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Archuletta, Jessie

Luna, Bryan

Bechtold, Dawson

Mathern, Krew

Beyers, Chaz

Moore, Michael

Brunk, Tristen

Moser, Hunter

Carroll, Daniel

Myran, Hunter

Cherwinski, Hallie

Owens, Shiloh

Childs, Rawlie Currie, Robert Davis, Issa Dutchak, Dawson Emter, Derek Erhart, Hunter Farnsworth, Bailee

Pachak, Jacob Personne, Nathan Polk, Chandler Ritter, Hunter Schatz, Caden Schmolke, Levi

Fleck, Dakota

Selinger, Braden

Hoenke, Conner

Steiner, Brady

Irwin, Tod

Stone, Grayden

Kitzan, Dalton

Theurer, Tanner

Kraft, Brant

Vance, Devyn

Lambert, Jason

Wilkinson, Mason

Larsen, Kail

Wilson, Hunter

Levorsen, Aiden

Losses: A Team: 4 games B Team: 5 games Wins: A Team: 2 games B Team: 1 game

Zubke, Christopher

Aguirre, Aksel

Meschke, Matthew

Anderson, Hunter

Moe, Jonathan

Benfiet, Kyler

Murphy, Declan

Berger, Justin

Murphy, Jackson

Chavez, Ki-Jhana

Nelson, Cody

Cooper, Lance

Paintner, Matthew

Ellis, Dylan

Ramos, Mario

Flowers, Demetri

Shepard, Cody

Gartner, Kacen

Smith, Kyler

Haider, Austin

Sorensen, Jonathan

Jahner, Alexander

Soto, Rogileo

Johnson, Brendan

Stroud, Bronson

Keltner, Kael

Swearson, Kyle

Kleinsasser, Corey

Wanner, Chandler

Kleinsasser, Ethan

Wariner, Brady

Kraft, Brock

Wilson, Drake

Kruse, Nelson

Zeller, Keaten

Kuntz, Nick Meschke, Matthew,

Great job to all those in volleyball! Losses: A1: lost 7 matches A2: lost eight matches B1: lost eight matches B2: lost nine matches Wins: A1: won two games A2: won two matches B1: won one matches B2: won no matches Tournaments: A1:took 4th A2: took 4th B1: took 6th B2: took 6th

8th Grade Volleyball

Anchondo, Kalista Binstock, Brittany Braun, Abby Brown, Megan Brown, Mikaela Coley, Gabrielle Connaughton, Lillyanna Dukart, Micah Enderud, Erica Fischer, Lauren Godlevsky, Heather Hauck, Hailey Huber, Carley Hughes, Madison Hughes, Oakley Jordheim, Lexi Kainz, Morgan Kenjalo, Emily—Hope Christian Kessel, Alyssa Knipp, Cora Koun, Nyegai Linster, Raegen Mason, Melissa McChesney, Marley Mortensen, Mariah Nelson, Morgan Nyman, Lidija Olson, Alexis Roquet, Bailey Schneider, Kierra—Home school Shepard, Kylee Showalter, Kylee Spaulding, Isabella Stagl, Breanne Steiner, Ryann Tysver, Makayla VanBerkom, Tricia Walls, Reese Wegner, Amy—Hope Christian Wehri, Emily Weiler, Mckenna Wood, Allison Zastoupil, Kacie

08- Madison Eckelberg 25- Lauren Gangl 04- Maddy Hanel 10- Lauren Jorda 01- Gabrielle Jung 03- Kamryn Kuntz 02- Kennedy Kuntz 34- Dayna Zubke 13- Amber Hutzenbiler 39- Dakota Jones 36- Mariah Jurgens 17- Addie Kuehl 12- Kaitlyn Martin 12- Kaitlyn Martin 32- Jordan Wanner 23- Janessa Welder 09- Jennifer Whitworth 01- Mya Elkin 26- Andrea Garcia 35- Kami Jamgochian 07- Leah Kessel 38- Kaitlyn Kolling 14--Isabel Lobez 06- Hallie Rodarte Kellie williamson Abby Jacobs Emoly Kostelecky Bailee Stevens Kylie Zastoupil Managers

7th Grade Volleyball

Great job to those in cross country! Cross country took 2nd out of all their meets! Great job!

Check out the website:

www.dsutheatreanddance .com for theatre and dance productions.

Bracelets for Thanksgiving Have you made any plans for Thanksgiving, yet? Want to join in the festivities? Over the years, some people, as well as companies, have donated to make Thanksgiving possible. Help support our local community by buying Anti-Bullying bracelets and Respect Your Teacher bracelets for one dollar. All proceeds will go to this Thanksgiving dinner event. Daisha Cecil will be selling the bracelets during 4th period.

Great job to the 8th graders who had a concert on October 24, 2013! The songs were great. Some of them had a fun beat, while others had that musical sway. Mr. Dykema did a great job directing, making sure everybody was doing what they should. Keep up the good work ! The 7th grade concert was held on October 29th, with good performances by the choir and the band.

the photography club for providing the pictures for this year’s Hagen Hi-Lites. Thank you to Mr. Smutzler and

The Robotics team entered a tournament on Saturday, October 26th. They placed 3rd in the marketing division. The team included: Kyler Smith, Ayden Rome, Alli Molbert, and Marin Schuetzler.

It’s harvest time! It’s pumpkin time! Brittany Binstock was our winner in the Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Her entry was a cupcake representing one of her favorite books, Close to Famous by Joan Bauer. Nice going Brittany! The public library is looking for teens interested in participating in their Teen Advisory Group. This group is open to all who are interested. Get involved! Hang-out! Contribute! Be heard! Have fun! By being involved you can earn volunteer hours, recommend books and movies for the library, help plan teen programs and events, and help out in other ways at the public library. See Mrs. Fisher or Mrs. Olson for a brochure and more information on this program. Some faculty members were cleaning closets and discovered some stacks of former yearbooks. We are currently selling these brand new books in the library to earn a little extra for new books. If you are interested in the following years: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, or 2007, these yearbooks are for sale for $5.00 each. Another way to help us earn ‘book money’ is to remember that whenever you shop; you can also earn money for our school; if you remember to enter the Amazon website by going through the link on the Hagen homepage. This is an easy, painless way of helping our school; so please remember this especially during the coming holiday shopping season. Tell your students to regularly stop in and check out the brand new titles that we get in our library throughout the year!

Srta.Williams Srta.Williams is the Spanish teacher for 8th grade, and her classroom is located at Berg. She teaches 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods. She also teaches Spanish at Dickinson High School in the afternoon. She is a very fun and outgoing teacher. She loves to wear skirts and dresses and also very pretty! Where have you lived throughout your whole life? I was born in Minnesota and was raised in Colorado until I was 9. Then I moved to Dickinson with my mom and her boyfriend. I have lived here since 1990 and from 1900 to 2000 I spent summers with my dad in Minnesota. When y0u were a kid, what did you want to be? Anesthesiologist (the person that gives you sleeping drugs before surgery) and a Zoo Keeper.

Do you have any goals that you have yet to accomplish? I want to get my Master’s Degree in psychology and move away from North Dakota and live in a Spanish speaking country for a while. Do you enjoy teaching? Why or why not? I love teaching because my heart is with the kids, plus Spanish is such a good subject to help expand and grow brain connections to lots of other things. I sometimes do not enjoy teaching when I have to correct 108 tests that I made and assigned! Ultimately, school counseling may be in my future. I used to teach psychology and that was the best! Do you prefer Spanish or English for a speaking language? Well, I learned in a classroom like my students do. I am more comfortable speaking English, but I would prefer to be fully immersed in Spanish and use it daily. Do you like Hagen (including the staff and the students)? Why or why not? I enjoy my Hagen family. I was welcomed with a smile. I have excellent peers (other teachers) who help me with any questions I have. They have been very supportive. The teaching team at Hagen sincerely cares about their students. The kiddos are always a treat, the energy and fun they bring to my day cannot be matched.

Where are you from? Grand Forks ND Why did you come to Dickinson? Rodeo School. I wanted to follow my brother’s footsteps. What made you want to be a teacher? My father said that I had to declare a major or he wouldn’t pay for my college! Why did you choose to teach history? Because it doesn’t change. What’s your favorite pizza topping? Hawaiian or Artichoke hearts. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? Flying powers. Then I could get places faster, because I’m a very impatient driver! Suppose you had an extra arm…What would you use it for? To carry my Wal-Mart bags!

Mrs. Emard 8th Grade History

Why did you want to become a teacher? To help students learn!

Where did you go to college? Dickinson State University.

If you had an extra arm what would you use it for? To keep kids in line.

“How long have you been a teacher?” “I have been a teacher 16 years, plus my first year here.” “What do you like to do for free time?” “I like to read, run, and hang out with my family.”

Why did you choose to teach Junior High students?

“Why did you decide to become a teacher?”

Junior High students are the most fun!

“I was very interested in science.”

What is your favorite thing about teaching here?

“If you had 1 word to describe your life what would it be?”

Getting to work with great students and staff.

Who influenced you to become a teacher? Some of the best teachers I had when I was in school.

If there was a zombie apocalypse, where would you hide? At Hagen, no one would look there.


By Destiny Simonson and Autumn Paluck

~Where are you from? : Portland, Oregon ~Why did you come to Dickinson? : I was laid off, so I went back to school to get my teaching degree at DSU because my parents lived in Killdeer at the time. ~Why did you choose to teach JH students? : It’s my favorite grade and they are mature but AWESOME!

Mrs. Dacar Mrs. Dacar is the 7th grade math teacher at Hagen Jr. High. She has been teaching for 14 years. She previously taught at DSU, Stanton, ND, and Golden Valley. She went to college at DSU and UND. She grew up in a house of teachers and it apparently rubbed off on her. In high school, her favorite subject was math, so she decided that’s what she wanted to teach. In her free time, she likes to read, quilt, spend time with her family, and watch movies. By Marin Schuetzler

~If you had an extra arm, what would you use it for and why? :

We are lucky to have Mrs. Foreman as her I’d use it to hold my coffee or first teaching assignment. She went to colwater at all times, so I would lege at York College in New York and received her bachelor’s at Black Hills State Uninever be parched. versity in Spearfish, SD. Her second grade teacher, Mrs. Turgeon, encouraged her pasWhat is your favorite book? sion for writing, which in turn, led her to the Arcadia by: Lauren Groff love of books and school in general. Mrs. Foreman would love it if her students would find the same passion that she did as a student. Her family consists of her husband, a mitten cat, (a cat with 6 toes on each paw), and a hunting dog.

ms.leslie 8 Grade th

Science Teacher

Mrs. Aman has been in education for a whopping 31 years. Good going Mrs. By: Daisha Aman! She received her BS in elementary education at DSU and her Masters in special education at the University of Cecil Mary. She also has credentials in: Title 1 Coordinator , Special Education AdminiHow long have you been a stration, and an Elementary Principal. teacher? Mrs. Aman has been teaching in quite a few places. She has taught in Richard7 years (This is my 8th) ton, the Oliver Mercer Special Education Where have you taught before or unit in Hazen serving Beulah, Gap, is this your first year? Golden Valley, Dodge, and Halliday. She Surrey and Starkweather, both in ND most recently has been the Co-Director and Literacy Coordinator for Oliver MerWhat college did you go to? cer Special Education. She has been one I have a BS from NDSU in Fargo busy lady. If Mrs. Aman could change and a BS from Minot State University. I anything in education it would be to am finishing my Masters in Science Edu- give each individual student the opporcation at Minot State. tunity and resources they need to sucWhy did you decide to be a ceed academically. I asked her if any teacher? teacher she had when going through school had inspired he and she said, “My I enjoy working with kids and love high school business teacher was instruscience. After trying a few different mental in my decision to pursue a teach“careers,” I found teaching science is ing degree.” Her family consists of a what I enjoy most. daughter, a son, and two grandchildren. Is the subject you are teaching Thanks for coming to Hagen, Mrs. Aman. your favorite subject in high school? I liked science in High School, but didn’t have a favorite subject. What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, riding my horse, and hanging out with my friends.

Sextortion We had an assembly one morning in the gym, and the assembly was about Sextoriton. Sextortion is when someone uses a nude or provocative picture of you to blackmail you into performing sexual acts to do something you do not want to do. Many students found this assembly awkward, and that is not at all what the speakers intended. They were trying to keep us safe from sextortion. The speakers were our counselor Mrs.Benson, our other counselor Ms.Urlacher, and our school officer VanDoorne. The assembly taught us many things about sextortion and how to prevent it. The speakers made it very clear that sextortion is a very serious problem and they are trying to do all they can to keep us safe from it! Lillyanna Connaughton

Scars By: Lillyanna Connaughton Have you ever scraped your knee or burned your arm so badly that it turned into a scar? If you’ve ever gotten a scar, is it still there? Most will say, ‘’Yes.’’ Scars are permanent. It usually depends on how bad the burn was or how deep the cut, right? Have you ever been bullied so badly that you remember it for years or your whole life? Have you ever considered that bullying can be a scar? If you answered yes, then you have a scar, not a visible one, but one that can stay with you forever. When you touch a scar on your body, does it hurt? The scars we are left with from getting bullied do hurt, though. Scars do not hurt us physically, but scars most certainly hurt us emotionally. I have two questions; “Why do bullies bully? Why do we receive scars from being bullied?” For the first question, I guess, there can be so many answers to that question; but it really just depends on the person who is doing the bullying. The second question is different because there are not many answers. The answer is this; how many times do you sit alone in your room and just think about how badly people hurt you? How far back do you remember when your bullying started? The scars we receive from bullying are pretty much just a remembrance from the hurt, the pain, the suffering we go through as a victim of bullying. We can never get rid of our scars, but we can prevent from getting more and seeing other people being hurt by speaking up and telling someone. Get the word out to stop bullying! It goes on every day, everywhere around you. Innocent people are feeling something they do not deserve. Stopping the bullies, will stop the pain!

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