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M a r i a L i n d b e rg Lower School Beginners and Art: 1990-2016

Maria gave her students the physical tools to draw, paint, print, cut, and glue. Through the concept of “Art Table Etiquette,” they also learned the appropriate language tools to appreciate the work of others and to engage cooperatively. Because of the communal nature of her lessons, children evolved from saying “don’t copy me” to “that gives me an inspiration.” Through a sensory-based approach, students sharpened their observation skills and learned to think outside of the box. Deductive reasoning skills developed as children tried to figure out why a certain art process had a particular outcome. What happens when paint is dropped into a tub of water and oil, swirled around with a toothpick and then captured on a piece of paper placed on the surface? My favorite message that Maria instilled in her students was the enchanting revelation that they had superpowers as artists. Maria told the Beginners, “When you create art, you create beauty. When people look at your art it makes them happy—your parents, teachers, friends, even people you don’t know who visit our school and see your work hanging in the hallway—they all smile when they see your art. When you create beauty through your work it brings happiness to all who see it, and making people happy is one of the most powerful things you can accomplish in life.” “It’s impossible to capture the impact that Maria Lindberg has had on our family and so many other families during her years at BB&N,” explains Maria Durant. “To be sure, we have a beautiful art collection in our home because of Maria. But, our children’s souls—and the souls of hundreds of other students—are more beautiful because Maria was part of their lives.” It is hard to imagine BB&N without Maria Lindberg, but I am confident that her influence will carry on through the colleagues she has worked with and the children who were lucky to be part of the magic. In Maria’s words, “Art is something that never retires.”


BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016  
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