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Body-­‐Brain Performance  Coaching  


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“Business Performance  is  Human  Performance”   Top performing individuals and organizations recognize that their overall health affects every facet of their capacity to perform no matter who they are or what they do.  

In today’s global business climate, executives work more hours per week than at any other moment. Faster-moving markets, shorter time to deliver, constant change and tighter budgets all mean greater pressure and increased time and energy demands. The resulting increase in stress levels significantly affect work-life balance, health, happiness and ultimately performance.

At BBPCoaching, we strive to turn this equation on its head. By learning how to apply effective health and performance strategies, professionals today can ensure they will be Fit To Lead so they can remain on top of their game and work towards improved sustainable business performance.

Recent research shows that both the personal and the business cost of disengagement, presenteeism (working while less than fully functional) and increased executive turnover are many times higher than previously thought. As executive performance continues to suffer from stress mismanagement and ineffective approaches to physical and mental health and performance, business performance and the bottom-line suffers.


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“BBPCoaching is  a  Singapore  based  boutique  consulting   practice  that  works  with  global  organizations  and  individual   clients  to  effect  real  improvement  in  cognitive  performance,   adaptability,  resilience  and  leadership  behavior.”   We humans all have a body and brain that work seamlessly together. To expect change in one, we must make a change in the other. Our body-brain coaching methodology is truly unique in the world of executive coaching, and we, like many of our clients, believe it is the first step in a new evolutionary direction of human performance. And so we strive to be at the forefront of the science of human performance, utilizing our experience across international business, coaching, human physiology and neuroscience, to support our clients to attain peak performance.

The second source is our education, training and experience in the effect on the human body and brain from the intense stress in today’s business climate. We combine our years of personal experience in the business environment with extensive understanding of cutting-edge medicine, neuroscience, and sports training to coach executives to counter some of the debilitating and insidious effects stress can have.

We draw from various distinct and complementary sources in our work with clients. The first is years of experience in international business, working with top companies in law, finance and human resources. We understand the stress of managing one's self as well as others in the face of deadlines, bottom lines and uncertain lines.


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“We humans  all  have  a  body  and  brain  that  work   seamlessly  together.    To  expect  change  in  one,  we  must   make  a  change  in  the  other.”   Assessments It’s no secret that the mental and physical capability of executives is a key determinative of their work behavior and performance. Qualities including systems thinking, decision-making, courage, resilience, adaptability, focus and longevity are increasingly more important in today’s demanding marketplace. By utilizing a holistic approach to assessing the entirety of the executive’s body-brain state and behavioral competencies, we work with our clients to develop a foundation for real leadership transformation and performance improvement.

body-brain and links their health status to the cognitive functions that impact work performance, happiness and engagement. Incorporated into the Body-Brain Performance Coaching program, these assessments aid in developing greater levels of awareness and measuring and recognizing progress. Ultimately, they are an integral part of a successful and sustainable change and improvement process.

Body-Brain Wellness Assessment Top performing individuals and organizations recognize that their overall health affects every facet of their capacity to perform and adapt, no matter who they are or what they do. Our assessments involve a holistic process that gauges the integrative health of the


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The Leadership Circle 360 Feedback and Leadership Culture Survey

The Leadership Circle and Leadership Culture Survey are comprehensive leadership development and transformation systems that reveal the relationships among patterns, habits and internal assumptions that drive behavior at the individual and group levels. When combined with Body-Brain Performance Coaching, the Leadership Circle is a powerful tool for redirecting behavior and achieving higher levels of executive performance. The Leadership Circle and Leadership Culture Survey profile reports are an integrated, comprehensive and concise assessment that are easily readable and understood. It is broken into systematic components of “Creative Competencies” and “Reactive Tendencies” that are further delineated into specific behavior patterns and habits. The added utility of TLC and LCS profiles are the correlations of each behavior with leadership effectiveness and group performance, based a complex statistical analysis of tens of thousands of leaders globally. This level of awareness building empowers leaders to understand the relationship between how they habitually think and how they behave - and how all

this impacts their current and potential level of leadership effectiveness. It also provides an outstanding foundation for transformational change and improvement, which we support with our Body-Brain approach to improve resilience, self-awareness and adaptability.

“When combined with Body-Brain Performance Coaching, the Leadership Circle is a powerful tool for redirecting behavior and achieving higher levels of executive performance.”




Programs Our programs are designed to build the awareness, desire and knowledge to begin the journey of change and transformation towards improved performance, energy and engagement, as well as overall health and longevity. We strive to address common key points of interest and concern, but as consultants recognize that every audience is unique and requires a focused, tailored approach to be most effective.

Seminars and Keynote Addresses Introducing the Science Behind Body-Brain Performance Our seminar programs deliver a basic and experiential introduction to brain-science, health and performance management for a broad audience with minimal time investment. Employees and line managers often participate in these one to three hour events as part of their corporate welfare program and involve two or more specific presentations as well as optional activities. Seminar topics include: • The Neuroscience of Success • Stress: Where did it all go wrong? • The Science of Laughter • Staying Cool under Pressure Optional seminar activities: include: • Body-Brain Workout • Meditative Mindfulness • Body-Brain Yoga • Tai Chi • Others


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Corporate Events Entertaining Programs that Inspire Body-Brain Insight


These insightful and entertaining corporate events are structured as a series of seminars and body-brain training sessions for organizational leaders and senior managers. Through these half-day to full day programs, we provide organizations with an introduction to Body-Brain Performance concepts and the impacts on health, engagement and productivity of living a higher quality of life. The Neuroscience of Leadership: Improve your levels of awareness, knowledge and tools to help redefine and sharpen your ability to lead, manage stress and perform at your peak. How to be a Peak Performer: Improve your individual and team levels of energy, focus, adaptability and stress management. Harness The Power of Your Primal Brain: Learn how to access and manage the energy and creativity of the entire brain, your power plant of productivity.

The Art of Aging-Well: Age is a mindset and a capacity to perform. Access the keys that make some people incredibly productive and functioning beyond our expectations.

“We provide organizations with an introduction to Body-Brain Performance concepts and the impacts on health, engagement and productivity of living a higher quality of life.”


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Workshops Empowering Executives with Knowledge and Tools

successfully coach professional and Olympic athletes.

These workshops provide extensive information to the why's and how to's of improving performance and managing change by utilizing the body and brain. They are designed to empower executives with greater knowledge and tools to maintain higher levels of health, engagement and performance. In doing so, we utilize a blend of seminar-style presentation and physical engagement to initiate new neural pathways (learning) for the participants.

The Neuroscience of Positivity and Happiness: At the same time that stress and employee discontent are at all time highs, research is showing that happiness is a primary component of peak performance. This oneday workshop is designed to build awareness around the impacts of emotions and how best to manage them.

Resilient Leadership: Developing levels of resilience is key to performing in today's highly demanding business climate. Our flagship program consists of three full days of awareness development, energy and focus training, and other engagement building activities, including focused one to one coaching for each participant.

“Our Workshops are designed to empower executives with greater knowledge and tools to maintain higher levels of health, engagement and performance”

The Neuroscience of Performance: The two populations that suffer most from burnout are executives and athletes. Performance across both groups is remarkably similar, so we build into this two-day program some of the same strategies we've used to


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Executive Performance Body-Brain Performance Training Programs Adventures Discover your Body-Brain Performance Potential

Transformational Executive and Group Retreats

For the individual executive, finding the potential of their body-brain is key to reaching peak performance. For the executive team, harnessing that potential is key to ensuring everyone is operating at their optimum levels. By integrating all the tools for awareness development and full engagement, we deliver the BodyBrain Transformation (BBT), a program that provides lasting improvements across the quality of professional and personal lives.

Adventure is at the heart of the human spirit and a source of learning for the human brain. By integrating coaching methodologies and neuro-generating challenges with the natural environment, we work to improve cognitive performance, nurture insights, deepen levels of awareness, and generate higher levels of energy and confidence for executives and management teams.

Resilient Leadership - 12 Week Process Neuroscience of Performance - 8 Week Process The Neuroscience of Positivity and Happiness - 4 Week Process

Bring your own team or join one as an individual, as we venture to some of the most beautiful and inspiring natural settings on the planet. A two-to-five day adventure that combines new learning through group activities and physical challenges that will engage your bodybrain. Your coaches will help guide you to new perspectives through new experiences. A journey that will bring you the challenges you want and the rewards you deserve.





Body-Brain Executive Coaching Integrating Executive Coaching and Health We are passionate about improving the health and performance of every client. That means working with clients to develop improved thought-patterns and habits. Neuroscience has shown that the most efficient and effective way to develop new neural pathways is to engage both the body and the brain, providing stimuli similar to the those that enabled our brain to evolve over hundreds of thousands of years. Body-Brain Executive Coaching takes the best of today’s executive coaching and integrates it with movement to enable these positive shifts. Our coaching methodology combines the prescriptions of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with cutting edge neuroscience and proven sports performance techniques. Whether engaged by a third-party stakeholder or the client directly, our goal is to help our clients work themselves to a place of improved cognitive performance, adaptability, resilience, focus and more. It is through our unique combination of specific physical and mental engagement that we make our coaching an effective strategy for change as well as a platform for improved engagement and overall health.                      

“Body-Brain Executive Coaching takes the best of today’s executive coaching and integrates it with movement to enable these positive shifts toward Peak Performance.”




“Improving Performance  With  Life-­‐Changing  Effect”   High performing individuals and organizations recognize that being at their best means something other than holding a myopic focus on meeting the immediate task at hand. They recognize that their peak performance requires developing and maintaining greater levels of energy, awareness, focus, resilience, mental and creative capacity. Our clients are seeking to improve their performance the right way and we work with them to deliver those results with lasting and expansive impact. But it goes beyond performance at work. Many are transformed, finding new sources of energy and levels of confidence, improving health and even reversing debilitating diseases. In short, our clients benefit beyond just work productivity, and that is what makes our work both effective in the long-term and rewarding.                                    

Client Testimonials:  

“Probably the best corporate/personal leadership training workshop that I have attended anywhere in the last twenty years! The messages around maintaining a healthy work-life balance, good nutrition, rest and regular exercise, all leading to an improvement in performance, individually and as a team, have been life changing to the participants. We started the training with a small group of Finance executives and their enthusiasm from the workshop is spreading throughout the organization...a great way to bring about change. Real, positive, productive change!” Colin Sampson, Senior Vice President & CFO, SAP Asia Pacific



“The Body-Brain Performance Coaching Team drove home the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body to the participants of our regional leadership conference. As a company, we strive to balance performance at work with the health of our employees to ensure they go hand-in-hand. Body-Brain Performance Coaching integrated workouts (yoga, meditation and a fitness module) into the conference and reinforced these with theory on the link between leadership performance and fitness. Participants received not only a physical boost, but also simple yet practical tips on what they can do to help alleviate stress, increase mental well-being and perform more effectively in their leadership roles.” Michael Braun, General Manager, Corporate Communications AAP, Daimler Financial Services Africa & Asia Pacific

“I know first-hand how their program changes lives and improves performance. It has helped me across a variety of areas, personal and professional. I have even seen the positive impact on people dealing with life-threatening diseases. I completely buy into what BBPCoaching is doing and brought it to my regional leadership team - in a 2-day training program. I'm still seeing the positive effects on their performance. The sign of a very effective program.” Tony Grandidge – Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific EFT Processing Segment, Euronet Worldwide, Inc

“I run a business, am a husband and a father of three wonderful and active kids. Improving my energy reserve is critical to keeping up with life. I use the BBPCoaching methodology to effectively manage the demands and stress of work and still have energy to enjoy quality time with friends and family at the end of the day. I now promote body-brain health throughout my organization. I am seeing this approach improve not just the health of my employees, but also my company's bottom line.” Matt Beath, Managing Director – BeathChapman.  


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Your Body-­‐Brain  Coaches  

Marcel Daane   Marcel has 20 years of coaching experience across business, sports, wellness and cognitive performance. His work in personal and executive transformation utilizes a combination of neuroscience, exercise physiology and nutrition management. His clients include board-level executives, management teams and other professionals, with whom he has coached in both personal and professional development. Marcel's background includes 10 years in elite military service, providing a depth of knowledge on human capability and performance applied to coaching Olympic and professional athletes. As a result, Marcel developed the MET Transformational Coaching Method (, which has become an internationally accredited education program utilized by schools, fitness and healthcare professionals, athletes and business executives. Marcel also founded Southeast Asia's premier sports performance center, The SPEED Institute, which specializes in the

health and performance of athletes and non-athletes alike. Marcel earned postgraduate degrees in the neuroscience of leadership, undergraduate degrees in complementary medicine and applied nutrition, and advanced certifications in fitness and performance coaching. He is a noted author and keynote speaker in the areas of neuroscience, health and human performance.                            


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Garrett Weiner                                      

Garrett combines strong business acumen with an integrated methodology for performance and transformation, coaching executives to greater awareness, clarity and improved levels of energy and focus. While grounded in neurosciencebased coaching, his work in executive performance also derives from his knowledge of various behavioral, psychological and physiological assessment tools. Garrett's passion for executive health and performance comes from more than 15 years of experience in international law, finance and human resources as well as competing at the highest levels in Ironman and other ultra-endurance sports. He is also a global adventurer, exploring nature at every opportunity and bringing that passion to others through Body-Brain Adventure, BBPCoaching's leadership retreat arm.

qualifications include coaching certifications in The Leadership Circle, a transformative leadership development system, Results Coaching System, a neuroscience-based approach to coaching, and a personal trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Garrett maintains his good standing as a Member of the New York Bar and a Certified Public Accountant of Ohio.

Garrett's is a regular keynote speaker on business and leadership performance and has authored articles supporting the growth and health of executives. His unique


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