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WOW quarter page deal get a full page editorial with pictures & logos for just £395… Limited time only The Bristol Business Post is a high quality, glossy A4 publication that is distributed directly to 20k+ managing directors and decision makers throughout the South West with an annual turnover in excess of £300K. Our magazine is focused on the professional business audience in the South West region and reaches them on two levels; directly through their mailbox and passively through casual reader pick-up.

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We are running the first of two major architectural features, this time covering the LABC Awards and the AABC awards, and continue the Green Property theme. Auto Enrolment is discussed, and on a lighter note enjoy our Christmas Hospitality feature.

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In our next edition Theo Paphitis will be talking about his lingerie chain, Boux Avenue, and discussing his views on the future of retail stores in the UK.

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Welcome to edition 14 of the BBP showcasing the best in business across the South West. In this edition we feature Richard Branson commenting on Virgin Media’s apprenticeship scheme in the South West.

We will continue the architecture theme in a major property development feature, and celebrate The South West Flavour Awards, and as always other business news and comment from across the region.

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Bristol manufacturer takes two giant strides Bristol based Signscape Systems, a leading sign and display manufacturer, has just launched an exciting new range of exterior poster cases, destined to create a big impact in the visual communication market. Previously known as Signfix and SignPost Solutions, Signscape are well known within the UK sign trade for their high quality sign and display products, and for their ability to create standard and bespoke sign system displays. Their sign systems have also be combined to create a co-ordinated scheme of visual solutions across several large locations, including Bristol airport. The Avenue however, is a stride in a new direction, with the Bristol company now offering a more cost-conscious product alongside its more premium options. This new poster case range is expected to open up a new part of the market, with The Avenue able to service the smaller budgets, as well as the large scale contracts (which often need a low unit price due to high quantities required).

But it’s not just The Avenue that has widened Signscape’s market. Fresh off the back of their merge with leading notice board manufacturer Signconex Limited in late 2011, Signscape now has over 40 new pin board, whiteboard and letter board products to offer to customers and new contracts throughout the South-West.

Like Signscape, Signconex share the philosophy of high product quality, and also specialise in offering both standard and bespoke display solutions. All of which means Signscape can now provide a much greater breadth of high quality signs and displays, all of which can be tailored to suit the many different applications and locations required.

For more information on Signscape and to see what they can do for you call today on 01934 852 888 or visit

lesliedark&co charteredcertifiedaccountants registeredauditors !



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At a delightfully slim 40mm deep, the new range caters for the 8 most popular poster sizes in both portrait and landscape, and comes with a choice of either a magnetic back insert (best for displaying multiple notices), or Correx insert complete with poster clips (best for single-front poster display). It is also available wall, rail or post mounted and has a range of optional extras including shaped aluminium headers and sign backing panels.





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Used throughout the retail, leisure, education sectors, and many local authority spaces, exterior poster cases continue to be a top choice when it comes to affordable information display. And, whilst there are a number of exterior poster cases on the market already, Signscape appear to have taken a much greater leap with The Avenue, claiming to not only “maintain what the market already trusts” but also “providing more for less”.



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10600 1pg_Manor Golf Club 1pg 22/11/2012 17:14 Page 1


Third party certification is recognised as a tried and tested method of raising standards for the benefit of both supplier and customer. In the security sector this is important as the industry strives to further increase professionalism. No longer is security simply about locks, bolts and barriers. High Definition CCTV, all weather remote sensors and DNA marking are all designed to reduce crime and bring perpetrators to justice.

Before it even considers accepting a security company for approval, NSI conducts a rigorous review of that company’s management structures, finances, directors, credit ratings, insurances and history. Only after this hurdle is satisfied will NSI despatch a highly qualified and experienced auditor to visit the company’s headquarters and carry out a robust audit of technical competence and management. Each company must meet the relevant British, European or International technical standard if it is to become an NSI Silver Approved Company. To become Gold Approved, companies must also undergo an intense audit of their quality management system to the globally recognised ISO 9001 standard. Companies are audited twice per year and site visits to client are also carried out. NSI approval means your selected supplier meets the standard. Would you trust the security of your business to anyone else?

But how can you be sure that your security supplier can be trusted? How do you know that they meet the current technical standards for intruder detection, guarding or good management? How do you know their employees are vetted and licensed, that they are trained and competent to provide critical protection for your valued premises? One sure way is to select an NSI approved company. The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is charged with improving standards in the security sector by providing intensive certification audits. NSI is impartial and independent and is itself accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

For more information contact: National Security Inspectorate Sentinel House 5 Reform Road Maidenhead SL6 8BY Tel: 01628 637512 Email: Web:

Specialists in Fire detection, Intruder, CCTV, Access Control, Emergency lighting and PA/VA systems.

Unit 1 Havyatt Business Park, Havyatt Road, Bristol BS40 5PY

01934 863960


5224 1pg_CD Engineering 14/11/2012 11:36 Page 1

Information security is a major area critical to the survival of a business. A system that is not secure and maintained with great vigilance is going to be at threat, with catastrophic results. Ultimate loss of reputation and business are the minimum you would expect as a result, a massive cost that most business will never recover from.

The fall out From a recent Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) survey; 82% of small and 93% of large companies suffered an information security incident in 2010. These incidents typically cost the respective businesses between £27,000 and £690,000. This figure is expected to increase and the exposure will cost dearly. A breach of information security can result in other cost areas; crippling fines for the business and in certain cases imprisonment may be levied upon the personnel responsible.

Taking cover

Call: 01793 688990 Email: Web:

Easy Target In the line of fire Your competition has stolen all of your valued customers from under your nose. You lose business. You are forced to fold. Your customers’ contact details are like gold dust to the competition. With ease they can know, straight away, what is being sold, to whom and at what price. Why wouldn’t they want to steal it?

In a competitive and threatened marketplace an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) monitors and maintains your business’ information security. The ISMS for any business must protect the three main areas required of it; confidentiality, integrity and availability. ISO/ IEC 27001: 2005 Information Security Management Standard has been designed to ensure the correct and effective implementation, operation, maintaining and improving the business ISMS. ISO/ IEC 27001 is the best way of demonstrating to all concerned that you take the security of all your information seriously.

How well is your data protected?

Your information and data resources are one of the most important assets your business holds.

Number 1 target Information and data resources remain a number one target for hackers and cyber criminals; they have a real value in, and from, any marketplace. Hackers and fraudsters are working overtime, over the Internet, to ensure they can break into the known forms of protection available at any time.

w w w. i ms m . com 6

10655 1pg_CD Engineering 21/11/2012 09:38 Page 12

Close Protection: The ‘Normal’ Night Out When a client employs us to ensure their personal safety, what exactly do we do?

Ultimately everyone has the right to live in a safe and happy environment. If a tainted reputation, a revelation, or an attack is threatened, Silk Road will eliminate the risks.

Tonight is a low to medium risk assignment; a relatively recognisable client – the daughter of a wealthy business family – whose aim is to enjoy a “normal” night out without public harassment. There is a medium to high probability of paparazzi or public snapshots taken without the wish or permission of the client or their management, along with a low to medium probability of an attack by an “opportunist”. The client is female, so Silk Road has assigned a two-person Escort Section: one female (PPO) and one male (CPO), plus a secure vehicle and one driver – who will remain with the vehicle throughout the assignment. The vehicle also acts as a safe-area in the event of an occurrence. Silk Road are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment in which our client can live and work, knowing that our escort team are working to prevent harm, either to them or to their business reputation. Whether our client is easily recognised or associated with someone who is, the Escort Team will protect the client throughout the assignment, implementing an Operational Plan which includes travel route plans and alternative routes before returning the client safely to their end destination. All contacts and arrangements with our client are treated with the utmost discretion. Our escort team are fully licenced, qualified and experienced working in European countries. First Aid qualified, the Escort Team undergoes security verification procedure similar to BS7858 Security Screening and Vetting procedure in addition to a recognised CRB check. The organisation Silk Road is a member of the Close Protection Federation. We hold extensive insurance cover and are committed to Customer Excellence.

While our work is varied and solely dependant on our client’s choices, we still need to plan for every eventuality. Preparation for an Assignment begins with the formation of a Reconnaissance Report. We consult with the client or their representative, because, most importantly, the Assignment is about them - their wishes and concerns. Specific information is asked for such as expected guests, perhaps companions on a vehicle journey, a preferred dress style for our team, any known or suspected threats or concerns. Our escort team are personable and behave naturally to “blend in” with the rest of the client’s party until a threat becomes obvious. The successful execution of an assignment relies on the team’s talent and dedication. Often the numbers of Close Protection Operatives assigned to a client varies throughout an assignment, as appropriate. Some clients require a more obvious security presence and we do that too, but a “heavy” security entourage can prompt a cruder and more negative public reaction towards a client. However, tonight’s assignment requires a more subtle approach to our client’s protection. Are our services honestly affordable and cost effective? Professional Security Services including those such as Close Protection and Counter Surveillance are a business expense and are therefore tax-deductible for businesses.

e. w. t. 07815 156 685


10660 1pg_Feature Template 29/11/2012 10:14 Page 1

Should unfinished projects be completed post break-up? Following dissolution of a partnership, each partner has authority to bind the firm as far as may be necessary to wind up the affairs of the partnership and to complete transactions begun but unfinished at the time of the dissolution, but not otherwise. In the recession with more limited credit availability, a commonly occurring question is whether partners may be compelled to complete unfinished property developments or other similar projects. The answer depends on whether it was necessary to complete the work to wind up the affairs of the partnership. In a recent case, the partnership was able to find a replacement developer and thus could assign the benefit of the contracts and novate the obligations.

Partnership law at work in the recession… Partner or employee? Over a number of years the dwindling pool of practice profits, combined with increased pressure on partnerships to promote the younger talent coming up the ranks, has led to the creation of elaborate tiers of partners. In the event of dispute, a partner may well find himself faced with the decision of whether he is entitled to invoke the law of partnership (or that relating now to LLPs) or employment law, in circumstances where either he is being pushed out of the practice, or he wishes to protect himself against being pushed out. He cannot choose both. The Courts will be interested not only in profit share but in (a) liability to contribute capital (b) entitlement to be involved in management; and (c) to share in the surplus assets on a winding up. Age discrimination issues Additionally, there is intermittent pressure to push out those at the top of the partnership pyramid to make way for new ‘bucks’. The discrimination legislation applies to partners and employees alike. In a recent case, a former partner in a firm of solicitors unsuccessfully challenged a decision that his compulsory retirement at the age of 65 had been lawful. The Court said that the firm in setting a retirement age was entitled to pursue the legitimate aims of (a) inter-generational fairness (ie providing younger generations with the opportunity of partnership after a reasonable period) and (b) dignity to the older partner (by reducing the need to expel partners through performance management. All businesses would now be well advised to give careful consideration to what mandatory retirement rules could be justified. Compulsory retirement clauses: The other performance management tool in active use against poorly performing partners in recent times has been the “compulsory retirement” or “green socks” clause. It has on occasion provided an effective lever to de-equitise or vary the terms of such a partner’s engagement. But it must be invoked for the right purposes and in the correct spirit. A partner wishing to challenge an actual or proposed forced exit, or a practice seeking to make sure of its grounds for resorting to such drastic action will need to consider three issues: (1) Have the grounds relied on, if any, been made out? (2) Has the proper procedure been followed? (3) Has the practice acted in good faith and for proper purposes?


Martha Maher is a barrister with expertise in commercial litigation including in relation to partnership/LLP/corporate disputes.;

St. John’s Chambers the premier set in the South West has been named ‘Chambers of the Year’ 2012/13 by The Bristol Law Society.

Nick Dell – President of The Bristol Law Society, Derek Jenkins CEO – St. John’s Chambers, Richard Stead – Head of Chambers (St. John’s) and Nicky Mould of Lansdown Place

We can offer direct access to a barrister of your choice with significant cost savings. With over 80 members we provide first-class legal advice and representation for businesses and individuals. Areas of law include: • Contract • Commercial • Construction • Employment • Family Finance • Health & Safety

• • • • •

Insolvency Planning Property Tax Wills, Trusts and Probate

T: 0117 923 4700 E:

10658 Richard Branson Interview 2_CD Engineering 14/11/2012 13:20 Page 1

Sir Richard Branson’s Media Apprentices Reach the South West Virgin Media’s apprenticeship scheme offers opportunities to youngsters in the South West. Virgin Media, which provides television, telephone and broadband internet services to domestic and business customers in the UK, is recruiting apprentices to work in the South West as part of a nationwide scheme. Virgin Media’s government-championed national apprenticeship scheme offers placements through a number of exciting roles, including field technicians, planners and network engineers, with opportunities to work all over the UK. The immensely popular programme gives apprentices the chance to get comprehensive training in the latest in digital home entertainment and telecommunications, whilst working towards a nationally-recognised qualification in ICT*. Speaking of the scheme, Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group said, “Along with Virgin Media Pioneers, a programme designed to help young entrepreneurs flourish, Virgin Media's apprentice scheme is a fantastic way to harness the drive and creativity of our young people and to help develop the workforce of the future. The 200 places Virgin Media has opened up for 2013 will join the existing 700 already recruited to help create some of the most exciting opportunities for young people in technology."

The apprenticeship scheme begins with a full general induction. This is where you'll get your first tantalising taste of what it's like to work at Virgin Media. It'll cover everything from company history and what Virgin expects from you, to our culture, values and behaviours. And you'll get to meet your managers and other people involved in your training and development, too. Throughout your apprenticeship you'll be working with an industry recognised assessor. They'll help you get enough points to gain a national qualification – for apprentices you earn level 2 in Communications Technology and for advanced apprentices you’ll earn level 3 in Communications Technology. As part of the qualification you will develop key skills in groups and working on your own. As an apprentice you'll spend time working with other areas of the business. So you'll soon get an idea of just how massive Virgin Media is and fully understand our customer journey. It's also a great chance to get to know people who could help you later on in your career with us. By the scheme’s second year you will move onto the advanced level, and will be specialising in one of the following areas: Business, Fibre, Networks and Transmission. These will be the skills you need to do your day to day role. Again, all will be supervised by your assessor throughout. Before we let you loose in public you'll have to pass an end-ofapprenticeship assessment. This makes it official that you, your manager and Virgin Media think you're ready to start working with our customers and on our network. Finally, all the way through your apprenticeship you'll have full support, from your Manager and Mentor, through to our Talent and Development Team and of course all our other apprentices - and that's a promise.

Sir Richard Branson

For more information on how to apply for a Virgin Media apprenticeship please visit:


5013 1 pg Advertorial:Office Clearance 22/10/2012 17:22 Page 1







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10423 QPD:Clean Space Partnership QPD 1pg 08/11/2012 11:53 Page 1

Photo : Ops Director Ed presenting Ajara with her “Partner of the Year” prize.

Photo : Glenn Perry & Clean Space staff. Ethical cleaning without costing the earth The Clean Space Partnership is an ethical cleaning business that operates a unique business model, which allows cleaners to become partners in the business, and provides commercial cleaning services to Bristol, the South West of England, Cardiff and South Wales. Clients include offices, car showrooms, building managers, business centres, museums, art galleries, spas, health clubs, gyms, and even theatres. Glenn Perry explained that his cleaning operatives are in fact his business partners. They are not paid an industry-standard low wage for a dead end job with no prospects, no training and no respect. Instead, they part-own the contracts they service and receive the bulk of the fees. With that ownership comes responsibility and pride - the responsibility of ensuring that their contracts are highly serviced, and pride in a job well done. This also drives high levels of engagement and communication with the partners.

Glenn described how awards such as Partner of the Season, Partner of the Year and further nominations give them an opportunity to reward and recognise the work their partners carry out. Glenn went on to comment; “Our business is people driven and with this comes a risk because as we know people can let you down. However, through the lines of clear and swift communication, motivation and generally working closely with our clients and partners, we manage this risk and prevent poor service extremely well.” Another driving force behind the business is Training Coordinators which circulate their contracts. As a two-way process, partners are monitored on their standard of work, compliance with Health and Safety and communication skills; again, all with the view of delivering the highest standard of service to their clients. The company only use eco-friendly cleaning products and consumable products, with no compromise on quality, to minimise the impact on the environment, without loss of effectiveness. Each cleaning product has been developed from plant-based organic surfactants. They are non-toxic, non harmful, non-hazardous, totally biodegradable and extremely cost effective. The company are so committed to the eco-friendly approach that they even offer a recycling service for your company waste, just bag it up, and they will remove it for sorting. The idea is that it’s cheap and simple to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle their waste. As a one-stop business, other services include window cleaning, carpet cleaning, the delivery of consumables and many more. Most people assume all this must make the Clean Space more expensive as a cleaning supplier but in fact they manage to achieve all this without charging the customers more. As Glenn says “if we’re not competitive we won’t win any business – it’s as simple as that” The company attributes much of its success to professional account management, meaning regular pro-active monthly visits from Glenn to discuss and ensure they are meeting their client’s expectations. With the Christmas period descending upon us, why not take advantage of Glenn’s free spring clean offer should you chose to take out a contract with them.

Photo : Nathan presenting Steven with his Contractor of the month award

Visit their web site or for Bristol and the South West phone Glenn Perry on 02070919721 for more details 11

10369 1pg_Portland Engineering 1pg 03/12/2012 14:09 Page 1

Despite becoming one of the top locations in the world for designing, building and delivering systems of engineered excellence, they have managed to retain their individuality, believing that their customers appreciate the personal approach.

Portland Engineering Co Ltd “Small enough to care, big enough to cope”, is Portland Engineering’s motto. Portland Engineering Co Ltd was established in 1946 as a specialist manufacturer of small gears. The company is still owned and managed by the same family, and has expanded over the years, developing an excellent reputation as precision engineers. Their own purpose built, 40,000 sq ft factory is at Portland Dorset. The company’s ongoing programme of investment in specialist plant and machinery enables them to design and manufacture precision parts and components, particularly for the automotive industry.

They say “Our products encapsulate engineering idealism. From conception through completion we can not be matched on price, quality and innovation. For this reason we believe that there is no product we cannot produce to the requirements of a customer.” Telephone 01305 821273

The automotive industry is one of the country’s success stories, but continuous innovation places pressure on the supply chain to keep up with the demand for new components manufactured to very precise tolerances. Portland Engineering has maintained the ability to meet this demand, and in consequence are approved suppliers to some of the top motor manufacturers who rely on them for high specification quality. They are accredited by BSI Quality Assurance as being compliant with both ISO 9001 and the SBAC’s latest aerospace standard, TS 157.

Leading specialist Steel Stockholders in the South West We are proud to support Portland Engineering Ltd and wish them the best of luck for the future

01173 165400 116 Burcott Road Avonmouth Bristol BS11 8AF



31331 1pg_CD Engineering 06/12/2012 16:02 Page 12

R22 Refrigerant Conversion Why ‘wait and see’ is not an option

Do Nothing: Users of AC&R systems who continue to take no action should expect to see refrigerant costs continuing to rise and the possibility that their existing refrigerant will not be available when required.

Refrigerant Replacement: Replacing the existing refrigerant is the recommended option if the AC&R system is still relatively new and it is cost effective to do so. Environmentally compliant refrigerants can be used to retrofit without major works or modifications.

New Equipment: Johnson Controls offers a wide range of products included on the Energy Technology List, turnkey solutions for the safe removal (and disposal) of redundant equipment and installs environmentally efficient products tailored to meet specific requirements.

HCFC Phase Out Following discovery of the hole in the ozone layer during the 1980’s, governments in the developed world have steadily introduced legislation to phase out ozone depleting substances. Consequently, from 1st January 2015 it will be illegal to use any hydro chlorofluorocarbons HCFCs to service air conditioning & refrigeration (AC&R) systems January 2015 is still a long way off though, so why not adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach? Well although it remains legal to use AC&R systems containing HCFCs beyond the specified phase out date, this is only on the basis that they do not require maintenance; however we know that all AC&R systems leak to a certain extent and that means putting HCFCs back into the system. Our Knowledge Can Help You Comply Johnson Controls is a global leader in delivering integrated control systems, AC&R equipment and associated service solutions. Own brand systems include YORK® chillers, Sabroe® industrial refrigeration products and the Metasys® building management system. And as one of the world’s leading suppliers of AC&R systems, we also offer advice on key issues governing HCFC phase out. So what options are available?

We can also apply a consultative approach that incorporates some, or all, of the above options. To do this we work closely with our customers to develop a robust strategy for HCFC remediation, which allows us to; measure risk to your business, suggest a prioritisation schedule, develop a phase-out plan and manage the disposal of old equipment.

Contact For further details, call 0845 108 0001 or send an email to and let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Specialists in HCFC / R22 Refrigerant Replacement and Refrigerant ReclamaƟon A-Gas Refrigerant SeparaƟŽn Facility

CO2 (R744) R407F Refrigerant ReĐůĂŵĂƟon With No DestrucƟŽn Charges World Class RefrigerĂƟon SepĂƌĂƟon Technology

T [+44] (0) 1275 376600 13

10390 QPD 1pg :Carford Group 15/10/2012 16:28 Page 1


SYSTEMS LTD LAGOR SYSTEMS have been successfully installing and servicing vehicle security and tracking equipment in the South West for just over 10 years. Managing Director, Stuart Latham, says:

Managing Director Stuart Latham

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with customers all over the area, from Bristol to Cardiff, to Gloucester and to Penzance, bringing the latest technology to secure their vehicles. We are looking forward to the next 10 years of serving our customers old and new.”

LAGOR SYSTEMS offers a full range of products to the Motor trade, Plant Hire companies, Hauliers and to private owners for cars, vans, lorries, all types of trailers and all types of plant. Products include: •

Fleet Tracking

Plant Keypad Immobilisers

Stolen Vehicle Recovery systems

Plant & Agricultural Vehicle Tracking.

Our installation technicians are qualified and competent, and will come and fit on site, at the workplace or at customers home as convenient. Our products are Thatcham approved, which gives the possibility of an insurance discount.

We offer Fleet Tracking Management for precise monitoring of vehicle starts and stops, speeds and journey routes in real time via the Internet. This system enables fleet managers to maximise vehicle, fuel and usage to help with efficiency of fleet transport in these difficult economic times. 14

To combat theft of expensive plant, LAGOR SYSTEMS specialise in immobilisers specifically designed for the harsh plant environment. It immobilises three circuits and the keypad can be set with a PIN for the individual machine and a different “depot” PIN for a group. LAGOR SYSTEMS are pleased to be a TRACKER approved dealer and installation centre, and can supply and fit their Stolen Vehicle Recovery system, which is the only system used in partnership with all 52 UK police forces. Stolen vehicles can be found wherever they are hidden, even in underground car parks or shipping containers, overcoming jamming devices used by professional thieves. For Plant and Agricultural Vehicle Tracking we have a robust and waterproof unit, proven to withstand harsh equipment usage, which is installed in the machine, allowing fleet managers to monitor usage via the Internet whatever the conditions and wherever the equipment is being used. And for customers who want the latest “tech”, we can “Geofence” the machine”, which means a location radius can be set up, within which the plant can move freely, but if it is moved outside the location, an alert is generated. There are also battery powered units for equipment without built in power supplies, such as trailers, to ensure they can be monitored and protected. Our satisfied customers throughout the South West include: Sureway Express Transport, Sydenham Hire, Eagle Plant and Water Matters... For more information please

visit: call: 01934 514654 mobile: 07787 515992 email:

10449 1pg_Feature Template 26/11/2012 11:02 Page 1


A great deal for dealers Warranty Direct and the RMI came together just one year ago to upgrade the Reassure Warranty offering for RMI members.

Registration is on-line providing electronic application for warranties 24/7. The web site provides Cover Level Documents confirming all the terms and conditions to your customer, who can then drive away with “day one warranty cover”. The product is good for customers too, with cover levels mirroring Warranty Direct’s own award winning warranties, affording peace of mind. Forget jargon, the products are written in plain English, and the claims procedures are completely straightforward. The product offers free conciliation and low cost independent arbitration and affords more rights than are strictly required by law. Claims are either telephoned into the administration office or submitted by the 1Link platform and in the majority of cases are authorised immediately. Warranty Direct authorise on the selling dealer’s behalf and reclaim monies from the insurer. The selling dealer is not actually invoiced in the process and Warranty Direct deal with everything. A selling dealer does not need to be involved when a customer makes a warranty claim (unless they want to carry out repairs themselves). Warranty Direct provides an on-line payment service at the point of warranty registration and this is available 24/7, meaning that warranties can be purchased at any time with cover documents immediately available to give to customers. Claims are normally paid within 10 working days of receipt of a repair invoice. Switch over to RMI Reassure Warranty – a dealer focused service based on extensive market research to meet your exact needs. The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) is the UK's leading automotive trade body, representing franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers, independent garages, bodyshops, motorcycle dealers, petrol retailers, auction houses and cherished number plate dealers, who provide sales and services to motorists and businesses across the UK.

0845 052 1178 warrantydirect

The RMI Reassure Warranty is a dealer insured Guarantee Scheme, and one year on is helping non FSA registered dealers to increase profits and retain customers, by making available a first class warranty, administered by Warranty Direct, and available through RMI membership. The product carries the RMI’s branding as well as Warranty Direct’s, and includes roadside recovery and assistance for customers making a warranty claim, at no cost to the dealer. The most exciting aspect of the scheme is that the claim limits were increased to cover the purchase value of the vehicle. Duncan McClure Fisher, Warranty Direct managing director, said: “In other words, if a £10,000 vehicle needs a £10,000 repair then the warranty will pay up to this amount.” The customer’s warranty is with their car dealer, in the form of a guarantee. The dealer then insures their own risk with an insurance company. All administration under the scheme, including claims, is dealt with by Warranty Direct, and a web site is provided for dealers to place individual cars on cover and to print and issue customer guarantee documents. This is a straightforward scheme which really simplifies things for the dealer with no FSA registration needed. The dealer doesn’t charge VAT on “own repairs” keeping premium costs competitive, and only the lowest rate of IPT applies to the insurance aspect.

Increase profits and retain customers with a warranty for non-FSA registered dealers. Contact us now! Call 0845 052 1178 | Email go online


10452 2pg_Sureway Express Transport Ltd 2pg 03/12/2012 12:31 Page 1


10452 2pg_Sureway Express Transport Ltd 2pg 03/12/2012 12:31 Page 2


10472 3pgs_Centurion Travel 3pg 03/12/2012 12:20 Page 1

The developments are a robust response to a period which, director Steve Spiller acknowledges, has not been without challenges but one which sees Centurion Travel marching forward with confidence. “This year has certainly seen major changes within the business,” he says. “It has been challenging during 2011 and 2012 to keep our rates at previous years’ levels as we come into contact with many companies who offer a poor service at considerably lower prices. “However we are determined to keep improving our fleet and our systems, despite this and the challenge presented by the reduction in capital allowances. “As with many transport companies we need to reinvest thousands of pounds in motor vehicles and now without as much allowance against tax.”

Just recently, it added to this comprehensive fleet two vehicles which allow wheelchair access for any user in groups large or small while still in airconditioned comfort.

( $! $" ! # '



Centurion Travel, based at Midsomer Norton, between Bath and Bristol, is owned by the Spiller family - people with coaching in their blood.

Operating a mixed fleet, ranging from 16-seater Mercedes Sprinters to a 63-seater Bova, with wedding cars and a Ford Excursion limousine in between, it has a solution for every travelling need, from school transport to corporate travel.


Transporting a host of Team GB competitors to their Olympic events ranked as one of the proudest moments in the company’s history and the crowning moment of a year already packed with new ventures and opportunities.

Centurion has been trading since 1989 but managing director Martin Spiller’s great great grandfather began operating charabancs in 1925, while his mother and brother are still involved in the running of another local coach business.


WHEN it comes to looking after our world-leading Olympian athletes only the best will do - that’s why Centurion Travel was involved with carrying some of them to the London 2012 games.


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10472 3pgs_Centurion Travel 3pg 03/12/2012 12:20 Page 2

VL TEST SYSTEMS LIMITED Automobile Safety Testing Equipment - Test Lanes

Worldwide Solution Providers on Vehicle Safety and Emissions Testing Systems Suspension/Roller Brake Testers • Caravan Brake Simulators • Head-light Beam Testers • Diesel Smoke Testers • Brake Data Software • Roller Brake Testers • Suspension Testers • Emission Testers • Side Slip Testers • Brake Time Measuring Devices • Research and Development • Under Carriage Inspection • Above Carriage Inspection • Software Development • Mobile Vehicle Testers • Diesel Smoke Testers • Speedometer Testers • Test Lane Computers • Free Roller Sets • Play Detectors and more......... V L Test Systems specialise in providing the new VOSA Authorised Test facilities (ATF's - previously known as Designated Test Lanes) and are happy to assist you with design, gaining approval, installation or managing the whole project for you

3/4 Middle Slade, Buckingham Industrial Park, Buckingham, Bucks MK18 1WA United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 1280 822488 F: +44 (0) 1280 822489 Email: 19

10472 3pgs_Centurion Travel 3pg 03/12/2012 12:20 Page 3

The one-acre site not only houses the offices, but a fivebay maintenance facility to ensure all its 28 vehicles are kept in the highest possible condition. This year the premises received authorised testing facility status and, two or three days a week VOSA carry out HGV/PSV commercial testing while Centurion’s own staff carry out MOTs on cars, vans and motorhomes up to 3,500 kgs (Class 7) six days a week. Commercial brake testing is also available and, in another 2012 development, the company is now an appointed agent to fit Baumot Exhaust systems for commercial vehicles. At the time of going to press Centurion will be offering repairs to commercial vehicles. One of the more surprising developments this year is the purchase of the nearby Dolphin Inn - but the family is very excited about the opportunity the move presents. Steve says. “The pub also has a hall attached which we have developed for private functions and will further invest in to use as a training facility for the business.�

For more information about Centurion Travel, its full range of services and school bus schedules, visit Alternatively telephone 01761 417392 or email 20

10498 1pg_AJ Taylor 1pg 20/11/2012 10:19 Page 1

Their core business will always remain accident repairs, but in response to customers’ requests, they also carry out General Servicing, Repairs, MOTs, Batteries, Tyres, Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Shock Absorbers, Steering and Wheel Alignment, Re- gassing Air Conditioning Systems, and Valeting, Detailing and Cleaning. Providing top quality accident repairs for over 30 years. Based in Fishponds, Bristol, Tony Taylor and Paul Allen, trading as A J Taylor were very proud to have been the first independent body shop in the Bristol area to achieve BSI PAS 125 the BSI Kitemark. The very rigorous procedures required to achieve the standard required and the ongoing twice yearly check and audit, have proved to be well worth the considerable effort. The major insurance companies all insist on this standard, often even for work not directly caused from the accident being claimed for. The new standard has been developed by IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) and Thatcham, the organisation set up by the insurance industry that conducts research and collects data to assist in the efficient, safe and cost effective repair of motor vehicles. Tony Taylor said: “By having achieved this standard we have shown to our work providers a commitment to continued professional development in maintaining and controlling a high level of quality in our repair facility.”

Paul says: “Please remember, you have the right to choose which repairer you take your car to, regardless of where your insurance company suggests.”

Contact them on 0117 958 3685, visit their web site or visit them at 269b Ridgeway Road, Fishponds, Bristol. BS16 3JZ.

Dan Harford Wish Anthony Taylor all success with any up and coming plans. Dan Harford, High Street, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, BS15 4AJ United Kingdom Telephone: 0117 9600747 Web:

As part of this commitment, Tony and Paul invested over £14,000 a year ago in new equipment and training to meet current trends and requirements. Tony explained that people have become very cost conscious and are looking for economical, cost effective repairs, rather than more costly replacement. The Accident Repair business provides Collection, Recovery and Delivery. They provide estimates of the necessary work and the experienced team will complete all the work needed to get your vehicle back into shape, including panel beating, respraying and glass repair or replacement, including the use of a courtesy car during the repair process.

We support AJ Taylor and wish them every success in the future. Waregrain Autopaints Ltd, Unit 100, Portmanmoor Road Ind Est, Cardiff CR24 5HB Tel: 029 2048 5633 Web: Email:

A J Taylor employs 8 members of staff who are all either ATA accredited, or working towards the qualification. Clients appreciate the friendly yet professional approach of the team and will often ask for other work to be carried out.

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# !


! Roadworthy Bristol Ltd are proud to offer:

• New Suzuki car sales


• Approved Used Suzuki car sales • Approved Specialist Used car sales covering all makes and models from just £500 • Fixed price servicing • Authorised Suzuki servicing, parts and accessories

• Authorised Chevrolet servicing, parts and accessories • Authorised Subaru servicing, parts and accessories • MOT and repairs for all makes and models • Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Roadworthy Bristol Ltd, 574-590 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3HJ Tel: 01179 654990 Fax: 01179 654970 Web:


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OWNERS of thoroughbreds only want the best for them. They call on experts who know their inner workings, how they function, how to care for them totally and utterly and even show affection for them. If they’re lucky, some horses get that kind of attention too. The thoroughbreds here are the prized pre and post war classic cars that make up the stable of renowned Wiltshire-based restorer Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd. This is not just where models from the 1920s through to the ‘70s are fixed. Here they are nurtured and coaxed back to life and maintained at their very best by a team of people who are as passionate about these historic machines as their owners.


In 2011 it moved into its current premises to cater for the increasing demand from owners. The company employs 11 people, the majority of whom are engineers and mechanics. These are craftsmen with an instinct for knowing what an owner requires, able to think on their feet, provide guidance, research and plan; all well before even touching a spanner. Between them they have more than 100 years experience of the Bristol marque alone and it’s no wonder that Spencer LaneJones Ltd enjoys an international reputation as a trusted and reliable organisation capable of delivering quality work. Spencer, with his lifetime’s experience of thoroughbred cars, is still closely involved with the business as Technical Consultant and the company is now led by Managing Director, Peter Campbell OBE who says the philosophy remains simple.

While catering for a whole range of special marques, including Frazer-Nash, AC, Aston Martin and Bentley, the company is also renowned as a specialist in Bristol cars and cars powered by the famous Bristol 2 litre, 6-cylinder engine: its workshop staple being vehicles from the city manufacturer operating between 1946 and 2011.

“Owning a thoroughbred car requiring restoration to its original glory should be a joy from start to finish, whether it's a full, ground-up restoration or a minor service,” he declares.

Based in Warminster, the Company was established 26 years ago after engineer Spencer Lane-Jones, connected with the Bristol marque for most of his life, combined his hobby-interest with his repair and increasingly professional restoration skills. Since those humble beginnings, the company has been growing ever since.

“Life in the car restoration business is always challenging, often rewarding, but never, ever dull.”

“We encourage owners to visit our workshops at any time so they can see precisely what we do and be involved in the experience.

Spencer Lane-Jones is not about making much-loved classics into museum pieces, it’s about bringing them back to life while accounting for the fact that technology has moved on.

10515 2pg:Layout 1 29/10/2012 09:02 Page 2

“It’s important to recognise and adapt to these advances,” says Peter. “Today’s motorways and driving conditions bring new stresses for old engines and transmissions, whilst new fuels and lubricants can require engineering changes to enable the older cars to cope effectively. “We can discreetly incorporate enhancements during refurbishment work to make vehicles safer and more suited for 21st century driving whilst retaining the key characteristics that make them thoroughbreds.” What’s more, where possible the same mechanic will be assigned to a vehicle each time it’s brought in, resulting in a real affinity developing with the machine and owner, often over many years.

For further information about Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd and its services, visit Alternatively, telephone 01985 847133 or email

MENDIP AUTO ELECTRICAL • Auto electrical repairs and installations • Reversing sensors • Hands free kits • Vintage and historic car rewires • Kit car rewires

Tel: 07702 133212 Web: Email:


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Based in Newport, with one of the most extensive showrooms in Wales, South Wales Superbikes Ltd, are very proud of their status as an Exclusive Premier Yamaha Dealer. This is the top level, and pays tribute to their expertise in all things bike, especially Yamaha, and is the first point of call for keen bikers seeking a new Yamaha. They stock a complete range of all the latest models from 125s to 1300cc Tourers and the enthusiastic team will happily explain the finer points and additional features for which this premier motorcycle manufacturer is renowned. The company specialises in road bikes, and will make sure that you select the right bike for you, based on your potential usage, budget and experience. Competitive pricing, free delivery, tradeins on all makes of bikes, and great finance deals and insurance are “all part of the service.” Their great service doesn’t stop there; their factory trained technicians provide an award winning service from their fully equipped workshop, carrying out repairs servicing and MOTs, all very competitively priced.

Brian attributes their success in the very challenging climate of the last few years to a few very simple factors, “Good service, quality bikes, vast product knowledge and reliability.” He acknowledges the difficulties the market has been undergoing, but confidently expects the company to be serving their many loyal clients for at least another 35 years.

Give them a call on 01633 277970, visit the web site or drop in for a chat with one of the friendly team. WINTER OPENING HOURS MON – FRI 9-00 am - 5-30pm SAT 9-00 am - 5-00pm SUN 11-00 am - 4-00pm

They also stock a great choice of used road bikes from a wide range of manufacturers including 125s, commuters and sports bikes, all repaired and serviced to exacting standards. They also supply clothing and accessories to complete your driving experience. South Wales Superbikes was established in 1977 and taken over by the current four owners, who were all working members of the team in January 2002. They are all 100% committed to the success of the business and very actively involved, working within the business. Brian Jones, who took over as MD in 2009, ensures that all the Directors remain very much hands-on. They are a very strong team at South Wales Superbikes, over 35 years of trading they have built up a superb reputation among the biking community for knowledge and expertise. One member of staff has been working in the motorcycle industry for 40 years and has trained on most major manufacturers.


# #

$ $ $ $


$ $ $ $



Tel: 01873 857533 Web: Email:


10481 BBP Good News_BBP Good News 03/12/2012 15:37 Page 1

Good News

for Bristol Businesses The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said: “Today Bristol signs a deal which will hand chunks of power over from Whitehall control - a dramatic power shift that will mean everyone in Bristol will feel the benefits. “It is my top priority to rebalance our economy so that Bristol gets a fair crack of the whip and it isn’t just Whitehall that controls the country’s purse strings; ensuring cities like Bristol continue to thrive as a great economic powerhouse.” Greg Clark said: “This is a great deal for Bristol. The Government is committed to unlocking the full growth potential of our cities. We want powerful, innovative cities that are able to shape their economic destinies, boost entire regions and get the national economy growing.

In a boost for British Business, the Government has announced funding for 11 New Enterprise Zones The location of eleven new Enterprise Zones, designed to boost local growth and create over 30,000 new jobs by 2015, was announced by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles. The Government’s plans to transform the powers and levers available to local leaders to deliver growth and jobs in their communities were confirmed with the signature of agreements between the Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, and the leaders of the eight core cities involved in the first wave of funding.

“This deal provides a suite of new freedoms, powers and tools to help Bristol and West of England embark on new and innovate ways to drive local economic growth. Bristol City expects the deal to deliver an additional 40,000 jobs and over £1 billion of investment to support local growth over the next 30 years thanks to new financial powers. The deal for Bristol comprises of five parts and will be delivered by government in return for strong local leadership and strengthened governance structures. The growth incentive and the economic investment fund, will allow West of England to keep 100 per cent of the growth in business rates in their 5 Enterprise Areas over 25 years to invest in projects, which it is envisaged will allow authorities to deliver an investment programme worth £1 billion over 30 years.

The city deals are expected to create up to 175,000 new jobs and 37,000 new apprentices across the eight areas which include; Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Sheffield.

Projects include ten years of major funding allocation for the Greater Bristol Metro; and flexible delivery for the Bus Rapid Transit Network allowing savings to be recycled locally, and contains new powers over rail planning and delivery.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said: “I’m delighted to sign over huge chunks of freedom to our great cities today. Each of our eight core cities have come up with ambitious plans to help them grow and prosper. I look forward to seeing the results of this dramatic shift of powers from Whitehall to our cities.”

A Public Property Board will manage up to £1 billion of City Council assets including an estimated 180 land and property assets to unlock more land for economic growth or housing and to lever in additional public or private investment.

Greg Clark said: “The Government is committed to unlocking the full growth potential of our cities.” How the deal will affect Bristol and the West of England. Agreements were signed between the leaders of Bristol and the West of England on 18th September. The deal is expected to deliver an additional 40,000 jobs and over £1 billion of investment to support local growth over the next 30 years thanks to new financial powers.

A city growth hub will provide additional support to inward investors. This will be based in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone and will work closely with UK Trade and Investment. The business community and local enterprise partnership will be able to have more influence over skills provision in the city region, in particular the £114 million Skills Funding Agency funding for FE colleges, to help meet the demands of employers. The second wave of funding will benefit Newquay AeroHub in Cornwall. This is very welcome news for the South West, a region that is often overlooked, despite its strong engineering and manufacturing traditions.

For more information please visit 25

31482 QPD:Mobile Solar Chargers QPD. 12/09/2012 16:34 Page 1

“I would expect that once people are aware of these portable power packs, offices and homes would have one ‘ready to go’ when needed on that Friday night or long business day,” he says. “We have all heard the ‘sorry couldn’t get in touch, my phone died’, with these power packs your phone or mp3 etc is still useable while recharging in your pocket.”

ENTREPENEUR Tim Smerdon is charged up about his new business - which will do the same for mobile phones and other devices by harnessing the power of the sun. Since July has been offering an exciting range of solar portable batteries that provide a free-power solution to ‘dead battery’ emergencies, unexpected or when you are away from home. They’re a simple, eco-friendly answer to a situation that leaves Tim scratching his head. “There are at least 50 million portable devices in the UK, all using small batteries, whose technology is unlikely to change much in the foreseeable future, yet we accept our £400 phones, going dead, for want of mains power,” he says.

The website reflects Tim’s desire for “a clear site, with small range of products. People come in and have a look and can either leave immediately or, within a few minutes they can purchase a product”. With prices ranging from £14.95 to £39.95, all are a very cost-effective solution to ‘battery dead’ situations. Tim is quick to point out that the solar trickle charge is in addition to the fact that they are also portable batteries, rechargeable, like phones, via the mains or PC. “They are not nuclear reactors; they would take a few days to entirely recharge themselves from solar but this is free

“All of these fantastic, expensive electronic products are rendered un-useable each time their batteries are exhausted, until they are plugged into the mains\car, often for many hours.’’ “Portable batteries, with a solar trickle charge seem the most obvious solution. Our batteries hold 80% of their charges for at least three months, so can be used as emergency back-up as and when needed.” It’s not the first time that Tim, who’s interested in intelligently sustainable projects has come across solar power. An Economics graduate who has always started and run his own companies, including one supporting Ugandan women in business and an employment agency in the UK, saw the potential of solar power in Africa. “Generally nobody’s going to buy anything green unless it provides abetter solution than the alternatives”


power,” he says. “If you compare the size of solar panels needed on a house, these small portable chargers are efficient”. “They work most efficiently when in direct contact with the sun and not behind glass on a windowsill or dashboard, but actually, they just need light of any kind, even an electric light, to trickle charge and all our products can also be charged via mains, car and laptop/PC.

To purchase one of Tim’s mobile solar chargers, or to find out more visit the website, or email

10355 QPD.qxd_Carford Group 06/12/2012 15:50 Page 1

Solen Energy UK will be taking part in the educational facilities forum in Oxfordshire on November 19th and 20th which will showcase various energy solutions suitable for schools nationwide. Solen Energy UK carries out a comprehensive energy survey to provide your organisation with specific designs and financial calculations to provide a detailed break down in percentage form. These figures will enable them to calculate the savings you will make from the energy you will use and the total income you could expect your system to generate year after year. The company will be happy to advise and assist you in all aspects in order to obtain and achieve your EPC certificate, ensuring that you receive the highest banding of Feed in Tariff Rate. SAVE MONEY, SAVE ENERGY AND HELP TOWARDS A FRIENDLIER ENVIROMENT WITH SOLEN ENERGY UK. Solen Energy UK, a subsidiary of Solen Energy GmbH, the German company at the forefront of innovation and technology across the renewable industry, is going from strength to strength. During this last year Solen Energy UK has installed Solar PV systems across a wide range of business sectors including schools, cinemas and industrial manufacturing plants. They are all set to take on some major solar projects across the agricultural sector.

For a specific solution for your school or building please contact, Telephone: 01726 862470 Website:

Solen Energy’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Debbie Webb says: “We are finding an increasing demand from the commercial sector to install solar PV as a solution for large manufacturing plants looking for ways to cut rapidly increasing energy costs. In addition to drastically reducing energy costs for businesses, the return on investment we are offering with the current Feed in Tariff rate is still up to 15% in many cases.

POWER YOUR SCHOOL WITH SOLAR ENERGY We are experts in designing, installing and supplying solar photovoltaic systems.


The average payback period is approximately 6 years of the 20 years of guaranteed income from generating your own electricity and selling it back to the National Grid.” Debbie also explained their work within the educational sector. “Schools are a particular focus for us and form an important part of our client base. As well as installing PV systems into schools we follow up with educational classes for the students to teach them how solar energy works and why clean energy is important for the 21st Century.”

Massive energy savings with Solar-PV earn£££for Why use Solen Energy UK? We are experts with years of experience installing solar PV systems across europe. We’ve worked with everyone from schools to housing developers and farm businesses to provide solar PV systems that save money and generate clean energy.

all electric produced

Contact us today

Cornwall Office: 01726 862 470 Liverpool Office: 01514 485 753 ADVICE - EQUIPMENT - INSTALLATION - RETAIL - WHOLESALE


10622 DPS 2pg_VPS (UK) DPS 2pg 20/11/2012 09:57 Page 1

The Vacant Property Specialists ADVANCED security measures for protecting empty properties are proving a successful weapon in the fight against metal theft. Video footage resulting from VPS, The Vacant Property Specialists’ new combined alarm and camera solution is already being used to identify and prosecute offenders while it says customers who have snapped up the opportunity to install the system, are reporting significant reductions in crime and intrusions. It couldn’t be better news for the company which is the world’s leading vacant property security and services provider.

“The worry of metal theft has been a major concern for many of our customers, and we have extended our solutions to address these issues and protect their properties from this threat,” explains Simon Alderson, Commercial Director. “We launched the combined SmartAlarm Gold and Verifeye camera sensors in April and they were an immediate hit.” Upon alarm activation, the cameras relay photos and video footage back to the monitoring station within seconds, making it is easier find out why the alarm sounded and determine the most appropriate form of response. “The SmartAlarm Gold and its sensors are wireless and battery operated, so easy to install and remove when they are no longer required – a perfect solution for vacant property,” says Robert Martin of the Bristol Service Centre, at St Gabriels Industrial Estate, in Easton.

The Vacant Property Specialists


10622 DPS 2pg_VPS (UK) DPS 2pg 20/11/2012 09:57 Page 2

With its HQ in Hertfordshire, the VPS Group serves operations across Europe and the USA. With a UK network of over 20 local service centres, including Bristol’s, and a satellite service centre in Exeter we are always on hand to help.

June saw the launch of the VPS VeriFlow sensor, a unique sensor that alerts on any unauthorised use of water within a property, and using a number of inbuilt sensors helps detect any unexpected water flow such as from leaks, burst pipes or attack. The VPS VeriFlow sensor has been designed to reduce the damage associated with water leaks from pipes in vacant property, by alerting on them as soon as they occur. This cost effective solution monitors water flow without without interfering with the existing plumbing or cutting into the existing pipework.

“We pride ourselves on being professional, dynamic and respectful. That means we are always looking to better serve customers by delivering expert advice from trusted professionals and ensuring that we are at the forefront of change and offering the most advanced property management & security solutions available” Simon Alderson Commercial Director

These new sensors are the latest measures through which VPS ensures peace of mind for its customers with vacant properties to maintain and protect. A wide range of sectors are served, including social housing, retail, the public sector and pubs and breweries and it’s not just about keeping out intruders and thieves. It’s also ensuring the empty properties do not fall into a state of disrepair whilst vacant, so keeping buildings presentable and in working order ready for re-occupancy or sale and making sure that a property is insurance compliant. VPS does this through services such as: •

Free risk assessments.

Helping to clear voids between tenancies, and prepare them for reoccupancy.

Vacant property security, including steel screens and doors, and perimeter protection.

Monitoring using our advanced alarm systems.

Guarding services and regular inspections to ensure the property is clean, clear and safe.

For further information about VPS and its solutions, please visit Alternatively telephone 08706 087062 or email

Caring for the world’s vacant property

The Vacant Property Specialists


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Robert Seymour & Associates Chartered Architects & Historic Building Consultants

Many of us dream of turning a dilapidated barn into an exciting contemporary home designed for modern living but full of period charm. Then perhaps you already own a period property that needs extending or upgrading, or have found the ideal plot in a beautiful position on which to build your dream home. However, it is often not until such an opportunity arises, that we realise just how much professional help we will need to realise our dreams. The importance of the right architect, one with good local knowledge and specialist conservation skills, is crucial to the successful realisation of your ideal. It is difficult to over emphasise the added value that good design and specialist knowledge will contribute to your project, and the huge difference it will make to the end result. Robert Seymour and Associates who have offices in Dartmouth and Totnes are members of RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, and members of the AABC, the Register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation, and as such they offer specialist conservation advice on the maintenance and alteration of existing historic buildings.


They are also well regarded for exciting contemporary buildings designed to harmonise with sensitive locations, such as the Riverhouse on the edge of Dartmouth Estuary, a stunning modern building sandwiched between traditional stone houses. Founded in 1987, they have grown into a small but extremely knowledgeable practice, offering a full range of architectural services. Their advice will be suited to your individual needs and both new and established clients will always receive a warm welcome.

10479 2pg:Layout 1 29/10/2012 15:58 Page 2

They can design solutions based on your needs or help to develop your own ideas, then prepare drawings, advise on Planning Applications and consult with the Local Authority on your behalf. As the project proceeds they will develop the designs into fully detailed schemes and submit them to Building Control. If desired, they will advise on the selection of your contractor and inspect works ongoing on site, and certify that your project meets the required standard. Regardless of the size of project, their consistent, thorough and thoughtful approach ensures that each and every project is completed to the highest standard. Quality is the common theme throughout all of their projects. This client focussed approach has seen the practice continue to grow despite the recession, and they are proud of their diverse and interesting range of projects. They look forward to consolidating their market position and using their specialist knowledge and skills to develop fresh opportunities.

To view some recently completed projects please visit their web site or telephone 01803 868568

- est 1986 From stylish domestic renovations to cutting-edge international glazing contracts, Cantifix has been leading the way in all things glass for the past 26 years. Interwest is now part of Cantifix, and together the two companies have the capacity and technical capability to take on any project, from the most challenging and complex; to more standard glazing solutions.

Interwest Cantifix would like to offer congratulations to Robert Seymour Associates for obtaining AABC accreditation. We look forward to continuing to work together to bring structural glass to the South West. 01275 870 600 Interwest Ltd, Unit 1, Kimberley Rd Industrial Est, Clevedon, N Somerset BS21 6QJ


10490 1pg new_Glentworth Letting 1pg 16/11/2012 13:19 Page 1

IT’S been four years of growth and change at Glentworth Lettings - and there’s even more to come in the next few months. Managing director Darren Clapp and his team are working on producing state-ofthe-art software which will generate formative reports when carrying out quarterly management inspections on properties. The system will provide other functionalities such as maintenance reporting based on a traffic light system, check in/out and inventory reports. The system is creating so much of an industry buzz that Glentworth Lettings has already received enquiries about it from large portfolio landlords. “We are always looking to improve and this exciting project will enable us, when visiting properties, to generate an instant survey/management report, complete with pictures. It’s so detailed it instantly gives comparisons from inventories created when tenants originally moved in to its current condition,” explains Darren. “There is currently nothing able to provide such accurate and detailed reports like this in the market.”

Darren reports, "The last four years have seen a 25% year on year growth, one of our best strengths is that we are solely lettings - no property sales or commercial lettings”. “Our staff are specifically trained in the designated areas of the business, care about their jobs and always try to go that extra mile to help landlords and tenants, who are treated with honesty and the utmost respect. “We are ARLA registered that is very important to us as this stringent affiliated scheme requires strict procedures to be actioned along with regular legal training for staff.” Those looking for an agent to look after their property, provide peace of mind and give the professional advice needed to safeguard their investment need look no further than Glentworth Lettings.

For further information about the company and the properties within its portfolio, visit: Alternatively email: or telephone 01934 319 319

The software’s launch, planned for next January, marks the end of an exciting 12 months which have seen these Weston-superMare property manager’s extend its portfolio nationwide. “We have always covered areas such as Taunton, Bristol, Bridgwater, Bath and Illminster and have great team who are experienced in full property management wherever the property may be. However, some of our current landlords had properties in various parts of the country and, as their other agents weren't offering the service we deliver, I was asked if I could manage their entire portfolio,” says Darren. “So we launched Glentworth UK, for landlords who have multiple properties with multiple lettings agencies.

JJ Consultants, Unit 3 - Kiln Park, Searle Crescent, Weston Super Mare BS23 3XP

01934 310646

“Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of having to deal with numerous agents and have all your properties managed under the one Glentworth Lettings roof, backed up by our technology and experienced team.” The venture is just another demonstration of how things have changed since Darren arrived at the already established lettings company four years ago. Determined to counter bad publicity already swirling around the industry in general, he chose the established Glentworth Lettings with care, knowing that it already had an excellent reputation, always sticking firmly to its motto “nothing is to much trouble” and had a first-class in-house maintenance department run by Director Robbie Fryer. Now the business relies on referrals as its main source of leads to take on properties, with tenants in situ or empty properties needing tenants, an approach which has given results bearing testimony to the quality and standards of its service.

/0 )&/%"! +! 3&0% ,2". 5" ./ "4-".&"+ " *"/ ,)" ) // ) 6&+$ /-" & )&/"/ &+ &+/0 ))&+$ +! !,1 )" $) 6&+$ ."- &./ +! % / " ,*" ." ,$+&/"! 3&0%&+ ,.0% ,*"./"0 #,. -.,2&!&+$ "4 "))"+0 +! -.,#"//&,+ ) /".2& "/ #,. ,0% &0/ ."/&!"+0& ) +! ,**". & ) )&"+0/ %"0%". 5,1. 3&+!,3/ !,,./ ,+/".2 0,.5 ,. /%,- #.,+0 ." 1&)0 3&0% )1*&+&1* ,. 0&* ". #. *"/ % 2" 0,1$%"+"! / #"05 ) *&+ 0"! #&." ."/&/0 +0 ,. #), 0 $) // ,. ." /&+$)" ,. !,1 )" $) 6"! *"/ ,)" ) // ) 6&+$ + ,**,! 0" )) 5,1. $) 6&+$ ."- &. +""!/ *"/ ,)" ) // ) 6&+$ +&0 /0 0"/ ."/ "+0 "/0,+ /1-". ." ,.0% ,*"./"0 %,+" %. * &) &+#, ' *"/ ,)"$) // , 1( " 333 ' *"/ ,)"$) // , 1(



KEVIN ROWLEY For Domestic Appliance Spares & Repairs

254 Milton Road Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset BS22 8EN Service Tel: 01934 419119 Spares Tel: 01934 641177 Fax: 01934 419119 Email: Web:


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PAVING the way to beautiful gardens is all in a day’s work for one Bristol business. Stonecraft Paving, has been so successful in helping the city’s green-fingered residents enhance their gardens that it is proudly reporting a tripling in its annual turnover. Now settling in to revamped premises at Plantation Works, Clevedon Road, Failand, the company is focused boosting those impressive figures still further. “We have worked hard to turn this 14-acre site into a retailfriendly area,” says retail manager Steve Nelson. “We have doubled the size of our display area and are delighted to be able to show more of the products we stock and make. “Now our plans are to better last year’s figures, and to improve what we are proud to say is an already successful business.” A division of Castacrete, which has been producing decorative paving and walling for more than 25 years, Stonecraft Paving in Bristol is one of the parent company’s 10 retail outlets situated across the UK. It was established in the city six years ago and has really sped along the path to success for what was then an operation selling products from a portable building has now been transformed into

a the current retail showroom and offices along with an everchanging selection of display gardens constructed by professional landscape gardeners. Those looking to create the perfect space in which to relax and enjoy their garden - or enhance them with some eye-catching paths or walling - are spoilt for choice when visiting. “We stock high quality concrete and natural stone paving at very affordable prices, along with timber and pond products,” promises Steve. “What’s more, we operate a very reasonable delivery service to bring them straight to your door.” “If you have any questions or queries, just ask any one of our team of experienced, friendly professional staff who will be happy to help.”

For further information about Stonecraft Paving, its products and services, please visit Alternatively telephone 01275 851131.


We support Castacrete and wish them every success in the future.

With over 30 years experience in the landscape supply industry we can effortlessly supply a wide range of turf, paving, decking, fencing, sleepers and topsoil to anywhere in the uk.

We support Castacrete and wish them every success for the future. CWT Landscape Supplies, Chittening Industrial Estate, Worthy Road, Avonmouth Bristol BS11 OYB Tel. 0117 982 2255 Web:

Super Seal Water Repellent. Protect Your Brickwork.

Wood Weld PU. Over Two Million Cartridges Sold To Joinery Trades, Zero Failures.

75 Town Green Street, Rothley, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE7 7NW Tel: 0116 2301955

w w w. c o n s t r u c t i o n c h e m i c a l s . c o . u k


10494 1pg_Poyton Bradbury Wynter Cole 1pg 03/12/2012 12:13 Page 1

South West LABC Awards: Best Technical Design The Lizard Lifeboat Station The winner of the Best Technical Design category in this year's South West LABC Awards was the new lifeboat house and slipway at The Lizard, designed by architects Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole with consulting engineers Royal Haskoning. Billed in the technical press as “Britain’s most difficult construction site”, The Lizard lifeboat station certainly presented a number of challenges to the design and construction teams. The station lies at the foot of the cliffs of Kilcobben Cove to the east of Lizard Point – the last place one would want to build but, in the appraisal undertaken by the RNLI, exactly where it was needed! The boathouse was designed to accommodate the Institution’s new £3million fast all-weather Tamar class lifeboat. The old boathouse had to be demolished and its buttress strengthened and extended, whilst a completely new slipway was constructed on piles socketed into the seabed. Work was carried out from a jack-up barge with materials supplied by sea from Falmouth. In severe weather, the whole rig would “up sticks” and run for shelter. The cove was an extremely snug fit and the surrounding cliff face was prone to landslides and required cliff stabilisation. Massive concrete cantilever ribs support the boathall well which houses the tipping cradle on which the lifeboat sits, tilting to align with the slipway for launch and recovery. The boathouse superstructure was constructed from laminated timber hoops supporting a curved timber structural deck clad in copper. The RNLI brief called for a building with a 100-year life with a minimal maintenance requirement. Access to the boathouse is via a cliff hoist and a cliff stairway. Crew training room and facilities are located alongside the boathall within an insulated and heated zone. The lifeboat remained operational, on moorings, throughout the work which was completed in October 2011. Client: Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Shoreworks Department Architect: Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole Architects Ltd Engineer: Royal Haskoning Contractor: BAM Nuttall Poynton • Bradbury • Wynter • Cole • Architects Ltd The Old Sail Lofts, St Ives, TR26 1PB • Web • T: 01736 792000 • F: 01736 792001

Royal HaskoningDHV & the RNLI

Photograph courtesy of Geoff Squibb

Royal HaskoningDHV is extremely proud of this long-term association, and continues to provide consultancy, design and project management services to the RNLI. The Lizard Lifeboat Station in Cornwall completed its rebuild at the beginning of 2012, the overall project and design team manager, Mr Johnathan Kirkland stated; “Working on The Lizard RNLI scheme has been a great privilege for Royal HaskoningDHV. It has been an opportunity to develop and deliver a high quality project using the wide variety of specialist skills we have in-house for a unique


client. This project continues our on-going relationship with the RNLI currently spanning over 110 years. Redeveloping the lifeboat station at Kilcobben Cove in Cornwall, means the station will remain the centre of the regions maritime community for at least another fifty years to come.” Royal HaskoningDHV is one of Europe’s leading independent project management, engineering and consultancy service providers.

10465 1pg_Carford Group 21/11/2012 13:01 Page 1

So when the cream of the industry gathers in London next month (November) for the national LABC Building Excellence Awards, there’ll be some very skilled architects’ practices - and stunning projects - vying for honours.


Delivering High Quality Building Control Through Local Authorities

Hosted by the LABC, the organisation representing Local Authority Building Control departments in England and Wales, the awards are about the essence of good buildings. Explains its spokeswoman, Nalini Ramanah: “Any LABC customer can enter, and our finalists are not judged on architectural beauty, but on the ‘excellence’ shown from a construction and technical building control point of view, showcase buildings and design teams that have had to tussle with technical issues, difficult sites, and innovative and creative solutions.” Held annually, the year has already seen a host of regional awards ceremonies take place, with each authority submitting nominations for their best work to a judging panel. The winners in these then automatically qualify for the national ceremony.

ARCHITECTURE - it’s a science, it’s a passion, it’s a vocation, it’s a calling and it’s an art. It’s one word that sums up an awful lot of things. Although it can be as difficult to define as art - architecture’s definitions are many and as a concept it means something different to different people. It can be form and function, aesthetics and purpose, art and science. There’s engineering in there, certainly, but it’s not all about pure utility for it incorporates all the aspects of aesthetics, social dynamics and engineering to produce an environment that is interrelated to people and their activities. And people care about it, whether they be qualified or otherwise to do so, with debates resounding through national and local media and platforms. Prince Charles’s ‘monstrous carbuncle’ remark of 1984 is still quoted today. That was all about a proposed extension to the National Gallery.

The word architecture comes from the ancient Greek: arkhitekton, meaning “chief” and “builder” and as, today, we have our own Norman Fosters and Daniel Libeskinds, there have been famous architects down the centuries, right back to the 1st century BC’s Marcus Vitruvius. The Roman’s famous Ten Books on Architecture was written around 2030BC and was one of the first texts in history to draw the connection between the architecture of the body and that of the building.

Dealing with city planning and architecture in general, the work was used as a classic text book up until the Renaissance. Vitruvius believed architects should focus on three central themes when designing buildings: firmitas (structural integrity and durability), utilitas (spatial functionality), and venustas (beauty - not just aesthetically and visually, but that which is able to lift the spirits and stimulate the senses). It’s a belief that still holds pertinent in the 21st century; but architecture is not just about belief, it’s the practical too - a structure’s actual construction, estimation of cost, project scheduling, supervision of construction, project management and administration. Whether people choose to define architecture by a building’s form and behavior or by any type of system that is to, be or has been, constructed, few would argue, that it’s a highly skilled craft.

“We use strict criteria and our judging panels include independent industry experts from other professional institutions and trade bodies,” adds Nalini. “There are a variety of categories so that we can recognise excellence across all types of construction. Size doesn’t matter - it’s all about the work.” Something Marcus Vitruvius would probably agree with. THE LABC Awards feature 12 categories. They are: • • • • • • • • • • •

Best domestic extension or conversion Best individual dwelling Best small housing development Best large housing development Best social or affordable housing development Best small commercial building Best large commercial building Best education development Best community building Best sustainable project Best technical innovation (for any development that features unusual or striking technical features such as structural design or fire safety engineering) Best partnership (for partnerships operating under the LABC Partnering scheme).

Bristol and Birmingham are both fielding hopefuls in this year’s national awards with two from Bristol City Council and five from the Second City. Bristol’s are: •

M Shed Museum– BAM Construction Ltd, LAB Architecture Studio, Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives Service – Best Community Building. 220 Easton Road – Mears, White Design, Self Help Housing Association.

The entries from Birmingham are: • • •

• •

BMHT Moreville St – Lovell Partnership, Birmingham City Council – Best Large Housing Development. The Orchard – Wates living space, BBLB Architects, Mercian Housing Association – Best Social Housing Development. Woodcock Street Offices – Thomas Vale Construction, Associated Architects, Birmingham City Council – Best Large Commercial Project. Bournville College – Shepherd Construction, Broadway Malyan, Bournville College – Best Technical Innovation. SLAM – Debut services, HLM Architects, Defence Infrastructure Organisation – Best Partnership with a local authority.


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The multi award winning C J Bayliss (Hereford) Ltd is celebrating yet another accolade. In July this year the company received the coveted Local Authority Building Control Award (LABC) for their work restoring and converting a Grade II listed building on Church Street in the heart of Hereford. The award recognises extreme excellence in workmanship in the building industry. The award was for the extensive works to No 14, Church Street in Hereford which dates in part back to 1582. The building was in a very dilapidated condition, the structure having distorted and shifted out of shape over the years due to a blocked Saxon land drain. This ancient building has now been successfully restored to a very high standard to accommodate six modern flats and a retail shop space. C J Bayliss are a well established, family owned building and construction company. Based in Hereford, they were established by Cyril Bayliss in 1955. C J Bayliss carry out building and restoration work throughout a wide local area from Shropshire through to South Wales and across to Worcestershire. Quality is a matter of pride to the company. They are members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, the National Federation of Builders and the National House Builders Council. They employ experienced tradespeople, both as employees and carefully chosen subcontractors, who are able to meet the very high standards of workmanship that C J Bayliss expects. “Safety of their workforce, their clients and members of the public is one of C J Bayliss’s highest priorities. The company is a fully accredited member of CHAS (The Contractor’s Health and Safety Scheme) as well as being a member of Constructionline and the local Health and Safety Consultation Company. All Site Managers have attended the 5 day CITB Site Safety Management Course as well as being trained First Aiders.


In line with to-days best practice C J Bayliss are careful to minimise their impact on the environment and to produce sustainable buildings, with as many “green” features as possible. A recent project for the Marches Housing Association for two energy efficient bungalows achieved Code Level 4 in the Sustainable Home Standards, the first ever such project for the Marches Housing Association to do so. The project involved a number of sustainable elements including rain water harvesting tanks, Photovoltaic cells on the roof, Mitsubishi air source heat pumps, extensive insulation and a mechanical heat ventilation system to recycle and reuse stale air in the properties. C J Bayliss are highly experienced in the restoration, repair and development of period properties, such as the beautiful 17th Century black and white building for Phones4U, which had been extensively damaged by fire in the High Town area of Hereford. The project required close liaison with the local conservation officer and the end result is a triumph of both traditional and new techniques. They have just completed work on the Cathedral Close in Hereford as part of a project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore the area after more than a century of heavy use. A complex project involving the complete renewal of the drainage system and the upgrading of utilities and communications in the Close, with improved pathways, surface paving and controlled areas for vehicles, parking and re-landscaping. New cast iron railings were installed along the Broad Street frontage, and new gates to the West Front Cathedral entrances. The railing and gates to the Cathedral houses were replaced while the existing cast iron railings and gates to the Castle Street entrance and other areas were restored. The Elgar Statue was relocated, new signage and external lighting was installed and an Apple Tree Mosaic placed in the West Front. We are proud to support CJ Bayliss and would like to wish them all the best for the future.

. Heating & Plumbing Installations . Boiler Service & Maintenance . Specialists in Renewable Energy Solar, Ground & Air Source Heating

Email: : Tel: 01432 272350 Fax: 01432 341632


Proud to support CJ Bayliss

10401 2pg 2_Layout 1 22/11/2012 17:31 Page 2

The company has such a good reputation for trustworthiness and reliability that they are used extensively by the education and community sector, from the complete rebuild of Malvern Scout Hut and the re-landscaping of the area, the construction of a new primary school and community centre for Sutton St Nicholas, to an extension of the library at Hereford 6th Form College. C J Bayliss don’t just deal with large projects for local authorities, schools, churches, and work on period properties, their reputation and expertise means they are the preferred choice for many local architects for smaller projects, ranging from individual dwellings, to extensions and conversions. Whatever your project you can rely on C J Bayliss for top class workmanship, and a project delivered to your exact specifications, on budget and on time.

Visit their web site for more information and examples of their many projects or telephone for an initial discussion on 01432 265130 Call to see how we can help

01432 264225

Established since 1973... leading remedial contractors to the building Industry and local authorities

Dampcure are proud to support CJ Bayliss and we wish them continued success for the future. Station Approach, Hereford, HR1 1BB tel. 01432 851175

"L 6E

Hereford’s largest independent builders’ merchant! BUILDING SUPPLIES . ROOFING SUPPLIES . KITCHENS & BATHROOMS . LANDSCAPE CENTRE

We are proud to be associated with CJ Bayliss, Wishing You Every Success In The Future from all at Tudor Building Supplies.

Northwood Yard, Burcott Road, Hereford HR4 9LW Tel. 01432 508089 Opening hours. Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 5.30pm Saturday: 8.00am – 1.00pm

-/ ĂŠ-/" " , BRI /"RS est 1996



01981 250 909 fax 01981 250 740


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Building and Renovation company with over 35 years of commitment to the building industry, serving Somerset, Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.

These achievements were recognised by the Mendip District Council Built in Quality Awards 2011 where the build became a finalist in the Best Commercial Building up to 1 million Category.

Albino Builders Ltd is a family run company with a reputation for reliable, first class work. Formed in 1976 by Alesandro Guidi and his father Guiseppe, it quickly grew into a business known for providing exceptional quality, value for money and great service.

They have also received recognition of their high standards of workmanship in receiving a Highly Commended Award for Best Private Sector Housing Contractor and Highly Commended Award for Best Individual Dwelling at the same LABC awards ceremony in 2012 for the development at Dean Lodge, Dean, Somerset, shown in the photo above.

To this day the company remains family run and is proud to continue the culture instilled all those years ago by Alesandro and his father. This culture has been transferred to the next generation who run the business today, and ensures that everyone involved is focused on its core strength of excellent personal service as it has for over thirty five years.

Albino builders have a wide and varied portfolio which includes private, commercial and academic establishment customers, and pride themselves on working in harmony with the local environment, using local materials wherever appropriate. From extensions to complete builds, village halls, churches, office buildings to individual homes Albino builders will be able to help.

The business has grown from the small depot in Shepton Mallet where it started out, through to a larger office complex which was built and commissioned by themselves in 2009. The development involved a new two storey office block with a purpose built joinery workshop on site. Externally there is ample car parking for both visitors and staff. The building has been designed to maximise the functionality of all the available space. The office complex is eco friendly and makes good use of modern technological advances wherever possible, including motion censored energy saving light fittings throughout the building.


10425 2pg_Layout 1 14/11/2012 11:02 Page 2

They pride themselves on offering an individual personal service to every client, including applying for planning consent if requested, and project management as standard. Albino is capable of tackling just about any project. They have a wide range of skills and trades available and are continually updating to keep pace with an ever changing and demanding industry. Albino extends a warm invitation to clients old and new to visit the office to discuss their building or servicing needs and check out the quality of their work.

Please phone on 01749 344 965 or visit their web site for more information about the services they can offer.

PTS Frome Unit 4 Station Approach Frome, Somerset BA11 1RE Tel: 01373 455522 Fax: 01373 45440 Email:


Valley Home Improvements suppliers of quality PVCu Windows, Doors & Conservatories We are proud to be associated with Albino Builders, Wishing You Every Success In The Future from all at Valley Home Improvements

Haskins Store, High Street, Shepton Mallet BA4 5AX Tel. 01749 860088 Frephone. 0800 028 2735 Email.

T: 01373 461511 F: 01373 451536 E: Marsh Farm . Blatchbridge . Frome . Somerset . BA11 5EL Reliable


fully insured



Competitive prices

Hunter Plastics Centre

For all your building needs, visit us today at your local Evercreech branch.

Building Materials Timber Sheet Materials Insulation DPC Landscaping Metal Products Southwood Shepton Mallet BA4 6LX 01749 830231

Paving & Wall Centre

Kitchen & Bathrooms Showroom

Bradfords Building Supplies are delighted to support Albino Builders Ltd


10437 3pgs_Flower & Hayes Developments 3pg 03/12/2012 14:03 Page 1

Bristol based Flower and Hayes Developments is the first to admit the Credit Crunch has presented a host of economic challenges but, declares Sales Manager Sara Box, it remains a market leader in its immediate vicinity. “I think this is because Flower and Hayes has such a good reputation for quality and service,” she adds. “The team here shares one over-riding passion that is quite simply to be the best, whether it concerns residential, commercial or industrial. “You can be sure that if it’s one of our developments, it has been constructed to exacting standards using traditional skills and the best quality materials available.” Proud of their business’s good name, the team at Flower and Hayes is now focussed on ensuring Bristol’s inner city can join other areas on its outskirts in reaping the benefits of its properties, although, as Sara points out, it is already happening. “Most of ours estates in these areas seem to be at least 70 80% occupation - but we strive to make this 100%”

Originally known as G D Thorner Holdings, in the 1970s it acquired a small joinery/building firm in Bath that had been founded in 1920 by Mr Thomas Flower and Mr Henry Hayes. It had an established reputation for the high quality finishes and customer service and was also renowned for looking after its employees. Even now, following Graham’s development and expansion of this small outfit into the thriving company it is today, it’s a legacy which the 2012 team is proud to continue. The greatest source of pride, however, comes from the sheer quality and scope of all the properties in the portfolio. Flower and Hayes’s commercial developments are constructed for the modern working office and include suspended ceilings and raised flooring systems which enable tenants to incorporate all of their IT and communication needs, as well as air conditioning and recessed lighting to create the perfect work environment. A great deal of thought and planning goes into all of these schemes. They are all Disability Discrimination Aact-compliant and, where possible, sited close to employment catchment areas with good transport links to enable occupiers to walk and cycle to work or use public transport.

‘We have small units to entire office blocks available for immediate occupation.’ We also have a number of residential sites poised to begin in and around Midsomer Norton, Paulton and Wells. Flower and Hayes Developments can provide a roof over someone’s head, be their need industrial, commercial or residential.

Building Supplies Limited Unit 2, Evans Business Park, Draycott Road, Cheddar, Somerset. BS27 3RU. Tel. 01934 744455 Fax. 01934 744467 Web site: email:

Based on the Old Mills Industrial Estate, this is a true hands-on family business, with Roddy Thorner having been at the helm since 2003 following the retirement of his father, and company founder Graham.

covering... Bristol Wiltshire Oxfordshire Somerset South Wales

Whether buying or selling your new home it can all be done through us!

...choose Allen and Harris

01793 647010 1-2 College Court, Commercial Commercial Road, Swindon SN1 1PZ

Delivering service, quality and value for nearly 50 years.


10437 3pgs_Flower & Hayes Developments 3pg 03/12/2012 14:04 Page 2

Putting the same amount of thought into the industrial developments, the company sets out to ensure they’re strategically placed for maximum business to business exposure and accessibility.

“Our units vary in size from 750 sq ft to 3,500 sq ft to accommodate all size of business and storage requirements,� says Sara.


Welcome to


We want to be your first choice supplier - the merchant you turn to first when you need faultless service. To do this, we need to be the best at everything we do that's important to you - convenience, product quality and availability, competitive prices, service and delivery. We want you to rate us "Best in town". Expert staff in our national network of branches provide effective solutions and responsive service to contractors and local tradesmen.


We are proud to support Flower & Hayes Developments View our services online:

! Call: 01761 241387 Fax: 01761 241586

GZh^YZci^VaHVaZh!EgdeZginBVcV\ZbZci AZii^c\hVcYDkZghZVhEgdeZgi^Zh

Taylor Maxwell is an independent façade solutions provider.

#HZaa^c\ #Bdgi\V\Zh #AZii^c\h[dgAVcYadgYh #DkZghZVhEgdeZgin #EgdeZgin6eegV^hVa

Through consultancy of the highest integrity and products of the highest quality, we enable the construction industry to realise projects in the most visionary, profitable and sustainable way. We are pleased to be a valued supplier of facing bricks and cast stone to Flower and Hayes.

Djg:meZg^ZcXZ Djg@cdlaZY\Z DjgHjXXZhh

May we wish them every continued success for the future.

B^X]VZa<djaYEgdeZginVgZegdjYidhjeedgi ;adlZg=VnZh9ZkZadebZcihl^i]l]dblZ]VkZ WZZcVhhdX^ViZY[dgdkZg'*nZVgh# IZa#Cd#%&,+&)%.%%% '=^\]HigZZi!B^YhdbZgCdgidc!GVYhidX`!HdbZghZi76('A: 6ahdViEZVhZYdlcHi#?d]cĂ&#x201E;IZa#Cd#%&,+&)(&)*-



Taylor Maxwell & Co Ltd The Promenade CLIFTON Bristol


10437 3pgs_Flower & Hayes Developments 3pg 03/12/2012 14:04 Page 3

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our aim is to create the very best aesthetically pleasing work environments, incorporating stylish buildings and pleasant landscaping. With some beautifully crafted residential developments making up the portfolio, along with a high-quality service designed to make the process of finding, buying and moving as seamless as possible, Flower and Hayes really can cater for all property needs.

For full details, and to browse the available properties, visit

Alternatively, telephone 01761 416054 or email



Techniglaze Manufacturers & Installers of Quality Glazing Products Inspirational Architectural Aluminium, PVC, Timber-Aluminium and Steel Glazing Systems for the discerning Homeowner, Developer, Contractor and Architect. Uncompromising in our approach to Quality, Design & Service, our extensive range of Windows, Doors, Curtain Walling & Glazing products can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. Find out more about some of our latest projects, our people and events by visiting:

Techniglaze Are proud to support Flower and Hayes Developments and we would like to wish them the best of luck for the future...

IZX]c^\aVoZ t: 0870 7702 802 e:


Manufacturers & Installers of Quality Glazing Products

10441 1pg:CD Engineering 27/09/2012 14:56 Page 12

LAB architecture studio Making a major impact on the skylines of some of the world’s leading cities is a UK architectural practice. Within two years of opening, LAB architecture studio’s landmark design for Federation Square in Melbourne has become the State of Victoria’s most visited tourist destination, while its plans for attention-grabbing towers in China, Mumbai and Iran are also drawing huge interest. LAB is an award winning practice and a leading industry influencer, with its work being published in books and magazines in more than 25 languages.

M-Shed is the new community museum for the City of Bristol, housed in a refurbished 1950’s steel-framed cargo shed on the city’s floating harbour. Originally a transit shed for storing goods loaded on and off ships, thanks to LAB’s design it has been transformed into a vibrant and exciting building with two dramatic foyers and feature staircases. LAB was established in 1994 and within a year had won the major international competition to design Federation Square in Melbourne. It was the city’s first public square, and around it LAB designed two museums, a SBS radio station, commercial offices, restaurants and cafes. The scheme became the most awarded architectural project in recent Australian history, receiving State, National and International recognition. It has been featured in surveys and anthologies of contemporary architectural and urban design as an exemplary urban space. LAB won the competition to design M-Shed just two years after Federation Square. At the same time, with work being gained in China, LAB established a Shanghai office. “Our projects in China are enormous mixed use and residential schemes, the smallest being 75,000 m2,” reveals David. “We have since successfully completed sustainable masterplans ranging in size from 200 acres to 1,800 hectares.”

The Dubai office was set up largely on the back of publicity from the success of Federation Square and LAB now has a portfolio of projects ranging in size from 5,000m2 to 1,800 hectares. “We recently established an office in Delhi and are starting to capitalise on our contacts in India,” adds David. “We are designing two 50-floor residential towers in Mumbai and recently started work on a mixed use project of similar size with two towers on a retail podium in Iran.” The latest projects reflect LAB’s decision 18 months ago to look for opportunities further afield but it has no plans to relocate its London headquarters from the UK. “Apart from increasing the size of the office from three to 70 in four months to start Federation Square, the current economic climate has to have been one of our greatest business challenges,” admits David. “In the last two years we have widened our focus to India and are starting to win large projects.” But wherever they are in the world, what remains the same about all LAB’s projects are the underlying principles. To create vibrant, viable, liveable urban precincts in which contemporary urban life for the 21st century can be enacted in responsible, innovative and interdependent ways.

For further details about LAB architecture, its projects and services, visit Alternatively telephone +44 20 7033 9193 or email Telephone: 01823 324 266 s Email: s Website:

Durl Rock Heights, Brixham. Contractor: Millwood Homes.

Taunton Fabrications Specialists in steel fabrication and architectural metalwork We are proud to support LAB Architecture wishing you every success in the future


With five offices located around the globe LAB is the architect of choice for some of the biggest and most prestigious projects going, but, says Associate Director David Racz, it regards its greatest success as a project much closer to home; M-Shed in Bristol.


Structural Steel

Featured Project

Timber Frame

Modular Steel


10439 2pg:CD Engineering 02/10/2012 10:12 Page 12

IT’S been a year of glittering prizes for housing developer Newland Homes – but 2012 and the potential for trophy gathering isn’t over yet. The privately-owned Cheltenham housing developer heard several months ago that one of its most prestigious developments had been honoured with a town enhancement award while the build quality on the same project earned it the regional LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Best Development Award. Now automatically qualified for the national competition, Newland Homes will find out in November if it needs to make space on its trophies shelf. The accolades are a huge honour for a company which does not actively seek recognition and also stand testament to the quality and sensitivity of its build. Garnering the plaudits has been the sensitive seven-year redevelopment of the Ushers Brewery site in Trowbridge, which has seen a run-down ruin transformed into a landmark building once again, with the 1820s structure restored into state-of-theart 21st century apartments. In working its magic, Newland Homes retained the entire main 'old' building façade and added faithfully reproduced complementary new builds. “Our core ethos is to build quality homes that people aspire to and are delighted to live in,” states Design Director Jeremy Drew. “Our small but experienced team consists of people working behind the scenes who are passionate in their desire to create that perfect living environment for our purchasers. “You will not find Newland Homes bashing out boxes on Consortium urban expansions, but with significant sites in established communities.” Established in 1991, the last 21 years have seen Newland Homes build developments throughout the South West, from Bromsgrove in the Midlands to Bideford in Devon. Properties range from one-bed studios "in among the chimney pots" in Bristol for example, to six-bedroom bespoke split-level detached houses overlooking the Taw Estuary in Devon.


They also work constructively with affordable housing providers, with Bromford Housing Group declaring them its Partner of the Year. “We are fiercely proud of our reputation for integrity, professionalism, imagination and ability to reliably design, plan and deliver a top quality product,” says Jeremy. “We are not a volume plc house-builder, but have the business structure, finance and track record to develop sites from 10 to more than 150 homes, redeveloping brown-field sites wherever possible and often with challenging planning and technical aspects. “However, we take great care to design each site especially for its location, and our schemes are highly regarded for this.” All this comes via a rich bank of in-house expertise spanning the key sectors of land acquisition, planning and design, technical and engineering, buying and quantity surveying, construction and site management, marketing, sales and after-sales. “This ensures that our standards and commitments are held throughout the business,” stresses Jeremy. There’s also plenty of attention paid to construction standards with sustainability and energy efficiency playing lead roles – two recent developments at Stroud and Andoversford included solar panel hot water systems throughout. Soon to start work on another major redevelopment in Trowbridge, in the town’s Brewery Quarter, Newland Homes is continuing to build on its success – and that’s something it doesn’t take lightly. Says Jeremy: “We strive to meet customers’ aspirations but, more importantly, we are considerate to the communities and the environment in which we build, ensuring Newland Homes’ enviable reputation is upheld at all times.”

10439 2pg:CD Engineering 02/10/2012 10:12 Page 13

Gas safety checks Solar installations Gas safety certificates Maintenance and service Periodic electrical testing Servicing and maintenance Heating engineers and plumbers

For further information about Newland Homes and its developments is available at

Plus much more... Alternatively telephone 01242 513600 or email

C & H Contracting Ltd

For further information telephone 01285 658811 or visit

We are proud to support Newland Homes Email

Brick laying Contractors

4 Querns Business Centre, Whitworth Road Cirencester GL7 1RT

We are proud to be associated with Newland Homes, Wishing You Every Success In The Future from all at C & H Contracting Ltd

Willowbrook, Millbrook Green Aylburton, LYDNEY, Gloucestershire, GL15 6BY

MOORE CONTRACTING - the company for all commercial plumbing, heating and renewable energy

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YOUNG professionals through to families seeking quality properties to rent in Bristol find that Sarah Kenny Residential Lettings always comes up with the key to the perfect door. Ranging from studio apartments to detached family homes, this successful agency has more than 750 properties on its books and delights in matching them to potential tenants.

The supporting staff consists of a property management and maintenance team, members of which regularly visit premises within the portfolio to ensure they are maintained to the highest of standard and who can answer queries on maintenance works, advise on refurbishment, obtain quotes for renovation and oversee works to completion.

Having attracted the best possible residents, performed all the essential credit checks and reference gathering, the team’s ensuing full management service, involving rent collection and monthly preparation of a clear income and expenditure account, takes all the hassle out of being a landlord.

“All our trusted contractors are vetted to ensure they have the correct insurance and professional membership in place and have worked with us for many years guaranteeing that any works are finished at the highest of standards but at a competitive price,” assures Jemma.

“The importance of finding the right tenant cannot be overstated,” insists Lettings Manager Jemma Corbett.

The administrative team and three negotiators make up the rest of the professional personnel, the latter three’s focus on property lettings helping the company continue its mission to grow the managed portfolio and be the first choice for professional tenants and corporates.

“Our excellent relationship with many major companies is just one of the ways we help to ensure this, as well as our excellent internet presence and constant contact with applicants.” A founder of the popular free weekly Bristol Property Live magazine, Sarah Kenny Residential Lettings has proved to be the perfect match-maker for thousands of landlords and tenants ever since it was established in 1990. Utterly focused on rentals alone - without any estate agency distractions, the team of 17 is helmed by directors, Peter Allen and Sarah Kenny at their offices in Regent Street, Clifton. With more than 25 years’ experience in all aspects of the residential property market, Peter advises and negotiates on behalf of purchasers buying investment properties and, thanks to his experience with the rental market, provides invaluable information on the best type of property purchase.


Testing can help you


For gas, electricity or oil, a safety inspection, new installation, maintenance or repair, whether you're a landlord or an owner-occupier. Congratulations to the team at Sarah Kenny for 20 years of excellence. Wishing you a prosperous and successful future. Proud of our 18 year association with you carrying out gas and electrical safety inspections.

Safety Testing

Office Manager Rebecca McKelvey has been with the company for 12 years and oversees all aspects of the business.

01454 261 700 info @ 10 Avon Road, Charfield Wotton Under Edge GL12 8TT

We'll keep your appliances running safely and efficiently.

Great Savings everyday We are proud to support Sarah Kenny Estate Agents and wish them all the best in the future.       


If it's on display you can take it away We have been offering a repair & Open 6 days a week replace service for Bristols leading BEDMINSTER property letting agents & D O M E S T I C Free parking landlords since 1987 APPLIANCES Express repair servise Great range of home appliances Spare parts service email: visit: 86 - 94 West Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 3LL WWW.BDA.TO In-home repair service

0117 9665 833

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As always, there are challenges, not least from a harsh economic climate and the opening of other agencies in the city, but Sarah Kenny Residential Lettings is confident of continuing to offer a professional and personal service, buoyed by its membership of ARLA (Association of Residential Lettings Agents).

For further information about the company, or to find a property, visit Alternatively, telephone 01179 467 171 or email

“As a member we strive to promote the improvement of regulation within the industry in order to protect landlords and tenants, Membership also ensures that as well as performing to our own high standards, we also adhere to ARLA’s strict rules of conduct and regulations,” Jemma emphasises. “We retain both landlords and tenants over long periods of time, with many tenants becoming landlords in the future. “We receive many referrals which must mean that our professional and personal service is perfect for their needs.”

are pleased to be associated with

Sarah Kenny Estate Agents a: 1 Saltings Close, Clevedon, Bristol, BS21 7UN t: 01275 544579 m: 07961 847074

We are proud to support Sarah Kenny Estate Agents! Tenants Contents Insurance Tenant Referencing Rent & Legal Protection Buildings & Contents Call Gareth Fowler on: 0871 8946800 Email:


Keysafe Tenant Vetting. PO Box 141, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 9AG


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With Steven Purvis and Debbie Hancock making up the team, the company may be small in number but it caters for all aspects, including building and asbestos surveys, and provides design services across residential, commercial, industrial and educational markets, buoyed by their extensive local knowledge of Plymouth and the surrounding areas. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll take care of any project in the South West, including Devon, Cornwall and Somerset; from the initial concept through to final completion,â&#x20AC;? says Sara. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everything we handle is completed precisely, on time, on budget and we hope we exceed clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; expectations.â&#x20AC;? James and Sara launched Barron Surveying Services in 2005 so that they had more flexibility in caring for their young family.

WHETHER itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s transforming a clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;back of the envelopeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; idea into spectacular reality or routinely providing that vital pre-purchase building report, Barron Surveying Services will ensure all is carried out to perfection. Since launching the Plymouth multi-disciplinary building consultancy, husband-and-wife team James and Sara Barron have dedicated themselves to offering honest advice and solutions to customers, while delivering the highest possible standard of work.

James already had 10 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience having qualified as a Building Surveyor in 1994 and becoming a member of the RICS three years later, while Saraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s background was in banking; specialising in mortgage sales and training small business advisers - useful for establishing their own firm. Growth through word-of-mouth and referrals was instant and, just a year later, the couple took on Debbie to assist with AutoCAD drawing and secretarial work. With the expansion came the move to the current Abbotts Road premises and, in October 2010, Steven joined as a Graduate Building Surveyor. He is continuing to work towards his full qualification (APC).

Call to arrange a financial review

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an ethos which has paid off in spades and provided a source of great pride - most of the business comes from personal recommendations.

01752 697397

Bromhead Chartered Accountants are proud to support Barron Surveying Services and we wish all the best for the future.

Specialists in the sale and letting of coastal and country houses, cottages and apartments

Contact: 01752 873311 w w w. m a r c h a n d p e t i t . c o . u k 48

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Delighted to support Barron Surveying Services

Insurance Repairs

Domestic Repairs

Commercial Repairs





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External Wall Insulation

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Focused on continuing to produce a high standard of work and winning new business, Barron Surveying Services has not escaped the effects of the recession, but James and Sara have adapted to ensure it survives the tough times. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve kept things going with small projects, such as house extensions, through to larger ones like church and school works, undertaking sub-contract work for other surveying practices, as well as by occasionally travelling outside of our local area to work,â&#x20AC;? reveals Sara. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We also advise clients on issues with their properties such as cracking, dampness/water ingress, asbestos surveys, drawing work for planning applications, schedules of work for decorations to communal stairwells etc.â&#x20AC;? Indeed its those church and school projects that have been the source of their greatest business successes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We helped with altering a Methodist church to become a private home,â&#x20AC;? recalls Sara. â&#x20AC;&#x153;it was a challenge as it required sympathetic conversion but the clients were a dream to work with and had lots of their own ideas which were developed in the project drawings and statutory applications.

Clark & Weeks Solicitors

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Fully qualified and accredited Assessors One quick phone call does it all Rigorous quality checks An efficient service delivered within 4 working days

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At PSG we know that a quick, efficient & hassle free service is what you need. Rest assured we will provide you with:




01752 250052



PSGenergy PSGconnect PSGinsure

We are affiliated to the Fast Move Group


Taking Care of Your Business Your Friendly Local Insurance Broker Westinsure Plymouth is an independent, commercial and personal insurance broking and risk management company. We provide insurance advice, products and services to organisations and individuals throughout the UK and pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer support. We are specialists in Commercial and Personal insurance.

Westinsure Plymouth Unit 3, Drake Building, Tamar Science Park, Plymouth, Devon PL6 8BY Telephone Number: 01752 783333 Facsimile Number: 01752 776101 Email: Web:


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“Another success involved making the hall at a local grammar school into an arts theatre which could also be used as an exam hall. “The scheme involved retractable seating for 200 and a ceiling mounted ‘technical grid’ for lighting and sound.” Proof indeed, that whatever Barron Surveying Services undertakes, it will turn out to be a showstopper.

For further information about the company visit or telephone: 01752 257064, email:


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The low energy dwelling makes the most of passive and solar energy for heating both space and hot water. A passive solar sun space to the dining area helps to naturally heat the building. The stepped ridges, in keeping with traditional vernacular building design have the added benefit of reducing massing/volume, whilst the building is super insulated (300mm) to the roof, walls, and floors. Materials have been carefully chosen to be sympathetic to the surrounding buildings and the Cornish vernacular. Materials include natural stone, natural slate, timber, white render, timber joinery and sedum.

ARCO2 have nailed their eco credentials firmly to the mast, its all in the name, a combination of architect and CO2. ARCO2 have already won a number of awards for their eco friendly projects, and for the second year running, have won the SW LABC Building Excellence Awards for Best Sustainability Design, positioning them as one of the South West’s leaders in sustainable architecture. They are especially delighted with the award winning result of their collaboration with local builder, Perring Properties Ltd, of St Ingunger, Lanivet; Little Tregullas, near Truro, is a low energy part earth bermed (underground) house. The design concept was for a building that made best use of the site gradient, southerly aspect, and views, appearing as a small single storey, room in the roof traditional structure, of simple form and vernacular materials, when viewed through the roadside gate. The garage’s mono-pitched sedum roof was designed to screen the main bulk of the lounge roof when viewed through the trees situated along the boundary.

The building also won a GOLD Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice in the Built Environment, at an awards ceremony at Canary Wharf in London. A second Arco2 building was also recognised in this category, The Brambles Nursery and Children’s Centre in St. Just, also received Gold, at the week’s ceremony. The building was Highly Commended at this year’s SW RICS Awards for the Design and Innovation category. The Brambles also won Best Sustainable Development at the LABC SW Building Excellence Awards last year and Winner of Sustainable Construction - New Build at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2011. The Brambles was constructed by ARCO2’s sister company Ecofab Ltd using its unique pre-fabricated straw bale post and beam construction. Ian Armstrong Director of ARCO2 and Ecofab said “Winning these awards means a great deal to all of our staff and sets the standard for future buildings.”

Much of the lower level is underground with a green roof, retaining the landscape character of the site. Being underground the property is also able to moderate heat better in temperature extremes such as summer and winter.

MH Plumbing Approved Installer for Mitsubishi, Danfoss and Daikin Heat Pumps. MH Plumbing, 2 Penwinnick Road, St Austell PL25 5DW

Tel: 0172 663060

Mob: 07768 365345 51

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When restoring or renovating a period or historic building it is crucial to seek expert help. Many beautiful buildings have been ruined by well intentioned “improvements”. Some of our most important buildings have required intensive repairs and restoration, to repair the damage caused during the last century and early in this. Worcester Cathedral is a prime case in point, where Victorian interventions caused severe structural problems, only rectified by intensive remedial works in recent years. Not all historic buildings are of such importance, but farmhouses, cottages and warehouses, such as The Bristol Tobacco Factory, form part of our built environment and strongly influence our quality of life. The AABC was set up to protect and conserve our historic buildings, and is a register of architects accredited in building conservation. It exists for the benefit of clients and the structures they are responsible for. AABC is an independent accreditation body established in 1999 for and by skilled conservation architects. The primary purpose of the AABC Register is to protect the historic built environment from damaging interventions devised by people not skilled in historic building conservation and adaptation. It does so by publishing, for the benefit of clients, a register of architects whose work and skills in building conservation have been established by peer assessment moderated by a lay assessor representing the client. There are no charges for clients to use the Register. The scheme is self financing – all successful applicants pay an initial and annual registration fee which covers the costs of a parttime Registrar, the website, and the administration of the assessment processes. The AABC Register is not subsidised by commercial or professional organisational sponsorship. With well over 400 building conservation accredited architects on the AABC Register, our open access website is designed to assist you to locate and engage an architect whose experience in building conservation and adaptation is assured by a rigorous assessment process.


This is based on the individual’s on-site experience, and is assessed by a volunteer team of two AABC registered architects and one conservation conscious non-architect, usually from a client background. The lay assessor focuses on the applicants’ client-friendly aspect, especially their ability to communicate clearly, concisely and comprehensively to a nonarchitect. To achieve successful AABC Registration, architects submit details of 5 examples of their work completed within the last 5 years, illustrating their professional expertise and demonstrating their experience of building conservation and adaptation. The opportunity is also provided for applicants to demonstrate their insights, understanding and application of the building conservation principles codified by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). All AABC registered architects are re-assessed every 5 years. There are two categories of AABC Registered architect to distinguish between architects accredited as “hands on” designers and deliverers of building conservation and adaptation -and those who act in a “hands off” capacity such as in a consultative, educational or advisory role. The latter are distinguished by the initials CA - Consultant Architect. In the selection of an architect for a particular commission it is always important to have met the individual, know more about their experiences with similar projects, resources, personal qualities, managerial skills and reputation. It is normal for them to provide details of their practice and projects or assignments carried out and for a potential client to see the latter and make appropriate enquiries. Full details of the AABC Register’s processes, procedures, application forms and advice to applicants – including key competences and the ICOMOS core conservation principles are accessible to all on the website. AABC also operates an Apprentice scheme which offers a structured programme of mentoring and guidance to younger architects who wish to become accredited.

10529 1pg_Levitate 1pg 20/11/2012 13:52 Page 1

Levitate is an inspired architectural practice combining exciting modern architecture and traditional building in such a way that the end result totals far more than the component parts. They are an ambitious design led practice committed to designing sustainable and contextual contemporary architecture. Their core competence is inventive common sense. They create spaces and places that function effectively and are a joy to be in, and always with that extra special touch that sets their projects apart. Levitate were therefore the ideal practice, combining functionality and imagination, for an ambitious project to revive public access and use of Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth’s only Scheduled Ancient Monument. The castle ruins had been inaccessible due to safety concerns for the last 40 years. In a project funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund, repairs were made to areas of the fabric which had been specified and monitored as an independent contract. Where Levitate’s design genius came in, was to introduce contemporary design in the form of a galvanised steel and oak walkway, set at the original ground floor level and running to the cliff edge, affording a view of the castle not appreciated since the 1970’s. The design brief specified minimal visual intrusion upon the castle’s stonework and was approved by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the local council. Levitate worked closely with Paul Carpenter Engineers and the fabricators to keep the structure to an absolute minimum whilst ensuring full safety standards were met.

Levitate have prepared significant background documentation demonstrating architectural options and the importance of the existing building; all the documents are now being used as a base for gaining future funding from appropriate Trusts. Quadrant Surveys worked closely with Levitate to produce an extremely informative measured building survey. It is hoped that the striking building will be fully restored and refurbished, and back in use by 2015. Within the last year Levitate have won a regional award from the RIBA for their design for the Victoria Leisure Centre in Nottingham and a LABC award for the repair and extension of a Grade 2 listed farmhouse in Somerset. In November they were awarded the Weymouth Civic Society Special Award for the Sandsfoot Castle project. Their work to date consciously traverses different scales and building types, the diversity inspires them and helps to make them more inquisitive designers. They say: “We enjoy working as part of a team and acting collaboratively with passionate and inspired clients, professional team members and stakeholders.” Their enjoyment in what they do manifests itself in a professional and friendly service.

Please visit their web site for more information and examples of their striking projects Telephone +44 (0) 2078334455 Email

In another fascinating local project Levitate has been appointed lead consultant in the restoration of Paignton Picture House, which was last used as a cinema in the 20th century.

quadrant architectural and topographic surveys m 07968 741584 p 01803 864921 e w Chimmels, Park Rd, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6EQ

PAULCARPENTERASSOCIATES Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers An award winning consulting engineering practice with extensive specialist knowledge in historic, listed and ancient buildings. Our sympathetic and pragmatic approach to understanding structural issues in old buildings is well respected, with great care given to 'the philosophy of repair' in the context of the design requirements. We always appreciate working with Jo Hibbert and Levitate on their interesting projects.

web: e-mail: EXETER




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The Cross Bath, Bath – The pool and sacred spring feature (Photo credit: Edmund Sumner)

If it wasn’t for architects like Donald Insall Associates, the nation would have far fewer historic buildings than it does today. When Donald Insall set up the practice over 50 years ago, the prevailing wisdom was to enjoy the future by abandoning the past; conservation was unknown and largely disregarded. But Donald Insall Associates has always pioneered new approaches and, after half a century of leading the way in the care, repair and adaptation of historic buildings and towns, and in designing new buildings in sensitive areas, this shows no signs of slowing down! Its office in Queen Square, Bath, is one of seven branches, with a London HQ, through which the practice undertakes work throughout the country, in Europe and beyond. “Our philosophy is to encourage the continued use of our inheritance of older buildings by their protection, repair and adaptation, alongside and together with new and well-designed buildings, in which attention to detail, an understanding of materials and traditional and modern construction methods can ensure a living urban continuity,” explains Senior Associate and Branch Leader Robert Dunton. With a portfolio that spans historic buildings, conservation, planning and listed building consent applications, condition surveys, new buildings in sensitive areas, quinquennial inspections, repairs and alterations, Donald Insall Associates provides a comprehensive range of architectural services, always responding sensitively to the needs of clients, including individuals, private estates, trusts, universities and schools, churches, museums, developers, local authorities and central government.

Windsor Castle – Crimson Drawing Room after restoration (Photo credit: Crown Copyright) 


This year alone saw the completion of one of its most ambitious schemes in central London, known as Quadrant 3, formerly the Regent Palace Hotel in Regent Street, while the Bath office completed an extension to All Souls College, Oxford, marking 12 years of continuous work at Oxford Colleges and the University - all as a move into a new head office in Devonshire Street, London, took place, uniting the staff previously in two sites and centralising administrative facilities. Throughout its 50 years Donald Insall Associates has carried out pioneering work within its chosen field, including new buildings for sensitive sites as well as the care, conservation and adaptation of old buildings. Employing more than 40 architects and as many technical and administrative support staff, it continues to face new challenges and is now addressing issues such as climate change, sustainability and energy conservation, while embracing contemporary requirements for accessibility and health and safety. “At the core of our work remains a deep concern to honour and enhance the buildings and environments whose futures are entrusted to us,” Robert points out. More than 140 awards and distinctions stand testament to the practice’s architectural design skills, as does its work on some of the country’s best known and iconic schemes such as the restoration of Windsor Castle after the 1992 fire and a leading role in Bath’s Millennium Spa project, including the Cross and Hot Baths.

10505 DPS 2pgs_Donald Insall Associates 2pg 03/12/2012 12:11 Page 2

Regent Palace Hotel, London - The “Chez Cup” Cocktail Bar (reconstructed from photographs and the art deco designer’s 1930s drawings) (Photo credit: Dan Dubowitz)

Codrington Library, All Souls College, Oxford – Classical interior of the Library after restoration (Photo credit: Peter Carey: DIA)

However, Donald Insall Associates doesn’t just measure its success by awards, but in witnessing the continued preservation of the surrounding historic environment and the change in attitude towards some great buildings. Says Robert: “With each building as individual as its client, our real success should, perhaps, be seen in its occupation after work has been completed and knowing that future generations can and will continue to enjoy it.”

For further information about Donald Insall Associates, go to Alternatively telephone 01225 469898 or email

Nimbus Conservation

Conservators of Historic Buildings and Monuments

Eastgate, Christchurch Street East,

Architectural conservators specialising in the cleaning, conservation, repair

Frome, Somerset BA11 1QD

"# ! of masonry and ! !a wide range of and replacement of all types plaster, to

t: 01373 474646


"% historic buildings and monuments. #


f: 01373 474648

Experienced main and specialist sub contractor.

Clients include English Heritage, National Trust, Historic Royal

Palaces, Local Authorities and public and private bodies.



10508 1pg_Studio West Architects 1pg 03/12/2012 12:07 Page 1

TURNING some of Cornwall’s most historic properties into contemporary eco-minded buildings is not always the easiest of projects, but it’s something Studiowest Architects excels at. The relatively young practice is building a name for itself, quite literally, for ‘greening’ period or listed buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Designs focus on sensitive contemporary additions, alterations or interventions. “It’s a very challenging and interesting pursuit as period construction methods have very poor thermal performance,” Smiles partner Neil Wall who is an AABC registered architect. The restraints enforced by Listed Building Status are very restrictive. It's a real challenge and the planners here take a lot of convincing. However, older properties are just part of the brief for this forward thinking and dynamic practice. Its real specialism is the creation of one-off contemporary eco houses with very low or zero carbon emissions and very low running costs. Projects under way at the moment include two large one-off eco houses, both due for completion in early 2013. “One is particularly experimental in terms of the way the building is heated,” says Neil. “The other uses recognised systems but both will achieve a very low carbon footprint and produce an ‘A’ rated energy Efficiency Rating and Environmental Impact Rating.” Launched in April 2011, Studiowest, based in St Just near Penzance, was born out of the well-established and award-winning practice Arco Studios Ltd and before that Barrie Briscoe & Associates. “Our practice has remained small in terms of employees and despite the downturn in the economy we have maintained and improved a steady stream of very interesting residential projects,” says Neil whose co-partner is Charles Griffiths.

The practice brief covers public and commercial buildings, one-off houses, contemporary eco houses, alterations and repairs to period and/or listed buildings. “All of our designs have an ecological bias and the focus of the construction is on craftsmanship, natural materials and energy efficiency.” Coupled with the continually developing focus on energy conservation and sustainability is the care and respect given to historical and physical context of every project. “We believe that consultation and participation with clients and builders alike forms an essential part of an effective design process,” Neil states. “We enjoy the construction process and the piecing together of components of the buildings as an integral part of their realisation. “We follow the theory of form following function, and aim to create simple yet well designed spaces which maximise the potential of the site and place as well as enhancing the quality of life and lifestyle of the user.”

For further information about Studiowest Architects, its projects and services, go to, telephone 01736 788892 or email

The Cornish Raw Builders Tel: 01736 763454

Mobile: 0796 7619069

R W Abbott & Associates Ltd Chartered Quantity Surveyors Grove Cottage, Red Lane, Rosudgeon, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 9PU Tel: 01736 762 082 Mobile: 07966-527140 Email:


A New Solution, A New Way To Build ' ' # ! ' $ ' # ! ' ' " ! # % " ! & ! ! ! %

Web: Tel: 01872 260327 Email:

10555 Half Page_Feature Template 06/12/2012 15:32 Page 1

The company has maintained steady growth, despite the recent difficult trading conditions as more and more companies become aware of the benefits of ensuring appropriate seating for their staff. Back pain will affect 80% of the population at some time in their lives. Work days lost through back pain cost the economy billions of pounds every year. One of the biggest causes of back pain now is poor posture caused by bad seating while working at a computer. The easiest way to prevent back pain is to invest in a fully adjustable ergonomic chair. Backworld was started 22 years ago to supply ergonomic seating for people who either suffer from back pain or wish to avoid it. Besides ergonomic office chairs, the company also supplies height adjustable desks, recliners, and back care products, to business, the public sector and retail customers.

However the aspect of his business that gives David Lacey M D the most satisfaction is the level of repeat business from satisfied customers over the years. The New Year will bring new products to their range; they have already added the very successful Zerostress range of recliners from Germany. Then they will also be adding some stylish electric rise and recline chairs, also from Germany. The future is looking not just bright but comfortable for this Exeter company.

Visit their web site or telephone on 01392 202012, to see what they can do for you.

We are delighted to help businesses like Backworld and wish them continued success

For a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION contact 01392 223930 2 Cranmere Court, Lustleigh Close, Matford Business Park, Exeter, EX2 8PW Also at Newton Abbot and Torquay

The official launch of the Bristol Pound was marked by celebrations, at the famous St Nicholas Market and on the streets of Bristol’s historic banking district. As the market bell, installed in 1850, was rung at 12 .11 GMT (12 noon Bristol time) the Lord Mayor, Councillor Peter Main, spent the first Bristol pound with food hall and café, Source. The payment took place on the ‘nails’, the traditional site of exchange in the city since the 18th century. The four Nails stand on the pavement outside the Corn Exchange in Corn Street. These round-topped pedestals were used by merchants when closing a sale. Money was placed on the surface of a Nail, signifying the bargain had been struck; hence the expression 'cash on the nail.'

In a bold move to support local businesses and independent traders Bristol launched its own currency, The Bristol Pound, on September 19th. After three years of planning and collaboration with local enterprises, community groups and local government, the people of Bristol can now spend the city’s very own currency. More than 300 local shops and businesses, from butchers and bakers, to law firms and plumbers, are signing up to accept the Bristol Pound, making it the largest scheme of its kind in the UK to date.

Ciaran Mundy, Director of the Bristol Pound (a Community Interest Company), presented the City, represented by Councillor Guy Poultney, Cabinet Member for Communities at Bristol City Council, with the first set of paper Bristol Pounds numbered 001, to be displayed at the M Shed Museum. Ciaran Mundy said: “This is a truly historic occasion for the city of Bristol. Residents and traders with a BS postcode have been able to apply for an account with Bristol Credit Union, allowing them to exchange sterling for the Bristol Pounds via conventional bank transfer or salary payments. They can now start spending the newly created paper pounds with the many businesses that will benefit by joining the scheme.”

The Bristol Pound is the first local currency implemented across a major UK city and to be supported by a financial institution – the Bristol Credit Union. The currency also features an electronic payments system enabling Bristol’s shoppers to pay traders using their mobile phones on the high street and at local markets. Earlier this year the people of Bristol were invited to submit their ideas for the paper money, and the eight winning designs will now feature on one, five, ten and twenty Bristol Pound denominations. 125k in printed Bristol Pounds will be made available initially, exchangeable at a rate of one Bristol pound for one pound sterling at retail distribution points across the city.


10629 2pg_Feature Template 28/11/2012 10:54 Page 1

It doesn’t matter if the customer’s Eric Clapton himself or a would-be Eric Clapton, players of all abilities are top of the rocks with Guitarbitz.

Customer service is turned all the way up to 11 at this Frome specialist guitar shop which has become a loud noise on the internet. “We concentrate all our efforts on customers and everyone is equal,” declares co-owner Davin Kenwood. “They are treated the same, no matter if they are buying a beginner’s guitar or a professional gigging instrument.” People come from miles around to the South West’s biggest shop of its kind, a treasure trove for electrical, acoustic, classical and bass guitars - along with some banjos and ukeleles. Accessories, such as straps, strings, plectrums and tuners, are myriad and amplifiers, pedals and spare parts can also be found, along with a repairs and set-up service.

“We have thousands of products and more than 400 guitars in stock. It’s easy to browse and you can try all the instruments and accessories and get specialist advice,” says Davin. “Being at Unit C5, of Commerce Park in Frome, we have free parking right outside.” Which is perfect for visiting customers - but Guitarbitz’s influence stretches much further. A quick Google search will see it at the very top of the results - an achievement of which Davin and co-owner James Oliver are very proud. With free delivery on all items to the UK, with smaller items being posted first class and weekday orders for guitars, amps and larger items placed before 4pm being dispatched for next working day delivery, but not before each one undergoes Guitarbitz’s rigorous 12-point check. The fact that they also take their own photographs to give a true representation of a product, and write independent reviews of everything sold, only underlines Davin and James’s commitment to providing the very best for musicians. No wonder Guitarbitz has been nominated for Best Independent Retailer two years running as well as Best Specialist Retailer in the MIA Music Awards 2011 and 2012. Davin and James established the business in 2004, initially to cater for the UK’s three million guitarists via the internet and the store. “We wanted a new type of guitar shop with a comfortable and spacious environment that could cater for players of all levels, but with particular help for beginners and intermediate players and a website with clear product descriptions, photographs, easy navigation and no techno babble,” explains Davin.


10629 2pg_Feature Template 28/11/2012 10:54 Page 2

The initial plan was to sell guitar accessories - hence the bitz but demand soon saw that expand into instruments and accessories and the growth has been constant. A particular milestone was the arrival of the first shipment of Fender guitars. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That was the day we felt we had arrived and reached our goal of being a real guitar shop,â&#x20AC;? grins Davin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve come a long way, constantly expanding and adjusting to changing trends in the guitar world. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We recently took on major new brands - Martin Guitars, Ibanez Guitars and Blackstar Amplifiers, but weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re always looking to expand our range. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We will shortly have two tuition rooms for guitar lessons with a resident tutor and there will be further classes in the future.â&#x20AC;? To find out more about Guitarbitz, its products and services, go to or follow the latest happenings and get advice on Facebook or @guitarbitz on Twitter. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll welcome you at the shop too, open from 9am-5pm weekdays and 10am-4pm Saturdays. Keep your eyes open - you may see someone famous . . .

lesliedark&co charteredcertifiedaccountants registeredauditors !



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Great fretted instruments for over 50 years.

! ""

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$! !

% .' '


% ! % & *+,1/ 21,/3, &

$ % )

' ,+ 0 ' '




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The Green Funeral Company Telephone: 01803 863923 I

Joint winners of Funeral Directors of the Year

A good funeral is for the living but about the dead - and honours both. It stands at the core of what it means to be human. Claire and Rupert Callender founded The Green Funeral Company in 2000 after reading the 3rd edition of the Natural Death Handbook, thirteen years later, they were very proud to have edited the fifth edition to offer an ecological, caring alternative to traditional funerals. They were moved to become funeral directors through their beliefs and their own experiences of bereavement and its aftermath. Rupert spent much of his childhood in the hospice where his mother worked, and the caring humanistic philosophy of the hospice movement is central to their work. His childhood experience makes for understanding of the complicated dynamics that result from tragic young deaths, the way modern families are, the need for all to be heard and the deep, deep wounds that these deaths can produce. Claire and Rupert explained their philosophy saying: “It is in the crucible of such events that our beliefs and working practice have been forged.”

The sites are managed with the environment in mind allowing the land to revert ultimately to woodland or meadows. The body is not embalmed with harmful chemicals and is placed in a bamboo, wicker, or cardboard coffin. Families usually plant a tree in memory of their loved one with a small memorial plaque.

Recom m by the ended Funera Good l 2011 aGuide n 2012. d

Whatever style of service you choose, Claire and Rupert understand that: “When somebody dies, no matter how prepared we think we are, it is always like a punch to the heart. The unimportant drops away and we can see that all that matters is our relationships with each other”.

Put aside traditional ideas of sombre, formal black suited funeral directors before you meet Rupert and Claire, and be prepared to meet a caring, friendly couple who will stand beside you and guide you through this difficult time. Claire and Rupert tailor each funeral to your requirements from the grand traditional affair to a simple woodland ceremony. They told us: “A ceremony in keeping with the person who has died lies at the heart of a good funeral. There are no rules. We try to give families the freedom to do whatever feels right. If a religious service is not appropriate we can take the ceremony or help you to. The ceremony can take place in a church, in a field, a hall or your home. Wherever seems appropriate. The core of our work is honesty, acceptance, and participation, even if that is just helping us to carry the coffin”. There are a wide range of natural burials and The Green Funeral Company are experienced arrangers of the increasingly popular woodland style of burials, offering an ecologically friendly alternative to traditional burials.


Greenfield Creations Ltd Chapel Road Ridgewell Essex CO9 4RU Tel: 01440 788866

Website: Email: Greenfield Creations have been manufacturing cardboard coffins since 1990.

31429 1pg v2:Events & Hospitality 1pg 24/09/2012 12:03 Page 1

Christmasto relax timeand have fun. HAVING spent much of the summer partying - the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, the Paralympics - thoughts are already turning to the end-of-year Christmas party season. It may seem that we’ve barely had time to draw breath since the spectacular events of London 2012, but the festive season is coming up fast, and hotels and restaurants are already offering Christmas party packages and menus. The golden rule is that it’s never too early to book your celebration. Thus a preferred venue and date is assured. To say it’s been an economically tough few years would be a bit of an understatement and last year’s festive season saw many business cutting back on their work celebrations. But there’s much to be said for demonstrating an appreciation of staff loyalty and hard work, and it’s possible to organise many value-for-money events as a way of thanking workers who have hung on through the bad times, which will reap rich rewards. According to leading Christmas party agent and bespoke event management company Office Events, the trend is for the partying to continue during Christmas 2012. It reports that its half yearly bookings statistics from its Office Christmas party website ( show that the average group size of shared parties is 35, a 35% year-onyear increase, while the average price per person at these events is up 9% to £76 per person. For exclusive or private parties, the average group size is 183 people, up 41% while the average price per person has only risen by 1% to £100. So while the leaves may still only just have started falling from the trees, Christmas is coming and it’s time to get this party started. But what to do, where to go? There’s a wealth of event planners out there, keen and eager to take the entire organisation off your shoulders and lay on a fantastic evening with just about any kind of theme you could think of, but the most popular option for many businesses is to spend their seasonal celebration at a nearby hotel. Hotels often provide the perfect solution for that ‘works Christmas do’. They have the space to cater for many employees, and in some comfort, which is quite an important consideration as many people enjoy parties where they feel at home. At a hotel, plenty of good seating, featuring couches and chairs, helps to provide a comfortable environment to make guests feel well taken care of and special.

For those who like to party hard, hotels provide overnight accommodation - also a boon in the event of bad weather - and many are prepared to consider special rates as part of a party package. Whether your event can be contained in one room or a series of rooms, hotels will work with you to ensure it’s one that everyone will be talking about until the following Christmas in terms of decor, food and service. In fact, the reason many choose to hold their Christmas event at a hotel is because everything that is required to make a party go with a swing is all on hand - and the clearing up afterwards is all taken care of. Food - be it buffet spread or sit-down occasion - is provided and, when it comes to liquid refreshment, many hotels offer pay-asyou go bars, if that’s your preferred option. If you’re having music they can provide and set up the sound systems for a DJ or live band, can recommend suitable entertainment if necessary, and will generally, arrange for decorating and preparing the party area beforehand. Complete the list of attractions with plenty of free parking within the grounds at most establishments and it’s not hard to see why businesses choose hotels for their Christmas functions. All people need to do is turn up. So, it may be the ’season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ but it will soon be the ‘season to be jolly’ and with many places advertising their festive availability now, it’s time to find the venue for your event.

A night to remember at this time of year is an excellent way to thank people for their work over the year, great for team spirit and the perfect time to let your hair down.


10550 DPS 2pgs_Gwelan Mor 2pg 03/12/2012 12:02 Page 1

Gwel an Mor - England’s best holiday village is so special even Father Christmas comes to stay.

“We are redefining the whole concept of self catering,” smiles delighted Bill Haslam, Company Owner. “This is self catering as you will never have experienced it - where you enjoy personal service, comfort and style usually only associated with a top hotel.”

Santa is bringing his festive magic to the Cornish destination that’s renowned for casting its own spell over holiday makers all year round, by setting up his grotto at the resort’s Celebration of Christmas on the weekend of December 1st and 2nd 2012.

The five-star resort, built on a hillside and just a short walk from Portreath Beach, features 60 reverse level Scandinavian-style lodges sleeping up to six, all lavishly equipped for a home-from-home stay.

But Christmas certainly came early this year for Gwel an Mor this year when it received the gift of highest accolade in English tourism Gold for Holiday Village of the Year in the prestigious VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2012. The award, the latest in a string, saw the resort plucked from a shortlist of 69 by judges who praised its exceptional quality and facilities, high levels of customer care service and very friendly staff.

Some have been specifically designed with the needs of those with disabilities or limited mobility in mind, but all exude luxury and quality, with top-notch features such as flat screen TV with Freeview, broadband access and power showers. Guests can spend all day gazing at the stunning Atlantic Ocean views from the comfort of their balcony - every lodge has one but Gwel an Mor has plenty more to offer. The Clubhouse is home to a heated swimming pool and spa pool, a state-of-the-art gym, sauna and steam room. Tennis, outdoor children’s adventure play area and bike hire are available on site, while the Terrace Restaurant, specialises in dishes made almost exclusively from Cornish produce, providing a tasty alternative to cooking in the lodges’ well-equipped kitchens. The Wellbeing Heath and Beauty Spa offers a wonderful range of relaxing and revitalising treatments to guests on day, weekend or short breaks while the resort holds a Gold David Bellamy conservation award and is home to Feadon Farm, a wildlife wonderland where families and children can get up close and personal with nature. Those who venture off-site can find a wealth of things to do, with Gwel an Mor’s team happy to help arrange a host of outdoor activities, such as golf and cycling, horse riding and surfing. But with the resort now building a golf course and planning to start on fishing lakes next year, there’ll be even less reason to leave its stunning surroundings. Cornish First Aid Supplies - Here To Help Although we supply a fast, personal service to our customers in Cornwall we also supply to customers both nationally and internationally. We supply to all industries such as catering, leisure and tourism, construction, engineering, sports, marine, schools & colleges, retail and also to the general public. We specialise in customised kits to suit your requirements. We are so sure you will be happy with your purchase we offer an `Absolutely No Quibble Money Back Guarantee'on ALL of our products. Cornish First Aid 20 Market Street, Devoran, Truro TR3 6QA Tel: +44 (0)1872 865011 Mob: +44 (0)788 50 261 27 Web:


10550 DPS 2pgs_Gwelan Mor 2pg 03/12/2012 12:02 Page 2

It’s not just holiday makers who choose to stay here. Gwel an Mor is much in demand as a wedding venue. Its Events Barn features a stunning marquee-style interior hung with twinkling fairy lights and chandeliers and can cater for up to 100 seated and 180 for a non seated arrangement, while many a bridal party has enjoyed a relaxing pamper day at the spa. Whatever the reason for your visit, everyone at Gwel an Mor is passionate about ensuring your stay exceeds all expectations.

“We are redefining the whole concept of self catering,” declares Bill. “Cornwall has never seen anything quite like this before.”

For further information about Gwel an Mor, bookings, special offers and events, visit Alternatively telephone 01209 842354 or email

Whatever your business, we have a range that will suit your needs In today’s world, people are increasingly conscious of health and safety issues outside of their homes. They are aware of the risks posed to human health by poor hygiene, and those with responsibility for managing washrooms will be all too aware of what is required to provide a clean and hygienic environment. Initial are among the UK’s leading Washroom Hygiene and Floorcare providers, with over 100 years of experience in the industry. We are part of Rentokil Initial, one of the largest providers of business services across the world.

Our services You can choose from a complete service offering installation, equipment rental and regular servicing giving you total peace of mind through to a straightforward and convenient delivery of washroom supplies. To arrange a free hygiene survey with your local hygiene consultant, please call us on

Our range of hygiene services include the following: Q Sanitary and nappy waste disposal Q Aircare Q Handwashing Q Hand and surface sanitising Q Hand drying Q Vending Q Cubicle and urinal hygiene Q Water saving Q Washroom supplies Q Floorcare solutions

01837 540600 63

10284 1pg_The Thai House Cardiff 03/12/2012 14:13 Page 1

THE pioneering spirit that led Noi Ramasut and his wife Arlene to open the first Thai restaurant in Wales remains undimmed 27 years later. It’s that spirit, combined with dedication to providing only the very best, that has set The Thai House, Cardiff, at the very top of the Welsh culinary tree. The awards and plaudits have been consistent over the years: Les Routiers Restaurant of the Year 2005/06 Award for Wales and the Marches, Oriental Restaurant of the year for 2012 and every year back to 2007, while The Times in 2010 hailed it “one of the best restaurants in the UK” while Harden’s Guide in 2011 declared it “The best Thai in town”. “The Thai House Restaurant sets oriental cuisine clearly in the premiere league of fine dining in Wales." For Noi, the aim is simple. “We want to create a very special restaurant with an intimate feel which offers excellent food and first-class service in an elegant surrounding,” he says. Noi, a past president of the UK Thai Restaurateurs Association has worked closely with the Royal Thai Embassy Commercial Office to help promote high standards in Thai restaurants around the UK. When he and Arlene established the restaurant in 1985, it was not only the first Thai in Wales, it was the first outside London - which then only had five. In the early days the couple were encouraged in the venture by their friends Ann and Franco Teruschio of the famous Walnut Tree in Abergavenny. They resolved to work hard and excel in every way possible and it wasn’t long before they were leading trends and setting standards - and continue to do so today. Intrinsic to the prize-winning combination is Sujan Klingson from Lampang, north Thailand, who leads the all-Thai kitchen team to produce a wide range of authentic dishes representing all regions of the country and who has also created some exciting additions to the extensive menu.


“Welsh lamb in a southern Thai curry must rate as a gastronomic delight for most diners!” suggests Noi. With a second-to-none wine list especially selected by Noi to complement the cuisine, and home-made ice creams and sorbets providing a stylish finale, diners can revel in an evening of culinary theatre, The magic is not just in the kitchen - Noi and Arlene know that their dedicated team of waiting staff, who all wear traditional Thai costumes in the evening, is key in determining The Thai House's place as one of Cardiff's best restaurants. On hand to explain the different dishes or to assist in any way possible, all the friendly staff set out to provide friendly, unobtrusive service to make guests feel at home. "Ours is a traditional approach," says Noi. "We hope customers return time and time again and, when they do, we try our best to welcome them by name, know what their favourite dishes are and make them feel special."

To find out more about The Thai House, visit, where you can also reserve a table online. Alternatively, telephone 02920 387404 or email Peter Broughton Ltd Wholesale Fruit, Veg and Potato merchants. We offer an extensive range all available at highly competitive prices.


Noi says: “We pride ourselves on serving only the best dishes and using fresh ingredients flown in weekly from Bangkok, combined with the best of fresh Welsh produce.

Call us on 02920 388011

Here is where two culinary cultures seamlessly combine, with Thai herbs, spices and vegetables giving an Oriental twist to prime Welsh beef, lamb and wild boar, pork from the Marches, duck from Norfolk and fish from Cardigan Bay.


Bessemer Road Cardiff CF11 8BB

10467 1pg_Amoeba Bar 1pg 03/12/2012 12:29 Page 1

Like so many of the effervescent drinks the bar serves, Charlie and his team are fizzing with plans for the future but, for now, the cork remains firmly in place on that particular bottle. “We can’t reveal too much,” he smiles. “What I can say is that the bar is in a constant state of flux, ever changing and always trying to improve.”

THERE’S plenty of reasons to say cheers at the Amoeba Lounge Bar - not least as you prepare to sip one of its myriad sparkling cocktails. This cosy little bar, in Clifton, has been the toast of city for the last four years, wowing them all with one of the widest ranges of drinks available in the South West. Not only does it offer a range of nearly 50 cocktails on a nightly basis - all exquisitely crafted by some of the best bartenders around - it boasts a near 50-strong international beer list too. With brews from as far as America’s West Coast, the Icelandic North, the South of Australia and as close to home as the South of Bristol, it’s no wonder it was voted the Best Beer List in the city in the recent Bristol Cocktail Week Awards. Mix your drink with the plush, decadent and generally pretty overthe-top décor, excellent and knowledgeable bartenders passionate about their work, a gorgeous and hidden heated rear garden, live DJs at weekends - and the world’s nicest doorman - and you’ve got the winning cocktail for a perfect night out. “We do everything here to the best of our abilities - with passion, commitment and alcohol,” avows Bar Manager Charlie Thomas “We believe that knowledge, passion and personality sell drinks and we make an effort with every single customer in order to find out his or her likes, and try to advise them the best we can.” It’s all a far cry from the business that occupied the Kings Road premises 10 years ago. A furniture shop with the unusual extra of selling alcohol. Over time it developed slowly into a late night bar, then a café bar. “Then four years ago we dropped the food side completely to focus exclusively on being awesome,” says Charlie. “In the last four years we have taken on some incredible bartenders, cracking new beers, cocktails and spirits, and maintain an everchanging interior to keep things moving forward.” We are proud to support Amoeba Bar

As the bar does, indeed continue to grow in the right direction, Charlie and his team are not shy about keeping their expertise to themselves, running cocktail masterclasses, bespoke tasting sessions and spirits seminars. The bar is also available for free party hire any day of the week and, if you visit before 9pm, you can buy two cocktails for £9.50. All that’s needed now is Tom Cruise behind the bar. With all the future plans bubbling around - well, you never know . . . The Amoeba Lounge Bar is open Monday to Thursday, 4pm until midnight, on Fridays and Saturdays from 1pm until 1am and on Sundays from 1pm until midnight.

For further information go to • Helpful Service: The South’s Number 1 Drinks Supplier • CALL US: 01747 840100

Nectar is the South’s No. 1 drinks supplier. Nectar supplies beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks to the on-trade throughout Southern England. We are an independent company with 27 years experience and we strive to offer you that little bit extra than you’d expect from a drinks supplier. Nectar is proud to supply Amoeba Café Bar and wish them all the best for the future.

Nectar Imports, The Old Hatcheries, Bells Lane, Zeals, Wiltshire BA12 6LY

• tel: 01747 840100 • fax: 01747 840 467 • email: • web:


Gas Ltd Suppliers of LPG, Industrial Gases, & Drinks Dispense Gas

Clifton Coffee Company ARTISAN ROASTERS

Our aim is to help you provide your customers with the very best, we provide coffee, teas, syrups and equipment to name a few! call: 08452 606 706 email: visit:


Tel: 01594 529344


10272 1pg_Laburnum House 03/12/2012 14:18 Page 1

Laburnum House WHETHER it’s for business, pleasure or both, there’s no reservations about a visit to the Laburnum House Lodge Hotel. Set in a beautiful region of Sedgemoor, next to the Bridgwater Bay Nature reserve, the hotel effortlessly accommodates the need of every guest, be they business travellers, brides and grooms celebrating their big day, families/individuals looking to charge their batteries, corporate function attendees or simply those out for a great Sunday lunch. What ever their requirement, guests can be assured of a warm welcome and top-notch service from owner David Cox and his team. Proud to call himself one of the longest serving landlords in the area, David is responsible for the transformation of what was originally a tumbledown farmhouse when he bought it in 1982, to the flourishing hostelry it is today. Originally a renovation project, it became an ideal venue for anglers wanting somewhere to stay while fishing in the nearby nationallyrecognised coarse fishing site, the River Huntspill.

have access to a 20-acre artificial sports lake offering water skiing, wake boarding, jet skiing, fun aquatic rides and canoeing; with tuition to any level of experience. It makes a good combination for a corporate day.” He’s referring to the nearby Middlemoor Water Park which is run by his son Steven while his daughter Sarah-Jane, a former GB modern pentathlon, triathlon and cross-country ski-ing champion runs the nearby Burnham-on-Sea Swim & Sports Academy. There are plans to integrate all three of the family businesses closer together so they complement each other, but the Laburnum Lodge Hotel will continue to welcome all guests whether they want excitement and exercise or just rest and relaxation. With 60 en-suite rooms, either double, twin or in family layouts, all with colour TV and tea and coffee-making facilities, and selfcatering lodges able to accommodate two to six people, the hotel has every home-from-home need covered.

Visit for further booking information, Telephone: 01278 781830 Email:

As its reputation spread, it wasn’t long before business customers were also checking in and, today, more than half its clientele is derived from Somerset’s corporate community. It’s also been the venue of choice for county brides, either as a reception venue, a place to exchange vows or both, with the Laburnum Lodge team eager to put all their considerable expertise into tailoring their special service to the most individual of requirements. This also applies to anyone looking to hold a birthday or special occasion with the hotel able to serve anything from a finger buffet with disco to a hot buffet, carvery or lavish banquet. Whatever is required for the table, guests are assured of quality home-cooked food and many don’t wait for another’s special occasion to be invited here. Many come to the restaurant simply to enjoy its traditional British menu, with the Sunday lunch carvery obtaining an individual fame of its own. Boasting three conference rooms and parking for 120 cars, the hotel, just 10 minutes from the M5 and A38, is ideal for conferences, business meetings and corporate events and David is proud that his team can provide an exciting twist to these functions. “We can take in clay pigeon shooting along with a conference or corporate day,” he reveals. “We have a very popular school where people can learn how to shoot with a modern-day shot gun and


Specialist Linen Hire & Laundry Service For the catering, hotel & leisure industries

We are proud to supply Laburnum House call 0800 093 9933 visit

Linen Services

Colin Reasons Quality Meats We are proud to support Laburnum House 54 Chapel Road, Pawlett nr Bridgewater Somerset TA6 4SJ Tel: 0127 868 6219

10514 1pg_The Wilsher Group 1pg 03/12/2012 12:05 Page 1

On the entrepreneur side they have established an Entrepreneurial Hub where business people can meet and eat, presided over by Lord Ian MacLaurin, ex Chairman of Tesco, Vodafone and the ECB.

WHETHER you are looking to relax or refresh your business through a corporate event, you could find just what you seek at the recently opened Waterhouse. Set in Midford Valley on the outskirts of Bath Waterhouse is a beautiful 18th century manor house, just 600 yards from the A36 and 10 minutes’ drive from the city centre that has been transformed in the last two years since its acquisition by the Wilsher Group. Not only has the Wilsher Group established its own Business Academy in the building, it spent a year sympathetically and classically restoring it to its former glory. Many original features, such as cornicing, wooden floors, Carrara marble and stone fireplaces, wooden shutters and an oak staircase, were retained while a three-storey extension was converted to house nine contemporary boutique style en-suite bedrooms and four suites, for quality accommodation. Bringing their expert eye to the decor of these stunning rooms, which represent something quite different from standard hotel accommodation, was interior designer Perfect Rooms, from Corsham, in Wiltshire. “We have been delighted that so many of those who come to stay are so complimentary” says Wilsher Group’s Simon Wilsher. “Of the 300 people we have had to stay, only one has said they would not recommend it” “For more than 200 years, Waterhouse has been well known in the region as a home to families renowned for their championing of education, entrepreneurship and the church. The Wilsher Group will honour that tradition.

“We’ve set this up to provide a stimulating place for businesspeople to meet each other, enjoy a cup of coffee, good meal or just to chill out in the library with some quiet time,” explains Simon. There are many reasons why business people choose Waterhouse. For small informal meetings, larger training days or conferences Waterhouse is ideal. There are offices to rent too: serviced offices complete with a kitchenette, parking, security and building management or the opportunity to join the Waterhouse Club. Exclusive use for Bridal Parties, anniversaries and other celebrations, including those with an interest in Bath, in walking, cycling and fishing, all are welcome. Whatever the reason for your visit - whether you’ve just come to the region for some valuable R&R, whether you’re a conference delegate or using Waterhouse’s other corporate facilities - you can be assured that the team will always be on hand to take care of you. Says Simon: “Waterhouse is set in its own country grounds, with a stream and breathtaking views across Somerset. Combine this with the luxury en-suite double bedrooms and you'll find it’s an inspiring place where you can truly work, rest and play.”

For full details about Waterhouse, its latest available packages, bridal party and business services, visit or telephone 01225 721999.


Contract and Residential Interior Designers • Production of CAD drawings for room design • Colour schemes and design boards • Complete manufacturing of window treatments undertaken • Suppliers of complete room accessories • Stylish traditional and contemporary interiors

Perfect Rooms provide Proposals with Pride and Punctuality &

"Perfect Rooms have a Versatile approach to Interiors”


$$"' (& (

!(' & ! *** % &

#( & $&' $&' "

(&$$"' $ )


10561 2pg_Layout 1 07/11/2012 10:01 Page 1

Howard’s House Hotel YOU could forgive Howard’s House Hotel - a natural haven from the hurly burly of life - for being a hive of activity right now.

Far from it. Within easy reach of attractions such as Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, Old Wardour Castle and Longleat, this is a place of splendid seclusion. Nestling at its relaxed heart is Howard’s House, a mellow stone traditional building cocooned in a garden that’s a haven for wildlife. Offering fine, fresh, locally sourced food and an excellent wine cellar, guests can take advantage of locally available country pursuits, such as walking, shooting, riding and fishing. “We also cater for bespoke weddings and events and, with nine bedrooms, we’re the perfect size for exclusive use, be it for a special occasion, shooting party or family get-together,” smiles Charlotte Greenwood. With Grahame and Prue Senior, Simon Greenwood and Nick Wentworth, Charlotte is part of the owner/partnership which took on Howard’s House in 2010 and invested heavily in its development.

This beautiful Wiltshire country house hotel and restaurant is busily preparing to unveil the new look for its bedrooms as an exciting programme of upstairs refurbishments draws to a close.

“We have refurbished the downstairs area and created a seating area known as ‘the den’ while the extension and refurbishment of the Terrace included the addition of an awning - perfect for rainy days,” she says.

The team can’t wait to reveal the results of the work which has seen the rooms transformed, with curtains to armchairs and coffee tables to wall art.

“We have also put a great deal of thought and creativity into our menus, our objective being to surprise and delight guests with an outstanding dining experience.”

There’s even more to look forward to as Howard's House continues its programme of events aimed at keeping things special and interesting for looked-after guests.

But fine food and an inspired cellar are only part of the Howard's House experience, for its proprietors are determined to banish life’s pressures, not least through the strength of their warm welcome.

The latest, a weekend in the company of Antiques Roadshow regular John Bly on December 1 and 2, follows past successes within the hotel’s Cultural Events and Foodie Feasts programme, each celebrating a particular theme or interest, and including everything from art and photography exhibitions to a ‘NonTraditional Christmas’ and Moroccan Night.

You don’t even have to visit the hotel - although that’s heartily recommended - to enjoy its superb food thanks to its off-site catering service, Howard’s House at Home.

There’s so much happening at this independently owned and run hotel that you’d think the idyllic village of Teffont Evias, where it is situated, would be heaving with activity.

“Be it a celebratory lunch, dinner party, wedding, birthday, shoot lunch or any other special event, we can provide all you’ll need - the food you love in the place you love,” promises Charlotte. The pride and the passion for what they do shines through every aspect of Howard's House and that’s not lost on guests. “Some of the lovely things guests have said about us in unsolicited ways - letters, internet reviews etc - have been wonderful to hear,” affirms Charlotte. “It reassures us that we are giving them what they want, and motivates us to continue striving for new and interesting ways to do that.”


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For more information visit To make an enquiry or booking, telephone 01722 716 392 or email

Beyond Compare... The family-run seafood, meat and game wholesaler. Supplying the industry for over 25 years.

Sales (Day and Night) : 01264 321050 Email: Web:

Hunter-gathering for kitchens Based in Gillingham, Dorset, we provide an expert individual service for the catering trade, promoting and distributing locally produced food products. Really Happy to be supplying Howard’s House Hotel

Tel: 01747 823978

Support Howard’s House Hotel

Our extensive list of quality food manufacturers and producers gives our customers access to a vast range of seasonal and year round ingredients and produce.

The Fine Food Company Unit 20, Bennetts Field Trading Estate, Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9DT Tel: 01963 34699 Fax: 01963 824777 Email: Web:

Hildon Natural Mineral Water would like to congratulate Howard’s House Hotel on their success or tel: 01794 302002 Hildon Ltd, Broughton, Nr Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 8DQ


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THE Reed’s Bakery team are more than happy to let their customers eat cake - and they’re going all out to ensure even more South West businesses can have a slice of the action this year. Delectable bakes from these award-winning Devon baker’s are eagerly snapped up at establishments throughout the region, and the Reed team is eager to gain even more business links with independent retailers. With a clutch of successes at the recent Taste of the West awards its first competition in 60 years and it netted five prizes - it’s not only its bread that’s proving to be a high-riser. Managing director Paul Reed believes that hand-crafted methods are an integral part of the baking process and is a key element of the bakery’s success. That and the fact that only fresh local ingredients are poured into the recipes that are being baked today, more than 60 years after they first become popular with Reed’s customers. “They produce a unique taste that cannot be extracted from modern day compound mixes,” says Paul. He and his wife Wendy have been at the helm of the company since 1999, before which it had been run by his parents Raymond and Gwen, in Witheridge, since the 1950s. Prior to that, it was run by Raymond’s uncle William Churchill, who taught his nephew the baker’s craft. Paul and Wendy’s daughter Melissa is also very much part of the business, which is now in five star hygiene-rated premises on the Chivenor Business Park, near Barnstaple. Here is where the magic happens. Along with a wealth of crusty bread, traditional rich fruit cake, Battenburg, carrot cake made with fresh carrots and a vanilla cream filling, chocolate cake bursting with chocolate chips, moist sponges and Swiss rolls and crumbly scones emerge from ovens on a daily basis to tantalise the tastebuds. The range is increased still more by rich Tiffin, buttery flapjacks, date slices and Viennese shells with recent mouth-watering introductions including lemon drizzle, coffee and walnut and chocolate fudge cakes - the last proving particularly popular with restaurants. A wholesale business, with a delivery service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Reed’s Bakery supplies its goodies to independent retailers, farm shops, camping sites and restaurants throughout north and east Devon. “Mole Valley is our largest supplier and we deliver to stores in South Molton, Collumpton and Newton Abbot,” says Paul. “Those at agricultural shows such as the Devon County Show and the Royal Cornwall Show are able to tuck in to our large Genoa slab where it is offered to visitors at the Mole Valley Farmers stand.”

Lucky visitors - it was the Genoa slab which took bronze at those Taste of the West awards, as did the Tiffin and Christmas cake while the Harvester Loaf and cherry Dundee cake picked up silver. Proof, if proof were needed, that Reed’s Bakery really is among the upper crust.

For further information about the company and its products, visit, or telephone 01271 815413.

W e s t e r n

Tel: 01884 831920

BAKO Western Ltd of Cullompton, Devon Suppliers of Bakery Ingredients to the independent craftsman bakers of the West country for over 50 years.

Wish Reed’s Bakery all the best on their successes to date and in the future.

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Bristol Business Post Edition 14  

BBP is a high-quality glossy A4 magazine that is distributed throughout the South West region, directly to in excess of 20,000 named decisio...

Bristol Business Post Edition 14  

BBP is a high-quality glossy A4 magazine that is distributed throughout the South West region, directly to in excess of 20,000 named decisio...