be something special.” -Taiylor

njoy Being A Mom?

with the simple question of “Why do you enjoy ting responses reminded me why I love my job. o share with everyone the reason why you wake morning. “I love being a mom because of kisses and cuddles and the innocence of bedtime prayers. I love getting to play with my children and teach them how to dissern right from wrong. I love the sound of them playing together, as well as the sound of them playing with their dad. God blessed me with more than I could possibly deserve when he blessed me with my boys. I am honored and humbled everytime they call me Mom.” -Rachel

“I enjoy being a mom because I love watching my son grow, learn and discover new things. It is very rewarding and everyday is a new adventure.” -Sasha

“I have found that being a mother is the most rewarding thing that could have happened to me. I asked for a baby and I was blessed with laughter, tears, and the honor of being called Mommy!” -Adrianne

“I enjoy watching them learn and discover their own minds. I love the hugs!!!!” -Sherry

“I enjoy being a mom because it allows me to be selfless. I learn more from my daughter each day, and there truly is no other feeling that can compare to being a mother.” -Tawny

“I enjoy being a “mum” for all the “you are my world” hugs, the giggles, the smiles, the kisses and the “I love you’s” Nothing beats looking into my sons eyes when he says “love you mum”!” -Samantha “Being a mom is the single most important thing I’ve done in my life. Many will tell you that you shouldn’t be friends with your children...I agree with that to a point... but, having that extra facet to the mother/ daughter relationship is such an incredible blessing! A mother encourages, supports, teaches, and provides unconditional love... if she’s lucky, her children will grow up to be unbelievably amazing adults who do the same for her. I’m a lucky mom!” -Ronda

Why Do You En

We wanted to end our Mother’s day segment w being a mom?” The tear jerking and heart melt Thank you to all the moms that took the time to up in the

“I like being a mom because I know that I am the one that made this beautiful, prefect little girl. I love the unconditional love that, not only I have for her, but that she has for me also. Watching the things that she is learning everyday and knowing that I am the one that she looks up to.” -Brittany

“Being a mom is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Daily, I am in awe of the little person that I have the privilege of mothering. He grows, learns, and changes every single day and I love that I get to see and be a part of it. I love that he finds comfort in his mama and how he relaxes to sleep in my arms. I love the look on his face when he learns something new and the laughter that breaks out when he thinks something is funny. I truly could not imagine a more satisfying job than motherhood and I am so blessed to be able to watch my sweet baby boy grow up to become the amazing man I know that he’ll be.” -Cara

“I love being a mom and experie all the little milestones that fee miracles when it’s your baby, fro first rollover, to the first step, to l ing that a spoon goes in your m NOT your ear!! Everyday b something new and amaz -D

“I enjoy being a mother becaus love teaching her the ways of t as much as the love of a chil rock, my soul, and my whole p me a whole lot. She has taugh most of all the meaning of life same without her. She’s the b

“The sound of my son’s laug is a beautiful noise that changed my life. His smile m my heart happy. I can’t wa get home everyday to see h -Kim

njoy Being A Mom?

with the simple question of “Why do you enjoy ting responses reminded me why I love my job. o share with everyone the reason why you wake morning.

encing el like om the learnmouth brings zing!!” Dessie

se I love raising my daughter. I the world. I never knew a love ld. My daughter has been my purpose of life. She has taught ht me patience, love, fun, and e. My world would not be the best gift God has given me!” -Kerrina

ghter has makes ait to him!” mber

“My kids are my world and all my energy goes to raising them and loving them. I love being a mom, whether I get called to fix a nasty scrape on the knee or to help with homework. Either way, it gives me value and strength. My kids make me smile when I dont want to and push me to do things I wouldn’t have done with out their support. They are the reason for getting up every day. My kids and I are so close it’s absoluetly amazing. I love being a mom. I am the blessed one . My kids are the wind beneath my wings even when they think what they say doesn’t have any impact, it does. I have never felt love so sweet or strong as when I get a goodnight hug & kiss, or they call me from a friends house just to tell me how they are doing. I wouldn’t trade being a mommy for anything in the world. I look up to my kiddos and get to rant and rave on how proud I am of them, step children also! They bring a light to my life I never thought I would ever see. Knowing that younger ones are watching every move you make and repeating your very words is priceless, just to go watch them at the pool or to see them interact with others, it’s hard to believe the sweetnees and sometimes the not so sweet behaviors. I am so proud of all of my kids!!!” -Tawnya

The relationship with my mom & I has kept the best of strength even in the worse of times. She has taught me things that no one else could have. The reason why my mom makes a good mom isn’t because she’s the best mom but because she’s the most real mom. She has success, she has failure, she has goals and she has regrets. I think what I love the most about her is that she isn’t perfect & that she shows us how to move forward in life never looking back on mistakes. My perspective on reality has changed since I was a child but my appreciation for my mother will never change. I will always forever love you mom thank you for being you!

Growing up she has always pushed me to follow my dreams and to work hard for what I believe in. I came across my baby book and I would love to share with you what she wrote in the “Hopes For The Baby” section. “Our hopes & prayers for you that you always walk in the will of God & keep God first over everything you do. I’d love for you to get a good education and make something of value to your life. Go to college to become anything you want and be successful in doing it. The Lord has got a special plan for you. We pray you will always keep God first & stay in His will. We Love You!!”

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

I looked up the word “mom” in the dictionary and it said “one’s mother”. Thanks, Miriam Webster. That helped. So I looked up “mother”, and it said “A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth”. This definition is so simple. So factual. In fact, it doesn’t describe my mom at all… because my mother is more than just the person who gave birth to me. She is my role model, my hero, my friend, my teacher, my shoulder to cry on, and a pretty clear reflection of myself. Every day I realize how much like my mom I am becoming, and every day I say “I hate that I’m exactly

like my mom”. However, the more I live my life and the more I grow up, I can’t help but admit that I love it how much like her I am. First of all, I gained her sense of humor, which is something that no one will ever understand. The humor in my family is one of a kind, which I actually kind of love. I also gained so many of her mannerisms; facial expressions, hand gestures, everything. It’s crazy. But it’s my mom. And the fact that I can see some of her in myself, makes me proud to be her daughter. My mother is the most amazing, loving, funny, loyal, beautiful person I know. And I’m so proud to call her my mother.

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

How far would you go for your brother? Surrogacy is becoming a great alternative for women who want to be moms and can’t. Unlike the 2008 film, Baby Mama, Natalie & Tiffany are brought together in surrogacy by a family relative. How far would you go for a brother? For Tiffany, she would do anything including being his surrogate mother. This unexpected life-changing decision has gone viral. Once the team for BBP Magazine

caught on to it we had to share the story of this amazing family and their journey. Tiffany has started a very successful blog giving the public an insight on every step of the way. In fact, CNN finds Tiffany and her family’s story fascinating and sees it as an opportunity to educate people about surrogacy. They are going to follow them on the journey. Watch for it on Sanjay Gupta MD Saturdays at 4:30pm ET and again on Sunday mornings at 7:30am ET.

CNN finds Tiffany and her family’s story fascinating and sees it as an opportunity to educate people about surrogacy. They are going to follow them on the journey. Watch for it on Sanjay Gupta MD Saturdays at 4:30pm ET and again on Sunday mornings at 7:30am ET.

The story about how a Surrogate Mother decides to help her brother and his wife.

We cried, we “ hugged, we cracked

some inappropriate carrying ‘my brother’s baby’ jokes and we took a huge step towards this brand new journey together.

When James and Natalie told me they were expecting a baby, I could not have been more happy for them and of course, myself! They were going to be parents and I was going to be an Aunt! They found out it was a boy and I was even happier. Holland and Blake would have a boy cousin! Summers of camping, bug hunting, peeing on things they shouldn’t be peeing on. James and Natalie were starting their journey into parenthood and growing their family. Life was perfect and bliss and full of excitement! The week before Hunter was born, I must have called every day to see if he was close to coming out. I danced around the house like a banchy (Sean hates when I say banchy, so I have to start throwing it out at random points). He didn’t come. 11 days past his due date, Hunter decided it was time. James called me and told me they were on their way to the hospital, we knew he would be born in the middle of the night maybe later. Our plan was to go to sleep, then wake up the next morning hoping to have a nephew and head down (We live 2 hours from each other). I woke up the next morning to 7 missed phone calls on my cell phone. My heart sank, the worst had happened

- why would I have so many missed calls? James, my brother Jonathan, and my mom had all tried several times. No one in my family calls that much unless the worst had happened. They were all very early phone calls. 5am, 6am 7 am etc etc. I called James first, it rang twice - but it could have been ringing for hours, it really felt as if it was ringing forever... I was crying before he even answered. It was around 7:30am, he answered and said something had happened. He paused, he swallowed, he said, “Can mom tell you?” and handed the phone to my mom. I remember being so scared, I am crying as I write this because it was a very scary moment. My mom took the phone, and she told me there were complications, and that Hunter had a fever and was being taken care of and was fine, but Natalie... Natalie was not doing so well. She had lost an extreme amount of blood, an extreme amount. She said she was finishing From left to right: Tiffany & Natalie

surgery and we should drive down soon. Of course I would. I held her hand and my heart broke for their family. I just wanted her to be Between the time of the phone call, and when with her baby and not in this physical, emotionwe arrived at the hospital, Natalie had made al pain. Three or more day till she wakes up? it through the surgery. She had lost too much What will the baby eat? Good think I brought blood after birth. It turned serious so quickly, down some organic Earth’s Best formula just in she was rushed into surgery. I was told that as case! But still, how could this be happening? she was being wheeled away, she was crying and telling them not to give her a hysterectomy. And then, her eyes opened. Was I seeing things? The surgeon came out in the middle of the sur- I just got here, it hadn’t been 4 days yet! She was gery and told my brother, she was dying. Her waking up! She was so strong. She was so strong. blood pressure was 30/12, they had put in 11 Later, the nurses figured out how to bring Huntpints of blood into her body .... they had tried er to her, since she was in ICU and they said they everything and they needed to completely re- don’t bring newborns there. She was able to be move the uterus to see if she could make it. Of with Hunter again, and to nurse and bond. James, course James said yes, do it. She was dying. It Natalie and Hunter, their new family. The surtook a lot for us to admit it, but she was dying. geon who saved Natalie’s life came in at that moment, and he started to cry. He said how amazing The doctors said she would not wake up for 3 it was to see her here, alive with her baby when or 4 days. I walked into the ICU and she was she was so close to death. I am so happy to hear unrecognizable. She was swollen beyond be- that, because I often think surgeons are desenlief and everywhere you could have a tube sitized. For him to say that, feel that... it sort of coming out, she had one. And what was so set in too how close we were to really losing her. heartbreaking, as a mother, was to see this young mother, struggling to survive and hav- A week later, I came to take Hunter’s newborn ing just given birth and no baby with her. photos. After, Natalie and I were sitting and talking about her loss. I had never experienced anyMy brother refused to leave her side. He was thing like this and so desperately wanted to be there holding her hand, saying over and over, there for her and my brother. She talked about “I love you, you look so beautiful, you are so how happy they were to have Hunter, but how strong. Hunter and I love you so much. You look she was conflicted now with feeling a loss for so beautiful.” I am again, crying as I write this. the children she will never have. She mentioned I always knew James and Natalie had a strong how she still had eggs of her own and that her love. It’s what you hope for with your siblings, and James were considering surrogacy. Honestwith people you love - that they find someone ly, I was pissed! What if the surrogate drank, or to build their lives with, to make them happy, smoked, or threw herself down the stairs! How to truly love with. I have never seen a love like do you trust someone like that with your baby! this. He would not leave her. He hadn’t slept in No way, no WAY! Then suddenly, it came out, who knows how long - and stood by her, repeat- it was as if I couldn’t stop it, “I’ll do it!” I iming positive affirmations to her, genuinely, lov- mediately covered my mouth and said, “Oh my ingly, adoringly. I finally convinced him to sleep God! That was so inappropriate! I am so sorry!” on the long chair in the same room. He would She looked at me and said, “I thought you didn’t only do this is I took his place holding her hand. want any more children, you were done being

pregnant?” I said, “Yes, we don’t want any more natural children of our own, we will adopt, but I have this perfectly good uterus!” We cried, we hugged, we cracked some inappropriate “carrying my brother’s baby” jokes and we took a huge step towards this brand new journey together.

and this is one of them. I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful family. I am in awe every day of Natalie’s strength, and the love her and my brother have for each other. I have also found new strength and support from my amazing husband, Sean. I know I could not do this without him. My love for him grows more and more each day. I could not be more honored or more excited to I cannot wait to see what’s next! be able to carry their child. Life is full of wonder -Tiffany {surrogate mother}

Since then Tiffany has finally had a successful transplant and is now pregnant. Below are images of the reactions once everone found out about the successful pregnancy. April 13th, 2012 Photo on Left: Tiffany calls Natalie & Brother James to tell them the good news of the successful embryo transplant while crying with tears of joy.

Photo By: Rachel Vos Photography

Photo on right: The Intended Mother, Natalie & husband, James celebrate the news of Tiffany’s successful embryo transplant.

Photo By: Latasha Haynes Photography

A A Belly For Me a Baby For You is a documentary film following two mothers, one is the surrogate mother, the other is the intended, biological mother. The cameras follow them from the beginning of this process until the end when the baby is born and handed over to the parents. Tiffany, the Surrogate Mother is doing this for her brother, James and his wife, Natalie. It is a true story about love, family, relationships and an accurate account of the medical side of the fertility world.

Photo By: Rachel Vos Photograp

To Follow Their Journe https://www.facebook. or http://www.abellyform Photo By: Rachel Vos Photography

Photo By: Rachel Vos Photography

Left: Tiffany embraces her brother Jame and sister-in-law Natalie

Belly For Me A Baby For You A documentary is currently being filmed following the journey of surrogacy from the surrogate perspective & intended parents perspective.


ey Go To .com/ABellyForMeABabyForYou

From left to right: Sean (Tiffany’s Husband and Director of Documentary), Tiffany (Surrogate), Natalie (Intended Mother) and James Natalie’s husband, Tiffany’s brother and Intended Father).


NOT ONE MIRACLE BUT TWO April 30th, 2012 So I guess we need to change our blog and cried it off during my puking. So the washed out name to “A Belly For Me, BABIES For look is what’s in this week, feel free to copy the look! :) You.” James and Natalie are having twins! I just want to say how amazing my husband Last night I did not sleep a wink. I kept thinking, is. I think often times he gets forgotten in our there must be more than one baby in there, right? situation. He is seriously so wonderful. This past No, I just have really high HCG levels. It has to week I have been in bed or on the bathroom floor. be one big healthy baby. Then of course I was He has been taking care of me, both our boys, up for over three hours on a fertility site reading the house, working and of course, filming the other women’s HCG levels and comparing them documentary for this movie. Someone buy this to mine. I was right in the norm of having twins guy a bottle of wine, I really big bottle, in the shape or even triplets. There were a few that showed of a winery. Thank you to my husband, you are a I could have been still having one baby. By wonderful strong man and I appreciate all you do, the time I was so sleepy and could no longer I genuinely do. I could not do this without you. count ovulation dates and beta numbers (I am going to do this now instead of counting sheep at night), I was able to drift off around 2.A.M. Thank you everyone for reading and all your support. We appreciate you all. Thank This morning, we made it to Seattle Reproductive you for reading and sharing our story. Warmly, Medicine to see some of our favorites people from Tiffany our team. When the nurse first started the scan, she knew right away there were two sacs. We were able to see the little heart beats of each one and we were all instantly crying. My favorite part Photos By: Rachel Vos Photography was watching James and Natalie’s faces as they got to see their babies’ hearts beat for the first time ever. What a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. I am excited and nervous to carry twins. I really just cannot wait to feel the movement of a baby, now babies, inside my belly. What a beautiful joy I am a part of. Here are some photos from the day. I have had pretty bad morning sickness since my last blog last week. I spent the car trip with a bag in my hand and my bean breakfast making an entrance into it. I did attempt to put makeup on, but had sweated Natalie (Intended Mother) crying after seeing the ultrasound results. TWINS!

Photo By: Rachel Vos Photography

CNN finds Tiffany and her family’s story fascinating and sees it as an opportunity to educate people about surrogacy. They are going to follow them on the journey. Watch for it on Sanjay Gupta MD Saturdays at 4:30pm ET and again on Sunday mornings at 7:30am ET. To Follow Their Journey Go To

We met Chelsea at the beginning of last year when she hired us to photograph her wedding, and we instantly became great friends with her, her fiancé (now husband) Matt, and of course their adorable daughter Madison. Chelsea had always talked about wanting to open up an in-home daycare, and earlier this year construction had commenced! Ever since we met Chelsea, her love for children has been overwhelmingly obvious and I was so excited when she finally decided to follow her dream! Brandon and I watched God’s Little Helpers In-Home daycare blossom into what is has become today: A DHS-certified, comfortable, colorful daycare located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. There are so many perks to enrolling your child at an in-home daycare rather than a center. First of all, your child will

receive much more individual attention. Since the only caregiver will be Chelsea, and there will only be 7 children total, she will be able to focus more on each child. Also, since there will be less children than a big center, there will be a lot less illness going around which is great, especially during cold and flu season. Plus, as I mentioned before, Chelsea is a mother herself, which puts her above any center in my book! If you are interested in enrolling your little one in God’s Little Helpers InHome Daycare, or you just want more information, you can contact Chelsea Oslin at (405) 281-5767. Take it from me, if I was looking for the perfect daycare for my child, God’s Little Helpers would definitely be at the top of my list. Written By: Kaitlin Burton

We met Morgan and her mom at the park and we all just had such a great time from start to finish with Morgan’s senior photo shoot. Towards the end Morgan told me she was going to Dartmouth and wanted to get some photos in her Dartmouth attire. I was thrown back a little and knowing me I couldn’t stop asking questions. Once I found out what college she was going to attend I was so intrigued and thought her journey would be so interesting that I had to share it. This story is so important to me because I take pictures of seniors all the time and some of them don’t know what they want to do with their lives and that’s okay. Morgan pushed through with her dreams and so can you! If it takes some time, then let it. Don’t force the track you’re on, but always strive for what you believe in and even for you, dreams can come true. Ever since I can remember it has always been a lifelong dream to attend an Ivy League school, more specifically Dartmouth College, and when the opportunity presented itself, the excitement I felt was immeasurable. I am so blessed to have so many people in my life that did whatever it took to help me achieve my dreams. Because of their help and dedication, I can proudly say that the next four years of my life will be a dream come true. Being a student athlete, the enrollment process was quite a bit different for me. Before I could even “be recruited” I had to meet numerous academic requirements. Once the “OK” was initiated, and

I got the call from Coach Hanson (head softball coach at Dartmouth College) asking for my commitment, I was so excited that I literally started to scream while on the phone with her! Following in my older brothers footsteps, I hope to further my education in the medical field. My plan is to major in Neuroscience. Ultimately, I hope to someday become a Pediatrician. Moving over a thousand miles away is going to be really hard for me, but I know that many great things await me in my future. Leaving my friends and family will be a challenge, but I have their full support which makes it all easier. I cannot wait for what lies in the road ahead, and I can’t thank the people who have helped me enough for everything they have done for me! -Morgan McCalmon

Random Facts About K

1.I have an extremely unhea the Real Housewives series 2. I drink at least 2 glasses day. It’s delicious. 3.I never learned how to judgment. v 4. I love love love fashi designers and I would their clothes. But since I’m in them. Then I’m going to go on and b year and still not be able to afford th 5. I own all of the seasons of Gilmor quote master. I can literally recite “B finish. 6.I have 2 tattoos. One on my right sh that says “love” inside of it) and one on th my back (a bird with “never look back” w French below it.) 7. I love my books. I will never sell the or get rid of them.

Rant of the Month

Have you guys heard about how these stupid teenagers are drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk? It’s like 120 proof which makes it a lot harder than a lot of alcohols. I think it only takes like a few “drinks” to get drunk. Look it up, it’s ridiculous. Stop coming up with dumb ways to get drunk, kids. It doesn’t make you cool. Especially once you’re in the ER because of it. And guys, you don’t want to go to the ER. It sucks in there. Just stop. It’s really stupid and kind of lame. Okay?


althy obsession with all of s’. s of milk and honey per ride a bike. Commence

ion. I know a lot about give anything to wear college I can’t afford become a teacher in a hem. Yay! re Girls. I am a movie Baby Mama” from start to

houlder (an infinity sign he left side of written in


“Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes. The rest of us have to be the other people.” It’s okay to be those “other people”. Eventually we will all make mistakes. But if you can learn from it, and someone else can learn from it, it turns into something positive. Silver lining, right?

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton Photography

Photos By: Brandon Burton

When your child turns one it’s bittersweet and I’m not referring to that delicious cake they get to eat while you sit staring, wishing it could be socially acceptable that you do the same thing. Capturing the very “tasteful” and beautiful portraits of a child eating cake for the first time is even more delightful than getting icing stuck between your toes or even in your ear. That’s right, after coming home from Miss Isabella’s photo shoot I found dried white frosting behind my ear.

put my hands and feet in this cake, you must be crazy!” The only reason I know this is because of what their face looks like before you put their hand in the cake giving them permission to do what they want with this big pile of sugar.

For Miss Isabella she had no problem diving right into the cake adventure. She wore a gorgeous tutu that complimented her beautifully made cake. If she was on a babies red carpet she would definitely have In all seriousness, I’m not sure who has more won best dressed. She wore the most perfect fun: the baby who dives into the cake or the accessories including a flower hair piece one that’s behind the camera. It’s really funny and to top the cake off she was wearing a when all of the sudden the child doesn’t want pearl necklace. It didn’t take long for her to take photos but the moment that cake hits and she dove right into the cake and began the ground in front of them they are focused shoving the delightfulness in her face. and ready for any picture, as long as they’re eating cake. If a one year old could talk clearly Thank you to Taiylor & Alexis for allowing they would probably say something along the me to be a part of your daughter’s first lines of, “you teach me not to play with my birthday. food and to use my silverware and now out of the blue you want me to Written By: Brandon Burton



s school is coming to an end, and the humidity of the air increases it only means one thing. Family vacations can be fun or brutal depending on where and what you do. Deciding where to go can be very overwhelming so I’ve narrowed down the top vacation ideas in hopes that it makes your decisionmaking easier and less stressful.

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Orlando, Florida offers opportunities to ricochet through a thrilling itinerary of roller coasters, resorts, dinosaurs and Disney amusements. Fantastic family fun plus shows and rides galore come courtesy of Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando and Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. New York’s many zoos, museums and landmarks make the city a perfect destination for families of all ages. Explore Times Square or take the kids to FAO Schwarz, take a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty or an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, eat lunch at Carnegie Deli or picnic in Central Park the choices are endless. Everyone is a kid again in Grand Cayman. Ride a submarine, visit Stingray City on a glass bottom boat, walk the plank or join a sword fight on The Jolly Roger replica, or enjoy the safety of snorkeling and the experience of scuba diving when you snuba. Whether on beautiful island beaches or volcanic craters, families will have a hot time enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer by foot, bike, car, helicopter or submarine. From Broadway revues to Beatles and Elvis tribute performers to generations of singing families, Branson’s musical scene has it all. Located in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri, the area’s natural beauty is sometimes lost in the focus on its dozens of theaters, but outdoor activities may just rival the performing arts for kids’ most memorable vacation moments. Kids will jump at the chance to try a water trampoline on Lake Taneycomo, drop a line for rainbow trout, or simply explore the trails and “knobs” (hills) surrounding the bright lights. Branson provides the perfect mix of family fun -entertaining shows and majestic outdoor beauty.

w w w. Tr a v e l C h a n n e l . c o m

FASHION Family Photos

What To Wear O


First & foremost for your family summer pictures, wear what ma ideas to give you some inspiration when going through closests an coordinate instead of match identically. These color schemes ar po

On Picture Day



akes you and your family happy and comfortable. Here are just a few nd laundry baskets in finding that perfect match. Remember to color re perfect for any type or style of family and can accommodate any osing.

I wanted to share a story that I came across a few months ago. The letter below was written to a photographer by one of their regular clients explaining why she regrets cancelling her family photo shoot. Her reason might bring a tear down your cheek but is worth the read. Regardless of where you get your photos taken, the importance of those memories being captured onto a photograph is greater than life.

“Today I am writing for a couple of reasons. I have some quiet time at the moment and need to get a couple of things off my mind. I will leave this for my husband to deliver to you when he is ready. You photographed my wedding, you photographed my first pregnancy and my first baby. I contacted you awhile back to photograph my 2nd child and family. After getting prices and realizing I would want all of the pictures as we love your work – I decided against spending $500+ – which is what I normally spend for portraits and prints with you.. Please know it is not because I don’t value your amazing eye, or how much we love the experience. That week that I decided to NOT do a session with you, this is how I spent some money. On Sunday I called and cancelled our session. Monday I went out and got my hair cut ($39+tip), and colored ($65), Thursday I had my nails done ($24), my family went out to dinner at a somewhat expensive restaurant for no particular reason costing us $79 + tip. This was just 4 days since canceling our session, already totaling over $200 for un necessary things. My nails only lasted about 2 weeks, my hair is gone, and seven weeks passed when I got the phone call from our doctor. It

was not something I expected and the cancer has spread very quickly. I will be leaving my husband, my 6 year old girl and my now 2 year old – not by choice. It is very hard for me to talk about it which is why I need to write you. I watch your Facebook page and your posts about the value of a photo and if I could give back all of those things that I purchased this few weeks after I cancelled my session with you, knowing what I know now, and have that session, well… I would do it in a heartbeat. Now my time is done and there are no more chances for me. The next time someone cancels a session – my wish is that you forward this letter to them. Time is fragile, it is gone before you know you had it. If you charged $200 for one print it wouldn’t be enough for what it is actually worth. I cringe to think that my priorities were a manicure over a memory to pass onto my babies and husband. My love and thanks for what you have given us from past photos. I am so sorry that I did not see it as more than paper until now.” Sincerely,

Beauty MORGAN BLACK I don’t know about everyone else out there reading this article, but I absolutely loathe, despise, and hate wearing makeup during the summer. I italicized those words just to emphasize how much I don’t like it. It’s like I can feel the base running down my face, my powder clogging my pores, my mascara flaking off…well, you get the picture. But what other options are there? I think it’s safe to say that most women want to look their best, even in the summer. Well, I’m here to tell you how to do it!

1. B

ronzed skin just usually looks better. But hold on there, Fake n’ Bake! No need for the tanning bed or even hours of lying out by the pool. You have several options: Spray tans for one. They have come a long way. No need to look like Snooki, just ask if they use orange tints in their spray. If they do, don’t get the spray tan there. Simple as that. Also, self tanners are so much more reliable these days. All you have to do is follow their instructions and you will be fine. I like St. Tropez and Jergens (they have a formula with SPF in it…woo-hoo!)


I 2.

nvest in some waterproof mascara. You don’t need to spend big money on something you may only use at the lake, just buy Maybelline Great Lash. Under $5 most of the time and it works. You’ll probably recognize it by the trademark pink bottle and green lid. Don’t bother with eyeliner. It’s just going to run! Plus, we’re talking about a natural look for summer, right? Right!

3. I

f you feel like your face skin is naked, then buy some tinted moisturizer. It offers light-weight coverage, moisture to parched skin and usually some type of SPF. I like to use Mary Kay, Estee Lauder, and Olay.

Well, folks, that’s all on that! Remember to use your sunscreen this summer. What, you want to look like beef jerky by your 30th birthday? Of course not! Love, Morgan

Photos By: Brandon Burton Make Up & Hair: Morgan Black

The stunning MacKenzie Black is is a pro at what she does. The BBP Magazine crew loves working with her. She’s very professional and fun to work with. Believe it or not this young lady is in the 9th grade. She is a ballet and tap dancer and hopes to soon be a part of the local pom squad. You can hardly tell at how shy MacKenzie is by looking at the photos. “My favorite part of modeling is getting out of my comfort zone, me being a shy kind of gal I usually stay in my

comfort zone but I like that it gets me out of it.” Besides modeling MacKenzie has high hopes for her future. She would like to attend Oklahoma University medical school and go into sports medicine and later become the phsical therapist for the OKC Thunder. MacKenzie also is a huge part of the track team and partcipates in pageants. Even though MacKenzie is the youngest BBP model, her aspirations and goals are larger than life.

Photos By: Brandon Burton Make Up & Hair: Morgan Black

Megan Johnson

Miss Eastern Oklahoma County competing for Miss Oklahoma The reigning Miss EOC Megan Johnson is competing for Miss Oklahoma starting on June 5th and ending on June 9th at the Mabee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We caught up with Megan for a great photo shoot and had a really good time catching up. Her life right now is so busy with preparing for Miss Oklahoma, working at OU Children’s Hospital and volunteering for certain events that we were so honored for her to give us the inside scoop on her journey from when she first started pageants to her final competition for Miss Oklahoma. To support Megan in her final journey as Miss EOC go to

How long have you been participating in pageants?

I did my first pageant when I was in 7th grade. I danced at Karen’s Kids in Midwest City and my dance teacher said they needed more contestants in the junior division. I entered the pageant and performed a dance solo that I learned for competition. I ended up placing first runner up at this pageant and won a cash scholarship and tuition waiver that was enough to pay for my first year of college.

How do you feel about this being your last year competing?

I know that I will be a little sentimental after Miss Oklahoma is finished this year. The years that I have competed in pageants have been very fun, challenging and taught me about dedication and hard work. My first title that I won and competed at Miss Oklahoma in 2007 was Miss Eastern Oklahoma County. Five years later, and my last year of eligibility, I hold the title of Miss Eastern Oklahoma County. I feel like I have come full circle and I consider the ladies on the Miss Eastern Oklahoma County Pageant Board as part of my family.

How is the Miss Oklahoma pageant different than other pageants?

The Miss Oklahoma/America Pageant system is based on a platform and places an emphasis on community service. My platform is “Making Memories for Children With Disabilities”: My platform is something that I have developed since my Junior year in high school. This system helps one to understand the importance of service to others and makes volunteerism and community service a passion that is instilled in the contestants far beyond their pageant life.

What is your favorite category to compete in? Why?

I have always loved to entertain people so the talent category has always been my favorite. I am a classical jazz dancer and I appreciate the opportunities to visit various community events, serve as the emcee or guest speaker and be given the opportunity to perform my dance.

What is your favorite part about pageants?

My favorite part about the pageants is the many opportunities that you are given as a title holder to meet new people. I love interacting with people and serving

others and holding a title in the Miss Oklahoma/America system provides an excellent opportunity to accomplish both of these things while serving as an ambassador to a specific area of Oklahoma.

For those that don’t know, explain what it is and what it means to have a “Star”?

The Miss Oklahoma Pageant allows the contestants to mentor young girls between the ages of 5 and 10. Each contestant may choose two girls which are known as their Oklahoma Stars. Throughout your year of service you build a relationship with these girls, attend special programs, eat lunch with them and become a role model to them. During the Miss Oklahoma Pageant your stars wear beautiful white dresses and escort their contestant on the stage during the evening gown portion of the competition. The girls also have fun activities throughout the week of the pageant. It is a great opportunity for young girls to be introduced to the Miss America Pageant System. This system is the leading scholarship provider to young women across America. I have received enough scholarship money that I have completely paid for 5 years of college. It means a lot to be able to attend college and graduate without having a large debt in student loans.

What advice would you give to other young ladies that are currently participating in pageants or would like to start?

The most important advice that I would give someone regarding participating in pageants is to be themselves. Do not try to change who you are or how you do anything. Simply be yourself and you will be much more successful. Focus on all phases of the competition and try to be consistent in all areas. You are actually competing against yourself. As long as you have worked hard and prepared, the skills that you learn in preparing for interviews, the dedication to prepare in physical fitness, and fine tuning your talent is something that will help you in your occupation later in life.

Lindsey Lindsey Weedin is 22 years old. She is currently a senior at Oklahoma University. She is hoping to become a nurse. She enjoys modeling because she can play different parts & you can get all dolled up & make beautiful art. My favorite outfit would have to be a dress, cowboy boots and with some awesome jewelry. When Lindsay isn’t studying or modeling she loves to play and watch sports, shoot guns, fish, or any outside activities.

Photos By: Brandon Burton

I’ve been in business for over a year now and it’s been very recent that I was asked to take photos of a client that I was not familiar with taking pictures of. Mocha is her name. This beautiful small white Maltese-Shih Tzu mix was the best four legged model ever. I had no idea what to expect. I contacted the owner of K-9 Photography in Australia and asked her a few questions. I was fortunate enough to have a connection with her through social media. She was extremely helpful in preparing for the shoot. She gave me a few pointers that I never even thought about. One of the main things was the dog doesn’t know she’s at a photo shoot so she won’t pose or smile to the right so you have to aproach the session with a different angle. She mentioned that there needs to be a lot of treats and no distractions. So that’s exactly what I told Mocha’s owner. With the combination of patience and doggie bones we were able to execute the proper shots. When it came to “posing” for a second there I was thrown back and didn’t know what to do. I started playing with Mocha to

get her comfortable with me. When it came to Mocha looking at the camera I would put a bone on top of the camera and take the shot immediately after she would look up. I quickly learned if I went down to her level it would make everything easier. So I had the owner throw the toy towards me so I can get the shots of Mocha walking towards the camera. And like with children I was constantly taking pictures. This is how I was able to get those motion shots. It was so different & interesting taking pictures of a dog. So many different techniques that I have never thought of that made me grow as a photographer. If you’re a photographer I highly recommend taking this oppurtunity if it comes your way. For me it was a realist challenge that I knew I would enjoy. Thank you Mocha for being such a great model . Like I told Mocha’s owner once she gets pregnant I can’t wait for maternity photos. Too Far? -Brandon Burton

I specialise in photographing animals because I connect with them on a level that I can’t expl believe we shoot photograph what we love. If you can’t connect with your clients then it make job a whole lot harder.

Photographing pets is not as easy as you might think. Spending hours trying to coa out from under a bed or trying to gain the trust of rescue dog that endured years o takes patience. Animals instinctively know if you are genuine. If you have no inte them and are only there because someone paid you to be, go home. Take pictures of

My most memorable moment was recently being asked to travel to Vanuatu for a shoot. M rescued all 4 of her dogs and they all had their tales to tell. I was in a strange country, I idea where I was going to shoot and I really had to do everything on the fly and think feet! It was fabulous! So if you are looking for a photographer in the States, I can go an

Shooting animals is not like shooting people. Dogs don’t know they are on a shoot, as far as they are concerned they are just out at the beach or the park to p patience is a requirement. My clients are often there one minute and gone th

My advice to anyone who wants to be a pet photographer is try to get in with a shelter. Th always needing great photos for the dogs and cats looking for homes and its great p

Owner of K-9 Phot Gold Coast, Qu

lain. I es your

ax a cat of abuse erest in f brides.

My client had no k on my nywhere!

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Miss Choctaw


Photos By: Brandon Burton Make Up & Hair: Morgan Black

Madison Black

Miss Choctaw 2012

Since we met up with Meagan Johnson to discuss her last pageant with Miss Oklahoma we wanted to catch up with Madison Black to find out how it was winning her first pageant she was in. She is always a thrill to be around and this is what she had to say.

What kinds of things did you do to prepare for Miss Choctaw?

I really just focused on having a good time and not taking myself too seriously.

What went through your mind when they crowned you Miss Choctaw? Who? Me! Seriously?

What made you decide to perform your Humorous Interpretation as your talent? Were you nervous that it was a little out of the norm?

I decided to do my HI because I didn’t feel my singing was anything particularly special and I love my HI!

What was your overall experience with the pageant? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? I loved the pageant! I was so nervous before hand and then at rehearsals I had so much fun with all the girls. The girls made it the most fun because they were all so amazing!

With you being a senior, what are your plans after you graduate? My plans after I graduate are to attend the University of Central Oklahoma, major in political science, then move onto law school at the University of Oklahoma!

Since this was your first pageant and you were so successful, what advice Do you plan on continuing would you give to girls who are wanting participating in pageants? Why or why to participate in pageants? My advice would be to always stay true to yourself not? and when in doubt be honest. Most importantly I do plan on participating in other pageants because I had such a good time and I think they’re a take the experience as it is and try to have the time of your life! great way to help pay for college.

What are the duties/responsibilities as Miss Choctaw?

The responsibilities of miss Choctaw consist of showing up to events like ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings, parades, etc. Ultimately, my main priority is to be a good role model for young girls. From Left to Right: Amanda Hager, Madison Black, Faith Suddat & Falyn

Christian Craven has a fabulous taste in fashion and a promising future planned ahead. It’s no doubt that he has always loved fashion. His essential fashion peices are straight leg jeans (in Rocco from EXPRESSMEN) a bold dress shirt (fitted 1MX from EXPRESSMEN) a muted blazer (Michael Kors) with a rose gold watch. In the fall of 2012 Christian is attending the fashion institute of Dallas to study Fashion Marketing. It was no surprise to hear his favorite fashion pass-time would be seeing“The Greatest Costumes on Film” tour at the Oklahoma Art Museum. It is with great honor and joy to introduce Christian Craven as one of our 2012 BBP Models.

Model:Christian Craven Photographer: Brandon Burton

Legally Blonde The Musical Danielle Stephens discusses her dream role as Elle Woods in the Oklahoma Premiere of “Legally Blonde” and explains why she’s never used the bend & snap.

Photo By: Amanda Keith

“Playing Elle Woods is a literal dream come true!” -Danielle Stephens The incredibly talented Danielle Flesher Stephens gives a confident & charming performance as leading lady, Elle Woods, in Legally Blonde The Musical at the Pollard Theatre in Guthrie, OK. Danielle has been performing since she can remember. She is from the small town of Duncan, Oklahoma. So, performing opportunities where slim growing up. Besides being pretty in pink she debuted in a local community theatre in 5th grade, in “The Best

Christmas Pageant Ever” & hasn’t stopped since. She attended the University of Central Oklahoma for Music Theatre, and studied voice in the studio of Dr. Barbara Streets. She states, “I can’t imagine my future without performing in some way, shape or form, whether it be professionally or not.” We were able to get the inside scoop from Danielle and her performance in “Legally Blonde The Musical.”

How can you relate to Elle Woods?

What kind of character prep work did you do for this role?

“I feel as though every female can relate to Elle in some way. Her character really transforms throughout the show, and it’s fun to get to play both sides of her... From leaning on a man to transforming into a strong, independent woman.” How does it feel to play such a well known female role? “Playing Elle Woods is a literal dream come true! I was obsessed with the movie when it came out (as I feel most teenage girls were!) and it has been an absolute life-changing experience getting to portray her every weekend.” Have you ever used the “bend and snap” technique on anyone? Honestly. “As for the bend and snap.... not so much. Haha.... I was reallllly shy with opposite sex growing up ( me and shy in the same sentence is VERY shocking to some people haha) and would have been mortified to try a technique so forward with guys. I leaned more on the other side of Elle to get my husband... The smart, sassy, vibrant personality!

“Preparing for this role was an adventure. I of course dusted off my DVD of the original movie, as well as watched the MTV broadcast of the Original Broadway Cast several times as well to become very familiar of the storyline and the real character arc Elle goes through. I also had the original cast recording on non-stop repeat (no.... not an exaggeration!) since The Pollard announced they were going to be doing the show all the way last June! I wanted to be as prepared as I possibly could to try and land this role! I wanted to bring some aspects of Reese Witherspoon to the role as well, because thats what most of the general public is familiar with. However, I also wanted to be able to bring some of my own flair to who I thought Elle is.... Hopefully that has been brought through in my performance!”

When you were offered the role of Elle Woods how did you react? “When Timothy (the show’s director) called to offer me the role, I was sitting at my desk at work. I started bawling immediately and asked him “Are you serious????” to which he replied “yes, this is my cruel joke of the day!” I can still remember that phone call vividly. To say I was absolutely elated would be an understatement.”

Is this kind of role normal for you to play? Or was it kind of a surprise?

“This role is obviously the biggest role Ive ever been given the opportunity to portray. I think it’s one of the largest in female roles in Music theatre period. The entire First Act I am off stage no more than maybe a minute or two at any given time... And when I am... Its to make a costume change haha. I consider Elle to be the “ingenue” of this show, and that is definitely not the type of role I generally play, because most ingenue roles are for sopranos with lovely voices.... I am considered a “mezzo-belter” and most of those singing roles are the secondary “brassy/ sassy” characters in most shows. So it’s been very fun to be able to expand my horizons.”

all sorts of new people, and we have appropriate for, and going in with created a bond I will never ever forget.” material that is fitting for the

What was the most challenging part of being Elle Woods? “I would say the most challenging part of being Elle Woods is trying NOT to be a cookie cutter of Reese or Laura Bell Bundy (the original Broadway Elle). It’s so hard playing such a recognizable character, because people either expect you to be JUST like them, or want you to be so different than them. It’s trying to find the perfect balance of the two.”


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in theater or aspires to go far with it? “My advice for anyone who

wants to pursue a life in theatre is to never, ever give up on your dream. I have been told “no” or “you’re not quite right”, etc etc more times in my life than I care to think of. It’s knowing your passion for it, and continuously getting back up after you’ve been How do you personally knocked down that will make prepare for an audition? you successful. It’s also important What was your favorite memory “As I previously stated, preparing to work incredibly hard. I can for this audition was a little of your whole experience with tell you that the theatre world is different than most, because I “Legally Blonde”? actually a very small one, and you “Oh gosh.... to narrow my favorite had been dreaming of getting never want to burn bridges. Work experience down would be SO HARD. to play this role for years, since hard in whatever role you receive, Honestly, this entire process has been the Broadway show came out in an experience I will never forget. The whether it be Chorus Girl #76 or 2008. I just say being familiar cast has become like a family, and we the lead. People in this industry with the show you’re auditioning all love to hang out with each other talk, and you want to make sure outside of the show as well. It’s been a for is crucial, especially knowing you are ALWAYS giving the very true joy getting to meet and work with what role(s) in the show you are best of you!”

Claudia Fain

Oklahoma Music Theatre major. She started dancing ballet when she was three & really got into performing theatre starting when she was in middle school. Claudia’s most important part of her future is her family. “I plan on having theatre in my future but who knows what God wants?” We met up with Claudia Fain the funny & Claudia discusses the process and quirky actress that portrays Margot in this year’s what her favorite parts were during the production of Legally Blonde The Musical at the production of Legally Blonde the Musical. . Pollard Theatre. Claudia is a University of Central

Margot and her role as

In 3 words, describe the character of “Margot”.

“Margot is a spark plug, dog whisperer, and over the top all the time. She also knows how to have a good time.”

In relation to the movie, how does the musical differ? “The musical has so much

more character development than the movie. Emmet and Elle’s relationship is so much more relevant in the musical as well as her relationship with all of us Delta Nu girls. I MUCH prefer the musical.” What was your rehearsal schedule/hours like? “We had rehearsals three times a week in February and then in March we had rehearsals Monday through Saturday.”

How do you personally prepare for an audition? “I chose my “money” songs

that I have in my book at the time. I usually go over them with my voice teacher before

I have an audition so I feel extra prepared.”

it, so when she threw the package I crouched down and did a super high pitched What was your favorite “OMG!!!”. After that one of musical number and why? the girls in the trio. Trinity “My favorite musical number and I laughed for forever.” is probably “Bend and Snap” just because Cory King (she Was there anything you did as a cast before or after the plays Paulette) is a ROCK STAR!! It’s such a funny show? (cast circle, prayer, number and I just LOVE etc) Paulette and Kyle’s (The UPS “Yes we would do vocal warm guy) relationship. Plus it’s ups and then sing the last part the Delta Nu Trio’s biggest of the show in the green room number in the second act, so that we could get pumped! which is nice because we don’t have a lot in the second act.” What do you do before the

What was your favorite memory of your whole experience with “Legally Blonde”? “My favorite memory was

during a rehearsal. There’s a point in the show that Paulette throws a package to the trio that Kyle gives her, kind of like a bouquet toss. One of the girls is supposed to catch it. Well I COMPLETELY forgot about

show to get into character? “Getting ready for the show

such as putting on make up and doing my hair gets me ready for the show because I’m doing girly stuff! I just be myself and dance around a little bit and I’m good to go!!” *snaps*

“We’re both so girly & weird”

-Claudia Fain

Photo By: Simon Hurst

Is this kind of role normal for you to play? Or was it kind of a surprise? “We’ll I am a lot like Margot....we’re both so

girly and weird. We also both love and can talk to dogs!!! I wasn’t surprised I got the part I was so honored because it’s been one of my dream roles since I first saw the musical. I feel like I’m playing a cartoon version of myself it’s so much fun!!!”

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in theater or aspires to go far with it?

“The advice I would give them would be take as MANY acting classes, dance classes, and voice lessons as you can. Also, audition audition AUDITION. Even if the show isn’t right for you it’s always good to get your name out and get audition practice.” Photo By: Simon Hurst

J O R D A N FA R R I S BBP Model

Photos By: Brandon Burton

Photos By: Brandon Burton Photos By: Brandon Burton Make Up & Hair: Morgan Black Make Up & Hair: Morgan Black

Photos By: Brandon Burton Make Up & Hair: Morgan Black

Kristine Amelie is a high school senior getting ready to graduate and begin attending Rose State College in the Fall so she can get a degree in business. After she graduates from college she will marry her fiance Zachary and begin her new life with her military husband. Kristine dreams of becoming a supermodel and enjoys modeling because it’s a fun and invigorating way to create something beautiful for the world. She loves the world of fashion

because it is a creative and passionate way for people to express themselves. Her favorite fashion designer is Alexander McQueen and her perfect outfit is anything sexy and edgy with a European vibe and heels. In her passtime she enjoys drawing,painting,writing, watching romantic movies, and working out. In ten years she’ll be traveling with her husband and having a new adventure everyday doing everything she loves.


Photos By: Brandon Burton Make Up & Hair: Morgan Black

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