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Community News Middle School Closing BB&N’s Middle School Closing marked a special send-off to the 88 eighth graders embarking on their Upper School journey. As the first class to graduate from the newly renovated Sparks Street campus, Middle School Director Mary Dolbear noted the resilience and character of this remarkable class: “These students have proven their strength—collectively and individually—and this remarkable group has always kept us on our toes.” Head of School Rebecca T. Upham also addressed the students, noting that this closing was in fact “a day of transitions and new beginnings.” Upham expressed confidence that their time at the Middle School had equipped the students with keys to many doors, including those that unlock the tenets of the School motto: honesty, scholarship, kindness. In his humorous and heartfelt address, student-chosen faculty speaker, Math Teacher Jesse Sarzana ’93, spoke to the impressive nature of the departing eighth graders using terminology from his varsity soccer team. “A good teammate ‘insists’ and ‘assists’,” said Sarzana, pointing out the accountability and closeness that the class had demonstrated throughout their Middle School tenure. Student speakers Ranch Kimball ’20 and Rowan Park ’20 also addressed their classmates with words of wisdom. Kimball stressed the importance of new experiences as a road to success, and Park spoke poignantly about growing closer to her grandmother through the latter’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, noting that “the most important moments in your life are sometimes the most challenging.” In addition to speakers, the Middle School Chorus performed a beautiful version of California Dreaming, Simru Sonmez-Erbil ’20 performed and sang an original composition on guitar, and four students were recognized as the 2016 Middle School Banner Recipients: Simru Sonmez-Erbil ’20, Ryan Loughran ’20, Andrew Monsalve ’20, and Charlotte Shapiro ’20. Dolbear’s closing remarks captured the proceedings most accurately: “It is often not until much later that we recognize the seeds planted at the Middle School—that’s the magic of this place.”




3 PICTURED: [1[Middle School Director Mary Dolbear congratulates Stanley Gao ’20. [2[Julie Klingenstein ’20, Rowan Park ’20, Grace Vincent ’20, and Olivia MarinouIatridou ’20 enjoy the closing. [3[Simru Sonmez-Erbil ’20 performs an original composition. [4[Faculty speaker and math teacher Jesse Sarzana ’93 addresses the class. [5[Philip Liu ’20, Ranch Kimball ’20, and Julian Li ’20 gather following the ceremony.

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BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016  
BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016