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Title Effects • Click the “fx” button to create special effects such as title shadows • Change the shadow, use a blur effect, adjust the distance, angle, etc. • Click “APPLY” • Click “OK”

Adding a Hyperlink to a Title • To hyperlink your title to a website, select the link button • An “Add URL” window will open • Paste the URL of the website into the “Link” box • Click “APPLY”

Creating Text Boxes

• To create a regular (square) textbox, select “TEXT” on the toolbar • Choose “Sticker” from the text menu list.

Text Box Styles • “Basic Text” creates a box without a frame. The other styles appear as a “sticker” in which text may be typed. • Select a style • Click “USE IT”

Text Effects • Font styles, size, color and alignment are accessed from the same Menu icons used with Title effects. • Hyperlinks may also be added to text boxes and stickers.

Images • Locate images from the Internet, digital camera, or other sources and save to a folder on computer • Click “IMAGE” on menu • Select “UPLOAD” button

Uploading Images • • • •

Browse to folder Select the image Click “Open” Image will upload to image collection.

Adding the Image • Select image • Image will appear on the right • Click “USE IT” to add it to glog OR • Add a frame by clicking “ADD A FRAME” button

Adding a Frame • Use menu on left to view and select a frame around image • Click “USE IT” to add image and frame to glog • Remove a frame before adding to glog by choosing “Basic” frame

Image Adjustment • Adjust size and placement of image using handles on side • Use menu bar above image to bring image forward, send to back for layering or duplicate image. • Choose trash can to delete image. Bring to front

Send to back

Clone image

Hyperlink to Image • Select image • Click “EDIT” • Select link button on menu • Paste or type URL into link box • Click “APPLY”

Add Video File • Select “Video” from Magnet Toolbar • Click “UPLOAD” to navigate to a downloaded video on your computer (such as a video from UnitedStreaming)


Link to Web-based Video • Click “LINK” to add a web-based video from YouTube, TeacherTube or other online video resource • Paste or type the URL of the video • Click “ADD TO YOUR FILES”

Glogster Tutorial Part 2