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Community News Sixth Grade Musical: James and the Giant Peach BB&N Sixth Graders brought the Lower School gym to life this spring with their lively rendition of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach. With spirited acting, comedic vision, and great set design and singing, students gave the classic children’s book a contemporary remake worthy of the rousing cheers that the performance received.

The cast of James and the Giant Peach

Middle School Impresses with Young Frankenstein The annual Middle School musical dazzled audiences with a rousing performance of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein. This performance featured wonderful music and intricate costume design as it recounted the tale of the Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson who is forced to return to Transylvania to settle his inherited estate.

Joe Murphy ’20, Chongyuan Hong ’20, and Zoe Kemper’20 perform a scene from Young Frankenstein.

Upper School Spring Play: 12 Angry Jurors With their rendition of 12 Angry Jurors (adapted by Sherman L. Sergel from the television movie by Reginald Rose), Upper School students invited spectators into a dramatic jury room to witness the wheels of justice in motion. The performance recounted the tense and manic process of a jury deliberation on a summer day in the late 1970s, and turned on thoughtful dialogue and interplay of twelve jurors whose deliberation takes unusual twists and places interesting emphasis on character development. Isaac Glotzer Martin ’18, Colin Lamphier ’18, Charlie Heveran ’17, Angela Duong ’17, Max Ambris ’19, Thomas Sulikowski ’19, and (on the ground) Thomas Mandile ’17


BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016  
BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016