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Tips For Following A Healthy Weight Loss Plan - Weight Watchers Pedometer _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Jersy - Whether you are trying to lose weight on your own or through a structured healthy weight loss plan such as Weight Watchers, one of the hardest parts can be staying motivated. That's why it is important to plan ahead so that you are always prepared with plenty of healthy food for meals and snacks. Not being prepared often means resorting to fast food or pizza which can really make you feel defeated. I follow Weight Watchers so instead of counting calories I count points. But whether you are counting calories or counting points, these tips will help anyone who wants to succeed by choosing a healthy weight loss plan. Click Here

For me, planning ahead means having a few days worth of snacks and meals planned. Stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat cheese, whole grain bread and healthy snacks as well as lean protein and skim milk is a good start. I also like having low point versions of my favorite foods to have as an occasional treat.

Some of my favorites are the 100 calorie packs of snacks on the market which include snacks such as cookies and popcorn. And while the frugal part of me know that buying in bulk is cheaper, for me, the portion control that is built into the 100 calorie packs is worth the extra money.It is also important not to totally cut out your favorite foods. The items that I refuse to give up are half and half (I don't like the fat free version) mayonnaise, regular salad dressing and even coke. To me it is worth the extra points to allow myself these things in small portions.

For example, if I use just 1/2 tablespoon of mayonnaise it is only 1 point and if my sandwich is dry I use some 0 point mustard as well. I buy my soda in cans instead of 2 liter bottles so it wont go flat. 1 can of soda is 3 points and since it really isn't a good idea to drink soda that often I only have it once or twice a month. My other beverages of choice are water with lemon and plain ice tea. If you use Splenda there are some delicious cranberry juice drinks on the market that are very low calorie and 0 points! One other favorite for me is nuts. Nuts are high in calories but also very nutritious and can be part of a healthy weight loss plan. I try to incorporate just a few each day. One way I enjoy them is by sprinkling a few walnuts on my morning oatmeal for a protein boost.

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Weight watchers pedometer  
Weight watchers pedometer