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Issue Number Two January, 2014

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Hagen Hi-Lites

Empathy is Seeing with the eyes of another, Listening with the Be loyal to those ears of another, and who are not Feeling with the present. In doing heart of another. so, you build the By Chelsey Hart trust of those who are present. By Steven Covey


Determination is when you continue to pursue Keep away from your goals, no those who try to matter how diffibelittle your ambicult they are to tions. Small peoobtain. ple always do that, By unknown but the really great make you believe that you, too, can become great. By Mark Twain

Mr.Obrigewitch was in charge of this assembly. Mr. O. and Officer VanDoorne talked to the students about honoring our country. Both 7th and 8th graders helped with this assembly, along with the Social Studies teachers and Mrs. Benson. They showed us the importance of this day.

We have this assembly to honor our veterans and be thankful for the freedom they have given us. Not many schools celebrate Veteran’s Day, so we are lucky to be able to even have an assembly for that wonderful holiday.


Christmas was a lot of fun at Hagen this year! There were games, music, dancing, and taping Dr. Lewton to the wall? Yup! With each dollar came 1 more foot of peer stickiness as names were called at random to have a turn at adding a piece of duct tape to Dr. Lewton! But as the bucket was removed from under his feet, he went tumbling to the ground! Maybe next time Dr. Lewton! The games were defiantly putting us into the Christmas spirit! There was a candy cane grabbing game, marshmallow wreath throw, and the classic, chair scavenger hunt! It was a blast! We all got a special surprise from Loyalty where some girls got up and preformed a dance to their team’s theme song, “Roar” by Katy Perry. Preformed by Bailee Farnsworth, Kylee Shepard, Natalie Splichal, Mariah Mortenson, Mariah Aijala, Morgan Nelson, Shaylyn Lefor, CJ Kostelecky, Maren Schuetzler, and Alyssa Kessel, and choreographed by Destiny Simonson, Natalie Splichal, and Ashley Davidson, and with help from Emily Weidner and Emylyn Edora. They did a fantastic job!


Ballard, Mara Becker, Meagan Bleth, Zoe Eckelberg, Madison Elkin, Mya Gangl, Lauren Hanel, Maddy Herring, Micheala Hutzenbulier, Amber Jamgochian, Kami Johnson, Emily Jones, Dakota Jorda, Lauren Jung, Gabrielle Jurgens,Mariah Karlen, Halie Kolling, Caitlyn Kuehl, Addie Nursement, Addie Paul, Genesis Ruiz, Rocio Smith, Mary Steffen, Aimee Stevens, Baylee Stolp, Destiny Tormaschy, Alanta Vigil, Chloe Wanner, Jordyn Wilson, Taylor Kessel, Leah Olin, Regan Dukart, Caitlin Jahner, Crystal Beld, Sydne Maxie, Lily Mgr. Braun, Sarah mgr Smith, Mary Mgr. Alexander, Keeana mgr Rodarte, Hailey


Aijala, Mariah Anderson, Julia Braun, Abby Brown, Megan Budd, Kali Coley, Gabrielle Dukart, Micah Forsness, Lacey Gonzalez, Iran Heiser, Tyra Kainz, Morgan Kenjalo, Emily Kessel, Alyssa Knipp, Cora Koun, Nyegai Mason, Melissa McChesney, Marley Meduna, Alexus Meduna, Kaylee Mortensen, Mariah Privratsky, Kelsey Shepard, Kylee Showalter, Kylee Skabo, Alexus Smith, Kayla Spaulding, Isabella Steiner, Ryann Wehri, Emily Weidner`, Emily Weiler, Mckenna Wood, Allison 5

The Hagen Junior High Midget’s dance team has been practicing since the end of October. They practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and sometimes Saturdays. They have gone to the Mandan Invitational and placed 3rd on the 7th of December. They went to the Dickinson Invitational and were a few points off from placing 3rd on the 14th of December. They have also gone to the Bismarck Invitation and did not place on the 21st. They travel with the high school dance team, and so they help raise money to travel. On the 23rd of November, they sold baked goods (which they baked themselves) at the Craft Show, which was located at Astoria Hotel. Their coach is Mrs. Muckle, for those of you who do not know who her, she is a Title 1 teacher at Hagen on the first floor. The dance team works hard to do their best!

(On the top row: from left to right

is: Skylar Berger, Lillyanna Connaughton, Jennifer Whitworth, Alexis Whitworth, Carley Huber, On the bottom row from left to right is: Ashley Forsch, Isabel Lopez,Kalista Anchondo, KeAnna Alexandra)


12U Lady Outlaws Hockey Team By: Daisha Cecil and Brooklyn Shear Jersey # Name 3 Kamryn Kuntz 4 Piper Love 5 Kylee Zastoupil 6 Grace Kraiter 7 8 9 10 14 15 17 18 22 23

Jeron Berger Brendan Johnson Matthew Meschke Oliver Kelly Benjamin Stevenson Justin Steedley Kameron Clark Ki-jhana Chavez Matthew Berglund Quinton Anderson Caden Schatz Hunter Wilson Colton Rictor 7

Megan Tuttle Dessmin Wilson Taia Claman Ali Lapond Audrey Nadvornik Brooklyn Shear Emily Keller Kyra Peterson Kennedy Kuntz Mikayla Shear

What Will You Be Doing 10 Years From Now? By: Daisha Cecil Alex- fighting for our country as a Marine Kayla- getting out of college Dalton- running his own bank in California Aksel- law school if he doesn’t get to be a professional sports player Brady- saving animals Justin- College Michaela- getting a degree in acting Logan- College Lily- working or teaching CaSarah- College Janessa- learning about technology and computers in college Jaren- a student at Northwest College in Bloomington, Minnesota studying to be a chiropractor Jose- technician working in Tokyo Addie- Veterinarian Racheal- student teaching in art Tyson- playing video games while sitting on the most comfortable chair/couch Mary- Army 8

How Can We Improve Hagen Jr. High? By: Daisha Cecil Caleb- more bathrooms Future Career Goals Lexi- upgrade Hagen Jr. High By: Daisha Cecil or build a new one Ben- McDonalds Addie- sports announcer Kaylie- artist Jackson- get more soda maDestin- genetics or coding chines Kami- dancer or teacher Jaren- lunches Keaton- playing for the Brooklyn- stop bullying Green Bay Packers Kayla- anesthesiologist Brenna- work harder to stop Ben- professional football bullying player (if not, then a geoloAndie- better lockers, bigger gist) library Desi- vet or doctor Dakota- peridontist Trinity- bigger school Maddy- nurse or dentist Preston- more equipment for Kylee- UND for college outside Hillary- medical science Caitlyn- having the choice to Caitlyn- pediatrician Austin- engineer stay inside or outside on cold Mya- dentist and hot days Wiatt- architect Aksel- more sports activities Dafne- chef Hayes- no homework over the Thalia- doctor weekend Randy- veteran Christa- less homework so kids How would YouImprove are less stressed out and more Dickinson of a variety of drinks in the Garret- build more houses cafeteria and schools Noah- healthier foods Madison- stop pollution Jordyn- less homework Corey- more entertainment Kaitlyn- food and bullying options and more restaurants Lizzie (Elizabeth) - longer time Zoe- better parks to get to classes so we can get Cody- better law enforcestuff from our lockers and use ment and more restaurants the restroom Kellie– lower gas prices Ethan- get a new football field

Lidija Nyman by: Daisha Cecil What got you started liking art? That’s a good question. I guess it was because I could hear emotions and thoughts (not literally) and the colors that were used to convey those things. I got into it when I was six. What do you plan on doing after high school? I plan on becoming an author. I love writing stories because I’m the type of person that will throw a book at the wall when something bad happened then go rant to my spectacular internet friends about it. If you had $10,000 what would you do? I would buy a laptop, a tablet, sanity, the Pokémon Adventures series, books, and Paint Tools SAI, also a lot of artsy stuff and a scanner. What’s your favorite thing to draw and with what art technique? I like Anime/Manga flowers with oil pastels. I’m not fluent in art techniques so I just go with the flow. What do you like doing during your free time? I like writing FanFiction:), drawing, running around my house fangirling, and fangirling about special shipping and whatnot with my Interweb Friends. If you could have anything in the world what would it be? I would want more people to geek out with the few of us that do.


Sheldon Meyer By: Jeremy Parker If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? I would spend my money on a bunch of hot dog buns some hot dogs some ketchup and mustard , and I would save the rest. What do you like to do on your free time? I like to play basketball at the community center, and shower. Who is your favorite superhero? I don't like superheroes because they look funny in tights, but if I had to choose one, I would choose superman because he has the letter S on his cape.

It was once believed that if a women who went under a mistletoe and did not kiss, did not get married the following year. Christmas was illegal in England from 1647-1660. Christmas is the number 1 holiday in America that is celebrated. According to the national Christmas tree association, Americans buy 37.1 million real Christmas trees each year. Christmas trees are edible! The Friday and Saturday before Christmas is the busiest shopping days of the year.

Should we have a longer lunch hour, but also have longer school hours? Should we have no homework, but have more tests? Would you rather have flying abilities or be invisible? Would you rather be in basketball or track? Would you rather be a doctor or lawyer?

Reese's is the number 1 selling candy in the U.S. It takes 364 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop. From 1900 to 1969, Hershey bars were only 5 cents. 200 is the number of snicker bars that equal 25 lbs., the amount of candy that the average American eats per year. 10

The student council raised $250.00 for Rachel Carpenter. The students could buy a yard of duck tape to tape Dr. Lewton to the wall in the gym during our assembly in December. Thank you for all the participation in making this a success to help the Carpenter family with medical expenses. Geography Bee– January 15– 3:30 P.M.– 5:00 P.M. Math Counts School Competition– January 17 No School– January 20 All-State Choir in Grand Forks—January 31 and February 1

Who said we need police control when we have these guys protecting us?

Recently Officer Travis Leintz was invited to be a guest speaker for one day in our social studies classrooms to discuss the topic of internet safety. We thought this was an important topic to cover with the upcoming Winter Break meaning that students will have more time to be on the internet. Officer Leintz talked to students about the dangers of talking with strangers online and various other items to help students remain sake . Some helpful tips he offered were: Do not go into “chat rooms” because you never know the intentions of strangers who are talking with you. Do not add facebook friends that you don't know in real life. SnapChat allows complete strangers to send anyone any photo, anytime, anywhere and is not monitored and difficult to trace if something inappropriate is sent to you. It is best to avoid this phone application from a safety/legal standpoint. Do not send nude or inappropriate pictures (sexting) to ANYONE. After you send it to one person you no longer have control who it is distributed to from there. If you receive an inappropriate text or picture, do not pass it on. Share it with an adult you trust. We are grateful that Officer Leintz carves out some of his time to talk with our students. If you are interested in more facts or resources to keep your student safe online, please check out http:// www,


THANK YOU to all the photography club participants who take pictures for our school paper and yearbook. They take awesome pictures and a lot of them. We would also like to thank Mr. Smutzler for filing all the pictures on the computer. It really does save the Hagen Hi-Lites and Yearbook a lot of time. THANK YOU, MR. SMUTZLER!

On Dec. 9th, the 8th grade band, choir, and honor choir were supposed to have a concert, but it sadly got canceled. Although it was canceled, we had it on Dec. 11th during home base. They performed a good performance with catchy songs. On Dec. 10th, the 7th grade band, choir, and jazz band performed. They had outstanding songs and performed just as great. Also I would like to thank Mr. Dykema for conducting and teaching the kids through thick and thin. He picks good songs which are fun to play and sing. Conducting is a big job and can get a bit crazy, but Mr. Dykema does a good job anyway! THANK YOU, MR. DYKEMA!


There is a Girl She doesn’t know how to handle things, everything is spiraling out of control. Sometimes she can even convince herself she’s not really alive. Maybe she’s in a nightmare, and just can’t wake up? You would never guess her secret if you knew her, she hides it so well. She seems so happy. There is a girl. Do you want to know her secret? She cuts herself. She doesn’t know why. She also doesn’t understand why she resolved to it. She didn’t have an easy childhood; there were always arguments, always giving, never receiving. She never felt good enough, important enough. “Who would care if I harm myself?” Everyone’s better off without me. That is what she told herself each day. She was everything she despised. Sometimes she would sit in her room crying- a sharp blade at the ready- hearing laughter from downstairs- she never felt more alone. No one noticed. She just wanted a hug. Someone to love her and tell her everything’s going to be okay. So why didn’t they? Somebody just save her! She always tried to be someone else’s “perfect,” but lost who she was instead. She lied to her friends and family just so she wouldn’t have to see the tears of disappointment in their eyes. She wanted someone to understand, to care, but it didn’t happen. That bubbly girl who tells you her cat scratched her, could be hiding it under a smile. She wants someone, needs someone. There is a girl who wants help; who needs help.

There is a girl! By 2013 JH girl

If you suspect that a teenager is suffering from depression, speak up right away. Even if you’re unsure that depression is the issue, the troublesome behaviors and emotions you’re seeing in your friend are signs of a problem. Whether or not that problem turns out to be depression, it still needs to be addressed—the sooner the better. In a loving and non-judgmental way, share your concerns with your friend. Let him or her know what specific signs of depression you’ve noticed and why they worry you. Then encourage your friend to share what he or she is going through. Your friend may be reluctant to open up; he or she may be ashamed, afraid of being misunderstood. Alternatively, depressed teens may simply have a hard time expressing what they’re feeling. If your friend claims nothing is wrong but has no explanation for what is causing the depressed behavior, you should trust your instincts. Remember that denial is a strong emotion. Furthermore, teenagers may not believe that what they’re experiencing is the result of depression.


Parents need to know that Survivors is the third and final installment of a series about kids stranded on a deserted island, co-written by Survivor host Jeff Probst. There's no vivid violence, but the kids are in constant peril: Buzz is stung by a jellyfish, Carter has a fever as a cut on his hand grows more and more infected, and Vanessa nearly suffocates when she's trapped under mud. Vanessa also shows the skeleton of a former shipwreck victim, which underscores their small chances of survival. Some readers may be disturbed that the hungry kids use a rock, a knife, and a spear to kill animals, including a snake, grubs, and fish. Each character works hard to push past his or her comfort zone to help the group survive. Although characters have squabbled in the past, here they learn to appreciate one another and openly praise one another's smart solutions. The overall message of this book (and the series) is that each character has individual strengths, but, if they want to survive, they all need to work together. Readers will pick up some basic information about survival: that grubs are full of protein, fresh fronds will create bright white smoke (good for signal fires) -- even that peeing on a jelly fish sting reduces the pain.

“Catching Fire” is a must see movie, it is twice as good as the first movie and stays mostly true to the book without resorting to the literal dialogue. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat! The cast of the movie was fantastic; Katniss and Peeta’s relationship have developed further into a real romance. The movie is always moving and it never feels like it is going to slow down. There is hardly a chance you’ll get bored during this two and a half hour movie. The plot keeps getting more and more interesting as the movie goes on. It feels like you’re right along with them in the movie the whole time, feeling every fear and excitement they feel. 14

A Life-threatening Situation By: Lillyanna Connaughton

Have you ever been bullied or even just hurt deep inside by verbal abuse? Has the hurt or bullying caused you to think differently about yourself? Has it gotten so bad that sometimes you think the world would be better without you? If you answered ‘’no’’ to most of these questions, you probably think some of the questions were kind of scary. In the year of 2001, on a recent survey in Washington Middle and High Schools, 1 out of 5 teenagers thought about suicide. 1 out of 10 teens has indicated that they have attempted suicide in just the last 12 months. In the same year, there were 90 suicides. Pretty crazy, huh? When you walk down the hallways to get to your next class, do you ever glance at the students around you? Do you notice how most have smiles on their faces? Have you ever thought that maybe the smile was just a mask? Most suicidal teens hide their pain and their harmful thoughts and then release them when they are in private. On that thought, someone you know could be committing suicide, maybe even someone you thought was one of the happiest people on Earth. In other words, suicide is a secretive and deadly act. Some people think the ones that commit suicide are crazy, but really they just do not know what is going on inside of them. When people commit suicide, it is usually because they are depressed, crying out for help, have made a mistake, is impulsive, or just has a desire to die. A way to know if someone is suicidal is if they talk a lot about death, if they talk about life being better without them, if they exhibit rage or anger, or even if they take many life-threatening risks. These, of course, are not the only signs, there are many of them, but these are the most common. This is a huge problem that goes on throughout the world, and we want it to stop. So if you know someone that is being bullied, talk to them, make sure they are mentally and emotionally stable. If you see signs of someone who might commit suicide, tell someone. If you know someone who is lonely or has problems at home, be a friend to them. There are many easy ways to help people know that they are safe and wanted. If you can make a suicidal person feel safe, wanted and loved, you will be preventing suicide, and that is an amazing deed!


I don’t see what is so funny? You are not the one sitting in this chair!

Why did I even agree to this?

If you do a good job, son, I will read you a good bedtime story. What are you smiling about? You have to supervise in the gym next!

Is the head half full or half empty? 16



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