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D E PA RT I N G FAC U LT Y by Beth Thiemann, Lower School math teacher

In the fall of 1970, Carter Donovan began her teaching career, a career that would allow her to touch the lives of more than 1,000 students. During her 37 years of service to BB&N, Carter has worn many hats, teaching third and fourth grade, working in admissions, co-directing the teacher-training program, and, for the past 20-plus years, showcasing her abilities as math specialist extraordinaire. If you know Carter, you know that she would have preferred a quiet departure, but her students, colleagues, and friends wanted to give her their best wishes with comments and remembrances. Here are a few comments from current third graders.

One said, “I liked how when Carter helped us, she didn’t give away the answer. She just gave us clues.” A second one said, “I liked how when there were no more worksheets to do, she let us do logic puzzles.” A third said, “I like that Carter is fun to be around. She spent time with us other than just teaching us math.” And Dakota Walcott ’25 said, “It won’t be the same without her. I am glad she taught my brother, my mother, and me!” Rachel Hanselman ’89, a current BB&N parent and a student from Carter’s first third grade homeroom said, “Carter was one of my very favorite teachers in all my years at BB&N. What I remember most about her was her kindness, her wonderful laugh, and her patience. The most amazing thing is that when I contacted her through Facebook 30-plus years later, she knew exactly who I was and that I played Glinda the Good Witch of the North in her production of The Wizard of Oz! Such a special lady.” Kate Hamilton ’93, wrote: “I have such warm memories of Carter. She was my first teacher who let us call her what we were comfortable with: Carter, Ms. Coates, or Mrs. Donovan. She also let us feel her growing belly and I remember getting to feel the baby kick, which was really neat. But, most of all, what I remember about Carter is her wonderful laugh and that she always seemed to be smiling and that I felt safe in her room.” Allison Gould ’16 remembered that she “liked going to Carter’s room to play fun logic games. She encouraged me not to be afraid to be wrong...and said, ‘Go ahead and raise your hand and take the risk.’” Former BB&N Lower School art teacher Sharen Bowden said, “Carter sees the positive in the opportunity. She has energy in her interactions with students, and is generous with her attention and commitment to students. And she loves to laugh!”


BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016  
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