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THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRIZE was established by George Deptula, a former member of the faculty, to recognize strength of character, sensitivity to the needs of others, and willingness to use her or his education, talent, and time to assist those in need. With a seemingly endless reservoir of enthusiasm and spirit, this prizewinner has invested herself in all aspects of school life. As a trusted and compassionate peer counselor, a committed tour guide, and an engaged and thoughtful captain, she cares deeply for supporting others. She has been a shining example of what we hold dear in our school motto and an inspiration to us all. Ali Frances Sloan ’16



This year’s winner has never been afraid to put himself “out there,” whether performing on the saxophone, hamming it up as Rocky or Vittorio Vidal on stage, or guiding ninth graders in the New Hampshire woods. His comfort in his own skin and his generosity toward classmates have made him an accessible friend; his eagerness to learn and to contribute to his classes have made him a catalyst for inquiry and discussion in the classroom: Daniel Miles Strodel ’16 THE HEAD’S PRIZE is awarded to those students in the graduating class who, in addition to fine scholarship, have contributed generously to friends, the school community, and whose lives exemplify the School’s motto: Honor, Scholarship, Kindness. Well-rounded with a passion for academics, theater, and athletics, this prizewinner has also been an inspiring leader as Junior Guide, head of the Student Council, and class and then school president. Truly kind to everyone, he will make time to support any student, and he has developed many relationships with peers, faculty, and staff. His enthusiasm for all that is BB&N is contagious, and he will leave a deep impression upon all areas of BB&N life for years to come. Zachary Dylan Horwitz ’16 This prizewinner radiates humor, energy, and enthusiasm wherever she goes and in whatever she does. We see and feel this influence on our stage and in the Vanguard; on the Charles River and in Model UN conferences. With a passion and dedication for positive change, she’s left a distinctive mark—a mark that extends far beyond BB&N. Whether working on climate change in Australia, petitioning the school to divest of fossil fuel stocks, or running an assembly, this young person has led by example and we are better for it. Katherine Suzanne Tate Massie ’16

[1[Upper School Director Geoff Theobald presents the Peter K. Gunness Prize to Tajwar Ahad ’16. [2[Grade 11 Dean and English Teacher Beth McNamara with Marina Keegan ’08 Memorial Fund recipients Sophie Smyke ’17 and Julie Peng ’17 [3[Dean of Students Rory Morton ’81 and University of Wisconsin Prize winners Ali Sloan ’16 and Daniel Strodel ’16 [4[Head of School Rebecca T. Upham and Head’s Prize winners Zachary Horwitz ’16 and Katherine Massie ’16


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BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016  
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