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Lower School Closing Ceremony This spring BB&N Sixth Graders lined up in the Brick Building gymnasium for one last gathering, this one a bittersweet celebration of their time at the Lower School. Head of School Rebecca T. Upham opened the ceremony offering heartfelt congratulations to the students, and wishing them a well-deserved summer of rest before Lower School director Shera Selzer addressed the class. Noting their journey through a remarkable year, Selzer emphasized the students’ personal growth and complimented their poise in tackling complicated and controversial issues: “Through your discussion you were able to open your hearts and your minds to ideas different from your own…in this process you found your own unique voices and began to know what you stand for.”


Student musicians helped marked the occasion with an orchestra performance of Vivaldi’s Sonata in E minor, and the entire class closed the ceremony with a touching rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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4 PICTURED: [1[Head of School Rebeca T. Upham addresses the class of 2022. [2[Arden Conine ’22, Luc Boesch Powers ’22, and Nico Berger ’22 belt it out. [3[Colin Michna ’22, Sammy Krem ’22, and Jack Haining ’22 perform a Vivaldi piece. [4[Grade Six teacher Berhane Zerom congratulates Charles Ward ’22. [5[Michelle Barrocas ’22, Annie Stockwell ’22, Hillary Galle ’22, and Kaia Eckton ’22 celebrate the start of summer.



BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016  
BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016